We’re Back Again | Live Call In w/ Souza & Beaver

Matthew Souza (00:01):

We’re live. Good morning.

Karen Thomson (00:03):

Ooh. Hi.

Matthew Souza (00:09):

Good morning. I love the little surprise live Likeon always does it too. We’ll be in here talking and all of a sudden I’ll just see it pop up on the screen and I’m like, okay, here we go.

Karen Thomson (00:17):

Okay. So you’re inflicting everything that Stephan inflict on you and me this morning.

Matthew Souza (00:22):

It’s how I grew up, you know what I’m saying? I’m just a product of my environment. That’s all. That’s all

Karen Thomson (00:27):

You really are. You really

Matthew Souza (00:29):

Are. Don’t blame me. So how are you doing?

Karen Thomson (00:32):

I’m good. I mean, we just wrapped this phenomenal event, you and me in Austin, Texas at the same venue that we’re going to have the CrossFit Health Summit with Dr. Gabrielle Lyon. And I mean, that event literally blew my mind. How about you?

Matthew Souza (00:45):

It was great. I thought it went really well. That was the first time I’ve ever been closely involved with a high level thing like that, and it was awesome. I was excited. It went really smooth actually. There was no major hiccups,

Karen Thomson (01:03):

Touch wood. There were no major hiccups whatsoever. And it actually took me by surprise, because normally we have to kind of just move in the moment, figure things out. There’s not enough food or the AV goes out or something happens, but this was pretty seamless.

Matthew Souza (01:23):

Yeah. Well I think that speaks volumes to your organization and planning and everything else because it was so ran through that every minute I knew exactly we were supposed to be and what was going down and it was extremely helpful because you knew whether we were on time, we were off time. Do we need to speed up? Do I have to smack somebody around what’s going down?

Karen Thomson (01:41):

It’s so funny though, because when I was creating those random shows in the spreadsheets, I was like, well, how would Dave run this event? How would Dave being as anal and Navy Seal as he is running events? And I always picture when the volunteers run out on the games fields to change equipment and stuff, I’m always like, okay, okay, this is phenomenal. Just watching that production take place always blew my mind. So it’s Dave Dave’s inspiration.

Matthew Souza (02:12):

See, you’re just a product of your environment too.

Karen Thomson (02:16):

Whatever, Matt. I don’t like to call myself that.

Matthew Souza (02:20):

Good morning, everybody. Who’s joining the show, Denise was originally scheduled to be on today for some of you guys that don’t know. Savon basically was stuck on a highway in Oregon for several hours as he was driving to Idaho. There was a accident that had happened several hours before he got there and they were stuck. So he called it halfway through and he’s continuing the journey this morning. So you guys are stuck with me again and led Denise, we’ll get to reschedule. Lucky Augustus, the Susan Noah ran through means. Did I use that? Okay, well, alright. Off to a great start.

Karen Thomson (03:01):

I don’t know what it means. What does it mean?

Matthew Souza (03:04):

It’s like,

Karen Thomson (03:07):

Is it bad?

Matthew Souza (03:07):

Let me put it in a sentence. And I think you could deduct what it means. You’re at a nightclub and you go, oh, there’s that one trick. And then your friend goes, damn bro, careful. She’s been ran through.

Karen Thomson (03:19):

I am way too old for that language.

Matthew Souza (03:22):

So that’s what that

Karen Thomson (03:24):

Means. I mean, SU was ran through a lot this weekend for sure.

Matthew Souza (03:29):

Ran over. So I have a question though. I was thinking about it afterwards. How’d you meet Dr. Gabrielle Lyon? Oh, here’s Caleb.

Karen Thomson (03:38):

Morning, sir. Through CrossFit actually. So hey Caleb.

Caleb Beaver (03:43):

Good morning.

Karen Thomson (03:44):

How are you?

Caleb Beaver (03:46):

Great. How are you?

Karen Thomson (03:47):

Really way more excited obviously than you are.

Matthew Souza (03:51):

That is Caleb excited? He’s 10 out of 10.

Karen Thomson (03:54):

I’ve never had a man be less excited to see me in my life.

Caleb Beaver (03:59):

I feel pretty pumped.

Matthew Souza (04:04):


Karen Thomson (04:04):

All express emotion differently, I suppose.

Matthew Souza (04:07):

Yeah. Yeah. So how’d you meet Dr. Gabrielle Lyon?

Karen Thomson (04:10):

So when Julie Che was working with us at CrossFit Health, when Eric Rosa took over, she started doing these CrossFit Health webinars with experts and she knew Gabrielle from just doing similar work and maybe having her on her podcast. And so Gabrielle came on and did a webinar for us and we had a pre-webinar meeting and I remember Julie was late, so it was just me and Gabrielle. And as we met, we immediately, we just fell in love with each other. Well, I actually can’t speak for her, but I fell in love with her. She has this phenomenal energy and she’s just so real and cool and she walks to talk and I’m very drawn to authentic people. I met some people this weekend that I feel the same way about and yeah, and then we just became friends.

Matthew Souza (05:00):

Oh, cool. Okay. And did you know some of those speakers that were there prior or were you meeting a lot of new friends as well too?

Karen Thomson (05:07):

Kristen Holmes, I knew you from before and she’s just phenomenal. She actually did a talk at the games one year for us. One of the panels when Crossword was still involved with Whoop Jason? No, the others I just heard of. I mean Evie Palmier, the XCIA agent. I’d read her book Bess. I had met just through Gabrielle, Don Saladino. I had interviewed Don for Rev Effects and I love that man. He is just so, so, so special. Ben Newman, what a nice guy as well. Cody Sanchez, I’ve been a huge fan of, so meeting her was insane.

Matthew Souza (05:48):

Yeah, she was cool. And all of them were phenomenal. Phenomenal. But I don’t put you on

Karen Thomson (05:53):

The spot. Who was your favorite?

Matthew Souza (05:54):

Oh, see, you beat me to the punch. You knew I was going to. Your favorite was I liked him all. Obviously I got to spend a lot more time with Don. He was super personal, so I was hanging with him. I felt like him and I were like bros afterwards, but if I had to pick who I would double down and get to have a lunch with, it would either be Cody Sanchez or it’d be Bess. And obviously just because they’re super business forward and focused on money and growing businesses, and that’s just very what I’m interested in. So I would just love to be able to talk to them, especially Cody seemed like she was really quick and she got super tactile towards the end when she was, she just straight up in this and that was not planned. She was like, all right, we’re doing 10 minutes of q and a, right?


And she’s like, who’s got a question? And just started riffing with the audience. But it seemed like she really, well, first off she had 110 slides. I thought that was just insane because she had what, 40 dude, Caleb? It was 45 minutes was the talk, and she had 110 slides. And so I’m like, you’re doing the math on it. You’re like, okay, you got to do 2.1 slides every minute here. But I thought she brought a ton to the audience and there was a lot of value there in terms of if you’re into business, what you would take away from it and stuff like that. So those would be my two that I would pick to hang out with a little bit more.

Karen Thomson (07:19):

For sure. I mean, I think for me, I unfortunately didn’t get to listen to all the talks in full. I was going to go through the livestream video that we have and just hear it. I did sit through both Cody and Pedro’s talks. Cody was exceptional. I mean, that woman is just powerful and incredible. And I was kind of like, when you meet some people and they have a big online presence, especially in this age of social media influencer and stuff, but she’s so much more than that. Or they have a big podcast and they’re just like, they could be a real dick. And she was not like that


Whatsoever. No. And I met her the night before the cocktail party. She already had no reason to be nice to me or anything. And the next day when we were at the summit, she was like, Hey car, I want to introduce you to my friend Nick Gray. So she was connecting us. She didn’t have to do that. And that small gesture of just remembering and acknowledging meant the world. And so I’ll always have so much respect for people like that as opposed to somebody else who was there. I’m not going to name any names who wasn’t one of our speakers, but has a huge podcast. And I was like, oh my God, he’s so amazing. He’s great. And he was just a little kind of awkward in person.

Matthew Souza (08:35):

That’s a nice way of putting it.

Karen Thomson (08:37):

Not necessarily very humble or I don’t know, maybe he was scared. Maybe I, my six foot two tight red dress was, I dunno,

Matthew Souza (08:50):

Well Ive got six foot two and I didn’t have a tight red dress on and I got the same feeling. So I don’t about that. Okay,

Karen Thomson (08:55):

Got it. Okay. Well that’s good to know then, because I dunno if I’m making someone uncomfortable or if they’re just a dick.

Matthew Souza (09:02):

No, and I’ll wait until you take off to slander the person so you don’t have to get caught my butt sling. But I agree with you. I have the same experience and I have a few thoughts on that as well. But let’s chat a little bit about the CrossFit for Health Summit. It is right around the corner. Are you stoked? Are you excited?

Karen Thomson (09:24):

I’m so excited. Oh my God. I’m beyond excited. I still am kind of sleep deprived from Gabrielle’s event, but I mean just the caliber of speaker that we have at the CrossFit for Health Summit just coming off this event and it’s at exactly the same venue, follows a very similar structure. So we know that the venue is going to come to the party. Everything was phenomenal. The drinks, the welcome, the temperature, the food, everything was fantastic. Knowing that structure’s in place has me so excited. And then having this focus just on the CrossFit community essentially and highlighting the benefits of CrossFit is super, super cool. We are adding some more events that I haven’t announced. So me and Matt are hosting an after party around the corner at a place called The Parlor. So that’s going to be happening on Saturday, February 3rd from I think like seven until nine and then beyond.


And we’ll have a DJ and it’ll just be like a ton of fun. But I am super stoked for the event. I think Gabrielle’s event was about health, obviously her message was so powerful, but then there was a lot of business and mindset and entrepreneurial stuff involved as well, which gave the audience a huge range to take home from. This is going to be very much more focused on pure fitness, health, exercise, longevity. And so I think anyone in the fitness and health space who is wondering if they should join or if this will be beneficial, it absolutely will. And I think just from this past weekend as well, the power of networking and meeting people in person, it’s second to none, literally second to none. The other event that we haven’t really announced and that I will announce is we are going to have a huge rock.


So we are partnered with Go Rock. We are going to have a massive rock from the hotel very early this Saturday morning. You do have to sign up for it. So I will be sending out an invite if the invite will go out to the VIP ticket holders first, and then we’ll open it to the rest of the people. But it’s capped at 50 people carry here, who used to be with CrossFit as well is going to be there. And I think just having Gore’s presence as presenting sponsors for the CrossFit for Health summit is very special because the way they show up and the way that they just bring together community in a way that’s very powerful is very exciting. And we had Jimmy with us, Jimmy Ledford Ledford. He’s the president of Gora this past weekend and spending time with him was just awesome. So having them all there is going to be really fun.

Matthew Souza (12:18):

Yeah, I’m looking forward to it because the last event was a lot of fun and this one feels like I’m at home. We’re going to know everybody there and it’s all my people. It’s all my CrossFit people. Everyone will be rucking. Yes. Not a taxidermy. There was an, yeah.

Karen Thomson (12:34):

Are you coming

Matthew Souza (12:36):

Eric Wise? Massive ruck. Yeah. I get ruck hard just thinking about it.

Karen Thomson (12:41):

Oh my God, you did not say that.

Matthew Souza (12:46):

Does Car

Karen Thomson (12:47):

A Date?

Matthew Souza (12:48):

Does car need a Jonathan Ortega? Does Karin need a date for the after party? Well, only if you’re going, are you going, Jonathan? Well,

Karen Thomson (12:55):

Yeah, everyone needs to come. Everyone can be my date. I’m like Oprah.

Matthew Souza (13:00):

That means you got friend zoned right there, Jonathan. That’s just what happened. Oh my gosh.

Karen Thomson (13:04):

Stop. Listen, Matt.

Matthew Souza (13:06):

No, sorry, sorry, sorry. That’s cool.

Karen Thomson (13:09):

Jonathan, I love you. We actually chat.

Matthew Souza (13:12):

Yes. Okay, so then there you go. Jonathan, the real Kevin, she’s 16. No she’s not. But when she’s rocking those heels in that red dress, she is, she’s a powerful woman. That was the other thing I was going to say about Cody Sanchez when she was off stage, she was super sweet. She was warm a little bit compared to some of the speakers almost. And that could be their, I gave them the benefit of the doubt. I was thinking to myself, if I had to jump on stage and speak in front of all these people and it’s being live streamed and stuff like that, how would I be acting in the green room? And I’d probably be a little nervous and stuff like that so I wouldn’t be too open to conversations. But she was really warm and she was really open. But then when she got on that stage, her presence was incredible and she was super powerful. So I thought that was really cool how she could just kind of turn that on, own the room, and then right when she gets off, she’s like, hi, I’m Cody, super sweet and nice and yeah, that was cool. Okay, so everything’s clipping wrong with the CrossFit for Health Summit. If you live in the Austin area, you should definitely be going cave. Dasher had a question. He said, do we have to attend the summit to go to the after party? Is it blocked off just for that? Do we have

Karen Thomson (14:22):

No, you just have to buy a ticket. And I haven’t released the ticket sales yet, but I will probably today. And it’s just minimal. And actually we’re kind of starting to work with this one nonprofit that I love. And I’m not going to say anything right now. Not ultimately, although it sounds like everything’s up to me. It’s really not. This is Cross’s event. So hoping to kind of give some of the proceeds profit from that event to this nonprofit who’s doing phenomenal work with villages and a specific community.

Matthew Souza (14:56):

Okay, awesome. But if you’re not in the Austin area and you’re not able to travel, we have something for you. There is obviously you could attend the event virtually. There’ll be a live stream going down and we have a little giveaway. Caleb already participated in it, we’ve already edited it. He might not remember, but he did and so did Savon. And so what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be giving away completely for free a virtual live ticket, but there is a barrier to entry. You need to create a short video, and we do have a landing page with all the rules and where you need to submit it. Okay. So we’ll make sure that we get that and throw that in the comments for you guys. I want to do it, but basically you just need to talk about how CrossFit has changed your life and how it’s affected you and the people around you. But please go to the landing page, make sure you hit all the points first, and then you submit it to us. And once you do it and your video gets approved, you will get a free livestream ticket. That’s correct. Right? I didn’t screw

Karen Thomson (15:53):

That up. That is correct. But you also do have to share it on social media,

Matthew Souza (15:57):

Right? Yes. Excuse me, sorry. Yeah, you got to share it on your page and then link, you send the link that you shared on your page into the landing page so we could see it. And that would also put you in the bucket of knowing that you get a free virtual ticket. So if you guys aren’t able to join the event, you could still check it live and you could do it just by talking about what CrossFit has done for you. Share it and we’ll get you hooked up now. Do you remember it, Kim?

Caleb Beaver (16:21):

I remember now.

Matthew Souza (16:22):

Okay, cool. Yeah, I got it all edited up

Caleb Beaver (16:25):

About to shit my pants.

Matthew Souza (16:26):

Yeah, yeah, that’s right. It’s funny because when I was pulling that clip, you tried to get out of it and then Sivan tried to save you and Carmen was like, Nope, Caleb your turn. It just doubled down. She’s like, fuck, if you’re getting out of this, bro,

Caleb Beaver (16:41):

We’re in this. Let’s do it.

Karen Thomson (16:43):

And Caleb, you were magnificent. And so just like a lot of respect to me for pushing you outside your comfort zone.

Caleb Beaver (16:52):

Hella respect to KA for that. Yep. Yep. Thank you for that. I appreciate it.

Karen Thomson (16:56):

I always give credit credits.

Matthew Souza (17:00):

There we go. Yeah, and actually you talked about it, Caleb, because you were like, I’m going to go get my L one with my dad, with my wife. And that was just this past weekend. It was cool. Now we’ve seen it tune. How was it?

Caleb Beaver (17:13):

It was great. My dad has been doing CrossFit for five or so years now, and just from listening to the show all the time, he’s like, fine, I’ll take my L one. He needs stuff to do basically because he is kind of on the verge of retirement and he’s just trying to find things to do since he’s been doing Cross for so long. And the L one, the seminar ended up being at his affiliate, also my affiliate. And so he is signed up and I think he liked it. He really appreciated it. He got some good information out of it. I think at some point he was bored during the, what’s it called, the programming talk. He doesn’t really care about programming at all, which is nicely. The last day he’s like, I’m about over this. But he enjoyed it. It was cool. My wife took it too, so I think she enjoyed it as well.

Karen Thomson (18:02):

That’s amazing.

Caleb Beaver (18:04):

Yeah, you got nearly the whole family started doing CrossFit now, which is kind of nice.

Karen Thomson (18:09):

Oh, that’s so special. Are you coming to the summer

Matthew Souza (18:11):

That keeps on giving?

Caleb Beaver (18:13):

I don’t know. I think it’s the same weekend that I have to work for the government.

Karen Thomson (18:18):

Well listen, Caleb, what’s more important?

Caleb Beaver (18:21):

I know I

Matthew Souza (18:22):

We go, Caleb, watch

Caleb Beaver (18:23):

Out. I know, I know. I told him, I think I’ll get a desertion something. They’ll probably call me awol. And

Karen Thomson (18:30):

Wouldn’t it be

Caleb Beaver (18:30):

Worth it? Yeah, you’re probably right. It would be worth it for the government’s not that fun.

Matthew Souza (18:40):

Oh my goodness. I

Karen Thomson (18:42):

Dunno. I’m here on a

Caleb Beaver (18:43):

Green card. She’s got a point. She’s got a point.

Matthew Souza (18:45):

Oh man. So do we have that URL Sorry card. I thought I had the URL for them to submit, but I don’t over here. Can you shoot that to me in a text and we’ll get that put into the comments for everybody? No,

Karen Thomson (18:55):

I can’t text you while I’m on here. My phone’s dead. But if you go to cross for health summit.com and you go to in the top where the menu bars you go to challenge, click on there and then all the details are there.

Matthew Souza (19:10):

Perfect. So we’ll drop that into the comments for you guys to be able to enter that and you’ll be able to get a free ticket to the virtual event.

Karen Thomson (19:19):

That’s awesome. Freaking awesome. Okay. Can you actually share one of the videos or am I pushing the envelope too much this morning?

Matthew Souza (19:29):

Lemme see. I think I can, I don’t have it pulled off of, yeah, give me one second. I think I could

Caleb Beaver (19:35):

See that here. I’ll put the link in the chat here and then I’ll put it in the description of the video as well. It gives you all the instructions here. You can just kind of peruse through ’em. It’s pretty easy. And then at the bottom, put your name, email, and then the URL for the video that you’ve created. Put it up on any social media you’d like. Instagram, YouTube, make it a short or not. Make a real video. Do a vertical, do a horizontal

Karen Thomson (20:04):

Wow bar. Put some folders on emojis.

Matthew Souza (20:08):


Karen Thomson (20:09):

There is a mistake though. There is a mistake in the line. It says giveaway ends January 5th. That’s obviously incorrect.

Matthew Souza (20:17):

Yeah, just ignore that. It ends when we, I’ll

Karen Thomson (20:20):

Remove that shortly.

Matthew Souza (20:22):

Okay. Who do we want to see? Do we want to see Caleb’s reel or do we want to see Avon’s reel? Oh

Caleb Beaver (20:26):

God, you actually made it. Made her. Yeah,

Karen Thomson (20:29):

Whatever you think.

Matthew Souza (20:30):

Okay, perfect. Caleb, it is. It’s all about you today. Caleb. Look, it’s 20. Which one is he? Dude, you know what the funny side note real quick. Grace will look through old photos. She has this time hop, so it’ll pop up a year from now or whatever. And there was one that popped up from four years now, and she looked at it and then she spun the phone. She’s like, you’re in the same exact outfit. Literally, I was wearing the same shit I was wearing from four years ago. Oh goodness. That is.

Caleb Beaver (21:00):

Hey, it still works. There’s no holes in it. It’s still comfortable. It doesn’t smell.

Matthew Souza (21:04):

Yeah, I keep it clean. I keep it clean. Oh wait, can you guys hear that CrossFit

Caleb Beaver (21:09):

There? It’s when I was in college, I got my dad to start going to do CrossFit. He’s actually ended up, started battling cancer, and I think because of his ability to do CrossFit and his continuation through CrossFit, and he’s been able to stay healthy. He’s in remission. He’s no more recurrence with cancer or anything like that. It’s gotten my mom to start moving too. She started doing some workout.

Matthew Souza (21:26):

That’s really kids mom. My

Caleb Beaver (21:27):

Wife started doing CrossFit as well. I got my L level one a long time ago, and I found it really valuable. I learned a lot of stuff about nutrition and I’m able to teach a lot of my family members about it. A lot of my wife’s family members about it, and I found it super valuable in every facet of my life. Give me free tickets.

Matthew Souza (21:43):

Simple. Simple

Caleb Beaver (21:46):

Like that.

Matthew Souza (21:47):

Hey, did you notice that that guy that did the pushup kiss the wall?

Caleb Beaver (21:51):

No, I knew through CrossFit he’s been able to stay.

Karen Thomson (22:01):

Oh my God. Inspired by Caleb.

Matthew Souza (22:03):

Oh, so there you go. Simple. You guys can do it.

Karen Thomson (22:07):

What about your video, Matt?

Matthew Souza (22:09):

Mine’s a little bit different. Mine’s a push to get people to go and do it. You want to see mine? I

Karen Thomson (22:13):

Guys do it.

Matthew Souza (22:14):

Okay. All right. All right.

Karen Thomson (22:17):

Caleb, just by the way, you were spectacular. If you’re ever doubting yourself, just go back to that video.

Caleb Beaver (22:22):

Okay? Yeah. That’s a good confidence boost. I like it.

Matthew Souza (22:25):

Use it to supercharge your confidence. Caleb’s video.

Caleb Beaver (22:30):

Yeah, right.

Matthew Souza (22:31):


Matthew Souza (22:31):

Seven out 10 people in the United States die every single year due to chronic disease. And we have the solution. If you are a coach, if you are an affiliate owner or if you were just somebody who is curious, this summit is for you. It is our job not only as coaches to continue to expand our knowledge in coaching and movement and nutrition, but also the science behind what we do and why it’s so effective. So register below February 3rd, be the CrossFit for Health Summit in Austin, Texas. We’ll see you there.

Karen Thomson (22:57):

Matt. You’ve missed your calling in life. I

Matthew Souza (23:00):

Mean, missed it or I’m just walking the path. Finally,

Karen Thomson (23:03):

You’re actually finally walking the path. I mean, we discussed this three years ago. You already knew what all these top speakers at Gabrielle’s event was saying. And you’re implementing it,

Matthew Souza (23:13):

Huh? Slowly, but Shirley, just take some time. Do you guys want to see some? I’m going a little bit off here. You want to see the first commercial I shot Caleb? Have I showed you this before? The grill Astic?

Caleb Beaver (23:27):

Oh, no, I haven’t seen this. I can’t wait.

Matthew Souza (23:29):

Okay. All right. Okay, so it wasn’t the first time I started selling stuff. This video is from seven years ago. We’re definitely not watching the whole thing. We’ll watch three seconds of it. Unfortunately, it’s forever on YouTube. But here we go, Matt here with the Grill. Tastic by Sienna. So here’s the funniest part. It’s a prototype. So right when I go to do it, the front of it breaks off. We had to cut right there. Hard attachment. Anyhow. I won’t make you guys suffer through that any longer, but that’s a

Caleb Beaver (24:09):

Super heavy duty brush, dude,

Karen Thomson (24:11):

That made my day. Oh

Speaker 6 (24:12):


Karen Thomson (24:14):

What happened to it? I need one

Matthew Souza (24:16):

Now, Susan, with the hard sale. CrossFit or Die. That’s it. Oh my

Karen Thomson (24:22):

Gosh. Incredible. Do you know what I loved about the livestream videos though, is that no one really mentioned, and I’m sure there are people about a PR or any physical feat, right? None of us who spoke about it. Susa did a huge sales pitch, which you go get his company@medialaunch.io if you want more of his brilliance. And then Caleb spoke about health and his dad’s cancer journey and stuff. And Han as well spoke about his mom, how it changed her life. And then I think I just mentioned my divorce and the power of community.

Matthew Souza (25:03):

So a salesman, and then people who’ve just actually improving in life.

Karen Thomson (25:10):

But we do want to see everyone’s videos. It’d be so interesting to see a wide range of people and what you know, I mean, and how it’s changed your lives.

Matthew Souza (25:19):

Yeah, I And that’s the point. We want hear it from what it’s done for you guys and what makes CrossFit special. And then you get to share that. And on top of that, you get a cool free ticket. What more can you ask for? Okay. So before we let you go, is there anything else we want to talk about?

Karen Thomson (25:36):

No. Why is it not showing on YouTube? Oh, we are.

Matthew Souza (25:40):

What’s not showing on YouTube?

Karen Thomson (25:41):

We are, don’t worry. I thought,

Matthew Souza (25:44):

Oh, Caleb and I are professionals. I knew there’s 160 people watching us, so we had to come from there. What?

Karen Thomson (25:51):

That’s incredible.

Matthew Souza (25:53):

Yeah, it’s good. It’s good. It’s not the 1100 Caleb and I had hoped for, but

Karen Thomson (25:59):

Oh, you guys can still build it up. You got this.

Matthew Souza (26:02):

That’s right. That’s right. You

Karen Thomson (26:03):

Can raffle up dates with me if you want.

Matthew Souza (26:06):

What’s that?

Karen Thomson (26:07):

You can just rle up with dates with me if you want.

Matthew Souza (26:10):

Yeah, now we’re talking. Now we’re talking. We’ll get to,

Karen Thomson (26:14):

We may have to pay the person I’m going to go on the date with, but whatever

Caleb Beaver (26:17):

We just Pam and drink.

Matthew Souza (26:19):

No, no, no, no, no. Yeah, I thought her phone was dead. That’s what I thought.

Karen Thomson (26:24):

It’s look. Wait, look,

Matthew Souza (26:27):

Look. It’s us on a smaller screen.

Caleb Beaver (26:29):

God, charge your phone.

Karen Thomson (26:32):

Dunno where my charger is. I think my son took it last night.

Caleb Beaver (26:36):

You’re that kind of person, huh? You just let it die.

Karen Thomson (26:39):

I hate my phone. I’m trying to create a life where I don’t have to check emails. No one ever phones me. I’m like done.

Matthew Souza (26:49):

That’s what I have. I

Karen Thomson (26:50):

Like an iPhone 10.

Matthew Souza (26:52):

You have an iPhone 10

Karen Thomson (26:54):

I think.

Matthew Souza (26:55):

Awesome. Well, there hasn’t been much innovation, so, alright, Karin, thank you very much. I’m sure check in with you another time or two prior to the event. But everybody go over to the CrossFit for health summit.com. Go get your tickets, do the entry, get the free virtual giveaway. I mean, we’re just giving shit away, guys. All you got to do is pull a little elbow grease into it, make a video, have some fun with it. You get to be able to attend the virtual event

Karen Thomson (27:18):

And it’ll make us feel so special. So if you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for me and Matt and Kayla,

Matthew Souza (27:24):

Do it for Karin. Okay. Mostly for Karin though. Yeah, she’s the best. No one’s doing shit for us. They already know.

Karen Thomson (27:32):

Again, let you guys, I’m going to get my kids to school. Thank you so

Matthew Souza (27:35):

Much, Karin. See you later. Okay. Bye. Aios. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. You see the notes? I actually prepped, I did something here. This is more pre than I’ve ever seen any of us do in the past two years. So we also have the live callin number going. I hope it should. The call forwarding should be on. If anybody wants to do our usual call in and test it so you get a freebie without having to feel scared about calling in. Please do so now so we could see if it’s working. I got a couple of things we want to talk about. Today is going to be a little bit of a shorter episode. I got to jam out of here a little bit after eight, but I put together some topics and the first one I want to talk about is something we kind of ended on with the last show, which was the definition of liberty.


And I just think it’s important that we know. And so if you give me the microphone, we are going to give the definition again. So I always, anytime you hear somebody say, well, democracy, democracy, remember that’s just a group of people voting for what’s right. And that brought us to Salem Witch Trials too. The majority agreed that we should burn people at the stake because they’re witches. And so that’s not exactly the best form of governance, but if we do it with liberty, then yeah, we’re all operating on the same sheet of music. So the state of being free within a society from oppressed restrictions imposed by an authority on one’s way of life, behavior, or political views. That’s it. We taxidermy. Can we stand and say the pleasure allegiance at the top of every show? Yes. Yes you can.


Okay, so we got a couple topics today. We could talk about why policies affect small business and what that means to you. We could talk about the president of Argentina, Javier at the World Economic Forum and what he said there. We could also talk about an email sent out by Google talking about how it’s going to be censoring things around sensitive subjects or sensitive events. Rather, we could talk about an alien species that was discovered at the bottom of the ocean. We could talk about a little, we could just scan over on Hiller’s page, just check his Instagram and see what pops up. I don’t know, there’s always something exciting.

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