Has CrossFit’s Culture Changed? | Live Call In w/ Souza & Beaver

Matthew Souza (00:00):

There it is, right on time.

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Matthew Souza (00:05):

7:00 AM on the dot. Nailed it. Good morning everybody. Not attacks a derby deer. Is this like a new Trish or something going on here?

Caleb Beaver (00:18):

It seems like it. He’s not as good of a commenting, but he’s still kind of funny sometimes

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Doing that to throw it off. Good morning, Paulina. Mad Mar. Good morning, Stefan. What’s up, Robbie? Hi, cj. Bam. It’s Caleb and I this morning. Hi, I’m not a tax derby dear. Thanks. Paulina seven is out traveling. If you sign up for a membership, you will see the whole entire travel and what’s going on. You won’t want to miss it. There we go. New member. All right. Our job here is done. Caleb, we have reached the quota. Sivan won’t fire us for the live show and we’re out.

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Yeah, great job everybody. Thanks for playing.

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Yeah, will made a super dope tutorial on how to join the membership. So if you guys go to the Instagram and you check out the story there, you could see he laid it out super easy with links and everything else because we knew that a couple people were having trouble with it, so he went ahead and took care of that along with that cool banner. Did you see the banner?

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Yeah, I just saw that this morning. That looks great.

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The banner’s dope. Dope. Yeah, there you go. So if you guys go to the podcast Instagram and you guys go to the stories, it’ll give you the whole walkthrough on how to join

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Even made colors and the fonts. That’s cool. It takes a lot of work.

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It does. He’s good at it. He’s good at it. Robbie, do you like the new angle? This fricking tripod pushes the camera really high up more than I wanted it to and it’s kind of like I feel like I’m always looking down, but whatever. We’ll mess with it. So if you guys saw the title of the show, has CrossFit culture changed? Do you think it’s changed? Caleb?

Caleb Beaver (02:23):

If we’re thinking like CrossFit in the affiliates, culture,

Matthew Souza (02:27):

Affiliates, the community internally, we could touch on each of ’em. Why confine ourselves?

Caleb Beaver (02:33):

All right, fair enough. So when I move back to Nebraska, I just went right back to the affiliate that I used to coach at and I don’t coach there anymore. I just attend when I want to and go to do my own thing every other time. But since I left four years ago and came back, my dad has still maintained his membership there and a good majority of the people that were there when I started, which was seven years ago, are still there.

Matthew Souza (03:13):

So that’s untouched. You’re saying

Caleb Beaver (03:15):

Untouched. I think that from my affiliate that I used to attend for very long time, it’s the same. You have the same kind of people going there. The same people find it fun and interesting every day. They have maintained their friendships. Their community is still intact. They still go party on the weekends. They work out Monday through Friday or whatever it is. And yeah, I think from in the affiliates, I don’t think anything’s changed. I think they’re still propagating the word, the message of CrossFit,

Matthew Souza (03:46):

The methodology. Slinky. Good morning. Internally, abso fucking. Absolutely. Yeah. There’s no denying that, man. Can you imagine going from what it was, especially back in the heyday of how it must have been to work there to how it is now. If you worked there through that time as the change has happened, you probably just slowly started just hating it.

Caleb Beaver (04:12):

I wonder when you start noticing, hey, this is not turning out to be the way that we thought it was going to be,

Matthew Souza (04:18):

Probably your fifth zoom meeting just to get a post-up. They’re like, Hmm, this seems different than what it was before. Yeah,

Caleb Beaver (04:25):

Yeah, right. Then turns into government work basically.

Matthew Souza (04:29):

Do you own a Subaru?

Caleb Beaver (04:31):

I used to. My brother’s a Subaru mechanic, so he just got me this for Christmas.

Matthew Souza (04:39):

How many siblings do you have?

Caleb Beaver (04:41):

Just one.

Matthew Souza (04:42):

Older or younger?

Caleb Beaver (04:43):

Younger by a lot.

Matthew Souza (04:46):

What’s a lot? 10 years, seven

Caleb Beaver (04:49):

Years, years? Yeah.

Matthew Souza (04:51):

Oh man. Oh man.

Caleb Beaver (04:54):

He’s an oopsie. I don’t think my parents would admit to it, but I’m pretty sure he is an oopsie.

Matthew Souza (05:01):

And if he didn’t know, he knows now.

Caleb Beaver (05:04):

Yeah, exactly.

Matthew Souza (05:06):

Guys, we have the live call-in number up and listen. So many times I’ll do one of these and people will shoot me a DMM or something afterwards and they’re like, Hey, I was going to call in, but I got super nervous and I didn’t dude fucking sitting here hanging it all out live last minute show with just Caleb and I freaking out. What the fuck am we going to talk about? So if I could do this, if Caleb could show up, you could call in, think you’re nervous. Here’s the taxidermic dear. Sometimes it comments, it’s like ing at me at pagers thing and the first person that calls in just gets to test the phone. So if you just want dip your toe in the water and here’s what we’re talking about. Has what’s happened inside HQ changed what’s happening inside your affiliate? Caleb just said no, it hasn’t changed what’s happened inside. It hasn’t changed what’s happened inside my affiliate either. I think sometimes we get confused that some of the stuff that HQ does and how that will affect affiliates short term, maybe it won’t, but long-term,

Caleb Beaver (06:13):

I wonder if it will be. I imagine it will probably affect coaches more than it will affect the actual members of the affiliate. Because I remember, so with the increase in affiliation fee or whatever before that, the owner of the gym, he would give you some sort of stipend or if you coach certain amount of classes, you could get X amount of money towards your L one or towards a new certifications, gymnastics, whatever it was. But I’m not sure. I imagine that will probably have to change because now they have to pay a little, they have significant amount of money more towards the affiliate than they would before. So I remember that was pretty beneficial for us. I don’t imagine that’s probably the same for everybody, but I remember we used to get some money towards all that.

Matthew Souza (07:09):

Yeah, I wonder if we already talked about it’s going to drop all the part-timers off and everything else, so that’ll definitely change for them over the next couple of years because if you’re just doing out of your garage and want to just be a part of the message, part of the methodology, $4,500 just to rep it out in your garage with the small rig and a couple buddies is far, far, far from worth it. Hell

Caleb Beaver (07:30):


Matthew Souza (07:31):

New memory. Yeah, stack it up if you guys haven’t bought a membership, buy it today. So I could just gloat tos on that. Caleb and I jumped on here and we got 50 new members in one day. Yeah,

Caleb Beaver (07:40):

Another one.

Matthew Souza (07:43):

Patrick, welcome.

Caleb Beaver (07:45):


Matthew Souza (07:45):

Go. Oh and another one. Christine. Hi. Thanks. Yep. I knew someone was pulling in to look at that icon photo. Great photo. I’ve been told

Caleb Beaver (07:57):

That was a dude or not, but then another, oh,

Matthew Souza (08:00):

Here we go. Here we go. Let me hold on. Caller, welcome to the show. Hello Caller. Can you hear me?

Dylan Lowen (08:14):

I can hear you. This is Dylan Lowen.

Matthew Souza (08:17):


Caleb Beaver (08:18):


Matthew Souza (08:19):

Hey, did you feel targeted when I said people messaged me and said they’re going to call him but don’t.

Dylan Lowen (08:24):

Hell yeah, bro. I was like, damn guy was talking about me. I probably said that twice already to you. So I was like, shoot, I got to call this guy and grow pair.

Matthew Souza (08:38):

What’s going on dude? What are you doing right now? Are you on your way to work? I always imagine you waking up at four in the morning mending fences and then headed to save lives. What are you doing right now?

Dylan Lowen (08:47):

Man, I wish I was that productive. I’m actually just like last time when we talked, I’m driving to go pick up some material, so I’m on the road. How’s that? How do I sound?

Matthew Souza (08:58):

Fantastic. Hey dude, we’re getting Yeah,

Dylan Lowen (09:00):

There’s no,

Matthew Souza (09:02):

No, no static nothing. You’re coming in. Great. Oh,

Dylan Lowen (09:04):


Matthew Souza (09:05):

Hey dude, we’re getting you. The people don’t know you yet, but we’re getting you set up to come on the show.

Dylan Lowen (09:11):

Yeah, bro. Don’t ruin the surprise. I’m super planned. That’s one reason I called too, because I’m pretty sure my heart rate’s like 180 right now.

Matthew Souza (09:21):


Dylan Lowen (09:22):

I dunno how y’all do it. Super nerve wracking, but figured I’d go pair and call in. Actually, I was thinking about what Beaver just said as far as, you said you and your sibling are eight years apart,

Caleb Beaver (09:35):


Dylan Lowen (09:38):

How’s Al’s relationship?

Caleb Beaver (09:40):

It was not great until probably the past five or six years. He was basically still a kid and I was an adult, so we just never got along. I think we still kind of butt heads obviously, but that’s sibling stuff. But by now we’re starting to get weird. We’re basically friends, I guess.

Dylan Lowen (10:02):

Heck yeah. The reason I’m asking is we have a little girl that’s about to be five years old and with Ariel being in the CrossFit space and being successful right now, we want another kid, but we’re trying to ride this train until the wheels fall off. We’re starting to get that question from our little girl that she wants the sibling. I’m like, dude, we’re making bread right now. What are we supposed to be doing with this situation?

Caleb Beaver (10:35):

Yeah, you just wait and just keep riding this high and then eventually, I mean it works out. Eventually they go to separate schools. So I went to separate schools. Every high school, middle school was separate, so we never fucked with each other. I never had to see him all the time. Yeah, it’s basically two different households.

Matthew Souza (10:55):

Dylan, I’ll tell you this. I had a buddy who had a sister who was 11 years younger or 12 years younger. Oh wow. And it was definitely like a, Kayla had said that the whoopsie, right. But here’s what I’ll tell you. For the parents, I think it was a significant help because both the older siblings, her older brothers, it was a little girl that was born way behind them. They basically just became the live-in babysitters. My buddy was in high school, he was a freshman and then his younger brother was a couple years younger than him, so they just were all hands on deck and taking care of it. And here’s the good thing, you have a little girl, so those early on Muddly instincts will kick in and you’ll basically have the same thing. You got the live-in nanny there.

Caleb Beaver (11:40):

Exactly. I

Dylan Lowen (11:41):

Don’t know, bro. She’s a savage. She likes to fight. She’s pretty aggressive, bro.

Matthew Souza (11:52):

Oh my gosh, that’s hilarious. Where does she get that, teach the younger one a lesson? She get that competitive side for you or from Ariel?

Dylan Lowen (12:02):

I think she gets her aggressiveness from me because I kind of treat her like a boy as far as I’m not scared to rough around with her so she can get pretty aggressive with me and mom and it kind of backfiring because she’s kind of getting an attitude, man. And I don’t know. I’m not a very strict parent and nor is Ariel. So do we need to work on our discipline and we’re such, I don’t know, we’re such laid back parents. We never read books or did any of that stuff that a lot of other parents do when preparing for a child and we just kind of went with the flow and just trying to treat her as a friend. And when she does mess up, we try to talk about it, but it seems like it goes like one through one ear and out the other. So it’s, it’s, but it’s so funny that you mentioned an Oopsie child. Our first one is an oopsie. Our second one is be planned.

Matthew Souza (13:04):

Oh, that’s awesome. Yeah, indeed.

Dylan Lowen (13:06):

So we’ll have that just

Matthew Souza (13:09):

Backwards. That’s, Hey, like you said, keep riding that gravy train for as long as you guys have. She’s fucking crushing it and it seems like you guys got a great thing going on.

Dylan Lowen (13:19):

Heck yeah, man. It’s been awesome and a super big blessing. So we don’t know when it’s going to end, but we definitely know there’s a couple more years on the wheels before we call it quits. The funny thing is it was a big if seeing who was at the competition at Rogue, but she did say if she won Rogue, she was going to quit CrossFit.

Matthew Souza (13:45):

Damn, that’s the trophy one anyway. Wow. Wow. Just drop off. That’s interesting. On a high note. Yeah,

Dylan Lowen (13:55):

I know. Yeah, the best do it when they’re on the top. And we had no anticipations of ever placing third place at the games. I think it was just as big of a shock to us as it was to anyone else. The main goal for the games was to be top 10, and if she would’ve been 10th place, she would’ve been on top of the moon. So the fact that she got their place was super mind blowing to us. And so she was like, yeah, man, if I get first place that rogue, I’m just going to call it quits and on a high note and shook the world, shake the CrossFit world

Matthew Souza (14:37):

Up and just give the middle finger as she leaves. Fuck y’all, I’m out. Hey dude, you know what though? She’s such a competitor, there’s no way that would’ve happened. She would’ve said that and then two weeks later she would’ve been out in the garage and I’m like, why do you got all this shit written up on the board? And she’s like, I don’t know. And next thing you know, you’re watching her more closely. She’s out there more and you’re like, fuck, we’re going another year, aren’t we? And she’s going to be like, yeah, I just smoked everybody at rogue of KoSA going back. I want to put my foot to their throat,

Dylan Lowen (15:08):

But I would not be depressed about it. Honestly, the last three years of CrossFit have been the most exciting years of my life. I’m like a parent that’s living through their child when they go and do sports and you’re cheering them on and you’re like, man, I’m living my adult dreams through this kid right now of being a professional athlete. And that’s exactly what I’m doing with Ariel, so I’m loving every minute of it. I just wish, or I just hope that we continue to do it as long as she is able and have fun. Our biggest thing about it is having fun with it and enjoying the experiences that come with it because we’ve got to meet a lot of cool people along the way and meet people that we never thought we’d meet because we’ve always watched CrossFit and never thought we’d maybe call some of these people friends. So it’s been such a blessing, man. It’s been an awesome three years,

Matthew Souza (16:07):

Dude, that’s amazing. Can’t

Dylan Lowen (16:08):

Wait to see what,

Matthew Souza (16:10):

Go ahead. CrossFit’s fucking up by not just sticking a camera in your guys’ house as often as they could. I mean, she’s such a great role model for the sport. It’s nuts. And that could just easily slide over to the methodology side for it and stuff like that. Especially balancing mom life training with, there’s so much to it there. So hopefully they dig into that a little bit too. Give her some of the spotlight. It’s definitely a well-deserved.

Dylan Lowen (16:38):

Yeah, I definitely agree with that. I think Darel has a really cool story that’s not getting spoken about as much as far as being an athlete prior to being a mom and never quite being quite good enough. She was always really good, just never quite had the chance to get it at the regional level, always being between, I think her best finish and regional level was like sixth and it was always between sixth and 12th place. And actually when she found out she was pregnant was her worst finish at the regional in Salt Lake City in 2018, I believe it was. And she was somewhere around 15th place and whatnot. And just the fact that after motherhood that she became a stronger athlete. And I think there’s a story behind that for all moms that once you’ve gone through motherhood, it does something to a woman mentally and physically that makes them stronger than they probably ever were before. And I’ve seen that firsthand. What changes that made an Ariel, she’s not special by any means. She’s just a woman and a mom and going through what she did, giving birth, pregnancy just made her a stronger person. So I really think that story is really cool for a lot of moms to grasp onto whatever they’re doing in their future or whatever, if they kind of give up on themselves that they’re stronger now than they were before.

Matthew Souza (18:16):

Dude, a hundred percent brother. Hey man. Well thanks for calling in. That’s awesome. Yeah, no problem. Hey, you broke the cherry too, dude, so now you already got your feet wet for the big debut.

Dylan Lowen (18:29):

Not a virgin anymore, baby.

Matthew Souza (18:32):

Awesome dude. Hey, thanks brother. Have a great day, dude. Thank you. Thanks

Dylan Lowen (18:36):

Dylan. Alright, y’all do the same

Matthew Souza (18:37):

Man later. Bye dude, that’s so funny because there’s a couple people that had messaged that said the thing about calling in but being a little nervous, but he was definitely who I was thinking of when we had him because we are getting ’em squared away. Okay, we got some housekeeping to do. These memberships are fucking rolling in and I love it. Let’s go. Biggest day. This is pretty good. Don’t do it for anybody other than Caleb guys. Okay, who do we leave off at? Christine? We’re just going to bring it up again because her profile pick is fire. Great profile, pick. It’s mad lit on God, on God. No cap hip, be busing. Okay. We did have a couple of decent questions here. Matt, have you ever played for your coaches to get their L one? Yes, that’s something that we offer. So if you go and get your L one and you commit to a certain amount of hours a week that you’re going to be coaching, there’s definitely programs that you could buy that back.


I also let all my coaches know that if they buy anything that pertains to leveling up their education, whether it be one of the online courses that CrossFit offers, like spot the flaw or the programming, the lesson plan, the anatomy, not the judge’s coach. That’s just fucking stupid. But the other one’s like we will just kidding, we have ’em do it for the open, but I offer for all of them to go and do that and alls they have to do is bring me the receipt and then they have to integrate and that’s the biggest thing I’ll pay for education for the coaches. This is up and included in books and stuff like that, like buying books or audible books, whatever they do to level up their skills in coaching or in business for that matter, depending on what they want to do. But if they do that and then we integrate it and that’s the big piece.


You got to find a way to take what you’re learning and either teach it to the coaches, implement it in lesson plans, do something to take that skill set and apply it into the gym, into your classes, and a hundred percent you get reimbursed for that. That’s something that I’ll always do at the gym. Also, we’ve had a lot of people at the gym. I like to say that the affiliate is a vehicle that will take you wherever you want, and what I mean by that is if you come into the gym, you start working out, you’re just really dedicated and disciplined to yourself and then you start to come and say, Hey, I want to coach part-time, but I really want to be a firefighter. Like great, come in and coach and then I will within my power try to help connect you to the right people or whatever it takes to get you to go through it.


I’m not going to bring you in and try to say, oh no, you’re only here, Don, don’t pursue anything else and coach for me for the rest of my life. I like to have very upfront and honest conversations with my coaches and the biggest one early on was like, Hey, if you think you could do it better than me, meaning like, oh fuck man, I’m going to go open up my own gym. Then I tell ’em all the time, let’s just have the conversation because chances are you’re, you could either have a higher position up in the gym that I am in with what Albert does, who crushes it and basically runs the whole entire show or could help you fund it, being an investor of the other gym. Let’s see. What are your real thoughts on being competitive? Being what? Competitive on affiliates. I’m all for health in the affiliates. Oh, in the affiliates.


Yes. One of actually a thing that I said a while back did really well on Instagram reels and I never actually expected it would, and it was me talking just about that, which is like everybody has to find their own personal competition within the gym, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to go out and compete somewhere. That means you could compete against the clock. That means you could compete against just the shit you’re dealing with in your head for life and you’re just going to grind it out during your burpees. Competition I think is important because it’s always going to make you strive to be better, but what type of competition are you focusing on and how is that relating back to how it’s going to better yourself?

Caleb Beaver (22:30):

I would say a good example just with the levels of competition. My dad still goes through affiliate, like I was saying earlier. He has had the same, him and his friend have had the same competition every day they go to the gym, it’s the same thing. They’re always looking at each other’s scores. My dad’s competition is another guy who is similar in ability, and whenever my dad came back from all of his treatments, he was striving, that was his competition, was trying to meet his numbers just like he did before he got out or before his treatments. So that was his thing is like, okay, well I got to catch up to my buddy again. I got to catch up to this guy again. I, that’s competition for me. My competition is okay, I want to do better in the open or I want to do want do better than my wife. She’s starting to train no more. It’s like I can’t let her beat me all the time, so that’s my competition. So there’s just levels to it

Matthew Souza (23:32):

For sure. One year my wife beat me in the open by one place, which was weird the way it lined up. She was on a completely different leaderboard, but don’t worry, she screenshotted both of ’em and cropped ’em together and then put me underneath her by one point. Asshole. Asshole. Yeah, you’re absolutely right. That’s a great example, right? What is your dad doing? He’s competing to get back to where he was and get back into the shape that he was prior to cancer and everything else, and you’re just trying to beat your wife by one point in the open. Everybody’s a competition is different. Walter affiliates never used to care how many affiliates there were or how CrossFit was doing.


That’s definitely not true. Don’t you remember dag ’em out, people throwing their shit away and scraping CrossFit off their wall. That was a pretty big moment for them to care. No, man, I think these conversations have been happening all the time, but I would agree with you in the sense that it’s probably more vocal and forward facing now than it was in the past, but being an affiliate owner, being a 10 year affiliate owner myself, but being an affiliate owner, like you get around other affiliate owners and these conversations have been happening all the time, but definitely more forward facing way more in the media space than it ever was. So to you that probably definitely seems different. Mad Marv is a member. Let’s go. You have to be a CEO if you guys want the behind the scenes though. Sorry, if you didn’t know that. If you didn’t know, now you know Marv,

Caleb Beaver (25:06):

There are a ton of memberships that just came in.

Matthew Souza (25:09):

Ashley, welcome. Caleb Hates kids. Yes, that’s correct.

Caleb Beaver (25:17):


Matthew Souza (25:18):

Just sneak that one in there. Helping. I go to affiliates two days a week and home three to four days a week, and I’m moving towards affiliate training, but I have the garage gym and the affiliate. And the affiliate I love is 30 minutes away. That’s cool. Little hybrid action. Dude, that’s probably a really good way to do it if you’re somebody who works out at home because you know that at home you’re not capturing the same intensity as you are with people around you, and so if you’re a good and motivated to do it on your own in the garage, but you could kind of use the affiliate two days a week as just like, Hey, am I really pushing myself? I should be in the garage. That’s a cool combo. Do you have a membership or a punch card? I wonder

Caleb Beaver (26:03):

If I have a membership.

Matthew Souza (26:04):

You have a membership? Yeah. I wonder if Caleb, I mean Halpin has a punch card for that. Do you go to an affiliate? What affiliate do you go to now? Yeah,

Caleb Beaver (26:13):

I go to CrossFit Hydro. Yeah, he offers open gym, but you’re only allowed to use open gym between class times, so if there’s no classes going on because kind of like yours, we don’t have space to be allowing open gym to be going on at the same time as regular classes. Same with Apen. I think affiliate, I’ll go there for a class or a couple of times a week, but otherwise I go outside of class times. Just

Matthew Souza (26:43):

Hit your own. Is that just because a schedule thing or you just prefer to kind of do your own thing? Majority of the time

Caleb Beaver (26:46):

Schedule thing. Normally I don’t really care to get up at four 30 in the morning and I’m usually up pretty late, so yeah,

Matthew Souza (26:55):

Dude, that 4 45 alarm clock for me comes around quick. Susa, have you ever had a devil’s threesome? Oh fuck, I don’t even know. Yes. I have no idea what that even is, Sy. I have a sister who is 22 years younger than me. Interesting, interesting. Okay. Nevermind. I was going to ask more questions, but we’ll have s sleepy on the show. Jane really got a good workout and when Dick and Tom gave her the devil’s threesome, a threesome including one woman and two men. Oh yeah. Yeah. That’s the only way I roll baby Eiffel

Caleb Beaver (27:37):

Towers or

Matthew Souza (27:37):

Die. Yeah. If we can’t pause for a quick sword fight, don’t fucking include me. Okay. Quick

Caleb Beaver (27:45):

High five fist bump. Just

Matthew Souza (27:46):

A couple of lightsabers swinging around. Great. My gosh. Y’all Rubio, dude? Yes, YouTube member. Thank you brother. Awesome. We’re crushing these memberships. Go there, get a membership. Yes. Look at that. Lets Havo noise.

Caleb Beaver (28:07):


Matthew Souza (28:08):

Right. Gladly. We’ll just keep this comet up for far too long. Sometimes happens in the live Collins,

Caleb Beaver (28:15):

Just everybody knows.

Matthew Souza (28:17):

Yeah, bag of weed and chocolate dick emoji. Then I’ll join.

Caleb Beaver (28:23):

Oh, all right.

Matthew Souza (28:25):

Will the two that he would refuse to make would definitely be the bag of weed in the chocolate dick.

Caleb Beaver (28:33):


Matthew Souza (28:35):

Oh, vindicate. Hey, if you guys haven’t gone over and checked out the new beanies that Travis set up, they

Caleb Beaver (28:42):


Matthew Souza (28:42):


Caleb Beaver (28:45):

I didn’t even get one. It’s cold as fuck here.

Matthew Souza (28:47):

Yeah. Has it been super cold there? What’s the temperature?

Caleb Beaver (28:51):

It’s starting to get freezing now.

Matthew Souza (28:53):

Oh shit.

Caleb Beaver (28:54):

Yeah. These are dope.

Matthew Souza (28:55):

Yeah, look at

Caleb Beaver (28:56):

Those. I like this one specifically.

Matthew Souza (28:58):

The yellow. Yeah. Yeah, that’s one Grace likes too. What was the one? Is that the one that seven called the Meg Beanie?

Caleb Beaver (29:04):

Yeah. Oh, no, no, it was this one.

Matthew Souza (29:09):

Oh, okay.

Caleb Beaver (29:10):

This is the Meg beanie.

Matthew Souza (29:16):

Oh shit. Hey, if you buy the meg beanie and send me a picture wearing it dressed like Meg, I’ll give you the whole behind the scenes for free. I’m just kidding.

Caleb Beaver (29:24):

Whoa, whoa.

Matthew Souza (29:27):

Just making hella promises. I’ll drop a Subaru off at your house. Oh shit.

Caleb Beaver (29:33):

Hand delivered. It’s pink, but it’s okay.

Matthew Souza (29:38):

I feel like I’ve read all the member names. Caleb, so you

Caleb Beaver (29:40):

Could join. Go ahead. Coffee, pause. And wa can remember this morning before the show started. Oh, really? Yeah. There’s that one nice deflection from the name we can’t pronounce. Hannah. Thank you, Pedro. Hannah, Pedro. I like that it shows the ones that didn’t.

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