Madrid Championship Programming | Shut Up & Scribble Ep 13

Will Branstetter (00:03):

What’s up? We’re live. Shut up and scroll. Episode 13. Main topic of the day, the road qualifier,

Speaker 2 (00:12):

Ladies and gentlemen.

Speaker 3 (00:18):

So keep the political commentary to yourself or as someone once said, shut up and dribble.

Taylor Self (00:42):

I think actually we may touch the road qualifier workouts briefly, but I think we’re going to do Madrid not to burst your bubble. Sorry, will,

Will Branstetter (00:54):

Are you? Yeah,

Taylor Self (00:55):

We’re going to do, yeah, sorry. We just, you

Will Branstetter (00:58):

Guys are awesome communicators.

Taylor Self (01:00):

Yeah, we suck. I know. And JR also called me his most high maintenance friend, which leads me to believe he doesn’t consider Jason his friend because I know I’m not more high maintenance than Jason, bro.

JR Howell (01:11):

So I texted Taylor earlier today and said, Hey, the Q leaderboard isn’t finalized yet. Madrid starts next Thursday, so we’re going to be talking about Madrid after it’s already started. Do you want to do Madrid today? He said, no,

Taylor Self (01:25):


JR Howell (01:26):

I said, okay, cool. And then he messages me 20 minutes ago and says, let’s do Madrid.

Taylor Self (01:32):

That’s not what you said. This is what you said, bro.

Will Branstetter (01:35):

Alright, welcome to episode 13 and shut up and scribble. We’re going to talk about Madrid today.

Taylor Self (01:40):


JR Howell (01:41):

I thought you were doing the rest of your show shirtless. You have a

Taylor Self (01:45):


Will Branstetter (01:46):

Keep just

Taylor Self (01:46):

Kidding. Yeah, dude. First off, let me talk about Mexico for a second. Alright, please do. All right. So I learned a couple things. We have a very large Spanish speaking population at our gym. It’s like the 7:00 PM 6:00 PM class. I coach most of those and I would say I speak tactical Spanish. I can coach movements, some cues, got the numbers down. Pat can describe the workout, but the more fine minutia is challenging for me. But anyways, I was in Mexico and I learned that when Mexican or Hispanic people, maybe not all Hispanic people, I was in Mexico, it’d just be Mexicans. When they speak English, they put an E before every word that starts with an S, s steak S special. Anyways, just found that funny. I’m sure they make fun of how us country like Tyler Watkins talk. Anyways, that was funny. And then we couldn’t find a souvenir, but Lizzie ended up bringing one home with her of the respiratory variety. And now I have that and that’s why I’m in a hoodie, bro. I just got the chills like crazy. I was driving home from pt, it was like a hundred degrees and I had to roll the windows up and turn the AC off.

Will Branstetter (03:00):

Did you run into any bats when you were down there?

Taylor Self (03:04):

Oh, for you means some covid bats. Dude, actually fucked one dude.

JR Howell (03:14):

Men world.

Taylor Self (03:16):

Sorry bro. Oh, and the other thing is I was coaching first day back coaching. It was a great day and it was this one member’s birthday and she was like these two middle-aged women, they’re hilarious. They’re like, we want to listen to some hood rat shit. And I’m like, why? And she’s like, it’s my birthday. And I’m like, all right, well I’m not playing Meg Stallion or Cardi B first off. And they’re like, why not? Why not? Why not? And I just don’t want to hear anyone sing lyrical porn and talk about my wet ass puss. And then they got all upset with me. They’re like, you’re a sexist.

Will Branstetter (03:50):

That’s what you would be if you were a music artist.

Taylor Self (03:53):

I would not be Meg Thee stallion.

Will Branstetter (03:55):

You’re make the stallion of the podcast stuff you say

Taylor Self (03:59):


JR Howell (03:59):


Will Branstetter (04:00):

The Stevon podcast.

Taylor Self (04:01):

Anyways, that was pretty funny. So I played some old Lil Wayne, some Toonchy instead. He’s great. What a great guy, but all right, Madrid, Madrid programming Jr. Who programmed that, by the way? You said something, you said Elliot, do I remember that correctly?

JR Howell (04:21):

Elliot Simmons.

Taylor Self (04:22):

Ah, that’s what I thought you mentioned. Yeah, I didn’t know, did they start that company? Quintessential?

JR Howell (04:29):

I’m not sure. It’s actually, I was thinking about though that just in the first couple, I guess you would call ’em big off season competitions, seeing two games, athletes seeing Elliot program, this one Janowski program, the one in Finland that Brian was just at. I just think it’s cool to see some of the higher level athletes that are currently competing or maybe retired get into that space and if they’re good at it or if they’re not good at it, I think it’s pretty cool.

Taylor Self (05:02):

Yeah. Anyways, I did all the notes in prep for that programming, which was why beforehand, yeah, I was confused. And also I probably,

JR Howell (05:12):

I mean they’re really easy to pull up on Instagram if Will just wants to pull them up.

Will Branstetter (05:17):

Yeah. One sec. I change the thumbnail.

Taylor Self (05:22):

We were also talking about how to make urinals nons splash.

JR Howell (05:27):

I think they’ve already done

Taylor Self (05:28):

That. Anybody have any ideas? I just sit down to pee no matter what

Will Branstetter (05:33):

On the urinal. Yeah, dude.

Taylor Self (05:38):

Okay, stop. My dog barks whenever I laugh. Shut up.

JR Howell (05:45):

See, as far as the cue goes, we are still waiting on the leaderboard to be finalized, which I think is something important. We can look at the programming and talk about whether or not we like it and talk about movement patterns and what athlete might it lend itself to as far as performance goes. But I mean the names on the leaderboard are all really, really stellar. There’s a ton of good males and females. I think after the leaderboards finalized and we could come back to it next week and talk about whether or not we were surprised that certain people qualified based on the programming, whether we thought that it got the right people there to rogue and especially was the qualifier a good screen for what we think the competition’s going to be programmed. Because a lot of people think of Rogue in a certain way just like they think of maybe Waap Pza programming. They think of swimming, they think of rogue programming a lot of times as pretty robust and pretty heavy and they think of Dubai maybe as a lot of endurance style events and some single modality weightlifting. It would be cool to come back around to it next week and just talk about programming as a whole, what we can expect at Rogue in person and just who we think will do well after the field is kind of set.

Taylor Self (07:02):

Yeah, I think that’ll be pretty important to me knowing if the qualifier was a good screen is just seeing the final iteration of that leaderboard and who’s in, who’s out there. Yeah. Long story short, I think there are a lot of things that make a qualifier for an in-person event. A good screen programming being a big piece, but not the only piece. Alright, Madrid, I have some thoughts on this ish too, brother.

JR Howell (07:30):

Alright, cool. Well yeah, let’s just jump into it. We can just do ’em in order. I don’t think event seven is out yet, but we can kind of go back and forth about what we think it’s going to be. I think we could have a pretty good idea of predicting that.

Taylor Self (07:45):

Alright, get it bro.

JR Howell (07:48):

Alright, so first of all, we got centimeters and inches on the same workout, which kind of blew my mind at first because I’m not a metric guy, so I had to go look up what that centimeter was. It’s like 5.9 I think close to six inches of deficit.

Taylor Self (08:03):

Oh, for both you think men and women, they don’t have a differentiator there

JR Howell (08:08):

Don’t have a differentiator and don’t have a difference in rep scheme?

Taylor Self (08:12):

I think it’s probably likely it’s like

JR Howell (08:16):

Nine and six or nine and five or something like

Taylor Self (08:18):

That. I don’t think it’s a nine inch deficit. I’m six and three

JR Howell (08:22):

5.9. So you think it’s like six and

Taylor Self (08:24):

Three? Yeah, probably six and three I would imagine. I love this workout overall. Love it. Very gymnastic heavy for sure, which is fine, but I just love the format. I love that up and back ladder ish. It’s with the reps, right? 15 34, 5, 30, 15 and then an assault bike sandwich in the middle and then you do it again in reverse. I think that’s sick sickness and I’m down with it.

JR Howell (08:52):

Those sandbags. Do you think those are feed bags? Do you think they’re cylindrical, do you think? I mean 80 and 60

Taylor Self (09:02):

Odd weights. Yeah,

JR Howell (09:03):

For 60 reps too. I can only imagine that it’s supposed to be done and broken and fast. I mean do you think they’re just circular sandbags?

Taylor Self (09:14):

I would imagine they’re like feed sacks that go on your back. Personally as we look at other events, there is a lot of other front rack stuff, so I would not imagine a bear hug or in competitions. I’ve seen front rack feed sack squats, which are just weird. You just hold them almost in not a goblet but a zercher almost position. I think that’d be cool, but I don’t see them doing that. I think it’s just a feed sack GORUCK style of bag that’s on the back and I think that it has the potential to be super potent with the GHS right afterward right into the pistols. Then that’s 60 cal bike in the center then back down. I think that’s plenty of weight and plenty of reps in this particular context.

JR Howell (09:58):

If you look at it from an order standpoint, if you flip it and you start with the strict and end with the strict, it’s a completely different workout going from the box jump overs into the echo back into the box jump overs, but the fact that they have those 30 strict only sandwiched by the echo that’s going to be that second set of 15 is probably going to decide to workout for the majority of the field. And what’s interesting about a workout like this, and Brian and I were talking about it when we talk about offseason programming, is if you program certain movements, there aren’t competitions you can look at sometimes other than the games or a really high level competition where something like a strict deficit handstand pushup gets tested. Like how many people program strict deficit handstand pushups when programming, you never do them at the open level. You never do them in quarters, you never do them in the semi-final level. Doesn’t do strict deficit very often, so unless you’ve competed at the games, what can you look to know who’s going to struggle and who’s not? It’s a huge question to me.

Taylor Self (11:02):

Would you call this a chipper? I would. I’d call it kind of a kitchen sink esque chipper up and back chipper.

JR Howell (11:08):

I mean we could call it a pyramid chipper up and back chipper, but to me a true chipper is where you do a movement and you don’t come back

Taylor Self (11:16):

To it. Don’t do it again. Yeah.

JR Howell (11:19):

But yeah, this is a really popular format. This up and back style, I mean one of my favorite ones that was programmed was last year at Rogue with the log muscle up that went muscle up ski G H D ski muscle up. That’s a really well known one. But yeah, I mean it’s kind of a little bit of everything. It’s kind of a cool workout to get it going. There’s probably going to be people that do well on this that fall off on other events and then there’s going to be people that really excel on this just because they’re good at that strict upper body pressing.

Taylor Self (11:52):

But I think there’s little bit of something for everybody in this workout key though, I think to what you’re alluding to is that the linchpin of the workout is definitely the strict deficit handstand pushups even more so the second set. But at the same time, if you don’t have good lactic threshold, quad endurance, general metabolic conditioning, you’re not going to do well in this workout I don’t think. At the same time, if you are a freak conditioning wise and you can only do triples or singles at that deficit, I’m not convinced you’re going to do well in the workout either. So I think generally it’s pretty well-rounded.

JR Howell (12:28):

Yeah, this is one of those 20 minute workouts too where you might see the fastest person go eight minutes or seven minutes faster than some of the people that get capped just because of that, just because of that 30 For a lot of people, they’re just going to slow play the whole workout just to try to get through the bike and for other people they’re going to try to just get through the second 15 and then for a few they’re actually trying to race and win,

Taylor Self (12:52):

Which I think interestingly enough, looking at it, there’s not a lot of muscular interference for the strict deficit handstand pushups, even the assault bike. I don’t think it’s a good game plan for people who are like, okay, I’m just going to try to keep my heart rate low just so I can do the handstand pushups. I think if you’re at this level, you’re an elite athlete and a high heart rate is what’s keeping you from doing the deficit strict rather than muscular fatigue from an interfering movement, you might have bigger things to worry about, but I’m sure there will be people like that in the field. Yeah,

JR Howell (13:22):

I mean the whole workout is quad and hip flexor other than the script. Exactly. So I’m sure he did that by design too.

Taylor Self (13:28):

Yeah, which I like. I think that’s cool. And dude presented by Braun, is that the shaving company, bro? Yeah.

JR Howell (13:36):


Taylor Self (13:37):

I’m out here. We have an event. The fuck is up. That’s crazy,

JR Howell (13:41):


Will Branstetter (13:42):

Is it the same as like Manscape

Taylor Self (13:44):

Dude? Bron is like, they do like a aftershave. I’m pretty sure. I used to have this aftershave from Braun that I had my whole time when I was in rehab this one bottle and I still didn’t grow that much hair, so that one bottle blasted me like six months. That just rings a bell. Anyways, okay, next workout. Oh, there we go. Electric shaver, right?

Will Branstetter (14:03):

Silk expert pro five. That’s what I’m getting. 430 bucks, bro.

Taylor Self (14:07):

Dude, that thing will knock your pubes down in a heartbeat and you won’t have any nicks.

Will Branstetter (14:12):

Wow. Buying that.

Taylor Self (14:14):

The lady Shaver. Wow, I’m buying an Instacart. Holy smokes. Alex Elliot Simmons programmed this competition. All right, let’s go next workout. Overall, I love it. Wow. Classic rep scheme.

Will Branstetter (14:35):


Taylor Self (14:37):

Yeah, fto. I love the 42, 30 18. Love that. 21 15 9. Again, just a classic. I think the format of 42, 21, 30 15, 18, 9, great ascending weights on the barbell. Again, great, fast, nasty workout. Think what do you think of Time Domain Jr? I think generally just at a glance, something like eight minutes for the fastest, maybe seven.

JR Howell (15:04):

Yeah, I do think when you look at this though on paper it reads faster than it’s going to be doing 45 snatches. The lightest of which being like what?

Taylor Self (15:16):

21 snatches?

JR Howell (15:17):

It’s like one, no, 45 snatches.

Taylor Self (15:20):

No, it’s 42. Chest to bar pullups, 21 snatches.

JR Howell (15:24):

There’s a total, I’m sorry.

Taylor Self (15:26):

Okay, you’re talking about total, total, total.

JR Howell (15:27):

There’s a total of

Taylor Self (15:28):

45. Gotcha, gotcha.

JR Howell (15:29):

Yeah. And all of those are what? 1 55? Yeah, 1 45 to 180 5.

Taylor Self (15:39):

85, yeah. 1 45, 1 65, 180 5

JR Howell (15:41):

No ones. If it was 21 15 9 Chester bar snatch, then sure people do it unbroken on the chest bar and they try to hold on at least for maybe some touch and go clusters on the snatches, but because it’s 90 chest bar, I think this is actually a little bit more of a how can I not blow up and how can my pulling in my grip not fatigue versus we’re going after it type workout.

Taylor Self (16:04):

I feel like there are people that can do really well, maybe breaking the first set of chest bar once and the second set once maybe some people that can go unbroken and hit pretty steady singles on the snatches. I don’t see that there’s any, like you said, maybe there’s not any benefit to going unbroken on the chest bar is such a cheap break to just drop down for a second, eliminate unnecessary time on retention, get back up and go, but I like it. I like the workout.

JR Howell (16:31):

Yeah, I mean if you look at the middle round for a lot of people, for most athletes, that’s where the workout starts to take its toll. That’s where you kind of see it take its shape as far as who’s going to do well and who may fall off. If you do the 15 snatches at, that’s about 1 65, so if you do the 1 65 snatches in singles, one every three seconds versus one every four seconds, that’s two to three quick breaks on the set of 30 right there. So you could go a little bit faster on the barbell cycling and afford your breaks. 12, 10, 8 or 1515 on the chest a bar and it’s going to mean a lot less. I think the inability for people to stay disciplined and be back on the bar is so much more difficult in a barbell cycling workout than jumping back up on the

Taylor Self (17:20):

R. Yeah, yeah. Overall thoughts one to 10, how much do you like this one on a scale? Just individual of anything else on its own?

JR Howell (17:28):

Just this workout?

Taylor Self (17:29):


JR Howell (17:32):

I like it. I think it’s a great classic couple and I hope that there are either three barbells on the floor or that they’re rolling forward and they’re adding their own weight or they’re rolling forward and someone else is adding it. I think as far as telling a story goes, it has a ton of potential

Taylor Self (17:48):

To Yep. Yep. Cool. Okay. Workout three

JR Howell (17:55):

Lifting dust.

Taylor Self (17:58):

I like it except for the adaptive jump ropes.

JR Howell (18:05):

We need to pull that. We need to pull a video of that up if we can. Is it on their Instagram? It’s got to be, I think there it is right there. Upper right.

Taylor Self (18:14):

Yeah. Yeah. What’s the,

JR Howell (18:18):

Okay, so I love the attempt at creativity. I love when people try to bring something new to a movement that is already not very novel. We’ve seen some jump rope variations now we’re kind of seeing the apparatus change a little bit. Sure. It’s been something that a lot of the adaptive community has used for a while. It is what you would consider, I guess just like a different skill, but I don’t know how you feel about it Taylor, but for me, I would like to see this kind of movement open up a chipper and have that be how it’s introduced versus, Hey, you may not even get to lift if you can’t do these.

Taylor Self (19:10):

Well, at the end of the day, this is why these are in the competition and this is the reality of you being a programmer and programming from an entity outside of yourself, say a separate event organizer is you’re going to have your hands tied on some things and they’re going to be companies that pay these event organizers or sponsor these event organizers say, Hey, we’re going to pay you this much or we’re going to give you this and we need this in the workout and I fucking bet my life that is it RX marketer or some other company don’t know what company is like, okay, we have these,

JR Howell (19:44):

It’s that brand. Oh

Taylor Self (19:45):

Yeah. I was like, okay, we have this implement. Nobody’s buying ’em. We’re going to pay you this much. Use them in your competition. We need to sell the shit out of these. And at the very least, everybody who’s doing them in the competition just went and bought one to practice on ’em. Sure.

JR Howell (20:00):

But sure. But I guess my point is, if you’re going to do something like that and you have the freedom if you want to do something like this, where do you put it in a competition? Do you put it in a couplet? Do you put it in a lifting event as a buy-in? Like do you put it in a workout that it doesn’t really matter as far as who does well? How do you work in a sponsorship agreement like

Taylor Self (20:24):

That? I think I’m probably not putting it at the beginning of a chipper just because again, I would want for people who can’t do it to get as much of the work load as everyone else in, so maybe at the end of a chipper, maybe in the middle if I had to. I think that’s how I would do it. I think long story short, if I didn’t have to, I probably wouldn’t. But that’s not the reality of working with the event organizer. When you work with the event organizers, sometimes you just got to do what you got to do and that’s all good. I think generally speaking, it’s a good workout. I just think that that jump ropes a little gimmicky to me, but got to make that money, baby.

JR Howell (21:05):

As far as the format goes, we will see later on that there are definitely some workouts that help balance out a, I would still kind of consider this a rested strength test, right? There is a little bit of a buy-in with skill. There’s 150 of these double unders, you only have 90 seconds. We can assume that the cycle time is about the same as a regular jump rope, so 30 seconds for jumping and then you have a minute to make your attempt. Then you have a 92nd rest and you do it two more times as far as it on its own, as long as there’s a single modality, maybe not a structural test or there’s a really, really dense gymnastics only test, I’m fine with the event as far as people go heavy and not really letting the new thing really mess up the leaderboard. I don’t think for any of these athletes at the elite level are going to struggle to do the 50. I don’t

Taylor Self (21:58):

What’s spin talking about? What do you mean? If we talked about the torque tank yet? Is that in the event?

JR Howell (22:05):

We’re only at the second workout, so we haven’t

Taylor Self (22:07):

Gotten there yet. I didn’t see it, but maybe that’s just because I’m blind anyways. Yeah, I like the cleaning jerk Max. I think potentially something sneaky about this workout is going from that bi couplet one and two type 21, 59, 42, 30 18 into this event. I know it’ll be a day separation, but grip and forearms are going to be blown from that workout and I have a feeling that this variation of double under to me looks like if there’s anything that it would tax more than a regular number lender. It’s your grip. You’re holding it exactly the same way you would hold the barbell. I dunno if that adds any sort of sketchiness or uncertainty to these lifts, but something to look out for.

JR Howell (22:53):

But yeah, I mean in a time where there’s a huge argument, and this is a show on its own, where is the line between creative and gimmick? Is that line? Where is the line drawn between something that’s a circus trick or something that’s a true progression of a movement or a way to test adaptability? I commend somebody for trying to do something different. Always. Whether or not it flops, you just take the ownership for that. I mean, I got some of those coming up in my competition. You have things in your competition that you’re like, this doesn’t get programmed in a for time setting. This may be super lame, but you are willing to take that risk for it to really land.

Taylor Self (23:35):

Yeah, I think it’s a gray area. I don’t think there is a hard line. I think some people think that’s a fucking gimmick and other people are like, oh, I think that’s sick. And again, it’s hit or miss with your audience and whether or not they’re going to think what you’re programming is gimmicky or cool.

JR Howell (23:52):


Taylor Self (23:53):

Yeah. Just gray. I think it’s gray.

JR Howell (23:55):

So that’s workout three.

Taylor Self (23:57):

Gray with an R?

JR Howell (24:00):

With an R or with an E?

Taylor Self (24:01):

No, no, no with an R. You didn’t get that. Come on man. I did. Alright. Alright,

Will Branstetter (24:13):


Taylor Self (24:14):

Whoa, that means something. Whoa.

Will Branstetter (24:18):

I’ve been to Spain,

Taylor Self (24:18):

Bro. Does YouTube screen obscenity in other languages? I’m sure they do or whatever. I’m not a computer. Okay, let’s go five K run with a plate carrier presented by goruck. So I would assume that that sandbag in the first event is probably one of those longer GORUCK bags. Potentially. Only question is do you think this is a backpack or an actual plate carrier? It would be cool if they ran this entire event with one of those strapped bare bones plate carrier where you put the weight plate on the back and the fucking clip on that thing. I think that’s sick. I

JR Howell (24:55):

Remember maybe it was Josh was the first person I ever saw where one

Taylor Self (24:58):

Of those Josh just running it up his hill. Yeah, right. I need one. You

JR Howell (25:04):

Have one. I think this is great right after the lift, especially if they’re doing it on the same day. I think it’s a really cool juxtaposition of the opposite ends of the spectrum and who you expect to do well on both. So I think this is good.

Taylor Self (25:18):

Cool. Yep. Love it on.

JR Howell (25:21):

If there’s another run somewhere in the competition, I scratch my head a little bit at it just because I think that there’s a lot of other structural things you can do, but that’s left to be seen.

Taylor Self (25:32):

Quick, quick question. Do you think this, when you look at this event, it’s got the added weight. I know we’ve talked a little bit about this stuff before. Do you consider any part of this weightlifting?

JR Howell (25:41):

No, neither

Taylor Self (25:42):

Do I

JR Howell (25:43):

Just consider it a weighted run.

Taylor Self (25:44):

Yeah. Yeah. It’s a run. It’s a run and it’s just harder. You’re a little fatter maybe. Okay.

Will Branstetter (25:49):

How many times do you think they wield it?

JR Howell (25:53):

At least three.

Taylor Self (25:54):

Holy shit. Okay. The burpee maker

JR Howell (25:59):


Taylor Self (26:01):

I love it. I love it. I love a burpee. It’s presented by assault fitness. Are they using the air rower?

JR Howell (26:09):

There you go. Is it a rower or is there a runner somewhere else in the competition? That’s the question.

Taylor Self (26:13):

What do you mean? No, I think dude. Well, the first workout’s, assault, bike ab. The first workout 60 48 cal.

JR Howell (26:23):

I thought it said echo.

Taylor Self (26:24):

No, no, no. It said calorie.

Will Branstetter (26:25):

It says ab airbike

Taylor Self (26:27):


JR Howell (26:28):

So maybe it’s all salt. That would be pretty

Taylor Self (26:31):

Cool. Well, they’re going to sit on Antonio Brown’s butt cheeks and just pedal him. Stop. See my dog whenever I laugh, she barks. She’s cut it out. You don’t get to do that. She wags her tail. Okay, we’ll go back to that interval.


Sorry. That’s my fault. I took us back down memory lane. I love it. And if it’s with the arrow rower, I love it even more. I just think that’s cool. I think just change things up a little bit. Everybody rows on a C two. Not a lot of people have access to an air rower. At the end of the day. It’s the same movement, but it’s a little different. People aren’t going to be as familiar with their paces on the row for getting calories. They’re just going to be a little uncertain. Peter. Hello Peter. So I like that. If it’s the air rower back to another barbell for 12 thrusters, more squatting into max bar facing burpees. I like the event on its own. I’m starting to have some question marks looking at the totality on

JR Howell (27:35):


Taylor Self (27:36):

What? No, no, let’s wait until we get to, let’s wait till we get to six. Okay,

JR Howell (27:39):

So we get, how long do you think the row and thruster take in the interval? Every time? Two on one off.

Taylor Self (27:44):

I would guess it’s going to take about a minute, five, maybe a minute for the absolute fastest. If you’re rowing that 16 cals a dude and the air rowers I think a little bit quicker than the C two to carry calories. You get off the rower. Say what, 35 seconds If you’re moving hard, which might, that’s probably appropriate for these guys. You go straight to the barbell, pick it up 12 quick thrusters. I don’t think you have to rush those with 24 seconds. You can take your time and finish in a minute and then you can get right to the burpees. And I think,

JR Howell (28:18):

Yeah, with transitions, I think you’re spot on. I think it’s like 45 to 55 seconds for burpees.

Taylor Self (28:23):

And I think for people who are really good and can pace and can hold, man, I think three is possible, but I think if anyone does it in three, it’s one person. And I don’t know if anyone at this competition can do it in three.

JR Howell (28:38):

I think most people are going to take five and I think maybe half the field does it in four.

Taylor Self (28:43):

Yeah, I think a lot can do it in four. But again, I think it reads to me as one of those workouts where someone can do it in three.

JR Howell (28:49):

Yeah. Yeah. So I mean a lot of this too, and people don’t

Taylor Self (28:54):

Usually think

JR Howell (28:55):

About this when they’re looking at a workout, is how far apart everything is. Matters a lot

Taylor Self (29:00):

In a workout. Yeah, it does. That’s

JR Howell (29:01):

For sure. If you’re getting off the rower and running 20 feet versus getting off the rower and the barbell is right there, it’s completely different. So just those couple seconds. If there’s two transitions and they’re both three seconds long and you miss those six, that’s two burpees right there. So it’s not as cut and dry as just the road takes this, the barbell takes this, so they’re going to be averaging 18 a minute easily every time. We don’t really know how it’s going to look on the floor. Are they going to advance the bar every 15 burpees so that the crowd can see, okay, that person is past 45 or that person is past 60. How are they going to keep count? Is there going to be someone moving a chess piece along the floor after they’re done with the interval every time showing you, Hey, this person’s in the lead, all those things really

Taylor Self (29:46):

Matter. I think they’re probably rolling the barbell. And when you think about those logistics, no one’s going to do it in three. But in my head where I’m thinking, okay, I’m at the gym, I’m doing this workout, I’m thinking, I know I can do 25 bar facing burpees in a minute at not a blackout pace. It’s a.

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