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We’re live.

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I labeled the cheesy sound effects on the road caster this morning. When I say I labeled them, I just took a pen and just rode on the road caster. I know you’re not supposed to do that, and you could add in your own like I never used these and I probably should, right? Hi. Fasting day only, caveman move, fasting day only. Good dude’s coffee flowing in these veins. I’m fasting today too. Yesterday was far, far from fasting shows live from Newport Beach, hence the white wall sitting in a kitchen, I dunno, 20 meters from the ocean. Perfect. Perfect day, seven 30 in the morning, came from upstairs to downstairs. Perfect weather. I bet you it’s already seven 30 in the morning. I bet you it’s 75 degrees zero. Wind beach is so clean. There’s this giant, it’s a huge beach, first of all, meaning thick.


The distance between where the water hits the sand and then how much room you have to lay out and play and do sand shit is huge. And they got this machine, I think it does it at four in the morning. This huge machine. I think I’ve talked to you guys about it before and it basically just drives down the beach. I don’t know how deep it sifts into the sand, but it’s basically this claw and it just scrapes all the shit out of the sand. It’s any litter, just anything. So every morning it’s like a brand new beach. It’s cool, it’s a giant sifter and the guy just drives it back and forth. I wonder how much money that guy makes. What do you think? He works from 4:00 AM to 9:00 AM every day.


Maybe there’s two dudes doing it and I wonder if they sift through all the shit they find, you know, that thing’s got to find some cool stuff. It looks like it could pick up big, big things too, like umbrellas and towels and there’s no stopping this thing. At least that’s what it appears. Jeffrey Birchfield Rogue Invitational. Here we go. Yeah, Josh Bridges is coming on the show today. And then going back to the caveman, Josh is the, I dunno what he is to good dudes anymore. He’s the owner, he’s the mascot. He’s both. I do know that our very own Gabe Maldonado Paper Street Coffee has somehow intertwined, intersected, intercourse.


Yeah, let’s say that he’s intercourse with the good dudes. Mad Marv. Good morning, Adam. Good morning, Audrey. Good morning. Seven 30. Yeah, the thing is, I haven’t slept in an extra half hour today, by the way. I am so tan. You guys wouldn’t even believe this. Oh, you probably can’t see the tan line because of the lighting in here. I’m so dark. I am brown. You just call me a brown brown. Man. Josh couldn’t come on until eight and so I was like, you know what? I’m going to sleep in an extra half hour and just come on a half hour before Josh and with the homies. And I know you guys want to talk about Tyson Bajan. I know you want talk about, excuse me, the National Football League.


This came out, I don’t know, 15 minutes ago. I think there were some people in here who didn’t believe that Tyson didn’t believe no worse than didn’t believe Tyson bet was going to the Bears. They poo-pooed it. There were people who poo-pooed it. You know who you are. You know who you is. It’s been an impressive summer for a lot of the quarterbacks in the National Football League. Draft class of 2023. Bryce Young in Carolina, Aiden O’Connell in Las Vegas, Dorian Thompson, Robinson in Cleveland and others in between. The QB selected in April’s drafter off to a strong start in the preseason. The early success extends beyond the drafted quarterbacks to Chicago, where undrafted rookie Tyson beget performed well enough throughout training camp and the preseason to win the Bears backup QB spot behind Mr. Justin Fields beget from the D two powerhouse Shepherd beat out veteran veteran.


It’s not veteran, it’s a veteran veteran. PJ Walker for the number two spot veteran. I think for 40 years in my, I think it was only, I was probably like 40 that I knew it was veteran. I used to say veteran veterinarian, veteran of the Vietnam War veteran veteran. Or is it veterinarian? I don’t even know how to say veterinarian. 51 years old. Don’t tell anyone. An impressive rise for Tyson bet who had a mixed bag of a senior bull week that likely kept him from being drafted in the late rounds. That’s not true. That’s not even true.


That part’s not even true. How do we know what’s true in this article? He did great at the Senior bull Jack s wrote this article. He completed 20 of his 29 passes per 156 yards and one interception in Chicago’s three preseason games, also running for two touchdowns. He threw a pass, from my understanding, hit a guy in the numbers in the end zone, the guy dropped the ball, and then I think he had three more right after that. Three more incompletions, one that ended up being a interception. But if that dude would’ve caught the ball that hit him in the numbers would’ve been craziest. Rookie preseason ever. Matt Burns se hung. No, I’m not hungover, really? Do I seem hungover?


I feel like I look great. Dark hair’s, thick shirt. Feel snug. A rambler. I’ve never seen people do eight to 10 rep front squats at the gym. I’ve never seen people do eight to 10 reps for. Why not? Why not? They can do it. Let ’em do it. Be cool. Chris G, good morning. Good morning. What’s wrong with eight to 10? Dakota Miller. Thank you. The redhead from Wisconsin, I dunno where he’s from, says hit the like button. Ernie Garza letting us know that Mr. Bet had great numbers. I don’t know if there’s anything official yet. By the way, I couldn’t find anything official. This is just some guy. This guy released this at 9 51 Eastern Time.


So it was like 40 minutes ago. A guy named Jeff Risin and it’s from some, oh, it’s U S A Today Sports from some page they have called Draft Wire. When is be agent coming on? I don’t know. I’ve been bugging him. I’m going to have him on every morning. He probably hates me for that. He’s probably already like, what if I got myself into, I heard someone saying the other day that if you’re with someone and they text you that eight hours is too long before you text them back. The window has to be shorter than eight hours.


This game, this podcast game, and just all the people I text with and interact with through WhatsApp and through texting, it’s a long game. I don’t return text to people for days. I just, I’m just constantly sifting through them and it’s mood and necessity driven. So Clydesdale Media, they have till tomorrow to get the official roster number. So if Scott text me and I might put it higher up on the list than if someone else texted me to open it because he probably would share something with me that’s relevant to my show or to the games or something. Or if Halpin text me 8 29, I might open it sooner than others. 8 29. That’s August 29th at 4:00 PM is the deadline for cutting to the 53 man roster. So it’s August 28th. We have more than 24 hours. Okay. Alright. Olsson dudes. Mr. Olsson is so pumped for Tyson. He’s a stud wishing him and his team an awesome season. How excited is Travis? Holy cow.


Excuse me. Mary Man Sewer, who works for tow spacers and we know Tyson Baja wears tow spacers, so maybe their friends. Okay, I got something funny for you. Ready? Totally off subject. Let’s get back to work here. I saw this meme and this just made me think this is a left logic. This is why the woke always eat the woe. This is their logic. I saw someone sent me this this morning, or at least I saw it this morning and I just really liked it. Okay. It says, this is how left people watch movies. Okay.


Oh, the white guy’s wearing a durag. So it’s a black guy holding a gun, pointing it at a white guy, and the guy from the left says, why is the black guy always the villain? Then it’s a white guy holding a gun, pointing it at a black guy, and it says, why does the black guy have to get shot? Then it’s a black guy holding the gun against the black guy and it says, why is it only the black people are killing each other? And then it’s a white guy holding the gun up to another white guy and it says, why are there no black people in the movie? I’m like, yep, that’s it. There it is.


Oh, this site’s called the gay Republican. What a great juxtaposition of shit. A comment on woke idiocy. It’s a gay Republican site and then the first line in the post is, Jesus loves you. Wow. When I saw that, I was like, I don’t understand. And I was like, you can’t understand. You cannot understand. Is that a real name or is that a joke name? Am I reading that right? Savon. Ask Josh Bridges what happened between him and Dan Bailey? Seems like they’re not friends anymore. Coffee Wars. No. No. I think they’re all patched up. Everyone’s patched up. I think that all those dudes are all patched up The riches and the Dans and the Joshes. Give me something. Give me something specific. Did you see, you saw ’em spit on his mom’s grave or something? What happened? Shut it just Trish, not cool. Passive aggressive is not cool. I don’t like to read into shit. Thank you. Mike Sauer is here. He’s my personal tech guy for the show. Unofficial yet personal, that guy. Let me guess. You’re a huge Bears fan and you have some important shit to tell me.

Josh Bridges (13:09):

No. A couple months ago I called about my wife and I doing a home birth. Wanted to give you an update. Oh,

Sevan Matossian (13:14):

Oh, I love it. Yeah. Tell me birth fit.

Josh Bridges (13:17):

Yeah. Yeah. So June 15th, wife woke up 5:00 AM and I was getting ready to go to work. She’s like, Hey, I think it’s happening. And I was like, there’s no way. And then at 11:00 AM kid was in the pool. We had a baby. It was absolutely insane.

Sevan Matossian (13:35):

Where do you work?

Josh Bridges (13:37):

So I work at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

Sevan Matossian (13:42):

And did you call him, what do you do? Do you call your supervisor or your boss and you’re like, Hey, I’m not making it.

Josh Bridges (13:48):

So they were all kind of on alert. They were ready for it. And then I basically called them and then said like, Hey look, I don’t know if I’m coming in today. And they’re like, oh, okay. They didn’t ask, didn’t say anything. They kind of knew, but we definitely had a lot of people think about us because a home birth isn’t your most typical way to deliver. But yeah, told the bosses and then the next day I was able to go in and enter my time off and I was able to take some time to be with my family. So everybody’s supervisors, bosses were awesome with everything.

Sevan Matossian (14:27):

Hey dude, six hours is money. That’s good shit.

Josh Bridges (14:32):

And so at first we felt bad talking about it, right? We felt like we were bragging, but then we kind of looked back on it and we’re like, well wait,

Sevan Matossian (14:42):

No. Brag, brag, brag.

Josh Bridges (14:45):

Yeah. So with this birth, my wife was a monster. She only ate clean foods. She wasn’t full pregnant mother who’s sucking down soda and candies and cakes and stuff like that, getting ice cream. She exercised like crazy. We’re a CrossFit family. We did a ton of stretches for preparing for it. I had this Mexican blanket that I’m shaking her belly and rubbing her hips with and everything. So we prepared for it. We knew what was coming, we were ready for it, and things went phenomenal. Six hours of hardest labor, and she was an absolute champ when it came time to pushing.

Sevan Matossian (15:31):

How old’s your wife?

Josh Bridges (15:33):

She turned 30 in July.

Sevan Matossian (15:37):

Okay. First baby, a boy or girl?

Josh Bridges (15:40):

It’s a boy. And I’m extremely happy about that. It just is what? It’s man, I wanted to raise a man for this world because we need men.

Sevan Matossian (15:56):

I like it. So at 5:00 AM she’s like, Hey, some shit’s going on. So those contractions, they’re called Braxton Hicks or something. I could be saying it wrong. But you started having those before. Was she having those already when she went to bed?

Josh Bridges (16:12):

Yeah, so oddly enough. So again, with all the care that we were doing, so he was born on a Thursday. On Wednesday morning, she went to our body work guy. He’s a chiropractor by trade, but he does all kind of acupuncture and fascia work. And he hit something on her and said, Hey, if the baby’s ready, it’ll come. If it’s not, no big deal. And then with her other pregnant friend who was a week overdue, she went to this hill and basically did hill, I don’t want to say sprint, but walked up and down this massive hill. So at 10:00 PM on Wednesday, she said she started to feel some things and she started to track it on her phone. But yeah, those kind of small little fluttery contractions at 10:00 PM and then when I woke up at five, she was already up. She said, Hey, all my apps are telling me that I need to go to the hospital. I think this thing’s coming. I was like, there’s no way. He was born three weeks early. Oh

Sevan Matossian (17:18):

Shit. Oh shit. Wow. 37 weeks. Wow. Wow. Everything normal. Did he come out? Come out okay. No umbilical cord wrapped around his neck or he came out breathing or It’s all good.

Josh Bridges (17:35):

It was as perfect of a birth as you can imagine. He came out and he was just dialed in.

Sevan Matossian (17:41):

Does he eat off the boob and all that?

Josh Bridges (17:43):

Oh yeah. Breastfeeding. All she wants to do is breastfeed. So she’s just been an absolute warrior.

Sevan Matossian (17:58):

My wife just wanted to breastfeed too. That’s it. Just sit and breastfeed.

Josh Bridges (18:02):

Yeah, his latch wasn’t the best and he needs to keep working on it, but it was super painful, tough, whatever. But she’s been a monster, fortunately because we’ve been open about everything. It seems like every set of parents we talk to, they’re like, oh yeah, we really struggled with that too. And it’s like, well, hey, you’ve known for six, seven months that we’re going to have a baby. Why aren’t people talking about this stuff? Why aren’t people talking more about the struggles of breastfeeding, the struggles with sleep and postpartum depression and everything? I feel like that needs to become more regular, mainstream, so that way you’re not sitting there in your house alone thinking you’re outcast. But no, it’s a normal thing for everybody.

Sevan Matossian (18:52):

Another thing too is I just forget a ton of shit they told me. I remember the midwives were like, Hey, you’re going to forget a lot. And I’m like, there’s no way. I’m going to forget a lot. And within a year I’d forgotten so much I’d forgotten so much. It becomes just kind of a blur. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that you just don’t get a lot of sleep, so you don’t build good memory. Not good as in good or bad. You just don’t build strong memories.

Josh Bridges (19:14):

Yeah, no, that’s such a good point because I have friends my age, I have kids and I remember them telling me like, oh, I didn’t sleep, but until you’re actually in it in those three hour feed, wake, sleep cycles, you truly don’t understand it. And then we got to a point where in my mind I was like, man, the first process was kind of easy compared to going through all the lack of sleep and breastfeeding struggles and everything.

Sevan Matossian (19:46):

Emma, the comments says, celebrating my six month old today have only breastfed one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. So she’s on board with your wife

Josh Bridges (19:56):

And for Emma, if you haven’t had a bunch of lactation consultants, if you haven’t taken your child to get body work done. So his jaw wasn’t opening very well. So again, back to our body work guy, our chiropractor, we’re doing everything we can and attacking it in every way possible. It’s tough though. It definitely is a struggle.

Sevan Matossian (20:21):

My wife did this thing, it’s called, I still make fun of her for it. Our first kid did cranial sacral therapy. It’s this, I don’t even know what the fuck it is, but I really liked the lady who did it, but I never, I would go to the sessions sessions and I don’t know, it seemed like more like Ouija board than real shit to me. But the lady was cool shit. And anyway, he would do these sessions once a week or once every two weeks, weeks. And literally, I remember being somewhere one time after six months of him doing craniosacral therapy and someone walks up and goes, hi. And we’re like, Hey. She’s like, I’m a craniosacral therapist and your son has a perfect head. I looked at my wife like, holy shit. And I guess it has something to do with massaging or keeping whatever the bones are that make your fucking dome properly aligned as the baby develops. It was a trip that she recognized it. Another cranial sacral look. Slinky says this, holy shit. A cranial sacral is legit. Wow.

Josh Bridges (21:21):

Yeah, I mean, so with the chiropractor we’re taking it to, if I didn’t already have a relationship with this person, I would’ve been like, you’re an idiot. Because they literally used one finger and just kind of rub.

Sevan Matossian (21:35):

Yeah, it’s so subtle, right? So subtle.

Josh Bridges (21:39):

Anything, you’re insane. But we’ve been able to see tension get loosened up in him, his jaw able to open a little bit more. Like anything, I’m a believer. Once I see the results, it definitely helps. It definitely does.

Sevan Matossian (21:59):

When she woke up at five in the morning and when she told you, Hey, I think it’s going to happen, did you call the doulas or the midwives or what happened? I think I remember I called the doulas first and then the doulas come and then later you called the midwife. Is that how? Yeah. Okay.

Josh Bridges (22:14):

So our doula, I am really good at going to work and I’m really good at doing dishes and that’s about it. My wife is the handyman around the house. A light bulb needs to get screwed in. She does it. So we need to get, so we call the doula and the doula shows up around seven and she’s unreal. Then eventually the do calls the midwife. The midwife shows up. But in between my wife’s contraction, we’re pulling out the washing machine, we’re hooking up the hoses, we’re filling up the tub, getting everything ready because I don’t know how to hold the wrench. I do, but I don’t. So she mid contraction telling me, no, no, no, no. Do this, do that because you have to have a water source to fill up your birthing tub. And so no one believed her where it was like, Hey, this baby’s coming. The do was like, okay, I’ll take a shower and I’ll be over quickly. And then even when she was there, she’s like, do you want to go for a walk outside? And my wife’s like, I love you, but this is happening. I’m about to this kid. And it reached a point where I’m running around the house, we have a stove upstairs, downstairs in our home and I’m boiling pots of water to fill this up. And our doula eventually like, Hey, you better be in here. You might miss the, what?


10 or 15 minutes of our midwife showing up. My son was delivered. The key difference between, in my opinion, a home birth and a hospital birth is when you’re home, you’re so much more connected with your body. You’re so much more in touch with everything that’s going on. And so it reached a point where my wife was like, yeah, I could push and I feel him coming out, but I’m not ready yet. My midwife isn’t here. I don’t want to push him out because I don’t want to tear. Whereas when you’re in the hospital, it’s alright, Hey, I got three other moms on the clock here, let’s go get this thing out. And so to see my wife in this moment just being so in tune and so in touch with her body and just basically her presence filled the room. Everybody was just hanging on her like, man, it was trippy. It was heavy stuff.

Sevan Matossian (24:48):

I appreciate you sharing this. And I know it’s intimate and vulnerable and I apologize for the speculation here by Trish, but Trish says, excuse me, you can’t change a light bulb. That baby is definitely the bodywork guys kid. I’m just letting you know. Trish has some out there ideas. But

Josh Bridges (25:12):

Yeah, I’ll reply to Trish in the sense of, Trish, know what your strengths and weaknesses are, and then find your perfect opposite human to fill those things. So I’m pretty dialed in on the nutrition side of things, so I’ll assist my wife in that. And then when it comes to the oil,

Sevan Matossian (25:34):

Did you have intercourse with her nine months prior to the baby coming out? 37 weeks prior. Is that

Josh Bridges (25:40):

So our pregnancy, our birth, everything was extremely planned. So my wife, as soon as we got married, she was like, okay, time to start having kids. And I was like, whoa. Well not really. Let’s enjoy ourselves being married. Let’s figure ourselves out. Let’s bring our child into a better world. She’s like, oh, okay. And so finally she was knocking down the door of it’s time, we need to have a baby. And so she probably watched every single birth video or whatever on YouTube imaginable and she was tracking her cycles perfectly to the T. And so basically she was like, okay, if we try to get pregnant in October, we’ll have a July baby. That’s what we wanted. We want to have a child over summer. We rented out the upstairs of our house. We lived in the basement

Sevan Matossian (26:38):

To a man, to a woman, to a man or a woman

Josh Bridges (26:41):

To three college aged women that went to school. And so our renters moved out on June 1st and he was born on June 15th, as planned as it could get. And then if we want to get super deep and into it, we both wanted a boy and there’s talk, there’s research, whatever you want to call it out there, that male sperm are faster but they die off quicker. So let’s say her egg is in the perfect spot. We have sex, but excuse me, her egg is not yet in the perfect spot. We have sex. So sperm will still be around. However, the male sperm are going to die off quicker than the female. You’re going to have a girl. So we tracked her cycle so well and then started trying to have a baby at what we were hoping was the perfect time to try to have a boy. So you

Sevan Matossian (27:43):

Have had to do a course with your wife?

Josh Bridges (27:46):

Yeah, yeah. Oh yeah. Sorry. Long-winded story. But yeah.

Sevan Matossian (27:50):

Hey, congratulations. Keep me posted. You’re stoked. Good. Tell your wife good job. It’s the only way to do it. Home birth’s the only way I said it. Okay, thank you.

Josh Bridges (28:02):

That’s the plan for the next child whenever God gives us with that. But it’s incredible.

Sevan Matossian (28:08):

Talk to you soon. Don’t forget those cities aren’t going to stay huge forever. Play with them a lot. That’s my advice to you. Bye. Okay. The thing is, you have to understand, dude, he’s like the guy that just found God or CrossFit or carnivore or vegan, you know what I mean? That guy’s high as a kite. Think about the first time he ever did blow. That’s where he is. He’s stuck up there. He just had a baby. Comments were great. Reset, savvy. Okay, I am. I’m resetting. I’m resetting. Jay Ruffner. Was that sporty Beth? No, that was a guy. That was a guy. He’s lucky. It’s interesting that usually those really planned out people. I don’t think of them as the home birth people. The way he had timed everything he said he timed everything like that. Oh, you sent Josh a link? No, I didn’t send Josh a link. I guess that’s important. Su just asked me. Have you sent Josh a link? No, it’s just swept away in the pregnancy story. Now I have, yes, now. Oh.

Sevan Matossian (29:26):

Oh shit. Okay.

Sevan Matossian (29:28):


Sevan Matossian (29:30):


Sevan Matossian (29:32):

Shan did. Yeah, there were some good comments in there. Shan. How did you not die? Laughing, reading the comments. I know David’s funny as shit. Matt Burns is Josh Bridges big dicking. You always, everyone wants to big dick me. There’s a few things in life that are as good as big dicking. Yes, I.

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