TSP NEWS – Let’s talk Bodies & Wisdom from Fluffy Duck and Wykie 3/01/24

Sevan Matossian (00:02):

What a day. Welcome. Welcome to What A Day. Welcome to the most reliable news source in the world. Let’s start off going back across an ocean or two to my homeboy Ky, with a bit of wisdom

Wykie (00:23):

And acknowledging that one great video that Andrew Hiller did. I’m not lining up to suck on anything, okay? I was just commending the man on making a great video, a great video. It’s a great thing to know. It’s just because you commend someone for doing one great thing, it doesn’t mean that you are now their best friend. It doesn’t mean that now you align with everything they say. It’s just a nice rule to live by and to know that if someone comments on something, like you’re allowed to comment on something that someone’s done. Even if you don’t agree with that person’s life or philosophy or any of that stuff, it’s okay to say good job, but silly. Thank you for the kind words.

Sevan Matossian (01:03):

I really, really appreciate this because I want to say the inverse of what Vicki’s saying. He’s saying, just because you say you like something someone does, doesn’t mean that you have to like them or you have to line up to blow ’em. But I also want to say the opposite. You can be critical of someone once and still say a thousand nice things about them. You guys know that I play around with the Lone Ranger Podcast, but there’s plenty of great stuff they do, and I don’t categorize someone because I’m frustrated with them or I’m poking at them. I don’t lump ’em into this. Everything they do is evil. It’s like, no, I’m not going to betray my own discernment just to placate some political ideology or I’m not interested in just Ram rotting someone into the ground with everything they do. If I disagree with it, I need to be true to myself. I appreciate Vicky saying that in that way, although I do think he has a secret love for Andrew Hiller. Andrew Hiller does the news and embarrasses this news station with his incredible production value, great pacing, dramatic presence. This was a very, very potent part of his news a couple days ago,

Andrew Hiller (02:18):

YouTube channel, but all he does is post about golf. Nate Edwardson said that the dark times of CrossFit are right. Now. Craig Ritchie’s down a thousand followers in the dark times. Talking to fitness is down a couple hundred followers in the dark times, but the CrossFit games team have gone up 50,000 subscribers. Now, you tell me the golden goose, the super beacon that is the CrossFit games happens in August. They put on 50,000 in August. How is it possible that they put on 50,000 in January during the dark times because they bought them, and this is why ESPN doesn’t recognize

Sevan Matossian (02:49):

Us. Incredible, incredible insights from Andrew Hiller, always worth listening to him. He is a student of the game, so fortunate to have it so that he keeps bringing these types of pieces. I loved his news. I’m jealous. He’s great. Coffee wads and pods. Continuing the success with around the whiteboard. Had a bunch of guests on the show, each person in their own way, bringing a certain quo, a certain nuance. Very three very interesting characters. The guy in the right Cooper is an agent. The guy in the middle is a world famous figure in the CrossFit space that maybe a lot of you don’t know because normally we don’t get to see his face, A CPT, A legend in his own right, and then also a guy who’s worn every single hat in front of the camera behind the camera. L one team coaches, affiliate owner. I mean, this guy has done it all. But if you don’t know how brilliant Rory McKernan is, you should watch this episode. He is just dropping bombs. Let’s listen to a little bit of what Rory’s got to say here.

Rory McKernan (03:58):

Yeah, I say decidedly no, there should not be a minimum work requirement. Basing my answer on the implications of the leaderboard, the purpose of the open and the rules of the programming. So first I think it’s crystal clear whether I get one rep or all 45 on your terrible example, I’ve got access to a higher level of skill and ability than a scaled athlete performs a higher volume of a less complicated task. So strength and CrossFit is productive application to force. This accounts for task accomplishments. So in other words, if I got a muscle up, you don’t on that,

Sevan Matossian (04:24):

Rory, taking shots at the host, my beloved Pedro White talking about the sport, also incorporating the methodology at the deepest level. Rory McKernan, I don’t know what his role is over at Mayhem. It’s something big, something huge. Rich scored with that. Check out that entire episode, some great stuff on there. Pedro continues to kill it with his around the whiteboard pieces. Furthermore, in the news, something from Danielle, Brandon. It just says Everyone loves a good story and it’s Danielle Brandon with a fancy hairdo and an oversized shirt. Walking, walking in a room. Let’s see what happens next.

Speaker 5 (05:20):

Okay, yeah, ready Video. Brandon Energy,

Sevan Matossian (05:43):

Antonio Green. Talk about saying more with less good cast of characters. We see our mom, that guy Coop from around the whiteboard. Of course, Dave Castro. This looks like it’s going to be Mr. Kotler. This looks like it is going to be something worth watching, so congratulations to Danielle. I’m guessing this is a documentary. It’s coming out soon. We saw D Pepper, fittest Man in America. Danielle is a multifaceted character who with a lot of intrigue, a lot of questions. She was on this show. She gave a very strong interview the first time I had her on the show about her history, so I’m curious if the documentary is going to cover that in a little more detail from the different voices who are part of her life, the golden barbell. This is a guy who’s putting in an application for the golden barbell, and this is posted at the CrossFit affiliates

Speaker 6 (06:40):

Every day is the heart and soul of slope every single day for sure. His unique perspective on spending time with folks, the way he sets up his classes, just the banter he has with clients. He makes people feel incredibly special, and he can do that while delivering an incredibly technical perspective on coaching and water it down so anybody and everybody can understand it. Sean is the heart and soul of our program always.

Sevan Matossian (07:10):

Did he say Sean? Because he must’ve meant Seon because he said the heart and soul, a unique perspective in giving people his undivided attention, and then it said, Sean, I think that they just dropped the v. I think that must’ve been Seon. If anyone’s a candidate for the golden barbell, it’s me, Seon Matossian and Andrew Hiller made a video showing Danny Spiegel working out. It says, Danny Spiegel athletics has been putting in the work this off season, clearly has listened to the pundits this off season and has cleared up her movement. What a great way to start. 2024. I can’t tell if that’s facetious or not. I suspect it is.


What an amazing specimen. What an amazing specimen. You can see that workout she does. You can see a portion of it at D-E-L-L-E Athletics. I think that’s her training Instagram account. I have no interest in whether she’s getting a full reps or not. I just can’t believe I’m part of the same. I don’t know. I’m made from the same DNA as that what an incredible physique and what will quickly turn into a body issue of the news. Tea Claire, to me saying some scary shit. Not scary to me. I’m not against her. She was on coffee pods and wads. She was extremely active in the interview. All smiles, brought tons of energy, not a single awkward moment. She brought her a game. Pedro brought his A game. Here we go at the 49 minute and 32nd mark. We’re going to give this quite a long Listen, at least 30 seconds. Listen carefully. People, the queen is back

Tea Claire (09:20):

After I’m satisfied with what I’ve done and I’m not satisfied with what I’ve done. Am I happy and proud? Of course, but I’m not satisfied yet. There’s more to do and now I’ve had a baby and I’m now also improving on things that I didn’t think I could improve on more. It’s crazy. The last couple of months I’m just like, holy shit. I’m tapping into something, a whole nother realm.

Sevan Matossian (09:49):

I’m tapping into a whole nother realm. I’m not satisfied. I’m proud. Ramping up 2024, the Tia Tomi show. It’s going to be something. I’m going to enjoy it. I’m going to thoroughly enjoy her just putting a world-class beat down on everyone. The body issue. I told you it’s the body issue. Let’s further. Let’s talk more about bodies. This is 24.1, which was performed today live at the CrossFit Games YouTube station. Dave Castor did a tremendous job announcing the workout. It’s a brilliant workout. I’m excited to do it. This is prior to the open workouts they put on a little exhibition. No one was going that hard. They were just doing, I don’t know what this was, squat cleans or something. Here we go. But listen to the commentary here.

Speaker 8 (10:50):


Speaker 9 (10:52):

How about Jeff Adler? He looks a little thicker than we’ve seen

Speaker 8 (10:56):

Him. We saw him yesterday and that was the first thing I noticed, and we talked to his coach and partner, Carolyn Lambay, and we asked him, is he bigger? And she said, yeah, he’s a little chunky, so I wouldn’t call that chunky. That guy is

Sevan Matossian (11:09):

Sean Woodland and Annie Sakamoto saying he looks big. Carolyn Lambright commenting on his body saying he looks a little chunky. Sean Woodland walking it back. I don’t think he looks chunky. We know what Adler looks like with his shirt off. He’s an action figure, but everyone loves the bodies. That’s why we go to the zoo to look at the giraffes long neck. It’s one of the coolest things about the CrossFit games that we get to see the human body performing at a crazy high level, all the muscles and sweat and stuff. Glistening 24.1, Andrew Hiller notices right away. He don’t put silly rules in place if you aren’t going to enforce them. Wasn’t Dave Castro also in attendance? Ouch. Now the entire world is going to have to be invalidated because this is the way they saw it on the live stream, and those who follow rules are going to be punished. I think that’s a little strong. I did hear that the athletes were dinged three seconds because of the way they started. Here’s the video from Andrew, so it says in the quickstart guide, start standing tall with your back to the dumbbell, and the guy demos it with his back to the dumbbell first,

Speaker 10 (12:33):

Complete 21 dumbbell snatches with one arm, 3, 2, 1

Sevan Matossian (12:38):

Juxtaposed with the athlete starting it, the great Adrian Bosman part of the senior team. That brings us to the game starting the event, and you see the athletes don’t have their back to the dumbbell. A minor, minor infraction. Rumor has that they were all given three seconds. That has not been confirmed. Andrew doing what Andrew does and making sure things are being done right. Speaking of bodies, holy cow, everyone, take a deep breath. Chandler Smith, what is he made of?

Speaker 11 (13:19):

Yeah, let’s go. Come on, Josh.

Speaker 10 (13:22):


Sevan Matossian (13:23):

Cliche is, man, he made a marble.

Speaker 10 (13:27):

The hard stuff.

Speaker 11 (13:31):

Good job, Chandler.

Speaker 10 (13:32):

Come time at 5 59. Come on. I believe that was the time we heard.

Speaker 11 (13:39):

Yeah, come on.

Speaker 10 (13:43):

Absolutely. Smashing

Sevan Matossian (13:54):

Walks off like very few of us will when we compete in, I don’t know if competes the word, perform 24.1, wisdom from the fluffy duck. You don’t expect it, but you could find wisdom everywhere. Fluffy Duck talks to us about how you’re supposed to eat protein powder,

Fluffy Duck (14:12):

Supposed to be shaking up your protein powder all the way. You’re not supposed to be dissolving it all the way. I’m telling you, I worked at GNC for six years and every single time we had a rep come in from BSN or Optum Nutrition, they would tell us, Hey, this protein powder, you’re not supposed to be shaking it and dissolving all the way. You’re supposed to be mixing a little bit of water, keeping it chunky so when you’re drinking it, it’s supposed to be chunky and when it goes down these chunks of protein that are still together, they’re finding, they’re going through your body and they’re finding your bicep, your tricep, your chest, and they’re sticking and they’re latching onto these muscles and that’s how they’re growing. This is how the muscles are growing. This is what Mr. Olympia like sea bum and stuff. This is what they’re doing to get these huge muscles. It’s not steroids. It’s not steroids. You’re not supposed to.

Sevan Matossian (14:59):

Fluffy duck advocating, slurping down chunky protein. I hope Vike sees that Emma Carey retires in order to commune with God. It’s a nice post, some Bible quotes that clearly influenced her in the direction that she would like to have her being pointed at after she won Waap Palooza this year. She said that she wasn’t, well, you can go back and see the interview. The best I can do is paraphrase it, but she wasn’t feeling fulfilled. Maybe even seemed a little guilty that she had her focus in the wrong place and she’s one of the greats, one of the most promising athletes in the space. Taking the year off, young lady performing at the highest level. Mal O’Brien did an interview with Talking Lead Fitness is the second one that we’ve seen in a week. She did it with Lauren Khalil. If you skip up to the 1248 spot, mal says something that resonated deeply with me. Here we go.

Lauren Khalil (16:16):

And sometimes I wouldn’t do it, but it was just like, even while I was doing that stuff, I couldn’t really ever enjoy it. My mind was literally thinking about what’s on my spreadsheet for tomorrow, what I’m doing the rest of the week, how I need to be in bed by eight 30 and it’s, I’m still out at eight type thing. It was just really hard to me in such a strict routine and stuff.

Sevan Matossian (16:43):

What I’m hearing there is Ma O’Brien is saying she was struggling to stay present and she was always concerned with the future, what her next workout was going to be, whether she was going to make it to bed in time, what she was going to do tomorrow. I can relate. As a child, I felt like school was like that for me. Sundays were completely ruined. I could never get settled on Sundays. I was always thinking about Monday. It was like that from kindergarten to my senior year. I think that’s the best. I think that’s a fabulous description she gave right there. You can see the whole interview over at Talking League Fitness. It’s called Ma O’Brien. Why? She’s sitting out discovering what makes her happy and serving in Hawaii, so she’s hitting the reset button. I think that’s a great insight into her situation and her current psychology and that my friend, is the news.

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