Dave Castro Fired From CrossFit

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Bam. You know what that means?

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We’re live.

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Bam. We’ll see. Bam. We’re live will. Thank you. Thank you. Yeah, we’re all. Yankovich no, not really better look. Better version of, will I, Brian, uh, there is some breaking news this evening.

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Is that how you do all your news shows?

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Uh, yes. Uh, I was, I’m sitting here trying to prepare for Ariel low Lowen Lowen Lowen.

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Um, she’s uh, we’re gonna be on with her at 7:00 AM tomorrow morning. Talk about waza and this is probably the biggest news in the history of, uh, CrossFit games and, and, you know, arguably you could say it’s the biggest news in the history of CrossFit and you could say no, no, the, the firing of, or the, the selling of the company from Greg Glasson was actually larger, but here’s the thing. And, and I’ll give you guys a metaphor that you guys are a similar that you guys can all relate to. Great. Dave Castro being fired is like the last 10 burpees. And what is the stimulus you get from burpy 90 to a hundred, as opposed to the first 90, those last 10 are sign, have a significantly greater impact on your fitness. And what I’m telling you are, is it appears from the letter that, uh, rose Xs rose, Mr. Woke himself sent out to the, uh, to the staff today at CrossFit, um, at CrossFit Inc, that Dave Castro has been fired. And, uh, man, I don’t, there’s, there’s a, there’s a bunch of people who are going to be devastated. The, you should always be careful what you wish for. That’s

Brian Friend: (01:49)
Just there around the world,

Sevan Matossian: (01:52)
Around the world. I mean, there’s people who thought that they probably hated Dave and wanted him to go and now are devastated. I’m telling you this man had integrity, um, and a belief in CrossFit and in the stimulus and, and a deep understanding of what Greg Glassman was trying to do. And with him gone, I promise you with the staff, there, there is a ton, a ton of hope that’s gone. I know that, um, uh, the, the little bit that I’ve heard from Dave, when I, when I, uh, spoke to ’em briefly, was that, um, they wanted to say they wanted to release a letter, you know, doing the same corporate stuff that they’ve done in the past. My words, not Dave’s they wanted to say it was a mutual and it is not mutual. Um, I don’t think that, uh, I don’t think that Dave expected this in the slightest, but we know until we hear it from him, uh there’s there’s the practical thoughts and you, and we’ll get into some of that with Brian tonight, and we’ll let some of you guys call in and, and pick our brains. Uh, and then there’s the big picture. The practical is, is why would they do it right before the game season? I mean, this is going to be a mess who, who they had. They had a seal, a super high level dev group, seal team, six operator, um, of the highest level programming and organizing. I mean, you guys have been to the games, you guys have seen the workouts doing this, who like everyone else is gonna be Richard Simmons in comparison. They they’re in trouble, man.

Sevan Matossian: (03:25)
They the bed. And I definitely don’t like this at all. I mean, you know, Brian, your thoughts and I, and I’ll, and I’ll read you the letter here in a minute.

Speaker 3: (03:36)
Yeah. This, this was, uh, not what now out, what I was expecting tonight, um, kind of came on real fast and a lot of thoughts, but don’t, uh, you know, it’s almost like, I don’t know where to go first. So I’m, I think I’m gonna kind of rely on you for a little more guidance, cuz there’s so many different ways that Dave’s contributed to what CrossFit is, what sport his is synonymous with him. He transcends any athlete in terms of the sport of the games. Um, so there’s just a lot of different directions that we could talk about.

Sevan Matossian: (04:08)
They have a, they have a lady there who’s now in, uh, what, the position that I had had. And she came from some internet company like ways or Google maps or like that. And she’s now running the media department and she basically replaced the guy who originally replaced me, whose name was Andrew Weinstein, the guy who fired me and he was a PR guy. So they still don’t have a media guy in there. We just went through what the greatest indoor campaign and the history of this planet. What do I mean indoor campaign people were forced to be inside for two years who exploded? Tons of people, Netflix, Disney, anything that was on the screen in front of you? No one at CrossFit Inc. Lifted a finger to take advantage of that. There’s no leadership there, an outside firm from New York city. God, I’d love to tell Greg this an outside firm from New York city has been hired to tell CrossFit Inc what their vision and what their mission is. That’s how lost they are. Can you imagine, can you imagine someone trying to tell Greg Glassman what the vision or what the identity of CrossFit Inc is?

Sevan Matossian: (05:20)
It’s gonna get, it’s gonna,

Speaker 3: (05:21)
It’s the same as trying to imagine Dave consenting to a mutual, uh, parting of the ways.

Sevan Matossian: (05:28)
Yes. Yes.

Speaker 3: (05:29)
There’s just guys of principle. Like they have their principles and they stick to them.

Sevan Matossian: (05:33)
Yes. Uh, we’ll go back to that pig. So, so these, these, can you pull out and just look at Dave’s Instagram, when you have someone who was a seal team, six operator now working with someone who came from ways or was managing databases at Oracle, I can see that there are going to be some challenges, right? This is a leader of the highest level where everything is life or death and success. There’s no option, but for success. And then you have these other people who are just already wealthy and they are serial executives and, and, and, and, and nothing is mission critical. There’s gonna be a problem, but they’re definitely, you see that dead pig. Not gonna appreciate that coming from society, they really care what other people think. If they thought it was popular to kill pigs, they would flip in a second and love this photo. Renee Murphy, do none of them know where their food comes from. Uh, so

Sevan Matossian: (06:38)
I’m sure it’s been enlightening for all of the people, the, the 50% of the staff, or however, what, whatever the percentage is that CrossFit Inc, that didn’t work there before that’s been hired. The mass amount of hiring, they’ve been done. The mass amount of people they’ve hired, who don’t do CrossFit when you interact with Dave I’m, I’m sure it’s eyeopening. I’m sure they’ve never, they’ve never met a, a true operator before. And you know, it was eyeopening for me. I get it. There’s this thing. There’s this thing. When you manage talent, um, it, it doesn’t matter. Um, when, when you have super duper high talent, you have to realize that the main objective is not to get them to comply, not to get them to fit in, but to get the product you want for them. And I’ll give you an example. If you have this amazing painter, but he always comes to work naked, but he is the best painter in the world.

Sevan Matossian: (07:26)
But you have a policy at work that says you have to be closed. You don’t enforce that policy. That’s your ego. There’s nothing practical there. That’s all on you. The whole mission is about, about put your, go aside and have the greatest painter and what they’ve done. I guarantee you we’re gonna hear from hopefully, eventually we’ll hear from Dave, depending on how fat the check they cut him. Um, we’ll hear that they were unable to manage him. He’s just, he’s their ego got in the way, but there won’t be anything. It’ll be the same. It’ll be the same. Hate to be ring myself into this. It’ll be the same as me. There’ll be nothing. They’ll be able to point out that was, um, Wrong with your performance. No one will say that Dave didn’t show up to work. No one will say that the games weren’t getting any better every year, no one will say that he didn’t stay within budget. No one will say he didn’t inspire the community. No one will say that he didn’t show leadership. You. Yeah. You all us that hated Trump. Look what we got now be, I mean, I am telling you this thing. If I am an affiliate, I am tripping balls. I’m tripping balls.

Sevan Matossian: (08:39)
You’re going to hear some of these dumb athletes, These maggots, these vultures, and these hyenas come out and think it’s okay to say something. He made us wear shoes. He made it’s his fault that we had to wear the Reebok shoes. And I got a blister on my foot. And I’ve hated Dave ever since 2018, I’m telling you

Speaker 3: (09:08)
Sounds like you heard that. And you’ve been, you’ve been just waiting to, to repeat it.

Sevan Matossian: (09:12)
I mean, just you hear, you hear everything. I mean, the, the, the, the, uh, it’s, it’s funny. Cause I’m doing all this research on Ariel, uh, Lowen, and, and she’s like, she she’s still like, she still can’t believe how good she is. Right. She’s just starting to realize how good she is. So she’s nothing like the other athletes. Soon as one of these gets on the podium, everything changes, everything changes. I mean, I, you, you know who I’m talking about, you guys love some of these people, you guys are in my DMS telling me how much you love some of these people. And they’re just

Speaker 3: (09:43)
Dave or, um, Savon. A lot of, uh, I think a lot of people have just joined in recently.

Speaker 4: (09:48)

Sevan Matossian: (09:48)
They’ve there’s I don’t know if Dave has been fired, but there wasn’t an announcement sent to CrossFit HQ minutes ago from the, um, the guy who told us he owns the company, which he doesn’t own. Maybe he’s like 4% owner, 3% owner, that guy who bamboozled you guys and told you that he was buying the company, his, his, his, his rhetoric, his, his, uh, in his semantics. He convinced us that he was buying the company and that he cared about it. When now there’s evidence that really, he just made the purchase like any rich. He was depressed. And he went out and bought a Lamborghini. Unfortunately, what he bought was CrossFit Inc. And there’s 15,000 small businesses around the world that rely on that. And it’s a lifeboat for, to save millions of people’s lives. And for him, it’s possibly a hobby

Speaker 3: (10:37)
There’s there’s that reach is far greater than even in just those 15,000 businesses. You think about all the businesses that were born out of this, um, this movement.

Sevan Matossian: (10:48)
Yes. Okay. You guys want to hear the letter that went out to the members, from what I can tell to every employee at CrossFit Inc, this evening, approximately 30 minutes ago, I thought I was gonna get hired back to do the games this year. I was like, my blowing up, Uh, Team. I’ve made the difficult, excuse me, take two. This is from Eric. This is from Eric Rosa to the, to the staff at, uh, HQ Are people trying to call the show and I just turn the volume down. So we don’t hear the live Callins that might, that that actually may be happening. I apologize. I can’t wait to hear from some affiliates, how they feel about this team. I’ve made the difficult decision to change the leadership of the sport team. The team I’ve made the difficult decision to change the leadership of the sport team to best support CrossFits go forward plans. And Dave Castro will be leaving the business

Sevan Matossian: (12:03)
Over the last 15 years. Dave has played a key role in building CrossFit into what is today. His vision creativity drive have taken the CrossFit games from an informal backyard competition at his family’s ranch into a global phenomenon with hundreds of thousands of participants and millions of viewers worldwide. Dave was also a central figure in the growth of CrossFit’s training business, helping to scale the seminar department to reach tens of thousands of trainers. All of us in the world of CrossFit, oh, Dave, a dead of gratitude for his contributions and we him, well, as he brings his talents to his next chapter, Dave has assembled a world class team, which will now be led by Justin Berg. And we are excited to see this new generation of leadership build on his legacy. As we work together to bring our sport to the next level of success. I look forward to seeing you at the next week’s all hands meeting. Let me tell you what that looks like. First of all, I don’t know when the last time Rosa’s been to an all hands meeting, no one on the hardly. Anyone on the staff has heard from Rosa since he declared he’s mentally disabled, uh, a couple months ago.

Sevan Matossian: (13:06)
And uh, Yeah, thi this is, this is, uh, this company I’m telling you, all they care about now is gonna be mitigating damage. I, I, I don’t know if, if I should hold that against them. I’m saying that like, that’s a bad thing. I mean, yeah. What else, what else can they do? What else can they do? No, no, no. Dave will never let it us talk. Are you kidding me? Hill to hill? Dave, just come on. Talk for 10 minutes and then say the podcast is over. Oh my goodness guys. I’m so sorry. I don’t have my headphones on. That’s why I can’t see your calling

Speaker 4: (13:50)
So sorry.

Sevan Matossian: (13:52)
There we go. God, the calls are pouring in Mr. Rodriguez. Uh, so, so everyone knows this. Guy’s biased as. He’s Mexican. Like Dave, go ahead, Kevin.

Speaker 5: (14:03)
Okay. So I’m watching the show live and I put it on pause, but I wanna ask you a question and it’s kind of playing the devil’s advocate. If you could clarify, what, How do I frame this?

Sevan Matossian: (14:18)
What does Dave bring that no one else can bring?

Speaker 5: (14:21)
No, not that, uh, more of like Glassman versus Rosa, where was Glassman taking the company. And Now that

Sevan Matossian: (14:32)

Speaker 5: (14:33)
Was a

Sevan Matossian: (14:34)
Glassman believed in CrossFit. Rosa believes in the games. When Rosa came on board, he didn’t even know what the L one team was, is what their, what their function was. He had no respect for them. When he spoke about the pillars of the company, he didn’t even mention the L one team. He has no idea what CrossFit is. Zero. He thinks CrossFit is CrossFit games in his, in his text to me, when I left the company, he said, Hey, thank you for everything you’ve done for the sport. Like, no one’s ever said that to me in the 15 years I’ve been here, like the sport, the sport, like, come on, dude. Like I get it from people from the outside. I get it. If you’re just a regular Joe. And like, you just look at chicks and you just see big, I get it.

Sevan Matossian: (15:15)
But like, if, if, if you don’t got a good ticker in there, a good heart, if you’re not venal disease free, like who cares? How great your are, that that’s, the games are just the thin, thin epi epidermis on this great thing called CrossFit. I did do everything in my power to hold back on Jake. MarkOne trying to tell me that, that there needs to be, there needs to be a balance in symbiosis and like an equivalence between the games and CrossFit. You’re idiot. If you think that they not, sorry, I don’t mean to say he’s an idiot. I it’s just you’re totally have no clue what’s going on. It’s like thinking if you wash your hands and you’re 400 pounds over your heart is still in good condition, doesn’t work like that. It’s all, this is all affiliate, man. This is, there is nothing without the training team and the affiliates, the games are a circus. They’re a sideshow.

Sevan Matossian: (16:08)
And, and, and, and, and, and Greg knew that and don’t get me wrong. I don’t integrate with what Greg was doing with the games. The game should have been used as the greatest tool in the world to push forward. This methodology that will save people’s lives, teach people not to eat, um, uh, added sugar and refined carbohydrates into, into train regularly. But, but you would hear Greg say on the regular, you will not. Out-train a good diet and I would a bad, and I wish I could tell you different. He would say, just your diet is 95% will get you the 95 yard line. So there is no comparison between rose and Greg. Did I lose you Mr. Rodriguez?

Speaker 5: (16:45)
No, absolutely not.

Sevan Matossian: (16:46)
Okay. Sorry. So, and I appreciate you giving the opportunity to say this by playing devil’s advocate. There’s no comparison. Eric Rose a 50 year old guy who can keep his Dick hard three, three seconds longer because he found CrossFit and he, and he found a vein on his bicep. So he is excited. Greg is the founder and creator and pushed this thing forward with no interest, other than to try to give, not even save the world. He was convinced he was impossible to save the world, but give people the opportunity in the world who wanted to save themselves, jump on these lifeboats. And, and there’s no one at CrossFit Inc, who know who, who will push that. Now the only person who still knows it, who has any influence over there? Any is Nicole Carroll and she’s man, her, you gotta think her days are numbered. You’ve gotta think her days. And she’s gonna, she’s gonna feel really isolated. She’s gonna feel like I wanna go ahead.

Speaker 5: (17:38)
I wanna ask you a question and then I’m, I’m gonna jump off this and continue watching

Sevan Matossian: (17:41)
Live. Okay. And I’m gonna open my, uh, I’m gonna open my door cause it’s hot as sitting here. Okay. Go on.

Speaker 5: (17:48)
Okay. So was this kicking Dave out unprecedented? Did anyone see this coming?

Sevan Matossian: (17:58)
I don’t know. You know, I don’t know. Okay. I mean, you, you have to know that these guys can’t handle, they cannot handle someone of Dave’s talent. They’ve never manage you to talent of this degree. They’ve never managed a character of this degree. That was obvious from just the three months or four months. However long I worked there while we were still there. You could tell, they were like, holy. And CrossFit Inc. Used to be filled with people like Dave there’s to be a ton of operators of the highest level. Now there’s one and they can’t manage. ’em meant talent is hard to manage. Maybe Dave quit. Uh, no, I, I appreciate that. No, Dave, Dave did not quit. Dave

Speaker 5: (18:40)
Did not quit two, two more questions and I’m gonna say both of them, and then I’m gonna hop off.

Sevan Matossian: (18:46)
Okay. I don’t believe how

Speaker 5: (18:47)
Could, how could they kick him out? And let’s say, kick him out because we don’t know, you know, whether he resigned, whether he was forced, they

Sevan Matossian: (18:57)
Can, they can just him let out. Cause rose is his boss. And, and, and, and I’m sure I, I have to imagine the people on the board are smarter than Rosan are tripping. They must be tripping.

Sevan Matossian: (19:11)
It’s gonna be really now it all, it’s all in Dave’s hands. What’s Dave gonna do. And, and I don’t know if there is the right thing to do. I hope they give him a ton of money. And he shuts his mouth and walks away and never talks to me again, too. They’re like, and to stop talking to that dip, Sevan. I hope he’s filthy rich, but I don’t think they’re gonna be able to do that. And I think, uh, they’re in big trouble, like really big trouble. And, and I, and I, and I’m really curious what the affiliates are gonna say. Like, even if you hate this guy, you have to be like, hold on a second, hold on a second. Like, he’s the real deal, man. He was the real deal. He is the real deal. I get guarantee. What happened was is that there’s these, all these new serial executives on the team.

Sevan Matossian: (19:57)
There’s this president guy from England, uh, who’s like came from like pan express or Nike or wherever the he came from. There’s this other chick from ways they got Rosa from Oracle. They got this dude. Um, uh, what’s the guy’s name when they introduced him to us. And my very first meeting with the entire company, Eric Rosa introduced him as a black American. I’d never heard anyone introduced as a black American. What’s the guy’s name. He’s really nice. I don’t know. He, I think he runs the affiliate team. I can’t remember this dude’s name. And, uh, that dude came from soul cycle. That was my point. You guys CrossFit, uh, morning. Chalkup already wrote an article, but seven broke the news first.

Speaker 5: (20:45)

Sevan Matossian: (20:45)
Right. See what’s going on? That’s right.

Speaker 5: (20:47)
That’s right. So where, where, where is this going? Where

Sevan Matossian: (20:49)
Is this? I didn’t break the news. Rosa broke the news. Let’s be super clear about that.

Speaker 5: (20:52)
Where is this gonna take us with the integrity of the game? So where is this gonna take us with the affiliates and CrossFit? What are they go going, try to do,

Sevan Matossian: (21:01)
Uh, just go over to your local orange theory and look how they run. That’s. That’s exactly where CrossFits head. Yep. Uh, curves, orange theory, um, everything. And, and you, and don’t get me wrong. You can still save your life over there, but everything badass about this place that made you wanna wear a CrossFit. T-shirt I mean, I, dude, dude, they got rid of this. They got rid of this.

Speaker 5: (21:38)
Thank you for entering my call.

Sevan Matossian: (21:50)
They got rid of Puy. Imagine that they got rid of Puy. They got rid of Puy, uncle Rado I’m sure he’s been long gone. Did we lose Victor Rodriguez? Hector.

Speaker 3: (22:05)
Hector. Yes. He, he said thank you.

Sevan Matossian: (22:07)

Speaker 3: (22:08)
Answering his questions. Hung up.

Sevan Matossian: (22:10)
Hello? Hello. What’s going on? Can you hear me? Well, you might have to come on and talk. Can we can, we can hear you gives a thumbs up. Audio, default Mac roader pro. Hello? Uh, much better.

Speaker 3: (22:26)

Sevan Matossian: (22:26)
Yeah. And let’s be clear. This is very emotional for me too. Oh, what the heck’s on your neck, Devon. God, no one’s ever supposed to see this. Sorry. That’s how I talk to that’s. This is they’re wearable speakers cuz I’m old. I, this is how I talk on the phone. Cause I don’t put things in my ear anymore. Um, I don’t, by the way, don’t recommend if you are cheating on your wife or if you don’t want Eric Rose to hear what you’re saying, you don’t want these cuz people around, you can hear your conversation when you wear wearable speakers. They’re not like bone conduction. Uh, should we look over at the morning chocolate and see what LA Franco says? See if there’s anything new in there

Speaker 3: (23:07)
We can,

Sevan Matossian: (23:08)
Uh, do you wanna pull that? No, we nothing new will in there. Um,

Speaker 6: (23:20)
It’s just a recap. Nothing that I think’s worth discussing.

Sevan Matossian: (23:24)
Okay. Okay. So it’s out. So it’s out. I, I, I, I, I always think of, um, I always think of LA Franco is kind of a shell for CrossFit. Like basically he has, he has to do this dance with, uh, Weinstein over there, their PR guy. He’s not a media guy, guy. That guy just loves problems so that he can fix him and make himself stay relevant. And I wonder, uh, I wonder how Justin got that. If he just got it the same way I got it. Like from Rose’s email that came out, um, Uh, Dave Castro, please make the games at the only no athletes should do the open for the CrossFit anymore. They should call it the ranch games. Let’s make it the ranch games and this. As you’re as emotional as I am Nancy, settle down. Only one person can be this, uh, ah, look at this one. Stephan is stuck in, in 2012. Hey Adrian. I wish I wish go get your fifth booster, Adrian and shut the up. Uh, Brian, bring us back. What happens now? Yeah. Bring us back, Brian. What happens now? So what happens now? What do you think happens with the games who’s gonna do the programming over there is, is Justin Berg gonna do it? Are they gonna call? No, there’s

Speaker 3: (24:43)
Been a, there’s been a lot of questions and comments about that. The thing that you read there said Justin was gonna step into that role.

Sevan Matossian: (24:51)
Yep. Yep.

Speaker 3: (24:53)
So, you know, there were some, some comments, some people who had said that Justin should just should go with Dave. You should just like, you shouldn’t continue without him. And I think that to a lot of people, as you know, just Justin, most people didn’t know who Justin was for a long time. He started making like small appearances in the documentaries and then he’s had bigger and bigger presence there. Um, but really if you don’t, if you never worked for cross or anything or worked at the games or volunteered at the games, you never would really interact with him. And so he’s just like the background figure where Dave’s in the foreground or for a long time. So it’s is a, it is, does have a kind of a weird feeling for Dave to be removed and him to just step to the front. But it also kind of makes sense if you’re gonna put someone there, it’s a guy who’s been the closest to that process for the, the longest time. So you can kind of see it both ways with Justin.

Sevan Matossian: (25:45)
Uh, was this always, uh, in, in, and I want to circle back about Jeff. Was this always in the works due to Dave saying that he wouldn’t be doing the open anymore? No, actually the backstory on that’s quite interesting. Um, many years ago, uh, this, the CEO that Greg hired, um, that, that, uh, that Dave actually replaced, he, him and Greg told Dave that he couldn’t do the open anymore. And that, and, and what’s the iron of that is just weeks before they told Dave, Hey, we don’t want you to do the open anymore. David told me, Hey, I’m not gonna do the open anymore. But the second they told him that he was like, this is. I’m do I wanna do this on my own, on my own, on my own. Is it just on my own? Dave said, I wanna do this on my own.

Sevan Matossian: (26:29)
And basically when they forced him to do it, he got. So then the company was sold and then Dave told Dave started doing the open again. And then he said, Hey, now I’m really am gonna step down away from the open cuz I can do it on my own accord as my own man. I, I, he just, he just doesn’t like anyone telling him what to do. I guarantee you that’s what happened. Something happened. They push, they were probably trying to push like, like all of these things must have been weighing on Dave cuz Greg would’ve Greg, would’ve never allowed some of the things that are going on there, like the sale of these thorn vitamins. Uh, this thing were bringing doctors in to harvest money from the affiliate members, Dave, Greg would’ve never allowed any of this monetization of the community. He Greg called it leaving money on the table, just leave it all for the affiliates. He would’ve never allowed this. And so now that that’s happening, I guarantee you that Dave and other people are pushing back and they reached a point where he was probably trying to maintain the integrity of the brand and, and, and it, and it broke and it broke

Sevan Matossian: (27:30)
And, and, and, and, and, and they don’t have the leadership there there’s clearly, no, the leadership there is atrocious and like really what they should have done is they should have fired Rosa and made Dave’s leader. Like, if, if that, if that, if that leadership team was having trouble managing that town, at that point, you, you, you replaced the leadership team. You guys understand that, right? If you are the producer of a movie and the director can’t get Brian to act properly or can’t get the best work outta Brian, you don’t fire. Brian, you get rid of the director. Yeah. CrossFit did die tonight. Ah, I mean, they still got Nicole over there, but I mean, she’s mean she’s gonna be toasted she’s toast.

Speaker 3: (28:07)
Well, there’s another, there’s another perspective there is that CrossFit is I, I think, you know, as, as critical as some people have been to the evolution of CrossFit, they’ve also created an opportunity for so many people to learn about CrossFit. And there are tens of thousands of people around the world who have of the knowledge and have the experience to, to maintain that in their own communities. If they, yes. If they choose to, even if the, you know, the mothership, so to speak, isn’t operating the same way that, that they were used to it.

Sevan Matossian: (28:41)
It is really hard not picking up the shiny objects and making the money. And that’s what Greg was so good at. Uh, go ahead, Mr. Smith.

Speaker 5: (28:49)
Um, I was just gonna kinda talk to the other perspective, too. Very, very sad to hear that Dave’s gone and it feels like the end of an era.

Sevan Matossian: (28:57)
It makes me wanna throw up to be honest. Like literally I’m not saying that not figuratively, like literally

Speaker 5: (29:03)
No. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Have that feeling in your stomach. Yeah. I feel the same way. Um, but does that, does that kill the game system as we know it now, and are they gonna run? Is this gonna open up for everybody else? Just to run like their own tournament style cross, but now almost like how runs their tournaments, different tournaments in the year points for each tournament?

Sevan Matossian: (29:27)
Well, you know, you gotta think that Hegar was always smelling blood in the water. Like, like you, you gotta know that bill and Katie like, like they’re even so thi I, I don’t know this I’m completely speculating this bill and Katie play nice with the CrossFit games because the CrossFit affiliates buy so much rogue. Right? Yeah. Rogues, the bomb. I mean, like going to that, website’s like, it reminds me of being a little kid in a toy store, right. There really is no better, but website, if you’re a CrossFitter, you just it’s dangerous. It’s like crack for us. And they know moment they could take the CrossFit games from CrossFit. They could just take it at any moment if they’re.

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