Jay DeCoons & CrossFit HQ | Live Call In

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Good morning, happy Monday. Thanks for joining me this morning you guys. Sivan, as you know, is probably on his way home from LA as we speak or getting close to, so I’m running the show today. I’m going to stay in my lane. We’re going to Heidi, good mornings. He’s too hungover for this dude, probably. No, he’s not going to be rescheduled. I was in command of the ship yesterday and this morning, but Tavon will be back tomorrow morning, 7:00 AM I do believe we’re going to have Tyson bet join us as well too, so we could chat about all that and everything else.


Jay, good morning. Good morning, Caroline Ca gastro. Good morning, Judy. What’s up? What’s up? Yeah, I want to talk a little bit about the Jay Koons thing. I have the live call in and as always, will it work or will it not work? The text message. So I’ve got, did you guys watch the show? Yesterday’s show? When I asked Katie Henneger and I was like, Hey Katie, we’re not going to keep you for long. We were texting back and forth, and obviously she’s had a long weekend. She was trying to find a warm spot and had been out in the rain all day dealing with everything at the event. And then I opened with Was Roman allowed to bring his translator out on the field?


And I’ll have to tell you guys too, the perspective from being co-hosting and chilling and letting Savon just run the show, the amount of confidence I get from that, I’m like, I leave the show, I’m like, man, I’m feeling good. I could really do this. And the second he’s gone and it’s just like you’re the only one standing up there staring at yourself in the screen, you’re like, oh, this is much, much harder being the one driving the show rather than just sitting in passenger. But yeah, that was hilarious. I think that one will probably trump the Sarah Sigmund’s daughter running away from me. I am stretching out every time as I step up and try something new there. Oh man. Oh man.


Anyhow, Devon was texting me about that. I just thought it was pretty funny in the group chat that we have with everybody else too. They were already giving me shit for it. Whatever you do, act a little different, but you’re doing good Susa. Yeah, I mean, like I said, Avon’s the one driving it so it’s, it’s easy to sit passenger side and build your confidence up Will always coming to help me out a little bit here. What you did was not even close to as bad as Jon versus Well, I was messing around with the group that we had on and stuff and I was telling him, I’m like, yeah, at some point every time Katie comes in, she’s just slapping people around. Everybody got it in the chat at least once where she called somebody out on whatever they did and all of a sudden you see their face turn red and they start to shrink down super small.


That’s exactly how I felt, the perspective that I had when she did that to Taylor and she did that to John Young, sitting there watching, I’m like, yeah, give it to him, Katie. That’s hilarious. And then when it happened to me, not so much when the shoe’s on the other foot. Can I get one of you guys please to call in and we’ll start chatting a little bit about HQ and Jada Koons and some perspective on that. Okay, so it is connected now. If one of you guys, oh, put up the call on number dummy, that would probably help.


If one of you guys could call in and just test it real quick, that would be awesome. Yes, hot chocolate with marshmallows. I’m the kind of guy that drinks hot chocolate with marshmallows when it’s called. No, it’s coffee. Paper Street. Of course. The only thing we know. Oh, fantastic. Somebody’s calling already. This is great. Give me one second calling. Let me see if I could, oh no, now more people are calling. Hold on and set. Change this. Oh my goodness, there’s so many people calling now. Okay, hold on. Hello, caller. Oh, Mylanta testing. It is working. Wait, can you speak again for me please?

Speaker 2 (04:58):

Hello? Susa, you just hang up on me.

Mattew Souza (05:00):

No, I didn’t. I don’t know what’s happening when

Speaker 2 (05:02):

I Did you just hang up on me? Do you know who you’re talking to, Suzy?

Mattew Souza (05:06):

No, but that accent gets me going. I’ll tell you that. How

Speaker 2 (05:09):

You doing, pal?

Mattew Souza (05:10):

I’m doing great. How are you doing?

Speaker 2 (05:13):

I’ll figured I’d call you and make sure this thing’s working.

Mattew Souza (05:15):

Oh, I love it. So thank you so much. Sorry if I did hang up on you. There was a bunch of people that all called at one time, so thank you so much for testing that out, but I was trying to manage it there. So how are you doing this morning?

Speaker 2 (05:27):

Beautiful man. Relaxing, listening to you over here. Got a day off,

Mattew Souza (05:32):


Speaker 2 (05:33):

It easy.

Mattew Souza (05:33):


Speaker 2 (05:34):

Couple of things. Lemme

Mattew Souza (05:35):


Speaker 2 (05:35):

A couple things out there

Mattew Souza (05:37):


Speaker 2 (05:38):

Vindicate, amazing apparel, good stuff. The T-shirts, top of the line. Beautiful street coffee. What a guy. Huh?

Mattew Souza (05:47):

Gabe. Gabe. He’s the man bro. Travis in Gabe. This

Speaker 2 (05:50):

Guy picks up the phone, he calls me and lets me know, Hey, I got you covered. This thing’s a little late, but I’m going to send this stuff out to you. He’s trying to offer me extra stuff and everything. I’m like, listen, you already give me a discount, don’t worry about it. He’s telling me everything. I’m going to send you some stuff. I’m going to do this, do that. What a guy. One-on-one conversation on the phone. Good stuff.

Mattew Souza (06:12):

Yeah, good dude. All of them take care of us and they take care of everybody inside of our community here. It’s amazing.

Speaker 3 (06:19):


Speaker 2 (06:20):

Beautiful. Good stuff, Susan.

Mattew Souza (06:22):


Speaker 2 (06:23):

Pressure, man.

Mattew Souza (06:24):

Thank you. Appreciate

Speaker 2 (06:24):

It. Take it easy. Have a great day,

Speaker 3 (06:25):


Mattew Souza (06:26):

Thank you for testing it. You too.

Speaker 3 (06:28):

See you.

Mattew Souza (06:28):

Bye. Okay. All right. So yeah, if you guys, I get a lot of questions and the dms about different stuff for affiliates are like, Hey, I’m a new coach, or I’m thinking about opening up a gym, or what do you think about this? Or what do you think about that? And so I put it on Instagram and I was hoping that a few people that had asked that would call in because I think a lot of the questions that are asked actually are continuous. Almost somebody will ask, Hey, I belong to my gym. I’ve coached there for a really long time and I’m having this conflict with the owners. There’s some conflict going on, and so it’s always good just to kind of call in and get these out in front of a bunch of people. I feel like if one person has a question, there’s probably a bunch more that have the same question or something similar to or if you just want to call and give your perspective.


Okay, so we’re going to get into the Jada Koons hire, the Jada Koons hire. I’m going to bring up, y’all know I’m fancy. I got LinkedIn. Huh? You didn’t know about that. So this gentleman here is now vice president at CrossFit, and I think it’s head of affiliates. The titles are kind of weird. It seems like the titles are always shifting a little bit, and I don’t necessarily mean that in a terrible way as they try to figure out organization, but it is a little weird’s like vice president or is he head of affiliates or what? Jeff? Jeff, you’re here. I thought you weren’t coming until Stefan’s back. It’s an awful presentation. Here we go. We got another caller here. Caller, good morning. You’re live on the show.

Speaker 3 (08:07):

What’s happening?

Mattew Souza (08:09):

What’s going on? Who is this? Is this the one and only blade here?

Speaker 3 (08:13):

You feel me?

Mattew Souza (08:13):


Speaker 3 (08:19):

Got to get this call in early because I got the morning cracking with the girls, but I’ve been meaning to say this for a minute, is that come with the denominator? Now, I haven’t ran an affiliate, but I worked as a coach and one for a while and worked in a few. One that doesn’t run anymore because it lacked this. And then another one that’s still kicking because it thrived in this. And it’s like you got to love people or learn to love people and interacting with them because that goes for almost anything, even with what I do. People ask me and I go, if you watch Bad Boys two and that’s what inspired you, that ain’t it. You need to love people and learn to love people because 98% of almost anything you do, that’s going to be the nucleus of it and the most of it.

Mattew Souza (09:13):


Speaker 3 (09:13):

Then after that, everything else grows from there. And so that would be from a former CrossFit coach who’s been in multiple cultures. That’d be something that I see in the thriving gyms is the environment and loving the people as we always say, the community and then the ones that kind of look at it as more of numbers and strategy and all that. You could just enter a data point. Yeah, it looks cool, but that in itself isn’t really sustainable. Know what I mean? So I think that’s what kind of aroused, at least with me, with the new hire and talking about how he’s going to do. And if he could, I’d give everybody a chance.

Mattew Souza (10:03):


Speaker 3 (10:03):

Mean, I’ve got people full-blown swastika tattoos on their face, shake my hands, so I’ll give anybody

Mattew Souza (10:09):

A chance. Wow, okay. Yeah, you’re open.

Speaker 3 (10:14):

Anybody could get a chance, but I could see the scare part because it may seem a little robotic at first, but who knows? Maybe his cheeks won’t be so tight, he’ll loosen up a little bit and make this thing happen.

Mattew Souza (10:31):

Hey, let me ask you a question. With your perspective as a law enforcement officer, how important is communication in your job?

Speaker 3 (10:42):

Tell you what, it’s a difference between somebody, a lot of times a difference between somebody damning near handcuffing themself and sitting in the back of your car versus you having a TA or possibly getting a lethal force to counter.

Mattew Souza (10:55):

Yeah, so it’s fucking big, right? It’s the difference of it being a nice and easy situation or escalating to who knows where,

Speaker 3 (11:04):

Or even if it’s not somebody from the quote other team, just within your own team, all y’all being on the same page because then somebody thinks that somebody’s doing something, somebody else thinks that, oh, he was going to do it. And then before you know it, there’s three assignments that didn’t get done, but then one assignment got done four times

Mattew Souza (11:24):

And what do you think about the communication piece of it right at the get go, right? So let’s say you’re conducting a stop and pull me over and I’m like, Hey, what the fuck you stopped me for? Man? This is a waste of my time. You guys are out here sitting on this street corner here, and this is a trap

Speaker 3 (11:43):

Right there. It’s a flow chart. I mean, it’s a big ass flow,

Mattew Souza (11:48):


Speaker 3 (11:48):

So just imagine it. You’re in one of those interactive games right there. Okay, am I going to respond with this negative energy with more of it or am I just going to kind diffuse it? Am I going to fight? Okay, fight fire with fire. Now we’ve just got a big ass fire. Sometimes you don’t want to beat a fire.

Mattew Souza (12:07):

Yeah, yeah, that’s right. And the reason why I kind of frontloaded that question a little bit because I think that’s the biggest missing link with what CrossFit HQ is doing right now. They got pulled over by the community, so to speak, and bear with me on this analogy, and the way that Jada Kon was presented to the community in my opinion, was the equivalent of the guy, why the fuck you pull me over? You’re just sitting here at this corner. Anyways, this is a trap, right? It could have been handled differently from the start in terms of communication, the affiliates in terms of communication to the CrossFit community in terms of communication internally within the office place. Now, obviously we don’t know the internal on the office place. I don’t have access to that, but judging by how it rolled out for every other piece, I’m guessing it probably wasn’t the best first introduction.

Speaker 3 (13:04):

And now we’re dealing with a, okay, now what? And so the cool part is we can take a few nasal breaths, just take three. That’s what I tell my daughters to do whenever shit’s hitting in the fan stop time, take three big slow nasal breaths, and now what? Okay, we cried, repeated, we got piss and our Cheerios. Now what we’re going to do, we’re going to go cry in the car. We’re going to make shit happen. We are on the same fucking team.

Mattew Souza (13:36):

That’s right. That’s right.

Speaker 3 (13:39):

Because you know who wants us to take an L fucking F 45 and orange stick? That’s right. They sitting behind the tree rubbing their hands together right now

Mattew Souza (13:48):

That’s a hundred percent.

Speaker 3 (13:49):

So we’re going to let them win. Or we going, okay, we’re on the same team for a moment. Who’s more right? Doesn’t matter. Let’s find what we agreed on and build from there just to realize, okay, we’re on the same squad and we may not have the same methods to get to the goal we want to, but we do have the same goal hopefully.

Mattew Souza (14:14):

Yeah, great advice. Hey dude, we need to get you scheduled back on the show. I’m going to reach back out and I know seven’s got a bunch of content here he probably wants you to thumb through with him in the future.

Speaker 3 (14:24):

Oh yeah. Oh yeah. He loves sending them certain videos my way. I look for to do it, but y’all been on fire, so it’ll happen when it happens and I’ll be ready.

Mattew Souza (14:35):

Awesome. All right. Thanks for the call Blade. Appreciate it. We’ll be seeing you soon. Alright.

Speaker 3 (14:38):

I love man.

Mattew Souza (14:39):

Yes sir. Bye. Yeah, that’s a great point about the communication piece. I hope that analogy kind of made sense. Sy had a good thing, Sy, why’d they wait so long to announce his hire? He was brought on the week before the HQ summit in Boulder. Yes, that is exactly what I’m talking about because when there’s little things like that, it starts to break down trust and how many things like that could occur before people just are like, okay, this is just total bullshit. And we could start with the very first one, which is Rosa himself, you remember he had the fucking black and white photo. It was all cinematic. He was going to come in as a savior. And I don’t have the quote on me right now, but I’m pretty sure he said something to the effect of like, Hey, I bought this thing.


I’m going to be in this position for the next 50 years if life allows and I’m going to ride off into the sunset and we’re going to build CrossFit into this thing that is just going to take over the world. And everybody was rallied up behind it. Everybody I think at this point was just looking for some sort of stability, most importantly within CrossFit because of the attacks on Greg, the community eating each other and cannibalizing ourselves versus the I’M Outc crowd versus the I’m not. And so we all bought it and then as time went on, it started to seem a little fishy like, huh, is this dude really in charge? Is Rosa the right guy for this? And then all the bullshit came out like, oh, the board put him as chairman and they’ve escalated his position. And it was just more bullshit because then at that point you knew once he had fired Dave that it didn’t settle well with the community at large and then they had to bring him back in and Rosa had to pretend that he wasn’t fired but yet moved to this position and now where is he at?


What happens? We don’t know. He’s gone. And so more and more time as that bullshit is being fed, it’s harder and harder to believe him will Bran Center also, if they waited so long to announce it, how did he not have his, have his L one done so they could announce it without having him to say and getting his L one in a month fucking exactly, dude. And here’s the reason why they don’t value it in terms of the position they hired him for.


I’m open to being wrong, but I don’t think that the board thought it was as important as it actually was to the community that the guy that’s freaking in charge of the affiliates, like that little hiller thing, the guy that’s freaking in charge of the affiliates needed to have his L one. They’re probably, and this is again why I was making the speculation that he was not hired by Jada Koons was not hired by Don Fall. I think that in the little bit of time that Donna has been around, assuming he’s starting to understand the nuances of how this community works a little bit, and if that were the case, I think he would’ve agreed that he probably should have got the L one prior to announcing anything. It should just be prerequisite, right? You can’t own an affiliate. You have an L one, but you could be in charge of all the affiliates if you don’t have an L one.


Y’all played yourselves, bro. Not good. Not good dude doesn’t need the L one for what? Here’s the thing, Jeff, in terms of the position that he’s in, actually, you’re probably right. You’re probably right. But in terms of the knowledge that he needs to have about what it is that he’s growing and the leads that he’s bringing in and the understanding what the methodology is, he a hundred percent needs it. Dude, he a hundred percent needs it then. I know. I know. I know. He’s not coaching squats. I know he’s not walking into affiliates and checking out people’s mechanics and stuff like that. I get that. But you have to understand that if he hasn’t at least read the playbook, the manual, that oh one, then does he even know at that point what he’s protecting or what he’s selling or what he’s growing? That’s the question I have for you.


So sure, you could make the statement like, dude, he’s not in their coaching classes. Well, he fucking should be, in my opinion. And if you see some of these businesses, fuck, I don’t want to use any of the franchises, but it’s hard to come up with one on the spot without a franchise. But so take Chick-fil-A for instance, if you are going to own a Chick-fil-A franchise, and you start at every position in the business that you own, your knowledge and perspective of what everybody else is doing is going to be tenfold. Then if you just came in from the top position and said, well, I don’t have to understand what the cooks go through. Well, I don’t have to understand what the cashier goes through. Well, I don’t have to understand what the drive-through person goes through. Yes, you do. Because if you’re going to manage that business and you’re going to make sure that things are running smoothly, you need to have perspective on those jobs. Otherwise, how would you truly understand it in each level? Let’s see here, but how do you guys feel about it in general, do you think? So caller, caller, hello, welcome. You’re live on the show.

Speaker 3 (20:06):

Hey, man, let me put it this way, just kind of right. Does he need the L one? No, but the video that came out at his south by Southwest conference explained that CrossFit is dangerous. He doesn’t understand how people can just open an affiliate without the proper training. Now it’s CrossFit. See, they dropped the ball there, they let that get out, hired the guy didn’t have anything ready. The backlash came out. They had to put something out. So Jay’s now saying, I had been training. I understand that it’s not that way, not that way. They should have had a little segment of him at his gym doing and understanding that the ball was dropped. Unfortunately, it’s too little too late for the people who understand that we needed to see that they put that statement out because of the backlash, not because of That’s what CrossFit wanted to do.

Mattew Souza (21:03):


Speaker 3 (21:03):

Talking about,

Mattew Souza (21:04):

So you’re basically saying they were reactive. They weren’t proactive on it at all.

Speaker 3 (21:09):

Oh, for sure. Because I find it hard to believe that they hired this guy with that video out. We’re not idiots. People who coach and who are affiliate owners, they know right away because that’s what we get all the time as coaches and affiliate owners, is CrossFit’s dangerous. We’re the ones that convince people that it’s not dangerous. Talking about runners, how they have more injuries, other sports have more injuries, catastrophic.

Mattew Souza (21:33):

Pickleball, pickleball,

Speaker 3 (21:35):

Pickleball. The rates have increased of hospital visits. Pickleball are crazy.

Mattew Souza (21:40):


Speaker 3 (21:40):

What I’m saying. CrossFit did done a much better job at that, and they didn’t. And we kind of were seeing through the little story that they’re trying to push that he understands now I don’t buy it. I’ll give him a chance. Just like Chase said, and Taylor kind of agreed, yeah, I’ll give him a chance, but they got to be real careful of how they present it.

Mattew Souza (22:03):

Yeah, I think that’s a great perspective. So basically you’re just saying, Hey dude, everybody was just super reactive to what happened because he got hired and sleek. He said, why didn’t they announce it earlier when they were at the summit? That could have been a great opportunity to, and they probably knew that it wasn’t going to settle well, and then information potentially was going to leak. So then they decided, Hey, let’s get out in front of it. I wouldn’t be surprised based off the video and interested to hear your perspective on this, if they fucking call them right then and was like, dude, hey shit, it’s getting out. You need to make a statement right now. Just go out in your backyard and do it.

Speaker 3 (22:36):

How cringey is that video,

Mattew Souza (22:38):

Dude? And you know what? It’s not. And again, I want to make a clear distinction here that I don’t want this to be beating up on Jade, the person. I don’t think that that’s fair. None of us actually know him as a person. And if we saw him at the grocery store and I was holding the door open for him as he came in and he said, Hey, thanks man. And I was like, Hey, no problem. Probably fucking get along with the guy. I don’t know why I used the hole in the door, open reference. That’s where I went. But you know what I mean? Since he was presented in this way, he should almost be a little bit upset with HQ’s kind of plan to roll this out because they kind of fucked him from the start.

Speaker 3 (23:14):

Remember, I remember watching Hiller’s videos from the beginning. They were backdoor Gonzo video. He’s progressed so much to the point of it looks professional. Jay went in his backyard holding the phone in front of him, moving around, Hey, I’m Jay, I’m going to be this. Why couldn’t they go to his affiliate? If he’s at an affiliate, have him in a CrossFit t-shirt

Mattew Souza (23:40):

In the

Speaker 3 (23:40):

Background of whatever affiliate he’s at with the rig and be like, Hey guys, I’m Jay. I’m coming from CrossFit X, I’m here. I’m going to be your X, Y, Z, and I’m going to prove to you that this is what we’re doing. This is the methodology. I’m so entrenched in it and I’ve changed my decision of how I felt about it before. They couldn’t do that. He’s in his back. Come on guys.

Mattew Souza (24:00):

Oh, I’m fuck you. Nailed it, dude. I think that would’ve changed everything as far as first perspectives. That’s nuts.

Speaker 3 (24:09):

This isn’t CrossFit of 2007 of 2007. This is cross of 2023. They’re a major corporation. They’re a global brand. Come

Mattew Souza (24:17):

On. Yeah. Yeah. Sloppy. Sloppy. Well, thanks for calling in, brother. I really appreciate that perspective.

Speaker 3 (24:24):

Yeah, man, great job this weekend. Everybody on the team, great coverage and we’ll talk to you soon.

Mattew Souza (24:29):

Thank you. Thanks Bill. Bye. Alright, man.

Speaker 3 (24:31):


Mattew Souza (24:32):

Bye. I saw another call coming. Call or call back, whoever just called. I had it saved in my phone. Yeah, I mean that’s a really good perspective there. Like what jetro just said. I mean a lot of the times right in life, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. It’s not the message, but the messenger, right? Fuck. That shit matters so much, especially with this community here. Hello. You’re live on the show calling. What’s up brother?

Speaker 3 (25:01):


Speaker 4 (25:02):

It’s Joe Neals cross Kenosha. How’s it going,

Mattew Souza (25:04):

Joe? Neils, what’s up my guy? How are you?

Speaker 4 (25:07):

Hey, I’m good. I’m good. So I’m going to try to lean into this at least for the here and now. So my time working back in the corporate world for a company that was owned by a venture capitalist company,


There was a lot of times where we would lose someone internally who was a good director of vp and the VC would consistently fill that position with someone from an Ivy League school with MBAs and it’s like Stack Resume because they think that they’re going to do all this amazing stuff. So I’m going to lean into the fact that I don’t really think this was an HQ hire. I think it’s the VC doing the things that they strongly think is what’s best for the company, less than an HQ thing. So I think hq, I hope it’s just playing the hand as best they can that’s being dealt with them.

Mattew Souza (26:07):

So basically you’re kind of agreeing that this wasn’t a Dawn fall thing, this wasn’t anybody of the normal characters we are seeing. This was just a hundred percent the board over at Berkshire Partners getting together, finding the guy that looked good on paper and saying, this is our dude.

Speaker 4 (26:22):

That’s what I’ve seen in my previous life in the corporate world. And it felt the same way. We would’ve people internally that were very vested in the company and trying to do a good job that understood the nuances of the business and the vendors really well and the customers really well, and the nuances of whatever seasonal changes. And they’d bring in someone that would be this Ivy League grad and they come in with all these hot phrases and catchphrases like RCI and let’s have a kaizen event. Let’s do all this five s and all that stuff is great when you have very process related problems. But CrossFit’s such a nuanced thing as we know, and the people that need to be in place are the people that are leading with passion because CrossFit’s just not another company. I’ll give the example of Hiller, who is an unpaid person from CrossFit. He has no actual employment through CrossFit. But when something happens in the space and it’s 9 35 at night, Taylor’s going to drop everything and make content because

Mattew Souza (27:26):


Speaker 4 (27:26):

Passionate about it. Someone that’s brought in from the outside is going to look at this role. It’s any other job. And so when you see something drop at 9 35 at night, most people that work normal jobs have normal relationships to that job. They’re going to be like, oh, we should talk about this tomorrow morning. That was pretty interesting. Not drop everything and how can we make action on this already? Because for us, like us, we live, eat, sleep, and breathe this. We don’t look at it. I’m stopping what I’m doing to start working. It’s just how we do things. And that’s what really I think is the hard thing to manage from anyone that’s coming to the outside in. It’s almost impossible for them to treat this another job and it can’t be.

Mattew Souza (28:11):

Yes, I agree completely because all the shit at the Ivy League school, the Harvard MBA, like you said, the nuances of this, what CrossFit is in the community, in the affiliates, in the games, there’s so much nuance there. And a guy from an Ivy League school with all the right stuff on paper isn’t necessarily going to understand any of that. And by the time they do, they won’t be effective in that position. It’s going to take so fucking long to figure that out.

Speaker 4 (28:36):

A hundred percent. It’s like how many times does an affiliate owner do you a call or an email from whatever, ClassPass or whoever, like, Hey, if you could have 30 members in the next two weeks or blah, blah, blah, would you like that? No. No, I wouldn’t. You’re not good leads. I can’t manage this.

Mattew Souza (28:52):


Speaker 4 (28:53):

More money and more members is great, but there is no way the retention’s going to be there.

Mattew Souza (28:59):


Speaker 4 (29:00):

So again, you have these ideas that come from the outside of like, well, why wouldn’t you want 30 new members in 30 days? Well, it’s like, well, if you’re jamming ’em down my throat and they’re not good leads and they’ve no idea the nuances of CrossFit, they’re going to walk into a class from whatever they’re used to doing and being like, this is, I don’t know why I’m here, but I’m out. I paid for Class Pass. I’m going to go do something else.

Mattew Souza (29:23):

Dude, you nailed it across the board. I mean, you nailed it with the reason why Jay Koons was hired and was looked at for that position, which I completely agree with. That’s what I’ve been saying as well too. And then you nailed it with the leads thing. When you look at it like it’s an F 45 or an orange theory, you also have to remember that those businesses do workout A on Monday, workout B on Tuesday, workout C on Wednesday, and it’s a rinse and P. And the reason why they do that is so that way they could just have people in there that aren’t necessarily coaching to a really high level, but just moving the class through the logistics of the system that’s put in place by the franchise.

Speaker 4 (29:58):

Yeah, right.

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