#299 – We have a BIG week ahead!

Sevan Matossian: (00:01)

Bam, we’re live. Like my glasses. I can tell my glasses make you smile.

Matthew Souza: (00:05)

They sure do.

Sevan Matossian: (00:12)

My, My kids are nice. My sister thinks rich throwing’s gonna be on this morning. Cuz there was a picture of him on the, uh, on I, I, I there’s uh, many years ago in 2010, I went out, visited, visited rich and took a shitload of pictures of him and hung out with him. And that was fun. Good old days. And um, now the thought of traveling sounds horrible, but, And um, and uh, so I used that picture to hold the space for this show just cuz it was a picture of me. It’s a live calling show and I just figured, okay, well if it’s a live calling show with me, you should have a picture of me. And I, I think I even scooted like rich off to the side for the photo.

Matthew Souza: (00:56)

I like that photo.

Sevan Matossian: (00:57)

Thank you. Um, my, my kids are, my kids are, are nice. It’s funny. Cause I don’t realize how nice they are. Cause it should just be a baseline. It should just be normal until I see them around other kids.

Speaker 3: (01:09)


Sevan Matossian: (01:10)

It’s um, it’s remark. Thanks. Yeah. They love you too. That was trippy. When you came over the other day, they really like you

Matthew Souza: (01:19)

Dude. I had such a good time with them.

Sevan Matossian: (01:22)

They’re so nice to other kids and, and I don’t realize that, but I, when I see them with other kids, I just realize how bad other kids are and I’m trying to figure out why other kids are bad. The first thing you have to think of is am I just biased? I’m the parent. Am I just thinking my kids are perfect, but I don’t think my kids are perfect. They’re far from perfect. I know soon as the other kids are gone and the guests leave, my kids are narly, But man, other kids are bad. I, and, and I, and I’ve come to the conclusion it’s because of the way their parents treat them. Mm

Matthew Souza: (01:53)

I, yeah. I have a little theory of that. I was gonna wait till you had yours first before I gave mine though.

Sevan Matossian: (01:58)

Go ahead. I want to hear yours.

Matthew Souza: (01:59)

I, I just think it’s the, um, the attention level and what they’re awarded for, but most importantly, the attention level, Because I feel like you’re very present. Like you and Kelly are both very present with your kids. And um,

Sevan Matossian: (02:12)

What does that mean? I hear people say that. What does that mean?

Matthew Souza: (02:15)

That means like this, you hear something and then everything else stops. A hundred percent of your focus goes until either the thing is resolved or until they have been satisfied with whatever the question. And then there’s a, okay. Even

Sevan Matossian: (02:28)

If it’s the opposite, even if it’s like, get the away, I’m busy. Even if I say that I’m present in my yeah, yeah,

Matthew Souza: (02:34)

Yeah. Yeah. And uh,

Sevan Matossian: (02:35)

When I address them, I address these little.

Matthew Souza: (02:37)

And what I’ve noticed is like, like I, I like to have relationships with all the kids at the gym and stuff like that. So when they come in, I’ll kind of like play with them and cap.

Sevan Matossian: (02:45)

Oh, and that’s why they like you, cuz you you’re present with them cuz you gave my kids more attention than you gave me when you were at my house.

Matthew Souza: (02:54)

But uh, it’s interesting because once I’ll do that with, with some kids, um, not necessarily just at the gym, but just in general, it’s like they won’t leave you alone because you’ve given them that attention. And then you could tell they’re kind of starved for it. So they keep coming back, keep coming back. Now kids are always gonna be kids, but this,

Sevan Matossian: (03:11)

This is something my wife would tell me.

Matthew Souza: (03:13)

Not bad. Kids just made bad.

Sevan Matossian: (03:15)

I don’t agree with it. But, but my wife agrees with you. You are probably right. It’s just, it’s just too much work for me to think that you’d have to explain that to me like 500 times for that to sink in. Like why? But go on. Okay. Sorry. So the kids

Matthew Souza: (03:28)

Go ahead. Yeah. So then, so then it’s, it’s tough because like once they see that level of attention and being kind of like present with them, they, they get really annoying because they keep coming back to you want it. And even if you tell them, Hey, okay, stock now or leave it alone. They, they, they almost ignore it because they’re like, I don’t care. I’m going after this.

Sevan Matossian: (03:44)


Matthew Souza: (03:44)


Sevan Matossian: (03:45)

Plug. They, they right. I was just noticing the reason why I’m holding this up is not necessarily a plug it. But when you put this in, it’s not, it’s not reverse. Right. The writing, you can read that. Yeah. But a lot of cameras and a lot of shows that must be streamy must flip it around. Cuz sometimes if you just hold something up to the camera on my computer, it’ll be backwards.

Matthew Souza: (04:07)

Yeah. I don’t know. I dunno how that works.

Sevan Matossian: (04:11)

I’m so annoyed. Um, not maybe annoy, not word. I don’t wanna hang out with people who, um, make presuppositions so that then I have to unwind. Um, um,

Matthew Souza: (04:24)

What does that mean? Gimme example.

Sevan Matossian: (04:25)

I, I have to unwind them. Okay. I’m gonna give you an example. Um,

Matthew Souza: (04:29)

Like a pre-supposition.

Sevan Matossian: (04:31)

Why, why, why aren’t you having Brooke S on the show there, there, the pre-supposition is that there is a why like, like that, like that I thought of it and that like, I, and I, I already shot it down or some, like, why aren’t you having Joe Biden on the show? I,

Sevan Matossian: (04:49)

And, and what the worst thing, here’s the thing that’s bad about presuppositions and, and, and this ties in nicely is what you’re said about being present, present. When you make a presupposition to people, most people will accept it and they’ll go down that rabbit hole of lies. Soon as someone makes a presupposition, um, especially if it’s wrong, you’re just going down a rabbit hole of lies and you could even do it to someone like, man, why are you in such a bad mood today? And the person’s not in a bad mood, but they’ll answer. You. They’ll be like, they feel like they have to answer the question. Uh oh, because, um, uh, um, a button fell off my pants this morning. Do you know what I’m saying? And, and the correct responses, you. I’m not having a bad day. Get the outta here.

Sevan Matossian: (05:28)

You stuck in your head. I’m nut. And so when I go to YouTube, so when people send me DM and to be really, really clear, most people are not like that to me anymore. I feel like I’ve weeded them out. I feel like a year ago, my DMS were full of that. They’re gone. But, but I still, now that we, YouTube, I see it in YouTube and I’m like, man, these people are, how would you have a relation? How would you have an intimate relationship where you were to communicate with your mate? If it’s just all presuppositions It’s it’s um, yeah. It’s it’s it’s it’s so, it’s so taxing. There’s never any intimacy. You’re never connecting with someone when there’s pre-suppositions,

Matthew Souza: (06:13)

You know,

Sevan Matossian: (06:13)

Why did Glassman fire wrestl burger, man, I wish I could remember that

Matthew Souza: (06:20)

He did fire him. That he quit for some reason.

Sevan Matossian: (06:22)

I, I think, I think that the, the interim, the, the CEO, um, fired him. Oh my goodness. I, I forgot to tell you, we, we, um, are, might have a special call coming in today. How come? I don’t hear the phone that that’s not uhoh. Hold on one second. We haven’t. Oh, uh,

Matthew Souza: (06:39)

Uh, oh,

Sevan Matossian: (06:40)

Oh, my Bluetooth. Isn’t working.

Matthew Souza: (06:42)

Uh, I’m always get nervous when you say we have a special call coming in.

Sevan Matossian: (06:48)

Yes. Um, standby. I, I, I know this is an expensive call coming in from England. Uh, let me, um, gimme one second. Oh, shoot. That’s my fault. That’s my fault. I’m so sorry. Please call back. I’m so sorry. Let me see. Uh, that’s weird. It got disconnected from the road. Caster. I wonder what’s going on? Let’s see. Click that

Matthew Souza: (07:15)

Sound check.

Sevan Matossian: (07:16)

Yeah. I have so many RO I have so many, you know, like when you have Bluetooth, just like you don’t one to choose. Cuz there’s like three things that all say the same thing. Let’s see. Let’s choose this one. Ah, so I apologize if I misled anyone into thinking rich was here. I just really liked that picture of, uh, it reminds me of the good old days.

Matthew Souza: (07:40)

I don’t think it said anything about like rich in the title.

Sevan Matossian: (07:43)

No, it said live calling show. So I, I would think my, my sister would know too because she knows a live call show. Doesn’t have a guest do, does a live call show have guests. Oh, okay. The Bluetooth is connected. It’s done

Matthew Souza: (07:53)


Sevan Matossian: (07:54)

I’m uh, Mr. Richie, if you, that was Mr. Richie from, I recognize the number from England. If you want to, uh, you know, Craig Richie, the, the guy, the biggest podcaster in the, or logger in the CrossFit space, the guy who won the, um, you United Kingdom national championships in weightlifting. I don’t know if that’s

Matthew Souza: (08:14)

Exactly. He won that.

Sevan Matossian: (08:15)

He won, he won something. I, I saw it all over. Everyone in their mother was posting about it.

Matthew Souza: (08:19)

Oh yeah. I know. I know he is a vlogger.

Sevan Matossian: (08:22)

Yeah. So he’s, he, he,

Matthew Souza: (08:23)

We had a great conversation at waap.

Sevan Matossian: (08:26)


Matthew Souza: (08:26)

Did? No.

Sevan Matossian: (08:29)

Um, oh, he’s calling the back in 20 minutes. Okay. Okay. Boris, uh, uh, yen has, um, turned off all the phones in the UK for the next 20 minutes, uh, in order to stop the spread of the virus. So who he will be,

Sevan Matossian: (08:45)

Craig Richie will be calling back. I apologize, guys. What happened? Uh, so I don’t know. I forget, I, I forget why he fought, um, uh, Russell, I wanna say it had to do with it. He pour, he, I wanna say he posted something about abortions or he was, he was deeply, he’s a deeply religious man. He’s a, he he’s like deeply. I, I mean, I don’t, I don’t know if I’m saying this. Right. But like he thought Jesus was his dude. If you’ve never met Russell Berger, Russell Berger has. Yeah. Yeah. Craig, she’s gonna be calling in, in 20. Um, Russell Berger is one of the most incredible human beings I’ve ever, ever, ever, ever, ever met. He is so fun.

Sevan Matossian: (09:27)

He, um, he just is oozing unlimited potential. I think he may have even been a games athlete in 2009. He’s little. Yeah, he he’s little he’s like, he’s, he’s probably in shorter than me and he’s probably no, four times as strong and he can do all that. He’s so cool. So he, he went in front of an, he went in front of a, um, abortion clinic once and was like talking to women before they got their abortions. I think not being rude, but like kind of trying to talk as I recall, I didn’t like that, but, but it’s his preg, but it’s his prerogative. Like he’s not, he there’s, he’s not an. Um, so wait, what

Matthew Souza: (10:07)

Did he post that he posted something that got him into trouble?

Sevan Matossian: (10:12)

Uh, I can’t remember. Maybe he did something like that or maybe he, I can’t remember what he did, but he did something that got him fired

Matthew Souza: (10:25)

He’s on. Is he on Instagram or is that

Sevan Matossian: (10:28)

I don’t? Uh, I that’s a good question. I don’t know if he’s on Instagram

Matthew Souza: (10:32)

And the reason why I’m asking is I just wonder how many PE like what the statistic is on because of Instagram or Twitter, people got fired, you know?

Sevan Matossian: (10:39)

Oh yeah. You, you got, that’s a really good question. I think it could be, um, I think it could be social media related. That is a great question.

Matthew Souza: (10:49)

Yeah. It’s like how many people that would never have been fired. Got fired due to what they said on social media.

Sevan Matossian: (10:58)

Oh, uh, yes. Bo did I say Boris yells? Yeah. Thank you. Bo Boris Johnson. Yeah, it is Boris Johnson. You’re Boel was the guy before Putin. Right? He got my Boriss all up. I have to remember to drink with the label. Oh. So I turn the, I’m gonna turn the lid around like this. And so now every time I drink I’ll plug paper, street coffee.

Matthew Souza: (11:22)

Nice. That’s thinking upstream.

Sevan Matossian: (11:24)

Holy. Hey, all the sponsors we have, they each need their own cup and I’ll just rotate the cups. Do you like that?

Matthew Souza: (11:35)

I do like that.

Sevan Matossian: (11:37)

I spoke

Matthew Souza: (11:38)

Plug banner here. No, I was just gonna,

Sevan Matossian: (11:41)

I, I spoke to, um, uh, Marcus yesterday. That’s the, um, uh, owner of life at is RX. That’s the t-shirt guy. And he said, shirt, she’ll be ready like in three weeks.

Matthew Souza: (11:51)

Well, there’s already, it’s already a little bit into that process, but yeah, that was kind of the total from it going live to a presale to then majority of the orders coming in, then it going to print. Then it being a week before it, or a week to ship to wherever they’re being shipped to.

Sevan Matossian: (12:06)

Yeah. And I think anyway, I, I think within, I think within three weeks people will have them.

Matthew Souza: (12:10)

Yeah. That’s a good estimate.

Sevan Matossian: (12:12)

You guys, we have a crazy week coming up. Oh, did you get it? Oh, I’m not gonna ask you that. I was gonna ask. I was gonna ask you if you saw this show yesterday, but you, the, I don’t want to ask you cause I don’t want you to feel like you have to go watch it with Sarah and Danielle.

Matthew Souza: (12:27)

No, I was running around. I just caught little bits and pieces of it.

Sevan Matossian: (12:29)

Yeah, don’t worry. Uh, so tomorrow we have a guy named, say it again that

Matthew Souza: (12:33)

Why did they ask about me?

Sevan Matossian: (12:34)

Yeah, lots, lots. They said we wish, uh, SU was here and not, uh, what’s the guy’s name? Brian. Uh, tomorrow, tomorrow we have Joe Illuminati on, uh, he’s a guy who’s a, um, former veteran, uh, lives in his van, lives in his van for half the year and lives in the gym for the other half of the year. Uh, he kind of of jumped on my radar when Dave was kind of reposting some of the stuff he, he, he does on his Instagram. He seems very, very flamboyant. I’m interested to talk to him. Uh, then on Tuesday we have ed, uh, Caler on holy cow, started doing a bunch of research on him. That is gonna be a hell of a show. Ed’s an expert and Mexican and us relations in regards specifically to cartel activity. I don’t know if that’s true. I just made that up, but something like that, then on then on Wednesday we have a guy who’s like this guy who’s doing the, the raw meat experiment. Um, I think he was on mark Bell’s podcast.

Sevan Matossian: (13:35)

Um, basically he’s just kind has been showing up in my, um, Instagram search a ton. I think he’s on day, like 100 of just eating raw meat. And I posted a picture of him eating a raw octopus. Then on the 17th we have, um, uh, they have a new movie coming out on Thursday in the evening, over at the mayhem empire. It’s called undisputed. It is about, uh, the may Empire’s journey to the games, I believe in 2021. So not just teams but individuals and just all that stuff. It’s just a whole mixture of, of the, the mayhem empire. It should be pretty cool. Um, I’ve never seen, I’ve seen a lot of games, movies. I haven’t seen one like this where it’s just gonna be like a, about one team’s effort to make it, uh, not to make it, but their journey to the games.

Sevan Matossian: (14:20)

Um, and, uh, for that show, we’ll have the director on named uhoh Scott, Scott, Scott, van SLT. And, uh, and hi, and, and one of the main characters, um, the founder of the mayhem empire, rich Roney, man, I saw the stupidest comment in Instagram. They, someone posted a, a, um, like undisputed. Speaking of reading into things I read into this comment, someone, someone posted a, um, uh, the cover of undisputed and it’s like rich and chase his cousin hugging him. And then in the comments that basically said something like, oh, great. Another Mo another movie, just talking about how great rich is. And it was, and I took it as I read into it as being like, um, uh, facetious. Is that the right word? And it’s like, off. It’s his money. It’s about his, um, uh, mayhem empire. You haven’t even seen the movie. So you don’t know if that’s true and I sure the hell hope it is true. I watch five or six more movies.

Matthew Souza: (15:27)

Yeah. That’s of course. That’s what talking about

Sevan Matossian: (15:31)

On, on Friday, we have a cure of the Dawn and Han’s Kim. That’s crazy. I’m a little starstruck. Those are two. That’s going to be something special. If you do not know who Han’s Kim is, you have to Google Han’s Kim right now. No, not right now after this show’s over. Um, and then, um, and then on the, on Saturday, uh, Matt, it looks like Matt SU is going on vacation, but we won’t let him do that. Cuz he’ll take his computer with him. And then the following week, we start off Monday with the UFC fighter then, uh, Moses Bernard and, uh, and, uh, that’s all I have right now. Um, we

Matthew Souza: (16:09)

Actually have one person we could add to that too. That just emailed us

Sevan Matossian: (16:13)

This week. Something big’s gonna drop. I think something really yummy something that’s, uh, a bit of a street fight, you know, along that whole, um, Along that entire, uh, Genre, that theme of Dave Castro getting fired and Rosa getting fired. I I’m sorry I’ve been getting promoted.

Speaker 3: (16:41)


Sevan Matossian: (16:43)

We have something dropping this week, along those lines. I believe it will be on, uh, uh, Wednesday. I could drop as early as today. I, I, I don’t know, but I’ve been trying to, um, stay ahead of it. Um, I just needed a few more sources, um, before I can, uh, share, but you guys will love it. It’s it’s another, I, I, I think it will. I think it will help see, uh, sales of the, uh, CEO shirt tremendously. And in the end, does it really matter? Uh, um,

Speaker 3: (17:18)


Matthew Souza: (17:18)

A roll today. I

Speaker 3: (17:19)


Sevan Matossian: (17:19)

It. Thank you,

Matthew Souza: (17:20)

The glasses.

Sevan Matossian: (17:21)

So this is gonna be really harsh. If you are a parent of a kid who puts masks on your kids, you may want to turn the show off at this point. If, if to the right crowd, I will defend you guys to, of the, not to the death, but I will defend you guys endlessly saying that you were forced to get vaccines masks in quarantine, that you were forced. I will, I will defend you

Sevan Matossian: (17:48)

Saying you were coerced and forced when people say, well, they weren’t forced. They have a choice. I will argue with those people and explain that you didn’t have a choice, but to your face, you have to know. I think you are world class. I think you’re part of the problem. I think you are contributing to a narrative that hurts children. Do you understand that there there’s a, those two can exist inside of me? I, I, I, I have, I have, uh, uh, not empathy. I have sympathy. I have sympathy for you that you, you felt coerced that you felt like you had to wear the mask. You didn’t have a choice. You got the vaccine, you feel like you had to quarantine, you were scared, but I think you guys are such because I know how much of a I am and I don’t play that game.

Sevan Matossian: (18:39)

So it’s kind of like, you know, when you, um, you see someone who weighs 400 pounds and you’re like, man, I eat, I eat a, I eat a little thing of Ben and Jerry’s every night and I’m only 10 pounds overweight. What the are these people eating? Like, you know, you know that they ate a loaf of bread. It every day, you know that they swing by and pick up two big Macs before every dinner. Like, you know, we know because I know I’m a pig. So I just only think, holy, what the are they eating? So I, I, I wanna bring something up. Can you, um, did you see the last thing I sent you? It says super bowl, no masks. Do you see that link? It’s on Twitter. The, if you live in California and you allow a mask on your child one more time.

Sevan Matossian: (19:18)

I, I don’t think you’re a pusy. I know you’re a. You are, but you, you are a child abuser. Let’s be more specific. You’re a child abuser. I want you to see this video. This is this weekend in California. I’m not hating on these people at all, by the way, JayZ, what’s up, Leah. I’m not hating on these people at all. Nice. Got the iPhone 13, killing it. Matt Damon is Matt Damon. I don’t know who that is. Char. Thone our homeboy, the racist. LeBron James hates black people, JLo and Ben Affleck. I guess they’re again. That’s kind of cool. I was kind Emett Smith gotten, getting his swerve on. I’m assuming reposition there’s alcohol in that drink. Andy Garcia. I heard he’s hard to work with. I hear he is hard to work with. He ain’t no Sian. Uh, I don’t know who that is, but, but he’s got iPhone 13.

Sevan Matossian: (20:06)

So he must have got some loop back to back to LeBron, uh, Mr. A himself, the poster child, some other chick. I don’t know. Uh, mark. Wilberg looking thin. That’s dash looking good. This is in Los Angeles. Sean Penn confused. liberal. Also hates homosexuals gaze, uh, black people, Matt Damon, uh, uh, also known racist. So no, I, uh, is it so here’s the deal. These people are at the super bowl with no mask. I, and I’m, I’m proud of them. I’m not hating on them. It’s you guys, it’s you? My friends. Oh, someone said that was Chris Tucker. No. He’s a good. He’s all swollen.

Speaker 3: (20:54)

Wow. Chris Tucker.

Sevan Matossian: (20:56)

Wow. Maybe he got aids and then is like on all sorts of shakes. And she trying to put on trying to put on, uh, um, anyway, Will you click on the scientists in Hollywood thing? I wanna show, I wanna show that too. It’s so crazy that you, that, that, that one of us would put masks on our kids after seeing that the are, are those. Those are just people too, Man. My kids are lucky that they have me as a parent. So we have a race car driver, a TV presenter. Oh, I think that guy’s from Craig Richie’s country, Pierce Morgan. And we have a country singer. They all say that you should take the vaccine. Therefore masks, quarantines, all that. They speak badly of people who don’t derogatory. Derog they hate people who don’t do it. Okay. Now go up here.

Sevan Matossian: (21:58)

These people, let’s the father of RNA. He has the vaccine. He’s taken it already. And he’s saying that pretty much, you shouldn’t take it. He’s saying, if you wanna wear a mask, wear a mask. If you wanna take the vaccine, take the vaccine, but you should listen to ’em and get some in, in, in here. These are the scientists. You here’s a retired chief scientist, Dr. Michael yin, an allergy and respiratory therapeutic, uh, expert for 23 years. Here’s a Nobel prize winner. I think he may have even been the, uh, former vice president of Pfizer. These, these people are saying, don’t take it. These are the scientists score back up. But, but they’re okay if you do. And they’re okay if you wear mask in quarantine, but they’re saying they, it should be mandated. These people, not the scientists Say you should take it. And if you don’t, you’re a piece of. It’s fascinating. It’s fascinating. Uh, can you go to the kids and masks thing?

Matthew Souza: (22:59)

The original one I had,

Sevan Matossian: (23:00)

I want I’m doing this show. So the, if my kids ever look back, they know what a I’m doing it just for them. I’m just showing off for them.

Matthew Souza: (23:07)

It’s funny. I was gonna ask you about that. I was like how you’re almost documenting your thoughts and this whole journey and everything else and what that, how they’ll be able to literally watch it.

Sevan Matossian: (23:17)

If I thought mask could protect my kids, I would, I would wrap my kid and bubble wrap, have the world’s best mask. It’s not like I don’t walk the walk. You understand? Like my kids have never worn a mask. They don’t have any vaccines. They don’t wear shoes. We fear nothing except for like cars and, and alligators and, Parking lots,

Sevan Matossian: (23:43)

Um, uh, uh, bodies of water when they don’t know how to swim, you know, that’s the leading cause of death in the United States for kids under the age of five drowning. And you put a mask on your kid, you think, do you closing, closing down all the pools for two years, for two summers, all that did was increase the chance of more kids to drown, cuz less kids are gonna learn to swim. They don’t care about your kid. And yet you’re listening to them on how to, um, here all the legitimate reasons children should still be wearing masks. Can I see the next, uh, the next, um, Slide?

Speaker 4: (24:19)

There it

Sevan Matossian: (24:20)

Is. What’s oh, it’s just empty. Oh, it’s just zero. Yeah, there you go. That is the reasons. Okay. Uh, good morning. Uh, Mr. Richie, thank you for calling in. I uh, Mr. Richie, I apologize for the, uh, trouble with the connection earlier in the show. Thank you for giving us a second chance of calling in. Congratulations on the incredible victory. Um, it’s great to have you on the show. I hope you know that all the times that I take the outta you, I am just joking and envious of your 386,241 subscribers on YouTube. Someone the other day said that you have 10 times the amount of subscribers as me and I quickly unfuck them and said no, 38 times you dip. And uh, thank you for coming on the show and, um, gracing this with your presence. How can I help you?

Speaker 4: (25:02)

Exact number.

Sevan Matossian: (25:03)


Speaker 5: (25:04)

Hello. Can you hear me? Uh,

Sevan Matossian: (25:06)

I can. Thank you Mr. Richie. Oh, I God. He’s so smart.

Speaker 5: (25:10)

Yeah, well, no, I just know how you roll and I figured that there’ll be some sort of technical difficulties.

Sevan Matossian: (25:15)

Oh, ouch. Ouch. Well, not all of us have all that fancy gear and the wife with the new, like you, some of us are still, uh, just have the wife at home with the natural and the kind, some of the old equipment, old equipment, old. Oh,

Speaker 5: (25:28)

You know, everybody like a victory story. So I’m not really sure why anyone listen, make you, but that’s OK.

Sevan Matossian: (25:35)

I, I understand. I understand. Um, tell me how, how are things going? I, um, I, I was listening to your blog and you’re just telling everyone to really calm down and chill out. It’s okay. That Dave and Rosa got fired. Everything’s okay. Just take a sauna and chill. Is that, is that still your um,

Speaker 5: (25:52)

Yeah, I think people really get lost. They start looking at the headlines and they don’t realize 20. Two’s been a pretty good year so far. I mean. I’m here in Florida with making a document. I with the, with the Obama and it’s been a pretty good year. I know everybody’s freaking out.

Sevan Matossian: (26:07)

That’s wow. So you you’re breaking out of the fitness space. You’re over in Florida with the, Obama’s making a documentary. That is awesome.

Speaker 5: (26:14)

Do you wanna, do you wanna talk to him? I’m actually having, having some tea with him. You wanna talk to him?

Sevan Matossian: (26:18)

Oh, which one would I talk to Michelle?

Speaker 5: (26:24)

Uh, this, uh, is, this is this, Avan a short little man named Savan

Sevan Matossian: (26:28)

Mr. President. You know, I voted for you twice. Well, I’m not really my, my

Speaker 5: (26:33)

Mom. Well, let’s be clear. I know you’re a whiteish man from Santa Cruz, so that on a black friend and perhaps even a Hispanic one as well. It, uh, uh, that’s quite kinda how it goes in that demographic of the area.

Sevan Matossian: (26:50)

Yes. Uh, MIS president. I actually didn’t vote for you twice to be completely honest. My mom, at that time in my life, my thirties, my mom

Speaker 5: (26:56)

I’m let talk Richie again. Here we go.

Sevan Matossian: (26:59)

I shouldn’t have said that. I lost him. I lost Obama at that time in my life. My mom filled out my, uh, ballot still. I’m not gonna lie.

Speaker 5: (27:07)

I’m not, Hey, Hey. Yes,

Sevan Matossian: (27:08)


Speaker 5: (27:08)

Yes. You wanna talk to me? You want, what did you have? You wanna say something? And I, I just wanted to, you know, give you a little boost.

Sevan Matossian: (27:14)

I, I, I, that is very kind of you, you, I I’ve always suspect

Speaker 5: (27:21)

Raise all.

Sevan Matossian: (27:22)

Yes. That’s exactly what I was gonna say. I feel like I just steal lines from you. I’m just one step behind you. Right? Right. But I do appeal to a different demographic. I’m gray. I’m not as buff as you I’m. Yeah.

Speaker 5: (27:35)

Angry white man. Angry white man.

Sevan Matossian: (27:37)

Yes. Yes. The angry, the angry white man. Um, uh, Mr. Richie, I, uh, how I heard you’re a Quadro vaccinated. How was that second booster?

Speaker 5: (27:48)

Oh, it it’s great. It it’s been great. Um, it actually in framed the area of my buddy, I, I’m not quite mad about to, to be honest, actually. It’s right. It’s a little larger and that’s fine. No, one’s complaining.

Sevan Matossian: (28:02)

That’s, that’s amazing. And you have a clothing line. Um, it, uh, it, it looks like, like a bank’s name, like HS TL or something. Is that, how, how is that going? And do you have any advises for me in my new CEO line?

Speaker 5: (28:19)

Well, I’m looking at speaking. Is that your line?

Sevan Matossian: (28:27)

Yes. Yes, sir. That is,

Speaker 5: (28:29)

Well, I’m actually looking the start airport. I don’t think it’s really gonna start with three letters.

Sevan Matossian: (28:34)

Uh, thank you. Okay. We’ll add a letter to that. We’ll call it C S we’ll make it a little lower. K S um, uh, um, um, Mr. Richie is, is Obama still there because one of the, um, viewers is saying that Obama sounded a little bit like Sean Woodland, uh, sh oh, sorry, Shawn Woodland. He spell it wrong

Speaker 5: (28:56)

Be, but he’s gonna, I’ll

Sevan Matossian: (29:01)

Have to, I wanna honestly tell you, you sound so good.

Speaker 5: (29:08)

Uh, now, now let’s be clear. Uh, I don’t actually know Sean Wood. Uh, Sean, uh, he, uh, I do know he voted for me. He’s in the fan club, I believe. And, uh, and we do talk about, uh, science. We both read, uh, science magazine and we both attended the, uh, university health science, uh, down here on the coast of Florida where, uh, you know, I don’t know why I bought this house. It’ll be, uh, overtaken by the rising tide within a couple years, but, uh, I’m gonna let you go. Uh, I, uh, Sean, one privileged, excuse me. This is this a former president Brock Obama. I’m sorry.

Sevan Matossian: (29:44)

Sorry, Mr.

Speaker 5: (29:45)


Sevan Matossian: (29:46)

I got, I got my pee script. Uh, Mr. Mr. Obama, are you happy with the outcome of the super bowl yesterday?

Speaker 5: (29:56)

Well, uh, you know, uh, I had a joke and I was gonna say it as the other voice, uh, and I’m gonna just go

Sevan Matossian: (30:03)

Now. Okay, well, thank you. Uh, welcome back, Mr. Richie, how are you?

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