Live Shows, Workouts, & More from Wodaplooza | Shut Up & Scribble Ep 29

Taylor Self (00:00):


JR Howell (00:02):

Well, yeah, you lost all that.

Taylor Self (00:04):

We got to talk about that first too and just try to hype that up and get everybody on it. Dude. Save the world.

JR Howell (00:10):

Just stand up right now and just show your apps

Taylor Self (00:12):

To start the show.

JR Howell (00:13):

Yeah, dude,

Taylor Self (00:15):

To show you.

JR Howell (00:17):

Yeah, we’re live now. It’s a party.

Will Branstetter (00:20):

We’re live zipper down

Taylor Self (00:22):

Live. Yeah. Should I unzip that again?

Will Branstetter (00:25):

Dang, bro.

Taylor Self (00:26):

I’ve only been doing non-processed food since last Wednesday. I was eating fucking basically. Oh dude, we just got past 30 seconds, dude.

Will Branstetter (00:39):

I think it’s five minutes. Actually. That’s what I heard from Peter.

Taylor Self (00:44):

Is it five minutes? If it’s five minutes, whatever. I already ruined it, but anyways, I’ve been eating like crap,

JR Howell (00:49):

Dude. Just till you get a Miami burn on that pigment and you’re going to be

Taylor Self (00:54):

No, in another week I’m going to be down another 5% body fat. Should we play? Are we still playing our intro? Is that

Will Branstetter (01:06):

A thing?

Taylor Self (01:07):

I don’t know ladies

Speaker 4 (01:08):

And gentlemen,

Speaker 5 (01:14):

So keep the political commentary to yourself or as someone once said,

Will Branstetter (01:19):

Shut up and scribble. You already got monetization taken off.

Taylor Self (01:37):


Will Branstetter (01:37):


Taylor Self (01:40):

Oh well

JR Howell (01:42):

Dude, get it together today.

Taylor Self (01:44):

I don’t see that fucking money anyways, bro. So how many Dude, I was looking at the metrics of what it takes to get monetization. Listen guys, go subscribe to Train Sentinel YouTube because we’re going for it, bro.

Will Branstetter (01:59):

Make some pennies,

Taylor Self (02:01):

Dude. I’ll make some pennies over here.

JR Howell (02:02):

Don’t worry about will thread count on that bed behind you would blow your mind. He doesn’t need any of that

Will Branstetter (02:09):

Facts. It’s a couch, but that’s why I’ve been sleeping. My sisters were sleeping in my room, so I slept on the office couch for a week.

Taylor Self (02:20):

Dope. Yeah, how’s having them in town?

Will Branstetter (02:23):

It’s a lot of fun. It’s cool.

Taylor Self (02:25):

How old are your sisters? Caris and Kate, right?

Will Branstetter (02:28):

Yeah, old enough.

Taylor Self (02:32):

Okay, dude, don’t go there, bro. Dude,

Will Branstetter (02:36):

Why are you asking, bro?

Taylor Self (02:38):

Because I thought both of them were the same age, but then yesterday I noticed that Kate looked like she was for sure still in high school, like maybe a freshman

Will Branstetter (02:45):

18 and 22.

Taylor Self (02:46):

Oh, okay. I judged her wrong. Sorry,

JR Howell (02:52):

Just wait like in 10 years or so, Taylor, you’ll be, if someone asks you how old you think a girl is, you just never answer it. If you think they’re older than 10 or you think they’re younger than 30, you just don’t say anything at all because you’re either going to look like someone that needs

Taylor Self (03:08):

An Abstine client

JR Howell (03:10):

Around schools or you or you’re going to insult someone. It’s nuts. You’re be like, oh yeah, she’s probably 12 and they’re like 18, or you say they’re probably like, I don’t know, maybe 30. Like what? I’m only 20. My advice to you is the older you get, do not guess women’s ages.

Taylor Self (03:32):

Copy that. So yeah, dude, a couple things I’m going to pull up once we get through some of this stuff. I’m going to pull up the workouts. We’re going to be hosting Miami, but we launched


Our sick new brand. We got a cease and desist for self-made training program because some dude has some fricking company somewhere and he has self-made trademarked, which is whack. But anyways, so we changed the name took me a while. I was playing around with ideas and I think where it came from, the word itself, I was thinking about really what I feel like makes my training program different. The training program that we’re building out and pushing onto the greater community is we’re a competitive and a six meter program, but we do not step away from the core methodology that is CrossFit like a lot of these other programs do, and that is so different. And if you don’t know what I mean, one sign up for a free trial so that you can see it, it’s literally harmless. Two, go look at other programs. It’s constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity and there are progressions that are thoughtful.


Well, one thing that people think are at odds in the CrossFit space are variance and progression. They’re like, oh, you can’t have both. If you’re doing a progression, then you’re doing the same thing, but you can disguise the progression with thoughtful variance and do things just slightly different enough to have an exposure to a different rep scheme, a different grip width or stance or variation of a movement and still progress it and get stronger. So I do a ton of stuff like that, but generally it’s just way different. And the name Sentinel, we came up with Sentinel Training. A sentinel is a guardian, a bastion, someone who protects, pushes forward watches over something, and I feel like more than anything with these online programs today, none of them give credit to their roots. All of them try to reinvent things and just get so outside of the base of the methodology that it’s not worth doing. Unless you are literally Matt Fraser. It’s not worth you guys rowing for 60 minutes a day, five days a week because you’re going to suck at everything else and you’re not fit enough to do stuff like that. You need to do CrossFit. It needs to be GPP, et cetera. So, oh, I bored jr. See ya.


It just means that we are minders guardians even of the methodology and we believe in it more than anything. This is, I just want to pull up this sick ass reel we come up with. Dude, shout out fucking daddy over here.

Will Branstetter (06:39):

I’m pretty sure people in the comments spook Jr about his mic working or not, but it was working

Taylor Self (06:44):


Speaker 6 (06:44):

Program because I love CrossFit and I want to share that with other people. We give athletes both every day and competitive, the most effective, unique, and fun training available at Sentinel Training. We provide the most attentive coaching and descriptive workout notes available on any online training platform at the lowest price. Our mission at Sentinel Training is to preserve the methodology that Coach Glassman founded while continuing to innovate and create devastating fitness leading from the front. This is what it means to train s.

Taylor Self (07:19):

Got some chills there a little bit at the end. Dude, that is your work. That is Will’s work. Dude, I know. Crazy. Oh, I could stay actually on that screen share because we are, oh, I’m still on it. Okay, we are in Miami next week, baby. So stoked. Shut up and scribble is going to be in Miami. We’re going live Thursday morning at 9:00 AM Friday morning at 9:00 AM Saturday morning at 8:00 AM and Sunday morning at 9:00 AM we’re going to have Tyler Watkins on at the end of each show. You want to announce that Will this fricking segment

Will Branstetter (07:59):

At the show, we’re going to have Tyler Watkins. So we’re modeling after kind of a college game day style. So it won’t be a programming show like Normal with shut up and scribble. It’ll be more general pre-event day style show at Waza. It’ll be live. We’re going to have multiple cameras hopefully. And so upping the production value we’re going to have going to try to set it up into different segments in the final segment of every day we’re planning on doing a pick them, so Tyler Watkins with the heat one app to come on with JR and Taylor and they’ll pick who they think is going to win every event of the day. And so that’ll be the final segment at the moment of every day. And so if you’re in Miami, you can come hang out, watch the show live. You can yell, you can throw tomatoes,

Taylor Self (08:51):

You can boo Taylor,

Will Branstetter (08:52):


Taylor Self (08:53):

Taylor back at you. It’s going to be awesome. Just imagine how hard I come after y’all on the comments on Savon show. Try doing it live.

Will Branstetter (08:59):

Yeah, you can bring signs, bring Fathead of Savon, all that good stuff that you’re seeing in the comments, feel free. So it should be fun. We want to make it fun. So we’re doing different segments and the one that’ll be at the end of every show will be the pick them and so download the he one app and you can join us in Miami or on YouTube. We’ll be streaming it and you can pick along with the gang.

JR Howell (09:26):

Should we talk about some of those segments for the Gen Z population that we hope is showing? Yeah.

Will Branstetter (09:32):

Yeah, go. Go ahead jr.

JR Howell (09:35):

Alright you guys. Guys. So for the shows we got some pretty cool ideas. We want it to be pretty interactive. We want to be able to show our opinions of workouts mainly centered around programming, but obviously the athletes will be directly involved since they’re the ones doing the programming. We got a couple cool segments we’re excited about, one being called busing or sussing where we’ll preview the events for that day and we’ll kind of go around the table and say whether or not we think that they’re awesome workouts, really good workouts or maybe a little suspect. I thought we should have a mid category too, but I don’t know. We’ll see. Make some cards made so we can hold up some. I don’t know, maybe we’ll just put something on our foreheads. I don’t know. I think it’ll be cool. So busing or sussing. That’s just talking about workouts and then we’ve got Taylor you to on the other one.

Taylor Self (10:31):

Dude, well first off I thought the rating categories were going to be slaps.

Will Branstetter (10:37):


Taylor Self (10:38):


JR Howell (10:39):

No, that

Will Branstetter (10:40):

Got cut.

Taylor Self (10:41):

Oh, that got cut dude,

JR Howell (10:43):

I got cut.

Taylor Self (10:44):

It’s going to be busing. Mids or sussing.

Will Branstetter (10:47):

It’s mid. You don’t say an S after mid. You never

Taylor Self (10:50):

Smoked Weeded, dude. And do you know what that comes from?

Will Branstetter (10:55):

Mid. Mid. We don’t say mids bro. You just

JR Howell (10:58):

Said that. You say

Will Branstetter (10:59):

Mid. That’s mid. You don’t even know what we’re talking about.

Taylor Self (11:04):

Everyone can eat my butthole and I’m going to say mids. So next category is going to be shut up will.

JR Howell (11:14):

Yeah, but the other one I think is it’s going to be will and storm on some, I don’t know, they don’t have to be hot takes, but it could be simple like Colton will finish top 10 on the swim event and you’ll evoke Kain kain, no cap. So basically true false, false types like it’ll be Colton will win in ten two and you could just say no, I think that’s a little, I think he’s going to be top five but five but he’s not going to win. We’re going to try to do full. We have hats.

Will Branstetter (11:52):

Is jr’s internet?

Taylor Self (11:55):


Will Branstetter (11:55):

Is it su

Taylor Self (11:56):

Sussing? I thought it was mine and I was just going to refresh my stream and come back, but dude, your internet is sussing right now. Yeah dude, get out of here and come back real quick dude. Try it. I’ll talk about, all right, so we’re back on. Lemme pull this up. While Jr’s fixing his internet while we’re in Miami

Will Branstetter (12:17):

This’s exactly what we thought, Heidi. Yeah, we said that.

Taylor Self (12:21):


Will Branstetter (12:21):

What? Sorry,

Taylor Self (12:22):

What was she saying?

Will Branstetter (12:23):

She said how cringe can we make this show in quotations? That’s exactly, that was actually our thought.

Taylor Self (12:30):

Look, Heidi’s always the person coming after people in the comments. You know what, highly, highly, Heidi, whatever your name is, again, chill out. All right, we’re going to be a CrossFit Wynwood doing spectator work. Well spectator workouts, we’re going to be doing coached classes for sentinel training. I’m going to be coaching, I’m going to have an assistant coach with me. We are going to be doing one class a day, so we’re going to be doing one on Friday, one on Sunday at 7:15 AM and a couple notes on that. It’s at Wynwood. This is Noah Olson’s dad’s gym, Noah Olsson awesome guy. Haven’t met his dad but he sounds like an awesome guy. According to Savon, if you want to know where Noah gets his freak genetics, it comes from his dad. So you guys are going to get to see that. Probably see an old man in his prime, which is nice.


It’s going to be a $30 drop in. There are 40 spots to each class, but if you come to a class, you’re going to get a free month of sentinel training. So we’ll give you guys a code for that. And Friday workout’s going to be five rounds for max reps. One minute of burpee pull-ups, one minute of clean jerks, one minute of calories in the rower, one minute of rest fike on bad style three movements. You can get as much or as little intensity as you want out of it. Then Sunday it’s going to be a little mashup of Nancy and kind of Helen ish instead of a pull-up, we got a tote bar, but this workout’s awesome, tested both of these. So excited to coach you guys through a class. It’s going to be a jam packed class. It’s not going to be just come out workout altogether with no coaching. It’s going to be taking the best class of your life. So we’re fricking pumped about it. Come say what’s good. Also go watch our latest YouTube video. It’s sick. And with that is Jr Back. Not yet. Still not back. Okay, then here’s what we’ll do

Will Branstetter (14:28):

Dives. You can sign up. There’s currently in the at train sentel Instagram handle. There’s links for signing up. We can put ’em in the chat as well. Yeah, I’ll grab, there’s a link that’ll take you to the what’s cross? The Wynwood website

Taylor Self (14:47):

Waify account. Yeah.

Will Branstetter (14:48):

Yeah, because you got to schedule the drop in for that class

Taylor Self (14:52):

Copy link. I’m going to drop Sunday first in the comments, so if you guys are watching this first link is for Sunday that I just posted and then I think that should work. Let me know will that doesn’t. This next link is going to be Friday. All right, while we’re waiting on jr, I have tied my all time best powers snatch yesterday. I’m really excited about it. No one else is going to care, but I just want to play this because it’s freaking cool. So micd up. I hawk like 30 Loogies in this video there’s Bryon where

Will Branstetter (15:44):

You’re lifting or

Taylor Self (15:46):

I mean just like into my shirt.

Will Branstetter (15:52):

I thought we were watching you lifting or something.

Taylor Self (15:54):

Yeah, we are. I’m right here. Here we go. There’s this fucking lift right here, baby

Speaker 7 (16:04):


Taylor Self (16:09):

Anyways, just God, I had to show that. I’m so proud of it. Dude. I typically tear my groin on a heavy power snatch or clean. I go so wide that I split right down the middle of my front tail, but I’ve been practicing my footwork a lot and those are the fruits of that labor. Fake plates. Fuck you Corey Leonard.

Will Branstetter (16:33):

Alright, Jr go back to no cap and cap.

JR Howell (16:37):

I’m afraid to talk now. Am I good? You’re

Taylor Self (16:39):

Good, yeah.

Will Branstetter (16:40):

Get it in before you lose out again. You don’t have the say.

JR Howell (16:45):

Yeah, so just kind of like some predictions. It could be some funny things like someone’s not going to finish the weekend. It could be something like Colton’s going to win one of event today. Colton’s going to finish top five. Pat Vellner is going to have a celebration after an event win where he does something like this, like some kind of a prediction and we’re just going to say cap or no cap, meaning we’re telling facts FAX or truth or falsehoods I should say. So I think it’d be cool trying to get some sentinel hats made. Taylor, are you going to be able to get one made do you think?

Taylor Self (17:33):

No, we got T-shirts though too soon for hats, but we got T-shirts.

JR Howell (17:37):

Yeah, we’ll go to local dollar store or something, maybe find some sombrero since we’ll be down in Miami and each have one at the table and we make a prediction say 1, 2, 3, go. Either we put on our hat or we leave it off and you’ll know who’s voting cat or no cap and explain why. So that’ll be cool too. Hopefully we can pull some people in from the audience maybe to give their opinions and takes. We’ll try to have some guests on athletes maybe that are competing on the weekend team athletes that we can grab for Thursday and Friday that don’t mind giving their opinions on workouts, other competitors in the individual field, stuff like that.

Taylor Self (18:17):

Yeah, we’re definitely going to talk about all the workouts. I think the goal for each show in a general sense is to break down what we expect from the day, what we expect to see from generally the competitive field in each workout, where it’s going to hurt the most, what you should be looking for, what you need to look for. And the athletes are going to do the best or what you can expect to see out of the athletes that will do the best in each of these workouts. Obviously you’ll get our picks for the winners of each event with Tyler Watkins, you’ll get some hot takes. We’re probably going to have John Young feeding us some bullshit that he wants us to say on screen if you want super hot takes and then we’ll evaluate the programming. I think so far what we’ve seen, we like it

JR Howell (18:59):

And I was thinking maybe we would get an event released today. I don’t think that’s happened yet, but there’s still some details out there. I think there’s probably still one, maybe two more scored events for the individual elite field that we don’t have that we’ll have.

Taylor Self (19:14):

I thought two or three six scores. Right.

JR Howell (19:19):

So what we’ve been told that they’re going to take the floor five times, have six scores. We know one of the two part workouts already.

Taylor Self (19:27):

Oh, are there two part workouts?

JR Howell (19:29):

Well the one that’s intervals where one score is rep and the other, that’s

Taylor Self (19:33):

Two parts, right?

JR Howell (19:34):

Correct. But what I’m saying is there could be another one. For instance, we know they’re doing the snatch complex and we can assume they’re probably doing that on Tina Hill’s stage. Do we think there’s going to be something else to it? Like I said last night during spin show last year they did the lift into the max handstand hold and the parallettes, but that was kind of a two-part score. Would they build on that, do you think? They try to standardize a press to handstand for reps where they start an L go up into a handstand, come back to an L. Does that count as a rep? Do they do something like that where they do the snatch and they have a set rest and they do a gymnastics element?

Taylor Self (20:19):

I don’t think there’s going to be another two part. I wouldn’t be, I don’t know. It depends on what it would be, but I wouldn’t be super happy. I like one two part

JR Howell (20:28):

Event. But see last year that was 60 40. I would love if they did something like that again that made it 50 50.

Taylor Self (20:34):

No, I just think there should be three more things announced. Three separate events.

JR Howell (20:39):

So 700 more points, 700 points total.

Taylor Self (20:45):

Yeah, 700 points total. I like that.

JR Howell (20:48):

I don’t know. I’m curious to see if they throttled back the overall volume a little bit like one less scored event than they typically do because of the feedback that was given to the people that are doing all four days. So that’s interesting to me to see.

Taylor Self (21:05):


JR Howell (21:06):

Do you see if you want to pull up, we can spin may have it updated on his document. I’m not sure, but the teams had another event that came out with a beaded rope with the smart gear rope where it’s double unders.

Taylor Self (21:20):

I’ll pull it up right here.

Will Branstetter (21:23):

Speaking of Spin Hill also join us every day

Taylor Self (21:26):

On the show about that

Will Branstetter (21:28):

In the morning,

Taylor Self (21:30):

Every day he’s coming on

Will Branstetter (21:33):

I think so that’s the plan right now. He’ll come on every day and talk about biggest storylines going to the day or from the previous day.

Taylor Self (21:42):

Dude, this is going to be so lit. Is that a good word? Did I do that right? No. Okay, so well first off, let’s extrapolate on spin and Tyler Watkins both coming on our coverage of this, we want it to be the most entertaining. We want it to have the highest value. We want you guys to get bang for your buck when you’re watching it. Like you understand what’s going on, you know what the workouts are, you know what to look for. Our hope is just to, in every general sense, exponentially push out the excitement that is guap palooza to everyone who’s not going to be there. So we’re just fucking stoked about it. Just beat it. Just beat it. But this is not for elite. It doesn’t seem for brother,

JR Howell (22:34):

My brother. Yeah. So what I’m saying is this workout only for rx, but if we watch it, possibly the individuals are going to do a variation or they’re at least going to have some of those elements. I think if you have RX Smart gear as a sponsor and they’re going to use the beaded ropes that they at least might use the beaded rope in a double under workout. Not that it’s going to be with dumbbells, but I think it’s just worth

Taylor Self (22:58):

Pulling. Wouldn’t you have to get ’em measured?

JR Howell (23:01):

Well, I think they’ll just give ’em to ’em and then they’ll make ’em themselves

Taylor Self (23:08):

The be two double under. To me it’s like an InBetween, a drag rope and a speed rope. Thoughts.

JR Howell (23:16):

I think that’s accurate. And while a lot of people only are getting the speed rope for crossover and crossover double unders. Yeah, maybe it’s something cool. It’s probably something a lot of people haven’t practiced, but depending on how it’s dosed for the elites, if it is dosed last year they did drag rope with swimming. If they have the beta rope with swimming, maybe you have a similar stimulus there. If you mess up, it’s going to hurt a lot more than drag rope on your toes. But yeah, I mean depending on what it’s with, if it’s with swimming, if it’s with a mono structural type only type event, I think it could be pretty devastating. Especially if it’s in big enough chunks to matter. If it’s only sets of 30, 40 or 50, I don’t know that it’s going to be too relevant in the workout.

Taylor Self (24:06):

I think to me it is right in the middle of like, okay, a drag rope is if you’re doing this workout with a drag rope, you’re going to have to break the 70 if you want to do anything else good for the rest of the workout, in my opinion. I think even for the best. And then if it’s a regular dumbbell or if it’s a regular double under, it’s almost a throwaway and the beat is like, yeah, it’s like a right in the middle of, it’s harder than a regular speed rope because it’s a little bit slower but it’s nowhere near as slow as a drag rope. No, I’ve never been tested, but I would suspect that I might be somewhere on that test somewhere.

JR Howell (24:48):

So if you’re just looking for inferences to the elite workouts that we don’t know, and you see this workout comes out for the other divisions, you know that the interval workout ends with a hundred pound dumbbell snatches. I don’t think that in a five slash six event competition we see dumbbells come back again. But what do we know they’re probably going to do? They’re probably still swimming at some point. I think it’s safe to say they’re going to be doing some kind of double under. So will they run Maybe we don’t really know that yet. We know the teams are doing the 5K, we talked about that last week. Would they put a 5K run in for the individuals, for the elites knowing that they’re going to be doing it on the team side as well. So we saw a D ball or sandbag, whichever one they use for that relay style workout for the teams. Will we see a sandbag or a D ball come up for the individuals? I don’t know. There’s still a lot of movements on the table.

Taylor Self (25:45):

You think they’ll repeat a barbell twice but they won’t repeat a dumbbell twice.

JR Howell (25:50):

I think it’s way more likely, especially since one of ’em is just for rested strength event and then one is in a classic CrossFit couplet. I think that’s way more likely. I think it’s more likely that we see another kind of weightlifting movement, not another dumbbell.

Taylor Self (26:07):

Would you hate it if there was another dumbbell?

JR Howell (26:12):

Yeah, I would question it. I would wonder with the other resources you have at your disposal or maybe that you don’t have at your disposal and they could just put me in my place and say, oh yeah, we wanted to use this but we actually didn’t have whatever available. You can surmise that if they have something available for teams then it’s available for the two days before. So if they had another dumbbell and they didn’t choose to use D balls, but we know they’re using D balls for the teams. I would wonder why.

Taylor Self (26:43):

And do you think the individuals are going offsite?

JR Howell (26:46):

No, I don’t. If you pull up the water palooza Instagram, I’m pretty sure one of the pinned Got it. One of the pinned posts show for the two days where the competition’s taking place and I’m pretty sure there is no offsite for individuals.

Taylor Self (27:04):

Oh shit, that was wad. Zombie. Got it. Share pinned posts. Elite competition schedule.

JR Howell (27:18):

I think the middle. Yep.

Taylor Self (27:20):


JR Howell (27:22):

Can you swipe on that or no?

Taylor Self (27:24):

Yeah, that’s the swipe.

JR Howell (27:26):

Go back out then.

Taylor Self (27:28):

Okay. Ah, here

JR Howell (27:38):

We go.

Taylor Self (27:44):

All locations are in Bayfront Park unless otherwise noted.

JR Howell (27:48):


Taylor Self (27:48):

Didn’t spin have offsite bike race?

JR Howell (27:54):

Correct. That’s what I wanted you to look at. Yeah, so it doesn’t appear like the indies are going offsite at all unless you’re just trying to keep that hush.

Taylor Self (28:04):

That feels like they’re trying to keep it hush.

JR Howell (28:08):

Look at the schedule that he posted last week and it seemed like Saturday was a really, sorry, Friday was a really, really long day. I believe like an eight to eight type day. And then Thursday was supposed to start on Tina Hills and Tina Hill seems like a good place for them to do that lift. But what if they do the endurance events starting at Tina Hills like they did the year you competed. So this still doesn’t mean that we know they’re going to do the snatch complex first on Tina Hills. It’d be a cool backdrop for that. I think the crowd would be really exciting, but it would also make sense for them to start maybe like a mini triathlon type workout there at Teen Hills instead.

Taylor Self (28:53):

I love Paloozas Graphics. They do a great job of marketing. I dunno, sorry, I’m just admiring. I love the colors too. I’m a big color guy. Big rainbow guy. When you get into town to Miami

JR Howell (29:15):

Wednesday night, I think like eight or nine. Oh wow. Flying out of Asheville. Yeah.

Taylor Self (29:21):

So you’re not going to be able to work out?

JR Howell (29:24):

No. I’ll probably work out here before I leave.

Taylor Self (29:29):

We’re going to get, so we get in mid-morning Wednesday. Definitely going to have to get something in.

JR Howell (29:34):

And you guys are staying with Tyler?

Taylor Self (29:36):

Yeah, we’re staying with Tyler, which is fine. Me will Bryson, Tyler and whoever else is staying with Tyler for, he won. I’m not sure who. He’s got a couple people that work with him on that.

JR Howell (29:52):

Cool. Yeah, I know you want to get into the sentinel workouts that we’re going to be doing for classes, but you guys.

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