SMTP Cancelled, Dubai Programming, Michelle Letendre Programming Mainsite // Shut Up & Scribble

Taylor Self (00:02):

Wow, what’s up ladies

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And gentlemen? Up.

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So keep the political commentary to yourself or as someone once said, shut up and gribble.

Taylor Self (00:35):

So we’ve got some big news and that is that SMTP HQ has burned to the ground. It has been destroyed, it has been burned to ashes. Luckily though I bundled my home and business insurance with State Farm and thanks to Patrick Mitrovich, we are covered. So if you guys are located in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Georgia and are looking to save money on your home, personal or business insurance, email Patrick or go to


Yes, that’s right. We’re sponsored by State Farm. It’s sick. That’s also right. Self-made training program is no more tonight, it’s just me for now. We’re going to have a couple special guests coming on in a couple of seconds, but yeah, essentially, I guess we’ll start by wheel. I’ll start by briefly talking about my day yesterday morning. I woke up in the morning, I woke up at a nice crisp 4:30 AM to coach the five 30 class at our affiliate and I coached class and then it’s six 30. I have a 30 minute break before our next class. We have a 7:00 AM class. So I’m sitting in the front room, I’m about to take a nap or do a little scrolling and I open up Instagram and it goes, you have one message request. And I look at the request and it is a message from a gentleman who owns a very big company, a very successful company, and it said, do you have a legal team that represents you? I would like to send you a cease and desist. And I immediately shit myself.


Yeah, crazy day. So long story short, I was really pissed. I was fucking heated. Called all my friends, cried to my mom. The only guy I still train, actually a guy named Larry, he’s a extremely successful business owner, called him and he’s like, well send him the screenshots of the trademark documents that the guy had sent me. He sent me the trademark documents. He’s like, Hey, we have self-made, self-made training trademarked. So remove that shit. Sent this to him and he was like, well, the guy was actually pretty nice by reaching out to you. He could have sick to the dogs immediately, but he reached out to you personally. I actually asked the guy if he could get on the phone. We jumped on a phone call and he was super nice. We talked through it. I was like, Hey dude, I had no intention of stealing your business. We’re in the fitness realm together, but we’re in parallel universes.


We got one more guy showing up anyways, we’re in parallel universes where no one on my program or any of the money I’ve made on my program has taken away from this guy’s business for sure. But anyways, I explained that to him, told him, I was like, Hey, I used it because my last name is self, but thank you for reaching out. I’m going to rebrand. How much time can you give me? He’s like, I’m going to give you 30 days. That’s super nice. So we’re thinking about going with fuck nuts, fitness fuck fit. Can you talk? Are you muted?

Tyler Watkins (04:21):

Yeah, I mute myself. Jeanette’s making dinner, so I’m going to mute myself when I’m not talking.

Taylor Self (04:25):


Tyler Watkins (04:28):

We’re sponsored by State Farm. When did that happen?

Taylor Self (04:30):

Yes, this is, nope, this is starting this month sponsored by State Farm, Patrick Mitrovich. If your business burns to the ground and you’re with Patrick, you’re going to be good to go. SMTP is with Patrick. So luckily despite the brand reconstruction, we’re going to be just fine. Alright, so let’s get into it anyways. SMTP is no more. We actually put out, if you guys didn’t know this, if you help us with the name, we put out a post. If you help us with the name and if your idea is used in the new name, the new brand image, we’ll give you guys a free year of SMTP. I was thinking about a free lifetime membership, TBD on that, but definitely a free year. So have you got any ideas? Send it to self-made training program Instagram, although that’s going to change very soon. Or my personal dm. Alright, what’s up John? John Young. Tyler Watkins super stoked about this. And I’m going to start with,

Tyler Watkins (05:32):

Have we been 30 seconds into the show yet?

Taylor Self (05:35):

Yeah, you can swear we’re five minutes. Yeah,

Tyler Watkins (05:36):

I’m fucked. I texted you outside of this, I was like, I’m screwed on these topics, but I’m going to do my best. Actually, I read the article on the way home. Which article? The Greg Glassman article, the old journal. Which one? The one you sent. Is there a different one? I’m going to be so

Taylor Self (05:53):

Mad at you. A DI sent a few. Don’t worry about it. Anyways, we’re going to start with this one. This is cool as shit. This article journal article is called, the title of this article is and we’re going to start with the workout that they have posted to start. First off note, it’s not workout of the day, it’s routine of the day, which I think is just so cool. Greg, obviously with the gymnastics background, this is from February 19th, 2001 and the workout is just so, and we’re going to get into why this workout and the way it’s written and everything about it is so important. So workout is row 4,000 meters at a two minute 500 meter pace within the next 16 minute window. Hang clean 50% of your body weight 21 times. And we’re going to work on the assumption that this hang clean is a hang squawk, clean rest the remainder of that time.


After you finished your 21 squawk Clean, then hang squawk, clean row, 2000 meters at a two minute 500 meter pace within the next eight minutes. Hang clean to 50% of your body weight, 18 times rest of the remainder row, 1000 meters at a two minute 500 meter pace. Within the next four minute window. Hang clean 50% of your body weight, 15 times row, 500 meters at a two minute pace within the next two minutes. Hang clean 12 times. So first off, 23 years ago, 21, 18, 15, 12. Super cool. 7,500 meters of rowing. Insane. But what I think is so awesome about this workout is a two minute 4K takes you 16 minutes and you add that next 16 minutes and you’re now at 32 minutes and you go to your 2K row. A two minute, 2K takes eight minutes. Now you’re at 40 minutes. You add that next eight minute window, you’re at 48 minutes and you go to your one K, you’ve got a four minute one K. Now you’re at 52 minutes. You add that next four minutes, you’re at 56 minutes. Now you go to your 500 meter row at a two minute pace and you’re at 58 minutes. And then within the last two minutes you hit your last set of Hank cleans and you’re at one hour on the dot. I just thought that was really cool.



Tyler Watkins (08:03):

The Hank cleans. So why are you assuming it’s squat?

Taylor Self (08:06):

Because it just

John Young (08:07):

Says clean. It doesn’t say

Taylor Self (08:08):

Power clean. Yeah, exactly. It just says clean the early days school rules. I forgot. Well, in the early days, like Elizabeth for example, ring dips and cleans, those were squat cleans.

John Young (08:18):

Well, I mean in Olympic lifting, if it doesn’t say power, it’s squat. Exactly. Everything is assumed squat. It has to say power.

Tyler Watkins (08:27):

When did that change? Because I remember that being the rule and then

John Young (08:30):

It’s always been in the Olympic lifting world in Olympic.

Tyler Watkins (08:33):

I know, but when did it change in CrossFit? Because it used to always be that way and then it just stopped being that way.

Taylor Self (08:39):

I think now it is. If it just says snatch or clean, it’s however you want. And if it distinguishes, then obviously you have to move in that variation. I’m good with that. Do

John Young (08:51):

You have that in your programming, Taylor? Like when you program just snatch your it’s how you want.

Taylor Self (08:56):

Exactly. And then if I wanted a squat or a power, I’ll distinguish. I try to write with the vernacular that CrossFit uses in their standards, all of that, just so that there’s some uniformity of training. People have already an idea of what that looks like. I don’t try to do things differently.

Tyler Watkins (09:16):

Lemme tell you, Taylor’s rules when it comes to writing are ridiculous.

John Young (09:21):

Well, that’s why it’s interesting. That’s how you want my coach says he’ll say power. Everything is a squat unless it says power. And I just assumed Taylor would be the same with that. That’s why it’s intriguing. I like the uniformity though.

Taylor Self (09:42):

So this article called, the first paragraph, I’m just going to go ahead and read this. On November 15th, 1999, astronomers sent a powerful radio transmission toward a star cluster 25,000 light years away in hopes of someday communicating with extra terrestrial intelligence if lucky a response could come back in 50,000 years. On February 10th, 2001, Lauren and I first published our simple, distinctive workouts on the internet in hopes of someday communicating with intelligent life in the fitness world. This experiment has proven to be a stunning success with a comparatively rapid return and it gave birth to a community that is revolutionizing fitness and training. I’m going to scroll down. First off, if that doesn’t give you chills and you love CrossFit, you fucking suck. Second

Tyler Watkins (10:36):

Off, I’m just a fucking jerk. I start trying to make fun of it. Our goal was to reach intelligent life with our programming and then my brain says, and it’s yet to have happened. Oh,

Taylor Self (10:49):

Oh my gosh. It’s amazing that it all started with the website and the entire website was a workout of the day. And Greg’s main goal of the workout of the day was to create devastating fitness. But more importantly, he had to reach people who had never seen his program, who had never thought of his program, who were doing something entirely different. But when they saw it, they had to want to do it. And after they did it, they had to say, holy shit, that was crazy. I want to do it again. So in essence, we look at today and where is this part? Everything that has followed, everything that has followed facilities, the journal seminar, certifications, website videos, DVDs, the store, t-shirts, the blog format, affiliate programs, message boards, et cetera, everything that followed the initial spark of the programming concept, the initial spark was the programming concept has been a direct response to the repeated demands, requests, and pleadings of the people who do CrossFit. I just think it’s super cool that it all started with a workout of the day and it had to be elegant, it had to be simple, it had to have people saying, holy shit, that looks crazy. I want to try it. Or Oh my gosh, that looks fun. I want to try it. Or, wow, that looks challenging. I want to try it. And if it wasn’t appetizing and if it wasn’t elegant and if it didn’t elicit devastating fitness adaptations, it wasn’t going to work. And clearly it fucking worked.

Tyler Watkins (12:26):

Can I pause and psychoanalyze Greg a little bit on this?

Taylor Self (12:30):

I’ll shut up a little bit.

Tyler Watkins (12:31):

Do you feel like he had, so you’re sitting there, it’s November 15th, 1999, and you’re sitting in front of a bunch of people that you need to coach and you’re like, you’re feeling the obligation that you have to make something an hour long. CrossFit’s not been around yet. We don’t know that It’s okay to work out for 15 minutes. That

Taylor Self (12:52):

Wasn’t the first workout he posted. That

Tyler Watkins (12:54):

Was, that wasn’t,

Taylor Self (12:55):

No. You want to know the first one? Yeah. First ever workout on main site workout is called Fast and heavy. 21 thrusters with two dumbbells, 400 meter run, 18 thrusters with two dumbbells, 400 meter run, 15 thrusters with two dumbbells, 400 meter run record your time, body weight and the load you used for the dumbbells. And your score is going to be the percentage of body weight that you performed with the thrusters and your overall time fast and heavy. That is a workout today that if you followed the notes and you picked a weight that would challenge you to go unbroken and you went as fast as you could, that workout would fuck you up 23 years later. How crazy is that? Do you love?

John Young (13:40):


Taylor Self (13:41):

I would do seventies and it would fuck me up.

John Young (13:44):

Yeah, I mean I think I would try to do the math on it to see how much faster I’d be with fifties, but seventies would be the heaviest I would go.

Taylor Self (13:52):

You could go unbroken with seventies.

John Young (13:54):

No, I agree. But how that would affect

Taylor Self (13:56):

It would affect everything.

John Young (13:58):

That’s what I’m saying. I would probably do the math and see if I would’ve been that much faster with fifties. You know what I’m saying? I think you could crush this speed-wise with fifties and seventies might hurt me enough not to crush it. I’d probably try to do the math on that, but yeah, no, no, no. If you went hard on it, yeah, it would hurt a lot. What’s crazy, I programmed 30 clusters for time with 1 55. Oh, that’s beautiful yesterday. Love it. Because a couple people at my gym saw the first documentary CrossFit documentary for the first time and they were talking about it and I was like, yeah, you won’t believe how fast Khalifa was on that. And nobody ever sees that. But if you go look at the leaderboard, he is like two minutes faster than everybody. And it still, and I did it as hard as I could and it was really hard. I didn’t expect it to be hard at all, but it was

Taylor Self (15:01):

Mess you up.

John Young (15:03):

Yeah, I mean I was down for the count after. If you give it your all and I mean that’s a games work out, but it’s 15 years later.

Taylor Self (15:13):

Yeah. Crazy. Alright, one more article and then I’ll shut the hell up about this. For CrossFitters Fitness is part of a distinctly human enterprise conscious and deliberate self-actualization being very deliberately all we can be. That gives me chills too.

John Young (15:33):

I think you just like the wording in these articles, they amp you up.

Taylor Self (15:37):

They’re beautiful. He was such a genius. Like just insanity. Gosh,

Tyler Watkins (15:46):

Reading through this.

John Young (15:47):

Have you met Glassman?

Taylor Self (15:48):

No, I have not.

Tyler Watkins (15:50):

You didn’t meet him at the games?

Taylor Self (15:52):

No, I didn’t have time.

Tyler Watkins (15:54):

Oh yeah.

Taylor Self (15:55):

Physical movement, overcoming obstacles and exercising the will is required of life and is the very essence of being human. We believe that purpose is not bestowed upon us, but created by the very act of turning thoughts and dreams into physical events in a continuous chain of efforts. The value and the cost of achievement are paradoxically contained within the struggle and nobility of the endeavor. And it is noble struggle that leads to purpose. Holy fuck dude. This is just, I mean, come on. Hold

Tyler Watkins (16:24):

Up real quick before you move on. So this article, why Fitness? Everybody should go read it. He talks about longevity. The scientist, Dr. Walford, passed away and his study was based on, on longevity. But then I guess

Taylor Self (16:42):

Specifically, hold on.

Tyler Watkins (16:44):

Go ahead.

Taylor Self (16:45):

Specifically in terms of longevity and extending your lifespan by caloric restriction, which I actually think there’s a bit of research to support. So if you’re super fat, that’s kind of, that’s why CrossFit is like the cure to the world’s most vexing problem. Anyways, continue,

Tyler Watkins (17:03):

Right? So anyway, Greg poses the question, why would we want to live life longer when it’s basically shit for the last 70 years if you live to 150 and you just live in a nursing home, and so fitting more life into the life you have as opposed to extending just another long, shitty life. And so if you scroll down to the bottom on the left, the left column, he lists all these things that if you’re an athlete, they notice these things are better in you than non-athletic populations, more extroverted, stronger achievements needed, stronger simulation needed, more aggressive, blah, blah, blah, blah. Now there is a question there, do sports or do athletics choose for those types of people? Or do they build those type of people?

Taylor Self (17:53):

It’s the impact of character on character of athletic training has even caught the attention of academics. It says, while scientists debate, do physical training build these traits or do these traits lend themselves to athletic development? Meaning are you a person who consists of these traits and is it easier for you to become athletic? Or does you training to be athletic, develop these? I think likely training yourself to develop these

John Young (18:21):

More than, can it not be both?

Taylor Self (18:22):

It could be both. But I used to be a fat, miserable fuck, and I had none of those traits. And I would say M especially very aggressive.

Tyler Watkins (18:33):

I have an anecdote with this in that I was actually speaking with a coworker I think on Wednesday or last week, and she used to be a swimmer in high school and she said she used to be a lot more outgoing and a lot more personable and all that stuff. And she’s kind of an introvert now. She doesn’t really talk to people. She kind of does her own stuff. I like her, but she doesn’t do anything athletic anymore. And so when I read this, it made me think of her and being like, oh, I’m wondering if those tendencies are just sort of dying out in you because don’t have to strain yourself anymore. So anecdote, but nonetheless, dude, your

Taylor Self (19:07):

Webcam looks really good. It looks really sharp.

Tyler Watkins (19:11):

Mine. Yeah,

John Young (19:12):

His always does. And mine always, no, I can’t fix it.

Taylor Self (19:16):

I just bought a new one I just bought. You might have to get a different kind of webcam. I just bought one. I don’t know. Is mine in the middle? Somewhere in the middle. Tyler, of you guys it says 10 P, whatever. Okay, so we’re going to move on to Dubai programming. We brought in expert analyst, John Young, he’s going to help us dissect this first before we start one to 10. John, overall Dubai programming. I can’t give a rating yet. Now

John Young (19:39):

I have a question for you before we rate it. Okay. And we’ll get into it. But if the time caps were appropriate and you could change the order of events, would that affect how you thought of the programming? Because for me, that answer is tenfold. You understand what I’m saying? I

Taylor Self (20:06):

Understand what you’re saying. You change the event in total. I can’t answer that question because the time caps weren’t different. And order

John Young (20:14):

The scoring, scoring all No, no, no. But the scoring would be way different. You’d have times for, there wouldn’t be the tie breaks. I mean I would be interested, Tyler, if we could get an actual ranking system all the way through for those two events. I think it was two events where there were a bunch of ties and it was meaningless. If that affected the leaderboard, if the time caps were appropriate,

Tyler Watkins (20:36):

Hundred percent would affect the leaderboard.

Taylor Self (20:39):

Alright, so listen, full disclosure, I didn’t watch any of it because the streaming sucked ball. So John Young’s taking the lead on this and after he analyzes and we go over these workouts one by one by one, and he tells me how they played Al,

John Young (20:50):

You can give you a rating after that.

Taylor Self (20:51):

I’m going to give my rating after that. Okay. You got to give your rating to

John Young (20:54):

Start. Yeah. Okay. So I will say if the time caps were appropriate and I could change the order of the events that they were, I would give it like an eight out of 10. I really would. Because if you take these events, and I’m sure you will, you nerd out in the programming way harder than I do. But if you take the events by themselves, just this one event by itself, there were a lot of events that I thought were pretty awesome, but you can’t do a hundred thrusters in the 60 front squats and then bike sprint. You can’t do that. So that made all the events suck because they’re in the, and you can’t have an exit. Okay, we’ll go event by event. Okay, but how it happened, how it came to be three out of 10. Oh,

Taylor Self (21:46):

That’s tough. All right, cool. Hey, I’m with it. You heard it here first. Three out of 10 going through one by one event, one obstacle course race. From what I know about it, the only two things that I disliked about it were the colors of the obstacles. I thought they were super stupid. Red and yellow is dumb. Ronald McDonald has no place to cross. I

John Young (22:04):

Don’t care about

Taylor Self (22:04):

Pink colors. And then also, I don’t like events where it’s one person at a time in that race format. If it’s a lift, that’s one thing, but if they’re running as fast as they can, I want ’em to run against each other.

John Young (22:16):

Thoughts? Yeah. I don’t mind the time trial type of event. I wish we would do this with cycling one day because time trials in the Port of France are awesome. That doesn’t bother me. I think that’s a personal preference, but I really wish there was running on the front end and the back end. And we talk about this with spin. If there was an 800 meter before the obstacle course and then the obstacle course took five minutes to do because it was a big obstacle course, it was five minutes and then there was an 800 meter on that after it. That’s an event. This obstacle race, just it by itself, just who can play in the monkey bars the best. I don’t mind it, but I don’t care for it. Yeah.

Taylor Self (22:58):

Yeah, I agree. It’s too small of a competition to give a hundred points to just, was there anything long?

Tyler Watkins (23:05):

Can you not argue it from a fitness perspective?

Taylor Self (23:07):

You can, but was there anything long in

John Young (23:09):

Du? There wasn’t. And I think that was one of the biggest mistakes they’ve had because their endurance event is usually awesome. It’s usually the best thing about their competition is their endurance event is so fun to watch or think about or talk about. We don’t have an equivalent to, Hey, let’s run the tallest building in the world up the stairs. No, we can’t just, I know what that feels like. You don’t. You know what I mean? And there was none of that this year,

Tyler Watkins (23:37):

But it not being a long event doesn’t make it bad. It wasn’t supposed to be a long event. So because there’s not a long event, you guys are judging it on that criteria. I just don’t think that’s fair.

Taylor Self (23:51):

Within the context of the competition and eight events, there should have been a long event. This was the perfect one to make it long. Even if it’s one mile run, even if it’s one mile run obstacle course, one mile run, then you’ve got a 19 minute potentially workout that’s fucking beautiful. But is what it’s

Tyler Watkins (24:09):

Okay. What if there were, I know we’re playing what ifs again, but what if there were a long event besides this one? This one was still,

John Young (24:16):

Well, we get a four out of 10.

Taylor Self (24:18):

Well there, well, there’s not one. So we’re moving on. Okay,

John Young (24:22):

We’re just talking about the events right now and then we’ll get to what we think about the whole thing after

Taylor Self (24:27):

Full weightlifting competition. It’s pretty

John Young (24:29):

Self explanatory, man.

Taylor Self (24:32):

It’s like an Olympic weightlifting meet. I kind of like this.

John Young (24:36):

Yeah, I mean it’s your weightlifting event. Nothing more, nothing less to it.

Taylor Self (24:42):

I don’t like that Everyone is continuing to just say, Ooh, one RMM snatch one. I’m clean and jerk. But I think at least it’s cool that they did it in the Olympic weightlifting style. True Olympic weightlifting style. I like that.

John Young (24:54):

I agree.

Taylor Self (24:55):

I don’t like that. We just saw it tested at the game. So potentially we already know who’s going to win here. Where’s the suspense? I think another key thing is each workout should have an element of suspense to it.

John Young (25:08):

Well, they didn’t cover it. What do you mean suspense? This event they didn’t cover. They’re watching Brian friend’s Instagram and it’s just not fun. No offense. Brian,

Taylor Self (25:18):

Shout out Brian. Fran, if you want any coverage of this, you got to go to his shit. They didn’t do any

John Young (25:22):

Of it. He covered all of it the whole time.

Taylor Self (25:24):

Oh, oh, spin. It was not true. Olympic weight lifting style. All right, bro. Semantics. Semantic semantics. Dude, close enough. They got two, three attempts at each. He

John Young (25:33):

Just means there’s three attempts of a snatch and three attempts at a clean and dirt. I understand.

Tyler Watkins (25:39):

What do you mean suspense? Yeah. Elaborate

Taylor Self (25:42):

On that. Who the fuck’s going to win this? We don’t know. Okay. We know Bron is going to win this.

John Young (25:48):

I’ll tell you if it was a true Olympic style event, I think it would be more suspenseful. But we talked about the before and you’re not a big fan of that. Right? Where you claim your number and then,

Taylor Self (25:59):

Hold on. This is crazy. They only did one lift.

John Young (26:04):

That’s not what it says on their thing.

Taylor Self (26:06):

They only had one minute to lift the same weight three times. Hold on, let’s read this. If you hit the lift on attempt one, nine points. If you hit the lift on attempt two six points. If you hit the lift on attempt three

John Young (26:21):

Points, that’s retarded.

Taylor Self (26:22):


Tyler Watkins (26:23):

Max dumb.

Taylor Self (26:25):

Thank you, chase. This is the, so first off, I just want to highlight a massive challenge from Dubai. It’s that the coverage is terrible and you’re trying to grow the sport with terrible coverage. What are you doing? So the fact that we are sitting here thinking that it’s like an Olympic weightlifting true style and then have to be told by Chase in the comments, no one can watch this crap.

John Young (26:49):

And I didn’t watch this event because it wasn’t on YouTube. There was nowhere to

Taylor Self (26:56):

So short obstacle course on Ronald McDonald playground implements. And one person could run at a time. One, wait, you get to attempt in a minute. Come on. Nope. That’s another miss. Next. This is challenging. The jr’s not here because he can’t give. I’m basically just going to be a dick for the show. This event

John Young (27:18):

Would’ve been good. This event would’ve been good. The mess up the time cap on this event, especially for the women. But the men, only four people finished two. Was

Taylor Self (27:26):

It a cut rope?

John Young (27:30):

It didn’t look like that from

Taylor Self (27:30):

YouTube. It said legless short rope climb.

John Young (27:33):

Yeah. Yeah. It looked just like a legless rope climb on YouTube

Tyler Watkins (27:37):

Chase. It was only, I think like three pulls per athlete. They were all jumping up. Done.

John Young (27:44):

Oh, maybe it means the rope is short. It’s a 12 foot instead of a 15 foot

Taylor Self (27:48):

Chase already said it was so terrible. We got to cruise through this. I want to go over to michelle’s dot com. Okay, so time tap. Chase said

John Young (27:54):

Three out of 10, man, what do you want from

Taylor Self (27:56):

Three out of 10? That’s pretty bad.

John Young (27:59):

I liked this event. You said three

Taylor Self (28:00):

Out of 10. Overall so bad.

Tyler Watkins (28:03):

I liked this event. I agree with John. It was too short of a time cap. It should have been two minutes longer and that’s it. It would’ve been a really cool workout besides

Taylor Self (28:12):

That. Yeah. Changed it 10 fucking times. Okay, a hundred thrusters. What’s the next event? Oh, 25 toes to bar. 16 calorie echo bike. Max front squats at 2 0 5. First off, super cool workout. If I’m the immo company and I know that my workout’s coming after a hundred thrusters, I’m raising fucking hell. And I’m saying, you’re taking my name off of the workout.

John Young (28:35):

No, I love this event by itself. And to see that some people couldn’t make it through the toes to bar. And then there were some people who couldn’t make it through the bike. And then there were some people who didn’t get through all of the front squats. And then you had the people that got a time. That’s so awesome that there are designated sections throughout the field, depending on your ability.

Taylor Self (28:58):

So Travis said their goal isn’t to grow CrossFit, it’s about bringing the sport over there. Right? But if they want to bring the sport to Dubai, booty ass programming isn’t the way to do it. And in a venue where no one comes to watch you, bro. Anyways,

John Young (29:13):

The worst thing about this event is that it followed event three.

Taylor Self (29:16):


John Young (29:16):

This event by itself is great.

Taylor Self (29:20):

Terrible. Terrible. Okay, next elimination.

John Young (29:27):

I really like this event too, but it follows the last two

Taylor Self (29:31):

Events. A hundred thrusters, 60 front squats at 2 0 5. An echo bike. Guess what you’re doing, bro? Bike sprints. What

John Young (29:39):

The fuck? Yeah. I will say the coverage for this event was very good. They zoomed in on people’s bike S so you could see what pace they were holding on the cows per hour. So that was nice. We usually don’t get to see that. I don’t mind the event at all. I thought this should have been the last event I thought it would make for a really good race. Wait, who’s Andy Murray.

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