#897 – Live Call In | Greg Glassman Calls In

Sevan Matossian (00:00):

Bow, son of a bitch. Uh, I just saw that this show will not be repor recorded on the back end. Damnit, uh, Suza, if you’re listening, we gotta, uh, make space on the back end. We have to erase old shows. It looks like we’re so, we’re so full on our Streamy yard, uh, storage. Uh, fuck. I hope this one records to YouTube. If this show gets banned, there will be no, there’ll be no proof. Oh, I guess we’ll be on rum. Oh, no, we’re not even going to rumble this morning. What a mess this morning is. Good morning, everyone. Good morning, Caleb. Or Su if you’re listening, we gotta go on the backend on Streamy Yard and just erase a ton of stuff. A ton of stuff. There’s so much good stuff on that backend. We just need to download it. Um, I mean, I guess we have backups all over the places that we, uh, stream to Twitter, Facebook, Twitch, uh, rumble. I got an interesting text just now.


Very interesting. You know, uh, what’s interesting about it is that someone was saying that, uh, this is what someone said to me. They said, um, I think it’s okay to read this online. I’m, I’m not gonna say who sent it to me, but it says Chevon. If you’ve heard 22 specific people have been fired, which I did by name, I got the same number from someone else, and that really is 20%. So, I don’t know, I don’t know how many people they had working there, but I think that they had more, I think they had more than a hundred people working there. I think another 20 got fired that I didn’t, that I don’t know their names or I don’t know who they are. But what what’s crazy about that is then the person goes on to write crazy to think that if your media team between employees and contractors was 100, um, and that there’s only a hundred people working there now.


Yeah. That, that’s true. Which shows you how different the companies are. But the real big difference is, like I said before, like I said yesterday, you have to understand that this used to be a company that was on a mission to do something like, for instance, stop, uh, stop the killing of whales. And now it’s a company that’s, um, uh, trying to make money with the image that they, um, are trying to stop the killing of whales. Two totally fucking different things. And, uh, that’s not a dig. That’s just, uh, the facts. Th that or that’s how I see ’em. I don’t even, I, I think, I think I’m 99% correct about that, but I’m open. I’m not completely close-minded. Uh, another thing that I found fascinating yesterday, yesterday was, um, someone in the comments mentioned that their former head of d e I, um, had said in a meeting that I was a man full of, um, hatred.


Can you imagine that your job is diversity, equity and inclusion? Uh, diversity meaning, um, diversity clearly for their terms is to pick people based on the way they look or whose genitalia they want in their mouth, or all of those things. Those are the criteria. It’s not like, um, you wouldn’t choose someone. Um, let, let’s say you were picking a, a, a cross guard, uh, for kids at their school. I would do background check on the person. I would make sure that they were alert. I would give ’em some tests for situational awareness. I would make sure that they knew maybe some basic, uh, first aid, uh, that they were strong enough to hold a sign up, uh, for, uh, you know, uh, test their strength for one arm, hold the whole, uh, have they had any, uh, do they have kids themselves? What’s their experience in that neighborhood?


And understanding the traffic there, all sorts of shit like that, right? But this lady would pick a cross guard based on, they might pick a cross guard for your kids, uh, based on the fact that this person is, uh, uh, a, a tranny their skin color and shit like that. That was Elena Marino. And, and she says, I’m full of hatred, right? So, so first of all, we know just outright, she’s a blatant, uh, I dunno what the fucking word is. It’s something, it’s, it’s a, it’s a racist on steroids. And then second of all, she works for a company where I’ve made thousands of pieces of content with gay people, black people, women, men, everyone glorifying them, never once thinking of those things, glorifying them. Think of all the people I helped compared to the people she’s helped.


Absolutely. Fucking insane. That’s how, that’s how off, uh, the, the woi is. She makes a living enforcing discrimination. And it’s, it’s not even on my radar. Uh, I, I need to get James Townsend’s phone number. I thought I had James Townsend’s, uh, phone number. Um, and, uh, and, and, and, and I don’t have it in my phone. So if, if anyone could DM it to me, I wanna ask him about that post he made yesterday. I, I really want to go off on it. Uh, the, the comments in there. You wanna see just a bunch of fucking racist people. Look at the comments in that fucking post. Holy shit.


I want to go off on it right now, but I wanna wait till James is in here and, and, and hear his perspective. I think we have like totally different perspectives on what happened there. James doesn’t, I don’t think James once says in the post that he thinks that those people called on him because of his skin color. But let me just say this. No one thinks that black people are involved in child trafficking. That’s a you, that’s a European men exclusive. Uh, when, when we think of who’s doing, uh, child, child trafficking with the, with the sprinkle of Latinos from south of the border, I, I think it, there’s, there’s people. Oh, man, I, I, you gotta see, this is what people in there writing, they just jumped to the conclusion that the cops, uh, James Townsend’s Black, um, the, the, there, there’s people in there who jumped to the conclusion that he was called on because he was black. I call on him for that fucking Escalade before it was like, no one, no one thinks that you’re fucking stealing children if you’re black. Sorry. And the fact that people are jumping to that conclusion and then, and then, and then like, they’re just screaming how fucking racist they are. How they walk around and think like that. It’s crazy.


Uh, bizarre. Uh, Savon, I thought you were gonna send me your phone number. I don’t, I don’t remember that. How would I send it to you? Through Instagram? If, if the cops arrest someone and you walk up to them, if the cops, if let’s say the cops arrest one of your friends, and then you walk up to ’em and say, uh, um, Hey, you know, they just arrested you because you’re black and you, and you have zero evidence of that. Do you know what that says about yourself? Do you know what you just said? You, you, you just fucking admitted that you arrest people. You think that black people should be arrested? There’s no if ands or buts about it. You just said that there’s no other way that could’ve gotten in. There’s no other way that could’ve gotten to your mind if you didn’t see a piece of paper that was like, uh, from, from the head of the police department, arrest all black people. If you have no evidence of that, then you’re, then you basically just outed yourself as being the racist. I know some people have trouble under because they can’t see their thoughts. They have trouble seeing where their thoughts come from. So they even trick themselves. They think they’re being nice, but you’re not. You’re outing yourself.


You’re outing yourself. It’s fucking a trip. That’s Candace Owens’s whole shtick, by the way. She knows that. And she, and that was Malcolm X’s whole thing. At the end of his life, he finally fucking realized it. Oh shit. And not only that, when, when those people write in the comments to James, oh, shit, that happened to you because you’re black, do you know what they’re doing? They’re not only, they’re not only letting you know that they’re racist, but they’re also insisting that you see the world that way. And that’s the, that’s the virtue signaling component. That’s the, that’s the, the subtle bullying.


Make sure that a, as a black man, you see yourself as the victim. That, that that’s what they’re, they’re demanding that, uh, Melissa Odier, uh, Savon, you’ve got to drop the, uh, Craig Richie. Look. Uh, that little bond is awful. Thank you. It is, uh, I, I, I don’t think I’m a contrarian. I’m just, look, I just understand how your brain works. I just understand how the brain works. All, uh, David weed, what Melissa said, uh, I’m just, um, all the brains just work the same. The e everyone’s brain, it’s the same mechanism. There’s one, there’s just one, there’s just, there’s just, they just all, they all work the same way.


There’s no, there’s no wood chipper where you throw someone in and they don’t get killed. It’s all the same mechanism. Heidi crew. I think it’s hot Chevy. I know, but I really, I don’t want to ruin David Weed’s fantasies about I don’t wanna ruin Heidi. I don’t wanna ruin David’s fantasies. Okay. Anyway, fun show yesterday. I enjoyed doing that. I like having them on, because really, the whole time, I’m just holding back. I’m just holding back of just some crazy shit that I want to share. Yeah. You’re always welcome to cheer me up. I’m, I’m in a, I’m, I just woke up. I mean, I didn’t just wake up. I woke up an hour and 14 minutes ago. Yeah, I was edging. I was edging.


Good morning, Trish. Uh, good morning, Mike. Uh, good morning, Jessica. I got, um, if you pick any, I, I got a little tense, uh, Jake, because I realized that some, there’s like some housekeeping that hasn’t been done, but I’m, but it’s just my O C D, which is like, pretty strong in the mornings. In the mornings. It’s when it’s worst. It’s when it’s worst. Okay. I have some fun stuff for you guys. I think it’s fun. Excuse me. I guess yesterday, when we were live, uh, uh, my, my friends this morning were letting me know that when I was live yesterday, Craig Richie was also live, and he had twice as many live viewers. Maybe that’s why I’m bitter. Um, okay. Those aren’t my notes. Live calling show. There we are. Let’s start with something fascinating, absolutely fascinating. I’ve never heard of a man with like two legitimate penises, and by two legitimate ones, I mean, ones that work. Um, uh, but, but look at this, uh, the Daily Mail, uh, by Emily Craig, senior, uh, senior health reporter. Um, I, I’ve got two vaginas. I use one for porn and the other for my husband.


And it’s this lady. Um, go figure. She’s covered in tattoos. Evelyn Miller, 31 from Australia was diagnosed with uterus di dife di fizz dife in 2011, diagnosed. Can you be diagnosed with two vaginas? I I don’t think that’s the right word of diagno. I don’t think that’s the proper usage of diagnosis. I don’t think you’re diagnosed with two vaginas, right? You either have two vaginas, or you don’t have two vaginas. You’re not diagnosed with that. Uh, it, it means she has double uterus, two sets of ovaries and two vaginas. Can you imagine if you had four, two penises, four balls, and yeah, that’s crazy. Fascinating. The mother of two now earns 12,000 pounds a week on her only fans in PornHub. You can, or earn money on PornHub, uh, rare condition gave the 31 year old a double uterus, two sets of ovaries and two vaginas that are fully functional.


Married mother of two is anxious to open up about her condition with sexual partners, but has now learned to embrace it. Ms. Miller, who used to work as an escort now earns 12,000, uh, a week, uh, on only fans in PornHub through videos of solo and partner sex, including with other men. Um, I don’t know why anyone would care, but that she has two vaginas, doesn’t I? I think three breasts would be more interesting. Um, lane bear, her reality with condition. She says it doesn’t feel like cheating as she has one vagina for work and the other for play. Holy shit.


Yeah. Uh, two penises. But one always stays flacid. Uh, Sean Lenderman with a within. You have two penises, but one always sees flacid. Well, there you go. It’s so fucking, fucking amazing. But I don’t understand this. How are you diagnosed with that? Right? That’s not the, um, look at the girl she had tattooed on her side. She has a girl tattooed on her side that has two black eyes. Anyway, I don’t think, um, honestly, from people from the outside, from the outside world, those of us who don’t, who aren’t on only fans or don’t do porn, or don’t do escort services or all that, um, I don’t think like we, we draw big distinction between those, those jobs. Like if you used to be an escort and now you’re on only fans, and then, or you’re on PornHub. Like, for those of us from the outside world, that’s all kind of the same thing.


It’s like stripping and prostitution. I don’t think most of us, like, I don’t think there, like, for me, it’s just, there’s no distinction. For me. It’s like, there’s sheriff and there’s police, and there’s state trooper, and like, to me it’s all the same. Like, I, like, I don’t, I I, you’re, you, you have a gun and you give tickets, and you’re supposed to like keep, you’re supposed to keep people like George Floyd off the streets. That’s, I mean, um, so I think the, uh, I think the, oh, what? Whoa, whoa. Jay Har, I’m gonna, uh, I’m gonna have to research this. Research. What? Yeah. Troopers are gonna trope. Yeah. Thank you.


Okay. Um, alright. So I think that starts the morning off strong. I apologize. I, I, I feel bad. I feel, uh, when, uh, Jake said you feel like you have to cheer me up. I feel like I came in with some low energy. That’s not what I want to do. That’s not, that’s not, that’s not, that’s not what I wanna do. I don’t want, I don’t want you guys to, uh, feel like you need to do anything for me. I’m here to do something for you. Uh, this next clip is, uh, is one of the things that, um, bothers me about the word equity. I do think that I am, uh, better than some people, a lot of people. And what do I mean by better? I don’t mean better looking. I don’t mean smarter. I don’t mean, um, uh, more talented. Uh, I don’t mean more capable. I just mean one simple thing that my contribution to humanity is greater than theirs. That, that I leave room, sit rooms, that I enter cleaner than when I left, that I do. Um, when I’m walking around in public, I’m, I’m, I’m staying in my lane that I add value to where I go. That I don’t need people to cheer me up. That I, that I, that, that I give more than I take, or at least that that’s at least, at least bare minimum. That’s my goal.


And in, in that regard, I do think I’m better than a lot of people. And I don’t think, I don’t think everyone deserves, um, uh, I don’t think, I don’t think everyone deserves the same shit. I think if you’re a fucking shit bag and you’re laying down in front of someone’s doorway of their, uh, of their small business that they’re using to put food on the table for their kids, and you’re laying in that entryway shooting drugs, I think I’m better than you. I really do. I do play chess. I don’t think I’m better than anyone at chess.


And I think I’m better than these people that I’m about to show you. These, these, this, to me, these are, and, and I’m not saying that they can’t, they can’t be better than me. I, I, I can’t, I’m not gonna say that. Um, these people can’t be better than me. I’m not saying that these people can’t reach the level I’m at or surpass it in terms of my contribution to humanity. But, but in the current state of things, I’m better than these people. This is, I I, this is a, a despicable showing of, uh, life. I think, uh, look at this. At 12 daily doses. How can you relieve the room cleaner than when you left? When you denounce, denounce an entire group of people as mentally ill and show them zero support as human beings, I have no idea what you’re talking about. And I’ve done more for mentally ill people than you will ever do in your next 1200 lifetimes.


I ran a homeless shelter for two years out of my fucking house. I ran a home for mentally disabled adults for five years, started as the lowest rung there and promoted to running the place with 20 employees, including daily, taking kids with adults with down syndrome to go swimming to their doctor’s appointments, cooking them fu food, cleaning up their shit, wiping their asses, did all that bathing, grown men bathing dingleberries at a grown in asses who were stuck in wheelchairs. Like, fucking this stuff you would never even fucking, you couldn’t even fucking do. And I did it with love and pleasure, and I enjoyed it. I wore gloves, rubber gloves. I, I’m guilty. I just, I just didn’t want poop on me. Uh, yeah. You have fucking, no fucking idea what the fuck you’re talking about. You’re a fucking moron. Get the fuck outta here. Fucking cunt. Oh, okay. So, so look at these people. Look at these people

Speaker 2 (19:58):

Are not <laugh>.

Sevan Matossian (20:00):

This guy’s exci. This guy is on TV and he’s excited. Um, thank you Olivia. Thank you. Yeah, yeah, yeah. He helped retards, bro. Yes. Thank you. I appreciate it. And that should be a great shirt. I helped retards. I lost, I think I lost a little fucking brain capacity working like you’re just surrounded by retards all day and you get a little dumber. It’s like, if you’re around smart people all the time, you get a little smarter. Uh, here. These people are excited. This is, you guys are telling me about this show, right? Were they announced when it

Speaker 2 (20:38):

Comes to two year old Serenity, Alfonso, you are not,

Sevan Matossian (20:48):

I can’t tell what’s happening. That’s his current girlfriend who’s excited that her boyfriend is not the father of the other kids. Is that these people have come on TV to do this.

Speaker 3 (20:58):


Sevan Matossian (21:00):

This is amazing.

Speaker 2 (21:02):

In the case, a four month old Royal Harold

Sevan Matossian (21:05):

Look it, they’re celebrating that he’s not the father of this fucking four month, year old child.

Speaker 2 (21:10):

Hold you are not so sorry. He wants money.

Speaker 3 (21:21):

So he baby

Sevan Matossian (21:22):

Daddy now he’s yelling at the lady saying like, he got exonerated, I guess from his perspective that he is not the father of the child, but now he’s yelling at the lady who’s crying, who found out he’s not the child, but want of the father, but wanted him to be the father.

Speaker 3 (21:41):

[inaudible] [inaudible] That what you did.

Speaker 2 (21:46):

Hold it, hold it, hold it.

Sevan Matossian (21:47):

I can’t believe these, I can’t believe these are humans.

Speaker 2 (21:51):

In the case of four year old Brandon, Gary, you are not.

Sevan Matossian (21:57):

And what’s up with the fingernails of all of these people on this show?


And the audience, it, it, it, this, I am done with that at, at, at the end. There’s just, there’s, those are just kids. Those are just kids. Yeah. Being a parent’s not like that at all. There’s, there’s no, there, there’s, I I can’t, there’s, there’s no selfishness. I was thinking about this the other day about the difference. Um, there’s, I, I have a lot of friends and I see the husband and wife, um, basically they keep score of who’s taking care of the kids, right? So that, you know, the, the I’ll hear the father say, Hey, I was just home with the kids all day, um, and now, uh, can you watch them? So I can go, um, watch the football game? Or I’ll hear the mother say, Hey, I was with the kids all day and now I want to go work out. Can you watch ’em?


And they’re keeping this tally. And the kids become this, this component in their life that they, if you put in the time with the kids, then you get rewarded to do something else. And I, and there’s always like this weird tension there with those families that are doing that. Uh, Adam Blakesley, uh, if sev if you were on Mor Mory Povich, you’d have your nails done too. Oh, I, okay, I understand. Like, if I was going to a wedding, I’d wear a tux. All right. Yeah. I, I’d get my fucking man bun tightened up a little bit. Uh, okay, fair enough. Um, thank you for giving me perspective on that. Um, so, so this, uh, I, I, my, my wife and I don’t do that. My wife and I, I, and I’ve ne I’ve never felt that for my wife. My wife and I are in a different kind of competition. I want to do more. So, like last night when right before I did the podcast, like an hour before my wife said something, um, she’s like, whew, I’m pooped or something. I can’t remember. She’d had a long day. And I go, Hey, I can cancel the podcast and stay with the kids. Like we compete to see who can do the most with the kids.


We’re ne we’re never, we’re never keeping score for who can get, okay? I watched them on Saturday and Sunday this week. So next weekend I can go away with my friends to Las Vegas. Can you watch the kids? We don’t fucking ever, we never, never do that. That’s not what Parenting’s about. Now, granted, yes, one thing I’ve learned is sometimes you really do need space from your kids, and you might not realize it. And I’ve been in that position, I’m in that position all the time. Every time I get space from my kids, I’m like, wow, this is fucking amazing. I really like being alone.


But, but I, and I never hold that. Never hold that against my fucking, I want to, I want to spend, I wanna win the competition with my wife who did the most for their kids. Yeah. Jake Chapman. I can’t stand being away from my kids. I can’t stand it either. I can’t stand it. But, but, but you’ve seen it, right? Jake, you know what I’m talking about. Those parents who are like, are, it’s, it’s always those kids have become, they’re everywhere. Those kids have become, okay, I watched them now, so now I’m gonna go, I get an hour to go play tennis. It’s like, dude, if you’re the fucking father and your wife wants to fucking go play tennis, and you have to take care of the kids, you should be happy. Your wife’s getting fit, she’s getting happy. And you got the kids. I, if you’re not in that, then, um, you and you can trick yourself. Rework your reality. Rethink that shit. Rework it.


Uh, Mike McKowski, when you’ve raised five kids as long as I have, you’ll love, uh, you’ll love the free time. Yeah, I hear you. And, and I, and that is one thing I realize whenever I, there are times like where my mom just takes ’em and all three kids are gone. I’m like, whoa, this is dope. Uh, Jake Chapman, my wife and I acknowledge when each other needs to have, uh, our own space and politely tell each other to go and have a coffee or to the gym. Yeah. Yeah. Totally. I, I agree with that too. Uh, car Thompson, love you se you’ve always been the most incredible and consistent dad. Well, thanks. I’ll try to be a good, try to be a good husband too.


Uh, 12 daily doses, uh, you want everyone to think how great of a person you are. You want to be the goat of charity. You tell us this every day, that’s great. Then why are there so many who call you out as a hater? I honestly, uh, don’t, uh, care what you, I share it with you. Um, and if it comes across that way, I don’t care either. But I share it with you so that, uh, someone might wanna emulate it. Cuz it’s fucking a good life. I live dude, so fucking great. But I don’t, I’m not trying to be the, um, goat of anything just to my kids. Just to my kids.


I had this friend, um, Travis bein, and, uh, you guys know him. And he always thought so fucking highly of himself. He believed in himself so fucking much. And, uh, people would think it was so interesting to see the perspectives because some people hated him. They thought he was a braggart. And I ne I never saw it that way. I was like, God. And, and he really believed it. I just thought, wow, he has such fucking confidence and loves himself so much. Like it didn’t hear, it never hurt me how much I love being around that.


And so it’s interesting now that you think that I’m trying, I’m not trying to convince anyone that I’m a good dad. Zero. I don’t care what you think. That’s not true. Uh, someone was reporting me on, that’s not true. Someone was reporting me on Instagram, uh, for, uh, having my boys work out with their shirts off. And I did care. I did care about that. I don’t want people to think I’m a bad dad, but I do not care if you think I’m a fucking good dad or not. Zero. But I do. I do like, uh, am super crazy, passionate about my kids. But, but what I find even more interesting is that you think that that’s what I’m doing. That that’s what you take away from it. I find that more interesting. Anyway. I don’t wanna share, I don’t, I don’t think those people who are on that show, that Mor Povi show, I don’t think that they deserve equity or, or they only deserve equality. That’s a, that’s the reason why we shouldn’t have equity right there.


Not all of us. Were not created fucking equal. All of us are not contributing the same amounts. There’s people who see me to up here talking and they’re like, oh, I, I I like that. I like that. I don’t like that. I like that. Okay. I’m gonna incorporate those into my life. And, and they, and they take advantage of situations to make themselves better. And then there’s other people who just fucking can’t get over themselves, like 12 daily doses and are just always fucking commenting about, about negative or attacking or, or br dragging, dragging the person down. And, and we’re not equal. We’re, we’re not, we’re not even close to the fucking same creature. San Francisco. San Francisco. Um, this is, uh, we talked about the Presidio. This, this image I’m about to show you is at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. Uh, this, this must be very, very close to the, uh, original CrossFit, uh, San Francisco that Kelly Starret owned. A matter of fact, I think this building right here that’s Red is a building that sells, uh, it’s like a Dick’s, but it has a different name. I forget the name of it. And in the back there used to be CrossFit San Francisco.

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