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Before we start the news, let me tell you the news. The news is that episodes one A and one B from the CrossFit games behind the scenes have been released. They are for free on the Avon podcast, YouTube station. Start the journey now. It is an epic, epic tale. 14 episodes. You want to check it out. And now let’s dig into the news. First off, Scott Schweitzer of Clydesdale Media, a place where I get a ton of my information before I do podcast. I always search his station to see if he or any of his colleagues have interviewed any of the people I’m going to have on. For instance, I had Denise Moore on this morning. It appears Scott, who is a staple in the CrossFit media space. He says, the last few days have been wild. I couldn’t breathe. I lost strength and energy. Went to family and doctors and was treated for a lung infection.


Symptoms started getting better than fell off a cliff. That’s scary. So I went to the ER on Saturday, diagnosed with A fib. I guess that I’m guessing that means his heart was doing something his ticker wasn’t beaten right, and early onset pneumonia transferred to local hospital where I currently sit in ICU Intensive Care unit waiting on cardiologist visit Sunday morning. So maybe it is his heart. Thank you everyone for the well wishes and prayers. If you want to drop some love on Mr. Schweitzer, go over to the Clydesdale Media Media on Instagram. I’m sure he’d appreciate the love. The next bit in the news is just sort of an update. What do you guys think? Do you think Ma O’Brien is going to do the CrossFit games this year? I suspect she’ll do the open. I suspect she’ll do it maybe because she wants to or maybe because she has contractual obligations. Her last chunk of posts have been from what appears to be Hawaii. Hawaii, and it looks like it’s just a pedaling of her wares, goad, mobility. First checking my daily goad. So I’m guessing, I think the way some of these sponsorships work, these collaborations as people call them, is you have to make a certain amount of posts. She’s filling her duties, getting paid, and she’s had a bunch of posts in Hawaii. I suspect Mal is not going to make a run for the games this year.


Wow. Guess who has a boyfriend? Happy birthday to my favorite person. Thank you for always taking care of me, especially carrying my bags and cleaning up when I spill. Being my first supporter and believer teaching me patience, having the biggest heart and always being so thoughtful, being the best travel and adventure buddy. I promise one day it’ll be less stressful to travel with me. Sarah Sigmund’s daughter says about this man, this hunk of a man she’s standing next to who’s taking the picture. She says, I promise one day it’ll be less stressful to travel with me loving food as much as I do. Never thought that would be even possible. Being so creative, inspiring me with what you create, especially your homemade office for the drone on the beach. And last but not least, introducing me to my kryptonite, Percy Pigs and crunchy Biscoff. May this next trip around the sun be the best one yet.


And it is this, I am Luke Braun. Now I say it’s her boyfriend. Maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s just her. I don’t know her film, dude. I don’t know. Maybe we got to get her on the podcast. We got to find out. But this dude does seem to have a fondness for similar activities as our beloved Sarah Sigmund’s daughter. He lifts weights, he drinks some trendy stuff that CrossFitters drinks. He walks, does handstand walks and crashes. So he appears to be legit. If it is her boyfriend, I definitely approve no pictures of her in his catalog of hunks. And so it’s almost like maybe something that they were keeping on the dl. I did. I was interviewing Sarah, I don’t know, a couple months ago, and there was clearly someone in the room. I was joking around with her about it in the private chat. We didn’t talk about it publicly, but I could tell by the way she was behaving or moving her eyes that someone was in there.


Wow. So this is going to be a fun one, a little off the direct CrossFit topic, but thin air sparks debate by asking passengers to voluntarily weigh themselves before being boarded. Finland’s National air carrier, where our beloved Miko Salo is from Fin Air announced this week that they would be asking passengers to voluntarily weigh themselves along with their luggage at the country’s main airport in Helsinki. The information collected will remain anonymous and will be used to assist with the airline’s total cargo calculations. Now you see there’s already a problem there, right? If you need it to assist with the airline’s total cargo calculations, then it probably shouldn’t be voluntary. Vener currently uses these estimates of people’s average weight to determine aircraft balance calculations definitely should not be voluntary. This information is essential to determine that the aircraft remains below the set, maximum weight required for a safe takeoff. Government authorities require Finnair to update these estimates every five years. How the fuck is this voluntary in an appearance on UK television show? Good Morning Britain model. Haley Hasselhoff, obese commented on finnair’s new system raising concerns that although it’s voluntary now, it might become compulsory. Compulsory. Further down the line, she noted that being weighed at the airport could be triggering. Who gives a fuck if it means we don’t die?


For some passengers, this might be triggering, especially for anyone with an eating disorder or in recovery from one or don’t give a shit. You can’t have an eating disorder if the plane crashes. I’ve had friends, she goes on to say, I’ve had friends go to airlines and not know that there was a disclaimer that they were going to be weighed. No one gives a shit. How is this even part of the conversation? You say, se show us this. Ms. Hasselhoff, David Hasselhoff’s whiny daughter, and she’s exactly what you would imagine. Thirst, trap, fatty.

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What makes me feel connected to, excuse me. Am I being making sure I have the right undergarments throughout the day? I know no matter what, I can conquer all you want to feel connected. Acceptance in your body. What makes me

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Feel connected? My being way the best she can. Look, I chose that because I thought she actually did look pretty good there. But if you go through her images, you’ll see that she reeks of a giant trigger warning and a poster child for fucking mental health. How anyone’s concerns about triggering someone else would determine the safety of an aircraft is beyond me. Sage, berger of the mayhem. Lifting squad writes, start telling every damnit. Start calling every woman in your life, sis, and your relationship with yourself and others drastically improves. So I started doing that today a little bit, sis, and I was reading stuff on Instagram and I was like, that bitch, that bitch. Then I switched it to that sis, that sis, and I was like, oh my sis. And it’s right. That actually does work. You want to be a nicer person. Just start calling every woman in your life, sis. And your relationship with yourself and others drastically improves. Dig it. Solid advice. Not only one of the best lifting coaches in the space, but now dropping bombs of wisdom.


More wisdom. If I was woke, this would be women’s week. I’d have to be like, oh my God, look at all these smart women in this space. Oh my God, but I’m not woke. And it’s just smart people. As of 1994, supplements became regulated like a food, not a drug. It says EC Synsky, the beloved CrossFit nutrition guru. So supplements don’t have to demonstrate purity or efficacy before going to market. They’re able to make claims that have not been validated in scientific literature or by a government agency. That’s an important little note from ec. That’s as of 1994, supplements became regulated like a food, not a drug.


Worth noting. Be smart, do your research. Finally, finally, finally, finally, one of the greatest athletes of our time, a regular on the show, wasn, an absolute beast. Hunter McIntyre love the guy, true influencer, a needle mover. He now holds the world record in high rocks for both individual and team. He is not a spring chicken, I want to say Hunter’s 34 and continues to just destroy. Look at his movement is just beautiful. Can’t wait to have him on the show again. Congratulations, hunter, for holding both world records. And I asked him about it today and he said, of course I hold both because I am not a pussy. And that is verbatim. I didn’t ask him if I could quote him, but I have. And finally, finally, the wait is over. Brooke Wells’ book is out, and you can be sure that there was a pro doing it.


It’s Christine Bald, I believe I’m pronouncing her name right. Christine Bald is the co-writer on the book. She wrote a couple of Ben Bergson’s books, including Chasing Excellence. She was a co-writer in that, and I believe she’s working on a book currently with Annie Thor’s daughter. And she either did write a book with Catherine’s David’s daughter, Catherine David’s daughter, or she is. And so she’s definitely the go-to choice. All the best people in the space are using her to help them with the writing. She was also, her most infamous project, I think is when she writes, excuse me, does the writing. And she takes over the Dave Castro Instagram account, and I think it’s her husband maybe who’s her personal photographer. No, no, no. I think I saw her. I think I met her husband at the games this year. He was a great guy. They’re a great couple. Anyway, hard worker, first and foremost. I admire the fuck out of her. She’s a hard worker. Anyway, Christine Bald and that is the news. The station’s blowing up so many great things on there. Look around everywhere. And I will see you guys tomorrow with more news. Byebye.

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