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Bam. We’re live. Good morning, Rambl. What’s up, Avon? In the thumbnail? You’re using a 100 to 400 GM lens? I don’t think so. I don’t have a 100 to 400 lens. I don’t think so. I don’t know. I didn’t make the thumbnail, so I don’t know. But maybe a long time ago, I had a Tamara Tamarack or something. 100 to 400, I don’t remember. Maybe. Or I had a 50 to 500 on a Sony or no on a Cannon. I can’t remember. I’m sorry. Maybe I’ll look at that thumbnail later. Or you can send me a screenshot through dms, but that does not sound accurate. Speaking to cameras. Jake Gaza. What’s up player? How you doing? Dude, girl’s hair was on point in that video with Be Friendly Fitness. Hope you’re well buddy. I hope you’re feeling good. Hope you’re healing up. Augustus. Good morning, foreigner, for sure, right with the name Augustus, Marissa Osa. Hey, good morning. Nice shot of the butt. Good. Geez Louise. What’s up player? Bobby Peters. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Omar Cornejo not to be mixed up with Marissa. Osa definitely not to be mixed up with the guy from Trinidad Tobacco. Ma Raj, the hammer. Robbie, what’s up, dude, you’re still flat billed to me. Paulina. Hi, always good to see you. Paper Street Coffee in the house. It’s a great photo of you, Pauline. It’s dope. It’s Gangster Baby Street Coffee. Thank you.


Word up Mr. Doses. Word up.


In 2008, maybe before I met this guy named Dutch Lowey, he ended up being one of the main characters in the movie. Every second counts the documentary. And one of the things Dutch says in that movie is, I do CrossFit when I don’t know what to do. And that way when something pops up that I need to do, I’m ready to do it because I’m a CrossFitter. I didn’t say it nearly as eloquently as he did, but if you don’t know what you’re doing, do CrossFit, and then when something pops up that you need to do, you’re ready to do it.


I heard someone say the other day, just follow your breath or something like that, or how many times a day do you focus on your breath? And for me, and I don’t know when it began, but I’m sure my wife introduced me to it, probably my default is always to go back to my breath. So from the second I noticed from the second I grabbed my coffee, which is probably 30 paces out of my house and into the main house, out of the podcast Studio Seton podcast studio, and back into the house. As soon as I grab my coffee and I start walking here, all my attention just goes to my breath. And that’s just how it is. When I wake up in the morning, I’m just paying attention to my breath. When I go to bed at night, I’m paying attention to my breath. My default is like when I’m driving, I’m paying attention to my breath. When I’m on the phone with Andrew Hiller, I’m paying attention to my breath. It’s just my default. It’s where I go. I take it for granted, but I practiced it and I still practiced it. Practicing following my breath is even a habit. It’s weird.


The most valuable gift you have is stillness. And to this day, one of the best examples I can think of comes from the movie Terminator. When Arnold Schwarzenegger, someone says something to him, and these lines start popping up in his head. The screen turns to an inside shot of his brain and it starts offering up interactions that he could have with what he just saw. And one pops up and then another one pops up, and then another one pops up, and then finally one pops up and it says, fuck you, asshole. And he checks it. And the Terminator says, fuck you, asshole.


You got to give yourself time to get options instead of just reacting, going through the day, reacting to shit, think of your life as a record. You put the needle down on a record and it just goes round and round, and then it gets to the end, and then it goes back to the beginning again. If you want your record to play a different song, at some point you have to stop just getting played, and you have to try. You have to just take a breath and let something pass by this thing that some people might call an awkward silence. It’s not awkward at all. It’s actually very comfortable for people who sit in it.


You’re not obligated to react to things. You’re not obligated when your phone rings. You are not obligated to answer it. You are not obligated, not even close, not even a little bit. If you are hungry, you are not obligated to get up and go to the refrigerator and get food. You can create space and watch that and let another option appear. This is from the city of Santa Cruz, California managing editor Tom Wright here with Thursday morning’s report. This is for the people of Santa Cruz where I live with flu season in full swing and a flurry of indoor holiday gatherings on the horizon. Santa Cruz County health officer Lisa Hernandez, has issued a new health order to protect vulnerable community members and is urging the public to heeded the call to step up personal protective measures of its own.


They want you to react to that because they reacted to something that the line that I like to use, don’t argue your limitations, or if you argue your limitations, they will be yours. I can’t, great. I’ll give it to you. God will give it to you. If you argue your limitations, they’re yours. I’m pregnant, but it’s unrealistic that I’ll just quit drinking coffee and quit drinking alcohol and quit smoking cigarettes. Great, that’s yours. Now you own that. You just argued your own weakness. My wife did not drink alcohol or caffeine or smoke cigarettes for three or four years. She got pregnant with Avi and she removed those things from her life and she wasn’t smoking anyway, but oh, what did I just read? This is good.


Chris Bier fell. Be careful what you say to yourself. I am going to share this on the screen with you guys. This is from a guy named Ryan Holiday who has 2.5 million followers on Instagram and has wrote some book called The Daily Stoic that people think is a good book. He fell asleep during the pandemic. During the pandemic yesterday. We will get back to that in one second. Yesterday I was at my kids’ tennis class and there are these benches where all the parents sit, they’re like bleachers, portable bleachers, and they face the tennis course, and most of the parents don’t even go there. They just drop their kids off. But I stay and watch and most of the parents don’t do that. I always do that. Matter of fact, I’ve been told not to do that. I’ve been told I baby my kids. I’ve been told just all this stuff, right?


The teacher, I mean, I love the teacher, but he’s like, Hey dude, you got to give your kids some space. You can’t be always here watching you notice you’re the only parent here, blah, blah, that kind of shit. I’m like, okay, thank you. But I’ve had my kids to watch them and I accept the fact if it’s fucking them up or whatever anyone’s saying, I go to the skate park to watch my kids skate. Fuck. I enjoy it. Just like if my wife’s working out, I’ll go in the garage and watch a workout. I just like watching people move and especially people that I love.


Yesterday I was there, but these parents I’ve known for a long time, a handful of them because my kids started there when he was four or five, and I’m there five days a week. So I see all the parents and most of the parents there actually play tennis. I’m one of the that don’t. And so I know all the parents and I see ’em, but they sit on the bleachers and I bring my own chair. I bring this click chair, CLIQ chair. It’s like this little fancy portable chair, and you pop it up and I sit on it on a grassy area by myself. And the reason why is because in the beginning, the reason why is because all those parents were aw woke. We were the only kid that came there that I wasn’t wearing a mask and the kids weren’t wearing a mask. This was back in 2019 or 20. It was like the instructor didn’t wear a mask and me and my kids didn’t wear a mask and everyone else saw fucking masked up.


So I knew I was hanging with retards, but sev, maybe their mom had cancer at home. You’re too judgmental. Well, I’m just telling you, the first 49 years of my life, I only saw Asian people wearing masks. Now everyone was so fine. Call me judgmental, but I’m going to put my money on retard, 500 on retards for Avon, Avon, Leticia Lamar, I know Avon’s not as black as you, but be nice to him. I wasn’t as dark as the other kids. They hated me. They were mean to me. I didn’t fit in. So yesterday there was a guy there and his kid goes to the tennis camp, the academy with my kid, and he was a massacre. And I remember this girl walking up to my kid one time and being like, Hey, I’m teaching a dance class over the summer. Do you want to come?


You need, she was like 10 at the time, and my kid was like seven. And she’s like, you need to know that my dance class is inclusive and you have to wear a mask at it. I’m like, holy shit. And I knew that this guy, because of who he hung out with the other parents, because some of the parents had come over and tried to talk to me one time and it quickly got weird. I knew that they were all fucking full BLM people and fucking pro, get your kids, make your kids take drugs so they can go to school, make everyone take drugs, the Pfizer drugs. And so I just kind stayed away from ’em and anytime they came near me and wanted to talk about it, I’ll fuck them up. Not on purpose, but they would just get fucked up. I’d start saying the shit, just dropping the bombs on ’em.


I mean heart. Just imagine someone’s trying to talk to me about BLM and I immediately ask them what’s the root of their racism, why they think black people are inferior? You know what I mean? Or what’s the outcome they’re looking for? And they just fucking get unraveled. So yesterday, this guy’s there, and for some reason I’m compelled to walk over and just say hi to him and I say hi to him and we start talking and he starts telling me about his best friend died and his best friend was 56 years old and one of the fittest human beings he’d ever met. All the parents are pretty fit too and healthy looking of the tennis kids. And I’m like, oh, really? And I go, what was he doing? He said he was on a hundred mile bike ride and he had just finished setting a record pace for himself ever in the a hundred mile bike ride at 56 years old.


I want to say he did it in four hours or something, some race on the east coast, and he had a heart attack. And I said to the guy and where I go right away. So I go, what year was that? And he goes, 2022. So his best friend just didn’t die. It was two years ago, but he’s still playing it in his head. And I said, oh, what do you think? He was really in good shape. He goes, amazing shape. I go, any health problems? He goes, no. I go, what do you think caused it?


And he said, COVID or maybe the immunization to Covid. Dude. It’s like all these people who got the shot, I think they all are starting to know people who died. Now that’s like the sixth story I’ve heard like that in this last six months. I feel like I’m hearing one a month now of someone who knows. It’s like the new AIDS or cancer or some shit. Wow. But I was happy for him because it’s like I could tell he was waking up to it. He slipped it in there. He wanted to talk to me about it. I didn’t push it. I didn’t want to open the floodgate of just anti-vax stuff on him. I just like, oh, I’m sorry to hear that.


This is from Ryan Holiday. This is a very unhealthy man. I suspect. I don’t know, but he’s probably like a world-class plagiarizer. I don’t even know what, I don’t even think I know what stoicism is. I mean, I think I’ve read a couple books on it back in the day, but last week I did a piece for New York Daily News. They couldn’t run all of it, so I thought I’d send the longer version here. Enjoy. It’s alarming to see how relevant. Trust me, I’m lying, has turned out to be. But here we are at the first vaccine clinic I worked at here in a small town outside Austin, Texas. The county vaccinated more than 2000 people in one day. This is Ryan Holiday talking. He’s proud of this. He’s proud of this. At the first vaccine clinic I worked at here, and by the way, I think this guy’s crazy influential. There’s people who have 2 million followers, but they’re not influential. I think this guy’s 2.5 million followers are really influenced by him.


At the first vaccine clinic I worked at here in a small town outside Austin, Texas, the county vaccinated more than 2000 people in one day. The last clinic I volunteered at, which closed because they no longer put volunteers to use, I checked had less than 15 people in for their shots. It was actually a good day the day before they had done five. This was not because there was a shortage of people who needed their miraculous mRNA vaccines. We like much of the rural south, have barely cracked a 40% vaccination rates for adults. So already we got a problem here. We got a conflation of mRNA and vaccine. He’s already like, this dude fucking fell asleep at the wheel and he’s just doing it.


This is, someone asked what the date on this. It just says two years ago. I remember this dude posting stuff on Instagram and thinking, holy shit, this guy’s a, I don’t know exactly what stoicism is, but I believe it has a strong root in stillness and no one who is a master at stillness would’ve gotten the injection. There’s nothing inside of me when I’m breathing. There’s no fear in there. There’s no reaction to get that. There’s no reaction to get the injection. That’s a reaction to fear. There’s no intellectual steps that would get anyone who’s conscious and watching the steps get the injection.


There’s a plank like pirates, they ask you to walk the plank. You don’t do that unless you intellectually can make sense of why you walk the plank and why do you walk it? Because the guy has the sword and he’s pushing you to do it. And so you see, you make the connection right away, a logical connection without any leaps. You evaluate it and you’re like, okay, sore, touching my back, causing me to walk the plank guy’s yelling at me, he’s going to kill me. He’s already walked six other people off the plank. No one’s gotten away from it. One guy got killed who refused. So you walked the plank. The virus wasn’t like that. We had a fucking boat full of people off the coast of Japan who were not dying with the virus. We had the data come out of China. Everyone over 65 years old, of the people dying, predominantly like 96% or whatever it was, were over 65 years old and had been smoking for more than 30 years.


The second largest group in China that was dying were the women who lived with those smoking men for 30 years or more. We had the data point that the vast majority of people who were dying were 82 years old in countries where the average age of death was 80 and had four or more comorbidities. There was no wake person wake. There was no person connecting the dots who was like, okay, it’s safe to take not even a little bit awake, not even a little bit awake, do it for the people who are old and who are going to die. So then you do a quick Google search and you say, what’s the life expectancy of someone who’s already in a nursing home? I can’t remember what it was. It was like 13 months and we’re 13 months into the pandemic and we’re still doing the same games. There hasn’t been a change. None of it made sense was just simple logic. Yeah, thank you, Kevin. There was no sword.


I agree with you. There was no sword, man. This dude, what’s scary is I think part of stoicism is this claim that you’re at the essence of it. There’s this claim that you’re awake, that you’re conscious, or at least it’s a conscious practice. It’s a practice of consciousness. I’m guessing at its essence, it’s this realization that you can go back to your breath at any time and not be obligated to react. I have an itch here on my head. I’m not obligated to scratch it. Or is it a scratch to itch? You know what I mean? I’m not obligated to do that. I have other options. I can watch it.


I can watch the evolution of that sensation on my forehead that people so quickly react to and say it itches. And you have to start making these small battles, relevant battles in your life. Like, okay, today I’m going to experiment and not itch. I’m going to try to catch myself before I itch anything and watch it and sit with the sensation. And the more you practice it, it just becomes second nature. Will t Bergeron loves this guy. That sucks because I like Ben, but this guy is a world-class fraud. This was an amazing opportunity. The whole injection thing was an amazing opportunity and litmus test for conscious people. Someone in here in the comments mentioned Eckhart Tole. Eckhart Tole, he’s one of the few, I am trying to think, I can’t think of one other of those. Self-help spiritual people who actually got it. He laughs and calls it the so-called pandemic.


Marianne Williamson jumped. She fell asleep at the wheel. She actually quarantined herself. Deepak Chopra fucking completely shit the bed. He went to sleep. Sleep at the wheel. This guy, this guy, what’s his name again? Ryan Holiday. This guy fucking went to sleep too. I wonder if that’s his real name. Holy shit, dude. Holy shit. Look at his tattoo on his wrist. It says stillness is the key. I wonder, oh my God. Listen, imagine reacting to something that caused you to pull a mask over your face while showing a tattoo that says stillness is the key.


Oh, wow. Listen to this. Recently in a work meeting where colleagues were eagerly discussing getting the next booster and were boasting how many shots they had. Holy shit, what state do you live in? That is wild. It’s weird to me that not everyone knows. Now the thing is, it’s okay to be asleep if you got the shot, if you reacted. These are all normal things. This is what’s happening in the matrix, right? People are just asleep. Some people want to be asleep. Some people wake up and they’re like, fuck, can I go back to sleep? And you can go back to sleep. There’s this line in the Bible, it says, don’t be a dog and return to your own vomit. And I think that’s what it’s saying. I think when I heard that line, I was like, oh yeah, don’t fall back asleep. And so there’s things you can do to help yourself stay awake. You have to create space.


Actually observe and stillness, observe stillness, observe stillness. Don’t argue your limitations. Anyone who is reading this guy’s shit and using this kind of writing that I’m going to keep reading to you from the guy. This is the kind of stuff that’s for people who didn’t know what to do. He was giving them the permission, giving them the permission to get the shot. I wonder how many, I don’t think most people watch this show. That’s why I almost always read the comments I pull up. I don’t know if I believe this clock. Last I heard about two weeks ago, only 3% of the US had taken the new vaccine. What a beautiful collapse of credibility of US public health.


Another Omar Omar Sevy. What’s up player? Look at that spelling of Sevy. Big hug. Thanks brother. I love a hug. I’ve been listening to your podcast for over a year and just now decided to text and say hi. You guys are rocking it. Keep it up. Thanks, dude. This isn’t really 12 daily doses. Is it someone? Please tell me. There’s no way. There’s no way. I liked all your comments in the beginning of the show, Audrey. I was just trying to stay on track here. This was not because there was a shortage of people who needed this miraculous mRNA vaccine. We like much of the rural south, have barely cracked the 40% vaccination rates. How could this be? Bastrop County is the kind of place where people will pull over and change a tire for you, where we just banded together to pull each other out of the snow during a freak Texas freeze. We’re part of a state where flooding and hurricanes bring out the So-called Cajun Navy to rescue neighbors from danger, often at grave risk. What could have happened to these people so indifferent to their own health, let alone to the health of the most vulnerable in our community? He’s basically saying, Hey, why aren’t these people taking the injection to protect other people? I mean, imagine. So this guy was walking the plank to protect the people on the boat. How did this guy fall for that?


What does his tattoo say? Stillness is the key. I wonder how still he was when he got that. When he got that tattoo, what happened? Right? He fell asleep and he reacted to something and then he went and got the tattoo. It was a reaction to something. Instead of just watching that, I should get a tattoo that says stillness is the key.

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