TYR Wodaplooza Gameday // Friday // Shut Up & Scribble LIVE From MIAMI

Speaker 1 (00:10):

Oh, give me a break. Come on. How could you not pick Brent Bakowski to win this event? Are you kidding me? Don’t you remember 2021? Oh, what do you mean? I’ve literally learned this. I picked him to win. He did not pick Brent Kowski. You kidding me? You literally said Pat Downer. What do we need to watch the receipt back? You kidding? You kidding, dude, you’re in not hear yourself talking right now, dude. Oh my. These commentators are idiots too. Gosh, I know more about CrossFit than all these people. Have you not even paid a scare for the last five years? You don’t want to lose you. Look, cry baby

Will Branstetter (00:49):

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Sevan Matossian (01:36):

Guys, I am signing up for the open this year. I am so excited. I’m so scared, not scared, not excited, anxious, titillated up for the challenge. We’ll do the open together. I’m up for the challenge. I want you to be up for the challenge. I want to be a part of something that brings us all posted together. I want to do something that supports CrossFit. The CrossFit games, the group of us that’s out there that believes in personal accountability and personal responsibility. So that’s why I’m doing it. Three weeks are over. I’m going to be Hiated proud of myself. I’m going to think I’m the shit because I completed it. The affiliates that have the most participation pick me up from the dms. Hit Susa up and I’d love to have you guys on the show and do my part in helping support you guys and reward you guys for what you’re doing for your clients. See you on the leaderboard.

Taylor Self (02:36):

I started this training program because I love CrossFit and I want to share that with other people. At Sentinel, we give athletes both every day and competitive the most effective, unique, and fun training available. At Sentinel Training, we provide the most attentive coaching and descriptive workout notes available on any online training platform at lowest price. Our mission at Sentinel Training is preserve the methodology that Coach Glass was founded while continuing to innovate and create devastating fitness leading from the front. This is what it means to train

JR Howell (04:47):

Hour or of the day like yesterday, kind of rained all day long. That wasn’t even expected, but everyone looked like they stayed safe. No injuries. I do think the workout changes shuffled the leaderboards a little bit more than people would at first glance give ’em credit for. Maybe we can dig into that a little bit, but the big change, strict pull-ups, I think really cause some havoc out there. And the

Taylor Self (05:09):

Light and the light. Dumbo lighter dumbbell.

Will Branstetter (05:11):

Second biggest drama of the day is currently that our audio wasn’t on for the first three minutes of the show. I know it’s huge drama breaking news, barbell spin, get on it, cover the leaked audio, but to recap for everyone that’s not live, our massive live audience, day two of individual competition Tier WA Palooza with JR Taylor. We’re super excited for the show. We’re going to go ahead and get kicked off top storylines of the day. We’re going to welcome in Mr. Brian spin. Brian Spin. Welcome. Lemme give you this mic. Brian, how was your day one? It’s

JR Howell (05:50):

Fantastic. Very, very wet

Will Branstetter (05:52):

Though. Very wet, very wet, insanely wet. You missed

Taylor Self (05:54):

Our workout this morning. What were you doing?

Brian Spin (05:56):

Sleeping. Wow.

Taylor Self (05:57):

Sleeping. That’s whack. We had 40 people plus it was crazy.

Brian Spin (06:01):


Taylor Self (06:01):

Saw that Tyler did four cleaning jerks overall.

Will Branstetter (06:06):

Talking your mic.

Taylor Self (06:08):

I am talking in, dude, it’s quiet.

Will Branstetter (06:10):

Alright, Brian’s going to give us the top storylines. I don’t know if they’re from yesterday going to today. Hopefully a mix. Brian, what you got for us? Number one,

Brian Spin (06:17):

First one, there are three withdraws at least that I know of in the elite individual field. Matilda Garns on the women’s side, she was dealing with some sickness and so she decided to pull out and she’s hoping to still compete on team, team Scandinavian. So we’ll see if she gets back tomorrow.

Taylor Self (06:38):

Wow. Pull out games strong. What do you think about a team or an individual athlete? What do you think about an individual athlete withdrawing from competition to hopefully still compete in team? What does that I don’t get that.

Brian Spin (06:52):

I mean I don’t know how sick she really is, but

Taylor Self (06:54):

Sick. She said it was a shoulder yesterday. I thought

Brian Spin (06:56):

It’s both, but she’s been sick the last few days and so she decided to step out and try to come back.

Taylor Self (07:04):

Is she sick? Is it her shoulder? Come on.

Brian Spin (07:07):

Yeah, I don’t know but she’s out in individual so we won’t see. And then on the men’s side we have Alex Carone. He injured the same peck that he hurt at semifinals. So on the bar dips,

Taylor Self (07:21):

Do you think he injured it or he came in injured realized, oh I can’t do a bar dip.

Brian Spin (07:26):

No, it was my understanding he heard it again. It was at this event so it wasn’t like he had heard

JR Howell (07:31):

It before. Yeah, I mean that was the first announced individual event, so they’ve known the bar dips were going to be there. That didn’t change in that workout. So I mean I have to imagine that he’s had almost a month to see if he can do those.

Will Branstetter (07:45):

Everyone pour one out for Corona’s Peck. Oh

Taylor Self (07:48):

Wow. For the homies.

Will Branstetter (07:49):

For the homies. Pull

Taylor Self (07:50):

Out game strong number two.

Brian Spin (07:52):

Who else? And then the third athlete is Kevin. Jus again another sickness and just like Matilda, he’s ready to come back on Saturday,

Taylor Self (08:00):

Don’t know him, so cool. Storyline number two.

Brian Spin (08:03):

Number two, Roman Koff 13th place. I think a lot of this I think comes down to we have five events, 500 points and the weight of the lift, right? 20%. He took 18th place. He’s been trying to claw back up, but it’s a really tough one.

Taylor Self (08:26):

Do you know what he took on the three? Three, five and on Corpo.

Brian Spin (08:32):

So he took 16th on Corino and then he took seventh and ninth on the deja vu.

Taylor Self (08:40):

Man that’s, that’s a tough day one for somebody like Roman to take 16th in a fitness test, seventh and ninth also in a fitness test in an event where the top five is super deep and you would expect to be of his caliber, but beyond that it’s like I’m expecting those guys to beat him in a lot of workouts and he’s not. What do you think it is?

JR Howell (09:00):

Well, one thing I started to think about is last night on the Savon podcast they had James Sprague on. James said there seemed to be some inconsistencies with the error rowers that one round he got off 20 seconds ahead of the field and then one round he got off 20 seconds after almost everyone in the heat you saw Roman get off the rower late frequently and that’s just not something we would expect from him. So maybe either he’s dealing with something he’s not feeling great or he’s just kind of been the product of some bad luck.

Brian Spin (09:29):

Yeah, he is 55 points out of third place, so two scored events left. I think it’d be pretty tough to get back in that podium contention

JR Howell (09:38):

With only two events left. That’s a ton of ground to make up. You can’t imagine that that many people above him are going to bomb the next two.

Taylor Self (09:45):

You think he cracks the top 10?

Brian Spin (09:47):

Yes. This next one, the swim event should be very good for him and then it’s rope climbs again. He should be fine. So I think there’s some guys ahead of him. Unfortunately Colton, you got Austin Hatfield that are probably not the best swimmers and should make up some ground.

JR Howell (10:06):

Alright, next storyline,

Brian Spin (10:08):

The women’s race. We got a tight one. We got Gabby McGall, Emma Carey, Danielle, Brandon, Rebecca Sison and Ariel Lowen. Ariel’s a little further out than we had thought she might have going into this, but the top three are separated by 10 and a half points. So anybody’s game for the top spot, A little surprised by Rebecca Sison. Very, very good start to the week. Sure

Taylor Self (10:34):

She works with Andre Hu day. No shortcuts. No, just kidding. She’s with who? Don’t know him.

Brian Spin (10:42):

She’s with brute. Thank you

JR Howell (10:45):

Pedro. One thing to keep an eye on. Yesterday we had a cap or no cap that was the winner for both the male and the females would have a finish outside the top 10. Currently on the male side, all three in podium position already have a finish outside the top 10 on the female side though only one and we were saying more possible for the female side, we get

Taylor Self (11:05):

It. You were right. What was Ricky’s finish?

JR Howell (11:08):

I think he had a 14th. I’ll pull it up real quick. Wow. On the lift he’s currently in first and had a 13th on double or nothing.

Brian Spin (11:15):

That’s a good segue. So the last point is Ricky Gerard. So I caught up with him in Kotler yesterday after the lift he hit his 2 75 and he was pretty pumped about it and then forgot to do the overhead squats.

Taylor Self (11:31):


Brian Spin (11:31):

And so Kotler’s like what’d you do? I mean there were nine guys tied at 275 pounds. He and Vellner both had zero overhead squats, didn’t have enough time to get any. Ricky forgot to do any, I mean he lost upwards of 18 points by not doing an overhead squat.

JR Howell (11:48):

Yeah, that’s something we talked about yesterday, how the overhead squat would probably log jam some people and get some people higher, a lower on the leaderboard.

Taylor Self (11:55):

Big muscles, little brain. You got to be keeping your head on straight when you’re getting an event like that. Buddy, I’m sorry for getting into the overhead squats and stuff.

Brian Spin (12:02):

Yeah, so the men’s race you got Ricky Gerard, pat Vellner, Jack Farlow had a great deja vu yesterday and then Sam Quant with 237 points. So again, 18 points from first to fourth, so two events. It should be another good one and K Quant felt great after that. Deja vu.

JR Howell (12:21):

Yeah, and I mean you got Jack currently in third. I think he’s only going to climb. We have to assume that he’s going to do really well on the last workout. We saw what he did on the alpaca. It’s a little different workout but still got a lot of rope climb and grip as the limiter for a lot of people. So unless he’s not a great swimmer, I expect him to do well. I’m a

Brian Spin (12:40):

Little worried on this next one for Chuck. He’s not very good at the longer distance workouts.

Taylor Self (12:44):

I’ve been super impressed by Jack Farlow. I think that’s somebody who for a long time we talked about being incredibly having a high ceiling, a lot of strength, a lot of skill, but just the aerobic capacity, endurance, the ability to hurt seemingly not there sitting in third after those two workouts yesterday. That’s huge for him. So I don’t expect this next one to go terribly based off what he could do, especially in Corto yesterday with 60 bar facing burpees to, what was this finish? Well, 14th. We’ll

Brian Spin (13:16):


JR Howell (13:17):

Interesting. You talked about it being a longer workout. Do you consider this one a longer one? It’s a 20 minute cap, but I think the fastest times are going to be sub 15

Brian Spin (13:27):

Maybe. I

JR Howell (13:27):

Just don’t know. I don’t know enough about the swim distance to really say how long

Brian Spin (13:31):

It’s going to be. I just think with the mono structural, that’s just not his forte. I mean now if he comes out and he does great, I think it bodes well for him for this coming season. Maybe he’s kind of closed some of those gaps, but I don’t expect him to be top 10 in this event at all.

JR Howell (13:47):

So he’s definitely one to watch going into this.

Brian Spin (13:49):

And then just a quick update. Kakowski ISS in fifth watching it live yesterday, it looked like he hit his head on the second, the five minute amrap on the row because the rowers were so close to the stadium bleachers and then he kept on hitting his back so after he hit his head he did not seem the same and he rolled around on the ground afterwards he walked off. I had heard that he was taken off in a wheelchair to medical. I don’t know, he was struggling. I’ve not been able to catch up with him, but

Will Branstetter (14:20):

I think that’s fake news.

Taylor Self (14:23):

He’s in a wheelchair. Ren Bikowski is rolling onto the floor for that four. Oh my god. Hopefully Guy doesn’t have a concussion.

Brian Spin (14:31):

It’ll help with the swim

Taylor Self (14:32):

Targeting. Call on the fence at Waap Palooza.

Will Branstetter (14:36):

Alright, thank you Brian. That’s it. Who’s your picks? Who do you think’s going to win today?

Brian Spin (14:41):

I think Gabby’s going to keep it going. Win that one and Ricky I think is setting up stuff

Taylor Self (14:46):

For another one. I think Ricky is a lock for the top spot on the men’s side for sure. Surprised and impressed by Gabby as well. I see the last one potentially giving her issue with the rope climb. We know that’s historically for her it has been an issue, so we’ll see. But I don’t know that any other women outside of potentially Danielle or Emma are going to be able to climb.

Will Branstetter (15:06):

All right, Brian Spin. Thank you Appreci. Appreciate it. Give it up for Brian. Spin the legend. Bravo. Bravo. Alright, I believe we’re going into the infamous segment. We’re switching around today. We’re going to go into sussing or bus and we’re going to give some time to talk about the workouts today. We got two workouts today. The first one doesn’t take place until later this afternoon, so we have a pretty slow moving day in the morning. No elite action and so plenty of time to rest. We got the first workout is a wipe out. This is going to be on the new Bayfront stage. It’s suspended away floating in the water and then everyone will be able to watch from the shore. There’s palm trees going through the stands, so probably a quarter of the people won’t be able to see, but that’s sick. Wipe out 50 for men, 40 for women. Calorie, echo, bike, swim, it just says swim no distance. 150 beaded dubs swim, 500 meter assault run. That’s the first workout for the day. What do you guys think on that?

Taylor Self (16:11):

What kind of beads are they using? Will

Will Branstetter (16:13):

Undisclosed beads. Imagine for yourself,

Taylor Self (16:19):

What do you think about the swim distance Sha are the seam, like the workouts two and a half to three minutes max on the echo bike. Same with the 500 meter run. I would be shocked if anybody is over two and a half minutes on the 500 meter run the beat of dubs. Again, we’re looking at 90 seconds to two minutes. How long do you think those runs or those swims each are going to take? Do we think in a two minute on each side?

JR Howell (16:38):

Yeah, it’s interesting when you see a 20 minute time cap, you wonder is it just because we want to make sure everyone has to finish it regardless of how good or bad they are in the water. You say five minutes for the machines on either end, let’s just say two minutes in the middle, so that’s only seven minutes of that 20 minute cap. I would expect the swim to be substantial, right? So where the fastest times are probably going to be low teens to maybe 12 minutes,

Taylor Self (17:01):

200 meters potentially.

JR Howell (17:03):

I guess so. And I mean you’ve been here before. You’ve swam in the open water, you’ve done a mono structural only type workout with the row swim in the run. What’s the biggest obstacle in the water for these guys that maybe aren’t used to swimming in the ocean? I

Taylor Self (17:16):

Think the biggest thing is going to be the chop in the water. Being able to locate. So as you’re swimming or you’re performing your stroke, being able to pick your head up, see the point where you’re swimming to head back down and swim. I think typically when you’re swimming you want to have almost feel like you’re at a downward angle. Your hips are high in the water, your head is low, so you have more streamline. A lot of these guys are going to be swimming like doggy paddling with their head out of the water just so they can see where they’re going the whole time and it’s going to be super inefficient. So big thing is being able to locate, especially with the waves beyond that, keeping your goggles from getting fogged up. That’s kind of a little tip, a little trick. It’s not something that a lot of guys are going to be thinking about, but licking your goggles before you put ’em on helps

JR Howell (17:55):

When you got someone who’s a really good swimmer. So you take like a Brent Alki, a James spray, someone like that. If you’re going into this event, do you just want to be in the water before all the idiots that don’t know what they’re doing, they’re going to be climbing all over top of each other. So do you want to try to be a little bit more aggressive on the bike to just get out of that panic or do you like to try to pick off some people as you go? Do you find someone who, hey listen dude, we’re probably one two on this. Let’s stay together on the swim, help each other a little bit and then when we get off the swim, whoever’s in the lead on the run goes, you

Taylor Self (18:28):

100% want to be out in front if you’re confident in your swim abilities. I think one of the challenging pieces here in 2022 when we had the row swim, run workout, I’m not the best rower in the field. I think we had Jason Carone some of these huge guys. Sprague, I was actually rowing next to Sprague and so I was like, I’m just going to stay with him. I know he’s a good rower. I still got in the water eighth and trying to climb past people in the water with all the chop, these idiots reaching their hands out in every direction, grabbing ankles. You just don’t want to deal with any of that. You want to be out in front. You don’t want to get on the ramp and have to wait for people to get up ahead of you. So I expect the guys to have the most, the guys with the most confidence in the water, potentially Brent James Roman, maybe to be aggressive on the bike. That’s how I would approach

JR Howell (19:09):

It. Do you see this workout being something that whoever’s in the lead or maybe one, two coming out of the first swim are not going to relinquish it or do you think the beat to double unders are enough of a factor to where it may blow some guy’s shoulders and heart rate up to where they get back in the water for the second swim and they fall off?

Taylor Self (19:27):

I’m not confident to say that the first out of the water on the first swim is going to hold that spot, but I think once we get about 75 or halfway through those beta devil unders who’s in the lead at that point to me should be a lock for the rest of the workout. Barring anything substantial going wrong or anything we can’t expect. But I think if you’re in the lead halfway through the dubs, likely a lock for the rest of the workout.

Will Branstetter (19:50):

Heidi Krum, thanks for the dollar 99 donation. She’s requesting a different camera shot. Zoom back out for hog shot please. We’ll put it to the producers and see what they can do.

JR Howell (19:59):

Alright, so what do you think sussing or busting?

Taylor Self (20:01):

Oh that workout Busting. Busting.

JR Howell (20:04):

Yeah, I say busting as well. It’s a cool mono structural workout. I think the beat at Double Under is a simple change in twist that a lot of people probably aren’t doing in their training. They’re bind the beat the double unders to work on crossover double unders. They’re probably not doing normal double unders with them a lot. And then a lot of people don’t mix swimming with other mono structural things when they’re doing it in training.

Taylor Self (20:26):

I think the B two dubs are probably going to catch a lot of people off guard. I’d expect them to be like a regular double under and a track rope somewhere in the middle where you get a lot of wind resistance at the same time. I would not be surprised if we have some purple toes after this workout. People smacking the old Tono around with a Beed jump rope.

Will Branstetter (20:42):

All right, wipe outs Spring in purple toes. El Circo. This is one of the event we saw.

Taylor Self (20:48):

Purple Noles.

Will Branstetter (20:49):

Alright, purple Noper. Hello. Sorry you got random. Someone checked me out. Where’s medical? Alright, we’re moving to the second workout. We saw Taylor do this workout absolutely crushed it. L Circo buy-in of 90 foot kettlebell lunge in the mixed rack. That means one in the front rack, one overhead three rounds after the buy-in three or two rope climbs. The first one’s in the seated position. That means you’re on the floor sitting, you start out and then you can clamp your legs once you get high enough to do so. 18 toes to bar. So three rounds of those two movements and then a buyout with the same 90 foot kettlebell, a lunge in the mixed grip or rack position. What do we think, Taylor, after doing this workout? What are your thoughts?

Taylor Self (21:39):

I think the first thing thing that stands out to me is after I finished the workout, Hiller was saying that the kettlebells were irrelevant, that the lunge was irrelevant and I disagree. I think we are going to see a lot of guys putting the kettlebells down or failing even on the final lunge because it’s light enough to trick you into thinking you can go unbroken. There will be guys who can go unbroken, but the guys who can go unbroken are going to bait the other gentlemen into trying and these guys are not going to be able to do it. So I think one that back 90 foot kettlebell is challenging. Two, I think people who come out with unbroken sets on the first round of 18 to bar are not going to have a good result or outcome. It’s just so pointless to string the A team together when you could come off the bar, take a deep breath and get back up and that time is made up in your transitions by just jogging them. But what you’re doing by breaking the toes bar up is you’re delaying your muscular failure or muscle fatigue just a little bit. Just enough so to speak.

JR Howell (22:34):

Yeah, it’s a really interesting final day yesterday I would say we had a lot of classic CrossFit right with the intervals and then how the first workout was changed. Corte Dito that they did. It really just became kind of a sufferer fest today. All mono structural in the day. All muscle stamina. I couldn’t agree with you more. I think the kettlebells will be relevant. I think a lot of guys doing the handstand walk trying to be really aggressive. They have the 30 foot force kicked down, so they’re going to be starting the workout out pretty hot. Once they get into round three and they go from the last 90 foot handstand walk into the kettlebell lunge, I think it’s going to catch ’em off guard.

Taylor Self (23:12):

I think overall the workout is awesome. It’s going to be super fun to watch. Finishing any competition on a lunge that’s risky is super exciting. I think the big thing for me is what the segments are going to look like. Are they going 30 down, 30 back for three reps? Are they going 45? 45 at the games? We get to see people walk 90 feet unbroken in one shot and that’s really cool. So we’ll see how the action shakes out with three 30 foot segments potentially.

Will Branstetter (23:36):

What are you kind of thinking for winning time on this after doing it? Obviously we need to see how it’s set up, but whatever you looking for.

JR Howell (23:43):

Yeah, so this is going to come up in a later segment. When do cap or no cap?

Will Branstetter (23:47):

Should have read the notes.

JR Howell (23:47):

Huh? Talking about Taylor’s time, but I think the fastest times are going to be high eights. Taylor’s time was nine 14. I think that would be very competitive in this field. He did it not in a competition setting but training like he does all the time. Doing a lot in a short amount of time. Not a whole lot of warmup. No one else in the gym, no music. I think that’ll balance it out.

Taylor Self (24:09):


Will Branstetter (24:10):

Anything else on the workouts for today?

Taylor Self (24:13):

I think this final workout will come down to transition lengths. I think that’s something to look for.

Will Branstetter (24:19):

Alright, you guys are already preparing for in the comments. You guys are right. I’m quadruple boosted. Also Will looks like he collects marbles. Unironically will, looks like he wants to play the clarinet as a profession. Will would make a great dungeon. Master Will. Looks like he has a low tar Lord of the Rings marathon once a quarter. I wish that’s more like Tyler Watkins for sure. Alright, we’re going to move into, looks like, do we have this planned out? We got,

Taylor Self (24:49):


Will Branstetter (24:49):

Like we got six. We got looks like six

JR Howell (24:51):

Pieces. We’re trusting Taylor today. We’re

Taylor Self (24:52):

Bringing Peter on

Will Branstetter (24:53):

Who we need. We’re

Taylor Self (24:54):

Going to spice things up a little bit. Peter from

Will Branstetter (24:56):

Ireland. If you have a guy from Ireland on the stage, you can say whatever you want. Those are the rules. So we’re bringing ’em on. Looks like segment.

Taylor Self (25:05):

Alright, we’re going to start with me. We’re going to pass to Peter, then we’re going to go to jr. You guys ready day one baby? They don’t know what it is.

Will Branstetter (25:13):

Are we skipping so I don’t have to read it?

Taylor Self (25:15):

You don’t have to read it, bro.

Will Branstetter (25:16):

Let’s go. That means it’s really bad.

Taylor Self (25:21):

Alright, number one, Nikki Brazier. Looks like she sends back her first entree. Nothing. Let’s go baby.

Chase Ingraham (25:36):

Alex Gaan looks like the first girl to sign up for the boys wrestling team.

Will Branstetter (25:44):

A savage.

JR Howell (25:48):

Emily Rolf looks like the local farm animal vet that you go to for Ivermectin when your primary care physician won’t prescribe it for you.

Taylor Self (25:59):

Matt Fraser looks like the kid that sold candy out of his duffle bag in elementary school.

Chase Ingraham (26:13):

Romanov looks like an alien that bought a human suit to wear for Halloween. That’s great. My relationship with him is really good. So I’m glad I got read out loud. There’s been no intense awkward stares backstage

Will Branstetter (26:28):

Yet. You guys are friends, huh?

JR Howell (26:33):

I’m trying. Sam Quant. Looks like he found CrossFit on Rumspringa and never went back.

Taylor Self (26:42):

All right, that’s it for today.

Will Branstetter (26:43):

Awesome. Give it up for, looks like a dangerous segment.

JR Howell (26:49):

You guys had some good looks like put ’em in the comments. Send ’em to our shut up and scribble.

Taylor Self (26:54):

We’ll filter out the aggressive ones. So please be mean.

Will Branstetter (26:59):

You know us. Very good at filtering. Alright, so that means we’re going to move to Cap or no cap. Do we have caps? What? Tighter. Oh,

JR Howell (27:09):

Tighter. Right here. Right here. Right here.

Will Branstetter (27:10):

Well we did that last yesterday. Did we need to do it early? Oh, we’re going. We’re going Cap No cap with Peter. Peter’s trying to get off the stage for some reason. We’ll try to find out why that is afterwards. Alyssa says, read the Brooke Wells one again. You have to read that. You have to go back to the show yesterday and read it. Just kidding. I can read it for you.

Taylor Self (27:30):

Okay, we’ll bring it up. We’ll bring

Will Branstetter (27:32):

It up. Brooke Wells looks like the girl at a party that you ask where the bathroom is and she says, I have a boyfriend. We can bring that back every day.

Taylor Self (27:42):

Wait, what does that mean?

Will Branstetter (27:45):

Alright, cap or no caps. So how this game works, these three are going to have caps. We’ve got these new Sentinel training caps, things to vindicate for making these on short time notice for us to have. So basically I’m going to read a statement and these guys we’re going to count down. They’re going to put on the cap if we’re capping. So if they don’t think the statement’s going to be true, they’re going to put on the cap and they’ll give us the reason why. If they’re no capping, obviously they’re going to leave them off. So if I say we’re at Waap Palooza, no cap, we’re at Waap Palooza tier. Waap Palooza, sorry. And if I said that Roman Koff is going to win tier Waap Palooza, you would say Cap because he’s not, alright. Alright, so Cap, no cap number one. Taylor’s time on L. Circo will be top five compared to the field. And what was your time, Taylor?

Taylor Self (28:35):


Will Branstetter (28:35):

14. Nine 14. So we’re saying, is Taylor’s time going to be top five on L Circo? Which is the finale for today? Cap or no? Cap? 3, 2, 1. Taylor’s, Capin Peter’s. Capin Jr’s. No, Capin. Wow.

Taylor Self (28:50):

Fuck you. Sorry. Screw you, Peter.

Will Branstetter (28:53):

Wow. He just got censored. Jr why are you No, Kevin.

JR Howell (28:58):

Yeah, I mean, I know Taylor pretty well. I know his ability. I have a good feel for the competitive male field if this workout wasn’t so determined on knowing yourself. Muscular stamina, high volume hanging, high volume pulling, general upper body fatigue. I would say Cat for sure, but I’m confident in Taylor. I think he’s top five.

Will Branstetter (29:20):

I got to read this one real quick. Dildo says, will looks like he gargles saltwater before he gets in the shower because it makes his shower singing voice better. All right, Taylor, thanks.

JR Howell (29:33):


Will Branstetter (29:34):

That’s his name. I’m not saying that it’s his name in the comments. Two words. All right, Taylor, why are you capping?

Taylor Self (29:40):

I just thinking, are you a humble beast? I’m going to give you guys a humble manipulation of my words, but I think that generally speaking, being in a competitive environment and being able to race people, pushes you to a different degree, pushes you to a different gear and I’m, I dunno, I’m not that confident. I’m just having.

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