TYR Wodaplooza Gameday // Saturday // Shut Up & Scribble LIVE From MIAMI

Will Branstetter (00:10):

Oh, give me a break. Come on. How can you not pick Brent Kowski to win this event? Are you kidding me? Don’t you remember 2021? Oh, what do you mean? I’ve literally learned this. I picked him to win. He did not pick Brent Kowski. You kidding me? You literally said Pat Downer. What do we need to watch the receipt back? You kidding? You kidding? Dude, you’re not. Hear yourself talking right now, dude. Oh my. These commentators are idiots too. Gosh, I know more about crosses than all these. What you’ve not even paid to scare for the last five years. You don’t want to lose you. Look, cry baby God.

Speaker 2 (00:49):

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Sevan Matossian (01:36):

Guys, I am signing up for the open this year. I am so excited. I’m so scared, not scared, not excited, anxious, titillated up for the challenge. We’ll do the open together. I’m up for the challenge. I want you to be up for the challenge. I want to be a part of something that brings us all closer together. I want to do something that supports CrossFit. The CrossFit games, the group of us that’s out there that believes in personal accountability and personal responsibility. So that’s why I’m doing it. Three weeks are over. I’m going to Beated proud of myself. I’m going to think I’m the shit because I completed it. The affiliates that have the most participation pick me up from the dms. Hit Susa up and I’d love to have you guys on the show and do my part in helping support you guys and reward you guys for what you’re doing for your clients. See you on the leaderboard.

Speaker 4 (02:36):

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Will Branstetter (03:27):

Two seconds. Hey, good morning everybody.

Taylor Self (03:30):

Maybe read the top one. These aren’t exactly the

Will Branstetter (03:32):

Ones. Which ones?

Taylor Self (03:34):

Scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll.

Will Branstetter (03:36):

Hey, good morning. We’re live from tier Waap Palooza. It’s day number one of team competition. Super exciting. First I would like to take a second and congratulate Patrick Clark on being a top tier analyst.

Taylor Self (03:54):

He’s top of the game, at least top three in the world, maybe best in the world. We’re all going.

Will Branstetter (03:58):

Yeah, at least top three. He got 91st and he won. So apparently I just want to congratulate him. I’d also like to congratulate ourselves a little self shout out. We met the number one Karen in the world yesterday in the stands out at, so I just wanted to give us a little shout out. Super awesome. Love you Karen, miss you Karen. And the funny part, jokes on us. We still don’t have our VIP tickets.

JR Howell (04:27):

Jake, I noticed you don’t have a pink band. Are you planning on watching the elite competition today?

Will Branstetter (04:32):

I hope so. I guess we’ll find out. And now we’d like to welcome who just saw President Mayhem, Jake Locker join us today on the stage. Super exciting, massive live audience today at early morning. Jake, how big would this audience? Oh, he just revealed it. I was going to let you pump us up, but I’m blown

Taylor Self (04:52):

Away. I’m blown away.

Will Branstetter (04:53):

Blown away. Blown away. Okay. I thought I was getting on my

Taylor Self (04:55):

Laptop, so this is amazing.

Will Branstetter (04:57):

Awesome. So we’re going to reverse our segments a little bit today and we’re going to start with talking about the workout. Since we got Jake here, Taylor’s going to read ’em off. So what are we starting with? So

Taylor Self (05:11):

Today the athletes are going to be offsite. They’re starting with a five kilometer trail run. I believe Dylan yesterday told us that the athletes are going to begin or the teams are going to begin going in 30 minute or 32nd increments. They’ll release a team every 30 seconds allegedly because the trail as narrow jr.

JR Howell (05:28):

Yeah, he was saying that it was actually a little bit treacherous. He thought the fastest times were going to be like 24, 25 minutes for a 5K. So he thought the trail was pretty tough and that he didn’t feel comfortable releasing more than one team at a time because it was so narrow. I think there was talks about maybe releasing it based on seed, based on finish, but it sounds like they’re not going to do anything like that anymore.

Will Branstetter (05:52):

It’s fine. Alright, well you want to do the show or

JR Howell (05:57):

You want to talk about Jake. So 5K trail run, everyone’s got to do it. The cool thing I like about this, and I’d like to get Jake’s input at the games historically they’ve done stuff like you’ve got to hold onto a rope. Really, you can only run as fast as your slowest person. They’re not doing that here. Do you think that’s the way they need to do single modality workouts like this? Just let everyone run as fast as they can, add all the times together.

Jake (06:19):

That is how this one works, right? Yes. Just so I understand, the crowd understands. Yeah. So 3, 2, 1, go release maybe in segments, but they’re all doing the bike and then they’re all hitting the run and time’s added up altogether, correct?

JR Howell (06:31):

Yeah, so they’ll just release the team. Everyone’s on their own After the 5K run, your slowest time, your fastest time, your medium time, you just add ’em all together, bike. And that’s the same score. Yeah. No bike though.

Jake (06:43):

Oh, no bike,

JR Howell (06:44):

No bike.

Jake (06:45):

No, I just saw that. Yeah, I think there’s a good mix of both. There’s not a right answer. I like it the games when they do the rope because it forces you to your weakest link to be strong. But every time, every event being that way, I’m not holding to that. So I think Waloo is a good time to switch it up and be like, if you got a fast runner, just want to go let ’em go. We’ll add up all the times. So there’s something different and Waloo is a good place for that. So I’m good with that this weekend.

JR Howell (07:07):

And I guess the pushback to it is, well, when you’re at the games and you say, okay, you’ve got this single modality workout. It’s an endurance workout, your score is your slowest person. Well, they don’t say, Hey, when you all lift, your score is your weakest lift.

Jake (07:19):

Yeah, for sure.

JR Howell (07:21):

Yeah. But yeah, I think this is cool that what’s going to be cool I think is that if you pass someone that’s another team you’ve beaten, that’s another team you’ve beaten. So staggering, it almost gives you a carrot to chase at the front the whole time. Do

Taylor Self (07:35):

You think athletes will be able to make safe passes on a trail as close as it is with them releasing ’em every 30 seconds? I mean when he set the 32nd window, I’m like, that’s still pretty tight and you could make up a lot of time on someone. Oh yeah,

Jake (07:45):

You get 25 minutes, 30 seconds.

Taylor Self (07:47):

Are you going to be able to, on the trail though, are the people going to be getting nudged off into the Everglades bitten by a gator? For sure.

JR Howell (07:53):

I mean the way he described it, he thought the trail was going to be something where you wouldn’t be able to run the whole time. 24, 25 minutes is slow for a 5K trail.

Taylor Self (08:01):

I know some athletes that’ll probably make it longer than that.

Jake (08:06):

Yeah, I mean that’s still eight minute mile pace or just under I guess so I mean do like it because across some athleticism, some planning and when are you going to pass where, and then you probably get a lot more exciting foot races I think because the team bunches up and then you’re stuck with your slowest

JR Howell (08:21):

And kind of thinking about the athletes that did the individual competition. You’re good. Yesterday, they really didn’t do anything on the legs, right? They ran a little bit in echo biked, they swam and did the double unders. Then last night was all upper body stamina. There was some lunging, but I mean it’s clear that they thought about a lot of the athletes that were going to be doing both individual and the team competition as the team competition goes on. I don’t know how that’s really going to feel like tonight when they do all those barbell reps for the guys that did the individual, but I think it’s cool that Thursday was kind of the rough day and then at least they had kind of Friday to at least kind of recoup a little bit. But if I’m a team athlete that did the individual, I’m not looking forward to running hard.

Taylor Self (09:03):

I’m also not looking forward to all the handstand work and the third workout. But we’ll go to workout too. After the 5K run, the athletes will have worms, don’t swim. The workout’s going to start. It’s going to be three rounds round one 30, worm cleaning jerks. Then they’ll send one athlete out on the swim, which yesterday looked to be 200 to 250 meters while one athletes on the swim. Athletes two and three are going to be doing 50 synchro burpees over the worm. When that one athlete gets back and the other two are done with their burpees, they’ll go to 20 worm cleaning jerks and then they’ll repeat the same thing. A different athlete goes out on the swim, the other two athletes, 50 synchro burpees over the worm


And then round three 10 worm cleaning jerks. Then same thing, the third athlete who hasn’t swam yet will do their swim and the other athletes will do their 50 synchro burpees over the worm. Then they’ll finish with five worm cleaning. Seems like to me when I read that I was like, oh, I like that. It seems like the swim at 200, 250 meters is probably around what yesterday for the fastest swimmers, two and a half to three minutes, and that’s probably what 50 synchro burpees is going to take. So I think to that end, it seems like they’ve well accounted for the time discrepancies on both of those movements.

Jake (10:10):

I love this workout workouts. You got to tests a lot with the warm. You got to be good at swimming and then the burpees just going to suck. Actually, it’s funny because Sprague is doing team today and somehow Sam overheard him and reco saying We’re going to do all 30 worm clean and jerks unbroken. And Sam just interviewed is like, no, you’re not participating is not doing anything. But he is like, James, listen, do not do that. So this one’s going to be terrible. What’s a time cap on this one?

Taylor Self (10:36):

It does not say assume doesn’t say there. Assume. I would assume it’s probably close to a 20. Yeah,

Jake (10:42):

It’s got to be a bigger time cap there. I mean on that one it is neat because it’s a three person team, so you got to work with the worm together. These people really aren’t practicing warm a lot, so everyone’s in similar playing field, which is cool, but the warm matters. And then I think those 50 burpees will likely get done with before the swim because the fastest swim was around three minutes. So most will probably around three and a half four. So 50 CRO burpees, you can do two and half. Yeah, two and a half, three. You probably get a little rest after that. It’s just you’re going to be super fatigued in the swim. So your slowest swim time here matters a lot with your athletes.

JR Howell (11:14):

Yeah, we were talking about it a little bit before. It’s a no brainer and I was telling Jason and down this because they got Ricky competing with them. I still put Ricky in the water last now I think he’s the strongest swimmer. I think the strongest swimmer needs to swim last after they’ve done a hundred burpees and they’ve done 60 cleaning jerks. But then they were kind of pushing back on me just being like, well, I think if we put ’em in the water first, we can do the burpees fast and

Speaker 9 (11:41):

Rest restaurant.

JR Howell (11:48):

I don’t know. I mean I think where you

Speaker 9 (11:52):


JR Howell (11:55):

A swimmer

Jake (11:56):

Swimmer team and the burpees is going to hurt either way, just if you got three minutes, you’re doing what, 17 burpees in a minute and then after that they get a little bit longer after Ricky’s back,

JR Howell (12:06):

And I don’t know if you saw or not that this is the first time I’ve seen them, their actual three person worms that they were carrying out. They’re not the, you got to use a four person worm and it just flops around in the middle or on the end, which is pretty cool

Jake (12:20):

For sure. Yeah, that’s a good opportunity. This comp, because it’s a three person team, it’s kind of their thing, so it’s a good way to take advantage of that and make it unique to them and then let the teams have some fun with the worm they’re not going to get to play with elsewhere. Sure.

Taylor Self (12:32):

And then finally, third workout today is going to be Uno dores and the workout is going to be four times starts with a bunch of overhead gymnastics. Athletes are going to do 20 wall walks into 40 strict handstand pushups and a 60 ki handstand pushups. One athlete’s going to hold the handstand one athlete’s going to be working on the 20, 40, 60 and the other athlete’s going to rest. That’s part one. Part two, athletes are going to go into 240 synchro, double unders, two working, one resting. We’ve heard that the standard is that at the bottom of the rev of both athletes’ feet need to be at the ground, on the ground at the same time, on the

JR Howell (13:05):

Ground at the same time, which is

Taylor Self (13:06):

Going to be challenging. Oh gosh. Yep. The athletes are going to go into 60 deadlifts, 40 hand cleans, 20 front squats, all three synchro for each exercise, and there’s going to be three different barbell weights. There’s going to be a 1 35, a 1 55, 1 65 pound barbell for guys, and then a 95, 1 0 5, 1 15 for ladies all do 40 hand cleans. They’ll all do shoes. Which athletes on the heavy bar, which athletes on the lighter bar, which athletes on the medium bar? I think me, if I’m looking at this workout and I just competed an individual, I think the big thing I’m looking at is the 20 wall walks, the 40 shook handstand pushups and the 60 handstand pushups after rail circle last night, the 270 foot of handstand walking, all of the kettlebell overhead. That’s a lot probably as well the 60 dips from the day before. I think the upper body fatigue is going to be accumulating going into this one.

JR Howell (13:55):

Sure. Yeah. I’m curious too, especially if you’ve got two or maybe even three athletes that didn’t compete individually and you’re feeling really good. If you’ve got someone with really good shoulders, do you just put ’em on the wall and say, Hey, hold this for 90 seconds. I’m about to do 15 of these wall walks unbroken, and then you have someone do a huge chunk of strict and then you have the other person do a huge chunk of kipp. I think it’s a little bit smarter. I don’t think the workout matters in the beginning at all. I think you’re way better off doing like five, six sevens and rotating really fast reps versus labored reps on the strict too, because really I think it’s going to come down to the barbell.

Jake (14:31):

Yeah, I agree as well with you guys say moving to the first part fast, no matter how you do it, whether it’s huge set with someone really strong or just rotating quickly. Actually came in at the end on Saxon, Jorge and Roman testing this and I saw them finishing with the front squats, but they’re actually on the ground after, so I think the people, you’re right, the indies are going to pay on this one. I feel bad for him a little bit because shoulder fatigue, but then legs too, just because you just did six workouts at maximum intensity, so your legs are going to be fatigued by this point after the run. So this is your what, ninth workout? Eighth or ninth workout. So I think it’s going to start to set in on this one. I do like the back half a lot because this strategy matters there a ton when you’re rotating who’s doing what barbell and then playing the strengths of I’m a great deadlift or not a great front squatter. I like the idea of syncro, dumb blenders, but those in the games in 2022 and judging matters so much, it was four people then. So at least it’s two, but it’s kind of set up for some people really doing synchro, some not.

Taylor Self (15:28):

I mean, yeah, I think for me looking especially at part one, I think communication’s going to matter a lot and the teams that don’t get a lot of time to practice together are going to struggle on that 20, 40 60 and I think they’re going to end up trying to do bigger sets because I think the rotating quickly is going to require a lot of communication. So I think teams that spend a lot of time together and that have practiced a lot are probably going to do the best there. Sure.

JR Howell (15:50):

Yeah. I mean I really like the workout. I like that the weights are different for all three people. It gives you a little bit of play, but it’s like, Hey, I’ll take the heavier bar on all the deads, but then on the front squats, I want the lighter bar, whatever the front squats, volume wise, so much less. If you look at the competition so far up to this point, running a lot of posterior, then they come to worm 65, it’s actually 65 worm cleaning jerks. Then they do a hundred more hinges in this workout. So a hinging is programmed a lot more, and if you look at the individuals, they really didn’t, right? They did the deadlifts, but that was supposed to be hang clean and then they really didn’t do a whole lot of pulling from the floor. So in that respect, I mean thumbs up to them for kind of thinking about

Jake (16:33):

That. And they didn’t really do much squatting either. They did the 30 front squats, which originally weren’t going to be there, which would’ve been even more hinging

Taylor Self (16:39):

90 wall balls. That’s it. Yeah.

Jake (16:42):

Also, I came in at the end and I was vaguely aware of the workout much more now, but I saw Jorge doing 1 35 squats. Roman was doing 1 65 Saxon at 1 55, but Jorge was done and dead, but I think we’re going to see that he did probably a ton of the reps 1 65 elsewhere and by the end one you’re on those front squats, even if you’re the 1 35 bar, some 1 35 maybe holding up the whole group just because they’ve been smoked from the rest of the workout. Right.

Taylor Self (17:07):

Overall, you like the workouts Jr today, day one run swim?

JR Howell (17:11):

Yeah, I think they’re good. I mean, you got some synchro work. You got synchro working two workouts, which I really like. And then I mean for athletes of this caliber, if you’re going to have it all be a I go you go or a waterfall thing, it’s just going to end up being who has the best individuals. So I think teamwork being a focus is a really good thing

Jake (17:28):

For sure. Great mix of Synchro Today strategy. They let ’em go this morning, which is cool, but the rest day is definitely, which team works together the best. We’ll have a huge advantage compared to just, yeah, who’s can go the fastest.

JR Howell (17:39):

Sure. Awesome. You got anything you want to touch on from yesterday?

Taylor Self (17:47):

I’m a little surprised that McCarey won. I’m not surprised Ricky won. I’m a little also surprised at Roman’s finishes. This is a tough question. Do you have any insight on what was going on with him over the weekend?

Jake (17:56):

I didn’t get to talk to Roman really much individually. I checked on before and after events a lot. I was coaching technically Sam Conway, so I was close with him the whole time. I was the follow up with Roman after. I mean, definitely I would say is not as fittest weekend at all, so maybe just some fatigue from competing and then just not everyone going to be their best every weekend. Some of that.

Taylor Self (18:16):

Super impressed with Sam. I think he typically does pretty well here. I did see a post of him. He was excited about going into the weekend Healthy. Has he been battling some nagging stuff or,

Jake (18:25):

Yeah, it seems like most competitions with the games, he jacked up his back. It wasn’t major injury, but enough the rest of the weekend wasn’t the same. And then it seems like other competitions, he’s had something aching or tweaking, which a lot of people have, but he was fortunate enough to come in totally healthy this weekend. Back was great. He finished six. He wanted higher, but that was still really good. I mean, I thought out for him, he probably did 210 double unders yesterday, so that hurt him a lot on that event. And he got 10 still.

Taylor Self (18:49):

Judge miscounted.

Jake (18:50):

Yeah. Wow. I mean it happens, but it still sucks. He might got fifth or sixth in that event and bumped him some. So she

Will Branstetter (18:56):

Was like, the judge was 1 0 1, 1 0 2 50, 51

Jake (19:00):

Tens a 43 43 and she’d be like 32, 33, 34. Wow. One of those. He was literally counting out loud. So I feel for the judges, it just still sucks for the athlete when that happens.

Will Branstetter (19:10):

Maybe they were scared of water. I know they’re on Bayfront.

Jake (19:15):

I get it’s a lot pressing for the volunteer judges, but Emma, yeah, she killed it. She blasted it. And her coach Dom, he’s the man Dom. Yep. And I’d talked to him a lot coming in. She’d wanted to peak somewhat for this and then just taper back and really train totally for the games the whole season. So it was a great offseason goal for her, but she smashed and accomplished a hundred percent after last year. She wanted to come back and win it. So props to both of them and being totally ready and did exactly what they wanted to do. Yeah,

Taylor Self (19:40):

He also, I impressive. Super impressed to him pulling out a ninth overall finish. I talk a lot of crap about him, but he looked fit on the last day for sure.

JR Howell (19:47):

I was really impressed with the aerobic workout yesterday for him and then even the last workout last night. I mean, everyone knows he’s skilled, everyone knows he’s strong, but the fact that that was kind of the opposite ends of the spectrum, other than the max strength, which we know he is still the best really, really dense skill last night and then just pure capacity in the morning yesterday. And he did well on both.

Jake (20:09):

Yeah, geese should be super proud. I’m proud of him. Especially after last year, the showing compared to this year moved up and leaderboard and just performed way better. And some other minor examples would be in the strict chin up workout. He got some nerves I think in the wall ball, which he should just got lower, but so that cost him some, but it’s still the last interval. He came back, finished with a good time. He’s been training a ton of literally triathlons and off season ton aerobic work. Him and Jake Fosters coach been working on that a lot. So that paid off, you saw in the swim and then last night, I mean he paced it almost perfect for him. He came from, I don’t know, 12th maybe in the heat all the way to fourth. He smoked those last hand sand walks and kept his, kept getting faster. So each event, almost every single event, he showed improvement in his fitness. It was where everyone knew he was going to win the snatch. It was even better than you thought, but everywhere else it was making incremental improvements to show. Okay, G’s coming and goodness gracious, he looks like even more Jack than ever right now. He really does. Just telling me, and I’ve told him the gym was like, did you lose weight? Yeah,

Taylor Self (21:07):

He put on muscle to me. I mean he just looks ripped.

Jake (21:09):

Yeah. Yeah. It’s unbelievable.

JR Howell (21:12):

Yeah, to me, there’s a few athletes that were really, they got hurt when the programming changed a good bit. And for him on the 180 5 cycling workout with the dips and the bar muscle ups versus going to basically just it being a 60 bar facing burpee workout, someone like him really took a hit for

Jake (21:31):

That. Yeah, for sure. Yeah, him definitely Sam too, but I mean, geese still got to get better burpees. He knows that, but he’s gotten better at ’em. So now it’s kind like a ton of that aerobic work in the offseason paid off on the swim run and now it’s going to be time to, let’s delve in some CrossFit, some high intensity, that type stuff, and he’ll keep improving there too. So Sge this weekend, definitely.

Speaker 10 (21:51):


Will Branstetter (21:52):

Cool. Anything else?

Taylor Self (21:53):

Thank you, Jake. No.

Will Branstetter (21:54):

Is Jake going to stay on with us for

JR Howell (21:56):

Yeah. Yeah. Jake’s going to do some looks likes for us today.

Taylor Self (21:58):

Oh wow. We’re going to do, looks like now.

Will Branstetter (21:59):

All right, let’s roll. We’re moving on to, looks like segment out of the programming, the enthralling team programming. Absolutely riveting my heart. We’re going to move to the looks like segment. Jake’s going to join us.

JR Howell (22:12):

Yeah. So Jake, if you’re not familiar with, looks like basically what we do is we find celebrities in the CrossFit space and we say what they actually look like they would be in real life if they weren’t professional CrossFitters and they were just everyday people.

Jake (22:26):

I like it. Okay. I like it.

Taylor Self (22:27):

Alright, I’m going to start off. I’m going to pass. So I’m going to start with one, then I’m going to pass to you. You’re going to read the next one and then you’re going to pass back. I’ll give it to JR. And we’re going to go around, we’ll each do two. So we’ve got six for today. So we’re going to kick it off with Danielle. Brandon looks like she’s smoking a Marlboro Red on the porch of her double wide waiting for the cops to ding her for smacking her boyfriend around.

Will Branstetter (22:48):

Oh boy.

Jake (22:49):

I’m nervous now. My Kalpin looks like your coworker that stands over your shoulder and doesn’t look away when you type your password in.

Will Branstetter (22:59):

Facts. I thought these were celebrities. Oh, zing. Who’s that? Who’s Mike? Calvin

JR Howell (23:09):

Chase Ingram looks like your wife’s dentist that makes inappropriate jokes about her mouth size.

Taylor Self (23:19):

Hunter McIntyre looks like your best friend’s. Older brother Seth, whose license is suspended, but he’s only 17.

Jake (23:30):

Jason Hopper looks like the high school jock that shoots spitballs at the chalkboard and gives the underclassmen wedges.

Taylor Self (23:39):


Speaker 10 (23:40):

It’s me.

JR Howell (23:43):

Seon Matian looks like a British lip professor that looks into all the attractive women’s eyes reading Shakespeare with his foot on a chair.

Will Branstetter (23:52):

True. Wow. And Will are rolling in again.

Taylor Self (24:00):

I’m reading these Will looks like if I couldn’t get my wife pregnant, he would come over and give it a shot. Ask my friend.

Will Branstetter (24:13):


Taylor Self (24:14):

Keep bringing him in. Keep bringing him in. More about Will, more about jr.

Will Branstetter (24:19):

Yeah, let’s give some love JR Taylor today. How do we think about that?

Taylor Self (24:29):

Oh, what’s that?

Will Branstetter (24:30):

I don’t know. We’ll wait for here. Jake, thanks for joining us. You’re the man. Thanks, Jake. Appreciate it. Have

Taylor Self (24:36):

A good day. Thanks guys. Jake, good luck.

Will Branstetter (24:38):

Give it up for Jake Locker.

Taylor Self (24:42):

All right, we’re bringing up Brian Spin.

Will Branstetter (24:44):

All right. Bringing up Brian from Barbell Spin to give us the top stories from yesterday and going into today. I’m assuming they’ll mainly be about the men’s side because we already know who’s going to win the women’s, but we’ll find out from Brian.

Taylor Self (25:06):

Turn it on.

Brian Spin (25:11):

You know who’s going to win the women’s? I

Will Branstetter (25:12):

Do personally.

Brian Spin (25:14):

He won Top Analyst.

Will Branstetter (25:16):

I am self anointing myself as the top analyst because I got Yes. So sorry. PC

Taylor Self (25:22):

You got? Yes,

Will Branstetter (25:23):

I got Yes. Yeah, I stopped there. Alright. Brian hit us with the top storyline. Voice is cracking

Taylor Self (25:31):

Will. Looks like he’s going through puberty.

JR Howell (25:35):

He got really shook up by that last looks like.

Will Branstetter (25:37):

I’m really shook.

Taylor Self (25:38):

Alright, Jr. Looks like he winks in the mirror while brushing the scene.

Will Branstetter (25:44):

Is that Craig Hammond from C two? Holy Legend.

Brian Spin (25:48):

Alright, a couple updates on athletes competing on the team. So yesterday we talked about Matilda Garns. She withdrew sickness and possibly a shoulder injury. She is out there at Virginia Key North Point Park, so she is competing on Team Scandinavian. So she is back.

Taylor Self (26:05):

Wow. Back from her sickness and back from her shoulder

Brian Spin (26:07):

Injury. Yeah. So she’s recover. She’s going to give it a shot is what she said.

Will Branstetter (26:11):

What’s a Scandinavian?

Taylor Self (26:12):

Scandinavian Scandinavian scan? It’s a

Will Branstetter (26:15):

No. Scandinavian. Scandinavian scandal

Taylor Self (26:17):

Is Canadian because

Brian Spin (26:19):

You got Annika Greer. So the Scandinavian women and Annika Greer from Canada. So

Taylor Self (26:25):


Will Branstetter (26:26):

Is it actually scandalous Canadians

Brian Spin (26:29):

If you want to put it that way? Yeah,

Will Branstetter (26:30):

I’ll put it that way. Alright,

Brian Spin (26:31):

Wow. On the other side, Alex Carone, obviously he withdrew with a pec tear. Logan Ewing, a mayhem athlete, has stepped in for mayhem Outlaws. So a couple updates there for the team guys competing. My biggest takeaway or look forward to today on the team competition is how do the individual athletes who just went through the last two days, how are they going to turn around, run a 5K this morning and then finish the rest of the weekend? How much of an impact would that be?

Taylor Self (27:09):

I’m thinking less about the legs and the 5K. I’m thinking more about the gymnastic workout tonight where they have those a hundred overhead reps. To me that stands out a bit more. I’m not looking at the individual workouts. I’m thinking that my legs going into today are going to be very beat up. I know day one for individuals, Thursday seemed like a lot going in, but with the changes, I think realistically the upper body still probably took more of a hit than anything leg wise. I wouldn’t expect leg wise to be very sore going into day two.

JR Howell (27:38):

Yeah, like that. I was actually just thinking about someone in the individual field that just tells their team, Hey, all I’m doing is holding on the handstand. I’m just going to hold while you guys do. The wall walks. The strict and the kipping, it’s only 20 between three people. It’s only 40 between three people and it’s only 60 between three people. So realistically you could have someone just say they’re only going to do the static hold or rest, and then you have the other two just alternating back and forth. And on the double lenders, maybe one of them stays on for more reps.

Brian Spin (28:08):

Yeah, I know Patrick Vellner wasn’t exactly thrilled to turn around because those guys, especially on the podium, they had to stay around for a little bit. If you weren’t on the podium, a lot of them bailed. But if you’re out there until nine o’clock at night, two days of competition, then coming and getting up, getting out to some offsite competition where it sounds like a lot of people didn’t even know where the heck they’re going this morning. So yeah, get out there. You don’t know what you’re facing. Could be a little bit more of a challenge.

Taylor Self (28:33):

We know what that’s like. We were out there pretty late last night with him

Brian Spin (28:39):

Breaking news. Scott Pancheck is in

JR Howell (28:42):


Will Branstetter (28:43):

Yeah. Tell us which twin that is. Brian.

Brian Spin (28:45):

Ooh, that’s a tough one. That is a tough one. That looks like sax.

Taylor Self (28:49):

That looks like the one that’s Saxon starts with an S.

Brian Spin (28:51):

Yes, that’s Saxon.

Taylor Self (28:55):

I’m going to go with Sam Pan, whichever one that is.

Will Branstetter (29:01):

Yeah, I’m going with Saxon as well.

JR Howell (29:03):

Who’s he in for?

Will Branstetter (29:06):

That’s a great question. Who was on Saxon’s team? Scroll

Taylor Self (29:09):

Up a little

JR Howell (29:10):

And read the one. Roman and Roman and

Brian Spin (29:12):


JR Howell (29:13):

So maybe Roman’s out.

Taylor Self (29:15):

No, no, no, not that. Yeah, the plumber who fixes

Brian Spin (29:17):

His toilet.

Will Branstetter (29:19):

Taylor looks like the plumber. Who fixes your toilet? Spencer. And then drop a fat deuce in there afterwards.

Brian Spin (29:23):

Spencer. So Spencer is out, not Saxon.

JR Howell (29:26):

Spencer is out. I got

Brian Spin (29:28):

You. Got it. Winner.

Will Branstetter (29:29):

I could totally tell it was Spencer.

Brian Spin (29:33):

I liked Sam better, but

Will Branstetter (29:35):

So who was on their team that he’s replacing? My wife.

Brian Spin (29:38):

I have no idea.

Will Branstetter (29:39):

Anyone from the crowd I know, but who was on the team before?

Speaker 12 (29:47):

Who else is on the team? You freaking Irish Davis,

Will Branstetter (29:50):

Nick Matthew and Luke Parker. There’s someone in the crowd yelling at us. He’s about to rush to stage and kill me. Help security. Please help. I should probably shouldn’t say that.

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