#908 – Live Call In | Souza Goes Rogue

Mattew Souza (00:03):

Solo mission Today we’re going to, uh, we’re gonna try something new and hopefully you guys are, uh, nice about it. <laugh>. So I’m running the show solo. We got the, uh, live call in number. I’m gonna pop up in a minute here. And, um, hopefully if all of our new contraptions are working correctly, you guys should be able to call into the show. Not sure what’s happening though, cause I see comments, but I don’t see anybody coming in there it is. 15. Okay. All right. So we’re gonna try things a little bit, uh, a little bit different this time in a second here. I want to have one of you guys at least, please test, call it. And don’t just leave me. Um, don’t just leave me hanging here without a, uh, without a call in. I’ll put up the number in a second. Um, new test here.


Burning more B brightly than those around you is a skill that no one is born with. You have to learn to attract attention as surely as the load stone attracts iron. At the start of your career, you must attach your name and reputation to equality an image that sets you apart from other people. This image can be something like a characteristic style of dress or a personality cork that amuses people and gets talked about. Once the image is established, you have an appearance, a place in the sky for your star. It is a common mistake to imagine that this particular appearance of yours should not be controversial. That it to be attacked is somehow bad. Nothing could be further from the truth. To avoid being a flash in the pan and having your notoriety ellipsed by another, you must not discriminate between the different types of attention. In the end, every kind will work in your favor. Society craves larger than life figures. People who stand above the general mediocrity, never be afraid then of the qualities that set you apart and draw attention to you. Court controversy, even scandal. It is better to be attacked, even slandered than ignored. All professions are ruled by this law, and all professionals must have a bit of showman about them.


Can you guys hear that? That’s the 48 laws of power law. Number six, court attention at all costs, right? A little crazy. Okay, so we’re gonna get the, um, oh, Jeff, oh, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff. Hey, just go ahead and ban Jeff. He hasn’t brought anything dope in a long time. He just kind of like BSEs. Can you guys not hear me? Can you hear me loud and clear? Okay. Turn on your mic. Extra sloppy. I heard the mic was on. Good morning. Yeah, see Alison gets it. All right. So we’re gonna drop the, uh, live call and in here and, um, let’s see, when do you guys want call it to see if it works? Not band anyone. You moron. That’s what happens. As soon as, uh, SevOne leaves, I just start banning people from it. All right. Good morning. It’s your sloppy David, Bruce, Jessica, all the normal people, except for now I’m saying your names instead of s So I got some, uh, clips from it for the show. Okay. Unknown caller. Unknown caller. We’ll see if this works.

Victor (03:33):

Call it

Mattew Souza (03:34):

Caller. What’s your name and where are you calling from for the show?

Victor (03:36):

Okay. Unknown caller. Unknown caller. We’ll

Mattew Souza (03:39):

See. Oh, you gotta, you gotta mute the YouTube in the back.

Victor (03:43):

Call your

Victor (03:44):

Name. I’m calling from Holland.

Mattew Souza (03:46):

Yeah, you gotta you gotta turn YouTube off in the background, brother.

Victor (03:51):

I did.

Mattew Souza (03:51):

There we go. Fantastic. Calling from Holland. What’s your name?

Victor (03:56):


Mattew Souza (03:58):


Victor (04:00):

Yeah. Victor. Okay,

Mattew Souza (04:02):

Victor. What’s up brother? What can I do for you this morning?

Victor (04:05):

Not much. I just wanted to give a call to check if it works.

Mattew Souza (04:08):

Oh, you’re the man. Thank you so much. Yeah, we uh, we set this up last night. SevOne gave me a, gave me a hand setting it up and so you’re my first official caller. You did it.

Victor (04:19):

Oh, that’s awesome, man. Yeah.

Mattew Souza (04:20):

Yeah. So thank you for calling. What are you doing today? What time is it there right now?

Victor (04:26):

It, let me see. It’s five minutes past four.

Mattew Souza (04:30):

4:00 AM or 4:00 PM 4:00 PM Yeah.

Victor (04:34):


Mattew Souza (04:34):

Okay. Right on. Well, thank you so much for calling in. Do you have any question or anything weird or do you just want to, uh, generally, um, talk trash about anybody in the chat?

Victor (04:44):

No, no, I’m good. I’m just listening.

Mattew Souza (04:47):

All right, fantastic. Thank you. You’ve been great. See that Savana? I just hung up on him. That’s it. You don’t even have to, I just went, I just went for it. No, Heidi, I don’t have a, uh, dip in. I tried that one time and it did not go well. My mouth started water and I felt like I was gonna, I was gonna throw up. Okay. So we’re gonna jam it just like we normally do. I picked out some of these, uh, clips here. I hope you guys enjoy ’em. They’re from, uh, from the brainchild of my Instagram or from the algorithm, if you will. So I’ll do it similar. It was funny earlier I was talking, uh, last night, I was talking to Caleb and I was like, all right, hey, we’re gonna give this a try, uh, s’s out for the, uh, weekend, so we’re gonna keep the show rolling. And he’s like, yeah, I can’t make it <laugh>. I was like, Caleb, you’re killing me. So that’s why I titled it in the deep end, because now we’re basically just, uh, we’re just rolling with it. We’re going straight from zero to a hundred here and I’m just gonna rock the rock the show solo. So I wanted to start the show with this clip here, because anytime I see something, lemme get it. Of course. It’s, it’s like hard to do both at the same time. Now that I’m in charge of both of ’em.


Okay, so I saw this, I can’t remember, some of these are, some of these are really old too. And if you, if you’ve seen ’em before, just pretend you didn’t because it’ll freak me the fuck out and then I’ll go into a spiral. So even if you, even if you’ve seen before, just play, play along, right? You too, Jeff. You fucking dick. So anytime I see something, especially like humans moving or traffic, or as you fly in from the, uh, from the airplane, it always looks like cells moving. And I always feel like the further we zoom out from something, the more similar it looks and the, and the closer you zoom in on something, the sim similar and it looks as in like, sales moving across. All right, that was dumb. Good way to fucking start the show off. Also, dude, do you guys, do you guys have any, um, do you guys have any questions?


You could write it in there and ask. Lots of people always have like, coaching questions for me and stuff like that, but I never really, uh, I never really see him that, that often on the show. Are you gonna show Emily’s post of the Salt? I don’t know what the, okay, I got this one. <laugh>. This one. Okay, this next one here. I always, uh, <laugh>. Sometimes you guys see people around and obviously majority of us are CrossFitters, right? So you always see somebody you’re wondering like, how are they able to kind of get around in life if they could barely kind of move, like you see ’em kind of move around and like, everything just looks hard. Like just getting from the car to inside the store or anything like that just looks like a complete, like, it just looks really tough and, and more difficult than it should be cuz you’re just not comfortable in your own body.


And uh, so I found this clip here and sometimes that could be taken to the extreme and you need a lot of people to help you out. Okay, so to set this up, this woman here is already, uh, running. You guys could see where this is gonna go. She’s gonna jump into the, uh, big foam pit there. What do you think is going to happen next? I’m not gonna play it with any, uh, music, so I don’t wanna get copy <laugh>. Okay, so she jumped in the foam pit and there is, well this other person, I don’t even know what they’re doing. She is that a guy or a girl? Holy shit. Doesn’t it look like this person’s hair is painted on in the top left-hand corner? What the fuck? It definitely looks like it’s paint Logans painted on. Sorry, my, uh, phone calls you out. How you doing Logan? Welcome to the show.

Steven (08:33):

Hey man, how you doing?

Mattew Souza (08:34):

Oh, you fucking Steve-o see Steven, what’s going on?

Steven (08:42):

Hey. Ah, just calling coming this weekend. I need a body double.

Mattew Souza (08:47):

Oh, I’m in. I’m in <laugh>.

Steven (08:49):

Perfect. Cuz we got, wow, we have this thing. We have a king lizard. We’re gonna shove up my

Mattew Souza (08:55):

Mm-hmm. Okay. Is this a new thing?

Steven (08:57):

I don’t really wanna do it. <laugh>. It’s, yeah, <laugh>.

Mattew Souza (09:03):

Oh my goodness. Yeah. So Steve, what are you up to? People say I look like you. What do you think? You agree, obviously.

Steven (09:08):

Well, yeah. Well you, you kinda look like me, um, as a bleached asshole, you know? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, that’s, that’s vibes I kinda get, you know?

Mattew Souza (09:18):

Yeah. Bleached asshole vibes. Definitely. You could see it in my face, right? That’s where the resemblance comes in the face. Yeah.

Steven (09:23):

Yeah. <laugh>. Yeah. You don’t, you don’t quite have the butthole eyes, but you, you know. It’s okay.

Mattew Souza (09:29):

Hey, so how’s uh, how’s life sober there? You still sober? Did you, uh, pick back up?

Steven (09:34):

Oh, I mean, uh, I mean, I don’t like the talk shop, uh, <laugh>. It’s, it’s kinda touchy. Well, me, uh, what’s, uh, what’s your ethnicity?

Mattew Souza (09:44):

<laugh>? I’m Portuguese.

Steven (09:48):

Oh, okay. Yeah. I kind of thought I could smell you from here.

Mattew Souza (09:52):

<laugh>. Jesus. You went from almost Steve to, uh, we’re getting Marge Shimon now.

Steven (09:59):

<laugh>. No. <laugh> had the common thing, you know?

Mattew Souza (10:06):

Yeah, yeah. It’s a

Steven (10:07):

Lot of years of, a lot of years of cereal without milk kinda really screws up your throat.

Mattew Souza (10:13):

Yeah, definitely. Cereal without milk is not, uh, not recommended.

Steven (10:18):

No, no. Well, hey, I kind of thought you were Polish Irish, but I, I didn’t really know. So I thought I’d, thought I’d ask is the people have the agency are curious, but what definitely might have to bleach your asshole if you were Portuguese.

Mattew Souza (10:31):

Yeah, that works. Uh, I’m Portuguese and I smell bad and you definitely have to bleach the asshole. And, uh, and all and everything above

Steven (10:39):

Sounds good. I’ll get the blizzard ready. Okay.

Mattew Souza (10:41):

You’re the man, Steve, I’ll see you later. Don’t kill yourself. I love

Steven (10:44):


Mattew Souza (10:45):

Holy smokes. All right. Yeah, you gotta do that too. My, um, I didn’t realize that the Ringer actually told everybody who called. I don’t even know how to uh, how to fix that though. Do you guys know how to fix that? Of course. Trying to do it like live on air now is gonna be the best time to do it. Phone, um, no sound. Uh, classic. There we go. Okay, we’ll try that on the next caller. Hopefully it doesn’t say your name. It shouldn’t say your name. Yeah. You don’t know who called. It was Steve-o it was Steve-O I’m bet I’m quicker on the, uh, on the off button there. Okay, so she’s stuck inside this foam pit. There is somebody with a helmet, some sort of soft helmet up in the, uh, left hand corner. Apparently just holding this along with this other gentleman. They don’t look like they’re doing anything. The kids are clearly laughing and making fun of her, which is hilarious. These kids are just like swimming dads in there. You could tell he wasn’t prepared cuz he is still got the sunglasses on his hat. He just jumped into rescuer and, uh, that’s it. She’s stuck. Ain’t nothing helping her out there. Just a couple of guys. She just disappears into the foam pit.


I don’t know. Do you guys ever get into the, uh, discussion about two seat, two seats on the airplane? Isn’t that back in discussion now? Or is it just a popular topic? I don’t know. I’ve heard people talking about it before that, uh, if you’re a certain size you have to buy two airplane seats. I don’t know, what do you guys think about that? Lio? I don’t think they, um, I don’t think they pulled their arms off. I think the most likely scenario would be she would yank them back into the foam pit. I think actually would, would, would be what happened there earlier that um, that little, that little bit I um, read there is from this book it’s called, um, the Daily Laws by Robert Green. He wrote another book called 48 Laws of Power. And uh, that’s just each one of ’em a day kind of broken down.


They’re not all from the 48 Laws of Power book, they’re from some of his other books, mastery Seduction, that type of stuff. But if you guys haven’t checked out, uh, Robert Green, you definitely should. And I know a few of you guys have reached out and said something about like a, um, a book list. I just don’t, I don’t know what that means. What does that mean? Oden the other day tried to tell me that it was, uh, it was like the, the look, the book of like the, the the top 20 or something like that. The top 20 books. But the hard part is, is that in like what category? What subject? Like I j Just random. Fucking Yeah. Bruce, you’re like Bruce was big on it too and he’s been saying book club and I just, I don’t know what that means. Do you guys want like the top 10 all all time Top 20 of all time?


I don’t know. So far we got two callers in. Okay. You guys have maybe seen this before, but I just thought it was hilarious. Um, if they got the, uh, if they got this right, they got free time in class and as you could tell little man there really wanted some free time. Like, look how serious he is. <laugh>, how old do you guys think they are right there? How old is that? Like nine, 10. Are they older? Maybe. Is that like his, uh, his true reaction or is he just mimicking something? Maybe you saw his, his parents saw or something like that? I switched the thing you guys could call and it’s not gonna say your name anymore. And by the way, that was because I had uh, a last gentleman’s phone number saved in my phone. Eight or nine. Yeah, Olivia, that’s what I was thinking too. Eight or nine.


I don’t know if, uh, what do you think you think that was learned by the parents? And guess what? He got his free time. Hallelujah. That little Boy’s Life has changed for forever. <laugh>. Yeah. Becoming a Supple Leopard is a top book. For what? That’s like a, that’s a fucking textbook dude. Top three books. Let’s see, I don’t really, um, yeah, I don’t really listen to a ton of, uh, or read a lot of other books like that. Like the Art of Racing Gone With the Wind, that type of stuff. No, usually, mostly, mostly business books. Okay.


Okay. So this one was interesting. Hopefully it’ll open up a, uh, little can of worms of uh, of discussion here. But, um, oh, here’s a good question. Philip Kelly. Wait, that’s the wrong one. Steve Jobs just a book about him. Isaac Watson was a really good, um, biographer. You should read it from him. So there’s a serious question. How many banded bicep curls <laugh> did you do before going live? None of them, but I’m pretty sure since I woke up this morning, my heart rate’s been at like one 50 or like 1 55. So that’s cool. You know, nervous before this show starts, it’s a lot harder to, uh, rock and roll this thing solo. Super impressive. Some makes it look so damn easy. And the thing is too, like all these people that we have on like, and I include myself in this mostly, it’s like you get on here and you feel like you’re like, oh yeah, we fucking killed it. I destroyed it. Right? And then you realize like, mm-hmm no it wasn’t you. Cuz then you get on here by yourself and it’s a whole different ballgame. You don’t, definitely don’t feel as cool. A little insecure, a little vulnerable, a little exposed while you’re hanging out on here. So it’s a little bit different doing it, doing it solo.


Matt, you were parked across the street from my house the other day. The boxy moved from the trunk to your back seat. That was all the stuff that I was bringing back. Toss. I was gonna make it sound like something cool and mysterious, but it was just, uh, expensive stuff so I didn’t wanna leave it in the backseat and then, um, have it get busted into cuz that would completely defeat the purpose. Okay, you need to brush up on your A D H D technique dude. <laugh>. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Next clip here. This one’s gonna have a little noise to it. And I titled this one here. Good intentions. Good intentions.

Speaker 5 (17:30):

You ended up in jail? Yeah, uh, I heard, I heard this dude or it was like 10 guys working a little girl. And uh, I was gonna grab a break and rush in the house and she was like, she told me psychically, she’s like, don’t do that. There’s like 10 of them, they’ll just kill you and continue to rape me. Do this, light the house on fire. And I know how when they go outside to put the fire out I’ll be able to escape and get out. So I did, I lit the house on fire and they caught me. They got me on camera. Was was there a girl and 10 guys? No, no. Just schizophrenia. That was your schizophrenia? Yeah. You ended up in jail? Yeah. For attempted murder. Wound up going to prison for arson. Oh, prison for? Yeah. Wow.

Mattew Souza (18:11):

Okay, so we talk about it all the time, which is the road to hell is Pav with good intentions, right? If you listen to the first part of the story, he’s literally like explaining that he was gonna try to save the little girl. But then, but then it turned out that there was no little girl at all. They were chasing the boogeyman. So now what I want, want you guys to think about is some of the topics that we discussed on this show. A majority of ’em start with this really great intention, but half the time it’s nonsensical, meaning there was no little girl to be saved. And half the people that these politicians are trying to save, they’re actually harming worse. They’re lighting the house on fire while all these people are inside instead of fucking lighting the house on fire. And assuming you’re correct, why don’t you just really try to understand what’s happening <laugh> and also to the, uh, have you guys ever met anybody’s schizophrenic?


One of my cousin’s mom was, um, bipolar and she would do crazy shit. And it’s not my aunt cuz it’s my second cousin. I know somebody was gonna say, oh, what do you mean your aunt? No. And um, when she would get on these like really highs and become like manic, she would do nuts stuff. Like, I remember one time she dressed up in a, uh, bathing suit. And at the time my family member was like two years old, I think three years old. And so she grabbed her from the house and they both got dressed up in a bathing suits, one of which was three. And the other one was a grown ass woman. And they showed up at the, uh, car dealership and bought a car and claimed that they were, they had stolen their dad’s credit card and they were a couple of, um, a couple of teenagers out to have a good, a good time. One was a full grown ass woman, one was her daughter. And uh, that’s the type of weird shit that mental health does.


Okay, I got another clip on here for you. Okay, this one’s not a video or anything, it’s just essentially a quote here. Just keep in mind the more we value things outside of our control, the less control we have. I really like thinking about things like this because, uh, anytime shit feels like it’s getting outta hand or it’s spiraling outta control, most likely we’re just focusing on something that is completely without of our control. So the best thing to do is to try to just slow down and figure out what it is you control and start to just focus and control on those. You’ve heard Savon talk about it a couple times and I have the same thing like that when the, when when you drop the ball on something or shit feels chaotic, instantly just like kind of go internally and figure out like, okay, I could control this.


I’m gonna, I’m gonna do this. I’m gonna make sure that this is squared away. I’m gonna prepare for this. And that way you could just start controlling everything you possibly can. Wait, lemme see something’s coming. Your ex-husband’s mom was Olivia. Oh shit, I bet you you have some crazy stories. Did anything weird happen like during holidays and stuff? Did you guys get together? And it’s like, well, you know, schizophrenic mom’s coming over and she shows up with just like two randoms. Wait, yes, sorry. Read a spontaneous order. Okay. Um, extra sloppy. I was schizophrenic for two years. It was crazy. I’m glad it didn’t last for the rest of my life. I guess I was smoking a bunch of weed and a prescription of Adderall would do that for you. No shit. So what happened? You just started to like, you’d smoke a joint, take some addies and then you would hear voices in your head or something. Don’t you guys call in and talk about this? Oh, it was a drug-induced schizophrenia. Oh, she’s talking to, uh, to extra sloppy there.


<laugh>, I would say. Oh, so Sean is claiming that it wasn’t necessarily the combination of drugs but the dosage. So more Adderall than weed. Okay. Yeah, you had to stop her coming over for your daughter’s sake. That’s trippy. You should definitely, Olivia, you should call in and tell one of the, uh, stories. It can’t be, it can’t be any worse than some of these clips that I have here. <laugh>. All right, so next one here. Okay, so this one I really like. This is a subject that we talk about all the time on the, uh, on the show. And I don’t have kids, majority of you guys, you guys already know this by now. Um, but a lot of the members at the gym do. And so you get to see a lot of people that come into the gym with their kids, the way that they behave with their kids, the way that their kids behave in the environment.


But most importantly, especially a lot of these kids that are, are frequently class times that like come with mom relatively often or come with dad relatively often. You, um, you start to see the way that they, or their parenting skill or the discipline and the boundaries that they set for the kids are maybe the lack thereof. But more importantly, and I was getting to this point, is you see the other, uh, parents interact with the kids. So this is our, uh, friend of the show here, Jordan Peterson. No, we want new subjects for new hos. I know, but I’m just, I’m just defaulting to what I know, Melissa, I’m just defaulting to what I know. If we make this a thing, I’m sure I’ll definitely like fall into, uh, a, a slightly different format or something. But until then I’m just gonna fucking mimic what I know. Um, Jordan Peterson clip talking about parenting, talking about kids parenting

Speaker 6 (23:53):

Job as a parent is to make your child socially desirable by the age of four. Like you gotta, you, you want to burn that into your brain because people don’t know that that’s your job. And here’s, here’s why you think it’s, it’s easy if you think about it carefully. So imagine you’ve got a, you’ve got a three-year-old child, so it’s sort of halfway through that initial period of socialization and you take that child out in public, okay, what do you want for the child? Who cares about you? What do you want from the child? For the child? You want the child to be able to interact with other children and adults so that the children are welcoming and smile and want to play with him or her. And so the adults are happy to see the child and treat him or her properly. And if your child’s a horrible little monster because you’re afraid of discipline or you don’t know how to do that properly, then what they’re gonna do is they’re going to experience nothing but rejection from other children and false smiles from other parents and adults. And that’s, so then you’re throwing the child out there into a world where every single face that they see is either hostile or lying. And that’s not something that’s going to be particularly conducive to the mental health or the wellbeing of your child. Your job as a

Mattew Souza (25:05):

Yeah, exactly right. So like a lot of the times, some of the parents in there where the kids are a little bit less, uh, orderly or they might get a little like crazy in there. You could see a lot of the parents immediately like walk in and all their kind of facial change change. Like, oh shit, we gotta do what this kid today are like, oh great, we have to like deal with this. By the way, caller, sorry about that. I wanna let that clip play. If you, uh, call back, I’ll, I’ll answer this time. I apologize. I’m definitely not in the position to be ignoring calls. So <laugh>, go ahead and call back whenever. But you see the, you see these kids walk in and you watch kind of the demeanor of the adults change and the, the craziest part about this and, and you guys, I have kids, you could speak to this way more than I can, but they pick up on fucking everything.


And rarely do they pick up on exactly what you’re saying. They mostly pick up on what it is that you’re doing, the energy in the room. Like they could feel it a lot more, right? That, that sense of, uh, nonverbal communication. So if they’re always kind of feeling some sort of negative energy or something weird happens when they walk in the room, they’re picking up on that and they’re reacting to that. And sometimes a lot of the kids just react by, by acting out more. Like I’ve seen that happen quite a bit where they come in and like all the other parents kinda like, oh great, there’s so-and-so’s kid, they’re gonna be like loud or whatever the case may be. And then all of a sudden the kid kind of changes and then they ramp up their volume because they’re not really sure how to like react in the environment, but they could definitely feel that something changes, they walked into the room. And it sucks because if you have kids and you raise ’em to where the other adults really like ’em, and again, you guys know the difference here, we’re talking about, I’m sure you’ve experienced for your life, like you gravitate towards those kids, like you see ’em and you just can’t help it. You’re just like, oh my gosh,

Speaker 7 (26:43):

Unknown caller. Gosh.

Mattew Souza (26:45):

And, and it’s crazy because then they get so much more attention, they don’t have to jump at it. The, uh, same way you would if um, if they did not get a caller. Hello, welcome to the show. What’s your name? Where are you calling from?

Speaker 7 (26:58):

So I was gonna share schizophrenic story.

Mattew Souza (27:03):

Oh yes.

Speaker 7 (27:04):

Um, please

Mattew Souza (27:05):


Speaker 7 (27:07):

So it’s not, didn’t happen to me, but, uh, I dated a girl once that, uh, we were getting kind of serious and uh, she was adopted.

Mattew Souza (27:17):


Speaker 7 (27:18):

Um, this is our college years. And, uh, she had a b her biological mother was schizophrenic and bipolar. Um, and so did you know

Mattew Souza (27:32):

This before dating her? Did you like know the deal getting, getting into it?

Speaker 7 (27:35):

Yes, yes. Oh,

Mattew Souza (27:37):

Brave man. Okay. Okay. Keep going.

Speaker 7 (27:39):

Uh, we got, we’re getting kinda serious and, uh, we’re trying to figure out some banking information for her. Come to find out her biological mother had stolen her, um, her, uh, her like credit cards and all that and ran her credit up and she hadn’t talked to her mother in a long time. And so when she finally confronted her about it, um,

Mattew Souza (28:09):

Yeah. Did you guys, wait one sec. Did you guys see the charges? Like what was she buying?

Speaker 7 (28:14):

We didn’t see the charges, but she had to call the credit number the credit line and try to figure out why she didn’t have good credit.

Mattew Souza (28:24):


Speaker 7 (28:24):

Um, and we figured out that it was her mother that was doing this. Um, and then, uh, so when she finally called her mother, she um, she confronted her about it and then the very next day we figured out that she had, um, took too many pills and that was it. She, uh, entered her life,

Mattew Souza (28:49):

No shit.

Speaker 7 (28:53):

That’s correct.

Mattew Souza (28:54):

Oh, okay. So, uh, you okay, hold on. We gotta, we gotta unha again. Okay. So are you still dating this girl? Do you still talk to the chick?

Speaker 7 (29:03):

No, no. We ended our relationship, uh, there’s a lot of stuff involved with all of that, but,

Mattew Souza (29:09):

Um, okay. Okay. So let’s just get the timeline right. So you, you’re dating this chick, it’s getting pretty serious. You, you go in and, and how’d you guys Exactly. Cuz you tried to get a credit line and they said, no, you have bad credit,

Speaker 7 (29:22):

Right? Correct. And you realized, and then so she figured out, she found out that her mom had ran her, gotten her social security number, ran her credit, and, uh, to buy different things that she needed, um, drugs, alcohol, whatever else, and then,

Mattew Souza (29:41):

Yeah, ran her credit up. Wait, so did she, did she, did she, do you think that she, uh, committed the act because she felt so bad and couldn’t control it or, right, right. Oh fuck. So, and you were still with this girl after this happened. How, how did she take it.

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