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Ooh. Ooh, ooh. Bam. We’re live. Ooh, this doesn’t look good. That is a tough connection. Am I stuttering guys? Something does not seem right. How jacked is my connection? Can you guys hear me okay? Am I coming in clear? Good morning. Mad Mar. What’s up? What’s up? Kenneth? Eric Weiss, coach Ken Paulina. Hi, Paulina. What’s up girl? Jessica Valenzuela. Good morning friends. Fannie Spiegel. Rambler. Okay, my connection looks good now it’s weird. My computer switched wifi networks. Alex Peters. What’s up, dude? What’s up, dude? Or what’s up girl? What’s up dude? Kevin Smith. Good morning, Omar. Dane. Dane, bels. Dane, bels, Dane. Glee balls. Dangley balls. Dangly balls. Yeah. Finally, God, have you been just waiting for me to read that name? That’s good. That’s good.


Haley. Brandon, good morning, Mr. David. Good morning. Marissa. Osa, OSA. Osa, George from the United States Marine Corps. Jacqueline Robinson, Robertson. Robertson. Dang. Oh, Mary, crazy. I was thinking about you this morning. I was standing when I was thinking about you. I was vertical. Hey man. The first I’m like, man, I forgot my toast. Pacers at home. That sucks. And then I started thinking, what’s the deal with, what’s the, the different levels of tow spacers? What’s the deal? I’m telling you, competitive tow spacing. Here’s the deal. By the way, it looks like Pedro’s joining us on Friday’s CrossFit games update show. I’m excited about that. That means he has to stay up to, or he has to set his alarm at 2:30 AM because we all know Pedro lives in Ireland at the bottom of the rainbow. But what about, oh, Pedro said that it’s difficult to get the toe pacers on because his toes are so jacked. So I’m guessing his shit’s all like LeBron’s foot. Have you ever seen pictures of that where the toes are all smashed and mangled together? So he says, even getting the toe spacers on is like crazy. But dude, I’m telling you, Ms. Tow spacer, Mary Masur, I need the I’m vaxx toe spacer. You know what I mean? It comes in yellow and it’s got a needle, a guy like a needle with two thumbs up so I can let everyone know that I’m vaxxed.


And then just the color toe spacer. I’m to say that colored to spacer, it’s not fair that there’s only black ones. It’s not fair. I’m saying this all as a joke because I like being trying to be funny, but I’m dead serious. No, no clink. No clink, no clink. I dunno if I can tell you why, but there’s no clink. Let’s just, Hey, Laura wouldn’t let him come on. Let’s just say that there. Fine. No clink. Laura called him and said, no, it can’t come on the show.


Now, no matter how many times I tell you that that’s not true, that will spread across the internet like a slow burning fire. Philip, are you on a plane right now? Are you headed south? Oh, shit. Rambler knows stuff. Really? Is it over on his ig? Let me see. Greg Graham, Adam clink. How about Vivek last night? Just kicking the shit out of people? Oh my God. It was funny when Christie called him a chat, G P t sounding like Obama. But then he just porched Christy back by saying, yeah, that’s why you hugged Obama up here on stage. Okay. Oh, Adam, clink. Let’s see what’s going on. Oh, oh, he got, oh no, Mr. Clink. Oh, no, I hate a post that starts like this.


Adam Clink. Life isn’t defined by the finish. The fuck. It ain’t Adam Clink. Life isn’t defined by the finish line. Adam. Adam, whole reason why you’re famous is because of what you did at the finish line. It’s about the people we find along the way. Oh, Jesus. Laura Horvat, how is this guy in your corner? I don’t know what I did to be surrounded by this group of people. No questions. Asked kind of people, the team before self, kind of people that I’m not leaving your side at the hospital kind of people. I’ve learned how easy it is for even strangers to stand by our side when excitement and success surrounds us. But it’s true. Friends who stay next to us in our struggles, grateful. Love you guys. Oh shit. What the, that is some cryptic shit. You should run for office. What the hell is going on with Mr. Clink? Mary knows something. Mary Masur. Oh, when I had rhabdo, my CK levels we’re at 21,000.


What the fuck is going on? Do you guys hear my text messages going off? Is that loud? Let’s see what’s, I don’t understand what’s going on with Adam Clink. What is going on? We lived to fight another day, another epic race, but unfortunately it didn’t go as planned. I gave it everything I had, but my body had other plans. I’m back and recovering now. Thank you to everyone for all the support messages. I’ll get back to you soon. Just so you guys know, Adam was running, I think, or it appears here to be more accurate, walking 100 miles, and it sounds like something happened. Adam made it through Twin Lakes over Hope Pass and is headed to the Winfield Turnaround. His second Hope Pass Summit is coming up. Then he’ll head back to the crew at Twin Lakes to pick up a pacer for the night shift. Clint is feeling good, keeping a solid pace, keeping food down. He’s about seven miles out from the halfway point. Okay, so something happened. Oh, did I have this guy on the podcast? Zach Bitter? I think I did, right? That was a long time ago.


You guys know on Instagram there’s three boxes. Have you seen that? There’s the general box, then there’s your friend’s box. There’s two boxes. Primary in general, I don’t even know. I don’t even know why There’s two. And then there’s another box that’s called requests, and I always forget about that box. And I went in there yesterday. Holy shit. I spent from 9 0 5, 9 15. I dunno what time. Whenever I got off the podcast last night, I sat up in bed and tried to accept all those requests. The way Instagram is set up now is such a mess. It’s horrible for my business, my podcasting business, because if I send someone a dmm, I can’t send them a second DMM until they accept that first one. So you can’t invite someone to the podcast and then they not see it, and then you’d be like, Hey, I want to bump this to the top because people don’t see shit. My notifications are as loud as Greg’s, really? What the fuck is going on here? Maybe I’ll just lower it. How about, okay, how’s that? I think it’s, it’s on my computer and normally I have that shit turned down. Okay,


That won’t happen again. Thank you. How was that? Was that better? Someone just text me. Alex Peters. Dear Adam clink, David Goggins would’ve pushed through, geez, those were Greg’s on the other show. For some reason, my computer was on full blast. Oh, that’s because last night after the show, me and Hiller and Caleb sat around and talked shit for 30 minutes. Trump knows to debate. Vivek only gives Vivek a platform. Vivek won’t get enough notice from electorate as long as Trump acts like he’s not there. Smart, but disappointing as an outsider, man. Vivek just fucking dudes up last night. Do you think those guys are scared when they go on the stage? Do you think that they just know that

Sevan Matossian (10:10):


Sevan Matossian (10:15):

Boy and Nikki Haley just sounded like a dope. Nikki Haley sounded like they all kind of sound like dopes because they don’t say anything unfortunately. And Vivek are the only ones who say anything. And by that I mean, let me say something. They actually tell you what their policies are, so they tell you what they’re going to do. Vivek yesterday is basically climate change is the wet blanket on the economy. It’s a complete hoax. And so where he stands, and then Nikki Haley’s like, we need to make sure she won’t answer the question whether it’s a hoax or not, or whether there’s any true science behind it. And so she’s like, oh, we need to make sure there’s clean water. But the question is, is climate change real?


Should it be affecting our economy and our lifestyle? Should we be making choices based on the fact that we’re concerned that we’re going to cook ourselves on the planet? He’s voted in two elections. What does that have to do with anything? How does that fall into your judgment at all? I don’t get how that’s a factor at all. Coach Ken, why not give moderators a mute button? I liked the back and forth. I thought it was good. I thought it was good. Even when she yelled, when yelled of ve down, I was okay with it. I was like, okay, she’s passionate. I’m cool with it, but man, she’s a doorknob. The thing is, is they talk down to the talk down to the American people. Everything’s just vague.


And then she said something woke, she drew a distinction between men as leaders and women as leaders, and Right then she’s completely lost me because you couldn’t say it the other way. What did she say? She said the difference between men and women as men. Talk about action. Women take action. I’m paraphrasing. The difference between men and women is, Nikki, you take cock and I give cock. I mean, what if he would’ve said, that’ve been the only truth? That would’ve been more true than what she said, but for some reason, and the crowd cheered for that.


I think that there’s a lot of woke people on, right? Too Chevy. What’s woke mean? Meaning someone, there’s a lot of different aspects of it. It’s a diamond. It’s got a bunch of sides, but one of the things is, is that people just make up what they want to hear, right? Hitler’s like, I want organic farms. That was one of his huge things, and everyone’s like, yeah, they don’t ask how he’s going to, I’m going to build the hell. I’m going to build the world’s largest organic farm and fucking everyone on the left is cheering, and then next thing you know, but first, he’s got to kill everyone in the Ukraine because that’s where he is going to make his farm. But they don’t care. They just make shit up in their head. People on the right are like that too. Just trapped in their head hearing what they want to hear.


I couldn’t listen to the entire thing. I couldn’t find it anywhere. I searched on my phone for 20 fucking minutes, so I eventually just started watching it in clips and anywhere I went that I could watch the whole thing. There was some jackass at the bottom. It was never on Fox or on c n n or something. It was always somewhere with some dude’s account where he’s chiming in like a dingdong. Yeah, they all teamed up on him when he said that they were all bought. I heard that too. But it’s true. It is true. They all have taken money.


Yeah, he put it, Vivek was great. Sean Sullivan, DeSantis is the only one who actually put his policies into action. The state of Florida is the best run state in the country. I mean, he does have that form. The fact that he can point to places where he is put his shit in action. I’m telling you, those two are the only two where you can walk away and be like, he said this, Vivek and DeSantis, the others are just dancing. I want clean water. What’s that mean? Who doesn’t want clean water? It’s just empty bullshit. Oh, wow. Really? Vivek on Sean Ryan show is pretty impressive. I don’t think anyone can hang with the guy in long format. Medium. Yeah, he is amazing.


I mean, he torched Bill Mauer. It’s almost like you didn’t do, oh, did you see him on the Breakfast Club? That’s the show out of LA with the guy named Charlemagne. That show should be taken out into a field and just let it live out. Its last few days until, and that is a pathetic show. Talk about something that’s rots the intellect of humanity. Holy shit. Every time I see a clip from that show, I’m like, what’s going on over there? Who listens to that? That’s the dummy hour. It is so bad. It’s not funny. It’s not entertaining. It’s not intellectually provocative. It’s disappointing.


Whoa. Presenting extremist views on sexuality, sociopolitical culture, economics as progressive and virtuous. Yeah. It’s not specific enough for me. I don’t think pedophilia is extremist sex. I think it’s worse than that. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I think it’s worse than that. I think woke is, I think you can really pin it down to some psychological, I mean, we all have pieces of woke in us. There’s some huge illogical, there’s some characteristic that manifests from being completely illogical, like trying to put pedophilia in the sex category, trying to say, make the connection that two plus two is for is racist. There’s only one answer. There’s just a huge misstep somewhere where it just leaves the landscape of logic that needs to be in the definition.


It’s when you’re insisting on something inside of your head is true. I’m taking two weeks off the calendar and then all of a sudden you think, let’s say we got rid of August. All the woke people would think that they’re going to die a month sooner. They lost a month. It was taken off the calendar. They’re just so confused. If I vote at all, I’ll vote for Vivek all day every day. I saw What’s crazy is I saw, this is really going to piss some of you off, and I apologize. I really don’t want to piss some of you off, but I saw this post the other day. Someone sent it to me. It’s a screenshot. It’s from Reddit, and it says something like, Hey, really cool to see Tyson Bejan on a show. Too bad. It’s on a show where the guy has more conspiracy theories than blah, blah, blah, and I’m thinking to myself, I don’t have one conspiracy theory. I don’t think the earth is flat. I don’t think nine 11 was an inside job. I don’t think Hawaii was a laser beam.


I don’t believe in any Illuminati or any, I don’t believe in any of that shit. I’m like, wow, this is a, I’m happy to think about those things. I’m not afraid to think about those things, but don’t think any of those things are true. I don’t even know what to think about Epstein’s Island. I didn’t even see that movie Covenant. When I hear that there’s 2 million kids being sex trafficked in the United States, I call complete bullshit on that. It’s fucking, how is that possible? That means one out of every 150 people walking around is a sex trafficked person. There’s no fucking way, but I’m open to talk about it and think about it, but to call me a conspiracy theorist by nature, that’s fucking nuts.


I don’t think I’m way more along the line of just, there’s conspiring interests, but not conspiracy, but not even like whenever I hear about this whole BlackRock thing in Vanguard, it’s our money that’s in there. It’s our money that’s in there. It’s all of us who have our 4 0 1 Ks in those companies. I mean, we’re as guilty as anybody. They could be pointing, well, they want us to do that. They keep our money with us aliens. Nope. I don’t believe in aliens either. Nope. I mean way out there. Way out there. Way, way, way, way, way, way, way out there. I don’t think I’m a conspiracy theorist. I think I lack the arrogance to, I lack the arrogance to think I know some things, everything, and I have the freedom in my brain to think about a lot of shit that probably scares other people.


Jake Chapman woke is the fraudulent claim of the stupid and desperate to an understanding of matters outside of their capacity to impress their kin. Yeah, that’s kind of like a, yeah, that’s not a definition, but that’s an observation of a characteristic, right? Definition of a man isn’t that He’s hairy, but that is one of his characteristics. Chester, I don’t think you name your kid Chester. I don’t think you do that. I don’t support that. Lemme talk to your parents. Have your parents call in. I want to talk to them. It’s a nice name. A very nice name.


I just don’t think you named your kid that Chester. Does it really matter who the G O P candidate is? We can’t have four more years of what’s going on now. I don’t want to agree with you, but I don’t know how to disagree with that, so I’m just going to stick with attacking your name. Yeah, you can’t have four more years of what’s going on. Vivek is c e o collab. I’ve been bugging him. I’ve been trying to bug him. Anyway, I know how someone sent me a DMM and they said, Hey, this lady took third place at the CrossFit games. Like, oh, cool. Then they’re like, and her brother or husband or something in her life that has a penis is one of Vivek’s campaign managers or something. So I sent her a dmm. Hey, what’s up? Congratulations on your victory at the games.


I think that’s okay to do that. Cozy up to her to get to her brother or brother-in-law or father-in-law or some shit. Vivek will fold at the first sign of resistance from the deep state, dude. Sounds like he’ll negotiate the rights to half the bed with his wife’s lover. Holy shit. Wow. Wow, wow, wow. Vittorio Viveks, typical politician. He’ll be eaten up by the swamp. Everyone else relying on the government. It’s your first mistake. It’s in local government where you make changes. Alright, I can go with that second part. I don’t think that first part is, I think that’s premature Krista Ham, probably same Gene pools, Vivek with that last name. They probably think your thoughts on vaccines are a conspiracy. They can’t accept facts. Well, they’re fucking crazy then. They’re crazy. Hey, if you want to be like, here’s where you would have to prove me wrong on all that.


You’d have to be like, there’s a typo on the C d C website that got replicated 800 times on the f d a website, on this website, and I would be like, oh, okay. I mean, you can go straight to the Los Angeles Times and look at, there was, I dunno, it was a few years ago, there was a measles outbreak in Disneyland and half the kids who got the measles were vaccinated. So I started, that’s in the most liberal line mag ever. Remember the LA Times is the one that called Larry Elder, a white man in blackface. They called a black dude that now I don’t care that they called him that. I think it’s funny, but they’re supposed to be defending people with melanated skin, like to the end of the world, and then they just attack one because he doesn’t toe the line in the worst possible way ever by taking away his blackness. Dude, crazy. That paper, you can go in there and look and half the people who got the measles at Disneyland were vaccinated. So then you start digging further and you start looking for interviews of doctors when they ask, well, how did those kids get the measles if they were vaccinated? The only doctor that gave an answer was, oh, maybe they got a bad batch of the vaccine. It was like on some local news station maybe. I’m like, what?


You can look up right now, you can Google leading cause of polio. 2023. You know what it is? It’s the fucking vaccine. There is no conspiracy. There’s just been done a tiny, tiny bit of research. My audio’s fucked up. It sounds like when I talk loud, I can’t tell if it’s these headphones, but my shit’s breaking up. I don’t like it. What should I do? Lower my mic. Is it too loud? Aliens were a possibility until the government confirmed them. Oh yeah. Well, wow, that’s a great line. Yeah. I dunno. Dick butter, no aliens. How do you explain the really heavy rock stacked the way they are? I don’t, but I’m just not going to go to aliens. I don’t know what rocks are talking about, but yeah, there’s a similar vein in those that believe so hard in conspiracy and those that believe so hard in the narrative.


Yeah, totally. Well said, Logan. It feels like a lack of nuance and curiosity. I went deep into the moon landing. Yeah, a hundred percent. Hey dude, it’s the transgender thing on both sides. You have the fake tits, the fake ass, the fake eyelashes, the fake nose you’re on, just whatever, all the shit you’re going down. That’s no different. And let’s say you’re a woman who’s doing that, just pursuing beauty with all outside resources, doing all sorts of crazy surgeries, tattoos, just all that shit. That is the exact same thing as men turning themselves into women. What do they call that? Transhumanism? All that shit’s the same. This one probably pisses a lot of you off too, but the God and the gender thing, those live in the exact same place in the brain.


A spot of where you’re confused about what’s real and what’s not real. It’s just, oh, thank you. My wife just said, you’re having a great hair day. You know what it is? I saw, I see that in my own head, by the way. When I sit, I see that I’m not making that up. I read that out of some sort of fucking book. I see the relationship between those thoughts. A huge part of me wants to believe in God, but in that same logic in my brain, I don’t know. I say it’s the same compartment. It’s clearly not a compartment. I don’t know how to describe it, but those believing, I can see where all beliefs sit and they want to get out of that belief and become like a no, they do.


I’m not immune to that. And at some point, at some point, you have to be completely honest with yourself if you want, if you want to be free and you have to recognize that there is nothing true that you can know for sure. The way you start to wrap your head around that is that line that Greg Glassman says about, it’s just you have to realize that you’re just doing things that offer the greatest predictive value. You take one step in front of the next because you believe the concrete is going to be there, but you don’t know for sure, and you take your things that offer your greatest predictive value and you start putting them on autopilot on programs around you so that you can do other things. You trust that you’re going to speak, you trust that with each step you take, your legs are going to hold you up, that you’re going to walk forward, but you can’t know shit. You can’t know. You have to also have a distinction between know and believe and for people, that’s fucking scary. Shit.

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