CrossFit Games Off-Site Event at a New Lake | Shut Up & Scribble Ep 11

Speaker 1 (00:01):

Ladies and gentlemen up, this is the event.

Speaker 2 (00:08):

So keep the political commentary to yourself, or as someone once said, shut up and dribble.

Speaker 3 (00:30):

Wow. Just can’t make it. Stop playing.

Taylor Self (00:32):

Will has his camera gear in a bookshelf, like an art display behind <laugh>.

Speaker 3 (00:38):

Gotta keep it somewhere. What’s up everybody? Shut up and scribble. Got a really awesome show. Throwing on our tinfoil hats having some fun. It’s a week out from the game, so seems like an appropriate time to just have a, have a good show, have fun. Uh, speculate a little bit, uh, with it being a fun show. We got Aaliyah Miller joining us as a guest. Aaliyah, what’s up?

Ellie Miller (01:01):

Hey, thanks for having me.

Speaker 3 (01:03):

Yeah, thanks for coming

Taylor Self (01:03):

On. Did you say we had tinfoil hats?

Speaker 3 (01:05):

<laugh>. We had tin foil hats. Oh,

Taylor Self (01:10):

<laugh>. You have a tinfoil yamaka. You fucking look. No,

Speaker 3 (01:13):

Dude, it’s,

Ellie Miller (01:14):


JR Howell (01:15):

You made it a minute. You made it a minute. 10 seconds.

Speaker 3 (01:17):

It’s a, I

Taylor Self (01:18):

Only have to make it 30, dude.

JR Howell (01:19):

Yeah, I know. That’s what I’m saying. <laugh>. That’s

Speaker 3 (01:21):

A record. It’s a Robin Hood tinfoil hat. No

Taylor Self (01:23):

It’s not. You have a yamaka dude. I am.

Speaker 3 (01:25):

Let’s go. <laugh>. Oh, sweet. I say we just dive into it.

JR Howell (01:33):

Let’s go

Speaker 3 (01:36):


Taylor Self (01:37):

Conspiracy number one.

Speaker 3 (01:38):

Conspiracy number one. We got some conspiracy boards. We’ve got at least three conspiracies we’re gonna roll through. It’s gonna be a crazy show, so you’re going to stick it out, uh, to the end. Jr. Wanna take grace?

Taylor Self (01:51):

No, dude.

Speaker 3 (01:52):

Oh yeah, it’s okay. It’s in the IL anyway. Geez. <laugh>. Okay. Offsite location. Go, go, go, go, go. Someone

Taylor Self (02:01):

We know where the offsite location is gonna happen this year at the 2023 CrossFit Games. Let’s start with the first one.

JR Howell (02:07):

Well, we know based on the schedule that on Thursday there’s an offsite event for teams and individuals only

Taylor Self (02:16):

See the, see the column in the middle of the screen. Thursday, the third highlighted column there is a blank there. So it’s not a Cossum, not at North Park. And it’s only individual men, women, and teams. So we can assume that that’s likely an offsite location. There’s one heat of each. Looks like a mass start event.

JR Howell (02:35):

And then we can also assume that it would probably involve the bike that they posted a picture of since we also know that those are the only two divisions using that bike.

Taylor Self (02:45):

Yeah, we, you know, initially we were looking around and there were no, you know, people were saying, oh, there’s been no permits taken out in Madison. They’re not gonna swim this year because of the crocodiles and the algae and all that other stuff in the lake. They can’t swim in the pool because we’re broke this year. Every year CrossFit has no money and the pool costs a lot of money. Um, so we did some digging, will got a shovel out and we found this offsite venue called Devil’s Lake Park one hour outside of Madison that has a lake that has a mountain bike trail. Do you have the video for this uplands loop trail? Did you pull that in?

Speaker 3 (03:26):

No, I just took that screenshot on the right of the grass trail.

Taylor Self (03:30):

Anyways, so this was our initial, I, uh, this is like me thinking J f K got killed by the c i a <laugh>. Odds are, it’s like, it’s pretty likely, but still kind of far out there. <laugh>, even his nephew believes it. Dude. It’s, it’s, it’s, look, it’s close. JR what do you think, how

JR Howell (03:55):

Well, based on the picture Dave posted this morning could mean nothing, could mean something. And looking into that post, how much less confident are you <laugh> about, about Devil’s Park

Taylor Self (04:09):

After Dave’s post? I think it’s probably pretty safe to assume the offsite workout is gonna be at the Odin boat ramp. They have Halpin posted this earlier, but they have a three year contract, I think that was signed in 2020 for use in however they want, in whatever way they want of this area of the Odin, Olen, Odin, Olin Olin Park boat ramp, um, for the CrossFit games. So even if the water’s dirty, that doesn’t mean they can’t use it. Maybe they just take a little boat ride, maybe row

JR Howell (04:48):

Aaliyah. Would you wanna see the kayak, uh, like the paddle come back, or would you not wanna see that again in like a single modality? Like in a, in a mono structural only setting? Would you be let down or excited if you saw like a bike in a paddle?

Ellia Miller (05:03):

I would be disappointed if this offsite event is mono structural only period, no matter what it is. ’cause they’re already doing the five K run. Um, I think I would be okay with seeing a pat, a paddleboard, kayak, whatever, if they combine it with something else. Um, I also was curious about what’s the timing between the offsite event and then the next event, which I think is the pig chipper. Is there even enough time that they could get to that, uh, devil’s Park, whatever and come back? I,

Taylor Self (05:39):

I think so. No. Yeah, that’s, that’s the other thing. After looking at the times on the schedule, that first place is,

JR Howell (05:46):

It’d be like nine 30 to 10 30. Yeah. And then they’re supposed to start,

Taylor Self (05:49):

Yeah. Yeah. Swinging a big miss there. So we can assume it’s Oland Park. Um, you, you wouldn’t like strictly structural say it’s a bike paddle, even if there are other events at the CrossFit games, say the Olympic weightlifting total and maybe another benchmark that are all barbell or all weightlifting,

Ellia Miller (06:09):

I don’t know. Um, I guess it depends. So theoretically a five K is gonna be like 20 minutes or less. Um, but it’s still getting into that aerobic length test. So if you’re doing another aerobic length mono structural test, um, you know, a a one rep max clean and jerk and a one rep max snatch versus a barbell cycling workout, you’re testing two different things even though it’s both barbell. Um, I feel like if there’s a five K and then there’s also something that’s like swim, bike, whatever you’re testing very similar things with that. And I don’t know, especially since it looks like we only have what, uh, 11 or 12 events for the individuals this year versus in the past it’s been like 14, 15. Um, if you’re gonna reduce the number of tests and you’re gonna have two aerobic mono structural tests, I think you lose, uh, some of the, uh, breadth of testing for the CrossFit games.

JR Howell (07:18):

Well, it, it already appears as though we have three single modality tests anyway. So is adding a fourth one in general, is there gonna be a fifth one? I mean we will, you know, we’ll get to that speculation in a second. Is, are half the tests gonna be that way? Is that the point that half of them are gonna be mixed modal and half of them are gonna be single modality mm-hmm. <affirmative> and that’s like the idea behind them. And you don’t get to do, I don’t know, four of them unless you make the cut, you know, unless you make the first cut and the only one that you get to do is the mass start one on Thursday. You know, we don’t know that yet, but I’m in Aaliyah’s boat. We talked about this when we picked our most well programmed CrossFit games ever, that the first workout being mono structural, whether it’s one or two elements or not to me, is just kind of, eh, it’s, it’s, we’ve been doing it for so long. The year that they did the swim with the thru, with the kettlebell thrusters and the burpees, I think a lot of people was like, yeah, that’s the way that they should serve up a swim if they’re gonna do a swim. Mm-hmm. So I I I’m kind of with, with her in that if they do use this boat dock, if they’re on the bikes, that they’re, they’re doing something in between

Ellia Miller (08:30):

That’s, it’s also possible that the bikes are gonna show up for a North Park event.

Taylor Self (08:34):

Mm-hmm. <affirmative>,

Ellia Miller (08:35):

They could be biking around the venue, who knows?

Taylor Self (08:38):

I don’t want to see a paddle board or a kayak if they use the water for anything other than swimming. I’d want to see scuba diving or rowing just getting on scuba diving, but actually like rowing on a rowboat.

JR Howell (08:52):

Yeah. Well I was wondering like would they, would they just do like, uh, is that too

Taylor Self (08:56):


JR Howell (08:57):

Like all these benchmarks, would they just do a two K road for time?

Taylor Self (09:01):

Is that too hard? The water on the water? Yeah, on the water. Are those rowing boats? That would be cool. Those skinny little boats. Dude, I feel like I would tip over.

JR Howell (09:08):

Well I was talking to canoe, I was talking to Chase Ingram about that and he was like, dude, if you think that sleds might give a competitive advantage based on the lane, you have no idea until you’re on the water and the wind changes. And then you’re like, wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute. Our heat had no wind and their heat has wind and like all like, there’s just too many variables to make it legitimate from heat to heat to heat. I guess they could just do one, but I’ve always kind of wondered how long it would be before they put teams in like a row situation with like four people rowing one boat or the individuals. ’cause they’ve never done it before and there’s only so many mono structural elements that can be tested.

Taylor Self (09:47):

How expensive are those boats? I feel like they’re pretty pricey.

JR Howell (09:51):

I don’t know. I mean, don’t you think they could just rent ’em?

Taylor Self (09:55):

Maybe. I’m sure Rogue will make one

Speaker 3 (09:58):

<laugh> on the, on the five K run rowboat at this point then we already know that the five K run is probably out of North Park into the dog park and back because the final, the event schedule, we already know it’s on Saturday, right?

Taylor Self (10:10):

Yeah. It’s likely the North park. So we pretty much Yep.

Speaker 3 (10:13):

It, we can almost say that it’s gonna be that North Park 10 10 event and since it’s just, it says individuals, it’s, we can assume it’s gonna be a mass start of men and women.

Taylor Self (10:23):


JR Howell (10:24):

Well it’s interesting that you say we pretty much know because I know Aaliyah, um, along with the rest of us in this group, feel pretty strongly about the fact that they’ve released three single modality tests and yet the gymnastics one has essentially no details released, but most people assume that at least half of what we need to know for the five K run and the Olympic total has been released. And the argument against that being, well, um, it doesn’t matter if someone knows they’re gonna run a five K or not, they’re not gonna increase their maximum sustainable pace or their aerobic capacity in two weeks. They’re just, they’re just gonna have what they have. Likewise, even if someone knows they’re gonna be maxing out on a snatch and a cleaning jerk, regardless of what the, what the implement is, they know they’re probably not gonna see a lot of improvement. So who cares? We can let ’em know two weeks in advance yet if they know they’re gonna be doing triple unders, press the handstands and a max, um, LH hang from the rings, people can improve that in two weeks. What, what do you guys think about that mindset of, well, ’cause to me it just still shows a big bias. It still shows a big bias in, um, thinking that the unknown part of it is more important than just letting all three modalities be known as much as the other.

Taylor Self (11:51):

I think we likely lo know a lot less about the Olympic total and the five K than we think we do.

Ellia Miller (11:59):

Maybe. Yeah. I wouldn’t be surprised if

JR Howell (12:00):

There’s, you really think that

Taylor Self (12:03):

I know you hope for

JR Howell (12:04):

It or do or do you just want to think that? I

Taylor Self (12:06):

Want to think that.

JR Howell (12:07):


Ellia Miller (12:08):


Taylor Self (12:09):

I really want think that

Ellia Miller (12:10):

I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s details about the five K and the lift that they haven’t released. However, I think, um, and this goes back to just like the, the principle behind it. It doesn’t matter what the actual tests are. The fact that there are three single modality tests and they’re only releasing details ahead of time on two of those single modality tests, it inherently biases the programming because now you have the gymnastics specialists who already know what they’re getting into with the other two single modality tests. So they can prepare for damage control on those two tests however they need to, whether it’s figuring out what their optimal five K pace is, um, you know, we know it’s a trail run so they can go find a, like a cross country course or something like that to practice on to see what the difference is between running on the ground versus running on grass.


Um, you know, we know that it’s a 22nd lifting window and you’ve only got two attempts so they can figure out what their openers are. Um, you know, how, how a certain weight feels after a, you know, 15 to 20 minute corral time. Um, so the gymnasts have the opportunity to prepare for that damage control on those two tests. What you’re now doing, you’re taking the weightlifting specialists and the mono structural specialists and taking away their opportunity to prepare for that damage control in the same way. So now the test is inherently biased towards gymnasts overall, and it, it doesn’t matter what the events are, it’s just the fact that two have details released and one doesn’t when it’s three mono structural tests. If it was, if it, like with non mono structural tests, I don’t care release details, don’t release details, whatever, if you have three mono structural tests, they all need to be treated exactly the same to create an equitable test across the board. So either release all the details for all three or don’t release the details for any, and I’d be totally fine with either <laugh>, but just make it consistent.

JR Howell (14:14):

Yeah, it would be like, to me, like having heard what you said as far as the announcements go, it would be like saying, okay, if you’re gonna say gymnastics skill test, then the other two announcements should have just been five K should have just been five K heavy

Taylor Self (14:33):

Lift, just that five

Ellia Miller (14:34):

K are you running, are you biking? Are you

JR Howell (14:36):

Rowing? Who knows? Or just say, or just say weightlifting, just say weightlifting five K skills test and now there’s about as much, um, like questioning for all three, right? Yeah. It’s, it’s, it’s, it’s almost the same, I think. Yeah, I mean I, I mean I think the point about the damage control is the best point that you can make because there are a lot of people who are not gonna get a back roll to support or who are not gonna get a press to handstand in two weeks, but at least they know going in, Hey, like I, I know what the other two things are gonna be. So how can I, how can I accrue as many points as I possibly can on this workout? Just like, Hey, I know if I come out at this running pace, I’m screwed, so I’m probably not gonna come out at this running pace.

Taylor Self (15:20):

Yeah, I think there’s probably room for one, one more single modality test, meaning even, even I think we gotta move on. I think we gotta go to drop our next thing. But first I wanna pull this up and ask if this is legit. Can we get a, can we get a confirmation on this? Yeah,

JR Howell (15:37):

That’s a, that that’s fact.

Taylor Self (15:39):

Okay. Well and they’re probably paddle boarding at North Park.

Speaker 3 (15:43):

Can we answer this? Ash? V $5 would be crazy to think the five K total and skills are all a single event.

Taylor Self (15:49):

Oh, nah. Yes, because just look at the schedule, the event schedule. Yeah, I

Speaker 3 (15:53):

Think they’ve,

Ellia Miller (15:54):

Yeah, they’ve already announced the five K and the total as two separate events on the website.

Speaker 3 (16:00):

Awesome. Thanks Ash. Cool. Next topic

Taylor Self (16:04):

Is not a conspiracy.

JR Howell (16:06):

Yes, so this one, um,

Taylor Self (16:09):

This one’s a slip slip of the dick.

JR Howell (16:11):

Mike Kalpin sent me the one that’s more in text form and, um, on this past Sunday, um, someone on Instagram sent me a picture of cat programming and said, you know, um, is this kind of a hint, right? You have the five K run on Saturday on Thursday of Helen and on Friday there’s Grace and um, I was kind of joking with Chase the other day saying, what if like, you know, they want you to use that app and go on and update all your stats. Like what if, what if we’re gonna, what if they’re gonna do all these? And it’s like a way to get everyone to go in and put in all their benchmarks because you can just go in and follow along with the games and do all these tests. But here we can see, um, on the monthly focus that they’re preparing to do Gwen, which, you know, we can talk about Gwen, that would, that would be sick to see. Awesome.

Taylor Self (17:03):

Yeah, I’d love to see that.

JR Howell (17:04):

But if you read, it says in the first week of this month, athletes will perform these benchmarks alongside the CrossFit games, Helen Grace, and a five K fun run, which we can dig into what that fun run part means. Um, and then this is just brilliant editing work to the right, it looks like, I mean, when I saw it at first, I actually thought it was the announcement. So, um, yeah, I mean I don’t think that they would’ve put that in there for no reason. And I, I’m not sure if they meant to do it. I’m not sure if it was supposed to come out that they were doing Grace. I’m not sure if, uh, like the v up and saying your feet are together alongside is, uh, kind of parallel to that word. It’s like alongside that really makes it sound like they’re doing grace and we’re gonna do Grace. Yeah. Now whether it’s the same thing or not, we can, we can dive in now to speculation if, if they’re doing Grace, there’s another single modality test that’s weightlifting, but barbell cycling, what do we think it would be?

Taylor Self (18:10):

I, I think they’re, I think they probably mean the games athletes are going to do a version of Grace mm-hmm. <affirmative> because they said Helen in the five K, which we know the CrossFit games athletes are doing a version of, I highly doubt it’s 1 35 9 5 Grace or even Heavy Grace. I highly doubt 2 25, 1 55. Um, I think there’s probably a little bit more of an unexpected twist on it. Think like a 1 65, 1 15 barbell or an axle bar potentially. And you have some other ideas Jr. That you should, uh, speculate upon.

JR Howell (18:45):

Yeah, well I, I I, I said it a little bit tongue in cheek, uh, on Sunday night when I did the prediction show, but um, you know, last year they announced big lifts return on Saturday and it was a highlight reel of a bunch people snatching and clean and jerking. And, and I came on the show and I was, this was after Boz came on and said, oh yeah, did you guys see that? Yeah, it looked really cool, didn’t it? Yeah, I’m glad you guys saw that. And I was just thinking to myself, he sounded a little bit like he knew something that no one else did and I was like, you know what if, what if big lifts do return but they’re not doing barbell and they did the sandbag ladder, which was cool. Um, and I, I was, you know, in a conspiracy mindset at the time and reading into the post and it said, you know, athletes will perform an Olympic total, an Olympic total, not the Olympic total, not with just an Olympic total.


And now they’ve released a lot of details with lifting windows and stuff, but to me there’s one or two options. Either they’re gonna do grace, but it’s gonna be like odd object grace because it wouldn’t make a lot of sense to me programming wise to do grace traditionally on a Friday and then turn around on Saturday to max out with a barbell clean jerk. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. So either it’s like odd object grace, whether it’s double dumbbell, whether it’s circus dumbbell 30 for time, whether it’s um, sandbag grace, whatever. And then on the Olympic total it’s traditional barbell or vice versa where they do a barbell grace and then what everyone thinks is a barbell max, they’re actually doing double dumbbell for load or they’re doing um, single dumbbell snatch or they’re doing something different for the, for the heavy. And I think the latter is probably more likely

Taylor Self (20:22):

You think it’s more likely that they do odd object or heavy?

JR Howell (20:26):

I think it’s more likely that that that grace is odd

Taylor Self (20:28):

Object. That’s, that’s what I think. I think because the odd object, I think because the heavy event last year was odd object, I think it’s more likely the heavy event this year is sure a barbell and that Jake and that grace is odd object. I’d like to see an axle bar. I think we haven’t seen that in a while.

Ellia Miller (20:44):

I think, uh, the other option could be, it’s not that grace is gonna be at the games, but Grace is a parallel to the one max clean and jerk. But because the cat programming focus for the month is Gwen, which involves barbell cycling, they want to take an event from the games, focus it more towards barbell cycling and Grace is a way to do that.

Taylor Self (21:07):

That’s an interesting take.

JR Howell (21:08):

Yeah. Yeah. No, I think that’s great. Um,

Ellia Miller (21:10):

Because I would, I

Taylor Self (21:11):

Didn’t think

Ellia Miller (21:12):

About that. I mean I wouldn’t be completely shocked if Grace was an event, but it would also be a little bit weird to me if they had, you know, they announced the pig chipper for Thursday. Mm-hmm. And pig flips are basically really heavy, clean and jerks. Yep. Mm-hmm <affirmative>. Uh, and then if they’re doing clean and jerks on Friday and then clean and jerks again on Saturday, that would be strange to me. I don’t know.

JR Howell (21:35):

Yeah. I think to me like from a, from a spectacle standpoint, let’s say they do a version of grace and you have all these odd object versions and you have log clean and press, you know, which they did at Rogue or you have um, double dumbbell or whatever, like a sandbag grace I think would be the most brutal and like the most fun to watch it would just be like who can hang on for 30 touch and go just like when you do Grace who can hold on for 30 touch and go, I think it would preserve the stimulus of the workout. We talked about that a lot with Helen about how a lot of people wanna take Helen and just completely dismantle it and make it a new workout where we really, if if you know Boz, you know, he is probably not gonna do that. He is probably gonna keep it as classic Helen feel as as he could. Um, I, I don’t know. I I I would just be really surprised if there’s another single modality workout period

Taylor Self (22:26):

And that and that brings about the conversation with Helen in terms of now we have 25 chest to bar with the pig chipper announced. So I think it’s likely to assume we’re not getting pull-ups or chest to bars on Helen and rather probably not even a, a bar muscle up. I think rings are

Ellia Miller (22:40):

Likely, I feel like Helen, I feel like Helen is gonna be something with like a new pull up bar implement because I feel like that’s probably part of the reason why they announced this new rule with the grips. Yeah. Um, you know, they specifically said it’s just for this event and they’re gonna reevaluate if that becomes an enduring rule. But just for the 2023 CrossFit games, they have this rule about grip length and if you’re throwing in a rotating pull up bar or an axle bar or a log bar like they had at Rogue or something like that, then yes, having longer grips could give you an advantage over other athletes. Um, and I don’t know why else they would decide to make this new grip rule mid-season. So I wouldn’t be shocked if either in the pig chipper or in Helen. Yeah, yeah. The pig chipper it’s a different bar.

JR Howell (23:28):

Yeah. I mean this is for sure I agree with that On Sunday I even said like the order of things that happened, they randomly announce this grip rule and they say, Hey it’s just for this competition then they announce Helen, like my brain is immediately just goes to where if it’s not Helen, there’s a workout at the games where they think that the length of your grips is really gonna matter and is and is really gonna show who can it might disguise who can really do something and who can’t just because they have that competitive advantage.

Taylor Self (23:59):

Oh yeah.

JR Howell (24:00):

So whether or not they’re just doing, I mean that’s a really good point Taylor made with the chest of bar and you think about when these things are happening. We still don’t know when Helen is, we don’t know if it’s Friday night, we don’t know if it’s Friday early in the day. It feels like a Friday night event to see people sell their souls at classic CrossFit to see who gets cut and who doesn’t. But yeah, I mean is it gonna be burpee pull up?

Taylor Self (24:26):

Well we

JR Howell (24:26):

Know that. Is it gonna be, you know, I mean your point about having the chest of bar now on Thursday adds a whole new element to it.

Taylor Self (24:33):

We know that. Can you pull that graphic, the Grace graphic back up? Will we know that the pig chipper is individual test two? So that’s coming after the offsite event and we know that what it says here is that on August 4th, which is Friday, we’re gonna have Grace. So we know event one is offsite, potentially

JR Howell (24:55):

Paddle four. Do you think they’re gonna do Grace

Taylor Self (24:56):

<laugh>? Yeah. Right. Well I don’t know. I I think it’s at this point, well we’ll see. I’ll go as far as to say as I think we know on Thursday we have the offsite event and then the pig chipper and then a third workout in the evening on Friday, potentially Grace, um, and a five K run. Well Saturday’s the five K, sorry. Um, so we look at Coliseum likely to have Grace,

Ellia Miller (25:23):

Uh, what if Grace is the or not Grace, what if Helen is the offsite event and it’s a swim instead of a run.

Taylor Self (25:30):

Wow. Or a paddle <laugh>.

JR Howell (25:32):

What would they do for the 12?

Taylor Self (25:34):


Ellia Miller (25:34):

Don’t know, maybe they set up rigs at the boat ramp, who knows?

JR Howell (25:39):

And they just do pull-ups wet like after the swings. Yeah. I mean 21 swings might be long enough to get your hands kind of dry. I guess they could still wrap the bars with whatever they use for the, uh, for the pool bar muscle at workout that year. Um, yeah, I I I mean if we assume that Helen has running and I think that’s a pretty fair assumption and we know that they’re gonna run a five K, whether they do it as a fun run, which like does that mean that every one k there’s an obstacle that they have to do? Maybe like, or does it mean that they wear

Ellia Miller (26:11):

Start race is a sponsor?

JR Howell (26:13):

Does it mean? Yeah, does it mean that they wear a ruck Maybe like whatever. Um, is it like a, just a straight Spartan race maybe. Okay. So, but they’re running twice unless they run for speed in a straight sprint and a sprint with some change in directions. If a sprint with some hurdle jumps, whatever, to me that I will look at the entirety of the programming. Um, I would say more or less favorably depending on if there’s another run and how it’s served up because you already have long and you already have sub maximal, but still hard efforts. And I’m wondering if we’ll get that third running workout if we’ll get a fourth running workout. ’cause sometimes at the game we’ve games we’ve had it with 12, I would think three is the maximum.

Taylor Self (27:06):

I’ve actually done this and I’m gonna send this video to Will so he can pull it up on the show. Oh God, <laugh> not kidding. <laugh>.

Speaker 3 (27:15):

What’s more likely that Helen doesn’t have a run or is it more likely that the bike, so Helen does have a rotten had in its instead swimming or that the bike and the swim slash paddle would be in the same event? Do we think that the bike and swim are in the same event?

JR Howell (27:33):

I don’t.

Ellia Miller (27:34):

Or it’s a biking Helen.

JR Howell (27:36):

Yeah, bike and bike and water.

Speaker 3 (27:39):


JR Howell (27:41):

Like if they don’t swim. Yeah. But that the bike in the wa I would say it’s more likely that the bike in the water are in the same workout.

Speaker 3 (27:51):

It’s not gonna be easy for me to pull that up te by the way.

Taylor Self (27:53):

Okay, no worries. I’m gonna send it anyways. Okay.

Ellia Miller (27:57):

I don’t know. The thing, the thing that keeps getting me about Helen is if we’re using that cap programming bullet point to assume that Thursday is Helen, Friday is Grace, Saturday is a five K, they’ve already announced the pig chipper. The other two events, one is offsite and one’s in the Coliseum. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> if they’re running for Helen, it would make more sense to me if Helen was at North Park or they’re running on Air Runners in the Coliseum, which,

JR Howell (28:29):

Or do you remember the run clean event? Do you, how thing would that, how cool would that be if they ran out of the coliseum, ran, ran back inside for the pull-ups and the kettlebell swings

Ellia Miller (28:41):

And I like they did for that and I was thinking about that as I was saying it <laugh>. Um, but they weren’t able to get exactly a 400 meter for that. Which I guess it wouldn’t matter if everybody’s doing the same distance, but if they wanna stay true to the benchmark, I don’t know. Well, and I guess they have set up rigs inside the Coliseum, but usually the rig work is outside.

JR Howell (29:09):

Yeah. Um, they’ve, they’ve done the rig work in the Colosseum before, but it’s us. It’s been like a progression. Right. Because the, you know, the one year the finale had the chest bar mm-hmm. <affirmative> and they did ’em on what, three different pull up bars and the year that they did the clean bar muscle up, they did a single on each, on each bar. And then, um, yeah, I mean they’ve, they’ve had some rig work inside but I I, it looks a lot better and I think, although I’ve been told that they don’t have the lights, like Helen under the lights outside couldn’t be any more exciting. Like I that would be really cool if they did that.

Ellia Miller (29:43):

Yeah, that would be cool. I don’t think there’s any North Park events at night though, unfortunately. Yeah.

Taylor Self (29:50):

So you wanna pull up the board of the events we know so far. Yeah, we know Grace is coming <laugh>, I put it on there.

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