Official 2023 Rogue Invitational | Finale Show

Mattew Souza (00:01):

Holy shit. Have we ever seen, dang, something more suspenseful than Daniel Brandon potentially having a wardrobe malfunction during that last event?

Bill Grundler (00:14):

I mean, the Internets were shaking when that was going on, right?

Mattew Souza (00:17):

Dude, how great of a finish was that? I mean,

Taylor Self (00:21):

What do you mean wardrobe malfunction? I didn’t watch her heat

Mattew Souza (00:24):

Was her. You missed out brother. Yeah, you

Taylor Self (00:27):

Really missed out.

Bill Grundler (00:29):

It’ll be on a story. Was she

Taylor Self (00:30):

Pulling a Beyonce? Who is that? Who had the fricking the nip slip in a concert?

Mattew Souza (00:35):

Justin Timberlake and

Bill Grundler (00:37):

Was Jackson.

Mattew Souza (00:39):

Yeah, Janet Jackson. Janet Jackson.


Okay. So I think they’re waiting for the men scores to become official here and they’ll announce the winners, but I do believe we have the updated women’s leaderboard. Yep. Let’s go to bring that up. So for those of you join us, we just finished the final event here at Rogue. It was three rounds of 25 double unders in power cleans at 2 25 for the men, 1 55 for the women. Two rounds of 25 dubs and five squat cleans at the 2 25, 1 55 weight and one round of 25 dubs and five jerks at two five. They’ve just completed nine events through this weekend. Insane. And we’ve had, oh, maybe as Caleb loaded it up here, it was a tight, tight, tight race. I haven’t even looked at the official standings of the women yet. I’m going to react. Why not? I’m going to react a lot.

Bill Grundler (01:36):

Maybe we should talk about the women first while they’re doing the men’s over there.

Mattew Souza (01:40):

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Let’s do it. We got the

Bill Grundler (01:42):

Women’s leaderboard coming up.

Mattew Souza (01:46):

Heidi Krum. No se what an outrage. You knew this was coming.

Bill Grundler (01:51):

You watching up shows. Don’t be mad. Don’t be mad.

Mattew Souza (01:54):

He’ll be mad.

Bill Grundler (01:54):

Here we go. Don’t worry.

Mattew Souza (01:56):

Don’t you

Bill Grundler (01:56):


Mattew Souza (01:58):

Oh yes. Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. Oh man. Wow. So I almost got it right with the, okay, so let’s roll down this. We got Laura Horvath in first place by 10 points over Tia, Claire Tomi or oh man. And then in third place we have Emma Lawson at 650 points. Gabriela. Wow, I screwed that one up at 630 points in Alex Gaza in fifth place to round up our top five with 500 in 90 points. Taylor, are you stoked this choke shook out this way or what? Talk to me buddy.

Taylor Self (02:46):

I feel like this probably feels better than winning the games for Laura.

Mattew Souza (02:51):

Why do you say that?

Taylor Self (02:53):

Because she beat the six time CrossFit games champion and that’s I think the first time she’s beat her at a competition overall. And I would imagine that feels better than beating whoever she beat at the games this past year. Especially with the monkey on her back, like she said in the post event interview of people saying, ah, the only reason you won was because Tia wasn’t there

Mattew Souza (03:14):

And she had handstand pushups to deal with

Taylor Self (03:16):

And she had handstand pushups and 500. We don’t know that she’s bad at handstand walking. I’m not sure that that’s ever been a thing, but 80 handstand pushups recovered from that

Bill Grundler (03:27):

Dude. I hope she goes back and watches the video. I mean, knowing that you won, like cool, you won and that was a big deal for sure. Watching. We have never, not one time ever seen Tia break. She broke, she missed that rep. She couldn’t get it up. She couldn’t get the lockout

Taylor Self (03:48):


Bill Grundler (03:48):

Came down and she stopped.

Taylor Self (03:50):

She stepped back. Yeah,

Bill Grundler (03:51):

Head went down and I was like, oh shit. And all the had a kid and all that stuff aside. I mean, I get it, I understand all that, but we’ve never ever seen a mental break. And that was a mental break. I mean she stopped and we’ve never seen that before. It was the biggest thing when we saw Rich Walk on the triple threes. It’s like what the hell is going on right now? So I think that is moment is even a bigger, I mean maybe in the sport space necessarily for us is that was a giant moment. That was a giant moment.

Mattew Souza (04:39):

And I have a quote here from a wise individual. She was at the uppermost limit of her current capacity and Laura wasn’t close. She’s just not in peak shape, understandably so. Laura did not look rushed in the leash. She dictated the pace and she dictated Tia’s pace.

Bill Grundler (04:59):

A hundred percent. A hundred percent. And yeah, that’s not taking anything away from, I mean you could say it a million times, we get it. She had a baby, there’s no way she was going to be back to full capacity. And I think that she was looking, I think she’d wanted to try to put the pressure on Laura and was trying to go, okay, fine, I’ll go rep for rep and stayed right on her. But you saw that one little double bounce on the squat clean the last one and it was like, okay, here we go. And that was the moment where it started to quiver before she broke.

Mattew Souza (05:36):

Yeah, you definitely saw it in that last squat, clean. The fight got taken at her after that, the pace load and she knew it was over with Caleb.

Taylor Self (05:45):

Let’s scroll

Mattew Souza (05:46):

Down a little bit more so we could see some of the other women in the top 10. What it rounded out to,

Taylor Self (05:53):

I don’t know if I’m Laura, I’m nervous for the games.

Bill Grundler (05:55):

Hell yes. Are you kidding Mem

Taylor Self (05:58):

And if I’m Tia, I’m furious,

Bill Grundler (06:02):

Dude, that literally that whole scene right there mean we talked about it. We wanted Laura to win before just the sport of CrossFit, right? We didn’t want it to be that Tia. It can’t be is completely untouchable. But you’re right. I think that the fact that she was that close this early in the game, fuck

Mattew Souza (06:29):

Yeah. And like Taylor said, dude, she’s got enough fuel now to motivate herself through some training. I do believe coming into the CrossFit games. So our top 10, Emma Carey in sixth place with 550 points seventh place, Daniel Brandon with 540 points, eighth place Ariel Lone at five 10. Danny Spiegel in the top 10 with a ninth place with 505 points in Manon agony. God, I’m terrible at pronouncing these 10th place. 400 in 60 points. Okay, so that’s going to round out the top 10 for the women. Any surprises in this at all? Any notable inside the top 10 for me? I think better than I thought she

Taylor Self (07:12):

Was going to. Daniel,

Mattew Souza (07:16):

Go ahead.

Taylor Self (07:17):

I was going to say, I think the surprise for me is Danny Spiegel on the top 10 for sure.

Bill Grundler (07:21):

Yeah, yeah. The way she handled that, I mean seeing her excel on some of the events like the dual and then I was expecting more on this last event for her. I didn’t see it, but stoked on Emma Lawson though. Damn.

Mattew Souza (07:44):

She crushed it.

Bill Grundler (07:45):

She’s so good.

Taylor Self (07:48):

Third two times in a row.

Bill Grundler (07:50):


Mattew Souza (07:51):

Daniel, Brandon climbing from the bottom 10 over the last day or two has been pretty impressive I think as well. She 16th or 17th at the end of day two or something. Yep, yep. And then looking at her last four scores, I mean 16th obviously not the best, but then an eighth, a first, and then a fourth, which helped out quite a bit to get into that position there.

Taylor Self (08:11):

I think that’s huge for her. I think it shows a bit of maturity in starting the weekend really, really poorly and then being able to climb and finish quite a bit stronger. I think it’s huge for her.

Mattew Souza (08:21):

I also can’t say that we saw a stereotypical meltdown or some sort of outlash or something at any of the judges or at any reps that she maybe done improperly.

Taylor Self (08:32):

I think she did pretty well. So yeah, back

Mattew Souza (08:34):

To the maturity point for sure.

Taylor Self (08:36):

Agreed. And I look at her two worst finishes, the one RMM deadlift, the heavy back squat event. Two things we know she’s quite a bit weaker at. It’s not like she had an event that she should have been good at and took a huge whiff. So good weekend for her overall I think.

Mattew Souza (08:52):

Totally. Yeah. Yeah, I think so too. But yeah, great

Caleb Beaver (08:55):

Point there. Caleb, normally, usually in these events there’s something that happens where there’s some sort of

Taylor Self (09:01):


Caleb Beaver (09:02):

If you will. Okay. I don’t think the men’s leaderboard has been updated yet, has

Taylor Self (09:08):

It? Do you think they changed this? So I’m a bit late to the part. Do you think they changed this workout at all with the weather

Caleb Beaver (09:15):

They did or was this the original

Taylor Self (09:17):


Caleb Beaver (09:17):

I think they changed the location. I’m not so sure if they changed the actual workout. Right. I’m

Taylor Self (09:21):

Just asking if you think there’s any difference in the actual workout itself.

Bill Grundler (09:29):


Caleb Beaver (09:30):

I don’t think so. No, I just think they shifted locations.

Taylor Self (09:34):

What you bill thoughts on the changes from the first two workouts of today?

Bill Grundler (09:44):

I think it ended up fine. I was glad that they had everybody going in the rain. They did what they had to do to keep it moving and I think that was fine. I think that the adding the handstand walk in there, I wish I would’ve made it unbroken. What was the,

Taylor Self (10:04):

Oh, that’s right. They lowered the weight of this workout.

Bill Grundler (10:07):

Wasn’t it supposed to be 2 75?

Caleb Beaver (10:09):

Oh yeah, the graphic did say 1 75. I looked back and saw that. Yeah, for the women it’s supposed see 1 75 and then right as they started, they changed the graphic to 1 55 and restated that the workout was going to be done at 1 55 instead.

Taylor Self (10:22):

Why didn’t think they change the loading?

Caleb Beaver (10:24):

Well, did they change the loading or was it just a typo on the graphic?

Taylor Self (10:28):

I think the announcer, the broadcaster said they changed the loading.

Caleb Beaver (10:32):

Oh, he did?

Taylor Self (10:33):

That’s what the broadcast said.

Caleb Beaver (10:34):

It was stated. Okay. And that went down by from 1 75 to 1 55. Interesting. Which

Taylor Self (10:40):

Is quite a decrease in load. And I would assume because everyone did fucking a hundred dead lists last night at their one rm, you think it would’ve mattered? You think it would’ve matter. It goes 1 75. No, I think it was 1 75. The outcome doesn’t change. Laura probably beats TIA by even more, but I do think it is a completely different workout at 1 75 and it’s way slower. Nowhere near the,

Bill Grundler (11:02):

It’s way slower. The intensity would not nearly be as there. And I mean look at how many of those athletes failed the reps that we, I mean Emma Lawson failed one. Tia failed one. We saw Pat failed, but two Pat, we saw a handful of other ones. Will Morad failed. Daniel Brandon almost failed one. I mean there were a lot of fails and I think we saw that because of the fact that the weight was brought down. So it really forced everybody into the higher echelon of that intensity realm where I think a lot of people don’t go. Heidi, give me a break that I freeze again. Otter frozen.

Caleb Beaver (11:45):

Yes, you’re frozen, but apparently it’s what the

Bill Grundler (11:47):

Heck? Why is that?

Caleb Beaver (11:49):

Your audio sounds great. So there’s no,

Bill Grundler (11:52):

I’m jumping out and back again. God dangit, fuck no I’ll for this old.

Caleb Beaver (11:57):

Perfect. We have a replacement, we go just like that.

Chase Ingraham (12:01):

Upgraded happens when you bring old people on the show.

Taylor Self (12:06):

So chase

Caleb Beaver (12:06):


Taylor Self (12:06):


Chase Ingraham (12:06):

On the,

Taylor Self (12:07):

We started with the women there, the

Chase Ingraham (12:09):

Top three, we got Laura t

Taylor Self (12:10):

And Emma Lawson to round out our

Chase Ingraham (12:12):

Podium. Surprised at this. I mean I called it before the heat started, so no surprised at all. Surprised motherfuckers. Yeah, I mean that’s a great podium you look at, if you take what happened at the games last year and give everybody their due going into this, I mean that’s probably the podium you’re looking at. Just from an outside perspective, I’m impressed what Lawson did because there wasn’t as much fanfare around it. Like the games, she was never in the lead at any time. But I mean look at that consistency fifth. I mean one finish outside the top 10. That’s how you podium and that’s how you hang with two of the best in the sport right now.

Bill Grundler (12:52):

Dude, she’s so damn composed all the time.

Chase Ingraham (12:55):

Is she 18?

Bill Grundler (12:57):


Caleb Beaver (12:58):


Bill Grundler (12:59):

18. Yeah. If that’s how you

Caleb Beaver (13:00):

Hang, the rest of the field is

Taylor Self (13:01):

Fucked. Right? A hundred points out. Are they fucked? Are they fucked? Dude, I always come back to this question. She’s 19, right?

Bill Grundler (13:11):


Taylor Self (13:11):

What happened to to Haley? I’m not saying it’s going to happen to her, but I’m just saying is it that she’s

Chase Ingraham (13:18):

Not training in those places? She’s not out of her element. She’s with her family. She she’s went to prom, she’s being a high school kid as a normal person and not sitting in a training camp, training their life away.

Taylor Self (13:34):

Well I think, I have no idea. If she’s doing that then I think it’ll be a super interesting, call it a case study in five years to see how different her trajectory is in comparison to Mal or Haley. Because if that’s

Chase Ingraham (13:49):

Case, right, I mean it’s early

Taylor Self (13:50):

Because that’s what I think that’s missing from Mall and Haley for sure. I think

Bill Grundler (13:55):

That was missing those other two. If you look at how Mal and Haley and compare how they even just talked on interviews.


I mean the composure is completely different between Emma and the other two girls. I mean they’re all great athletes obviously. I mean they have an amazing set of tools to work with. But it’s a matter of watching Emma as she’s preparing for the event, how she handles herself during the event, watching certain things happen. And does it look like her head blows up because she just gets totally frustrated? Or does she just shut down or does she have some sort of an emotional blowout? I don’t see, she seems so just even keeled, which is yeah, I don’t see emotion period. She’s robotic. I don’t see that. I don’t see she had a

Chase Ingraham (14:47):

Motion at the games. I think it was second to last event. Maybe it was after the poll

Taylor Self (14:51):

Event, before the finale when she knew she had basically lost first place to Laura. She had her emotional moment. But I think the emotion is it’s not having emotion or crying. It’s being able to come back from that. That’s when you have your emotions in check. I mean aside from Bill, but me and Taylor, I think we’re pretty, we feed off our emotions a little bit, right?

Bill Grundler (15:14):

It’s just a little older. I was doing it the same age too. So

Taylor Self (15:18):

It’s okay to have emotions. It’s okay to get upset. It’s okay to cry, it’s okay, but to reel it back in shows control of those emotions.

Bill Grundler (15:25):

Well yeah. Are you going to be led by those?

Caleb Beaver (15:28):


Bill Grundler (15:28):

Mean it’s okay to be pissed. It’s okay to be frustrated, but if that completely shuts your entire momentum down and I haven’t seen that from her yet.

Taylor Self (15:39):

I also think what Chase said about her going to prom probably to me is the biggest difference. Because I think you understanding as a person, there’s more to life than just this. There’s more to who you are than just, this is what allows you to handle bad days a whole lot differently than the people who don’t have anything else. You have nothing else and you have a bad day. It’s like that.

Bill Grundler (16:05):

What are you,

Taylor Self (16:05):

Yeah, exactly. That’s a good point dude.

Mattew Souza (16:07):

Yeah, that’s great.

Taylor Self (16:08):

And you could tell right when that

Caleb Beaver (16:09):

Was said when you’re like, yeah, she went to prom Taylor, I think something clicked and he is like, wait.

Bill Grundler (16:13):


Taylor Self (16:14):

So different. So different. I never went to prom. I was excelled. I was having fun on, I was having an at-home prom by myself. It sounds intimate,

Caleb Beaver (16:26):


Taylor Self (16:28):

Susa. There’s more to life than CrossFit. Jeff, your head would spin with how

Caleb Beaver (16:33):

Much I do, brother, come over and

Taylor Self (16:35):

Check it out.

Caleb Beaver (16:36):

I got a lot going

Taylor Self (16:37):

On now. Diverse. Diverse. Yeah.

Caleb Beaver (16:40):

I am

Taylor Self (16:41):

As diverse as CrossFit. Tires. Tires.

Caleb Beaver (16:43):


Taylor Self (16:44):

So many attendees were upset about the concourse. I heard in the comments that they didn’t announce it to the people that were there, that they moved the location of the workout

Caleb Beaver (16:53):

With what?

Taylor Self (16:54):

Dropping barbells really loudly. And people were like, huh? And they

Caleb Beaver (16:57):

Started building something on the concourse and everybody’s like, oh, I wonder what that’s going to be. And then everybody just piled in over there. Caleb, did you get a

Taylor Self (17:03):

Chance to see it? Did you go over there?

Caleb Beaver (17:06):

I did. I went and looked at it. I was probably 10 people deep and so I tried to crane my head over. I couldn’t really see much. And then a bunch of people started bringing chairs over and standing on the chairs should look over everybody else. And then eventually I just turned around and watched the billboard out from the outfield from home plate and just kind of watched it from there. As I listened to barbells behind me,

Taylor Self (17:31):

Was there a lot of people there? Was it super

Caleb Beaver (17:32):


Taylor Self (17:34):

I guess the

Caleb Beaver (17:34):


Taylor Self (17:34):

Should rather be phrased. If you weren’t right up

Caleb Beaver (17:36):

In front where you pretty much screwed, you couldn’t see anything, you had to go watch it on

Mattew Souza (17:40):

The jumbotron.

Caleb Beaver (17:41):

If I was in the front of all of, if I was on the fence, I could see everything. But if I was behind five people,

Mattew Souza (17:49):

I couldn’t see shit.

Chase Ingraham (17:50):

And you’re not short?

Mattew Souza (17:51):

I’m not short. I’m 16. Definitely not short. If he’s seen over a crowd, anybody’s seen overcrowd, it’s going to be Caleb. Okay, do we have the final, the men’s leaderboard is still not up, huh?

Taylor Self (18:03):

What do you think Sev does at the game when the bears are on defense? You think that goes to the bathroom and occupies himself for 30 minutes? He asked

Chase Ingraham (18:11):

Where Tyson is. He’s like, what position does he play on this side of the field?

Taylor Self (18:16):

What position does he play on this side?

Mattew Souza (18:18):

Oh my goodness. Okay, so we still have no updated leaderboard.

Taylor Self (18:22):


Mattew Souza (18:25):

I mean there’s got to be a shakeup going on, right? So as it stands right now, please note that the final event, event nine is not in yet. And we have Pat Vellner in first at 6 0 5, Jeffrey Adler and second at five 40. Brent Perkowski at 5 25 Roman at five 15. Jason Hopper at 5 0 5 for our top five guys. I don’t think people got in between Vellner

Taylor Self (18:46):

And Pat took 10th in the workout and wait, I thought Pat took 10th in that workout

Bill Grundler (18:53):

Because his and

Chase Ingraham (18:55):

Susan, did you see that video I sent you?

Mattew Souza (18:57):

No. Did you send me a video?

Chase Ingraham (18:59):

I sent you the video where you find out who got fourth.

Taylor Self (19:01):

Right, right, right. Brent took fourth. Were breaking it here. Breaking news. Chase broke it. He sent the video.

Mattew Souza (19:10):

Alright, maybe Caleb will whip that up for us.

Taylor Self (19:12):

No, it’s for sure. It’s true. But I think that dude, it’s got to be. It’s got to be. I saw it too, dude. I think Vellner took second because he took 10th in that workout, right?

Mattew Souza (19:22):


Chase Ingraham (19:24):

Still be

Mattew Souza (19:27):

Leaderboard updated.

Chase Ingraham (19:28):

55 points. 50.

Taylor Self (19:31):


Mattew Souza (19:32):

So this is event nine results. This was the cleanup event. Jeffrey Adler was in first, Roman in second down Pepper in third. Brent Wakowski in four. Travis Mayer in fifth, Noah Olsson in sixth. Ricky Guard’s seventh, Lazar Juki in eighth. Jay Crouch in ninth and all the way down in 10th for this event. Well Kiki

Chase Ingraham (19:52):

Interviewed Pat and told him he was the champion. That’s why I’m late. I stayed at broadcast and they interviewed Pat as the champion and then they just stopped it

Mattew Souza (20:03):

Like, oh shit, we didn’t get

Chase Ingraham (20:06):

Anything else like and Pat, you’re the champ. And then

Mattew Souza (20:09):

Yeah, we have an updated leaderboard now. So if we bring it here, we could see and

Taylor Self (20:13):

All right, dude, I didn’t do my back of the napkin math.

Mattew Souza (20:16):

Do the back of the neck.

Chase Ingraham (20:17):

Alright, so watch Kakowski right there in the middle. He holds up his hands. His coach is telling him four and then he goes, he goes the

Taylor Self (20:27):

Tier. You see the tier.

Mattew Souza (20:30):


Chase Ingraham (20:30):

And the disappointment,

Taylor Self (20:30):

Not the shirt, but like the eye tier.

Mattew Souza (20:34):

You differentiating that, David? Okay, we

Taylor Self (20:37):

Got that. We got our men’s

Mattew Souza (20:38):

Leaderboard updated. Can we show that here and we’ll go through these.

Taylor Self (20:42):

Relax. Heidi. Heidi’s

Chase Ingraham (20:44):

Got that angst from

Mattew Souza (20:47):

Damn Heidi.

Chase Ingraham (20:47):


Mattew Souza (20:48):

I think Heidi, she accused me of being drunk. I don’t know why

Chase Ingraham (20:53):

They tied. I

Mattew Souza (20:54):

Think she was projecting there a little bit.

Chase Ingraham (20:57):


Mattew Souza (20:58):

No way. Official results. Pat Felner 660 points. Second place is Jeffrey Aler at 640. Third place is Roman clinic off 610 points. Brent Falkowski, they tied with points at 610 for fourth place for Brett, fifth place for Ricky Gerard

Taylor Self (21:18):


Mattew Souza (21:18):

5 65. And didn’t we have a little bet going with six place in Travis May?

Chase Ingraham (21:23):

Yes. Yes we did. Wow.

Caleb Beaver (21:26):

John Young

Mattew Souza (21:27):


Chase Ingraham (21:27):

It Holy shit. Five to one, right, that

Caleb Beaver (21:29):


Taylor Self (21:32):

Oh my

Mattew Souza (21:33):

Goodness, man. You know

Chase Ingraham (21:33):

What, John Young didn’t call singles on touch on the cleans.

Taylor Self (21:39):

Oh, he thought everyone was going to go touch and go.

Chase Ingraham (21:41):

Yes, it’s

Taylor Self (21:41):

He’s a dumbass.

Caleb Beaver (21:42):

I said if you didn’t go unbroken, you were going

Taylor Self (21:44):

To lose. I do

Mattew Souza (21:49):

Bold statement there. Okay, so we have our podium finishers. How do we, Taylor, what are you thinking?

Taylor Self (21:56):

I think Pat barely held on. Just I look through the middle of the competition and then a final day. I think the final day is very indicative of his general weakness as an athlete. This is relative, obviously he’s one of the fittest people on earth, but compared to the field, he has overhead limitations that you see quite a bit on heavy jerk events. And he failed to clean and jerk here just like he did last year. If you remember Shuttle to overhead. He had a lot of issues with that event. Today we had 500 feet of handstand walking 40 essentially cleaning jerks with the fat bells and then finishing with those five super crucial clean and jerks at the 2 25 bar I think is why we see that. 9, 10, 10. But it’s just interesting to see his placements versus Adler’s Adler with two event wins. Just not quite as consistent in the top five. I mean Vener with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5. Top fives crazy. How

Caleb Beaver (22:51):

Old? How old’s pat now?

Taylor Self (22:52):

32. 33.

Chase Ingraham (22:54):


Caleb Beaver (22:55):

So does Roman get

Mattew Souza (22:56):

The tie break because he has that first place? Is that how that

Taylor Self (22:58):

Was Why? Yep.

Mattew Souza (23:00):

Wow. Chase podium finishers our top five men comments.

Chase Ingraham (23:04):

What you think? Top five. I think this was my top five. Just not in this order.

Taylor Self (23:10):


Chase Ingraham (23:11):

I actually, I had think I had Ricky Roman Adler and then Kowski. Vellner has four and five, but damn Vellner. Every time you count him out, man, that old dog just fricking comes in there and just

Taylor Self (23:25):


Mattew Souza (23:26):

His way

Chase Ingraham (23:27):

Through it.

Taylor Self (23:28):

I feel like he probably wins by more if it’s the peg board and that workout rather than the handstand walk.

Chase Ingraham (23:34):


Mattew Souza (23:34):

There. And it’s crazy to think about how much the weather affected those events, right? With the rope climb being taken out, the pegboard being taken out. Speculation here. If those things were still in it, would this top five still be exactly the same as how it would or do you think it would shake out differently?

Bill Grundler (23:54):

Those points are pretty close, man. I mean you change one little movement like that and that can definitely up take the whole group and just turn it on its head.

Taylor Self (24:04):

I think if it’s a legless rope climb in the dual, I think Adler maybe wins that workout. He’s one of the best in the world at legless. His speed up a rope. If you go watch bike repeater and how he catches Matt Frazier and his speed up a rope. There’s maybe Justin and that’s about the only two people in the world. I can think of that. Climb a rope that fast. Jr Howell too, but

Bill Grundler (24:24):

I thought it was just because he had that cool helmet on when he was doing it.

Taylor Self (24:28):

Where did Hopper finish? Eighth, ninth? Or did he just bomb it on the

Mattew Souza (24:32):

Last one? Hopper and seventh dLAN Pepper and eighth. I mean he catapulted himself up Allen’s last day. Look at that first

Bill Grundler (24:40):

Third. Damn.

Taylor Self (24:42):


Mattew Souza (24:42):

That’s awesome. Remember? So his last four events was in 11th, a first, a fourth, and then a third Noah. Noah rounds off our top 10. So Jay crouch in ninth at 540 points and Noah Olsson sneaks in that top 10 with 500 in 30 points. Wow. So all the usual suspects. Is anybody

Taylor Self (25:03):


Mattew Souza (25:03):

That top 10 or not in that top 10 that we expect it to be? B,

Taylor Self (25:07):


Mattew Souza (25:07):

G. Bkg. Here he is in 12th with 475 points.

Taylor Self (25:12):

I don’t ever expect him to win, but when I see him in 12th I’m like, damn, that’s not what, that’s not that great for him.

Bill Grundler (25:17):

Where’s Chandler?

Taylor Self (25:19):

Yeah, Chandler big. Whoa. Especially on the last workout too. I was expecting him to do quite

Bill Grundler (25:25):

A bit better. His movement was crap.

Taylor Self (25:28):

I know it’s crap

Bill Grundler (25:29):

On that last movement, on that last event.

Mattew Souza (25:31):


Bill Grundler (25:33):

It’s so frustrating. At

Mattew Souza (25:35):

Least he’s consistent there.

Taylor Self (25:36):


Mattew Souza (25:37):

Flexibility is there too, is

Bill Grundler (25:40):

Mobility. Dude, he curled it. His arms never went straight. His arms didn’t go straight because I saw him straight on the deadlift yesterday.

Taylor Self (25:47):


Bill Grundler (25:47):

Can go straight,

Taylor Self (25:48):

Right? I think that’s an example of as a coach, you have the ability, if he’s willing to be coached, to take him to a different level by taking a handful of steps back. You take whatever, three, four even steps back for the entire off season to make some exponential leaps going forward. If you fix his fundamentals and technique.

Bill Grundler (26:12):

If I was Noah and I was planning on going on a team with him, that’s exactly what I would do. I’d be like, dude, you’re never allowed to bend your arms again on these cleans ever.

Mattew Souza (26:21):

Do you think was the

Taylor Self (26:22):

Person to say that though? Do you guys think

Mattew Souza (26:26):

That early on who benefited the least of the changes in the programming? Is Chandler based off that

Taylor Self (26:32):

The overhead

Mattew Souza (26:33):

Finish in the dual, in that 16th place finish in the handstand walk, you put a rope climb in there. I feel like that helps him at least get

Chase Ingraham (26:43):

Out of the first five. I don’t think he has the speed and athleticism to get out of in the second round. But Pegboards versus handstand walk, right? Yeah. Better for him.

Mattew Souza (26:55):

Yeah. Did you guys notice? Scroll back up just a little bit more for me please, Caleb. And it looked like Jason Hopper and I forgot who that one was tied for points. They both dalan. Thank you. But they both had a first place finish. So how did that work to the next? Then they go

Taylor Self (27:11):

To the place finish

Chase Ingraham (27:12):

Lowest place.

Mattew Souza (27:13):

Third, third, fourth. Fourth,

Chase Ingraham (27:15):

Fourth, sixth.

Taylor Self (27:16):

Yeah, so it just keeps coming down the line. So Jason had two fourths down, only had one fourth

Mattew Souza (27:23):

And then that’s where the tie break was for those two,

Taylor Self (27:25):

Right? The

Chase Ingraham (27:26):

Third one. That’s awesome. Wow. It’s crazy.

Mattew Souza (27:29):

Yeah, that is nuts. Have we ever seen any ties in points before

Chase Ingraham (27:34):

Finishing things off? Not at this high of a level of competition, I don’t think.

Taylor Self (27:38):

Scroll all the way to the top. I think this is interesting. It was mentioned before, but look at not a single athlete escaped the event without a finish outside the top 10.

Chase Ingraham (27:50):

I know. Oh, that’s

Mattew Souza (27:52):

Impressive. Yeah, you’re right.

Taylor Self (27:54):

So they just exposed. I mean they just had, I guess just finding holes in athletes’. Fitnesses

Chase Ingraham (28:04):

Pat didn’t win an event.

Taylor Self (28:06):

Right? Which is crazy.

Mattew Souza (28:07):

Oh shit, you’re right. Yeah. Pat standings 13th, second, third, fourth, third, third, ninth, 10th. 10th. And Jeffrey AB underneath them has two event wins. Look, mark started it and ended.

Taylor Self (28:19):

Yeah, but those five, top five are huge.

Chase Ingraham (28:23):


Mattew Souza (28:25):

That is crazy.

Taylor Self (28:27):


Mattew Souza (28:28):

Caleb’s given some love out over there.

Chase Ingraham (28:31):

I’m impressed with Ricky’s like resilience. He just hung in there.

Taylor Self (28:37):


Chase Ingraham (28:38):

Hung in there the whole time. He, to me, just watching casually was not a top five

Mattew Souza (28:48):


Chase Ingraham (28:48):

There like that. That’s pretty good

Mattew Souza (28:51):

For me. The most impressive has to be do And Pepper’s charge

Taylor Self (28:54):

Climb. Yeah, his climb

Chase Ingraham (28:56):

Pepper’s final day.

Mattew Souza (28:57):

That’s insane. Are we looking at the potential next male games champion within the next season or two as we see that resilience? I mean, basically everybody here counted him out, but then he came back and pulled the rich on a Sunday. Not to win obviously, but to get himself into a much, much, much better position than he was projected to be in.

Taylor Self (29:14):

I think he has to clean up two massive areas that are highlighted even more at the games before he wins the cross

Mattew Souza (29:22):

Beat. What do you mean what two areas?

Taylor Self (29:24):

Running, running, running, gymnastics, density.

Chase Ingraham (29:26):

Who does that remind you of?

Taylor Self (29:28):

Rich? Well, no, well the running reminds me of Rich Jeff Hadler. Oh wow. Was he a bad runner ever?

Chase Ingraham (29:36):

Yeah. Yeah. That’s

Taylor Self (29:38):

Crazy. How long like Dubai when he was 2020. Just cracking on. Wow.

Mattew Souza (29:44):

Yeah, so about three years. Build that up. Did you guys catch the moment between Jeff and Roman?

Taylor Self (29:53):


Mattew Souza (29:54):

Oh man. What happened? I

Caleb Beaver (29:55):

Think there were a

Mattew Souza (29:56):

Few of them. Did Roman

Taylor Self (29:57):

Give him a little one of these.

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