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Sevan Matossian (00:02):

Bam. We’re live. Riley SS Savon got paid and is not interested in working hard anymore. Good morning. Good morning, Trish. Good to see you first thing in the morning. Fannie Spiegel. Good to see you, Justin. H let’s go. Step and do work. I’m doing it. I’m doing it. I’m doing it. Pre-game. Tug. Jake Chapman. I have no excuse. I was fooling around. I was fooling around on this thing. I was fooling around. Thank you, Heidi. Man. Bun alert. Good morning everyone. Philip Kelly. Good morning. I was texting with Philip Kelly this morning. He was gently telling me, I mean, these are my words, not his. He was gently telling me how stupid I was while complimenting me, which I appreciated. We were talking about peptides and I was telling ’em, Hey, I think they might be working. I did 10 single strict muscle ups the other day, and when I mean single strict muscle ups, I jump to the top.


I start like this in the locked position. I lower myself through into an L sit, and then I do one and then I rest. And I did 10 of those and he basically said, Hey, you should consider using some bands banded pull-ups. And I started thinking, you know what? He’s right to strengthen all the, I’m just excited because my biceps working again, and instead of just going to the deep end of the pool, am I too bright? What the fuck is going on here? Am I too bright? Tell me if I’m too bright. I look up all, look all blown out. What is this? Let’s see what the, oh, better. Yeah, that’s a little better.


So that was a good idea. It was a good conversation with Philip and I need someone to keep me in check. I work out by myself and I start to get all excited. Speaking of working out, I’m going to go through the list and say good morning to a bunch of you. But my sister yesterday called me. I talked to my sister quite a bit. It would be cool if I talked to her every day, but every other day I’d say, older sister, a couple years older, looks just like me. It’s me with a vagina and no hair. And she said that at her affiliate, she started a new affiliate and she said she ran a mile road 2000, ran a mile in 104 degree heat, and she said her head was tingling and her ears were clogging up. And it made me think of the times when that’s happened to me, and that’s the part of CrossFit that I think a lot of people forget. That is where the brand value is. That’s why we like wearing the CrossFit shirt because we push ourselves hard and we push ourselves to places where our ears do clog up for a few minutes. Our head does start tingling and then she does something like call me and I can tell she’s so proud.


She pushed herself into the deep end and the first time I really felt something crazy, that was probably the first time I did Murph, and I was like, Ooh, this is weird. And you start experiencing sensations and start having experiences and you’re traveling into the unknown. If you’ve never had those feelings before, the tingly head, the ears clogging, overstimulated by music. You know that moment in a workout if you have headphones on or the music’s on too loud, you’re like, Ooh, shit, something’s going on. I got to turn down this music. I’m over stemmed. And I was proud of her. She was so proud. That’s when you put on the CrossFit shirt. That’s what sells shirts. That’s when you wear the shirt and you’re like, yeah, I do CrossFit. And I always get concerned that that’s going to get lost. That part that makes it so if you’re not a CrossFitter, I shouldn’t say I’m worried about it.


I guess I probably don’t care, but I think that’s a very important thing to preserve. It’s the part that makes it so if you are a CrossFitter, you wear the shirt with pride. And if you’re not a CrossFitter, you don’t wear the shirt not to wear it. Just like you don’t wear fucking fight shirts if you’re not a fighter. Zach, good morning, Steven Blacksmith. Good morning. I’ll put the phone number up. I don’t even know if the phone’s working. Where the fuck is the phone you guys? I can’t wait to show you my studio. I got a big, huge, I spent all night last night. It was up until 1230. I put in a 75 inch TV and a foam wall right there, and I’m putting foam on the ceilings, which I could take that camera and show you. I wonder if any of you’re going to notice a different quality or texture in my voice.


There’s foam like going up everywhere, TVs desk, couches, microphones. I’ve been putting in like six hours a day in here. It’s nuts. Absolutely nuts. I was telling Dave about it yesterday. I bet you he’s going to come now. He’s going to be excited. This really, this studio is kind of unbelievable. I got the really fancy $500 arms that fucking I saw. Rogan has the monitors everywhere. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 5 huge monitors. Like I said, the big 75 inch or 80 inch tv, I had to call my wife in here to help me lift it. God, the box that a fucking giant TV comes in in the mail is crazy. Zach, good morning, Caroline. Good morning, Dana. Good morning, vindicate. Good morning, vindicates. Where you get all the c e O stuff, the no plan B stuff, the visors. I wear my visor every day. I will tell you this. I wear my visor every day. I love it. I also have six visors. My wife wears ’em, my kids wear them. I did destroy a visor.


I turned it into just a salt. I don’t know if just destroyed. It’s probably not accurate. I didn’t throw it away, but I did turn it into a salty pile of goo, like I turned it white. Oh, oh, awesome. I sent Ben Bergeron a text this morning. I want to get ahold of Cole Seger. I want to have Cole on The Game’s changed me because I just got face to face with people. Geez Louise. Isn’t there a U F C show today? Ooh, yeah. Darien Weeks is coming on at seven 30. Janelle Winston, and good morning, Jeremy. Yo, what it do? Anyone catch the Mitchell Cooper CrossFit documentary? No, I didn’t. Oh, I was supposed to FaceTime with you. Good morning, Ms. Burns from sabbath essentials.com. My wife, something we got from Sabbath Essentials. My wife was spraying on my kid’s face the other day, so she must like your stuff.


My kids are allowed to eat tomatoes off the vine, cucumbers, organic meat. They walk around barefoot and now my wife’s spraying shit out of a bottle onto their face. Anyway, God, Avi had an incredible jujitsu practice yesterday. He double legged this kid that he’s been warring with for a year in practice, and he just crushed him. I was so stoked. Krista. Hi, it’s Friday. It’s Friday. Greg C, can you grab the soundbite from Jason? Realizing Rich was on to play anytime a guest appears. Can you grab the soundbite from Jason? Realizing Rich was on to play anytime. Oh, really? Was there some good audio there?


Okay, I’ll look at that. I think going rogue with that Instagram account. Grab that clip. Corbin. What’s up the shiz? Good morning. Are you drinking soda? Tom works. Hey, what’s up dude? What are you? Are you Asian? Tom Tom work? Are you Asian? Are you Mexican? Zach? Love that Jason stayed on for the Rich interview. Okay, cool. Yeah, they’re cool. That wasn’t supposed to happen like that. Avon got paid, not interested in working hard anymore. Not true. But Riley, shouldn’t you be like, oh my God, I hope he’s okay. I hate being late. Mad Marv started following. Is it Mad Marv, did I start following you?


There’s a chance it may have started following you yesterday. Good morning. Getting some variety of personalities in the thumbnail, liking it, not just CF Podcast. Yeah. The thing is, is so many people do stuff for free for the show. When it was originally made. I haven’t seen the new thumbnail. I asked the person, Hey, can you not put, I don’t want CrossFitters in there, and Tia has never been on the show. Can you take her out and don’t put any guests on there who refuse to come on the show. And yeah, I didn’t want it to be CrossFitters in theirs finally. And then the person just was with us for a month and then left.


But I think Susa had told me he remade a new one. Susa is learning all this shit just on flights flying around. Good morning, Dixie. Nor wow, that’s quite the hairdo. Brendan Waddell, good morning. I have a package in the mail for you. Oh, awesome. Piece of burnt house. Sorry, too soon. Corbin. Good morning, Elise Bone. Bam. Good morning, Jody, Lynn, Jody, Lynn, Jody, Lynn. Bam. Good morning Wad. Zombie. Hey. Oh, so you got another Instagram account. I was concerned Mr. Zombie, that maybe you or boycotting the show. I thought maybe I went too hard on you the other day. I’m glad to see you and I love my thank you for my Gazan card and of course Colton Merton’s. Oh, that’s what I meant to tell you. Odd zombie.


I love this stand. I need like 10 of these. If you send me a link on Amazon where you got ’em, I’ll buy ’em too. I’m not asking you ’em, but this is the next level. You know, must know that these stands are completely absurd. I told you before, anytime I touch the chocolate dick, all the fucking athletes go down and not down on me. I just mean down their cards fall down. If you go anywhere near that shelf, it’s just a fucking shit storm. Everything falls down. Craig T Wood. Good morning. I never watch live. We’ll prepare yourself. It’s different, different video or didn’t happen when we want to see your workouts. They’re pathetic. You don’t want to see ’em. Trust me. Seems a little softer than normal.


I’m still bumping cameras in here and tweaking stuff, but I need that feedback. Ken Walters, some of your best work, the real you posted of Rich and Jason and Jason’s medal timing. Unreal. Must have watched it three dozen times with a smile. Yeah, I saw the clip go up on Instagram somewhere and I was thinking I shouldn’t have said the Go ahead Show Rich. Your medal two or three times once would’ve been enough. And Jason’s so great, right? Hey, it takes someone authentic and vulnerable like that to get excited when they see Rich, to make that even doable. Oh caller, hold on, hold on. Caller. My shit’s not set up. Of course, it never is set up. Set the phone line up every morning like a douche. Where’s Bluetooth? Here we go. Caller hi, not caller. Hello.

Speaker 2 (12:37):

Set on. Good morning.

Sevan Matossian (12:38):

Hey, good morning.

Speaker 2 (12:40):

Good morning, Shan. Hey, I never get to watch your shows live, but today I’m able to catch it a few shows back. You were talking about your sponsors and I wanted just to give you some love on one of them.

Sevan Matossian (12:50):

Okay, tell me.

Speaker 2 (12:52):

I want to give a big shout out to Birth Fit. My wife and I just had our first son about six months ago, and obviously we didn’t want to give him any 49 ERs. Are we still

Sevan Matossian (13:07):

Doing that? Yes. Yeah, sure. Yeah, yeah. I like you. I like it.

Speaker 2 (13:10):

And we’re over here in San Antonio and we couldn’t find any pediatrician that would see him because of our decision, everything we called, I think almost all the practices and nobody would take him. So we were getting worried and we didn’t know what to do. So out of, because I had heard of Birth Fit through your podcast, I sent them a DMM on Instagram and just as a shot in the dark, I didn’t even think they would respond, and they actually responded and they recommended us somebody in Austin. And so we drive up there every once in a while, but it was just a huge help, man. It was a big relief. I’m glad you brought Birth Fit into the light and for us to be able to see them and then they ended up helping us out a lot. We were very, very worried, especially my wife and yeah, they gave us that recommendation and we have a great practitioner looking over our son, so it was awesome.

Sevan Matossian (14:11):

Dude, I’m so happy for you. Hey, I’m reading this book, it’s called Unvaccinated. I mean, I’ve read a bunch of books on this stuff already. This book is so amazing. Imagine someone saying they love your baby. They love kids, all they care first and foremost about kids, and yet within the first 24 hours of your kid being born, they want to inject something into your kid with a needle that will change their immune system for the rest of their life. And it’s the Hepatitis B vaccine. Absolutely. Fucking another thing I was just researching. There’s never ever been a study on vaccines. How did they phrase it?


The vaccine schedule. There’s never been a study on the vaccine schedule, meaning let’s say, first of all, there aren’t any real studies on any of the vaccines once you look into it, but there’s never been a study of like, Hey, you take all 72 shots, what happens to you? They’ve never followed a group of kids and then had a control group versus all the kids who took all the vaccines. That study’s never been done. It’s absolutely astonishing if you just scratch that surface a little bit, and then obviously you’re going to be blown away, dude, in the next six months to three years, all your friends who got their kids injected with the 49 ERs, you’re going to be like, why do all their kids have ear infections and nose infections and eye infections and my kid doesn’t? Why do their kids behave? You’re going to start noticing all sorts of nuances and stories that other parents tell that you don’t have. You’re going to be so proud of yourself.

Speaker 2 (16:00):

Oh yeah, I’m seeing it. My wife’s sister, she has three kids and they’re, they’re all vaxxed up and they’re always sick. Something’s always going on. Even knowing that our son, even knowing and telling her everything. We told her why we didn’t get ’em vaccinated. She has one and a half year old, she’s still giving ’em the vaccines even after what we went with our son and telling what we know. And I read the book Dissolving Illusions. That was a real eye-opener for sure.

Sevan Matossian (16:34):

Good job. Good job.

Speaker 2 (16:36):

Yeah, and that’s thanks to you, man. So I’m glad, man. I’ve been listening to your podcast since Matt, Josh s

Sevan Matossian (16:43):

Oh, awesome, awesome

Speaker 2 (16:45):

Podcast. So I was like, man, who the hell is this guy? Who the hell is this Savon guy? And man, I ended up, man, I love your podcast, man. I listen to it every single day.

Sevan Matossian (16:55):

Thank you.

Speaker 2 (16:57):

And then thank you for being a speaker of truth and for defending kids and for those who can’t speak for themselves. I remember when we were going through the whole pandemic, people losing their jobs and you weren’t giving a shit, you were speaking out, it doesn’t matter. You were speaking out for those who couldn’t speak out on their own because fear of losing their jobs, stuff like that.

Sevan Matossian (17:17):

Hey dude, thank you. I appreciate it. Hey, I really do. It means a lot to me. I need that validation just as much as anybody, so I appreciate it.

Speaker 2 (17:26):

Yeah, no, no, I appreciate you, man. Keep doing what you’re doing. Love the podcast, man. Love everything you do. And yeah, just wanted to call in and say that and just say thank you for everything.

Sevan Matossian (17:34):

Absolutely. Thanks dude. Keep me posted on the kid. Okay. Good luck. Thank you. Congratulations.

Speaker 2 (17:39):

Yeah, I’ll Thank you. Bye. Alright, bye.

Sevan Matossian (17:42):

Hey, no one has to take my word on it. I can just tell you this. Just do this. Just go to look up measles and look at how many kids died of measles in the United States 10 years prior to the measles vaccine being released. Also do the same thing with polio. Look at the three years prior to the polio vaccine being released. How many kids died of polio in the United States from 1952 to 1955? And then if you make it past that, try to figure out why the polio vaccine was pulled within a year of it first being released and then why it wasn’t released again until 1961. Just look that shit up, man. Doesn’t take long at all. You can go to all your favorite websites with your propaganda. Choose any fucking C, D, C, whatever you want. FDAs, any liberal media, go ahead. Look that stuff up. They’re not hiding it. They’re not hiding it from you. It just takes a few minutes and you got to read some shit and then just start doing the math. Be like, that’s weird. Polio vaccine didn’t come out until 55, but 1952, all of a sudden polio started vanishing. Why is that?


It’s not hard. It’s not hard. The hard part is realizing that fucking you were duped. That’s the only hard part. I’m trying to follow the Danny Spiegel, Andrew Hiller stuff, and by follow it, I mean I can’t figure out what’s going on, why everyone’s so angry and wound up and I didn’t put a lot of time into it, put 15 minutes into it this morning. But it reminded me of the black squares. If I throw a rock at someone and I hit them and I don’t tell you who it is, you’re like, Hey, you threw a rock and hit that person. If I tell you I threw a rock and it hit a woman, or you saw it hit a woman and then you call me a misogynist, you guys know that makes you sexist, right?


It’s the exact same thing with George Floyd. I know this one’s fucking horrible for people to try to process, but if you see Derek Chauvin and you think he’s racist because he did that to a black guy, you know it’s because you’re racist. How does anyone not know that? That’s why all the black squares outed all those people, we all know you’re racist. I don’t even hate you because you’re racist. I don’t even hate you because you’re sexist. But it’s so weird to call Andrew Hiller a misogynist because you’re clearly sexist, because you have determined that it’s what he’s doing to just call it out on your own. Just say what you mean. Hey, I don’t think men should pick on women at all because I think women are less than men. I get it. I’m not even upset at you. It’s cool. Fine. Just be honest. Just be authentic. Stop projecting your hatred towards black people and women on other people. Just see it for what it is. Oh, the Asian, there was an Asian guy in the Asian hate in the, he didn’t stop Derek Chauvin from putting his knee on George Floyd. So we got sentenced. Fuck. I can’t believe that shit’s still going on. Savon. Can you get Haley Adams and Brook Wells? No, they’re too young for me. I’m married. I’m married. Oh really? Four years in jail. Oh no. That’s fucking horrible.


I did see, I’m tripping on that dude over at Invictus. Bryce Mitchell. Bryce, the big handsome dude. What a trip. So I thought that guy was in AI and I was making fun of him on my podcast and then he fucking walked up to me at the CrossFit games and he’s like, Hey, I’m Bryce. And first of all, I think I told you guys this. He’s massive. It’s basically Kowski a better looking kowski. It’s like the Ken version of Kowski. He’s like, hi. He’s like fucking, I can’t even believe he can see me from up there. He’s huge. He had a shirt on, but bet you he’s fucking built like an Adonis too. And he’s with his two friends who are short like six foot each and he seemed like a normal human being. But then last night he had Haley Adams on his podcast. By the way, I cannot believe how much he got Haley Adams to open up, but I would listen to that podcast last night as I’m putting up foam all around my room and I’m like, holy shit. Maybe this guy is an ai. I just thought he was an ai. Again, he’s such a trip when he interviews people. I DMed him. I DMed him yesterday. I got to get him on the show. I want to see if he’s, how he’s going to be. He’s going to be like an AI when he’s on my show.


I reached out to CJ Martin too. I can’t believe I’ve never had him on the owner of CrossFit. Invictus. Invictus. You tried to call me. I don’t know what’s going on with my phone. What do you mean? Okay, I’ll turn it on. Sorry. I dunno what’s going on,


Jake Chapman. If I’m in prison and I can choose which inmate cooks I’m going with the Chinese fella. Yeah. Now that’s not racist. That’s called discrimination and prejudice. It’s like wanting the Jew accountant over the black dude. It’s what you want the Asian surgeon over the fucking white guy. It’s different. Different nuanced. It’s nuanced. At that point, you don’t pet the snake. If you are going on a hike and the snake has a fucking mandible what’s in there? There’s a hollow fangs in there that are trying to get into your body to inject a venom that rests in those hollow fangs. That’s not racism or sexism. That’s discernment and prejudice based on the shape and size of a fucking snake’s head. You see four boys walking down the street and they fucking have neck tattoos and their pants are hanging down past their butt and you can hear their conversation from three blocks away. They look like the dudes who robbed CVSs. I mean, it’s just like they happen to be black or Mexican or whatever. Then they further fit the stereotype, but it’s not racist. It’s called discernment and prejudice. Completely different.


Racist is thinking that because someone was born with a certain skin color, that they’re somehow predispositioned to do something, which is just fucking asinine. Yeah. Dick butter. I want the black rapper over the Jewish one. Yeah. Although Little Dickie, I like Little Dickie and there’s that new Jew guy that Tommy G’s been hanging with. I tried to get him on the show. There’s a couple cool Jew rappers. Oh, weird Al. Weird Al. Yeah. There you go. Fuck him up. How dare you. Dick Butter. Weird Al. I dunno. Okay, where are we? I think Darien’s coming on any minute. I can’t believe 30 minutes of the show blew by.


You know what’s funny is those people, someone really, really tried to make it that I didn’t go to the CrossFit games. Do you remember that post Don Woolley? Don Bulley said to posted, someone sent me a screenshot of it on his Instagram account. I’ve spoken with Don and I don’t want to cause any drama before the games, but after the games I’m going to have a talk with him or some shit like that. And then recently Don, it’s so weird. Someone sent me a screenshot where he calls me a DBA on his Instagram account, but won’t call me out by name. I wonder if I can find that text message. But I have no sympathy for any of those people. I would never put a campaign to someone like the Phil Harmonics coming to town and I start sending the Phil Harmonic shitloads of text messages in emails. Don’t let Don Woolley into your concert because he’s brand diminishing. I would never fucking do that. What does that mean? Bi Christian Leon Selan. Has your car been bi? What’s bi? Bi Bi Urban Dictionary? Urban Dictionary bi. When anything is broken or damaged, he elbowed me during sex and bi my head. That’s a fucking weird use of it. What does it mean? Oh, car breaking. No, no, no, dude, I live in the country part. Even though my sister was making fun of me. I don’t live in the country. I live in the country. I hear roosters and chickens and donkeys and shit every day.


Yeah, I think that is interesting. John Clark getting bit does sound gay. It means you snort a popper and then let your anus dilate and someone get at it bi. See, I just projected that onto the word bip. That means I’m probably gay. See? See how that works.


Seon, you remind me of Rich Roll. I don’t know who that is. I keep thinking Darien’s going to come on. We’re going to talk about algae. Sterling and Al Joe. I really am a what have you done for me lately, guy? So when Sean O’Malley Sugar Shane Sugar Sean O’Malley says that Al Joe is the greatest Bantam weight of all time. I’m kind of with them. Al Joe versus Sugar. Sean O’Malley tomorrow night. Hey dude. Speaking of professional athletes, I think tomorrow, tomorrow’s Saturday. I think Tyson bet may play a lot of the game tomorrow. A lot of the game. Riley Stevon. Do your listeners still send you mail? Yeah, all sorts of shit. Every mode possible shit comes to me. I love mail. I’m like a little kid. I’m like a little kid when it comes. Oh, speaking of little kids, I get like a little kid when this guy’s around too.

Sevan Matossian (29:55):

Oh no. Oh, shh. Darien Weeks. What’s up dude? Well.

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