Wodapalooza Programming & Schedule Updates // Shut Up & Scribble 28

Taylor Self  (00:03):

We are alive.

Speaker 2 (00:04):

Ladies and gentlemen up this is

Speaker 3 (00:11):

So keep the political commentary to yourself or as someone once said, shut up and scribble.

Taylor Self  (00:30):

What up thugs? First I’d like to say thank you to everybody for checking the show out. We got a new sponsor, we got State Farm first off, and then we got homegrown relief. CBD is supporting the show. If you guys want the sickest CBD balm to cure all of your ailments, your aches and pains, if you want to des sheath yourself with some CBD, I’d recommend going to hgr cbd.com and using code recover better with a capital R for recover and a capital B for better. I literally use it for everything. When I tore my ACL, the doctor said, is there anything we can get you? And I said, can you get me some HG R? And they got it to me and

JR Howell (01:17):

About to be confused with HGH.

Taylor Self  (01:19):

Not to be confused with HGH, bro, definitely not. Okay. Don’t send a guy to my house to test me, but anyways, different cream, different

JR Howell (01:28):

Topical application,

Taylor Self  (01:30):

Correct? Not Ketamine lotion either, although I have used that in the past. HGR CCB D is the best. I’m clean, I’m sober, I like to use it. It’s great.

JR Howell (01:38):

Yeah, and actually it’s funny you say that. I was so pumped to hear that they were going to be supporting the show because I’d been looking into their products. I think we talked about this before, every day for a year, starting November 1st, I’m doing 50 street pull-ups, a hundred pushups just every day for a year. Something that one of my members wanted me to do with them and over Christmas I missed three days. So after that 200 and 401 day elbows were a little touchy the next day. So I was like, you know what? I bet some HDR R products would help me push past this. So pretty cool to have them on. As we mentioned earlier, state Farm, Patrick Mitrovich first sponsor, hopefully of many supporting us reaching out, kind of getting the ball rolling. So we appreciate you guys and we’re excited to have HDR on board as well.

Taylor Self  (02:27):

Yeah, first off, okay, before we get started, we’re going to talk about Waap Palooza today. Our fricking massive announcements regarding Waap Palooza. Massive, tremendous announcements. Not to be confused with China. Joe, this is going to be huge. We’re going to talk about Waap Palooza, but first I’d like to share something that pissed me off so much yesterday. You guys are going to love this. I’m going to share, typically if somebody posts something dumb, I wouldn’t share their account and just give them the free, what do you want to call it? Advertisement, I don’t know. But this guy’s a, I’m sure a lot of this guy’s stuff is great, but this one thing in particular, this guy used to be his page used to be called Be Less Shit

JR Howell (03:14):

Full disclaimer. I have no idea what’s about to be shown.

Taylor Self  (03:16):

Yeah, JR doesn’t have any idea what’s going on right now. This is coming out of nowhere. I told him the other day that I was actually, I told him the other day, lemme move this, that I was actually going to cry on the show. I was going to talk about the holidays changed my mind today I don’t feel like crying so we’re going to shit on somebody instead. Spade used to be called Be Less Shit. He went all woke and changed the name because people didn’t like the word shit in his posts and he posts CrossFit tips and this is a tip he posted. So

Speaker 5 (03:45):

You hear that start with a sprint workout to launch your cows to another planet and here’s how you do it. You’re going to pedal hard on damper 10 for three seconds, then you quickly pull a damper down to one pedal for two seconds. Then you put the damper back to your normal working pace. Try this biker cow.

Taylor Self  (04:02):

Wow, what do you think Jr?

JR Howell (04:09):

So I immediately thought of there’s a concept to rower hack like this out there too where

Taylor Self  (04:16):

Don’t even want to know it.

JR Howell (04:17):

There’s a cadence where you pull rest, pull rest, and then have two short pulls and the calories will skip and it’s just some kind of loophole that someone figured out. It looks really awkward, kind of like this, but I don’t know man, A lot of our sport, especially if you go back and you in the thread last night, Hiller sent a question to the group asking, what do you think you guys can do 30 squat cleans for time at 1 55 at the final event of the 20 of the 2008 CrossFit games back in the day. If you go back and watch them do that thrust on every second counts, everybody’s reaching full extension on their cleans and yeah, some people are dropping under the bar because it was squat clean to overhead. But nowadays when you think about the way we would do that workout and you think about how we would pull into the bar quickly, we’re in the sport of trying to find little ways to shorten range of motion and efficiency. So if you think about it along those terms, it is just like you saw at that competition. I think it was at Madrid, everyone’s starting the skier in a slalom fashion because maybe it just gets the cows per hour up faster and you saw several people doing it. Is that what the sport has become where any tiny little saving of seconds matters? Or do you just feel like if it looks goofy, you shouldn’t do it?

Taylor Self  (05:40):

I don’t think it looks goofy thing. I think this is a direct way to cheat the lag in damper sensor on a concept two biker. The reason it works like that is because the damper has a sensor, right? The machine senses what position the damper’s on and it takes like two seconds actually to know what damper you switched it to. So during that two second window, you go from a 10 and you’re pedaling at 90 RP M and you’re at 3000 cals per hour and you push it to a one. The two seconds it takes to realize you’re now at a one, it thinks you’re pedaling at 110 RPM at a damper 10 and you’re like 7,000 cows per hour. This is just fucking cheating people and it’s another way that people are getting into this fucking habit of doing things the easy way and thinking that there’s a fucking quick fix for shit. Guess what? There isn’t. If you want to be better at CrossFit, have good technique and get fitter.

JR Howell (06:35):

So the portion about seeing something like this is, I actually will tie it into the water palooza programming. We saw the individuals have to do an echo bite cow into a 5K trail run and then the teams are doing just a straight 5K trail run. What a thought about when I saw that workout was you don’t see biker programmed very often in a longer time domain type workout. We see ’em programmed in little sprint interval type stuff a lot in competitions, but you don’t see it programmed a lot. Maybe the way it would be most effective in a competition as in a triathlon or something like that where you’re doing a long duration on the bike erg and I wonder if just little things like this deter programmers even more from throwing ’em into a competition because they’re like, oh dang, if this loophole, is there anything 30 calories or less? If I know someone can get seven calories in seven seconds just because of this loophole, maybe I’m more hesitant to program it. You know what

Taylor Self  (07:29):

I mean? See, here’s the thing, I almost want to run another event and put biker sprints in it just so I can see some motherfucker try this and just give him the boot. Dude, it’s the uncommon movement clause. This is the equivalent of the Noah’s and the George Fernandez’s. No, not George Fernandez. What’s his name? 2017 Assault thing, huh? Sanchez. Sanchez, yeah. George Sanchez. Similar close. It makes me look bad. Anyways, hooking the assault banger and pulling it back like look, it’s cheating. It’s an uncommon movement clause that specifically is cheating. When I saw that dude, I had to comment, so I commented

JR Howell (08:06):

Once it just shows you how differently we think you would look for an opportunity to program it and just tell someone, Hey, if you do this, you’re out of the competition. What I think about doing is just doing something like, Hey, yeah, we’re going to have a biker in this workout and oh yeah, everyone’s at damper one

Taylor Self  (08:22):

Just mandating the damper.

JR Howell (08:23):

Just set the damper. Just like at crescendo last year there was a team workout for the co-eds and it was standing biker. I just took the seats off the bike just to keep everyone standing up. So it was just like a way to kind of take away some strategy but also not make it super goofy at the same time.

Taylor Self  (08:43):

Alright, let’s get into our Waap Palooza announcements. Announcement one, shut up and Scribble is going to be doing live shows from the podcast studio at Waap Palooza. We’re going to have special guests, Pedro, not to be confused with a Hispanic person. This is actually Peter White, he’s Irish, Peter White, huh?

JR Howell (09:01):

Peter White.

Taylor Self  (09:02):

Peter White is going to be on the show with us, so we’re going to be doing some shows with him. We’re going to be having Tyler Watkins with Heat one on the show. We haven’t actually talked to him yet, but he’s going to come on. So we’re going to be doing shows at 9:15 AM Thursday, Friday and Sunday morning on Saturday we are looking at an earlier time slot, probably like an 8:45 AM time slot to go live prior to the first heat of Elite Men and we’re going to be doing a college game day type of show where it’s live. We’ve got multiple camera hookups, several guests will have segments of each show picking our top picks for each workout of the day, reviewing the workouts from the previous day or reviewing the workouts of that day, so on and so forth. Also new name for my training program is going to drop at some point over the next week, but we are going to be doing two spectator workouts at CrossFit Wynwood one on Friday AM 7 15 1 on Sunday.


The workouts are going to be posted soon. Fucking awesome workouts. I’m going to be coaching the class. Peter and JR are going to be taking the class. I’m going to have an assistant coach there helping me out. Will’s going to be there, we’re going to get Fit af, we’re going to send out a link to sign up for those classes and all the info you’re going to need ASAP waiting and hear back from Wynwood on that. But yeah, we’re super excited. We’re all going to be there. It’s going to be a fricking blast Miami. Dude, I feel like it’s kind of like, yeah, I’m excited.

JR Howell (10:33):

Yeah, me too man. I think it’s something really cool to do if Brian would be keen on it would be to get Mr. Spin on the beginning of every show every morning. Just to kind of give a quick recap. Storylines from day one. I’m sure he’ll be cranking out articles, but then also too, he has a way of getting a lot of information that the rest of us don’t have and it would be cool for him to kind of release stuff like that on the spot, whether it’s injury updates, whether it’s a scoring dispute and an issue that got resolved that he noticed overnight. Just little things like that. So if people could look forward to the very beginning of the show, having some really groundbreaking type news fast,

Taylor Self  (11:12):

So we’re stoked. Absolutely stoked on it. Going to be a freaking blast in Miami. That being said, if you haven’t already, go follow self-made training program in CrossFit Crash. If you want the sickest competition in the CrossFit space and you’re not fit enough to go to the games yet, but you’re going to go the next year because you won the previous four winners or whatever of Crash Crucible. How many what? Shelby Neil, Jason Hopper, Austin Hatfield’s. Not a qualifier. He’ll probably qualify this year.

JR Howell (11:46):

One spot out last year. I would say he’s a good bet.

Taylor Self  (11:50):

Josh Miller. The pedigree is insane, dude. A lot of race horses, a lot of studs check out. Yeah,

JR Howell (11:57):

It’s pretty cool. Get some Crucible alums just from this past year in the field, like you said via the qualifier. Austin Hatfield who’ll be competing. Colton will be competing individually. Ashley Cope who competed in the individual field. She qualified Elite via the qualifier, so it’ll be cool to see some familiar faces down there. I’m sure there’s going to be a lot of team athletes that have done Crucible in the past that’ll be competing as well. So that’ll be fun.

Taylor Self  (12:22):

And if you want the best training at the best price, go to self-made training program.com. 14 day free trial. I shit you, you can’t beat it. And I’m not just saying that even though I am biased, but check it out. All right, we are going to start with Brian Spin’s article he posted last night in the wee hours of the morning.

JR Howell (12:44):

Yes, speaking of Brian getting information before other people, he’s got a lot of details for the competition that maybe haven’t been made public until this article, so it’s going to be kind of cool to go through this. It’s organized really well. He’s also got some workouts.

Taylor Self  (13:01):

Is that CrossFit Cowboy?

JR Howell (13:03):

Looks like it. Jeez. He looks lean in that picture.

Taylor Self  (13:05):

Yeah, he looks skinny. Them a little bird pecs. All right. Okay, let’s start schedule. Schedule schedule. Water palooza, elite schedule Elite individuals will compete on Thursday and Friday, January 11th and 12th. Elite teams will compete on the weekend, Saturday and Sunday. All community divisions will compete Friday through Sunday. High level schedule. We’re going to assume this means elite and I know that RX is relatively high, but we don’t give a fuck about rx, no offense according to the information provided to the elite division athletes, we do have a very high level schedule. 11:45 AM is the start of elite individual competition on Tina Hills. Wow, Tina Hill stage. I would assume that’s a lift or something. High skill because last year they did all the heavy lifting on Tina Hills and then they did the Parallette handstand hold. Then 7:30 PM on Thursday end of competition on Flagler Friday, start a competition at 8:15 AM Oh my gosh. And they’re going to go all the way to 8:15 PM so they’ve got a 12 hour

JR Howell (14:05):

Day. That is a long day.

Taylor Self  (14:06):

That is a long day brother outside teams. Similarly, Saturday 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM Sunday, 8:00 AM to 7:15 AM some long days it’s going to be super fun what we know. Elite individuals. Number of workouts, five. Number of scores? Six. Okay, so like a regional essentially. I like that. How many events was it last year for

JR Howell (14:31):

Individuals? Well, I mean based on this, they’re only taking the floor five times. That’s a little less than what you would normally see and we heard a lot last year about the athletes giving feedback that the ones that participated in both individual and team felt kind of beat up, that the individual competition was pretty rough and then they turned around and got it given to ’em pretty good the next day. This is cool. I mean I think it speaks to Dylan and the rest of the people that are in charge that listen to the athletes, having ’em take the floor maybe one less time. You have to imagine there’s a two-parter, which is really cool. However, they’re going to dose that five instead of six with seven scores I think is a step in the right direction as far as getting maximum participation on both Thursday and Friday and then Saturday and Sunday as well.

Taylor Self  (15:17):

How are they going to, do we know what the prize purse is?

JR Howell (15:22):

I don’t know what it is. I want to say that

Taylor Self  (15:25):

Assuming it’s a fatty,

JR Howell (15:26):

It’s at least 50. I mean we could

Taylor Self  (15:29):

For two days work,

JR Howell (15:30):

We could quickly message Mr. Vellner. He’s won it three years in a row, so he’s going for the four peak.

Taylor Self  (15:35):

Well last year was, or year I went was like a hundred k.

JR Howell (15:40):

I want to say maybe it was 75, but I don’t know, maybe I’m wrong.

Taylor Self  (15:43):

I a fat payout. Are you okay with an elite competition? Two days, six scores? That’s a

JR Howell (15:55):

Yes. Having what Waap Palooza usually has at their disposal, I think you can make it a really well-balanced test. Yes. That’s a whole nother argument. Whether it should be or needs to be a really well-balanced test to give away that amount of money. I think you can do it with six scored workouts. For me, just knowing this information, the key to whether it was a good depiction or a poor will be how that two-parter is scored. We kind of know what the lift is. We know that there’s a complex involved. Yeah, it’s a scenario. We don’t know what the individuals are doing yet when it comes to an endurance workout, we can get there, but I don’t know man, it just,

Taylor Self  (16:37):

We do know the individual endurance workout.

JR Howell (16:39):

We know it for the community divisions. We don’t for the elite. Oh wow. We can go ahead and jump down there, but we can assume that if the teams are doing straight up 5K and then the individual community visions are doing echo into 5K that it would look nice and look clean. If the elites are doing echo 5K swim. Wouldn’t you think?

Taylor Self  (17:02):

Please dude, I hope they swim. That’d be awesome.

JR Howell (17:05):

I think when you have swimming as a staple in your competition, it is easier to have less scored events and say that. Yeah, I’m pretty sure we know who the fittest is here. Yeah, because usually that’s a make or break, right? Usually that’s you got a big hole or you’re legit in the water.

Taylor Self  (17:27):

Yeah, if you’re aerobically immature, I’ll say, is that a good way to put it? If you’re aerobically immature, but you also are not a well-rounded human being and you can’t swim that exposes you. Do you like the format two day indie two day team versus the old format, which was basically four days each?

JR Howell (17:53):

Yeah, I like it. Me too. I think it’s really good to just know, hey, all the individuals are going and not, hey, I’d rather watch these names compete team, but I really want to watch individuals compete too. And sometimes there’s some overlap and you don’t have ’em doing both. So no, I think it’s cool that it’s the way a lot of old school local competitions used to go where you have the same people doing both. So now I think it’s going for the spectators. I think it’ll be a lot easier. I am interested to see if the seeding has expanded a little bit. I know last year a lot of people that went from crash just to watch as a fan weren’t even able to watch some of the elites go because the stands were so full hours before. So that’ll be something that’ll be interesting for me to see.

Taylor Self  (18:39):

Did I yell without muting my mic?

JR Howell (18:42):

Oh yes.

Taylor Self  (18:43):

Oh God damn it. I thought I muted it dude. Did you hear my dog howling like a fricking tard?

JR Howell (18:50):

Yeah, I could hear him.

Taylor Self  (18:51):

Oh my god. Whoops.

JR Howell (18:53):

Alright, so we did brush on some of these last time, but since Mr. Spin’s got it so easily organized here and ready to see Corto is the first individual workout back to back couplet, which we usually see at Water Palooza 21 15 9 P bar, dips hang, power clean and then shoulder to overhead, bar muscle up. Mr Spin, if you’re listening, when we went through this last week, I’m pretty sure we had 180 5, 1 25 for both barbell movements here. It looks like the hang power clean is now a little bit lighter and then the shoulder to overhead is a little bit heavier than that.

Taylor Self  (19:29):

Wow. They changed it a bit. I like that.

JR Howell (19:32):

Or there’s just a typo in here. So yeah, I’m just curious. I think when we went over it last week, we just thought it was 180 5, 1 25

Taylor Self  (19:39):

Across. I don’t think the typo would be on Spin’s part. He is pretty hammered home so that I like much more because when I initially read the workout I was like, we either need a traverse in between each third set or break the dips into three sets and have a traverse in between like they did at the games basically and keep the hang power cleans the same, but if they don’t have that capability, then I thought it was such a hang power, clean dominated workout, just 21 hang power cleans and 21 bar dips to make the movements essentially the same to me it’s like 1 35, 1 55 maybe. I love this workout. We talked about it last week. Deja vu. Oh this is the other one. God, this

JR Howell (20:23):

Is harder. This is a lot cleaner to look at too. I know last time we were trying to figure out the flow, but this is pretty easy to look at. I was looking at that this morning and just looking at the total reps and the volume, like 75 snatches at a hundred. Not saying that anyone’s going to get through them on the first three minute interval, but just the way it’s written, there’s a lot of opportunity for carnage this workout.

Taylor Self  (20:47):

Oh yeah, tons. And this is the two scored piece. I like it. I like the fact that both scores are CrossFit metabolic. It’s not like a lift and then a gymnastic skill. I like that you’re potentially having a weekend where you’ve got, I won’t say single element, single modality, but potentially a single modality mono structural test, like a long event that’s got multiple elements in it and then a single modality weightlifting test that also has multiple elements in it. I love that. I want to see a two-parter that’s CrossFit on both parts. So I love this here you’ve got CrossFit to start back to back CrossFit. So now you’ve got three scores that are classic CrossFit here you’ve got weightlifting, gymnastics and two destructive combinations here you’ve got mono, structural weightlifting, gymnastics. It’s so far so good. Hey,

JR Howell (21:43):

Will you refresh that real quick? I can’t even see it.

Taylor Self  (21:45):

Refresh what?

JR Howell (21:46):

Just refresh the website real quick. The article just refresh.

Taylor Self  (21:51):


JR Howell (21:52):

Okay, cool.

Taylor Self  (21:53):

Got it.

JR Howell (21:54):

Cool. It was lagging behind for some reason.

Taylor Self  (21:56):

Alright, now double or nothing for max load team workouts. We went over all of this Uno Dore trace bike race.

JR Howell (22:04):

There’s one, the sandbag one coming up yet and we can talk about the endurance one if you want, but do you agree that you think there’s going to be a swim after the 5K trail run or do you think swim is going to be in a couplet or a triplett?

Taylor Self  (22:18):

I would like for them to finish on the swim this year. The year I went we did a row swim run. I would really like to see them get really beat up metabolically then have to get in the water to finish and that way you can make the swim so short. You can really take the volume down the swim and make it really important by doing something like a 5K run into a 200 meter swim. Because look, you could be the best runner there. You could be someone say like Jason Hopper, awesome runner gets in the water for 200 meters and he could lose a minute to somebody. I love that. I think it’s great.

JR Howell (22:56):

What do you think about, so we see the teams are doing a 5K trail run. Where are they going to rock trail? Wait a minute, and we know the individuals are probably doing a 5K trail run. The elite individuals, do you think that needs to be a Friday Sunday or do you think it’s okay if they do it on back to back days? Do you think they need to put as much time in between as possible for the individuals that are also competing team to have them both running five Ks or do you think that’s even going to be a thought?

Taylor Self  (23:27):

This is the team, right? Hold on, let me go to the other.

JR Howell (23:31):

So team just runs a 5K and they just add up all three times. So you just run as hard as you can and your total time is your score. Right? And then the individuals, we don’t know the details of that yet, but we can surmise that if they’re building upon that 5K run with an echo bike that maybe they’re going to do a bike run swim. Which what I’m saying is if you’re doing both, you’re running 10 K over the course of the weekend.

Taylor Self  (24:01):

I don’t think 10 K of running is a crazy amount of volume over the course of even two days spread out. I think we get caught up in CrossFit of like, oh, I ran yesterday, I did 800 meters in a workout, I can’t run tomorrow. 800 meters of running is fucking pitiful amount of volume. If that would be doing 50 air squats,

JR Howell (24:20):

It just is. Yeah, but three miles hard.

Taylor Self  (24:23):

Right? That’s why I don’t think think one, if they did decide to do that, it would be fine on the athlete’s bodies because the volume across the weekend already is pretty low. At least in terms of number of events. However, don’t think that they will do a 5K for the individuals and then make them do it again for teams. That’s just not a distance that you want to do at Intensity and then go right back again and do it. I can see them likely. I think they do. Huh?

JR Howell (24:51):

I think they’re going to do both.

Taylor Self  (24:52):

You think? You think they’re going to make both of ’em run a 5K?

JR Howell (24:55):

Yeah. What I think could happen though for the spacing over the weekend is that it’s not like a Friday, Saturday back-to-back deal. It would be

Taylor Self  (25:03):

Two day space.

JR Howell (25:03):

Individuals do that on Thursday and then the teams don’t do it until either Saturday or Sunday. Is that

Taylor Self  (25:12):

Better? David wide

JR Howell (25:13):

K run is also like a, it’s not at Bayfront. I think it’s more of an offsite thing

Taylor Self  (25:22):

Really. Where do you go offsite in Miami? A trail run or a city run?

JR Howell (25:26):

I think it is a trail run, like a mountain bike course.

Taylor Self  (25:29):

Wow. Take ’em to the Glades. Take ’em to the Everglades, make ’em dodgy alligators.

JR Howell (25:34):

So yeah, I mean they didn’t release what the individual’s elites are doing. Maybe they’re not running at all. So to your point of not thinking that they’re going to do 10 K of running, that’d be cool to see if they just completely flipped that out a little bit and took the run out.

Taylor Self  (25:48):


JR Howell (25:50):

Alright, sandbag in. I haven’t seen that must be a new release over the last few days

Taylor Self  (25:57):

For time. Buy-in of a 360 foot sandbag carry 120 feet each, then 9, 7 5 reps. Relay style of sandbag, clean sandbag, squats, finishing with a 350 foot, 360 foot sandbag carry. This is pretty similar to the NorCal Classic workout, right? Wasn’t it? Cleans and squats Like a sandbag complex?

JR Howell (26:20):

Yeah, cleans and squats and it was just like, yeah,

Taylor Self  (26:23):

5 3 1 or like 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, something like that. Yeah,

JR Howell (26:26):

I want to say it was 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Yeah. Or the opposite rep scheme. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.


Yeah, short and sweet. I mean typically at Waap Palooza we see a sandbag carry. Remember we saw the sandbag carry with the handstand walk that year where some people kind of blew the handstand walk under high fatigue. Last year I think they did a D ball carry in that workout with the rowing. I think it was row and then D Ball clean and then D ball carry like a 200 foot carry to end the workout. So yeah, keeping some stuff there. It’ll be interesting if it is a D ball or if it is a sandbag. Whenever I see it written like this, I always wonder because one is a little different and some people are way more efficient with one versus the other. Do you think D ball cleans are harder to go touch and go than sandbag? Cleans

Taylor Self  (27:16):

A hundred percent. 100% harder

JR Howell (27:18):

Because in a workout like this, especially since it’s a team relay, you have to go touch and go. So to me it would be cool to see if it is D ball, if it’s not D ball, because little nuances like that will change this workout because it’s so fast.

Taylor Self  (27:42):

So the video, I hate when competitions do that. When a video shows a D ball, but the workout says sandbag because they’re not the same thing at all. D Ball video, huh?

JR Howell (27:54):

You want to show this video?

Taylor Self  (27:56):

Yeah. Let’s see. We’re going to get pinged. Wow.

Speaker 6 (28:19):


JR Howell (28:19):

We see sandbag we’re Yeah, using the video.

Taylor Self  (28:31):

All right. That’s enough of that.

JR Howell (28:33):

Okay. So yeah, again, unless there’s a stipulation that you cannot go touch and go the people who are able to do that and efficiently, that’s a huge, huge advantage.

Taylor Self  (28:46):

Alright, so what we know now is Thursday there’s something on Tina Hills. Then Corto Friday we have the unknown swim event, double or nothing and deja vu double or nothing. Is the interval work? No. Deja vu. Is the interval workout double or nothing? Okay. It’s complex. Yeah, it’s complex. And then so Corto and the swim event. Ah man.

JR Howell (29:15):

Do you remember the year that this was when it was still? I’m pretty sure this was still when it was behind a paywall when they did the Diane, but they swam out to the buoy and they did the handstand pushups and then swam back and did the deadlifts. Do you remember they

Taylor Self  (29:30):

Did handstand pushups

JR Howell (29:32):

On a barge on a little island? The dock. It was so cool. Dude, I just think it would be really cool if they use the swim as the transition between a classic couplet. It would just be really cool if they brought something like that back for the swim. That’d be cool. It looks like we’re probably going to get kind of a sprint triathlon type deal, so that’ll be cool to watch what else is on the table? So.

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