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Austen Alexander - How to get 1 million YouTube Subscribers

#595 – Austen Alexander

Welcome to this episode of the Sevan Podcast! Let’s discuss how to get 1 million YouTube Subscribers with Austen Alexander.

Live call in - I Had a Heart Attack at my Affiliate

#593 – Live Call In Show

Kevin Kessler joins the show to discuss his bout of Ventricular Fibrillation during a competition 3 years ago. Kevin survived the incident and now lives a relatively normal life with the assistance of an internal pacemaker.

Kane Waselenchuk - THE BEST EVER Racquetball Player

#592 – Kane Waselenchuk

Kane Waselenchuk is a Canadian born racquetball player living in Austin, TX. Kane retired 4 years ago after being on the top of the racquetball world for 10 years but continues to show up for tournaments to let everybody know just how much work they still have to do.

Kealan Henry - Fittest in Africa, 2022 CrossFit Games Competitor #crossfit #weightloss

#591 – Kealan Henry

Formerly obese, Kealan Henry set out to lose the weight. 5 years later, he’s the Fittest Man in Africa and a CrossFit Games athlete. Join us as we dive into his journey to hear what it takes to lose the weight and continue on the path of healthy living.