TYR Wodaplooza Gameday // Sunday // Shut Up & Scribble LIVE From MIAMI

Speaker 1 (00:12):

Oh, give me a break. Come on. How could you not pick Brent Kowski to win this event? Are you kidding me? Don’t you remember 2021? Oh, what do you mean? I’ve literally done this. I picked him to win. He did not pick Brent Kowski. You kidding me? You literally said Pat Ner. What do we need to watch the receipt back? You kidding me? You kidding, dude, you’re not. Hear yourself talking right now, dude. Oh my. These commentators are idiots too. Gosh, I know more about CrossFit than all these people. You’ve not even paid a stairs for the last five years. You don’t want to lose you. Look, cry baby

Will Branstetter (00:49):

God. Is this you or someone you love? Download the Heat one app on the app store, Google Play Store, or by scanning the QR code on the screen. Heat one is going to the big leagues for 2024 Tier Waap Palooza. Pick your top 10 men, women and teams and play in a shot collar league where you can pick the winners for each event. Create a league with your friends, your gym, and also play in the Worldwide League where you have a chance to win $14,000 in prizes. Play now for free by scanning the code on the screen.

Sevan Matossian (01:37):

Guys, I am signing up for the open this year. I am so excited. I’m so scared, not scared, not excited, anxious, titillated up for the challenge. We’ll do the open together. I’m up for the challenge. I want you to be up for the challenge. I want to be a part of something that brings us all closer together. I want to do something that supports CrossFit. The CrossFit games, the group of us that’s out there that believes in personal accountability and personal responsibility. So that’s why I’m doing it. Three weeks are over. I’m going to be hiated proud of myself. I’m going to think I’m the shit that I completed it. The affiliates that have the most participation. Pick me up from the dms. Hit Susa up and I’d love to have you guys on the show and do my part in helping support you guys and reward you guys for what you’re doing for your clients. See you on the leaderboard.

Speaker 4 (02:36):

I started this training program. I love CrossFit and I want to share that with other people. At Sentinel, we give athletes both every day and competitive, the most effective, unique, and fun training available. At Sentinel Training, we provide the most attentive coaching and descriptive workout notes available on any online training platform. The lowest price. Our mission at Sentinel Training is preserve the methodology to founded while continuing to innovate and create devastating fitness leading from the front. This is what it means to train.

Taylor Self (03:29):

I don’t think he is.

JR Howell (03:32):

Good. Better?

Taylor Self (03:33):

Yeah, it’s better.

JR Howell (03:35):

Good, good.

Will Branstetter (03:36):

Check, check, check,

JR Howell (03:37):

Check, check, check, check,

Will Branstetter (03:38):

Check, check. Oh, we’re live. I wasn’t even paying attention.

Taylor Self (03:43):


JR Howell (03:44):

And we’re off.

Will Branstetter (03:46):

And your video’s glitching For some reason I was like just watching jr. I mean you can get caught in Jr’s eyes so easily. It’s insane. And I got caught in his eyes there.

Taylor Self (04:00):

That’s better.

Will Branstetter (04:01):

Yeah, your video looks weird for me, but that’s okay. I got some blue sparkles, some red sparkles. You might have to restart your camera. Unplug the cord. Replug it in. Good morning everybody. It’s day number four. Day number Quatro of tier water Palooza 2024. We have the second day of team competition coming up. Had a big day yesterday and excited to get the show rolling. Of course, as always, joined by Taylor South and JR. Howell. What’s up?

Taylor Self (04:35):

With two dots

Will Branstetter (04:36):

With two dots. JR dot. That’s right. You always got to know.

JR Howell (04:41):

Great workout this morning at CrossFit. Wynwood by Trained Sentinel. Taylor put it on, had a nice group QR code on the screen. Scan it, get a month free. What else? Man workout was awesome. Five rounds for time, 400 meter run. 21 toes to bar 12 overhead. Squat

Taylor Self (05:00):


JR Howell (05:02):


Taylor Self (05:03):

Did you do 12 all five rounds? I did.

JR Howell (05:05):


Taylor Self (05:06):

And JR swings a Miss JR scaled the workout. Actually

JR Howell (05:11):

No wonder I went so fast. I had Helen rep scheme in my head the whole time.

Taylor Self (05:17):

All good dude. Great workout. A bit of a mashup between Nancy and some of that. Pulling from the rig, hanging from the rig with the toaster bar. Me and Bryson did it about a month ago and the 29 degree weather. And Charlotte today, quite a bit hotter, but still mild day, overcast, awesome workout. Had about 12 people there.

JR Howell (05:35):

Yeah, it was cool. So yesterday, team competition, 300 points as well as today. Three events done. Three to go. I know we’re going to get Brian in here for some top storylines, but I’m really excited to have a full half of the competition still left, so I think the leaderboards up for grabs.

Will Branstetter (05:51):

What was your favorite part of yesterday jr?

JR Howell (05:54):

I really liked how the workouts were longer yesterday, so we had a lot of grindy type workouts. We had the swim burpee worm workout. We had the run in the morning that was like 20 plus minutes for everybody. And then we had the workout last night that was a little bit of chaos, which is also kind of cool in a competition that ended with a barbell kind of just suck fest. So that was pretty cool. Interested to see some faster higher power output workouts today. Shorter, a little bit more individually based, so that’ll be cool just to see the juxtaposition between the two days and the style events.

Will Branstetter (06:31):

Nice. Okay, we’re moving some cameras around, but we’re going to go ahead and bring in Brian from Barbell Spin. Give us the top storylines of the day. And Peter Pedro is doing our camera work professional cameraman. You can adjust it with the crank on the front. Change the tilt. Yeah, that’s the focus mapping and you can also zoom it out a little bit. Anyways, Brian, thanks for joining us. Let me get you a microphone and thanks everyone in the comments joining us online. We have a really smart guy figuring out the camera right now, so we should be good. Brian, what do you got for us? How was your day yesterday? Did you like watching the team competition or were you missing individuals?

Brian Spin (07:16):

It was a cluster out there, especially when they got on the Flagler. I mean, when you have what 60 athletes all doing deadlifts and hang cleans and front squats, you could see who got there first. But following it from the side where I was on the media side, I mean it was rather difficult to see.

JR Howell (07:39):

Sure, yeah. So I mean you’re just waiting on teams to progress to the next barbell movement. But when they’re in that barbell movement, it doesn’t matter if they’re doing sets of five sets of eight when they’re rotating. Also you’re trying to figure out if they rotate every set of five, that means 15 each time someone starts back where they, and you’re just trying to figure out who’s in the lead and there’s really no way to do it until you see a hand in the air. Yeah,

Brian Spin (08:02):

The Kelsey Keel team got to the barbell first, but then Team Ice Barrel passed them. But it was really tough to find until the very, very end when they started doing the last few front squats. Other than that, you’re just kind of like, what’s going on? It was wild. Yeah,

Taylor Self (08:16):

I was a bit confused on the Synchro standard. It seemed like Team Ice Bucket was just doing different squats at each part of the workout. It’s like one person does a squat, another person does a squat, the third person does a squat. They all stand up at the top at the same time. Good rep. I was just confused. It did not look synchro to me. It didn’t look like something that I would’ve counted, but hey, we didn’t know the standards. That wasn’t really communicated.

JR Howell (08:36):

So interesting. I think the Synchro standard on the squat was just at the top at the same time. So if they squatted it slightly different cadences, it didn’t have to be at the bottom together. Do you like

Taylor Self (08:43):


JR Howell (08:44):

I think it makes it a lot easier, but it definitely looks cleaner, especially if you’re doing something like a synchro wall ball, also a squat. You’re not going to be able to do that because there’s no point to really stop and breathe.

Brian Spin (08:56):

Yeah, and I think that Synchros double unders was probably the biggest. Miss definitely saw a lot of inconsistency between the judges. There was one judge that I’ve seen all weekend long, he was calling it right, they were not at sync, but you’d see others where they were out of sync and still getting the good reps. So that’s a very tough standard to do.

Will Branstetter (09:18):

So we need to find that Judge. He needs a promotion.

Taylor Self (09:21):

Yeah, Hiller, send him some money, need elevate. Send him some TRT, send him some needles.

Will Branstetter (09:26):

That’s going to be the first sponsored judge by Hiller Fit

Brian Spin (09:30):

Lane 17.

Will Branstetter (09:31):

Lane 17. Get on that Hiller, send a package of peptides. Alright, Brian, spin what we got for us. What’s our first top storyline of the day?

Brian Spin (09:40):

Yeah, an update from yesterday. So if you saw on my stories, I caught up with Justin Madero after the swim event. He had his ankle taped up. He’s doing fine as far as I know, but in talking to the other athletes, there are 10 athletes who made it to medical after the event for Twisted Ankles.

Taylor Self (09:58):

After the swim workout?

Brian Spin (09:59):

No, after the 5K. Five

Taylor Self (10:01):

5K. Wow. Five twisted ankles, 10 twisted ankles and a partridge. Jenna, a pair of tree.

Brian Spin (10:10):

And talking to Nick, Matthew, it was so tight it was hard to pass. And so you had to just kind of follow somebody along in a narrow part until it opened up and he’d be so close. If you didn’t keep a really close eye, you could easily chip on a branch or a rock or something like that. And that’s what took him down and had him withdraw.

Will Branstetter (10:28):

Branch got him a

Brian Spin (10:29):

Branch. No, a rock. A rock. Got him Rock. But there are so many roots and stuff.

Will Branstetter (10:33):

The Rock got Nick Matthew first celebrity of the weekend.

JR Howell (10:37):

Of those 10 Twisted Ankles, how many resulted in withdrawals?

Brian Spin (10:40):

As far as I know, only Nick. Matthew is the only one who has withdrawn us to this point.

Taylor Self (10:44):

Wow. Do we know of his was any worse than anybody else’s or he is just having a case of the old Sundays,

Brian Spin (10:51):

When I spoke with him, he said that Adrenaline got up through it, so he twisted it within the first mile about the same spot where Madero did. But because he competed as an individual, he was like, look, he probably could probably push through it, but it wasn’t worth it in that just let’s step away. And

Taylor Self (11:12):

He’s not putting the team on his back. Greg Jennings style allegedly. So

Brian Spin (11:16):

No, he left Scott and Spencer out there to do all that work by themselves.

Will Branstetter (11:20):

That was crazy. Do you know the trail? Do you know if the trail, was it mainly it looked like on the map it was like gravel and then you go off on a trail, gravel go off on the trail. Is that the case?

Brian Spin (11:31):

Yeah, I mean it’s truly a mountain biking course and it’s very hilly. Lots of steep short, steep inclines and down. So from what I’ve heard, it took about two, three more minutes than they would normally expect on a regular 5K just rolling hills or on a street. So you didn’t know where you were going and so you’d kind of be running and you’d have a sharp turn and then it’d be go uphill. So you didn’t know what to expect and they just kind of played a little bit more cautious, I think.

Will Branstetter (12:02):

Gotcha. What’s your next storyline for the day?

Brian Spin (12:07):

So the women’s side team Ice barrel is not doing so hot.

Will Branstetter (12:11):

Ice bucket.

Taylor Self (12:12):

Ice bucket.

Brian Spin (12:13):

So they’re in seventh. What I find interesting about the women’s side is the top three teams are all team focused. So Rx performance, they have two women who were from the games on a team Top 10, Antonia Fa Kalinsky and Maria Langfords were both on the team at the games. And so in game were the two women from CrossFit Mayhem, if you remember them from semifinals.

JR Howell (12:41):

Yeah, yeah, for

Brian Spin (12:41):

Sure. And then third place is stronger than a nineties trend. And so Kelsey Keel, Emily Longford, and then Kelly Baker. So they all have that kind of cohesion and I see the women are definitely, it’s a team aspect, which is what we talked about yesterday was is it better to have team athletes or maybe stronger individuals?

JR Howell (13:01):

And to that point, I think it might just be a product of the programming. We talked yesterday about outside the run, those two workouts had a ton of teamwork involved. Everyone was on their own and had to swim. But otherwise it was synchro work. It was synchro worm and synchro burpee and even just strategizing the order of the swim seemed to really, really matter, especially at the end of the workout. Likewise, the next workout, a lot of us thought maybe it was going to come down to the barbell cycling. Weather aside, it seemed like it was all about when you rotated, who did what on the handstand work. And I think just the strategy that was involved yesterday, that might be the reason why the leaderboard looks like it does. It’ll be interesting to see today with more individually focused workouts. Are those teams that have fitter individuals, do they actually end up climbing into the top three?

Will Branstetter (13:50):

Have you guys ever seen an Uber driver take an inhaler?

Taylor Self (13:54):

Take an inhaler? No, but we did see an Uber driver from the backseat yesterday tell us we couldn’t have the air conditioning on that was going to get too cold and also drive on the shoulder and pass 30 cars and break the law. So I reported that B and didn’t get a refund, but I got $5 in Uber cash.

Will Branstetter (14:10):

Congrats this morning. Driving to the venue we were just driving, she pulls out her inhaler and I’m like, what’s going on? I’ve never seen someone need to have an inhaler while you’re

Taylor Self (14:22):

Driving. She was having an anxiety attack. She was probably taking her Xanax as well.

Will Branstetter (14:26):

Whoa. I think she just looked in the rear view mirror and saw who her passenger was. She was shot.

Taylor Self (14:33):

Yeah, JR. Jr got her excited or

Will Branstetter (14:34):

You? Yeah, Jr. Oh you okay. He wasn’t in the car, but I held up a picture.

Taylor Self (14:40):

She started sweating the man sweats.

Will Branstetter (14:43):

I actually wanted to start the show with that, but I was startled whenever we went live and sitting here. I guess I looking at JR my Uber driver was looking at jr. We were all just captured in that. What do you offer us, Brian? What’s next?

Brian Spin (14:59):

We’ll just move over to the men’s side. That is different though than the women. It is more individually focused. Not sure what to make of that other than they’ve just really fit guys. I don’t think this team, the men have as many teams that have come back and done this. And so you’re seeing the likes of Madero and Crouch Roman Saxon doing well. Same thoughts Jr on why the men are maybe not as much team driven on the front first day

JR Howell (15:34):

A little. I mean a lot of these guys in even the top five have done team competition at Water Palooza several years. So they kind of know what to expect. They’ve been on a worm with two other guys. They kind of know what’s best practice when that goes. They were taking the warmup pretty seriously. I mean these guys want to win. So you saw a lot of different styles, a lot of different techniques, a lot of different banter back and forth with the teams that obviously hadn’t practiced on it. But what was really impressive to me is even those teams, that was the first time touching a worm when they got out onto the barge, it looked like they’d been doing it for weeks, which is just kind of a testament to how fit they are

Brian Spin (16:09):

Except for Hopper. He got smashed in the head a few times.

JR Howell (16:12):

He did. He did. Yeah. It turns out being at the front of the worm is a little tougher. And they put Ricky up there for the first 50 cleaning jerks and so he had done 50 cleaning jerks at the front of the worm, a hundred of the burpees before his swim and still caught a ton of people on the swim. So I was asking Pedro and Will last night, if you’re down and Jason and you just saw what happened today, what percentage drop are you that you think you can win the CrossFit games?

Taylor Self (16:42):

At least 30% if that illusion ever existed to begin with.

Brian Spin (16:47):

Yeah, and then I mean Trace Leche, they’re down in seventh place. They’re kind of like Team Ice barrel. I mean they’re down 72 points from first. I don’t think they’re going to make the podium.

Taylor Self (17:00):

Guys, I I’ve got a quick question for those of us in the audience, both live and online live when you’re listening to the broadcast and Sean Woodland says Trace leche, would you rather he says trace leche or would you rather he says trace leche

JR Howell (17:17):

Or would you rather he say three milks.

Taylor Self (17:19):

Three milks. I vote three

JR Howell (17:23):

Milks, three milky.

Will Branstetter (17:24):

I vote three milky.

Taylor Self (17:27):

Let us know in the comments. That’s three.

Brian Spin (17:31):


Will Branstetter (17:31):

It. Anything else, Brian?

Brian Spin (17:32):

Fortunately we’ve only seen one withdraw, so hopefully they’re all staying healthy and get out today and get ready for the season.

Taylor Self (17:38):

How’s Matilda Garns holding up

Brian Spin (17:41):

Her team’s in fourth place?

Taylor Self (17:42):

Wow. Wow. So she’s doing great. So really, are you sussing on that or are you busting on that?

Brian Spin (17:48):

So if you want to go check out my behind the scenes. I published this morning, I talked to her. She did not want to let her team down. So she’s had the flu for the last week. Annika Greer and I can’t remember the other team.

Taylor Self (18:02):

The Scandinavians? Yeah, Scandinavians. So that’s that fricking Greg Jennings stuff right there is what I’m talking about. Putting the team on her back, coming through for the teammates. We need to see more of that.

Brian Spin (18:11):

Yeah. I don’t think she’s feeling great, but I think she wanted to not go hard on Friday and then have to bail out on the weekend and support her team rather than herself. Good for

Taylor Self (18:19):

Her. I respect that.

Will Branstetter (18:21):

Humble beast.

Taylor Self (18:22):

Yeah, humble manipulation of her. And

Brian Spin (18:24):

She’s there. She’s moved to Miami, so she’ll be in Miami for the next year.

Taylor Self (18:28):

Wow. Miami Matilda in Miami. So

Brian Spin (18:32):

If you want to read into why you can try to start figuring something out. I’m

JR Howell (18:36):

Guessing she Well, I was going to say maybe she got an exemption now that’s another really, really fit person. North America East.

Will Branstetter (18:42):

I’m going to say that. She’s going team with Noah.

Taylor Self (18:45):

Oh, and who else doesn’t Annika live in Miami now? Yeah. Wow.

Brian Spin (18:50):

She does. I’m not saying that’s Annika, but

Taylor Self (18:52):


Will Branstetter (18:55):

Who? Lena Richter. You heard it here first. Lena Richter. Matilda Gars, Noah Olson. Ann, let’s

Taylor Self (19:01):

Go. And Annika Grier is the fourth male. Sorry, just kidding. No idea who the other guy is. Don’t look at you. Well,

JR Howell (19:09):

There’s only two males on the team.

Will Branstetter (19:13):

Who is it? ler Smith.

Brian Spin (19:17):


JR Howell (19:19):

That’s a nice team.

Will Branstetter (19:20):

Nola, Noah, Matilda and Lena Richter.

Taylor Self (19:25):

They offsets Lena Tola. Matilda.

Will Branstetter (19:29):

Those are all good names. Noah. They’re humbly humble opinion. They’re going to humbly manipulate the competition at the games with that team and they’re going to take home the win.

Taylor Self (19:40):

They’re humble and hungry.

Will Branstetter (19:41):

They are. Anyways, Brian Span. Thank you. Anything else you’d like to say?

Brian Spin (19:47):

I’m out.

Will Branstetter (19:47):

Oh, he’s out. All right. Thank you Brian. Spin.

JR Howell (19:49):

Thanks for everything this weekend. Brian.

Will Branstetter (19:51):

Thank you Brian. No thank you for everything. Great segment. Alright,

Taylor Self (19:56):

Want to go through Cap or no

Will Branstetter (19:57):

Cap? Cap and no cap. We’re going to move into that this segment of the weekend to refresher. Where’s

JR Howell (20:05):

Your hat?

Will Branstetter (20:06):


JR Howell (20:07):

No, no. Where’s your hat buddy? The one that you took with you yesterday?

Taylor Self (20:10):

This is it. This is yours.

JR Howell (20:12):

These two came out of my bags.

Taylor Self (20:13):

So this is your then that’s it. Crazy guy.

JR Howell (20:17):

Peter White,

Taylor Self (20:19):


Will Branstetter (20:20):

Coffee pods in WIS joining us for Cap In No Cap. You can follow Peter at Coffee pods in Wads and on Instagram and we’re going to play Cap or no Cap just like we have the other weekends. Going to read a statement. They’re going to say Capin or no Capin. Capin means they think it’s false. No Capin. It’s true. That’s an easy way to explain it. And so first statement, Peter,

Peter (20:47):

Thank you.

Will Branstetter (20:49):

Thank you. All the way from Ireland. How to remember to say that for the fourth day in a row? It’s a

Peter (20:55):

Long commute. Yeah.

Will Branstetter (20:57):

Alright. Captain or no captain. At least one athlete eats it. Eats what? Okay. At least one athlete eats it. Doing the carry on the sandbag sin. Wow. On the sandbag sin. So on the first workout of the day, they’re going to be doing sandbag carries over on Tina Hills, right?

JR Howell (21:17):

I believe so. I think it is on Tina, which I’m

Will Branstetter (21:19):

Like, I don’t understand how they’re doing that but So at least one athlete eats it doing the carry on Sandbag, send Capin or no Capin. 3, 2, 1. Everyone’s no Capin

Taylor Self (21:32):

Definitely a no cap. I don’t know what they’re going to be eating out there, but somebody’s going to be eating something.

JR Howell (21:39):

Yeah, so it seems like every time we have Sandbag carries, especially in a sprint style workout, someone just gets moving too fast. They can’t slow themselves down, whether it’s on a turn, whether it’s finishing the workout and they end up just basically letting the sandbag carry them onto the floor.

Taylor Self (21:53):

It’s going to be explosive.

Peter (21:55):

I cannot picture how that’s going to happen on Tina Hills. I

Will Branstetter (21:58):

Don’t know either. Up the hill,

Taylor Self (22:01):

Up the hill,

Will Branstetter (22:02):

Up hill.

Peter (22:03):

Just like four meter back and forth

Taylor Self (22:06):

Side shuffle actually.

Peter (22:09):

Yeah. No, someone’s going

Will Branstetter (22:10):

To fall Shuttle. Sandbag. Shuttles. I’m going to take over under, I’m going to take the over on five athletes, bite it on Tina Hills. I’m going to take the over on two athletes falling off the stage and I’m going to take, yeah, that’s all I’m going to predict.

Taylor Self (22:26):

Alright, what were you going to say?

Will Branstetter (22:27):

I don’t know. I really wanted there to be one but I couldn’t come up with what it would be. Alright, awesome. Second cap or no cap team. Ice bucket. We’ll make a charge on day two and end up on the podium. That’s Bailey Rail. Paige Powers and Brooke Wells. They’re actually called Team Ice Barrel

Peter (22:48):

Losts the Gap.

JR Howell (22:49):

Yeah, and currently they have 213 points there. Only 33 points out of third. Wow.

Will Branstetter (22:55):

What’s happened? What happened? Do we know

Taylor Self (22:58):

To Team Ice Bucket?

Will Branstetter (22:59):

Yeah. Were we surprised that they’re not first?

JR Howell (23:01):

Yeah, so the run was a little bit uncharacteristic. They started out with a 14th. Yeah, it is one workout, but you would think with those kind of names, with those kind of what we think are solid runners that they wouldn’t have had that kind of a finish. Not sure if something happened and someone maybe got something tweaked. If they were one of the 10 twisted ankles and someone just had a really slow time, it doesn’t give the breakdown. Just the total team time. They were

Will Branstetter (23:24):

All 10 of the twisted ankles, they

JR Howell (23:26):


Will Branstetter (23:26):

Up. That’s the only explanation.

JR Howell (23:27):

They followed up with a 10 place finish,

Will Branstetter (23:29):

Six of ’em at least

JR Howell (23:30):

On the swim workout, but then they ended the night with a win. I could see him keeping that momentum going into the sandbag workout and then into the final two events of the day. So caper, no Cap Team Ice Barrel finishes on the podium.

Will Branstetter (23:45):

3, 2, 1. Someone put on your cap. Thank you. All right, Taylor.

Taylor Self (23:54):

Definitely not finishing on the podium. This is too much ice for one bucket. I just don’t think they’re going to be able to perform and we’re not going to see ’em make the climb.

Will Branstetter (24:01):

You’re going to spill all over the floor Jr. No cap.

JR Howell (24:06):

No cap. Yeah, I mean I think about the day starting with a sandbag heavy workout, cleans, squats and carries. They got two mayhem athletes on the team. We know they got sandbags in their hands all the time. Later Workout of the day has some bar work as far as a complex goes on the rig. I see that team having really, really strong gymnastics hanging capacity. So I think they take two out of the next three events and end up on the podium.

Will Branstetter (24:31):


Peter (24:31):

Yeah, I think the first two events are kind of different than everything else. I don’t think there is such a thing as too much Ice. Taylor. I think we’re going to see Frosted Tips and visible nips for the rest of the weekend.

JR Howell (24:46):

Frosted Tips and visible nips. Oh

Will Branstetter (24:49):

Wow. Wow. Okay.

Taylor Self (24:52):

Alright Peter,

Peter (24:53):

Moving on. Hey Brooke.

Will Branstetter (24:56):

Alright. I’m a believer in Team Ice bucket. They just had a day as Roman had as well. Just an off day. The third statement, the current male podium will hold on for the remainder of the competition. Who is the current male podium? I

JR Howell (25:14):

Think yeah, so current male podium is Team Goad and First Pixel in second and Ombre Ombre in third. You’re slightly out. You’ve got Team Tier. They are 24 points back and then the strapping young and 2 28

Taylor Self (25:31):

And who are the teammate.

JR Howell (25:32):

So pretty big gap there.

Peter (25:33):

Do you mean whole as in first, second, third would be first. Second to hurt or just Yeah,

JR Howell (25:37):

Like what the podium is now is going to remain for the remainder of the day.

Will Branstetter (25:40):

Shield of Doctor Online says y’all have some goofy mofos. Thank you. Shield. All right. Cap or no cap? Current male podium is going to hold in place. 3, 2, 1. Everyone’s capping

Taylor Self (25:53):


Will Branstetter (25:53):

Cap. Taylor, why

Taylor Self (25:55):

Fully capped? I just think Team Goad is going to make some mistakes. There’s a language barrier, deis, and then you got Justin Maderis. Looks like he’s going to break a controller out there if something doesn’t go his way. So I just think they’re going to take a spill off the podium and I’m rooting for team tier. My heart’s in it. I don’t really know if it’s the logical choice, but I’ve never been one to go that route for my entire life and that’s what got me here. So I’m going to work with my emotions.

Will Branstetter (26:20):


Peter (26:21):

Maybe it’s time to change your approach.

Will Branstetter (26:24):

Great statement by Taylor Self. Peter, all the way from Ireland if you didn’t know.

Peter (26:31):

Yeah, no, I just think there’s too much to go. There’s like running halfway, 20 odd points. Too much gold. Too much to go. Oh, you’re

Taylor Self (26:38):

Covering something. There you

Peter (26:40):

Go. 20 odd points. I don’t see that being a big mountain to overcome. I would say only one of the current teams on the podium will be on the podium at the end of the weekend.

JR Howell (26:53):

Yeah, I think specifically team tier and fourth, you’ve got two workouts starting the day that are individually focused and super high power output, heavy sandbag work where they’re basically doing a relay style workout and then after that they’re doing a waterfall workout starting with Echo Bike. As far as I’m concerned, down Pepper is still the king of the Echo bike right now. He’s three and O in his last three Echo bike workouts. They’ve also got Jason, who we know is great on machines and then Ricky who’s just super fit. So I could see them starting the day out with two top three finishes and climbing into the top

Will Branstetter (27:23):

Three. Yeah, I agree. After seeing them try to warm up on the worm, I think they should be very excited that they don’t have to work together today.

JR Howell (27:30):

Yes, they got some worm thrusters to finish the day, but a lot easier than 65 cleaning jerks. For sure. For

Taylor Self (27:36):


Will Branstetter (27:37):

All right. That’s capping or no capin and that retires the segment until next time, which we don’t know when that will be. Alright, we’re going to talk about the workouts now.

JR Howell (27:50):

Stay with us Peter, stay with us.

Peter (27:52):

You want my

Will Branstetter (27:53):

Inside? Peter, stay with us and all you watching online stay with us now we’re going to commercial and we’re back from commercial

Taylor Self (28:00):

Day work Out one of the day workout day athletes are going to start with Sandbag Send allegedly on Tina Hill stage. They’re going to be doing a buy-in of a 360 foot sandbag carry. 120 foot each broken into a shuttle. Not sure what the distance on that is going to be after the buy-in of a 360 foot sandbag carry 120 foot each teammate. They’re going to go relay style one athlete at a time, 9, 7, 5 reps of sandbag, cleans and sandbag squats at one 50 for the guys, a hundred for the ladies, you’ll do nine cleans, then nine squats. Seven cleans. Seven squats, five, then five. When all three athletes are finished with the 9 7 5 relay style, they’re going to buy out with that 360 foot sandbag carry again at 120 foot each. So that’s workout one for the day.

Will Branstetter (28:44):

How is that on Tina Hills?

Taylor Self (28:46):

Shuttles, baby sandbag? Shuttles

JR Howell (28:48):

Could be shuttles, could be 20 foot increments. But

Peter (28:50):

Even sold, there’s only going to be what? 30

Taylor Self (28:52):

Foot? We got the audiences telling us 30 foot increments. Listen,

Will Branstetter (28:55):

I don’t know anything about programming, but this weekend I’ve seen a lot of back and forth and no progressions on the floor. It’s a little hard to follow. That’s all I’ll

JR Howell (29:04):


Taylor Self (29:04):

Wow. Will, you’re trying to get us booted off the stage over here. Will disagreeing will. Everything we’ve done is amazing this weekend. I love it. Yes, it’s been perfect.

JR Howell (29:13):

Yeah, so a couple details just from talking to one of the judges that they’re going to be really focusing on that workout. Number one, no touch and go allowed on the sandbag, which is going to slow it down. But also I think it’s a really good conscious decision from the programmers taking into account yesterday 65 worm cleaning jerks from the floor, a hundred hinging reps with the deadlifts and the hang clean. So they’ve already done a lot of pulling from the floor. I think breaking it up into singles probably also makes it a little easier to judge. You’ll have a little bit of a pause and release at the top with a drop of the sandbag. Also with the squats. Really, really, really hard focus on opening the hip at the top. So that might be something to watch. We know the athlete’s going to be trying to sprint through those squats. How many.

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