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Garrette Glinton (00:00):

All right, let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Let’s go. Good morning everybody. Jake Chapman. Jeffrey Birchfield, my man. Kenneth the Lap. My man. Judy. Love seeing you guys. Sorry, it took me a second because my fragile female brain couldn’t figure out how to run Avon’s Lamborghini of a stream yard right now. I was trying to work out all this in my head, but we got Pool Boy, I want to make sure we had a dude on the podcast so that Avon feels comfortable. There’s a penis on the podcast, so we’re good to go on that.

Mike Olivas (00:39):

Do you want to verify?

Garrette Glinton (00:45):

I don’t know how we do that. I did want to say, since it’s Avon’s, DEI hire show. I wanted to go through our list of our DEI requirements. I feel like I fill most of them. Babe, I think you lose. I think you only have two. I do. I do. It’s just lesbian and female and we can’t verify, but we’re just going to say it. What are your DEI qualifications, Mr. Mike?

Mike Olivas (01:11):

I’m Mexican for sure.

Garrette Glinton (01:16):

That’s all you got here.

Mike Olivas (01:17):

Some may think I’m gay,




Other than that, oh, you guys found out that I’m friends with technically a legal immigrant, so I guess that counts.

Garrette Glinton (01:33):


Mike Olivas (01:36):

To watch that showing up.

Garrette Glinton (01:38):

Yeah, I did. He was great. Where’d you meet him? Where’d you meet him?

Mike Olivas (01:45):

That’s a great question. Oh, so I have always known of him because he lives basically 40 minutes from me, and I’d always run into him at, we have this pretty decently big competition here called the NorCal Classic, and I’d always see him there and kind of run into him there. And it wasn’t until the third one where I finally introduced myself to him and said Hi, because he goes to the gym that he goes to. I’m good friends with the owner of the gym. So that’s finally introduced myself, and from there, we just became really close friends.

Garrette Glinton (02:22):

That’s cool. Yeah, that was a great episode. I thoroughly enjoyed that episode. I kind of wanted to throw this out real quick just to the chat and to you. I always like to nerd out on Avon’s ecosystem, his podcast ecosystem and all the branches that stem from the Avon podcast. And then yesterday I was thinking, what about the friends? How many friends can you say that you’ve made? Just through the seven podcast? I can rattle off six people right now that I could call talk to real friends.

Mike Olivas (03:00):

So you want to hear a really funny story about that? Well, it’s kind of funny story. I forget when this happened, but I started watching the show somewhat religiously. I was always a pretty big fan of SVO back when he worked at CrossFit, and I’d always follow his podcast there. I just thought they were just hilarious. And some of the shit that he would say just would crack me up, especially the ones with Dan Bailey where he kept interrogating him about going on The Bachelor and all that shit. Yeah. And then so I started watching the show once it started getting more and more traction, and one day I got a notification on my phone that it was added to a certain group chat, and it’s a group chat full of everyone who watches the show, and I was like, holy shit, these people, this is a cult. Holy crap. This is like Scientology 2.0 everyone, the Savon podcast. They’re probably going to give me shit because I mentioned it on here, but

Garrette Glinton (04:06):

Whatever. Well, they’re giving you shit about your headphones.

Mike Olivas (04:09):

Oh, yeah. They are obnoxiously big, aren’t they?

Garrette Glinton (04:12):

Yeah. Well,

Colleen Glinton (04:13):

You’re breaking up a little bit. Did you want to try without your headphones to see if it’s better? You’re kind of breaking up as you’re talking.

Mike Olivas (04:21):

Sure. Am I having a John Young moment? Is that what’s happening?

Garrette Glinton (04:25):


Mike Olivas (04:28):

It was in the barbell spin. He

Garrette Glinton (04:29):

Was off. Or maybe it’s your pat. Morning Pat.

Mike Olivas (04:32):

All right. Is that better?

Garrette Glinton (04:34):

Oh, yeah. There we go. Yep.

Mike Olivas (04:40):

So should we start at the top? Do we need to start all over?

Garrette Glinton (04:43):

No, no, no, I don’t think so. No, you’re good. No, you’re good. No, that’s fine.

Colleen Glinton (04:47):

I don’t think it would be a Savon True Savon podcasts without something happening, without something going on with the volume or whatever. Still, one of your favorite ones to date is the one episode that he was on by himself trying to figure out how to work the microphones and then cutting out, oh, remember

Mike Olivas (05:04):

That I can spend 20 minutes pretending to connect a phone to a road caster if you guys want.

Garrette Glinton (05:13):

That was an hour show of him just not having sound and then being like, fuck, and freaking

Mike Olivas (05:18):

Out. Hold on, hold call. Hold on,

Colleen Glinton (05:21):

Hold on. And then the hands go up.

Mike Olivas (05:23):

Hold on. Hold on. Wouldn’t be a Savon show if the phone was disconnected. Hold on.

Garrette Glinton (05:29):

Well, I’m probably going to do it too. Again, my female brain can’t handle it, so I’ll do the same thing if anybody wants to call, but feel free to call guys if you want to. Hey, did we mess with you this morning? Did we mess up your training or, I know you’re getting ready for quarterfinals, right?

Mike Olivas (05:45):

No, Sundays are usually a chill day for me. The only thing messed up is my, I woke up at 6:00 AM here. It’s like I’m over here in Cali. I’m only about 40 minutes, 40 minute drive from actually where Savon lives. So we’re pretty close. But other than that, no, I’m fine.

Garrette Glinton (06:06):

I see you started with being on teams, right? I literally was not nervous until Hailey Matossian DM me last night, and then I got freakishly nervous. So yeah, I wasn’t scared of Savon. I wasn’t scared of Susa, but I was definitely, as soon as Hailey messaged me, I was like, oh my God. I started to freak out a little bit, but I wanted to start. You started on teams. You were on teams. Did you go to Quarters or semis or on teams, or is it just like Waap Palooza you did a lot of?

Mike Olivas (06:39):

I’ve been doing CrossFit for damn near since 2012, so very long time, almost 12 years. So I kind of went through all the phases of the growth of the sport in terms of the open back when it was still, I think when I joined, they had something called, man, what was it, sectionals or something


Like that. And then eventually regionals, I made it. I qualified on a team. At the time, I was competing under Craig Howard’s gym, Diablo CrossFit, and had that year, I think we sent two teams, two teams to the regionals, which was really cool. So back when it was in Del Mar, and that was the very last year that they had regionals. So I was very grateful and thankful for that opportunity to go. I was on a team with a gentleman named Troy Stinson, Natalie Talbert, who competed last year at Semis as an individual. And then many people here in the chat might know the fourth female, Kelly Clark, who’s now known as Kelly. Kelly.

Garrette Glinton (07:43):


Mike Olivas (07:43):

Yeah. So went there and then flashed forward to last year. I had this really unique opportunity where I had just been let go of a job where I was at coaching and I had this weird limbo phase where the open was literally three weeks away, I think even less than that. And I had no idea where I was going to do the open. I had recruited, literally recruited a team to be a part of the gym that I was previously at, so that was no longer an option. And I had a mutual friend reach out to me and she was like, Hey, I have a female friend who’s looking for a fourth teammate. Would you be interested in joining her team? And I’d be like, yeah, sure. And she was like, well, the only caveat is it’s in Boston, you would have to move all the way to across the country.


And I was like, stars literally lined up. I was like, well, I don’t have a steady income. And she was like, okay, well, she’ll offer you a coaching job there. And I was like, okay, cool. And then I was like, well, now the only issue is I don’t have a car. And to basically myself around, and I forget how I even got connected, but there was a random gym in that area. I think the city called Chelsea, which is literally 10 minutes outside of Boston. Some coach there randomly was like, Hey, if you coach at my gym, I’ll offer you my second car to drive around. So literally, the stars couldn’t have lined up better. So I was like, all right, fuck it. Two weeks notice, I booked a flight to Boston and went over there, and keep in mind, these three individuals were complete strangers to me. I had no idea who they were. I never met them in my life.

Garrette Glinton (09:28):


Mike Olivas (09:28):

Wow. Yeah. I ended up meeting my male teammate at the airport when he picked me up, and I ended up living and staying on his couch for four or five months that I was there, and it was pretty incredible. Literally went from who had no idea who these people were complete strangers to. I look at them as brothers and sisters now. It was amazing.

Garrette Glinton (09:52):

Kenneth, he said, Boston. I don’t know why I can’t pull these up right now, but yeah, he said Boston.

Mike Olivas (09:57):


Garrette Glinton (09:58):

Boston. So how long did it take for the team chemistry to get rolling? Did they know each other?

Mike Olivas (10:06):

Yeah, they knew them. They knew each other. I just was the stranger of the bunch. And I mean, those who know me, I have a pretty extroverted personality, so it doesn’t take much for me to weasel my way into a friend group or not be shy about certain situations. So it didn’t really take much at all, and we gelled so smoothly, and yeah, shoot, man, we had such a good time. We ended up almost making top 10 at semi, so that was a pretty cool experience.

Garrette Glinton (10:40):

Oh, yeah. Well, you met us by offering us a throuple, so I mean, yeah, I was like, okay. I guess that’s how we know that Mike’s cool. All good. Did you have your girlfriend at the time when you were on?

Mike Olivas (10:57):

No, no. I just started dating her this last November.

Garrette Glinton (11:02):

Oh, how did she feel now? You’re going individual, right?

Mike Olivas (11:06):

I mean, I’m going to try. I’m going to try, but realistically, I know I’m pretty good. I’m a pretty good athlete. But to go from, I think where I’m at right now is top one 50 all the way to top 40. That’s a long shot.

Garrette Glinton (11:21):

Was your girlfriend say, is she cool with all the time it takes and the dude,

Mike Olivas (11:26):

She’s like the female version of me. She’s the

Garrette Glinton (11:29):

Same. Oh, you guys just trained together?

Mike Olivas (11:33):

She’s a Marine. She’s in the military, and she actually, we’re doing the long distance thing. She lives in Ocean side, basically San Diego, which is six hours south from me. So we’re just doing the long distance thing. But whenever she does come up to visit, yeah, we train together. Obviously she has her own programming and I have mine, but I’ll try to jump in some of her workouts just to help support her a bit. She actually, I just follow just a normal template programming. I don’t have a coach or anything like that. She has a coach. She works with Golden Line training, so her following her program is a little bit more important than me following just a standard template. So whenever I can, I’ll just jump in the workouts with her.

Garrette Glinton (12:18):

Are you guys super competitive? Is there a lot of trash talking and

Mike Olivas (12:22):

No. No, nothing like that? No.

Garrette Glinton (12:23):

That’s no fun.

Mike Olivas (12:25):

No, it really isn’t. No.

Colleen Glinton (12:27):

How long were you on a team for

Mike Olivas (12:29):

Team? How long? Well, I mean, we did, back when I was in Diablo, the plan was to try to keep that team together, but the following year, everything just changed. I want to say that’s when CrossFit went through all the crazy changes, they changed to sanctional, super teams were allowed. So once that was all announced, it kind of just fizzled out. And then last year with my team in Boston, we did discuss potentially keeping it together and trying to go another year, but this time maybe them coming over to the west coast because no disrespect to the west over here, but they suck compared to the east, and I learned that hard last year. The east is far more competitive outside of the top five or six teams and outside of the top 10 individuals here, it doesn’t even compare to the east. There were teams, for example, that I was watching last year that they were teams, they couldn’t even do rope climbs. There were teams that had athletes that couldn’t do muscle ups. I’m like, dude, this is a fucking joke.

Colleen Glinton (13:41):

And they were competing in the same sanctional with you, you were saying?

Mike Olivas (13:47):

No. So last year the East Semi was the very first semi, so we went first and then the west was the following week. So I got to literally see them do the same workouts that we did, and I was just like, holy shit, dude. People can’t climb ropes. There’s a team there that couldn’t do ring muscle slips. It’s ridiculous. So we had talked about keeping that team together to come potentially over to the west. It’s a far more easier route to go to the games, but it ended up just not working out.

Colleen Glinton (14:17):

Do you miss the team? Do you miss being on a team now that you’re individual and training individual? Is there something that you miss about that or are you

Mike Olivas (14:24):

I do, realistically speaking, I’m pretty much a realist. I understand my best shot at any attempt to go in the games is through a team. So I do miss that, especially I got a lot of friends here in the area that ended up putting teams together and just seeing them train and go through quarters right now, it gives me a little bit of that fomo. I missed that camaraderie last year, but I’m not tripping too much. There’s always next year, my girlfriend and I had planned on trying to do something in terms of putting a team together.

Garrette Glinton (15:00):

Yeah. Hey, did she go with you to the open announcement?

Mike Olivas (15:03):

No. No, she did not. She did not. So she wasn’t here at that time. She is now deployed in Australia, so she was overseas in Australia, but she definitely had huge fomo.

Garrette Glinton (15:16):

How was that that, did you nerd out the whole time? Did you meet Dave? I saw you in this live stream entire time. I was like there.

Mike Olivas (15:25):

So many people give me shit for that because they were like, dude, you planned that. You planned that. I’m like, dude, honestly, I did not plan it. I walked in there and I know people at that gym. That gym again is only 30 minutes from me, but I literally just hung out with Craig Howard and his homies, the owner of Diablo, and they just happened to just stay right there. So I stayed right there, and then boom, the camera happened to be like, I’m right there, so it’s perfect. But no, I didn’t really nerd out. I know Dave. I’ve known Dave prior. I actually did games testing for Dave a few years back. His ranch is just about another 30 or 40 minutes south from me. So I’ve known Dave for a while.

Garrette Glinton (16:11):

Oh, wow. Actual games. Events.

Mike Olivas (16:13):

Yeah. Yeah. So I ended up testing one event for some online competition that CrossFit randomly through. And then when it came to the games for the teams, I tested a few events with Kelly Allison Scuds, and then another gentleman, I forget his name.

Garrette Glinton (16:41):

Oh, that’s, damn, okay. That’s crazy. High level. Well,

Colleen Glinton (16:45):

Hold on. You have to explain that a little bit. What

Garrette Glinton (16:48):

Event was it?

Colleen Glinton (16:49):

Bring us into, what games, training, testing looks like.

Mike Olivas (16:53):

I’m trying to remember what event it was. It involved that Big Bob Sled where all four of us are pushing the sled, and then the event had bar muscle ups, TODA bars or something like that. That was, shoot, man, I’m getting old. I was, I want to say two years ago. Two years ago or so, it was right before Dave got

Garrette Glinton (17:16):

Fired. I am fangirling about all of this right now. I don’t even know how to tell you any other thing. And literally, and I’ll let you get back to this in a second, but I know Seon likes me because he forgot everything about me altogether. He forgot my name when Jet Row called. He forgot my wife’s name. Called her, what did he call you? Terry?

Colleen Glinton (17:41):

Terry or Trish or something? Yeah.

Garrette Glinton (17:43):

He called you my girlfriend too. And I’ve been married to you for 12 years. He totally forgot who I am in every way, shape or form, and I was just like, oh, he likes me. He does. He likes me. Does

Mike Olivas (17:55):

That’s hilarious.

Garrette Glinton (17:56):

I’m fangirling for this entire freaking show right now. But go ahead. I’m sorry,

Mike Olivas (18:01):

Dave. What’s funny is Dave did something similar to that to me. So prior to me actually meeting, I don’t know if I met him yet, but prior to me doing testing for him, I had

Garrette Glinton (18:14):

Doug. Is he just DM you? Does he just DM you? How does he even get ahold of you?

Mike Olivas (18:18):

No. So that was through Kelly, my friend Kelly. She’s got a really solid relationship with CrossFit HQ right now. I want to say she’s interning to be on the seminar staff or something like that. But she was doing testing for Dave, and Dave had mentioned that he wanted one more athlete for team testing, and she brought my name up and she contacted me and she was like, Hey, how interested would you be in doing some games testing for Dave? I’m like, are you fucking kidding me? Like hell yeah. And that’s how we ended up getting connected. But what’s funny is I met him for the first time when I did that, and then similar, he couldn’t remember my name. So there was a flash forward to another time where Cross CrossFit wanted me to do a photo shoot for them. I don’t know if you guys go on the games website right now. I’m on the workout two thumbnail for the teams, and that was from a photo shoot that I did, but Dave couldn’t remember my name and he wanted, wanted me to go in and do that. So he was talking to Adrian Bosman and Bosman told me this story, and he was like, Hey, how about we get that ripped Mexican dude?

Garrette Glinton (19:31):

I tried to get him shirtless. I did. I really did. I asked him two days ago if I could get him shirtless, and yeah, I tried. I really did. I was looking out.

Mike Olivas (19:41):

Yeah, so when I went and did that photo shoot, they kept calling me R-M-D-R-M-D, and finally I asked him like, dude, what the hell’s RMD? And he told me the story about how Dave couldn’t remember my name, so he called me the Rip to Mexican dude. So now I have a second nickname, and it’s just RMD.

Garrette Glinton (19:57):

You didn’t make that an Instagram handle? That is No, I love Pool Boy. But when I walk around and tell people, they’re like, who are you talking to? I’m like, pool Boy. And you’re a lesbian. You have a friend named Pool Boy. Yes. And he’s hot.

Colleen Glinton (20:13):

So when you do those events and you test them, have you ever noticed that there was a big change after that where Dave was like, oh, we need to change this, we need to change this? Or is it literally the final step before it’s time for the games athletes to do it?

Mike Olivas (20:29):

No, I want to say when I tested it versus watching it live on the games, do it. I don’t think he really changed much, to be honest, but it is a fascinating process to watch him do it or watch him go through it. He literally has a notepad. He doesn’t really say anything to you during the event, but every time the other athletes would be doing their part and I was chilling, resting, I would just look over and I would just see him constantly writing things down, constantly writing things down, looking at a stopwatch, riding something down. So that process was really fascinating to watch, just to see his brain just go and just how he kind of goes through the process of testing. It’s pretty crazy.

Colleen Glinton (21:14):

And I feel like that they gave us, I forget which documentary it was, but when they kind of allowed us to go into his little training area or where he writes all of the stuff, and you can kind of see he’s got post-its everywhere. He’s got notepads everywhere, he’s got all of these things, and I think that that’s just a testament to his craft. So just was always curious if in person was the same as him doing it by himself After you’re done with the event, did he ever come up to you and say anything about or ask questions? How did this section feel? How did this feel? Does he get any feedback? Does he ask for feedback or no?

Mike Olivas (21:51):

Oh, yeah, he asked for some feedback, but honestly, not too much.

Garrette Glinton (21:55):

How many, oh, go ahead. No, finish, finish. I

Mike Olivas (21:58):

Mean, just especially with the team stuff, it didn’t seem like you really asked much

Garrette Glinton (22:04):

How many versions of,

Colleen Glinton (22:05):

Oh, Kenneth, I have my CEO shirt on.

Garrette Glinton (22:07):

No, he was talking about me and I was like,

Colleen Glinton (22:08):

Oh. I was like, I have my CEO shirt on

Garrette Glinton (22:10):

Too. You vindicated out for this. I put the banner behind me. We

Colleen Glinton (22:13):

Got it. We support. We know who

Garrette Glinton (22:15):

We’re supposed to be. I mean, I have the Hiller flag over there too. We’ve vindicated out for today. Did you test different versions of the same workout? Did he ever do that? Was he like, Hey, run, check. No,

Mike Olivas (22:28):

It was pretty simple. We just went through it and it wasn’t too deep. Even the second time I went and did testing from it was pretty straightforward and simple. But talking to Kelly, for example, man, she told me that there was one specific workout. I don’t know if the chat remembers it, but it was the games workout where it was just power snatching and echo bite cals. It was just a sprint through. And she said she did like four or five different variations of it, and she was just dying. It was not,

Garrette Glinton (22:59):

Did you ever read his book?

Mike Olivas (23:01):

No. I’ve been meaning to, I’m not much of a reader to be honest, but I do want to read his book.

Garrette Glinton (23:08):

I read his book and it looks like what you were just talking about, it just looks like his notepad would look if he was writing out, it’s just time of day what he did, what he was thinking. I just imagine that’s what he is doing when he is writing. Yeah,

Mike Olivas (23:24):

I would imagine he’s super detailed with that stuff. He probably even writes down whether his shit that morning was solid, liquidy. He probably goes through it all.

Garrette Glinton (23:35):

Oh, man. Switching gears. We’ll get off the CrossFit for right now because he just reminded how much crap we talk about all the time, literally. But

Mike Olivas (23:48):

Have you guys ever met Dave, though? Have you ever met Dave? No. No. Oh, dude. He’s the nicest dude in the world. It’s insane. So even at the live announcement, because I could tell my girlfriend was like,

Garrette Glinton (24:00):

Let’s see, oh,

Colleen Glinton (24:02):

Who’s this

Garrette Glinton (24:03):

I? No, hold on, caller. Hold on. Caller. I got to figure out how to do this again. Oh, very on us. Yep. There we go. Are you there? Hello?

Speaker 4 (24:13):

Yo, what’s up?

Garrette Glinton (24:14):

What’s up? Who we got?

Speaker 4 (24:16):

What’s going on? What the fuck going on? Oh,

Garrette Glinton (24:18):

It’s What’s up, jet, my man. What’s cracking? I have no idea where someone is.

Speaker 4 (24:26):

I’m making sure the phone works. Come on.

Colleen Glinton (24:29):

You always do. You always check on us and make sure we’re doing okay?

Garrette Glinton (24:34):

Yeah, I have no idea.

Speaker 4 (24:36):

Is there going to be Final Four talk today or is that for another time?

Garrette Glinton (24:40):

Final Four. I haven’t paid any attention to them at all. I’ve only been paying attention to the women’s drama.

Mike Olivas (24:47):

It’s very sexist of you.

Garrette Glinton (24:48):

I know, I know. I’m just saying, I’m very misogynistic. Nicen,

Speaker 4 (24:57):

Say hi off to Home Depot. I got to get some stuff in the gym. So Mike, have fun ladies. Enjoy.

Garrette Glinton (25:03):

Thank you. Thanks,

Colleen Glinton (25:04):

Jet. We love you.

Garrette Glinton (25:05):

Love you Jet.

Speaker 4 (25:06):

Love you too. Bye. Bye.

Mike Olivas (25:08):


Colleen Glinton (25:11):

Oh my gosh, he’s so cool. He’s

Garrette Glinton (25:12):

So funny. He’s such a cool guy. I thought I recognized the number, but I wasn’t sure.

Mike Olivas (25:16):

That’s funny.

Colleen Glinton (25:17):

But going back to you saying meeting Dave and you see him for just the cool guy that he is, I feel like that is true for everybody in CrossFit. You know what I mean? You hear the stories about it was what Savon and Hiller being the most misogynistic or toxic, and you hear all these negative things and whatever, but when you meet that, we’ve met Hiller. We’ve never met Shan in person, but you’ve obviously talked to him a lot. They’re just really cool guys. And I think that people get lost in the whole criticism of what they choose to speak on and share online versus them in real life, that it’s not the same person and they can have opinions too. So I always love hearing how people meet.

Garrette Glinton (26:02):

I almost missed this for real, ate when I met Dave for the first time, he said, he can’t be associated with me since I work with Savan and Taylor.

Colleen Glinton (26:10):


Garrette Glinton (26:12):


Mike Olivas (26:13):

He was joking. Okay. I was

Garrette Glinton (26:15):

Like, wow, that’s tough. Yep. Messing with.

Mike Olivas (26:21):

But yeah, I mean, they’re literally the nicest people in the world and people are always, at least there’s some people that are kind shocked when I tell ’em that because at least more in the older days, Dave would come across as, I don’t know what the right word is, but he would come across kind like a dick, I guess, during the announcements and stuff. Just like that persona he would kind of put on a little bit. But I mean, the dude is one of the most humble, nicest guys you’ll ever meet. What I was saying earlier is my girlfriend, for example, has major fomo with the open coming up at the time and being in a completely different country, completely different environment. I asked Dave at the announcement if he could make a video for her, just trying to encourage her and cheer her up. So he literally just took my phone and did a 32nd video. Oh, that’s cool. Just to make her feel better. And it’s just the kind of guy that he is. And then same thing, even with people like Hiller and Sivan. I met Hiller for the first time finally last year at semis in Orlando. And same thing, the guy is just so nice, willing to have a conversation with anyone. And then I finally met Sivan last September at the NorCal Classic.

Garrette Glinton (27:44):

Ooh, how tall is he? Really? How tall is he? Really? Wait, wait. Find this out. We keep asking everybody we can. How tall are you? And where does he come? Does he

Mike Olivas (27:53):

I’m not very tall either. I’m about five seven, and he came up to my belly button, something like that.

Garrette Glinton (28:00):

Oh, okay. I like it for sure. It somewhere in the middle of where Hiller told us and your belly button. So that’s, yeah,

Mike Olivas (28:06):

I think Danny DeVito and Elijah Woods somewhere around,

Garrette Glinton (28:14):

He said Elijah Wood.

Mike Olivas (28:17):

Yeah, that’s the Hobbit kid, right? That’s the kid.

Garrette Glinton (28:20):

I got

Mike Olivas (28:20):

It right. I got it right.

Garrette Glinton (28:21):

Oh man.

Colleen Glinton (28:22):

I think her girl’s in the chat

Mike Olivas (28:24):

Is, she should be asleep.

Colleen Glinton (28:26):

It’s midnight, right? Is it Julia? Is that who it is? I’m trying, yeah, she’s here. She says hi.

Mike Olivas (28:30):

I can’t see what she’s, I’m listen. Nice.

Garrette Glinton (28:35):

I told him I wouldn’t wake up, but here I am setting an alarm just to say hi.

Mike Olivas (28:40):

Yeah, see, she’s so sweet. I love you, hun.

Garrette Glinton (28:43):

That’s awesome. When’s she coming back? Is it like a year or No,

Mike Olivas (28:49):

No, no. Thank God. Nothing like that. She’ll be back around the end of August just in time for my birthday.

Garrette Glinton (28:55):


Colleen Glinton (28:55):

Cool. There you go.

Garrette Glinton (28:56):

You guys do anything special going to, well, hopefully you’re going to be, no,

Mike Olivas (29:01):

I’m going to go pick her up from the airport.

Garrette Glinton (29:03):

Okay, cool. All right. Well, we almost got to the ridiculous stuff that we were talking about yesterday, but we got into talking about Diddy a little bit.

Mike Olivas (29:16):

You said titties? Is that what you said?

Garrette Glinton (29:18):

No, TTY. But I mean, you can talk about titties if you want.

Mike Olivas (29:24):

No, no, I’m good. I’m good.

Garrette Glinton (29:27):

But yeah, Stefon always likes to tell me that I have to have, I can’t just have immediate outrage. I have to find some sort of proof of said allegations, but I always love it when these people tell on themselves. So just like, what was his name? R Kelly. He made songs about it. So this is Diddy’s song about he confesses in my mind. Let’s see what you think.

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