What is Media?

In the current environment the definition of media is up for debate.

This question isn’t meant to trick you. Most of us have a clear understanding of what media is.
According to the Cambridge Dictionary, it is the internet, newspapers, magazines, television, and radio,
considered as a group: the news media. So, when we think of what the media represents, it is an all-
encompassing footprint, or the ecosystem at large, that brings us information on various topics or
specific issues. Thus, media garners and cultivates attention.

Media today would certainly have to include podcasts, YouTube videos, and social media
accounts that aren’t some angry little man with pink hair feverishly spewing hatred from his mother’s
basement, but a source of information. Media is both trusted and untrusted. The days of Big Media
having complete control are forgone. We care more about intention and accuracy, than we do bias and

When we look at an organization like CrossFit hosting a press-conference, we expect coverage
from all angles. This allows us to sort through the information and make our own assessment. At a
minimum we expect a live stream of the action, and if that’s unavailable, we want the media to give us a
just snapshot. Because neither of those things occurred, we must ask the all-important question. How

My guess is that Andrew Hiller wasn’t allowed because he refuses to wear a shirt most of the
time. Get with the program bud, this isn’t your father’s fitness program anymore. And as for Sevan, we
have only been able to hypothesize two conclusions as to his media access denial. His homosexual-
tendencies, or his proclivity to lay on his back naked while doing Energy Body. I think it’s the latter, but
I’ll let you decide.

By Dan Straub