Official Rogue Invitational Day 4 | Pre show

Mattew Souza (00:00):

Goodness. Goodness. It is early here on the West coast. 6:30 AM Pedro’s locked away in some PPE hotel pill here. I think you got a pot of coffee brewing behind him and

Bill Grundler (00:15):

Caleb at the menu. Good morning gentlemen,

@coffeepodsnwods (00:17):

Sir. Good morning. Oh my. What did you guys get so

Mattew Souza (00:21):

Quick? What was your costume? What’s that?

Bill Grundler (00:25):

What was your costume?

Mattew Souza (00:26):

Oh, for the very privileged few that fall. My wife on Instagram got a shot today, but I went out to a Halloween party. Well, a Halloween gathering I should say. That was Dick in a Box.

Bill Grundler (00:39):

Oh, that’s cool.

@coffeepodsnwods (00:40):

That’s a good one.

Mattew Souza (00:43):

Cut a hole in the box. He even had the gold chain on, which was amazing. That was so good. The goatee. No. Yeah, so good. I was the Justin Timberlake version. It was incredible. I was actually surprised with how many people noticed the costume.

Bill Grundler (01:02):

Dude, that’s a classic. Well, they had to look

Mattew Souza (01:03):

Down at your package. They sure did and that they did and I would just walk into place because the people just yell, dig in a box.

@coffeepodsnwods (01:12):

So good. Oh my goodness, that’s so good.

Mattew Souza (01:15):

Let’s get this bad boy on the rose before I lose my job here. So where do we want to start? Let’s first bring up the men’s leaderboard. Let’s take a peek. We’ll just refresh what’s going on there. We’ll do the same with the ladies. Then we’ll just bring up the event and chat about it a little bit. Pedro, look at that mini bar behind you.

@coffeepodsnwods (01:35):

I’m going to start cracking into different drinks every time. Stupid.

Mattew Souza (01:39):

What time? Well, we get ready to drink.

@coffeepodsnwods (01:43):

Actually our clocks changed last night. It’s day 30 now they do that over there. Yeah, we do. You guys do it?

Bill Grundler (01:51):

I think that crazy

@coffeepodsnwods (01:53):

Just to confuse things even further. Excellent. We still do it because of farmers and children walking to school because that’s still a thing that we worry about and we don’t have lights or anything. Oh no, wait, we do and it’s just an arbitrary thing that we still do for a reason at all. You

Bill Grundler (02:10):

Guys go an hour and 45 minutes, right? No one.

Mattew Souza (02:18):

So Pat Ner looks like he’s running away with this thing. What do you guys think? He’s 90 points out. We have Pat Ner first place, 490 points. Jeff Adler. 400 points Roman Clinic have 385 in third place, Brent Kowski Bakowski fourth place, 385 points. Jason Hopper in the mix of the top 5, 375 points tied with him in sixth place currently right now, 375 points a naked John Young. Welcome to the show, sir. I meant not the crickets. Crickets are more fitting. Salad. Oh yeah, John,

Bill Grundler (03:01):

Nice. That thick. Look at that thick rack. I

John Young (03:05):

Think I need that Pedro. See where the backwards

Mattew Souza (03:10):

Way was.

John Young (03:14):

Eaton Beaver.

Mattew Souza (03:16):

Good morning. You’re acknowledged. You are seen. You are heard. Welcome to the show. Christine Young. Good morning as well. Jedi. Good morning. Mad Marv. We couldn’t have done it without you. Welcome. There you go. Eaton Bieber. You have been satisfied. Okay, so what do we look at this? Do we have, are we surprised by anybody in the top five? I mean obviously I could already find one name on there that we wouldn’t have suspected to be there.

Bill Grundler (03:42):

I think what’s surprising is cool, cool, cool. And surprising is Pat’s out there in the front. Not that I didn’t think he wasn’t going to be in the mix, but he’s hanging out all by himself and then you have a virtual five-way tie for third place. It’s literally points. What’s that?

John Young (04:01):

I said you clearly weren’t listening to our prediction show Bill because I

Bill Grundler (04:05):

Well, no. Did I think that he would do well? Of course I would. But I mean a hundred points. I mean dude,

Mattew Souza (04:11):

Have we ever seen him have a lead this far out this early? I mean start of a Sunday and he’s already 90 points out, right? Is it, did he drink a beer last night and just hang it up and count as points and laugh at everybody else and start out or is there still an opportunity for him to lose this first? Obviously

John Young (04:31):

I’m never going to say Pat Felner can’t mess up.

Bill Grundler (04:35):

Don’t swim in there anywhere. Whatcha talking about

John Young (04:38):


Bill Grundler (04:38):

No bike,

Mattew Souza (04:39):

No paddleboard.

John Young (04:42):

He don’t fall off the pegs and it’s just going to be

Bill Grundler (04:46):

There’s no climbing. There’s no climbing net.

@coffeepodsnwods (04:49):

He’s going to crash his echo

Bill Grundler (04:50):


John Young (04:51):

I don’t think he’s going to be bad at anything that’s left. Seriously. Doesn’t matter what the cleanup is and for him, Jeff would have to have a 1, 2 1 and Vellner would have to have three sevens. I just don’t see it happening.

Bill Grundler (05:07):

No way. No. Yeah, he is locked it up. He’s got a very comfortable cushion

Mattew Souza (05:17):

So it is he’s first place.

Bill Grundler (05:19):


Mattew Souza (05:20):

Barter any catastrophic thing. He crashes the echo bike or anything weird like that. It’s Pat Veer first place we could call it from here.

Bill Grundler (05:29):


Mattew Souza (05:30):

Okay, so let’s look down at it now. We got Jeffrey out there. Can you square down just a hair there Caleb, so we could see seventh place? How far off the point? Oh shit, look at that. Seven,

John Young (05:41):

Two through seven is up for grabs,

Bill Grundler (05:44):

But even BK is only like 10 points there isn’t he? Isn’t he right? It’s tight at third place. It’s tight. You’re looking at 10 points between five guys for third place and then you go down another five points. There’s two more guys and another five points. There’s two more guys.

@coffeepodsnwods (05:59):

Oh wow. So basically 12th through second is up for grabs. Pretty well changed.

Bill Grundler (06:04):


@coffeepodsnwods (06:06):

Exciting. Would

John Young (06:08):

Take a lot for 12th to get up there, but yes, it’s still in the realm of possibility for sure.

@coffeepodsnwods (06:14):

I don’t think Jeff

John Young (06:14):

Is going to mess up anything either coming up.

@coffeepodsnwods (06:17):

Ricky, you could break into the top five.

John Young (06:20):

Yeah. Yes.

@coffeepodsnwods (06:21):

Even with his events coming up here,

Bill Grundler (06:25):

I think actually with the events,

John Young (06:27):


Bill Grundler (06:27):

He’s got a shot.

@coffeepodsnwods (06:29):

Think he’s an advantage. Okay. If he stays or he is, so say he because he finished ninth or 10th last year, he stays there. Is that a failure of a year or are you say like John be no offense or Caleb, but are you at him finishing 10th, 11th, 12, somewhere around there you’re like, oh that’s shit because that’s where he was at or are you like, oh that’s pretty good considering he made for the seeds in he was injured, et cetera?

Bill Grundler (06:56):

For me, I wouldn’t say that it was a failure. I mean I wouldn’t even put Rogue as a failure on anything. It’d be like more of a okay, where is he right now? There were a lot of factors. We know his shoulders coming back from his shoulder injury. We don’t know what was going on with the hand thing all the way through when he was on the cage. Was there a hand issue? I mean he looked great on the deadlifts yesterday so I don’t know if that’s still an issue but I think it’s more of a if he’s right there in the mix. Okay, cool. I think it was way early to say games champ or that’s a failure. I don’t see it that way anyway.

@coffeepodsnwods (07:33):

Dude has some medical bills. I think he’s got to get in that top 10 so he can make a good payout so he can pay off all of his medical bills. He’s got an incentive there is what you’re saying. Yeah, exactly.

John Young (07:43):

I don’t see it as a failure either. I highly doubt he stays 12th. We don’t have a ton of stuff with our hands left. I know the peg boards, but I mean you’re cupping those anyway. You’re not ripping yourself up on those and then we have a chipper that’s super fitnessy. I don’t think he stays 12th. I think he ends up sixth or seventh,

Bill Grundler (08:05):

Six to eight

John Young (08:08):

And even if he does stay there, no he is coming back from shoulder surgery. I mean what Tia is doing is amazing and we’ll probably talk about her later, but he has kind of a built-in excuse right now. I’m barring semifinals and he looks really bad. I’m going to pick him second at the games. I think he’s that fit.

@coffeepodsnwods (08:31):


John Young (08:31):

Yeah. Collar even said we came off this vicious squat cycle and now he can’t run as fast, which means what? He’s less fit right now but he’s a lot stronger and that fitness is going to come like that just one month of training it. As far as his cardiovascular, I’m not worried about him at all.

Bill Grundler (08:49):

Yeah, even with the 18th that’s on there, I don’t think that’s showcasing that he has a hole somewhere necessarily. You can tell he is just working through the different pieces to get himself to where he needs to be. I’m in the same camp as you John. Me personally, I say he wins the games. I think that by the time if he can keep, if cannot not. If he can not bill, well I mean he said second I’m right in there with you. You know what I mean? Barring, he does something dumb like trips on the sidewalk or decides to go skateboarding or picks up roller hockey or something like that where he is not going to break himself doing something dumb, man, he’s going to be good and he looks fit as hell. God, he looks like a damn just machine physically.

Mattew Souza (09:37):

Well lemme ask you guys this more ripped out than 2017.

Bill Grundler (09:40):

Oh yeah,

Mattew Souza (09:41):

We talked a lot about the hands, but did you guys see that? Did it actually take effect? We thought it would. I mean clearly they had issues with it, their hands were taped up, everything else, but we made a lot of predictions with the ring muscle ups. Obviously the rope climb was left out of the last event due to the weather, but do we think that it affected them as much as we here on the show thought it would.

Bill Grundler (10:03):

I think there was a lot of tape. There was a lot of tape. I mean they’re athletes, they’re not going to say anything. I mean they have to at some point put that stuff out of their head, otherwise you might as well just pack it up and go home. I mean they have to think that way. Everything’s fine. I’m sure their hands are just hamburger a hundred percent. But if you watch the hands, when they were doing the deadlift, there was a shit ton of tape on their hands and even Pat said that’s why he had that lift. He literally only had to go another inch and a half up and he let it go because he said his hands, he’s like, ah, I felt it pulling. So why would he let go of that if he’s that close to me? It was like, okay, well that’s a pretty bad that’s that’s some pain on the hands. I bet. After

Gabe Paper Street (10:50):

Rogue is done we get a lot of hand pictures,

Mattew Souza (10:54):

Hand shots on Instagram. Just mangled hands. Okay, hold on one second guys. We have from Paper Street Coffee here. See Gabe. What’s up brother? How you doing man?

Gabe Paper Street (11:05):

Going on guys. I don’t know if you can hear me or not.

Mattew Souza (11:07):

I can hear you perfectly actually you’re coming in great.

Gabe Paper Street (11:10):

Oh that’s interesting. Yeah, my AirPods like that soaked on the first day here and they were not working until right now.

Mattew Souza (11:17):

Well we got you a lot of clear. Hey, are you wearing a jersey? What’s going on? Oh yeah.

Gabe Paper Street (11:24):

Not just just myself.

Mattew Souza (11:27):

Oh, let’s go. Hey, how’s it been for you? How’s it been for you there? Is it good because Rogue produced the same way these other events do as well? I mean you normally got a line at your spot is we’re seeing that same thing there,

Gabe Paper Street (11:42):

Dude, I am pretty sure it’s because of you guys and the community. Every single event we go to is better than the last. I can’t even say that one previous event was better. The most recent event has been the best and it’s because of you guys. It’s because everyone coming to the booth, it’s because of the awesome people that I have supporting me. People like you guys already know Paulina me for time and the rest of the crew around me. It’s been awesome. So every event that we go to, it’s always better. The last and it’s thanks to you guys, honestly.

Mattew Souza (12:13):

No dude, thanks to you and this awesome paper Street Coffee Brew. Head on over to paper and we’ll get your brew. Hey, how do they have this set up there? Can you pan us around? So what is that? That’s Vendor Village and you guys, they stuff everybody underneath that tent there either the weather.

Gabe Paper Street (12:26):

Can I turn the camera? I don’t think I turn the camera around, but anyway, basically it’s this tent right here, right? This is for everyone. We’re right next to the border patrol, so a lot of my Oh sure. Hey, did that make you nervous? That nervous? It made me extremely nervous. You got mayhem, you got a bunch of other people right over there.

Mattew Souza (12:45):

Oh yeah.

Gabe Paper Street (12:46):

Rogue. Some people are complaining about the setup. I mean it, I like the chaos and I like the gritty factor of it. We’re stuck under a tent, sweating our balls off and it’s totally fine.

Mattew Souza (12:59):

His shirt. That’s awesome. Alex.

Gabe Paper Street (13:04):

Hey, how’s it going brother? Going good, Gabe owner, nice to meet you man. Likewise. Good luck. That’s Jake spelling it man.

Mattew Souza (13:10):

Mr. Awesome husband of Alex Gza that’s

John Young (13:14):

Introduce himself as Alex’s coach though he didn’t say Alex’s husband, he said he was Alex’s

Mattew Souza (13:20):

Husbands. Yeah. Worth folks. John.

Gabe Paper Street (13:22):

Hey Yo John, how about you stop by the booth. At least once I’ve seen you walking around, I’m like, I’ve never met this motherfucker. Get him, get him. This motherfucker just walks by. He doesn’t fucking want to introduce himself if you’re scared, it’s all good man.

John Young (13:36):

I’ll come by today. I’ll come by today.

Mattew Souza (13:37):

Yeah, if you guys sold some food, he would stop by right before he has to be on the show to pick it up before he jumps out here.

John Young (13:44):

I don’t eat for like 10 hours. I’m going to eat eight waffles. I know.

Mattew Souza (13:47):

Boo-hoo. Have it right for the show. We get it. It’s awesome.

Gabe Paper Street (13:52):

That’s good timing man.

Mattew Souza (13:54):

I could kind of see the boot there. You got T-shirts and stuff. What do they allow you? They allow you to throw some s up?

Gabe Paper Street (13:59):

Yeah, no, we’re selling everything to be honest with you. We’re selling CEO shirts. We’re almost out of a lot of stuff to be honest with you. We have a few of Andrew shirts as well, a few of our shirts, but we’re pretty much almost sold out of everything. I mean this event has been an awesome event. I don’t know how it’s been on the inside. Whenever we’re here as vendors, we don’t have no idea what’s going on when it comes to the sport, right? We’re just doing our thing, making sure that we’re selling what we’re selling and making sure that obviously you guys are front and center. You guys probably saw Adrian stop by, Chris Cooper was here. Everyone just loves you guys and supports you guys and obviously we’re just trying to spread the work here as well.

Mattew Souza (14:40):

That’s awesome. Hey, how’s the crowd compared to the crowd at the games? I mean normally that’s a fit, really nice, good looking audience. Do they do it the same over at Rogue or

Gabe Paper Street (14:51):

No? No, exactly the same. Exactly. Exactly the same. Same people. You see some of the same people, they make the trips out right? All the way from South Texas all the way, all the up to Madison, Wisconsin. So you have the same awesome individuals here supporting us, supporting you guys, supporting the community and the space and it’s really, really cool. And then you have Mayhem is doing right back there somewhere. They’re doing their workouts every 30, 45 minutes or so. It’s really, really cool. So you can come here and you can spend all day here, you can work out here, you can get good food, you can get good coffee, you get good apparel. It’s really, really cool.

Mattew Souza (15:27):

Oh dude, that is awesome. Well hey brother, thanks for jumping in and joining us before we to let you go here. Any departing words,

Gabe Paper Street (15:37):

Just again thanks to you guys, let’s go Tyson agent slash The Bears, even though I’m still a Jets fan but got to support and represent and yeah, thank you guys and you guys are killing it and I’ll see you guys at the next one.

Mattew Souza (15:50):

Hey, thank you brother, we appreciate you. Alright, Gabe time today. Gabe, go down there and get your paper street. Okay, that was cool. And they’re rocking the Tyson be Jersey. For those of you guys that don’t know Savon is on AG five on his way there right now.

John Young (16:08):


Mattew Souza (16:09):

Yeah. Fucking G five. John, think we fucking around. I got that over at the spin cast. You got G five at the spin cast maybe? No, they fly economy. Okay, so let’s just,

John Young (16:27):

What’s funny, it was so late last night, Finn was like, Hey, do you just want to cancel this one and we’ll go tomorrow? I’m like, sure man. And I was like, we’ve done

Mattew Souza (16:35):

Two podcasts this whole time. Sam’s done like

@coffeepodsnwods (16:40):

19 or whatever. He is

John Young (16:41):

Done. But

Mattew Souza (16:43):

Don’t cancel baby. That’s how you get that G five. All right, let’s bring up the min real quick. I just wanted just readdress the, because it’s fucking, it’s anybody’s game and this is exactly what I wanted coming into. This was just a tight race. Make it exciting. I mean although it looks like Vellner has got first place locked up. I don’t think anybody’s mad about that, but second through seventh, I mean it is anybody’s game right now. Every point is going to matter in these next coming events. Pedro, anything on these guys before we swap over to the ladies here?

@coffeepodsnwods (17:15):

I think what’s really good about this is because it matters for so many people. The way sometimes you have those scenarios at the games or whatever where maybe Justin needs to beat someone and needs two or three people to come between him and someone else and you’re kind of like, well really going to happen here, but say Brent beats Jeff. There’s every possibility that Chandler will come off Brent or that they’re all fighting for points that actually really do matter here. That will make a massive difference. Any one of these guys could finish second, third, or fourth and there’s a big payout all the way down, but a unique time where they will kill each other for points because everybody wants the points as opposed to, well, the best I can fit nights. So who really cares through the motions

John Young (17:58):

And the paycheck is way more replacing once you get through the pod 10, it’s like another $10,000 every place you make it.

@coffeepodsnwods (18:07):

When I saw the check that they gave Mitchell Hooper, I just about shit myself. It was

John Young (18:12):

Huge in size or

@coffeepodsnwods (18:16):

Size and monetarily it was massive.

John Young (18:18):

Well, how much was it for? Because strongman it’s only like $50,000 world strongest

@coffeepodsnwods (18:24):

To win it.

John Young (18:24):

Yeah, no, there’s no money in Oh,

@coffeepodsnwods (18:26):

For World’s Strongest

John Young (18:26):

Man. Yeah,

@coffeepodsnwods (18:27):

For them to win this event, it’s like three

John Young (18:29):

Or four times that. It’s absurd. So this is probably their biggest competi.

Bill Grundler (18:34):

Massive. Massive. Okay, so that just ups the stake on all these 10 guys that are all sitting there because one, there’s big paycheck, so that could be their season, which is great. And then two,

John Young (18:47):

Hold on one quick, I’m sorry Bill for interrupting, but if Pat doesn’t mess up, this will be the biggest paycheck he makes by twice

Bill Grundler (18:55):

Easily, much easily.

@coffeepodsnwods (18:58):

His next biggest three seasons, finishing second last year,

John Young (19:03):

Which is 125, it’s over twice the times he’s made in every year he’s ever done.

@coffeepodsnwods (19:09):

I bet he gets fat after this. I bet he after this he does Vegas and Vegas.

John Young (19:17):

This is my sendoff. I’m the fittest man in the world clearly. And then I’m not going to do it anymore.

@coffeepodsnwods (19:25):

He owns out of bed the second week in February. All right, better get going I guess some maple syrup and hop hops on the roller. Oh

Bill Grundler (19:33):

Man. But I just think that you’re going to see you’re not just a battle because it is expensive. I mean there’s a lot riding on those points, but you can see all of the guys are up and down in their placing all through. It’s not like everyone’s like, oh yeah, top five and everything. You’ve got ups and down and ups and downs. So you have a lot of opportunities for, again, not so much for not against Pat, but for those other guys, you get three people in between you. That’s the five points that you need to jump to make a jump over somebody. So it’s going to be one who can end up at the front of the race, who can be in the top five, top four, whatever. But not only that, but where is everybody going to shuffle in those last three events? I mean, you could have a massive shuffle in the leaderboard event to event to event today. Yeah,

@coffeepodsnwods (20:28):

That the lunges had at the games where people stumbled faltered or whatever. And then

Bill Grundler (20:33):

Here how many times have we seen one step is worth $20,000? It’s heavy to put it that way, but we could definitely see that you’re right.

John Young (20:44):

Pat two cleaner jerks was 200,000,

Bill Grundler (20:48):

Right? That’s

Mattew Souza (20:50):

Was the money Bear. Hey, look at this too. There’s two people in and we’re just going to call it that top five because Travis, Mayer, Chandler, and Jason all are tied for points at 3 75. Two people with the 19th finish

Bill Grundler (21:02):

Inside that group, right?

Mattew Souza (21:04):

That’s crazy. Have, I mean within this type of a race and stuff like that, do we normally see swings that big within this group

Bill Grundler (21:12):

And still

Mattew Souza (21:12):

These point groupings that close together? Why are we seeing this, John? Is it because of the programming here or why do you have a,

John Young (21:20):

I think even for Rogue it’s been more niche than normal. Rogue, we always see big swings with the pendulum and that’s why it’s fun. You can have a really bad even whole day, like two events and it doesn’t matter. I mean look at Hopper, hopper. Everybody was so down on Hopper. What’s wrong with

Mattew Souza (21:38):

That? Oh yeah, we wrote him off

John Young (21:39):

And he’s in place to have his best finish ever.


But I think the deadlift is the most niche thing there as far as what can happen and I just think there’s been two or three workouts that are just very specific to one movement or one crux of the movement. So even for Rogue, I’m saying it’s been a little bit more niche than normal, but the last day, I don’t know how you guys feel, bill, you can probably speak to this. The last day for me kind of feels like a last day of the CrossFit games. It’s very like you got a crossfitted chipper, you got a CrossFit, just rounds for time and then the last workout will be some sprinty clean workout, right? That sounds like the last day of the CrossFit games. It’s not niche is what I’m saying. So it wouldn’t surprise me if whoever rises to the top here has the last day. What I’m saying is I don’t think Ricky’s going to have two, three third places and everybody shifts real hard. Everybody had a really bad event. I think it’s just the fittest guys at the competition will have a very consistent last day. There’s not going to be a home run hit that got that person into the podium or anything. Does that make sense?

Bill Grundler (23:01):

Yeah, totally. Today’s CrossFit day is what you’re basically saying. It’s not like, all right, where’s the strong man? Where’s the gymnastic he kid? Where’s the little ninja that does this? Where’s the range of motion? Athlete? Athlete, who’s the fit guy? All that stuff, all that stuff is tossed in the bucket at one time.

Mattew Souza (23:18):

And John, that’s what you meant by niche, right? When you were talking about the workouts being niche, it’s like the deadlift guy we basically everybody here called who was going to win that, right? When you see something a little bit heavier on the gymnastics with the longer time domain, we’re like, okay, we pretty much could call these things, but in these next upcoming events, CrossFit. So it’s anybody’s game at that point?

John Young (23:38):

Yeah, I think so. Which

Mattew Souza (23:39):

Will make you prefer a more exciting race. Okay, so before we jump over to the ladies and make some, let’s get some hot takes. Let’s get some predictions on this next event. Kayla, can we bring up the event real quick just so everybody could see it while we just, while

Bill Grundler (23:52):

Caleb’s bringing that up, if I just,

Mattew Souza (23:54):

Oh, please Pedro, please. Niche.

Bill Grundler (23:57):

Actually pronounce niche. I just niche. I just really wanted to confirm that for myself. So I think because John was pronounced it one way, you were pronounced it another pronounced it the same way as you and I was like, am I dumb? Is it niche? I just don’t realize that I’ve

John Young (24:13):

Years maybe it’s niche in Europe and it’s niche in America’s.

Bill Grundler (24:16):

No, that’s actually the American one did this American one and they’re both niche.

Mattew Souza (24:24):

Oh, he’s been hitting that mini bar hard. Okay, so we got individual event, seven hole cans, 30 calories on the echo bike, 20 double fat bell ground overhead, 70 50. Have we seen that yet?

John Young (24:39):

So we know what they are. Can’t Caleb? Maybe you can pull ’em up. They’re not, if you just type in rogue fat bell, it’ll pop up on Google. It’s basically you hold it like a dumbbell, but it just encases your hands. Take

Bill Grundler (24:52):

Your hands inside the kettlebell.

John Young (24:53):

Yeah, your hands inside of the kettlebell and it’s 70 pounds, so it probably feels different as far as how you’re holding it, but you hold it like a dumbbell. They got a dumbbell handle inside there. Yeah.

Bill Grundler (25:05):

Would that hit your wrists then when you

John Young (25:08):

I don’t think so. No, because you got this, it’s part of your hand.

Mattew Souza (25:13):

You want

Bill Grundler (25:13):

To know. It’ll be interesting. Okay. When they did that big heavy dumbbell, you could tell where people were positioning the dumbbell to where it would sit. Now you don’t have that now you’re right here. Yeah, you can’t dip the head of the dumbbell, come down and shorten up that range of motion. You’re right down to the shoulder.

John Young (25:30):

Anybody else snatch these?

Mattew Souza (25:33):

No, but the lunge,

Bill Grundler (25:36):

Is that what you guys are talking

John Young (25:37):

About? Oh, no, no, no. I was talking about the, yeah,

Bill Grundler (25:39):

I, because it’s a double the lunch, those two, there may be there be an attempt to that. I mean we’ve seen, seen it in, I think Waap, did they have two of them? Seventies? Maybe it was fifties maybe.

John Young (25:53):

I didn’t think the lunch was with the fat bells.

Bill Grundler (25:55):

No, it’s 1 35. I think that’s got to be with the bar or something.

John Young (25:58):

Yeah. Yeah. So they take, shuts the ground

Mattew Souza (26:00):

Overhead. Okay.

John Young (26:01):

Okay. Okay. I thought for some reason that they were holding

Mattew Souza (26:03):

That when I first looked at

Bill Grundler (26:04):

It, I think it would be cooler if they used the bell. Just keep ’em with that thing

John Young (26:08):


Mattew Souza (26:09):

Dude. Wow.

Bill Grundler (26:12):

So Gnar. Wow.

Mattew Souza (26:13):

Okay, hold on. Let’s keep the lights on real quick. Jeremy World, $5. Thank you brother. Katie did say that they’re not going to try to find the fittest, but rather showcase the athletes.

John Young (26:26):

Yeah, no, and I mean that’s what Rogue is. It’s what it always has been. I’m not complaining about the programming, I’m just explaining. That’s why we’re seeing the shifts, the swings, I don’t

Mattew Souza (26:34):


John Young (26:35):

As much swings on the last day. Rogue’s always done that and that’s why it’s fun. It’s not necessarily who, I’m not going to pick Patrick Vellner to win the CrossFit games in 2024. I promised it to myself that I would not do it.

Mattew Souza (26:49):

You sweet, sweet boy.

John Young (26:51):

And you know what? He’s going to run away with Rogue. It’s going to be awesome.

Mattew Souza (26:57):

Okay, we got, Alex has been extremely concerned about the weather. There was six comments in there that kept popping up about the weather and I was going to bring it up, but then she said, go chargers. And I was like, fuck, I’m bringing that up.

Caleb Beaver (27:08):

That’s enough of that.

Mattew Souza (27:11):

But Alex Bridgeforth with the dollar 99 here. Thank you. Alex. What do they do? Oh wait, excuse me. What do they change because of the weather? Does it look gloomy there, Caleb? When we say no, it’s

Caleb Beaver (27:23):

Absolutely beautiful out. It’s actually supposed to be cooler today than it has been all weekend. And I mean maybe

John Young (27:32):

It’s like weather.

Caleb Beaver (27:33):

There’s a slight chance of rain between now and noon, but it’s nothing crazy. The rest of the day will be super beautiful.

Mattew Souza (27:41):

Yeah. Alex, what do you know that we don’t here part of the DARPA program or something. Okay.

Caleb Beaver (27:47):


Mattew Souza (27:48):

So basically it’s a mirrored workout. So you got the 30 cal echo bike, we got the 20 dumbbell or the double fat bell ground to overhead, 70 pounds, 50 for the ladies, 75 foot front rack lunge. We concluded that that’s just going to be a barbell. Do you think there’s going to be a twist with that? Just a normal barbell?

John Young (28:04):

I think so.

Mattew Souza (28:05):

They’re not going to pull anything weird axle bar. Throw it back to 2013 or something crazy. I

John Young (28:09):

Mean, I don’t think that affects them at all, in my opinion. That’s not weird. That’s just, okay.

@coffeepodsnwods (28:16):

Why does everyone make a big deal about that? May I get it the way spin, but it’s not that it’s nothing.

John Young (28:23):

If anything, it’s more to hold. It’s less hard on your wrists, I

Mattew Souza (28:28):

Think more surface. Then they’re going to run. Then they’re going to bag drag up a hill. Do we think that’s the backwards drag that we saw Katie post on the Instagram that we thought or I thought was going to be in the first day?

John Young (28:39):

I’d say so the run is, how far away is Zeus from? It’s not very far. Is from Zeus to the bag?

Caleb Beaver (28:46):

No. It’s like the rig is probably at second base. So was that 120 feet from home plate? Then? I’m giving you references. 120 feet baseball references. Caleb, Hey, I gave you miracle value. 120 feet,

John Young (29:04):

Pedro, you go by feet 40, it

Caleb Beaver (29:06):

Doesn’t matter. Figure it out

John Young (29:08):


Caleb Beaver (29:08):

Feet and then you go from the end of the rig to the ramp is probably another 50 meters,

John Young (29:16):

60 meter. It’s basically just a transition. It’s not actually a run, it’s just,

Caleb Beaver (29:21):

It is a bit of a run though. You can sprint it, you sprint to ramp or to the hill itself, but the berm itself is going to be,

John Young (29:30):

I don’t, it’s to make passes on it.

Caleb Beaver (29:33):

No, you could sprint to the hill and then just get stuck on the hill, but it’s definitely going to be a run. Okay. With the

Mattew Souza (29:42):

Programming here, case

Caleb Beaver (29:44):


Mattew Souza (29:45):

Counterpart, it says it’s a transition.

Caleb Beaver (29:48):

I get it. I get it. Yes. Technically it is a transition, but also it’s

Mattew Souza (29:53):

A good run. I

John Young (29:55):

Love how Caleb’s picked this to really argue about all.

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