CrossFit HQ’s Priorities, Big Soda & The Unfortunate

Matthew Souza (00:02):

Right on time. Not late at all. Whatcha guys talking about? Nailed it. I think the iso or something’s off on this camera. It seems a little image. Seems a little flat. Good morning everybody. How is everybody today? Doing well. I hope I had a little bit of extra time. I don’t have the firefighters this morning, so I figured we would go ahead and start a little bit early, almost a regular 7:00 AM time, but just push back a little bit just so I could have a little time before we get going. Matt, Vern, Susa. Big dicking us. Not at all. Not at all. Christine Young. Good morning Mrs. Burns. Good morning all. Good morning, Mrs. Burns. How are you? There’s a couple other people up here too that morning. Ernie. What’s up man? Dan Susa. Forgot Grace’s coffee again. Nope. Only made that mistake one time. Jake Felton. Let’s Susa poop in peace.


He’s hurrying. Thank you Jake. Someone that understands somebody that gets it. David Weed. You might be disappointed. C’S not here this morning so you can’t harass him. Hopefully that doesn’t mean you just transitioned to harassing me, but we’ll find out how it goes. Vindicate. Good morning. Get your guys’ shoes. Shoes. Get you guys’ apparel and shirts over. I vindicate this cool CEO one that I have you guys this weekend. Were fricking awesome. Holy crap. The donations and the stuff that you guys did for the competitors, especially for fee and Lindsay Lang is just insane. I could knock it over how awesome this group is and how generous you guys are and it’s like, holy crap, we’re doing it. Look at us collectively. We’re doing it Will. Good morning dude. How you doing? Did you miss me on Saturday? I bet you did. Mr. Watkins, since we’re talking about big SDA soda, are we going to talk about the biggest Soda Spade drink spade?


Yeah, we’re going to talk about soda that doesn’t. Corrupt exercise science, which is spade unlike Coca-Cola and Pepsi and the other American beverage associations. We’re going to get into that. That’s the article on Broken Science brought to you by Russell Berger who will be on the show on Friday. So we’ll talk a little bit about that. Last week I posted up this pyramid kind of taking the theoretical hierarchy for training. You guys know it from the CrossFit methodology, the nutrition, metabolic conditioning, gymnastics, weightlifting sport, except for I rearranged it in terms of what I would do or what I think CrossFit should do for its priorities and the way that it’s conducting itself. So we’re going to get into that. I have the live call in number. So what we’re going to do is once I present that, there was a lot of people that DMed me and had some questions or opinions about it.


There was some people in the comments as well, and so I thought that once we brought that up, I would be super curious to get your guys’ opinions on that pyramid. Asymmetric. Is Russell a rumble only show? I don’t, I want to say no, but possibly because we did talk about putting it just on X or just on Rumble because I think they’ll be calling some more stores and asking about their inclusion policies, which I don’t know if that’s really going to fly that much on YouTube. So we’ll have to see. Hey, producer, when is in the week in review? Well, last night we had the update show. Halo made it to semifinals. Isn’t that crazy? Oh man, that was such a good show and such a great weekend. So we’ll probably end up doing the day we in review maybe this evening or something like that, but we will do it.


Don’t you worry, Greg, don’t you worry. Alright, so let’s get into some of these clips I have here. As always, I’ve scoured the internet for the best stuff possible to bring you guys. I thought this was my 10th episode and I was like, oh, cool. This is number 10. I found out that’s only number nine, so I missed it. Last week I was traveling out to South Carolina to the great CrossFit crash and didn’t have time to get in a show. So I want to start out with this here. The unfortunate, if you guys get around people that are constantly playing the victim game, oh, I just can’t catch a break. Oh, I’ll never be able to do that. These type of people are the ones you want to immediately avoid. So the advice I got for today comes from Robert Green. As always. If you watch my shows, I’m a huge fan of his books and the wisdom and this one here is people often draw misfortunes on themselves. They will also draw it on you associate with the happy and the fortunate. Instead, if you guys got a bunch of people in your friend group there or you happen to be one of ’em that just has this fricking negative outlook on life, you better turn that frown upside down because people do not want to associate with people, those type of people that just no matter what, you talk to ’em, hi, how you doing? Oh, okay, I’m alright. And they just kind of slump around. It’s like, no, come on.


You’re living in your breathing. Life is good, life is good. So if you’re one of those people or if you associate, it’s time to slowly distance yourself. Judy Reed, I attract those people and I’m the complete opposite of that. Let me guess, Judy. It’s because you try to save them. They probably come to you with this negative outlook and you probably try to reverse it by spreading your positivity. Am I right? Am I right? And you should just not waste your time with that. Just once they show their true colors, just slide away. You know that Homer Simpson meme where you just slides into the hedge? That’s exactly what you need to do there. Yeah, a hundred percent. See, I called it right? And that’s why those people are attracted to you or that’s why you think you attract those people. It’s because you want to be a people pleaser. I’m very similar in this regard and sometimes it’s just best to just let them be. Don’t try to swim upstream and if they’re going to be negative Nelly, let ’em be negative Nelly. It is what it’s, it is what it is because everybody gets to choose their attitudes and some people do it terribly a little bit from our fearless leader out here in California. I saw this. I thought it was great in terms of our lovely government here.


Is that how you found Seon? No, he’s not a negative guy. He’s not a negative guy. Definitely not unfortunate. Okay. Newsom has been solving homelessness for 16 years. 16 years. Guys, we still haven’t quite figured it out. This is him in 2008. This is what he calls his 10 year plan. I don’t know if some of you guys seen in the news recently, but there was 24 billion that went through solving homelessness, which isn’t even a fucking homeless problem. We all know, oh man, I already swore seven minutes to 30 seconds in. We all know. We all know that it’s a drug problem. When you go over to San Francisco, Oakland and you start walking through and you start looking at the people, you don’t just think, oh man, there’s a guy down on his luck really pushing hard here to make something of himself. No, you see him halfway bent over high on fentanyl, shooting up in front of kids and other people walking down the street.


It’s like, let’s start by labeling shit correctly. Anyhow, this is the biggest issue. One of the biggest issues I have with government is the fact that there is zero accountability. Can you imagine if I ran a company and I was like, Hey, we’re going to do X, Y, Z, and then I just need a hundred thousand dollars. So then you give me the a hundred thousand dollars a year goes by and we still haven’t accomplished X, Y, Z. So then I go, Hey, we just need $200,000. Then we could accomplish it. It was a little bit bigger than we thought, but if we just have a little bit more money, then another year goes by and the problem has gotten worse, the business is failing, and then I say, Hey, I just need $300,000 this time and we will fix the problem. I swear. And the problem continues to get worse. At some point you have to pull the funding right? At some point, Carlos, bro, none of that money went to the homeless. It all went to them. Bingo. Yeah, you’re absolutely correct. But let’s listen to Gavin because I know whenever I’m feeling down on my luck, I listen to the fearless leader, Gavin Newsom here, and it just, oh man, sunshine of rainbows. After that

Speaker 2 (08:58):

10 year plan to end chronic homeless in San Francisco, how are you going to solve homelessness? What are you going to do as a new mayor? And I said, well, what are you going to do? Focus on a housing first model, direct access to housing, shelter, solve sleep housing with wraparound and support services. Solve homelessness. Homelessness absolutely can be solved, laid out a detailed homeless strategy. There’s been no intentionality on homelessness in this state for decades. It’s not been a focus. I don’t think we can solve homelessness. I know we can solve homelessness. We’ll reduce street homelessness quickly and humanely through emergency action. The highest investment the state’s ever made is $1 billion on homelessness. We are poised to pass a budget in the next few hours that will provide 12 billion of investment.

Matthew Souza (09:43):

And this dude behind him is clapping and everybody else claps. Oh yeah, a billion dollars didn’t work, but you know what? $12 billion of our money, that’ll definitely change the tune. Holy shit. I

Speaker 2 (09:55):

Can literally quantify 58,000 people that we got off the streets last year and none of you would believe it. The state has not made progress in the last two decades as it relates to homelessness. Why not interested in funding failure? We’re not interested in failing more efficiently when it comes to the issue of homelessness.

Matthew Souza (10:14):

I only the two ladies behind him, just this lady looks like she’s halfway taking a shit right now or just trying to hold it in. Does anybody even believe when this dude walks off stage because all his cohorts around him just like, wow, Gavin, you crushed it again. Let’s head over to French Laundry

Speaker 2 (10:32):

And the crisis on the street, what we call a 10 year plan in chronic

Matthew Souza (10:37):

Started in 2008 and it’s only consistently gotten worse and worse and worse. I don’t know if any of you guys have ever visited Oakland or San Francisco in the recent, but shit is crazy. You wouldn’t even believe it. You wouldn’t even believe it. Steven Susa tell you’re homeless to stop coming to Fresno. We can’t take them all in. They’re congregated or near our downtown and train station. Oh, don’t you worry, Steven. We’re going to send 50,000 more, but that’s okay because Gavin Newsom is going to spend another 12 billion of our dollars to fix the problem. Yeah, exactly. Augustus, you caught that in one clip. He’s talking about we helped 58,000 people and you wouldn’t believe it. Then the following year he talks about how there’s been no progress made. Crazy ano, what’s up brother? Let’s ban us. Hired a full-time homeless coordinator. Oh, a homeless coordinator. Oh, that’ll help. And the homeless count more than doubled in the last two years. Now they think spending even more will solve the problem. It’s always going to be some sort of like if we just spent more of your money, if we just spend more of your dollars, we can solve the problem.


Chuck Susa. What’s up? Tug. How you doing, brother? How are you doing brother Dominique? Black teens stealing and killing people while homeless are shooting needles all day. Oakland is terrible. Wow. Wow. Well, Bernie Gannon Newsom is very popular with the suburb. Moms crazy though, right? How I recently gotten this, whatever this debate or discussion if you want to say, with a few of my family members, and they were talking about how, oh, well, I think at least California politics is good because they’re doing something for the climate. We’re focused on climate change. Other states aren’t focused on climate change and then begs the question, cool. So what does that exactly mean? Well, I don’t mind paying more taxes because at least we’re focused on progress when it comes to climate change. What the fuck? What does that even mean? You’re happy to pay more because California is focused on climate change.


I don’t even what? This doesn’t even make sense. So I don’t even know how the suburban moms or anybody gets behind Gavin Newsom. You just have to be completely, there’s two things. Either you somehow benefit from it, meaning you get money or something, or you’re just completely blind and just can’t even see it at all. I don’t even know. I don’t even know. Does the climate even change? Yeah, it got hot here earlier. It’s got cold in the winter. I don’t even know. I don’t even know. But check this out. I’m going to follow that up with this. You guys know how I like to string these together to kind of drill down a point. Do you guys know who that Dude, he goes by destiny. And to be completely honest, I’ve never really watched much of any of his shit, but I’ve seen him in clips and in debates and stuff. And so kudos for him to putting himself out there as far as debating and everything else, and not afraid to have the discussion. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that he’s a complete idiot. So we have him here with Jordan Peterson.


I can’t tell if my mic sounds weird or if it’s just a, I always hate ’em plugging all of this stuff and then packing it up and then bringing it, because then when I come back, it’s not quite set up. I think the ISO on my camera or something is a little off too. I need will’s help will, if you’re listening, help me. Okay, so we have Destiny and we have Jordan Peterson here in this next clip, and we’ll let it rock and roll

Speaker 3 (14:33):

In traffic with our eyes closing the car hasn’t hit me yet, so I don’t think there’s any coming. I think it’s pretty undeniable at this point that there is an impact on climate across the planet. I think

Speaker 4 (14:43):

That’s highly deniable. We have no idea what the impact is from, we don’t know where the carbon dioxide is from. We can’t measure the warming of the oceans. We have terrible temperature records going back a hundred years. Almost all the terrestrial temperature detection sites were first put outside urban areas and then you have to correct for the movement of the urban areas and then you introduce an error parameter that’s larger than the purported increase in temperature that you’re planning to measure. This isn’t data, this is guess and there’s something weird underneath it. There’s something weird that isn’t oriented well towards human beings underneath it. It has this guise of compassion. Oh, we’re going to save the poor in the future. It’s like that’s what the bloody communist said, and they killed a lot of people doing it. And we’re walking down that same road now with this insistence that we’re so compassionate that we care about the poor a hundred years from now. And if we have to wipe out several hundred million of them now, well that’s a small price to pay for the future utopia. And we’ve heard that sort of thing before. And the alternative to that is to stop having global level elites plot out a utopian future or even an anti dystopian future. And that’s exactly what’s happening now with organizations like the WEF. And if this wasn’t immediately impacting the poor in a devastating manner, I wouldn’t care about it that much. But standing in traffic with our,

Matthew Souza (16:07):

Yeah, he pretty much just shuts him down completely right there. Which I always just thought it’s crazy to think that there’s some sort of entity like the government that is actually going to make any progress that isn’t self-serving to the government. And the question I always keep thinking to myself as inflation continues to rise, which by the way, as I’ve talked about in other shows, inflation is just a form of attacks that you are not voting on. And that doesn’t have to be passed because once the government starts to print money, that’s when inflation occurs. And then essentially you bear the cost of that as the American citizen, the taxpayer. And it’s crazy to me too because this, and I used to think this when I was like fucking 10 too, but it’s full grown adults that somehow believe that the government has money and that the government is just going to come in and help out.


Oh, they could just give me this or we could give this person a million dollars or we could do that. And it’s like, dude, the government doesn’t have any money at all. The government has no money. The government could only take the money from you. It could only take the money from your savings or it could print it and then it could tax it to you in a different way. That is it. Those are the only options. So any of you people that are listening to this that think somehow that your loans or shit are going to be paid off by Daddy Biden, and by the way, as we get closer and closer to this election, you’re going to hear more and more stuff about the student loans and they’re going to say, oh, well, they’re just going to be forgiven. Know, no, that money was borrowed from the banks from your guys’ savings and there is no forgiving it.


Because the only way you could do that is if they take the money from the taxpayer that is working and that is paying and they use that to pay off your student loan. Maybe the first thing you should have done is paid attention to the fucking degree you were getting after and realizing that it’s a complete waste of money, complete waste of money. It’s crazy to me. And you know what too? I remember this so vividly when I was a graduating high school because everybody else had it all figured out with their fucking higher education and their bullshit degrees and their parents are sitting there saying, sign on the dotted line, go into debt because you know what? We want to look like good parents. So we could tell our friends that you went to college and yet now you’re coming out and you’re working bullshit jobs because the degree you went after had no money.


No ROI to do it whatsoever. Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy. Okay, and to illustrate this point, this was posted by Emily Kaplan. If you guys aren’t following her, I saw this just this morning when I was grabbing my coffee. If I have student loans, Matthew is my degree a waste of time? No, because you’re an accountant. That’s it. If you go get a student loan out and you become an engineer or you become an accountant or you have some sort of hard skill that is going to translate into a job, then by all means that makes sense. And Augustus, you know this because if you work in accounting, you could look at it and say, okay, I’m borrowing this much. What are the jobs I’m going to get? They make this much awesome. How long would it take me to pay that off? And I guarantee you went through that process.


But if you do that same shit with a religious or a social studies or even better social science, which is they changed it. If you guys remember, it used to be social studies because there wasn’t such thing as a social science. It was just a study, right? You guys have realize that that doesn’t come to a job. So Augustus, no, I completely, if you’re going into anything where you could look at the money that you’re borrowing and you could look at the job that you will get and you could understand how long it’s going to take you to pay back that loan and it has some sort of hard skill attached to it where you’re going to graduate college and you’re going to move right into that job and start paying back onto that, then by all means. But you and I both know that majority of the degrees, majority of the money borrowed is in fucking liberal arts and stuff.


That’s not going to get any ROI on the money that they’re paying back. And then on top of that, there’s that weird thing where it’s like, well, if you don’t work full time, you don’t have to start paying it back. So they just keep kicking the can down the road for forever and then at that point, everybody’s so tied up in debt and stuck into the rat race. Forget about being able to actually get out ahead of anything and be able to create any sort of life for yourself. You’re starting out in so much debt. How does that even work? Okay, so this is from Emily Kaplan. This just kind of illustrates the points that I was talking about here. I love these two clips. Sorry about the weird zoom. I’m trying to find it in where it’s nice and tight, but it’s not. Can I find a conservative arts degree? No.

Speaker 5 (21:01):

Fine. It’s about how much of your money should be spent by the state and how much you should keep to spend on your family. Let us never forget this fundamental truth. The state has no source of money other than the money people earn themselves. If the state wishes to spend more, it can do so only by borrowing your savings or by taxing you more. And it’s no good thinking that someone else will pay that someone else is you. There is no such thing as public money that is only taxpayer’s money. The prosperity won’t come by inventing more and more lavish public expenditure programs. You don’t grow richer by ordering another checkbook from the bank and no notion ever grew more prosperous by taxing its citizens beyond their capacit of our time.

Matthew Souza (22:02):

We talk about outsourcing things all the time. People outsource their childcare. A lot of people outsource their thinking. And basically whenever we decide that, hey, government knows what’s best, that we’re outsourcing our spending and we’re saying that the government could use that money more usefully than you can as the individual. Crazy. Addie Addie, I’m from Europe. I got my bachelor’s degree. Tuition was about 2,500 per year. That’s good. Put another zero on the end of that. And that’s what most of the four year colleges run out here. Homegrown. C, B, D, defund, the politicians. Absolutely. I mean, and this is the thing too. Do you guys even see a way out of this mess that doesn’t result in something catastrophic? Are you guys believers too that if we just get somebody like Trump in office, things will change? Or is the system too far gone? I wonder. Okay, this one was just kind of fun.

Speaker 6 (23:17):

I spend more time working on these cars than with my own family.

Speaker 7 (23:27):

I spend my days digging holes, cutting grass and sweating.

Speaker 8 (23:31):

This is job number two today. So my customers aren’t the only ones drinking coffee.

Speaker 7 (23:35):

I’m breaking my back out here for one reason.

Speaker 6 (23:39):

I want to pay off some other guy’s debt

Speaker 8 (23:41):

Biden’s plan to pay other people’s college loans using my tax dollars. A great idea.

Speaker 7 (23:46):

Biden’s, right? You should take my tax dollars to pay off your debts. My family will figure out how to get by with less. What’s most important is we spare college graduates from any extra stress.

Speaker 6 (23:58):

Want to be a struggling artist? College is on me.

Speaker 8 (24:02):

My kids don’t need fancy things like school supplies or new shoes.

Speaker 7 (24:06):

I work for you. Theater major.

Speaker 8 (24:09):

This shift is for you, business major. Go buy yourself that new car.

Speaker 6 (24:13):

Enjoy your free ride. College is on me.

Speaker 8 (24:16):

Tell Congress, stop.

Matthew Souza (24:19):

There it is. That basically sums it up. I work hard not for my family, but to pay off your debts. Holy crap. Holy crap. You know what’s funny too is a lot of this stuff, I should have probably had the information, but I’m sure you guys will sort me out in the comments there. I do believe that the income tax was started as a temporary tax in World War I to help with funding or something like that. And so it was like, oh, well, we’re just going to bring in a personal income tax for a little bit of time just to help with this situation and then it’s going to go back. Doesn’t that sound so familiar to stuff that happened in the recent government? Always pushes it a little bit, tells you that they have to due to some sort of emergency for the greater good and for some reason it never goes back.


It never goes back. Okay, last one here. Close to my hometown. Good old Oakland. It’s funny because a lot of people would say, oh, the crime situation’s overblown. Oh, it’s just in the news. People are focusing on anecdotal things and then saying everybody’s cars are being broken into and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Well, listen, you don’t even have to take anybody’s word for it. All you have to do is pay attention to what’s happening, how many things are shutting down. I remember a couple years back, grace and I would always go to Union Square during San Francisco time. I mean during San Francisco time, union Square in San Francisco, around the holiday time we’d go shop in those areas and stuff over there. We haven’t been there in years and now everything is just gone. There’s a four story, five story mall on Market Street and fifth that is just empty.


All those stores around it also empty. And then you have to think about the whole entire ecosystem. That massive Nordstrom’s, the big Nike stores, the Levi’s, all those things bring around it, right? Because everybody’s going for those big stores, which then fuels the economy of all these little stores and vendors and everything else around it. Because once people come in to shop at Nordstrom’s, they might go check out that store. They’re going to need a place to eat. So once those big fish go out of there, then all the small ones die immediately. So it doesn’t matter what you think is right or think is wrong or maybe is overblown or is fake news, all you have to do is look at the stores that are happening around it. Look at business because at the end of the day, even though all these same stores will push this whole woke narrative and this DEI bullshit, at the end of the day, it’s all about them making money. And if they don’t make the money, they pull the plug and they get up and leave. And so it’s super obvious. Just look at that. RIP

Speaker 9 (27:01):

Dennys. Only Denny’s restaurant has closed because of safety concerns. The restaurant on Hagen Berger Road near the Oakland airport had been at this location for over 50 years. The company says it was not an easy decision, but the safety of Denny’s employees and customers is its top priority. The area of Hagen Berger Road is plagued by robberies and car break-ins. Just this week, a 21-year-old visiting from Texas was filling up his rental car at the 76 gas station near the airport when he and his friends were robbed at gunpoint. The In-N-Out Burger nearby is also closing its doors. Starbucks, black Bear Diner and others have already left the same area. Oakland’s only

Matthew Souza (27:42):

Literally there’s this, if you guys are familiar with Oakland Airport, there’s a street that comes down and as you head to the airport and there’s a Starbucks there that’s 76 that they’re talking about, the guy, all of that is inside this same little parking structure. And literally we get a lot of interns from the Lawrence Littlemore lab that come into the gym. And we were talking to ’em even like a year or so back, and they don’t even fly people into Oakland anymore. They fly ’em into San Jose or they fly ’em into San Francisco because so many people were being either followed or targeted and would pull into that gas station or go grab a coffee on their way out and we’re getting robbed. That’s how crazy. It’s, they don’t even fly people in and out of there anymore from the labs or other places for corporate visits.


So what do you think is going to happen? And then all of a sudden everybody’s going to say, oh, well, we need to help these underserved communities. Well, look what the fuck you did because of your lax, the Daisy policies on crime, all the opportunity for jobs leave and then this place becomes fucking Detroit. That is what’s happening in real time. You’re watching it. So now as Oakland slowly just decays into nothing, and San Francisco does as well, people wonder, how did it get this way? How did a thriving city go from just great prosperous to all of a sudden no jobs now houses are just turning into complete crack houses. There’s no way that you could move in or live there. There’s no way that you could start a business there. And then that cycle just perpetuates itself. But don’t you worry, oh, Gavin’s got a plan.


It’s just going to take a little bit more your money. And also too, we’re going to build that rail system from Fresno to Bakersfield, which is just the most idiotic thing I’ve ever heard. There’s a person at my gym that works for that train, and she basically was just telling me, yeah, nothing happens. We don’t do anything. Which just tells me it’s probably a shell for money. Probably shell for money. Okay. Enough of my California rants here. Let’s get into the pyramid of CrossFit. Like that segue, just transition from California politics to, oh, it’s funny. I brought up.

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