Day 1 Recap – CrossFit Semifinals

John Young (00:00):

I called Adler on this one.

Sevan Matossian (00:02):

Bam. We’re live. Uh, all, all the, I mean, we were, we were talking about the guys, uh, Luke Parker did great. Will Moad Adler. Uh, hey, here’s the question. Was this a big guy’s event? And what may, was this a big girl’s event? I don’t even know what that means by big girl. We’re talking 5 7 1 71 75 for a girl. But this wasn’t a big guys’s event, right?

Brian Spin (00:30):


Sevan Matossian (00:30):

No. And, and, and that was kind, was as we, as we, as we, uh, tuned out last time in the last show a couple hours ago, that was kind of one of the topics we were throwing around, right? And I, I, I thought people were saying, Hey, this isn’t a small guy’s event. This is actually a larger guy’s event. But it wasn’t,

Brian Spin (00:45):

You had to have a certain level of strength, but once you had that it, the smaller you were, the better.

Sevan Matossian (00:52):

So, so, so someone like Colton’s gonna demolish this?

Brian Spin (00:56):


John Young (00:57):

I think so, yeah.

Sevan Matossian (00:58):

What about the box height? Will that, will that mess with him?

John Young (01:03):

Uh, yeah. Yes. Maybe a little bit, but not as much as, not as much as an ad advantage as the rest of the stuff is for him.

Sevan Matossian (01:10):

So, so, um, oh, shit. I was gonna say, who can bring up the leaderboard? That’s me. That’s my job. Job. Um, uh, leaderboard. There’s no cha there. The

John Young (01:19):

Girls are updated.

Sevan Matossian (01:21):

Okay, let’s start there. Uh, well, let’s start with a little bit of a gossip first. Uh, I am, we are hearing rumblings of, uh, some new information regarding the, um, sleds, uh, Mr. Chappen, did you have some intel or some reports on that?

Brian Spin (01:38):

Yeah, it started out with, uh, an athlete in Africa, Keelan Henry, um, making a comment on social media that he had some, uh, difficulties. So I, I followed up with him and he said that, uh, the sled was tearing up his lane and just was really difficult for him to pull it. And, you know, probably compared to other athletes,

Sevan Matossian (01:59):

Um, what does that mean, tearing up his land, like is actually damaging the, the turf. So like there was something on, on

Brian Spin (02:04):

That, that’s what it sounded like. I know there was tape coming up during the event, so, uh, you know, if, if the, uh, flooring wasn’t even, you know, could have caught and done and so didn’t get a whole lot of details on it, but he was definitely saying that his thing was

Sevan Matossian (02:17):

Messed up. Just a quick, just a quick pause here. Um, uh, for those of you who don’t know, this sled, these events that we’re talking about was event number one. Um, it was covered, uh, with, um, some podcast, uh, software and some iPhone cameras. They did a pretty darn good job with it. And it was, the sleds were actually pieces of cloth or leather or canvas. We’re not sure exactly what they’re made of, but it would, they’re just big enough to put a 45 pound plate on. And then they have a, a steel ring on it, and from there you attach a rope and you can pull it. That’s why I’m tripping. When you said the sled was tearing up the ground, cuz it was just a piece of cloth really, right? Some sort of fabric.

Brian Spin (02:54):

Yeah, and, and I mean, he could mean that it was getting folded under like the other athletes, uh, that happened in the, uh, the east region, which was where I started going next. Um, started asking around if there, if there people had noticed that there were differences in the, in the lane or having issues. And um, sure enough made a post on Instagram, you see sax and pancheck, his, his sled, um, came off or his weights came off of the, the, the carpet. And so basically he was just dragging these rubber plates on the rubber flooring and could tell it was definitely difficult for him.

Sevan Matossian (03:30):

Is that on Saxon’s? Uh, Instagram?

Brian Spin (03:32):

Uh, I, I made a post on it. You can see it there. Oh. Oh,

Sevan Matossian (03:34):

Okay. Great. Let me go over here real quick.

Brian Spin (03:37):

It is the upper right one. Third one.

Sevan Matossian (03:42):

Uh, I’m going to the barbell spin for those of who don’t follow. That is Brian’s, uh, Instagram account. It is the, uh, primary Instagram account for anyone who wants to follow the games, uh, and, and all things CrossFit, uh, with the most up to date, uh, stuff. Okay, here we are, here. This, this one in the right hand corner. Okay, here we go.

Brian Spin (04:03):

Ports on event two with the sled drag. Um, some athletes had reached out saying that the, uh, the flooring surface and, and the sled itself, um, were not fair between the lanes. Um, if you see this behind me, s and pancheck, his sled, the, the, it came out from underneath the weight. So he was basically pulling the weights directly on the rubber flooring, which appears to have made it a lot more difficult, which may explain why he took 32nd in the, in the out. So take a look behind me and, and see what you think.

Sevan Matossian (04:40):

Okay. Uh, I’ll, I’ll pause it right there. I don’t see the sled at all.

Brian Spin (04:44):

You’ll, it goes, it goes to a Yeah, it’s side.

Sevan Matossian (04:49):

Okay. Wow. Yeah, so, and, and that’s not supposed to be like that.

Brian Spin (04:54):

No, no. The the sled just is just big enough for the weights to sit on. All right guys, I’m getting some re

Sevan Matossian (05:01):

Yeah. Crazy. Uh, do you know what the name of that, um, sled is? I want to pull up, um,

Brian Spin (05:07):

It’s like Rogue Magic Carpet or something like that. Rogue

Sevan Matossian (05:10):


Brian Spin (05:11):

Made by Spud

Sevan Matossian (05:14):

Spud. Let’s see. Okay. Can you

John Young (05:16):

Explain why Spencer did bad in the event too?

Brian Spin (05:20):

Uh, I

Sevan Matossian (05:20):

<laugh>, yeah. Yeah, Brian,

John Young (05:25):

I don’t, I don’t mean to put a damper on this, but it’s hard for me to buy into this when both of them struggled hard and they’re the same D N A

Brian Spin (05:35):

I I hear you. Um, but after I made that post, I had no less than three or four coaches comment on it. You see a bunch of the comments on that post of that exact same thing having issues, um, outside of this event. And what’s really crazy is I was told that, uh, lane 13 was the easiest of all. So I, I, I went back and I looked in Lane 13, the six people that did it. Um, Danielle, Brandon, first, Amanda Fisher, second, Caitlin Sanders sixth on the men’s side. Austin Hatfield was seventh, Jack Farlow was 13th, and then Johnny, Charles was 43rd. So five of the six finished in the top 13, uh,

John Young (06:26):

In theirs. Did you take, um, can you take what Lane Hopper was in and, and do the same thing? And I just wanna see if it’s like any worse or better. Yeah.

Brian Spin (06:33):

Didn’t go through well,

Sevan Matossian (06:34):

Here, here, here’s a, here’s a question for you. Has anyone actually looked at that lane? Why would one lane it be smoother? Do we have any, any speculation on that?

Brian Spin (06:45):

I, I, I don’t know, but I, I think even somebody who made a comment that, uh, even the announcers at some point said that it looks like that sled is flying in in lane 13. So, um, you see pool board

John Young (06:58):

Right there, it’s more she’s pulling it.

Brian Spin (07:02):

I, I mean, it’s not surprising that Daniel did well, but Caitlin and Amanda, I mean, it’s kind of

John Young (07:09):

Interesting how big are tho how big are those gross?

Brian Spin (07:12):

Ama Amanda was pretty big. So that, again, it wasn’t a big surprise, but Caitlin is not the biggest athlete.

John Young (07:17):

So you have one person that it kind of feels weird. Like, like I’m just saying, like, I, like, well,

Sevan Matossian (07:22):

There’s a couple factors. It’s compounding factors, right? John, I mean, I, I’m glad you’re questioning it, but it’s compounding factors, right? It’s not just one thing. It’s that lane. It’s the carpet coming out from underneath the, the weights.

John Young (07:35):

And they said Sprague’s Lane was all torn up too, and he did fine. He, he was second and they said like the common, like Chase said, his lane is getting shredded by his s sled while they were doing it. And, and James did fine and he freaking flipped it.

Sevan Matossian (07:52):

Oh God. I, I’d love to know what they mean by, um, uh, getting shredded. Uh, here’s some, also some information, um, uh, holding this Cox as I pleasured myself on Lane 13 earlier. I, I don’t know if that is, uh, a factor. Um, but, okay. Okay. Uh, so, uh, any way to protest that is Keelan Henry protesting that in any way?

Brian Spin (08:16):

So I don’t know if Keelan is, uh, Saxon is appealing it. Okay. Um, I’ve heard at least one other also appealing, um, because there were differences in if the, the carpet did come out from underneath the weights. And what I’m hearing is that some judges were not allowing you to go fix that while some others were,

Sevan Matossian (08:36):

Oh, actually run out there and get your weights back up onto your carpet. Okay.

John Young (08:39):

See, I think that’s, that’s where the, the controversy should be. I think everybody deals with different things. Like James’ Sled flipped and he had to go fix it, and I don’t, I don’t buy into Saxon’s. Lane was all jacked up and that’s why he did bad, bad because Spencer did worse than him.

Sevan Matossian (08:58):

Well, Saxon was in lane five, Saxon was in Lane five, and you were talking about Lane 13, right?

Brian Spin (09:02):

Yeah, I mean, I think, I think Saxons is that the sled came from out, from underneath the weights. Um, but it’s just, it’s just the interesting fact that Lane 13 appears to be one of the a faster ones. It could just be that the, the, they were pretty good. But I’ve never heard of Austin Hatfield before. And I mean, I’ve heard, never heard of Amanda Fisher, but

John Young (09:21):

I, he’s an, he’s an amazing sled puller.

Sevan Matossian (09:24):

Hey, you know what is crazy? They claim that they claim that this sled can hold 600 pounds, but this, uh, uh, this is five 40 fives sitting on top of a piece of material that then you’re dragging, uh, almost a hundred feet, um, three times, 300 feet. I, I, it sounds, um,

John Young (09:45):

So it’d be like 1240 fives <laugh> that

Sevan Matossian (09:49):

I, I mean, I mean, I, I mean it just seems, seems a lot to ask of that piece of pa that piece of material that, uh, to handle.

John Young (09:56):

No, I, I agree. I agree. I don’t know if I buy that

Sevan Matossian (10:00):

And, and for something not to, uh, fall off, but, okay. Uh, good. I’m glad that it, it’s good. It’s fun shit. It’s all, it’s all good stuff. Um, so going back to whether this is a big guy’s event, how, how did, uh, uh, going back story back to event two, this was the, um, muscle Up complex, was it? What was the next uh, muscle Up Complex? Pistols. The

John Young (10:23):

Pistols and then the burpees over the box,

Sevan Matossian (10:24):

Uh, the, the burpees. And, and we don’t have a leaderboard for that. You’re saying the men are not up yet?

John Young (10:30):

The women’s says that. Oh yeah, the men’s are not. I mean, you can, they might be now

Sevan Matossian (10:34):

They are. I dunno. I see it. Yeah, the

Brian Spin (10:36):

Women’s are up

Sevan Matossian (10:37):

And men are up too workout too. Oh, who can do that? You did that Mr. Spin?

Brian Spin (10:42):

Nope, not me.

Sevan Matossian (10:44):

Oh, shit. As is back there. Damn. Suze, I didn’t even see you. Nice. Thanks brother. Okay. Uh, Jeffrey Adler, first place, Jason Hopper with, uh, uh, can you, um, organize them by, uh, event two? So Hopper did what he had to do right there. Uh, we’ll get to him one second. Jeffrey Adler first. No. Olson second. Uh, Wilmore, add third down Pepper. Fourth. Uh, all these were all people that we talked about who we thought we would do. Good. Luke Parker. So we had those top five pretty much pinned down. Uh, no one mentioned, uh, bu uh, BJA Bja, uh, but Samuel Cornier, uh, we talked about taking seventh, uh, Dennis Samson off, uh, we mentioned taking eighth. Uh, no one mentioned Connor Dudy. And, and then we get get down to, uh, Spencer Panche and El. Oh, I thought Little Surprise Hopper took 11th. What place did Hopper take? He tied for 11th.

Brian Spin (11:39):

Yes. Yeah.

Sevan Matossian (11:41):

So Hopper kind of did what he had to do. Are, would you say that this was a workout where he had to just basically mitigate damage?

John Young (11:49):

Yep. Him and Roman both, I think did just fine, but he did better than Roman. But yeah. Roman,

Sevan Matossian (11:58):

Is it weird that we didn’t hear? I don’t, I don’t remember hearing Jason’s name or Roman’s name once during the broadcast.

John Young (12:06):

Well, I mean, if you’re in 11th place, they’re not gonna mention you.

Sevan Matossian (12:10):

Well, I mean, those guys are still too likely guys that are gonna win the entire event.

Brian Spin (12:15):

Yeah. But in the, in the last heat of 10 guys, they were near the back of that. So they’re focusing on Yeah. On Adler.

John Young (12:22):

And when Adler’s winning the event.

Brian Spin (12:25):


Sevan Matossian (12:25):

I, it just seems like there would be some sort of narrative that you would want to keep some continuity. So to keep the guys who are going to be relevant in day three, at least, at least mention their names, every heat once at least say, Hey, you know, they’re not doing well in this heat. Or even though they’re not doing well in this heat, you’re not, you don’t see them. You should know that they’re still doing well enough to stay in the fight. I, I don’t know. It seems, seems like a

John Young (12:47):

That’s the biggest, I got the same with Danielle,

Brian Spin (12:49):


John Young (12:50):

Um, on event two, they didn’t mention Daniel Brandon at all either.

Sevan Matossian (12:55):

Basically if you, if if, if they’re, if they suspect you’re going to be going to the CrossFit games and you’re on the floor, at least maybe try to mention the guy’s name, uh, who completely choked, uh, and anyone choke. And, uh, well, how did James Sprague do?

John Young (13:10):

He did what is expected of James spr.

Sevan Matossian (13:13):

I Oh, you passed him. He did good. Okay. You pass, go up a little bit more

John Young (13:17):

Right there.

Sevan Matossian (13:18):

Yeah. Okay. 17th. Uh, Nate Ackerman, uh, and then you got Sax Saxon did not do what he was supposed to do.

Brian Spin (13:27):

No, no. I was surprised

John Young (13:30):

By that. No, this is an event he needed to crush. Um, him and Spencer both are, are hurting right now. Both of them

Sevan Matossian (13:37):

Is this, uh, and this is, uh, Roman. I know he is new to the, well, is this Roman’s worst? Uh, semi-finals or regional finish ever?

John Young (13:46):

Um, there might be a max snatch where he’s done worse, but I think he was in the Asia qualifier for that. Yeah. So he wouldn’t have done worse than that. Um, so yeah, I think so. Yeah.

Sevan Matossian (13:55):

And so that, there’s a psychological piece there for him that for the first time him doing so poorly in the pack, this is a, a piece of humble pie form.

John Young (14:05):

Um, I think, I think

Brian Spin (14:06):

He’ll be fine. It just, I think he still

John Young (14:07):

Feels comfortable. He, go ahead.

Brian Spin (14:12):

No, I think he’ll be fine. I mean, it is weird for him to be an 11th. Um, I’m sure he can shake off one, but sitting there, one, one out of the cut line is not gonna be a great way to sleep tonight.

Sevan Matossian (14:22):

Uh, Sierra on, uh, wall, I see it on wall. Is that a joke name? I had to double check. We did six heats for the women because I didn’t see Danielle, Brandon, and she was right next to Lawson. Would not have been difficult to comment on it. Surely. Uh, Tyler Christal, uh, always a mayhem. Hopeful. Very close to making it to the games last year already. Uh, dreams just kind of, he’s circling the bowl early after day one.

Brian Spin (14:50):

Uh, you think that, but then you look at the, the points for the 12th place, his

John Young (14:54):

Best events are still to come

Brian Spin (14:57):

Too. Yep. You have 120 points in 12, and Tyler’s sitting down there in 31st with 65. Mean one, one great workout. And he, he jumps up a lot.

Sevan Matossian (15:07):

Okay, so you’re

John Young (15:08):


Sevan Matossian (15:10):

How, how do you know? You’re saying Tyler’s in 31st place with 65 points, but, but if he had, uh, only 65 points ahead of him and he’s in the game.

Brian Spin (15:20):

Yeah. 50, 55 points and he’s in 12th.

Sevan Matossian (15:23):

Okay. Which is good enough to go right, which he, which he could do in one event. Alright.

John Young (15:32):


Sevan Matossian (15:32):

Uh, keep, keep going

John Young (15:33):

In the same spot.

Sevan Matossian (15:35):

Berman’s, uh, Austin. No other big names down there. No one. I see. Keep going. Let me see.

Brian Spin (15:45):

Alex Keone was, didn’t he had something going on there? Um, he was, he was not really even attempting the muscle ups. So I don’t know if he’s hurt, but his weekend’s pretty much over,

Sevan Matossian (15:57):

Uh, Markwan Jones. So two people are kind of out, uh, we suspect two people are out. Um, Markwan Jones and Griffin Raleigh. Griffin Raleigh was laying down on Lane 10 with, uh, some staff looking at his knee, right? He was holding his knee.

Brian Spin (16:12):

I missed that.

Sevan Matossian (16:14):

Uh, yeah. Did you, did you see anything about that, John?

John Young (16:17):

No, I didn’t. That’s, I feel terrible for him though, because he’s got some home runs and he is not gonna be able to do them.

Sevan Matossian (16:28):

Uh, Tyler needs to lay off, uh, the bacon. Okay. Uh, I think what he’s saying, he’s, he’s thick in the core. Um, Tyler is looking fluffy. Geez, guys. Uh, Heidi Crume, uh, someone speaks at 1.5, uh, times the pace of, uh, Brian spin, uh, Eaton Beaver. Uh, someone should get Greg and Dave and Rich to comment on the athlete’s performance. I donate $500 if he made that happen. I, I don’t think Greg and Dave would say a word about it, that he would just sit there. Um, sev is on meth and spin is smoking weed. Um, I, I can’t speak <laugh>. I can’t speak on, uh, what Brian does or does not do, but the portion about me is, uh, not true. Okay. Uh, and then the Bebe dude fucking Raleigh. I had him on the board for event three. Well, you’re

John Young (17:21):

Fucked. Yeah. Event three and event four. He had two right in a row, and now he’s, I guess out.

Sevan Matossian (17:27):

Hey, uh, normal stuff here, guys. Uh, professional athletes going full speed. Um, uh, injuries happen. Nothing, nothing to blame the event for nothing to be like, Ooh, that was negligent. The way they programmed those pistols mixed with the rock, mixed with the jumping down from the rings mixed with the burpees. There’s nothing where you, you, you blame the event.

Brian Spin (17:48):

Uh, you ask Rich, you would say no muscle. Doing a muscle up with the rock was not the smartest, um, programming

Sevan Matossian (17:57):

Because for shoulders,

John Young (17:58):

That’s more for your shoulders. Shoulders. That’s more for, yeah, your shoulders. And it can hitch in the back of the head, uh, on the snap through. But I mean, nobody’s got a concussion and nobody’s shoulders outta place. So as far as what gr happened to Griffin, and I don’t think that’s the event’s fault, I think it was just bad luck.

Sevan Matossian (18:16):

Uh, Mr. Uh, Suza, could you br bring back up the leaderboard and put them in order of, uh, current standing? Uh, if the event we’re over today, let’s say, um, they had, uh, United States government made them stop the event because the 49ers, uh, won the Super Bowl. Uh, these are the guys that would go al just like that with the six and a first Jeffrey allegation. Hopper was the first and 11th down pepper with the ninth and a fourth Will Moore at Alex Vin, Noah Olson, Samuel Cornay, James spr, Benoit Blan, something, uh, Luke Parker, Roman Koff,

Brian Spin (18:54):

And Norman.

Sevan Matossian (18:57):

And, uh, and, and we have, um, uh, and Norman Woodring. Thank you. And we have, uh, uh, the athletes will take the floor four more times with five more, uh, events, correct?

Brian Spin (19:07):


Sevan Matossian (19:08):

Awesome. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Um, shall we move on over to the, uh, ladies? Uh, lots of talk about Brook Well’s ankle hurting. Uh, we didn’t see any tape on it. We did hear that the medical staff did some work on it. Uh, but, um, I I didn’t actually see her limp or anything. Did anyone? No, I did, I did see the shack

John Young (19:34):

Ankle. It doesn’t affect her ability. Go ahead.

Sevan Matossian (19:38):

No, no, you go ahead. Go ahead, John.

John Young (19:40):

It doesn’t affect her ability to do ring muscles, so I don’t know why. That’s the reason why she can’t do that complex.

Sevan Matossian (19:50):


John Young (19:51):

You can come down hand on one leg,

Sevan Matossian (19:53):

Right? Uh, I, I, in, in, uh, I can’t remember which heat it was, but I think she was last off the rings a handful of times, and Sydnee did not look good on the rings either. Can we organize this by, um, finishes, uh, for workout two?

John Young (20:06):

So Sydney was credited with zero reps. So does that mean she just never got to the bur piece, Brian?

Brian Spin (20:12):

That’s correct. Yeah. Wow. And, and Sydney, I remember after Waa Polooza, she struggled in the first event that had all the muscle ups, um, especially with those long straps. And there was talk that, you know, they were still proud of her for, for where she had gotten, because last year at the Granite Games, she really struggled on the mu ups only got a handful. So, uh, we couldn’t string together multiple ones. So, uh, this one was definitely, um, not gonna be good for her.

John Young (20:42):

Um, but like that, that points to me, that tells me more about Brooke than Sydney. Um, you know, you could say your ankle hurts all you want, but again, it’s another twin that did really, really bad. And you also do bad. It’s not something else’s fault, you know

Sevan Matossian (20:59):

What I mean? Have you guys, have you guys ever seen the movie Goonies?

John Young (21:04):


Sevan Matossian (21:05):

Yeah. You have seen it? Mm-hmm. Yeah. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, have you ever seen, have you, uh, let me see if, uh, I want, I wanna show you, uh, something here real quick. Do, do, do you recall, uh, this character right here? Yes. Do you see this character <laugh>?

John Young (21:25):

Mm-hmm. <affirmative>,

Sevan Matossian (21:27):

Uh, rich Holden, John Law Young. Looks like the guy from Goonies now. <laugh>. Now I, I I, I, I didn’t go out on a limb. I think he means that guy, but you don’t really look like that guy.

John Young (21:42):

I appreciate that Savon. Thank you.

Sevan Matossian (21:44):

But if you were hit by a, a, a trolley car or something directly, if you took a shot to <laugh>

John Young (21:50):

A shovel to the face.

Sevan Matossian (21:52):

Yeah. Uh, yeah. Uh, but, um, yeah, uh, I

John Young (21:56):

Went from Roman Coff’s child to, uh, the guy <laugh>.

Sevan Matossian (22:05):

Oh my goodness. Okay. What were we talking about? Uh, semi-finals in the Northeast. We are talking about the semi-finals in the Northeast. Um, these are organized by, uh, how they did an event too. Uh, no surprise. It’s like we forgot how good Emma Lawson was like after this. I was like, whoa, whoa. What was I thinking? What was that mean? I

John Young (22:25):

Called her to win this

Sevan Matossian (22:27):

Thinking. I, I already wanna make her winner of the games. Uh, Emma Lawson, uh, in the wor second workout, and the first, second workout took first. Then Emma Carey, then Alexis rap us. Uh, who is this? Carolyn Stanley. All these other cats we’ve talked about. Who is that?

Brian Spin (22:41):

She finished just outside, I think Granite Games last year. Just failed to make it, um, I think it was sixth, uh, ninth last year at Granite Games. Um, 12th year before. So she’s been in the mix. Um, not sure exactly where it, you know, what’s her holdup, uh, from, from qualifying, but she’s, she’s been there close before.

Sevan Matossian (23:02):

And there we were questioning whether FEI would, if the, uh, r would be too much for her, uh, frame. And she seemed to, uh, handle it just fine with a sixth. Remember, people, there’s 60 people. 60, I mean, six is, uh, in a normal semifinal that would basically be third, uh, keep her going. Uh, Mr. Suza, uh, Paige Powers, uh, did what she needed to do, I think with a ninth doing better than her previous event of 20th. Annika Greer did what she needed to do. She from 40th 10th, same with Amanda Barnhardt. Uh, Shelby Neal, uh, went from 27th to now 13th Roen Scott went from 50th to 14th. Uh, Daniel, Brandon. Uh, any concerns with the 16th there, gentlemen?

Brian Spin (23:46):

I was surprised. Obviously I picked her, um, to do well. Uh, obviously we, we didn’t, um, she wasn’t on the stream to actually know what was going on, but, um, it’s not terrible. I think everybody for the most part’s gonna have some type of finish like that. Um, but there, there was a still and forth,

Sevan Matossian (24:06):

There was a, I don’t know if it was discussion in this chat or if it was from Sean Woodland, but someone was saying she was fighting with her judge. Did you guys hear anything about that?

John Young (24:18):

Well, no, I missed it. She usually dies from time to time. So

Sevan Matossian (24:22):

What’s interesting is earlier, I think it was Chase or Adrian were saying she’s scrappy, which can be helpful if she keeps it under control and keeps it pointed at the workouts. But could, it could also hurt her, uh, if she points it at the judges. Uh, Jason Hopper looks, uh, like, uh, the Goonies guy. Okay, fine. Sorry, John, we’re gonna have to take that from you. Are you okay

John Young (24:43):

With that? He’s taller, so that makes more sense. Yeah, I’m alright.

Sevan Matossian (24:46):

Uh, David, thank you for the money and thank you for the restructuring of, uh, our, uh, reality rich, uh, Holton. Danielle. Brandon always, always fights with her judge. Uh, my wife doesn’t let me use that word always.

Brian Spin (25:00):

I mean, uh, uh, one no rep on on that complex adds a lot of time. So

Sevan Matossian (25:05):

Explain, explain

Brian Spin (25:07):

Mean. You’ve, those, those I’ve reps of, of the complex took 35, 40 seconds. Um, so if you have to come down and do another one, and it’s starting to get in your head, I mean, I’m, I could see why she would be fighting if she felt like she was doing, uh, you know, doing the right, the right standards.

Sevan Matossian (25:28):

Uh, if, if I, if I did, so I jump up on the, I jump up on the rings and I do a toes to bar, and then I come down, what’s, and then I jump up again. Do I have to start at toes to bar again?

Brian Spin (25:39):

No, you go to

John Young (25:40):

The muscle. No, you can jump into your ring muscle up and then your ring dip. Okay.

Sevan Matossian (25:44):

Okay. Is that good or is that bad?

John Young (25:46):

I don’t think, yeah, I think that’s bad. If you want to call it a complex. I think you have to do the whole complex. You can’t, if we’re gonna do a bear complex and we stop between jerks and then put it on the floor and then do another clean and another front squat, another jerk, like it doesn’t, that’s not what a complex is. I don’t think you can put Well, what about the complex and call it that.

Sevan Matossian (26:08):

What about the fact that we’ve been putting such a, um, we’ve been pointing out, uh, how Adrian has put such a premium on execution this year and then, then to, it kind of goes the opposite way by letting, um, the athletes break up the complex, right?

Brian Spin (26:24):

Yeah, I mean it’s, I mean, it’s, it’s like equating, um, you know, a a barbell complex that, you know, the barbell can’t hit, hit the ground on a, you know, a hang clean or something like that, and you’re decide to drop it and start all over and still get credit for the first clean off the floor. So, uh, it, I see he was trying to do with this, and it, it, it is odd that it wasn’t, at least all three movements had to be done before you came down.

Sevan Matossian (26:49):

I wonder whether they don’t just adjust the name to fitted accordingly. The same with the handover, uh, hand pool. I don’t know, because it didn’t have to be hand, like

John Young (26:59):

You said. Um, I think you could just, as long as you stay in the same spot, you could pull it however you wanted to pull it. Um,

Sevan Matossian (27:10):

Yeah. You mean the rope? Yeah. You’re talking about the sleds? Yeah, absolutely. The guys were just stand, the guys were standing there with their feet side by side, and they were just doing one big pool, one big pool. There was, I didn’t, I didn’t see a single person do hand overhand. I’m not saying it didn’t happen, but, uh, they gotta get the, uh, um, they gotta get the names to match the movements. No, Boz is, uh, uh, Renata Novan, uh, Boz is not woke. I can, um, confirm that, but I appreciate the attempt. It’s fun calling people woke. Uh, okay. Uh, back to, uh, that, uh, leaderboard. Thank you. Um, any, any, anyone? Uh, that’s just completely out of it. That was a contender. Oh yeah. Let’s keep going down. Let’s see what happened to, uh, the, the, the Wells Sisters unfortunate incident with the Wells Sisters. Let’s keep rolling. Uh, Tori Dyson down there. Jessica Andra, uh, someone was saying Jessica Andros is, uh, Colton Merton’s as a female, uh, Brooke Wells, uh, 17th and a 34th, uh, sitting in, is that, is that 23rd overall? Is that what that means? Yeah. Uh, how is that? She’s still good. She’s fine, right?

Brian Spin (28:21):

Uh, yeah, she’s 30.

John Young (28:23):

Yeah. I mean, she’s gonna have to execute, but she should still make it. Yeah.

Brian Spin (28:27):

Yeah. She’s, she’s 32 points out of qualifying right now. So we talked about, uh, Saxon, she, she’s still in it too.

Sevan Matossian (28:36):

Okay. Uh, let’s keep, uh, and, and Amanda Fisher was in the top five in the, um, oh, she took second in the last event and now 38th. So we were wondering how that, how she was gonna do, uh, keep going. Let’s see if we can see where Sydney ended up. Uh, Stephanie Chung. You

Brian Spin (28:51):

Can go to the very second page.

Sevan Matossian (28:53):

Oh, no.

John Young (28:54):

Shit. That’s all the way to at the bottom, she got zero reps.

Sevan Matossian (29:00):

Wow. Okay. So she has a ninth and a 58th for a total of 31st place. So, so she’s still in it too, right? Yep.

Brian Spin (29:11):


Sevan Matossian (29:12):

Which is crazy. Okay, well it’s, we got an exciting, uh, uh, few days. Um, still left.

Brian Spin (29:19):

No, I think that’s what, that’s what makes this exciting with the 11 and 12 spots is there’s gonna be a lot of people bunched up come Sunday and having an opportunity to have a great workout and jump up the leaderboard five, six spots into a, into a less qualifying spot.

Sevan Matossian (29:36):

Uh, hey, can you go

John Young (29:38):

Back to the top five spots? Um, Brooke probably would be out of it by now,

Sevan Matossian (29:45):

Right? If it was just, can you go back over to, to the men? I wanna see if we go down to the bottom of the men. If we can see what happened to Griffin, Raleigh and, uh, Alexander Corone go all the way. Maybe, maybe down to the bottom of page two is where I’m guessing where they’re hanging.

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