#821 – CrossFit Open 23.3 w/ Street Parking and Friends

Andrew Hiller (00:01):

And bam, we’re live.

Bill Grundler (00:03):


Andrew Hiller (00:04):

Wow. You tried to sneak it in there, didn’t you?

Bill Grundler (00:06):


Chase Ingraham (00:08):


Andrew Hiller (00:08):

Be good. What’s up guys? Welcome. Sivan is, uh, he’s doing his thing. He’s getting a swerve on. Oh, handsome. That

Bill Grundler (00:16):

Does not look like Hiller at all.

Chase Ingraham (00:18):

Not at all. It’s close enough. Yeah.

Bill Grundler (00:20):


Chase Ingraham (00:21):

What’s up dude? Oh, not much. Hey, come say hi.

Andrew Hiller (00:25):

How are you guys

Chase Ingraham (00:27):

Looking? Good, man. Just,

Andrew Hiller (00:28):

You know, trying to be dad fit over here. You know,

Chase Ingraham (00:30):

You get better looking every time I see you, you

Andrew Hiller (00:32):

Know? Yeah. I got hope up. Seeing how the DOKs aged than Antonio Bandera.

Chase Ingraham (00:38):

I’m like you right at Desperado? Yeah. They’re

Andrew Hiller (00:42):

Saying I’m aging. Well,

Miranda Hiller (00:43):

Not aging. I,

Chase Ingraham (00:45):

That’s what I said. Right?

Bill Grundler (00:46):

That’s what I mean. Well, you’re aging well. You’re not aging, aging well.

Andrew Hiller (00:50):

Benjamin Button over there,

Chase Ingraham (00:52):


Andrew Hiller (00:53):

Miranda, are you getting ready to do the workout?

Miranda Hiller (00:55):

I’m gonna do it after them.

Andrew Hiller (00:56):

Oh, okay. Who’s going at the same time? What’s the, what’s the setup there? What do you got going on?

Miranda Hiller (01:02):

We have, uh, wall walks place for two people to go at once.

Andrew Hiller (01:05):

Okay, awesome. So what, so who’s going?

Miranda Hiller (01:07):

Uh, Andrew and, and Julian.

Andrew Hiller (01:10):


Bill Grundler (01:11):


Andrew Hiller (01:13):

Here we go. Okay. So place your beds now for um, the time difference between the two of them there.

Chase Ingraham (01:18):

I was gonna say, like, what are we betting on? <laugh>. Wow.

Miranda Hiller (01:22):

I got a judge.

Chase Ingraham (01:23):

Hiller verse verse. William,

Miranda Hiller (01:25):

Who’s judgy? Hiller. Chelsea. Make Chelsea do it. Yeah. Kelsey. Oh, you got a no rep. In

Andrew Hiller (01:32):

Least one. Who is that? Kelsey or Chelsea? Chelsea. Chelsea. Can we bring Chelsea up here real quick? Cause she said, hi

Miranda Hiller (01:38):


Andrew Hiller (01:39):

We gotta,

Miranda Hiller (01:40):

Kelsey you’ll recognize was a, uh, high level regional athlete.

Chase Ingraham (01:44):

Oh, what’s up

Miranda Hiller (01:45):

Over here?

Andrew Hiller (01:46):

Hey, gone.

Miranda Hiller (01:48):

One of our coaches, she just, um, she got through the strict handstand pushups and the double unders. How far are 17 weeks? Pregnant.

Bill Grundler (01:55):

Oh wow.

Andrew Hiller (01:57):

Okay. Amazing. So Randy, you’ll have to ask her. Is she gonna purposely just no rep the, uh, hit on shit outta at

Miranda Hiller (02:03):

At least once, right?

Andrew Hiller (02:04):

Yeah, yeah. Just to vindicate everybody who he is got after

Bill Grundler (02:07):


Miranda Hiller (02:09):

At least once.

Andrew Hiller (02:10):

So what are you,

Chase Ingraham (02:11):

If you ever clean his like, video screen with his nut sack, like what is going on video? It does look like hiller’s nuts.

Andrew Hiller (02:22):

Oh, perfect. Perfect.

Chase Ingraham (02:23):


Bill Grundler (02:25):

Wow, that’s a lot better.

Miranda Hiller (02:27):


Andrew Hiller (02:28):

We’re like 80. Yeah, we’re like 80% of the way there now. Okay, so what’s, what’s going on right now? How far away from uh, the start?

Miranda Hiller (02:38):

Yeah, we’re like, Julian doesn’t warm up.

Bill Grundler (02:42):

We’re Julian. What’s the way to do it as you get older?

Chase Ingraham (02:44):

Round one baby

Bill Grundler (02:45):

Warming ups for babies round. That’s right. Round one is a warmup.

Andrew Hiller (02:49):

Okay, so we, so let’s bring, uh, can Hillary come over here and talk real quick? Just, I just wanna ask a question. No, you can say two Marin. We need some mic candy on here. Come on back.

Hillary Miller (02:59):

<laugh>, what

Andrew Hiller (03:00):

Are you? Please don’t let her take up the whole thing. Alright, so Hillary, do you have a strategy going into this? Did you watch, uh, two questions. Did you watch the event before this? And do you have a strategy based on

Hillary Miller (03:07):

This? I did not watch the event. I’ve looked through the standards quite a bit and the, the strategy is to not die on the stratten stand pushups that close to the wall.

Bill Grundler (03:17):

Right? Right. Oh

Hillary Miller (03:18):

Wow. They feel awfully close. I

Mattew Souza (03:20):

Didn’t think about

Hillary Miller (03:20):

That. The only strategy I’ve got,

Mattew Souza (03:22):

You can just put your thumbs right on the edge of the tape, correct? Well,

Hillary Miller (03:27):

We’re on a dollar meit than if I were to do that, then I’m kind of off the sides of it. It’s almost just I’m rubbing onto it.

Mattew Souza (03:32):

Fuck it. Do that.

Andrew Hiller (03:35):

How much different is the standard now? What do you mean closer to the wall? How much closer?

Mattew Souza (03:39):

It’s 10. So before the standard was a square, right? And I believe it was a 24 inch depth, right? So you could have your hands as far out as 24 inches and now your hands have to be on top of the 10 inch tape line that you use for the wall walks. Really? And it has to be 30 inches in width. Width. We’re gonna start

Hillary Miller (03:54):

Off at that school.

Mattew Souza (03:55):

So you can’t have your hands wider than the 30

Bill Grundler (03:57):

Inches. Yeah. You guys go to your thing. Yeah,

Andrew Hiller (03:58):

We’re rock it

Bill Grundler (03:58):

Out. Which is a trip that, that seems like, that seems like such a weird, like how that interesting. Hell do you come up with that standard? Very interesting.

Mattew Souza (04:06):

You know what I mean? It didn’t really make ’em harder for me. I did the workout a couple hours ago and it, I I I felt like it was pretty normal if I put my thumbs on the edge of the tape line, it felt like my normal width. Um, and still within the 40 inch I believe, or 36 inch, like typical square.

Bill Grundler (04:21):

Where were you as far as the depth though? Like how did 10 inches did that change for you? Yeah, no, no, I know it is that, but are you normally at 10 inches or did that put you closer to the wall?

Mattew Souza (04:29):

It put me a little closer. I probably, usually, I probably go like 12 or 13, so it wasn’t that big of a difference. And when I was warming up, I, I fell off a couple times, but in the workout I was fine.

Bill Grundler (04:40):


Chase Ingraham (04:41):

We all in like the Illuminati wearing black shirts right now? What’s going on?

Andrew Hiller (04:44):

Going on? Yeah. Yes, I was just gonna address that. Uh, Savan has been kidnapped by us. The guys in the black shirt and I am ing now. We’ll be back

Mattew Souza (04:53):

Though. Charlie, have you seen that movie Downsize with Matt Damon? Oh

Andrew Hiller (04:56):

No. We can’t fucking talk about movie quotes. Savan will kill me if I let you go to

Mattew Souza (05:00):

Movie. No, no, just listen. I imagine Savana is like a real life downsized guy.

Andrew Hiller (05:05):

<laugh> <laugh>. Alright, hold on. We got, uh, we got Hillary starting here. Just a fun size. Okay, so here we go. So he is doing his fuller. So wall walk here. Did you

Bill Grundler (05:14):

Guys see how Danielle was doing that Kip up? Actually both kind were, but Danielle was like popping her feet all the way up to the wall. Yeah.

Andrew Hiller (05:22):

What do you I popping.

Mattew Souza (05:23):

I don’t like that I step,

Bill Grundler (05:24):

Step up. So like she doesn’t step up. You can see how Andrew’s stepping watch his leg, one leg goes up, she would like raise her chest up and then pop her feet up to the wall. Kinda like if you’re popping up on a, on a, on a burpee.

Mattew Souza (05:35):

Yeah. They jump her and Mal both were jumping both feet up. Yeah. Um, I, I see a lot of the training think tank guys do that and I’ve seen a lot of women do it. I, for me, it just doesn’t feel natural. I feel like I get more momentum up the wall if I step one foot up. Follow

Bill Grundler (05:50):

Other a big step, right? Yeah. Huge step. Same way. I agree. And I mean it, it seems that it takes, maybe it’s not as, but being that you only have five of them, like I would rather save my shoulders Yeah. And take that big step and just lock out. So it’s more of a, it’s more of a lockout rather than a walkout.

Mattew Souza (06:07):

I’m still, I’m really fast at wall walks and, and even the step up is super fast for me, I think.

Andrew Hiller (06:13):

Do you think you have to go super fast at these wall walks? No. If

Mattew Souza (06:15):

You even had a shot. No, I don’t, I don’t think at all. Like I, that was one of the big things I felt after the workout is I, I didn’t need to go as fast as I did on the wall walks. It just gets your heart rate up and anytime you make up is potentially lost on your rests during the strict handstand pushups.

Chase Ingraham (06:30):

How is

Bill Grundler (06:31):

Muscle? Look at that muscle snatch versus a power snatch.

Mattew Souza (06:34):

Eye power snatch. Like, like Julian,

Andrew Hiller (06:37):

That’s specific. Ca hormones.com. Go to ca hormones.com <laugh> And you too. We’ll have no reason to reen your knees <laugh>.

Bill Grundler (06:45):

Unless it’s a thruster Maybe JR

Andrew Hiller (06:47):

Brother. Oh, hey. Hey Jr brother. How you doing? I saw you. I barely saw you sneak in there. How are

JR Howell (06:53):

You? I’m good man. Yeah, I was just up at the gym taping a bunch of, a bunch of stations for the, for the handstand pushups tomorrow. All

Bill Grundler (07:00):

Walks. Did you make 930 inch strips of tape?

JR Howell (07:04):

Um, actually Zach, one of the coaches at my gym made a stencil out of cardboard that was exactly 10 inches away from the back edge and exactly 30 inches wide. So we just put the stencil down, took the two inch tape, covered the stencil, cut it out, and then just kept going. It, it was one thing I was gonna say that I messed with the standard a little bit earlier on the strict handstand pushups and like, I’m gonna tell all my athletes tomorrow, I think you’re one of two people. You either do what Taylor did and you put thumbs on the tape and it, for me, I was actually outside the 40 inch width allowance with my fingertips. So you either go thumbs on the tape, that means you’re wider, but you’re also closer to the wall. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Or you go like index finger on the tape, it moves you back and in so that you’re farther away from the wall, but you’re also more narrow. I’m way more comfortable, more narrow, just more of a tricep, um, dominant movement then a shoulder. Cause my shoulders are really weak. How

Andrew Hiller (08:01):

Much will athletes struggle with this? You think that’ll be a big factor here?

JR Howell (08:04):

Uh, I think, uh, to me, and I don’t know if you guys have already said this, that standard is just a way for people to have to do wall facing without facing the wall.

Andrew Hiller (08:15):

Jason, you agree with that?

Chase Ingraham (08:16):

Well actually I had this question posed to me by Brian and I would love to everyone’s opinion on this. Is that you, I I think that’s one right? A twofer on the second part, Brian actually had this, uh, assertion. He’s like looking at Boz and the wall facing handstand pushes that we had at the games was to make people do them better.

JR Howell (08:33):

Mm-hmm. <affirmative>

Chase Ingraham (08:34):

Or is this line, you guys think another way to force people to do them better instead of this wide armed hands to 24 inches piped loss of midline handstand pushup position?

Mattew Souza (08:47):

I, I think it, it kept me more stacked, I think naturally. Um,

Chase Ingraham (08:53):

Like you can’t Yeah, like basically the midline Yeah. In this tape line. And maybe, and, and like I thought it was a great question from Brian. It’s like maybe this is another way for Boz to like force people to move better.

JR Howell (09:07):

For sure. It’s, it’s not, it’s not a wall facing handstand pushup, which is in a way making you get to a better shoulder position, but it’s putting you in a position facing the other way that still kind of requires that.

Bill Grundler (09:18):

And if you do break, if you do have a heavy duty, you know, break at the midline, it, you’re right. It’s gonna knock you off because you are for many so close, closer than normal. Yeah. Uh, and then just like if you said, uh, Jr about like the wider you go, you’re able to move yourself either in or out, away from the wall a little bit. Um, but just like Taylor said, I think, I think the fact that it stacks you, it forces it into a better position.

Andrew Hiller (09:45):

Yeah. And hold on guys, I wanna make a point here. Uh, Julian just passed Hillary. Do we think Hillary came out too hot? Very, uh, what do you thinks going on there? He just, I don’t

Mattew Souza (09:52):

Know dude. Julian, Julian was going touch and go on the 1 35 bar, so we’ll, uh, we’ll see.

JR Howell (09:57):

Okay. There’s something else too to look at is the, you know, the feet cannot come outside the width of the hands. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. And that’s something that a lot of people are bad about and I think just putting them close to the wall is gonna make them want to put their feet out even wider.

Andrew Hiller (10:08):

Now is that new? I thought that was always the, the deal. Didn’t they always have the feet always had to stay in within the width of the box? Yes.

Bill Grundler (10:13):

Yeah. Yeah.

JR Howell (10:14):

Usually is, yeah.

Mattew Souza (10:15):

I actually with my hands, I like turn them like this. And the edge of the tape line was probably in the crease of my hand. So I didn’t have like thumbs at the edge of the tape line. It was more like right here. So I was probably somewhere in between JR what you were talking about, those two extremes of fingertips and thumb tips. Let’s

Andrew Hiller (10:29):

See. Something I looks checking. Hey Miranda, can you hear us? Yeah. How, what do you think is Hillary just, is Hillary just falling off the wagon right now? Did he just blow his load and, and

Miranda Hiller (10:38):

I haven’t been paying attention to him.

Bill Grundler (10:39):

<laugh>. I, I would say right now it’s fine. If those were, if if his were on Instagram, he would be shred, there would be dotted lines from his hands to his feet and saying that they’re outside his feet. Uh, outside his hands. Oh, G

Miranda Hiller (10:52):

Oh, the feet are too wide.

Bill Grundler (10:53):

Yeah. Your feet. What, what? <laugh>

Andrew Hiller (10:57):

Go ahead and take away all his reps. Let him know he is at one here.

JR Howell (10:59):

<laugh>. So for everyone watching at home too, this is like kind of what I thought that the six to nine minute mark is gonna be kind of a time warp. Most people are gonna need at least 90 seconds, at least 90 seconds for the nine at 180 5. So if you don’t have at least a two minute buffer, probably a two and a half minute buffer picking up the jump rope, it’s gonna be tough for you to get inside that nine minute.

Bill Grundler (11:20):


Andrew Hiller (11:21):

Yeah. And how

Chase Ingraham (11:22):

Five after that is no joke.

Andrew Hiller (11:23):

That’s what I was gonna say. What do you guys think? And Taylor, we’ll go to you here. What do you think that 180 5 5 bar’s gonna feel like coming off these strict handstand pushups and all that other work before it?

Mattew Souza (11:32):

Uh, I think the first rep is the, is the hardest for

Bill Grundler (11:34):

This. Nine.

JR Howell (11:36):

Nine. Let’s

Andrew Hiller (11:37):

Go Justin B. These live hilla workouts are my favorite things you guys have done

Mattew Souza (11:41):

Ll Yep. First rep the hardest.

JR Howell (11:45):


Andrew Hiller (11:45):

We started replaced seon. Thank you. Thank you. Justin B. All right. Uh, well what’d you say Jr Say it again. I was giving myself a pat on the

JR Howell (11:51):

Back. So we started the snatches at six 30 and missed the first, which is probably just a, a flute miss. Okay.

Andrew Hiller (11:57):

I seen him set up here again.

Bill Grundler (12:00):

That’s shoulder fatigue right there, man. That dude that I don’t, I don’t think people give that 20 handstand pushups enough respect.

Mattew Souza (12:07):

He’s also not pulling the bar super high. Like it looks like he’s gotta get really deep under it. Like watch,

Andrew Hiller (12:13):

Here we go.

JR Howell (12:14):

There it’s, there

Mattew Souza (12:15):

Is a squat, stretch, squat

Andrew Hiller (12:17):

Match already. Miranda, how often do you guys squat? Snatch heavy. Is this a factor of just acclimating to this weight or is that the fatigue settling in? No,

Miranda Hiller (12:24):

You wouldn’t, you wouldn’t ever see that weight in like one of our daily workouts. We have lifting workouts. I would say Julian’s lifted this much once every two, three months.

Andrew Hiller (12:38):

Did he just answer us? Did you

JR Howell (12:40):

<laugh>? No,

Miranda Hiller (12:41):

That was, that was helpful.

Andrew Hiller (12:42):

I was like, wow.

Bill Grundler (12:43):

Like, no, it’s no baller.

Miranda Hiller (12:45):

Like every once in a while on a Saturday he’ll throw some work, but like we really don’t lift. I mean, yeah.

Andrew Hiller (12:52):

And how’s Hillary doing over there? Is he still on one?

Miranda Hiller (12:55):

What number is he on? 13. 13.

Andrew Hiller (12:57):

13. Okay. So this is the, the determining factor. If you do make it past that six minute mark, these strict handstand bishops are gonna be no joke, right? Bill, how many people you think are gonna get here and just stare at the wall for a while?

Bill Grundler (13:10):

Honestly, a a vast majority they may, they, they may get partway through it, but I think it is gonna bury a lot of people because I don’t think that they’re gonna regulate the shoulder work on the hand, on the wall walks or even on the snatch. They’re gonna think, I, I need, they’re gonna be going, I need time. So I need to go fast on the snatches, which is going to just bury them for these handstand pushes. They’re gonna get up and do one and just crumble. What, like a ala hiller right there?

Andrew Hiller (13:36):

<laugh> right on cue. So we just saw Julio now he just passed it with about, what was that, 45 seconds left before that time cap. Hillary’s got about 20 coming up on 20 seconds left here. And uh, we still have the dubs supposed to 180 5 snatch. So it looks like this will be the end of his open workout. How mu how much of a factor do we, or how many people do we think is actually gonna move past that six minute mark? Is that aggressive JR in your gym you got a lot of different, different, you know, capacities going through with all your members. How many of ’em realistically are, are looking at that one? The strict handstand pushers?

JR Howell (14:10):

Uh, probably 30 to 40

Bill Grundler (14:16):

Members. Out of how many?

Andrew Hiller (14:17):

Yeah. Give us a percentage. <laugh>. Um,

JR Howell (14:19):

Like a, like, and I’m saying of the people that signed up for it, out of

Bill Grundler (14:24):

50, 50% of your people? 30%. Okay. He

JR Howell (14:26):

Got 50. Yeah, probably. Yeah. Probably 30 to 40% of the

Mattew Souza (14:28):

JR has the fittest gym ever.

Andrew Hiller (14:30):

Oh, the one second. Miranda, what was that? Can you say that again?

Miranda Hiller (14:32):

Dylan? Finish was 15 has 10 pushups. Here’s the funny part that you guys didn’t see his judge Chelsea, she’s uh, 17 weeks pregnant. She beat him.

JR Howell (14:41):

<laugh>. Oh,

Bill Grundler (14:44):

We’re gonna have

Andrew Hiller (14:45):

To Caleb, let’s cut that out because it’s not gonna do it with our ca hormone commercial.

JR Howell (14:50):

So he, he started this set of 20, he started the set of 20 at eight

Chase Ingraham (14:55):


JR Howell (14:58):

So and now 90 seconds right there.

Andrew Hiller (15:00):

So going back to what you were saying, 30 or 40, what percentage of that is the, is the gym and how many people are, you know, should be, should be preparing for the strict handstand pushups versus just pro game planning? The 1 35 snatch?

JR Howell (15:11):

Yeah. I mean, I, I’m gonna tell, I’m gonna tell all but probably 20 of my members that for them this workout is just two rounds for time. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> six minute cap and then after that get to the wall and see what you can do. Unless you know that you can get to the wall and get handstand pushups. There’s no need to pace it.

Andrew Hiller (15:29):

Tell you. Agree.

Mattew Souza (15:31):

Uh, yeah, I mean, uh, it’s jr’s strategy tips again for, I, I feel like it’s, it’s tough because his, and this isn’t like a knock at all. It’s impressive how fit his gym population is. It’s insane

Andrew Hiller (15:46):

Taste tastes. Who you waving at there?

Chase Ingraham (15:47):

Oh, same honey. Cheeky. Oh,

Andrew Hiller (15:51):

I thought I thought you were trying to get my attention as if you had something or another. Okay, so

Chase Ingraham (15:54):

I did, uh, I did see this comment earlier. I’m going back to that. Yeah. Uh, line is, I think it was Keifer that put this up. It says could this line also be a, the line for one day wall facing handstand pushups? Like your palms must be touching the line in some capacity in front of Oh yeah, there

JR Howell (16:16):

It is. Yeah. I think that’s a, that’s a really cool point. And I’m gonna be honest, I went through the standards to see and I was gonna tell Hiller, hey, it doesn’t say in here, you have to be facing out, do ’em while facing because it’s gonna actually be easier to do them while facing if the edge of your palms is on that tape line for some people than maybe facing the other way. But it says in the rules that heels have to be on the wall. So they’re

Bill Grundler (16:36):

They here. Yeah,

JR Howell (16:37):

They kind of took care of that.

Bill Grundler (16:38):

We me close come

Andrew Hiller (16:41):

Five first set

Miranda Hiller (16:44):

Drive into it.

JR Howell (16:45):

20 seconds. Huh.

Hillary Miller (16:47):


Bill Grundler (16:49):

What’s crazy is that this, you get one like the way the girls, the way mal made this workout look earlier, the way that she just, I mean hammered all the way through, not even to, didn’t even need the last three minutes, you know what I mean? So we have games level version. Then you have high end level version here, like with Julian into just like you were talking about JR that last majority is gonna be at that six minute mark. So it’s gonna be like the handstands aren’t even really gonna happen. You know, it’s gonna be what can you do with the wall walks and the, the lightweight snatches job?

Andrew Hiller (17:20):

Great job gentlemen. Way to work. Hello to by the How you doing? I’m good.

Chase Ingraham (17:26):

I bet you are resting for like eight minutes. I’m

Hillary Miller (17:32):

Hi guys.


It it catch it really catches you off guard. Um, I would say unless you’re like extremely efficient cuz like my shoulders are completely shot after those straight push up. So, um, that exposed definitely weakness to my snatching and, and we just, that combo is rough. So breakup early is very appropriate and you have to, once I overcame that 180 5 and allowed my body to relax, I was able to speed up the cycle rate on those 180 5. But knowing that I was gonna hit the 2 25 again, I, I’m not gonna lie, it definitely scares you. Um, so break up the strict handstand pushups on that first set into like threes the double unders. Break those up as well to relax the shoulders a bit and expect a big drive on that hip extension on that first snatch and like, approach it sooner than you think cuz it’s just a mental hurdle you’re gonna have to overcome.

Andrew Hiller (18:41):

What was the Go ahead Bill. Go ahead.

Bill Grundler (18:43):

Oh I was gonna say, what was your pacing on the wall walks in the game those first two rounds? Cause it seems like that’s gonna definitely, it, it it can do a lot of damage if you’re not, if you’re not pace right, like once you get towards that red, then you’re gonna have a hard time coming outta there. So what, what were you thinking that when you were doing the wall walks? Were you trying to keep yourself? So for

Hillary Miller (19:02):

Me, pace, um, we do a wall walks often in street parking. So I knew I was gonna get to the 180 5 snatch. Like that was not, and even the 25, to be honest, cuz my shoulders is one of my, my, uh, stronger abilities when I was competing. Um, so if, if you go back and watch my pacing on the wall walk, I was deliberately slow. Like I didn’t let Taylor uh, speak cuz his approach was different, right? He, he knew that the street has that push up that pushups was gonna be the, the rough sticking point for him. For me that wasn’t. And so I went smooth on the wall walk. I would say on the second round of wall walks is where it’s gonna get you. It’s gonna hit hard. Um, because after you do the first two or three, you realize how fatigued your shoulders are because everybody’s gonna come out really tense and excited to beat that six minute window. The the sooner you allow yourself to relax, the more it’s gonna work to your advantage. Um, so

Andrew Hiller (20:00):

Did that new standard play play a role in it? Sorry, cut you out. Did that new handstand pushup play a factor in there or the standard play a factor in that?

Hillary Miller (20:06):

Um, I think it will if you’re not confident in your handstand pushups. Um, if you struggle with it and already, like if things have to be perfect for you on your setup and your positioning, then it might throw people off.

Andrew Hiller (20:20):


Hillary Miller (20:20):

We had some know like, hey, this is not a sticking point for me no matter how I have to adjust my positioning. It’s not, if that makes any sense.

Andrew Hiller (20:29):

It, we had some speculation that Adrian kind of dropped that in there to force some virtuosity in the movement to make you do the same thing we’ve all done, but a little bit better in a better position. Would you agree with that statement? Did you feel that in there at all?

Hillary Miller (20:40):

Um, okay, I, this is first I’m hearing the statement, but yes, I would agree with, um, if you are so comfortable and you’re so used to doing it a certain way and you don’t challenge yourself by like same thing with a muscle up, it’s not always gonna have to begin into that purpose. Uh, perfect false script, right? It’s like you have to pretty much just jump up through the rings and get it done no matter the positioning. You’re in and over volume and over time if it’s a confident individual that doesn’t really throw you off so much. Same thing with this. If you’re an individual that’s used to performing it a certain way and you don’t challenge it under fatigue and under that stimulus, it’s gonna really throw a wrench into people’s, um, ability to knock that section out. But again, if you have been exposed to it, you’re used to quickly just jumping up from one movement to the next, it’s not going to, because fundamentally if your positioning’s always dialed in where you move your hands, it’s not gonna make too much of an impact unless it’s like a dramatic shift.

Andrew Hiller (21:38):

And now the big question, the the thing we really wanna know, why the hell is Heller at your house right now? <laugh>? Well, did you just find him like in a like, like homeless encampment or something that drove by and he was like making a video on somebody and just picked him up in a van or

Hillary Miller (21:56):

We’ve said too much. Uh,

Andrew Hiller (21:57):

<laugh>. Okay, fair enough.

Hillary Miller (22:00):

Um, but yeah, for those of you guys watching, you have to be confident in your own ability. So if you’re not a confident snatcher, break up the other movements and expect to go singles on the snatches. If you’re not a confident wall walker, slow it down there. Pick up pace on the other, other sections. So, um, that’s it.

Andrew Hiller (22:25):

Awesome. Well your connections petering out just like Hillary did in the workout, so thanks brother. The we appreciate it. <laugh>, if you wanna jump on, I gotta find someplace to put some, uh, to put some, Hey,

Hillary Miller (22:34):

I’m glad we made it to the 12 minute mark. So that’s what that looks like. Going to 12 minutes. So

Andrew Hiller (22:39):

Awesome job. Thank you. It was

Hillary Miller (22:42):


Andrew Hiller (22:42):

Job guys. Fantastic. You did fantastic. Uh, just wanna address a couple of these here. Uh, Philip, I’m not gonna try your last name cuz then I’m gonna mispronounce it four times and it’s, I’m really gonna be accused of copying Savon here. So do you guys think the next progression is wall walks with handstand pushups at the top? Chase, what do you think?

Chase Ingraham (22:58):

Ooh, I I would like to see maybe a wall facing handstand pushup prior to the combo of the two. I think we’ll see that coming. I, I, we said that, I can’t remember what podcast we were talking about this, but Jared asked this. He’s like, you see this trend and obviously Oz tends to try to buck these trends, but it, it’s like you shot across the bow the game. So semi-final athletes get ready to do wall facing handstand pushups. It happens at semi-finals, quarter finals. Get ready to see that once it trickles down to there maybe, right?

Andrew Hiller (23:28):

Yeah, yeah. Hill. I think, I think we have a while till then I think is Hillary judging now? Hillary, are you gonna be at a judge now? Is that what’s happening? Take his weights off. Awesome. Great thing wa zombie here Dad. Strength is greater than t r <laugh>. Yeah, you’re killing us on the sponsors and I’m gonna be fired on the <laugh>. So Stephan knee bender, do your, your pace all depends on where you think you’ll get to. Don’t race to a movement, just take a ton of breaks. Real

Mattew Souza (24:02):

Pro there. Real pro

Andrew Hiller (24:03):

Tip. You you agree with that Terry

Mattew Souza (24:05):

<laugh>? Yeah.

Andrew Hiller (24:07):

Is that your pro? Is that your pro tip?

Hillary Miller (24:09):

Are you talking to me? Yeah,

Mattew Souza (24:10):

Pro tip is, where was that? Can you pull that back up?

Andrew Hiller (24:13):

Yeah, yeah,

Hillary Miller (24:14):

Yeah. Pro tip is do handstand pushups.

Mattew Souza (24:16):

Pro tip is take a ton of break.

Hillary Miller (24:19):

Take a what?

Andrew Hiller (24:20):

<laugh>. Perfect. Okay. Hill. What’s going on dude? How was that work out for you?

Hillary Miller (24:24):

Like if you’re mitigate the damage on the handstand pushups and I didn’t do the best job actually. I probably the only way I would’ve done better is having practice for the past couple of months.

Andrew Hiller (24:36):

When was the last time you did a strict handstand pushup other than a human

Hillary Miller (24:41):

Two months ago. <laugh> Three months ago. It’s been a bit

Andrew Hiller (24:45):

Perfect. Did the new standard mess with you at all? Did you have to adapt? Did you have to adapt to that?

Hillary Miller (24:50):

It’s certainly worse if you’re not already good at them. Only like, I think there’s just people who are better pressers than others than there’s also people who work on pressing the way you’re supposed to be pressing like hu and said maybe like you said about virtuosity. Um, I’ve only come so far in the past and I’ve definitely stopped working on it in the present.

Andrew Hiller (25:09):

Fair enough. So did you guys, did any of you guys watch today’s event? Jared, did you watch uh, Danielle and, and Mal get after it?

JR Howell (25:17):

Yeah, I’ll watch.

Hillary Miller (25:18):


Andrew Hiller (25:20):

Later. Thank you Hiller. Bye. Thank you. I wonder what he’s doing there.

JR Howell (25:24):

What? I wanna know what

Andrew Hiller (25:26):

He is doing too. What do you guys think he’s doing there now that they’re not here and we can talk. It’s

Chase Ingraham (25:29):

A nat or not for Miranda, obviously

Andrew Hiller (25:32):

<laugh> <laugh>.

Mattew Souza (25:35):

They’re, they’re probably, we’ve

Chase Ingraham (25:36):

Been waiting for this one since she started Cross it. Remember guys

Mattew Souza (25:39):

<laugh>, Hillary’s probably gonna make a street parking video on how the Open didn’t go so well, not too soon

Andrew Hiller (25:46):

On that last piece of it there. So JR Sorry about that. Going back to that Danielle and Mal, what, what were you impressed? What’d that look like to you?

JR Howell (25:52):

Yeah, I mean I, I would, I would love to know, like, and this is something maybe we can, we can ask Boz about if we get ’em back on, is like, um, a lot of people ask about the testing of the games workouts and either who tested them or like how many times they were tested if the females went faster than the males, et cetera, et cetera. And like, just thinking about, uh, 2007 reload. Everyone thought the weight was way too light for the women. And then what happened? Tia failed her last rep. Matt failed his last rep and it couldn’t have looked any worse for everyone that thought that the loading was off. So just watching them do it, I’m watching them hit 1 25 and it’s 180 5, 1 25 and I’m like, that’s how my 1 35 snatchers are gonna look. That’s exactly how they’re gonna look. <laugh>,


There’s gonna be a little, there’s gonna be a little redip and that’s it. And I’m wondering in testing, how did the males do comparatively to the females? And is that how Boz uh, arrived at the fact? Well, hey, it really looked like everyone that we tested the straight handstand pushups just caught up a little bit quicker for the females. So we decided to have the loading, um, up to 2 25, 1 55 or 180 5, 1 25 and not 180 5, 1 35, 2 25, 1 65. And it’ll be interesting. I mean, and all these guys can weigh in the fastest time in the world. Does it come from Mal? Does it come from a male? Does it come from a female? What do you think?

Andrew Hiller (27:13):

Yeah. Do you guys agree with that? Sure. The way it’s been heavier or do you think it’s balanced for the two movements?

Bill Grundler (27:18):

That third weight I think throws it. Uh, it especially for the high end. The high end ladies, 1 25 on the snatch for them I think is just, it’s too light. It, it’s not, it’s not the same as the 180 5 for the men. Um, MA’s time was unbelievable. Yeah, she, I mean she made that 1 55 look completely comfortable. You know,

Mattew Souza (27:41):

I think, I think there’ll be men that for sure beat the top women’s time

Andrew Hiller (27:47):

Chase what they said

Mattew Souza (27:49):

Hot take.

Chase Ingraham (27:52):

Um, yeah, the 1 25 is a little bit of an outlier. I agree. I I’m looking at more of open stuff like the lens I grade the programming width and the weights they use and the skills they use are relegated to the competition that we’re holding and the purpose of it. So if we’re getting top 10% through, we want more people to play in a sense than, okay, do I wanna see this at quarter finals? No. Do I wanna see this at 70 finals? God know Right as no business to be at the cross, the games, yes, they have should have heavier weights. They’ve proven over time that they are, the women are just getting stronger and faster and better than they’ve ever been before in the open. Based off what we’re trying to do, I don’t have as much of a problem with, I’m actually surprised they used the other weights more than I’m surprised by the 1 25. Really? What do you

Bill Grundler (28:42):

You mean mean the overall settle

Chase Ingraham (28:43):

Weight? I was ready for 65, 85. 25 45. That’s what we’ve been used to. If anything, this is the heaviest they’ve used consistently for the women. So that’s actually the outlier that I see.

Bill Grundler (28:55):

Wasn’t that the same set that they used though for that the pull up snatch, um, open event?

Mattew Souza (29:01):

It was actually 16. It

Chase Ingraham (29:02):


Bill Grundler (29:02):

It went up to 2 65 didn’t it?

Chase Ingraham (29:04):


Mattew Souza (29:06):

For men. And it was 180 5 for women. 2 45. 1 75, 2 25, 1 55. So the women’s weights were 90, 95.

Chase Ingraham (29:17):


Mattew Souza (29:18):

1 25, uh, 1 55, 1 75, 180 5. Actually programed that for my, no,

Chase Ingraham (29:26):

They, they actually, um, 20 17, 17 0.3. Is that what you guys are talking about? Yeah. 65 95. 1 35, 1 55, 1 75 0.85. So they used 1 35 back then. Yeah.

Bill Grundler (29:39):

So we’re,

Andrew Hiller (29:39):

So we’re, and again, we’re gonna, and that makes a difference. You’re gonna quarters, right, right. Uh, Barry, Mike Cocker, which is just funny to say now that we get the joke and I’m all on the same page, Adam, so, so yes, I <laugh>. Yeah. Me and you both. Yes, I, uh, yes I did get promoted to CEO e o and uh, Caleb is right here doing just fine. Saving my.

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