CrossFit Semifinal Fluffer: Week 4. 

Find out what happens when we enter the danger zone in week 4.

June 10-12

CrossFit Atlas Games: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Oh Ca-Na-Da, you beautiful beacon of hope. Is there a better way to finish up the four-week slog of Semifinals, than by watching Pat Vellner compete in in his native country? Last year’s second fittest man on earth will be looking to finalize his spot at this year’s CrossFit Games against the likes of Alexandre Caron (24th at Games), Jeffrey Adler (13th at Games), and Alex Vigneault (8th at Games). No walk in the park and certainly not the hardest place to qualify.

More compelling yet might be watching the young savage, Emma Lawson, take down a list of competitors on the female side. Names like Caroline Conners (33rd at Games) and Carolyne Prevost (27th at Games and 1st at Atlas Games last year). The 2021 Fittest Teen on Earth looks to be following a similar path set by Mal O’Brian a year ago. And like Mal, Emma is part of the hard charging new wave of CrossFitters that have recently strong armed the sport, sending their geriatric peers into the rec league, also known as the Age-Group division.

CrossFit Strength in Depth: London, England.

The Women’s comp at Strength in Depth is a must watch. The eternal Sam Briggs (21st at Games) will be up against a murder’s row of competition including Thuridur Erla Helgadottir (13th at Games), Emma Tall (19th at Games), Emma McQuaid (12th at Games), Jacqueline Dahlstrom (17th at Games), and the two-times Fittest Woman on Earth, Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir (10th at Games). 

Katrin has made major changes this past year, moving back home to Iceland where she has enjoyed a new gym, coaches, and training partners. Will these make up the necessary elements of a comeback year? Or has the tide shifted, making way for a new crop of hungry athletes with more to prove?

The men’s field certainly does not have the depth (no pun intended). Jonne Koski (6th at Games) is up against the likes of Willy Georges and a relatively docile field. Georges placed 21st at the Games back in 2019, and it will be interesting to see if he will return to form this season.

CrossFit Copa Sur: Enseada Do Sua, Vitoria, Brazil.

Guilherme Malheiros, the 7th Fittest Man on Earth last year, will be the biggest name competing in Brazil. Guilherme has been training under the watchful eye of the Mayhem Empire, which can only mean one thing. Haley Adams has tested his will to live more times than Sevan has interrupted a guest in mid-sentence.

-Dan Straub