#890 – 2023 DGPT Music City Open w/ Brian Friend

Sevan Matossian (00:00):

Paris. Bam. We’re live. Be honest. What’s up? You think? You think I look like a dyke? By a dyke? I don’t mean one of those things that holds back water

Brian Friend (00:11):

<laugh>. Nah, no. No.

Sevan Matossian (00:13):

Do you not like it?

Brian Friend (00:15):

I think you are, uh, amongst the people in my life I’ve met who can, um, pull off the most variety of looks.

Sevan Matossian (00:22):

Look at that.

Brian Friend (00:23):

I see it. Oh, I see it.

Sevan Matossian (00:25):

<laugh> Caleb. He’s holding back.

Brian Friend (00:30):

No. Is he

Sevan Matossian (00:31):

He’s holding back.


Ah, okay. Uh, listen, I’m here with Brian, friend. I’m here with my new haircut. Newish. I mean, it’s a vault. I got a pair of clippers. I’m just slowly just whittling away at this thing. Uh, Ken, good to see you too, buddy. Ken Walters. Okay. A shirtless. Ken. Uh, Barry’s here to see, uh, Brian. Of course. Uh, what, what is this thing? What is this? Oh, I’ve seen that before. Barrett KC 43. I smell weed. Not here. Oh, so skunk got hit in front of my house today, and the, my whole yard is smelled like weed all day. Uh, Greg c uh, caring about useless sports, just to listen to Sevana and Brian banter smart enough. Uh, please just don’t touch yourself. Don’t, what’s that called? Don’t pleasure yourself to, uh, the deep fine baritone of Brian. Friend. Uh, uh, um, Barry, MCC Conner. Hello, Sarah. Oh, where’s Sarah? Oh, Sarah Cooper. There she is. Okay. Uh, Moony, uh, always deserves. Oh, we used to see your face. You had a round face. Now we see your ass. I’m finally able to catch a live. I’ve been on vacation and it’s Frisbee show. Okay, here we go. <laugh>, Olivia. Hi, uh, the burpy. Do I still love you? Okay, good.

Brian Friend (01:45):

I have some new people

Sevan Matossian (01:46):

Here. Oh. And we got someone ho one of our, uh, regular hostiles. Bam. I’m here for a while. Uh, before pickleball, I, I, I knew, I just knew it was gonna be hostile from him. Uh, how much does see seven on, uh, toss of Frisbee? Now, where would I toss it? I’ll toss. I’ll toss. I’ll go. Well, did I tell you what happened? I told you what happened, Brian. Right? My neighbor locked up. She

Brian Friend (02:06):

Do the whole show with that profile view. Let’s look to the side again. It says little more. A little more. I wanna see the bottom of your hair. Oh, yeah. That’s just, that’s just great. <laugh> a Moic. Look. <laugh>.

Sevan Matossian (02:19):

It’s kind of a molet. It’s getting weird. It’s getting, it’s weird. I, I, I fucked with it today. I got yelled at today by my wife. My wife almost never yells at me cuz I, we have a guest bathroom and I shaved my head. Like we have a main house bathroom that anyone uses. And then we have the kids’ bathroom in my bathroom, and I cut my hair for the second time in the, like, the main house bathroom. She’s like, don’t do that. No one wants to see your gross hair around. Like, and I got just drilled. I, I should do a, I’m more mullet than man bun. Uh, okay. Uh, listen. Um, so I’m, I’m pretty excited that we’re doing this show. This is the, uh, fourth of 15 stop. Oh, shit. When I go like that, you can see it. This is the fourth of 15 stops that the, um, do they have an a, an acronym for

Brian Friend (03:09):

A disc Golf Pro tour. D G P T

Sevan Matossian (03:12):

D G P T A Disc Golf Pro tour. This is the fourth of, uh, 15 stops that they’re doing this year. And I thought we were gonna miss it. And, um, Brian had a, a b busy week and then, and then there was a week off, and then the fifth tour happened today. The fifth stop happened today. And so I thought we were just gonna skip the fourth. But no, don’t skip anything with Brian around. We are very thorough. So we’re going back, this is from two weeks ago. This is, uh, we’re gonna go over the, uh, event that had the, the greatest, uh, Frisbee golfers in the world in attendance, except for the greatest. I didn’t see the greatest there. Was he there?

Brian Friend (03:48):

Who is that? Paul McBeth.

Sevan Matossian (03:51):

Oh, yes. Funny you should say that. Yes. Paul McBeth. Was Paul McBeth there?

Brian Friend (03:56):

I would say, well, Paul McBeth was there. Yes. Oh,

Sevan Matossian (03:59):

She, but I would say so he wasn’t in the lead card or the Chase card.

Brian Friend (04:02):

He finished tied for 25th. And I would, and I would say that currently he’s not, he is not the best player in the world right now. And, um, not even probably in the top five.

Sevan Matossian (04:17):

Okay. So, uh, two, two things you should know that, that I’ve learned from Brian already from the first four shows we’ve done Paul Macbeth six time World Champion, considered by many to be the best ever, who did the game. That being said, this game is evolving at a crazy high speed still. And, uh, and so you never know. I mean, it’s, it’s like CrossFit really. A guy could come in next year and be the best Frisbee golfer, whoever lived. I mean, it, it, it’s, it’s, it’s, uh, it’s like that.

Brian Friend (04:43):

Yeah. I mean the, I, right at this moment, I think that Gannon Burr, who’s 18 years old, is the highest rated player in the world. And there are a lot of players that are 16 through 20 years old that are becoming more and more relevant at the highest level of the sport. And, and it’s, um, it’s, you know, it’s similar to the females in CrossFit, where there’s just this young generation that’s coming up and they are extremely relevant. Not just, not just in local competitions, but at the best competitions in the world.

Sevan Matossian (05:13):

Uh, no hair gel Barry? No, there’s no hair gel in here. This is just a thick, dirty hair pulled back into a man bun. I said it, uh, did Happy Gilmore, uh, make the cut? They do got a guy. They got a guy. Caleb played the clip once. Who wants to go toe to toe? <laugh>? They do. Got a guy. I really wish he, this guy would make it in the Chase card or the lead card every week. I, I’m a huge fan. He stepped up to a ref once and it was just ridiculous how he did it. He stepped up to the, into this ref’s face and yelled at him and then told the ref to walk away. I mean, it was, it was like, it was like sitcom shit, right?

Brian Friend (05:50):

Yeah. And it’s, I mean, it’s in his, it’s in character for him, but for anyone else, it’s like, what?

Sevan Matossian (05:58):

Uh, Hey, uh, um, Jeremy, uh, Garcia, what, what are you fiddling there? Is that a broken egg or are you petting a cat? I can’t tell what that is.

Brian Friend (06:08):


Sevan Matossian (06:09):

Uh, these disc shows are like, if col in college, SevOne is trying to take a girl home from the bar. Oh shit. That’s not good.

Brian Friend (06:15):

Wildly successful.

Sevan Matossian (06:17):

No <laugh>, clumsy, drunk, stupid, and smelly. Uh, sev looks 10 years younger. Wait till I wait till I trim my shit up. Uh, extra sloppy. Brian, tell us about your new venture real quick. Fine, let’s do it. Uh, there is a new website called Brian friend crossfit.com. No. Oh,

Brian Friend (06:37):

The website’s not launched yet. You can go to the Instagram. It’s b Friendly Fitness and I think we’ll have more time to talk about it, but,

Sevan Matossian (06:46):

And is, are there any dots or underscores or anything? Or is it just Be Friendly Fitness?

Brian Friend (06:51):

I think it’s that

Sevan Matossian (06:53):

The Instagram Okay. Be

Brian Friend (06:54):

Yeah, it just be Friendly Fitness. I, I’m pretty sure the website is b friendly fitness.com. I, we actually have a meeting tomorrow with the designer and well, I’m gonna get a first look at the website and then it’s gonna launch on May 1st.

Sevan Matossian (07:06):

Oh, that’s cool. Congratulations. That’s fun. Oh, that looks good. Okay. I really like it. Oh, good. No underscores or dots or anything stupid like that. That’s good. All right. Oh, I, I’m gonna follow that right now. Be friendly. Don’t feel obligated, Caleb, to follow it. Oh, Caleb, I just told you don’t feel

Brian Friend (07:23):

It’s, it’s not my account,

Sevan Matossian (07:25):

So. Oh, awesome. <laugh>. Hey, listen, something you should also know, um, be friendly.

Brian Friend (07:32):

Okay, here, I’ll say this, the, the, the, there are a lot of nuances to what we’ll be doing, but the primary motive behind this is to have one place where you can get my content in a, hopefully a very easy to access, um, manner,

Sevan Matossian (07:49):

But not, not as, you won’t get any of his great podcasts unless you come here. You can watch Brian practice doing podcasts with other people, but if you wanna watch his best shit, it’ll always be here

Brian Friend (07:58):

In the summer. Well, I mean, there will be a section that, uh, on the website that references all my past work and it’ll, you know, so if you wanna see any of the stuff that I did while I was at Morning Chalk or Barb Bend or South China Morning Post, or a couple articles I’ve written with Barbell Spin, there’ll also be some stuff that, that links to podcasts that I’ve done in the past, both personal and professional, and obviously some on podcast. There’s a ton. And it’ll be towards the top of the, it’ll be at the top of the list. And there’ll will also be a, a section of the website that’s, um, for disc golf, where, you know, it’ll direct to the archive of all of our disc golf shows and eventually have some content about disc golf as well.

Sevan Matossian (08:36):

Am Mooni I have been through this Seon losing Bryan thing so many fucking times. I’m just, it’s, it’s like, it’s just, uh, I’m being tested by by the Buddha. All things must change. Uh, does, uh, does sev own exclusive rights to Brian via podcast content? I’m gonna tell you the truth about that. We made a deal that he would on during the weeks of competition. Um, um, he would only do my BOD podcast and then he, then when I brought it up to him later, he said he forgot. He doesn’t remember he, so, so it’s my word against it. So, no, I don’t have any fucking exclusivity. He, he thinks what I pay him is like a donation. It it, it’s a, it’s a tumultuous, you guys shouldn’t start a Reddit thread. It’s a tumultuous relationship. The hostilities between Mr. Friend and I.


Yeah. And yeah. And I am gonna do that seven. When is the Seon Network starting? Yeah. Uh, right, exactly. Soon as Don Lemon gets fired and I can hire Don Lemon. We’re on. I know, of course we’re fucking amazing as a team. Me and Brian are like a straight guy and a straight girl coming together. <laugh> it’s rare these days. <laugh> special powers we can make babies. Um, this is a, uh, incredible thing, Brian. The, when Brian introduced me to, uh, Frisbee golf just four shows ago, uh, um, to, to the, you know, the professional Frisbee golf, one of the things he said is that pretty much the lead card is, is the card to watch. Do you wanna talk about that and how things have gotten a little squirrely this year, Brian?

Brian Friend (10:10):

Yeah, I mean, it’s, it’s been the most competitive start to a season that we’ve ever had or that they have ever had, because there are, in, in nearly every tournament this year, there have been half a dozen to a dozen players within two strokes of the lead coming into the final day. That means that you have two to three cards worth of players. And usually, I mean, it’s pretty difficult to follow 12 players around the course. And it’s, and there’s only, there’s two post production companies that almost saw these competitions, and they’re following either the lead card or the Chase card. And so you can watch those after the fact if you don’t have access to the live Disc golf network. But if so, the winner comes off of the third card. I mean, there could be a situation that arises where we don’t even have the footage of the eventual winner of the tournament. And I think that that is a reality that, you know, the organizers of competitions and the purveyors of, of how people can digest this content need to think about. Cause there have been several winners already this year from the Chase card, like a record setting number, um, and some threats from that third card as well. In fact, in one tournament, there was a guy from the fifth card that was threatening to win for like 75% of the last round.

Sevan Matossian (11:16):

Who is that from the fifth card?

Brian Friend (11:18):

Uh, his name is Austin Turner. He’s playing it. Oh. He’s playing as the best lefty right now in the, in the tour. And, um,

Sevan Matossian (11:25):

We feature Austin a bit in this show today.

Brian Friend (11:28):

Okay. Excellent.

Sevan Matossian (11:30):

Um, and, and so just so you guys, just to, um, uh, define a couple things for you. The cards are groups of four. The players play in groups of four. And then, so the camera follows groups of four guys, and the lead card is the best four who, the four players who are currently in the lead. And the Chase card is Chase card is are the, uh, four players who are in fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth. What Brian is all, but there’s how many, how many guys, um, entered this tournament? A hundred.

Brian Friend (11:54):

Yeah, it’s usually, I mean, on, it can be as much as one 60. This one was, uh, there were 111 players at the start play.

Sevan Matossian (12:01):

Uh, question here. Uh, Nick Schroder, well, why don’t they reseed? I think they do after every 18, right?

Brian Friend (12:08):

Yeah. So there are, or is it every nine? Uh, after every round, every 18. Okay. So the, the first day you get assigned a tee time and there are two featured cards. And usually it’s like the past champion, maybe like whatever, there’s different criteria for the top lead card. And then they just select four players that are, you know, well known or pretty good or are playing hot or whatever to be on the other one. So it’s kind of random on day one. And, but on day two, the top four players from the previous day, they have the last tee time and the bottom, the worst, the worst four players tee off early in the morning, and everyone in between falls in line.

Sevan Matossian (12:41):

And so basically the, the reason why this is happening is so many people are getting the same scores. So, so it doesn’t even matter at, at, at what, which point you’re receding them. You, you know, you’re going into the last 18, um, baskets and there’s, uh, 10 guys who are, uh, minus 20 or or minus 15, minus 17 mm-hmm. <affirmative>. So, so that there, there’s a problem, right?

Brian Friend (13:06):

I mean, it’s a good more, I’d say it’s a good problem.

Sevan Matossian (13:08):

Yeah, it’s a great problem, right? Like

Brian Friend (13:09):

The competition is very legitimate. There are a ton of players that you feel like can, can definitely win. And, and there’s also, um, you know, even of the players that you think about that could win prior to the tournament, it seems like every tournament, there’s one or two guys that you weren’t thinking had a chance to win that just have an incredible weekend, and they’re right there in the mix.

Sevan Matossian (13:29):

Uh, um, Mike, uh, RIS, uh, just got here. Glad to see Brian’s live. What are you talking about? Brian’s been with you for a week. Uh, Mike Liris. <laugh>, okay. Uh, Howie, do it. Uh, there’s a golf network. Where was I when all this happened? Now, I, I’m, I, before Brian answers this, I’m gonna guess that they use the term golf net golf network very loosely that this is like some, this isn’t a real net. Oh,

Brian Friend (13:54):

This is the, it’s called the Disk Golf Network. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. It’s, I mean, it’s basically an app. Um,

Sevan Matossian (14:00):

And you can, but they don’t have a station on Direct tv. Like 1074 isn’t the Disk Golf Network?

Brian Friend (14:05):

No. You have to pay, you have to pay for a subscription to it,

Sevan Matossian (14:08):

But it’s on an app. It’s not, it’s not, they don’t have a cable channel. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. Okay.

Brian Friend (14:14):

And I think it cost 50 bucks for the year, something like that. What is that? 1299? For what? To subscribe. That can’t be right.

Sevan Matossian (14:22):

A month. Oh, oh,

Brian Friend (14:23):

129 an annual. 1290 a month. Yeah. Um, it’s actually gone up. You’ve subscribe on the price, right? I am subscribed to it, yeah. Yeah. And, uh, there are, they, you can watch all of the Dis Golf Pro tour stops and most of the major championship stops and ma and the Silvers tour series stops on the Disc Golf Network. They also produced some documentaries, um, featuring certain players or telling some stories about disco golf’s history or whatever. So they, they’re, they’re trying to build up some other things that make available to their members of the people who subscribe. Um, occasionally they also have free streaming. The Disc golf network will will stream, uh, one of the rounds, usually the first round free on YouTube. So you could, like, if you, if you go to watch a, the male, the men’s lead ca, you know, the men’s final round, it’s like three or four hours long, depending on the course. That three or four hour on Friday, the first day is free on YouTube as well. So you can just kind of, there’s like a way for you to see what, what you’d be getting if you paid for it. And then if you wanna pay, pay for it to watch it live over the weekend. You can’t.

Sevan Matossian (15:29):

Yeah. Listen Nick, listen. Listen. You quit. We’re not gonna solve their, uh, media problems on this show. This, this, you stop. You’ve, you’ve reached your limit of questions and now you can only make jokes. Okay? Uh, okay. Uh, extra sloppy. Uh, they’re pro, Ooh, this isn’t nice, but we might as well let it fly. Extra sloppy. Uh, probably like Morning Chocolate is for CrossFit, like the most legitimate media in the space. He’s, he’s Brian, do you want to, uh, do you have a response to that? Is, is the golf network, like what? The morning chalk up?

Brian Friend (16:02):

I don’t see the parallel.

Sevan Matossian (16:03):

Okay, good. I do, but, um, but since Brian doesn’t, I won’t say anything. Uh, Caleb has a state, uh, n no, he’s in outer space. Oregon’s, okay. Oh, you’re in Oregon? No. Oh. Oh, okay. Oh, there we go. I once saw, there you go. Now you’re back on track. I once saw hippopotamus in the, in, in the window. Okay. <laugh>, uh, final, uh, we’re gonna start on the final round, which means that, uh, all the players have played 18 baskets. They played 18 baskets one day, then they played 18 baskets the next day. This is the final 18. Uh, we’re gonna start with the Chase card. These are the players who are number 5 6 78. The tournament is the fourth of 15 on the, uh, disc Golf Pro Tour for 2023. It takes place in Nashville, Tennessee. Uh, uh, and it’s called the Music City Pro

Brian Friend (16:57):

Open. The Music City Open.

Sevan Matossian (16:58):

Yeah. And, but we’ll probably change the name to Pro. And by the way, disc Golf Network, you guys should probably just gimme, even though I won’t ever watch it, you should gimme a free subscription and like some shit. Okay. <laugh>, you wanna say anything about it before we dive into Whole One?

Brian Friend (17:11):

It has, it has not always been a Pro tour stop. It’s usually been a Silver Series event, so it’s elevated this year. They’ve made some changes to the course. And, um, just as a frame of reference, there’s one player that has dominated this competition. Oh,

Sevan Matossian (17:28):

Can I tell you who? Yeah. Uh, it’s, um, it’s, um, oh, uh, Dickerson Dickerson. Chris, Chris Dickerson.

Brian Friend (17:41):

Yeah, Chris Dickerson is the best player in the history of, of the state of Tennessee. He’s one of the top five pla rated players in the world. He’s a threat at almost every event he shows up to, but he’s like definitely the favorite at this, at this event. He’s, I think he’s won it four times and he is been in the top five every time that it’s ever been played.

Sevan Matossian (17:57):

What’s the deal with that? You think? He lives like within five miles of that, of that uh, course he’s, and just plays it like no other.

Brian Friend (18:04):

It’s kind of weird. He’s his, like, he’s incredibly good, but his record in the state of Tennessee is just like insane. Like, for whatever reason, he just plays courses there extremely well.

Sevan Matossian (18:13):

And is that, I mean, is that because these are his home courses?

Brian Friend (18:16):

So I mean, in some cases definitely, but I think there’s, I mean, it’s just like, it’s almost one of these things you can’t explain where for whatever reason, he just elevates when he plays in his home state.

Sevan Matossian (18:26):

Um, who is, um, who’s the Disc Golf Pro tour, by the way? The way it works, it’s a point system. So they’re keeping track of like what place you finish and your wins. And going into this is, uh, is, is Hein in first place?

Brian Friend (18:39):

Yeah, Calvin, he’s been having the best season of anyone so far. And I think even though I said I this exact moment, I believe Burgs the number one rated player in the world, Hein is by far the points leader.

Sevan Matossian (18:51):

Okay. How can that be? How could, how could Gannon just based on last year?

Brian Friend (18:55):

Um, no, it’s, uh, it’s based on like your, your rating per round. They’re, they’re really close. They might be within one rating point of each other or something like that, but it might just be that, um, Calvin’s had a, like maybe he is had a couple lower rounds, but also a couple higher rounds and Gannon’s had more consistently Right, right around there. I’m not entirely sure.

Sevan Matossian (19:19):

Um, but, uh, but you’d rather be in Hein spot than Gannon’s Spot? You’d rather be the winning,

Brian Friend (19:24):

I think, yeah. Yeah. I mean, um, at, at this point in the season, Calvin has finished in the top three of every tournament and he’s matched Paul Macbeth’s record of, of the most consecutive podium finishes, um, ever. When in the existence of the Disco Golf Pro.

Sevan Matossian (19:40):

What’s the most tournaments ever anyone’s ever won in a season? <laugh>?

Brian Friend (19:44):

I’m not sure. I’m not, I’m not sure.

Sevan Matossian (19:47):

Okay. Because, uh, cuz uh, he’s got two that’s gotta be, he must be on good pace.

Brian Friend (19:52):

Yeah, definitely. Okay. I mean, it’s, you know, it’s for, for most players, if you win one tournament in the year, it’s like incredible. Like, makes or a year,

Sevan Matossian (20:02):

Uh, chase card, uh, sounds like Hein is winning the event as they go into hole number one in the final round. He’s at minus 12. He’s playing in on the, uh, card with, uh, Simon Zat, who you guys have seen before in the show. I believe we’ve had Austin Turner maybe on, uh, in the past, maybe, maybe not. And then finally a guy had never heard of, uh, Ricky, uh, Wak, who is a, uh, uh, a victim of lying disease and, uh, trying to get his shit back together as we go into Hole one.

Brian Friend (20:31):

Ricky Wak. And you should learn, you know what Ricky Wak is

Sevan Matossian (20:35):

Not Japanese

Brian Friend (20:36):

Is he is possible other than Paul Macbeth, he is definitely the best player of the last decade for sure. Oh, oh wow. Okay. Of the four World Championships that Paul has not won in the last 10 years, two of them have been won by Ricky and Ricky’s finished second and several others, and I think it was 2015 that they went into like a 10 hole playoff in the world championships against each other. Just something insane. The guy was the, the tour champion last year, and he won several tournaments last year. He was the highest rated player last year. And this is post Lyme disease. He, he had Lyme disease, he

Sevan Matossian (21:09):

Was the Tour champion last year.

Brian Friend (21:11):

He beat out Paul Macbeth on the tour PO tour points by one shot. He made a 60 foot putt on the last tournament of the year on the last hole to take the Tour Championship points away from Paul Macbeth. Yeah. Wow. And then he, and then he talked about it and he said, yeah, I mean, look like, uh, the World Champion is a great accolade to have. That just means you were the best for one weekend. But the tour champion is the guy who was the be who was the best player in the world and was the best for the entire season. So he is like, you know, trying to sell himself in that regard.

Sevan Matossian (21:36):

Yeah, yeah. Absolutely. I buy that, I buy that, I’m down with that.

Brian Friend (21:39):

I mean, yeah, that’s true. But that would be like me saying to you in a scenario where Tia’s won the game six years in a row, but she keeps losing at Rogue that she’s not the fittest woman on earth.

Sevan Matossian (21:49):

Oh no, but he, oh, you’re not saying he didn’t win the whole, uh, g uh, D G P T for 2022.

Brian Friend (21:56):

He did, yeah. Had the most oh, points over the course of the year, or, you know, but some, but some of that comes down to how often you play cuz you know, you can’t earn Prince Points if you don’t play. So it’s a, I mean, look, he, and, and coming into this year, I, you know, not he had an injury that we, we didn’t know how serious it was gonna be. It’s been pretty bad where he is missed most of the tournaments. What?

Sevan Matossian (22:17):

I just invited him on the podcast. Okay, go on. Awesome.

Brian Friend (22:20):

Um, if he comes on the podcast, he’ll tell you all about his, uh, hot cold therapy.

Sevan Matossian (22:25):

He’s obsessed with it. Oh. Because, because of the Lyme disease.

Brian Friend (22:29):

I mean, he takes, he takes a lot of, uh, pride and, and investment in his health, and that’s something that he’s come across recently that he thinks gives him a competitive edge.

Sevan Matossian (22:38):

Um, I, this is kind of a, a weird thing to say, but I wonder if Lyme disease is pretty common. Tics are pretty common for that sport, because those do, I haven’t

Brian Friend (22:46):

Really, yeah, I mean, we haven’t really heard of too many other players that, that haven’t, but, uh,

Sevan Matossian (22:53):

Howie do it best player in the last decade. I’m seriously shook. I feel like I just woke up from a coma and missed the last 10 years.

Brian Friend (22:59):

<laugh> Okay. Okay. Anyway, the point is, when Ricky Wak is playing at his best, he is a contender to win every single tournament he shows up to.

Sevan Matossian (23:07):

Okay, good. Well, this is the first time I’ve seen him

Brian Friend (23:09):

This year, this year that he’s been in contention.

Sevan Matossian (23:12):

Okay. Uh, 6 0 5 Calvin Hein, uh, player we’ve, uh, focused on in the previous three weeks. Uh, hole one at the Yeah. Music City Open.

Brian Friend (23:27):

Yeah. And this, the, the whole, this is not, this is it. This is the shot You want

Sevan Matossian (23:31):

6 0 5 whole one. Okay. Oh, you wanna see em off the tee? We can, we can, we can, we can, uh, no,

Brian Friend (23:36):

No, this is totally fine. Whatever you have is good. Okay. Okay. This whole one is a pretty tough hole. Um, there were not a ton, a lot of birdies in this hole. There were a lot of bogies, pretty tough shot, uh, uh, t shot, pretty really demanding second shot. And the green is obstructed, as you see with a lot of trees.

Sevan Matossian (23:52):

The, uh, the, and this is the first time I’ve let, I feel like I’ve let Brian down. Like, he’s like, really? We’re starting here. I apologize. Horrible. Uh, what happened there? What c Can we see that one more time? Did he make that? Maybe we need audio with that. Caleb. That one’s hard to see.

Caleb Beaver (24:07):

Stuff like, I, I don’t know what he’s doing to envision the landing spot

Sevan Matossian (24:18):

Now. He didn’t make it right. That’s,

Brian Friend (24:20):

I think branches landed short. <laugh>.

Sevan Matossian (24:23):

Oh, great choice. Devon. Uh, six 15. Uh, Austin. Austin. Uh, what’s Austin’s name?

Brian Friend (24:29):

Austin Turner.

Sevan Matossian (24:30):

Yes. Austin Turner. Austin Turner from 25.

Brian Friend (24:39):

That’s more than 25. Oh, lefty.

Sevan Matossian (24:42):

Oh, we got a lot of stuttering today. Caleb, did you pay your internet?

Brian Friend (24:47):

Got her know, that’s the wife.

Sevan Matossian (24:52):

You good? Good answer. Did, did he make that shit? I don’t even know. My goodness.

Brian Friend (25:02):

No, he would’ve, he would’ve continued towards the basket if he made it, so,

Sevan Matossian (25:05):

Okay. Good. Good answer. Okay. Uh, 7 0 5 Calvin for par.

Brian Friend (25:15):

Yeah, so Calvin’s upshot came up close, I mean, came up short in for par.

Sevan Matossian (25:25):

And, uh, seven 20 Austin, uh, Turner. This is from two weeks ago, by the way. I watched this. Sorry, I’m, it’s gonna take me a second to warm up. Not too many seconds. Probably like 10 or 15. Austin Turner. And who’s the sponsor there? This pea, pscy. P Pcy.

Brian Friend (25:43):

Puls se I don’t really know p se, but I did the see, but I’m just looking at the bottom. They should

Sevan Matossian (25:48):

Drop that L They should drop that L.

Brian Friend (25:51):


Brian Friend (25:53):

Uh, Simon got a birdie on that hole. And like I said, it’s a pretty tough hole to birdie. So Par is much more common score there.

Sevan Matossian (25:59):

Uh, hole two, uh, Simon, uh, minus 13. Um, and has taken the lead after that hole. Uh, when we went into the final round, Hein was in the lead, and now Simon’s in the lead at minus

Brian Friend (26:11):

13, 8 55.

Sevan Matossian (26:16):

Uh, Ricky was Saki off the T.

Brian Friend (26:24):

Yeah. So here’s Ricky and, um, you know, I’ve told you in the past that Paul Macbeth had a, had gotten a, a sponsorship, a 10 mil, 10 year, 10 million sponsorship with Disc Craft. And at that time, Rick Ricky was playing as with Innova as his title sponsor. And then, uh, disc, uh, not dys mania Latitude 64 made him this offer, uh, four year $4 million. So he switched disc companies a couple years ago. Um, and he and also the best female player in the world both play for that disc company now.

Sevan Matossian (26:56):

Oh, wow. And that best female player in the world is the one we saw with the putting problem. No, no, no, no. Oh. Oh, okay. <laugh>. Hey, uh, um, we, this is a really bad stutter. We haven’t seen a single throw get off here. I wonder what’s going on. Maybe you could lower, could you lower the picture quality, uh, Caleb and maybe see from HD to, uh, to As from good to as? Let’s see. Um, yeah, maybe go down to seven 20. Let’s see what we get. Alrighty. Uh, so, so did, did Ricky go outta bounds there? It looks

Brian Friend (27:29):

Like it, yeah. Yeah. And this is a, and the, the second hole is just as hard as the first hole of birdie. You have to have a really well-placed t shot. And then the second shot into the green is ridiculously hard, uh, with a tight and, and missing left like that is less than optimal because not only are you outta bounds and taking a penalty shot, but the recovery from there is very difficult.

Sevan Matossian (27:50):

Uh, 9 23 Hein also off the T. No, not off the T.

Brian Friend (27:57):

So this is a, this is a great landing zone. This is the one spot where if you land it did you have a straight shot to that basket. But even so, it just gets tighter and tighter as you go. And there’s ob on both sides

Sevan Matossian (28:08):

Out of bounds. Mm-hmm.

Brian Friend (28:09):


Sevan Matossian (28:10):

Is that better? Uh, uh, no. God, I don’t know. I I don’t ever remember seeing this bad. Does it look bad to you too, Brian? Is it stuttering pretty bad to you? Like Yes. It, it’s, it’s not even video. It’s like, it’s like you just showed us a montage of like six photos.

Brian Friend (28:22):

Yeah. Okay.

Sevan Matossian (28:23):

But maybe, who knows? Maybe,

Brian Friend (28:26):

But I think that’s his disc there on the ground and that was an exceptional shot.

Sevan Matossian (28:32):

Look at, you’re going 360, huh? Look at you. Hey, uh, 10 17 Austin, uh, going for his second shot from the knees? No, not from the knees.

Brian Friend (28:50):

This is gonna be his third shot, I think

Sevan Matossian (28:52):

With the guardians. God, I hope he didn’t make that. What is going on?

Brian Friend (29:02):

Bordering it? Unwatchable? Yeah. Let me cut out and I’ll try it again.

Sevan Matossian (29:06):

Okay. There we go. Uh, PornHub. Close. PornHub. Caleb. Fair enough. Trina. Fair enough. Michael C Brian. What’s up brother? I was starting to wonder why your band from YouTube was longer than SevOnes. Fair. Good, great question. Uh, would you like to say something, Brian? No. Okay. Uh, Howie Dewitt, that course looks sketch. Can you say Grassy Noel? Guaranteed someone has been, uh, killed on that course. Uh, they, um, this course does have a lot of possibilities for Whole Hole in ones though, correct?

Brian Friend (29:40):

There are definitely some, yeah. And there, towards the end of the round, there’s a hole, um, that if you, if anyone had made a hole and won on it during the tournament, they would’ve won a Gibson guitar. There’s like a nice prize on the, on the line and, uh, and there’s a lot of people that came close, but no one got it. You.

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