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More live, just like that.

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Good morning. Jesus. Louise,

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Jesus, Louise, Kenneth. Start that mouth up. Robbie Myers. Good morning, j Harle.

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Good morning. Saw you yesterday. Just talk to you yesterday. Just hung out with you yesterday.

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Courtney Olson.

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Good morning, Christina Young. Hi, Jethro. Good morning.

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The Shez, Hillary’s new video is classic. What, what’s, uh, Hillary’s new video? It was, um, the one yesterday was great.


The one yesterday was absolutely fantastic. This is nuts. Let’s just start, let’s just start. Chinese flashed mysterious green laser over Hawaii. NASA says, I don’t know if, uh, I don’t, I don’t know if I’m ready for stuff like this. This isn’t popular mechanics. This isn’t like in u s A today or m ms n b c, some like just shit rag. This is like a, a dork mag popular mechanics. This isn’t from like cnn, N or a b, C. This is an article about some green lasers that were flat. You wanna see them, you wanna see them, so you don’t even have to believe it. I mean, I guess you still have to believe that this, this video came from somewhere. Um, let me, uh, switch screens here. And the people I talked to about what these green lasers are, I, I asked a few people, it’s not good. There they are. And the sky’s over Hawaii.


Uh, the green laser lights captured with the Subaru as Asai star, star camera on, uh, Mackay, Hawaii on January 20th, 2023. Were most likely from the dqi dash one, a Chinese atmospheric environment monitoring satellite <laugh>. You’re telling me the Chinese have an, uh, uh, uh, atmospheric environment monitoring satellite. What does that mean? Uh, if you start googling around about this, you won’t like what you see. Uh, everyone basically is suggesting, uh, the same thing that they’re targeting, uh, silos. That they’re basically, they’re, they’re mapping out all of the missile silos in the United States and marking them with these green lasers. There’s shitloads of articles on it. It’s just, it’s just a little disturbing that this one comes from popular mechanics, that it’s not from, I mean, I, I guess you, I guess popular mechanics could be part of the propaganda machine. This article has kind of like no slant to it. It’s just, um, the, the Dai one that’s the Chinese satellite is, uh, using Laar to monitor, uh, the earth. Laar, one of those cameras on the back of your, uh, iPhone is laar monitoring. It’s some sort of 3D like mapping shit. The cloud aerosol laar and infrared pathfinder satellite observation has been orbiting for more than 15 years.


Yeah. It’s, uh, what a trip. What a trip. I subscribe to the, uh, epoch times, and I think the epoch times is owned by Chinese people. Um, uh, not the Tai Chi people. I think it’s owned by the fallen gong people, and they fucking hate the Chinese government, right? They’re Chinese. And so there’s all sorts of like, stuff in there that’s, I don’t know if it’s true or not true, but it sure is antagonistic and inflammatory. It’s never like China and the United States are getting along great. It’s always like the Chinese are harvesting organs, and you’re like, geez, it not fallen down. Yeah. Not Lidar. Wait, LIDAR, fine. Lidar, Philip Kelly, uh, they send so many emails. Yeah, they do.


Yeah. The Chinese, uh, David, um, with more of good news this morning, the days of being the world’s superpower, n r one is soon over for the United States of America. Jay Hartle different form of, uh, propaganda. When, when people are doing things to children, oh, man, here we go. Um, like, like mar what, like wearing a mask around a child. I can’t, I, I talked about it over a year ago, but there’s 12 studies or 13 studies, all with the same conclusive, uh, evidence that if you wear a, a mask around a child, you, you’re basically stopping the child. And by a child, I think, I mean, like under the age of two, you’re basically cutting off, uh, more than 51% of how a child learns how to speak. There’s this assumption that they learn how to speak by listening, but studies have shown that like 51% of the information they’re taking in is from lip reading.


So we have this whole generation, and I see the kids every day. By the way, at the skate park, if you just talk to any parents who played the, um, the Covid game, their kids got issues. All of them. Any of the parents who played the Covid game, their kids have issues, and the parents are quick to talk about it. And they’re dipshits. They talk about it in front of their kids. Why are they dipshits for talking about it in front of their kids? Because then their kids will live up to what their parents, um, are, are saying in front of them the importance of words, right?


So basically, if you, if you wear a mask around a child, you’re, you’re hurting a child. Now you know that you’re openly, if you wear a mask around a child, you’re openly hurting the child. You’re abusing a child, you be well, the presupposition there is, is that you want a child to learn, uh, words, to be able to speak and to be able to enunciate words and, and to learn social cues and all of the stuff that, that’s taken away from ’em. When you cover up the, the everything between underneath the eyes to the chin.


Uh, wishing good friend Connie Lingus. Connie a happy birthday. Connie Lingus, happy birthday. I think her name is Connie Lingus, but maybe that’s a typo. Uh, John Clark, 1708, a dollar 99. God, this, I love how immature everyone is. Immature is good. I think there’s something in one of your Bibles that says, um, only children enter the kingdom of heaven. Let it, let it be known. I just, one of my, one of my friends I’m hearing has to wear a mask around their brand new born niece or nephew. I don’t know what it is, because my friend isn’t vaccinated or doesn’t have the flu shot, so they have to wear masks around the baby.


And I’m like, dude, just don’t, don’t see that baby. You’re, you’re being fucking completely selfish. Don’t go see that baby. I tried to call them yesterday and tell them, people have no idea what they’re doing. You, you know, if you, if you, um, remember, you know how I like to use that, uh, analogy that people just look through the world through a straw. So I’ll give you an example of that in terms of the time, in terms of a time spectrum. You put suntan lotion on yourself to protect yourself, right from ca from, uh, um, sunburn. That, that lets you look out one day, right? So you’re looking like this. You find out that, uh, after doing that for 10 years in a row, you end up having cancer and died. But you could have seen that if you’d have looked at the world like this. But you don’t. You refuse, and you look like this.


Those are the idiots that wear masks around kids. Those are the idiots who participate in any of the covid stuff. There’s no timeline for them. Those are all the people who just say, we should get rid of guns. They ne they never think of the cost. They never tell you what the cost is. They don’t want to, they’re, they’re like, they’re, they’re, um, they’re such simpletons. Those are the same people who’ve been wearing shoes their whole life to protect themselves from something that they’ve never experienced, that they’ve been told to protect themselves from. And now they got those fucked up toes and bunions, and their feet are pointy and their back hurts. They didn’t care. They don’t care. They look at the world like this. You look at the world like this, you’re just instant gratification. Get rid of guns. No more people die. Next year we grab our ankles and take 10 shots from Pfizer and ta talking to them is so annoying. That’s like that John, the John Stewart clip where that, where that guy’s, I’m comparing, um, uh, protecting, uh, hey, you believe in the constitution, but you, but you won’t allow freedom of speech for tranies in your fucking kids’ elementary school, but you want to protect guns. And all these people like Alford, oh, John Stewart got ’em there.


How the fuck is anyone falling for that? I’m just tripping. The, this same family they showed me, they showed me that the child is laying on a diaper table, having his diaper changed, and they have a blow dryer pointed at its butt to keep the baby warm. What do you think the implications are of blowing warm air on a baby’s butt at two years old? What do you think? All all of fucking psychology, the good stuff and the bad stuff, it’s all bad. All of it is based on, um, chasing stuff from, from your past, right? Chasing experiences from your past. Why would you put a blow dryer on your child’s butt? Because you are uncomfortable with the child. You, of what you think. Is the child being cold? I saw that the other day. There’s so many fucking dumb things people do. The vast majority of us, we were born in a hospital and they, and they pricked our feet and took blood samples 10 times. They’ll be someone in the YouTube comments that says, someone you have to do that, or else the babies will die. You have to test for protein, uh, and digestive enzymes and blah, blah, blah. No, you don’t. You don’t have to do any of that. And the thing is, is you haven’t even thought of the implications of what that stimulus might do. We just, we live with just absolute complete knuckleheads.


Uh, you love saying get rid of, uh, 12 daily doses. Good morning. You love saying get rid of guns. When people are only yelling, not giving them to people with psychiatric issues, dude, at least tell it how it is. Come on. Okay? Don’t give guns to people with psychiatric issues, ladies and gentlemen. Do not give guns to people with psychiatric issues. But I would need to tell you, I have no idea what that means by psychiatric issues. Oh, I know what you mean. Don’t give guns to people who are born men who think they’re women or who are born women who think they’re men. Okay? I concede. I agree. I a hundred percent agree with you. I’ll at least tell it how it is. But I do disagree with you, buddy. I, I, I don’t know where you live, but my, my, uh, cohort of libtard would like to get rid of guns altogether, except for the ones that they think protects them.


I don’t think anyone wants people with, uh, uh, psychiatric issues to have guns. I think the thing is, is once again, they’re concerned that if you start that, it’s a slippery slope. That, that actually, the people who in power are the people who want to ban guns. It’s just, they’re just l they just wanna make incremental steps. And then I say to you, what’s the cost of that if we get rid of guns? This is, is, is that Jake to Snake Roberts, or is that, um, Salvador Dali? It’s definitely not. Salvador Dali. Dil Barry. Hi, good morning. Welcome from Europe, uh, where, uh,


I really don’t, uh, want there to be Chinese green lasers. It’s not a slippery slope. It’s simple. I know I hear you. I hear you, I hear you. I hear you wanna see, um, you wanna see what the, uh, you wanna see what astronomy today, uh, is showing about the, the green lasers. Once again, I tell you, these are, these, these are not like the shit rags. This is like an as. This is some astronomy thing, how Chinese hypersonic glide vehicle works. Unfortunately, that thing, that glide vehicle, uh, supposedly is directed by, uh, targeting lasers from space. Man, I really don’t. And then, you know what else someone told me yesterday?


Maybe this show is like some Glen Beck show. Someone else told me that the reason why we’re not coming cl cl clean about it, why there’s not more information about it, is because of the millions of dollars that the Chinese have paid to Hunter and to the big guy, and they got ’em by the balls. I think that’s really true. Someone could actually have our, uh, like something about our president that he, that that’s so important, that doesn’t get, I just wanna say, dear, dear, uh, Joe and Hunter, um, uh, I, I’d like to give you a pass on the millions of dollars you took from the Chinese. I, I, I, not only do I, um, forgive you, but I accept your behavior. I understand, uh, drugs are very, uh, drug habits are, uh, die hard. They’re very, um, difficult to deal with. And that if there’s any truth to the fact that the Chinese are holding information, I mean, hunter, there’s already video of you, uh, with prostitutes and smoking crack all over the web. It’s cool. So the Chinese gave you a couple million. Now, can we just fucking come clean with all the information?


Uh, babies, uh, are resilient. Uh, I hope, uh, he has a lifetime supply of McDonald’s coffee for the ordeal. Babies are resilient. I just don’t think it’s a good idea to, uh, be just doing shit to babies without thinking of the implications of what they’ll be chasing the rest of their life. By the time you’re four, pretty much all the shit that happened to you, you, you have to think of yourself as a record for those of you know what a record is, and you spin and the needle’s put down when you’re born, and then by the time you’re four, that record’s written. And all it does is that it start over every four years. You pick the time domain. I don’t give a shit. And the only way to change that record is through fucking cultivating awareness, which 99.999% of the people aren’t gonna do cultivate awareness and stillness and channel something new to change their story. But you won’t be the same story over and over and over again. Don’t put a fucking blow dryer on your child’s ass. I’ll give you, I’ll give you another, um, I’ll give you another example.


I’m gonna make this presupposition that, uh, I’m gonna make that presupposition that the smaller unit in which you can manipulate something, the greater creative power you have. So let’s say, um, those big Lego blocks, right? The big giant ones that aren’t made by Lego, you can’t do a lot with them. You can build big shit fast, but you can’t do anything with a lot of detail. Then the smaller Legos, you can like build shit that, you know, like some guy fucking built a Bugatti, some guy built a Bugatti outta Legos that you could actually sit in and drive, right?


Oh, look, dil Barry’s fitting right in finding the right, right questions that challenge the legend of you Look at him. He’s just squeezing right into the, into the, the smaller unit of the smaller unit in which you can control things. The more creative and the more power you have. That’s why you play classical music for your child. Or you play live music for your child and not synthesize rap music. Do you guys get it? They can have all that stuff later in the beginning. That’s why you don’t want processed stuff. Think of every, the smallest unit, most basic simple stuff you can introduce to your child’s life. There’s this Dao was saying, colors blind, the eye taste numb. The tongue sounds deaf in the ear. That’s a child.


I don’t even know if I used the word synthesized, right, Trish? I don’t know. But just fake instruments. Fake instruments, yeah. Let your kid just listen to, to piano solos live and, and violin solos. I’m telling you, you’ll give them smaller building blocks. You want your kid to be a smaller building box. Raw meat, raw meat. I know I love the fake instruments too. It’s cool. It’s cool as shit. Don’t get me wrong. I ain’t hating. I’m just talking about what you want to give kids. You don’t wanna prick their feet with pins. You don’t wanna put blow dries in their ass. You don’t wanna protect them from the cold. One of the dumbest things I ever did with Avi, I’m so embarrassed, is, uh, we, we had one of those, uh, uh, warmers for the wipes. The, the twins didn’t get that shit.


You want to be able to be in tune with the smallest increments of things that are going on, on, on the planet. Here we go. The reason why I click on 12, the daily doses is it’s part of my, um, I don’t know if I’m ready to tell you why, but it, but, but it’s important. I need to, I need to lean in to doses. Uh, just because somewhere echo told you they want to take guns away, doesn’t mean it’s gonna happen. There are stupid people who wanna ban meat in cars. You think that’s gonna happen? Stop the stupid. It’s very optimistic of you. I appreciate it. I like that.


Very, very optimistic of you. I like that. Uh, okay. W w oh, I have the wrong, I have the wrong thing. Live calling show. Here we go. Here’s my notes. I’ve told you this before and you guys think I’m joking, or you think I’m talking about some, like, some sort of wacko conspiracy. You guys think it’s, oh, it’s so funny. This is just the flopping dick stuff. I’ve told you this before and I’m sticking by my guns. It’s not, it’s not, it’s not a fact. This isn’t fact. God, look how big her boobs look here in this picture. Kelly cook’s comedy.


It is nice that she’s so nice to look at. She’s not like, I mean, she’s beautiful, but it’s not like annoyingly, you’re not like, she’s not like a sex pot. She’s just like, really hot. She’s cool. But I’ve told you this before about haircuts and what they mean. I’m telling you again, there’s a certain kind of haircut out there that triggers me, and, and she knows it too. Listen, listen. Carefully. Block, who? No, I don’t think I haven’t seen anything that needs to be blocked. No, I’m not gonna micromanage block anyone you want. I don’t give a fuck. Here we go. Sorry. I apologize. I ain’t to not micromanage.


Uh, 12 daily doses. Okay, I’m done. No, you’re good. You’re good. You’re good. I love you all. I realize I ain’t change your minds unfortunately, even though I provide a solution with that. No, that’s good. You, I’m, I’m cool. Everything you’re saying makes sense. No one, uh, no one, uh, wants, um, no one wants, uh, guns and whackadoodles hands. And if they do ban them from the chat, you’re, you’re good. No, no. Whackadoodles with guns. I we’re all on agreement there. Hey, here’s the thing too. These, these fucking, uh, these people that were, that were not digging, these tranies that are groomers, these fucking, the non-trans that are groom anyone who’s a groomer, all, all these people have one. These people who are shooting up schools and shit, they have a common denominator. Uhoh. Look at there, Sarah. There you go. You knew. Huh? You knew Sarah.


Your beautiful eyes. Look at you staring at me. Don’t stare at me. Don’t stare at me. Here we go. This is for you, Sarah. You knew. Haha, you knew. Look at that. You’re in my head since yesterday. It sucks. Those, those people all have the same issue. If you have an asymmetrical haircut or you’re a high school shooter, you have the same problem. Is that you, you just didn’t have a g uh, a good mom and dad at home. That’s it. Everyone just needs a good mom and dad at home. Not even good. You just gotta have both. Mom and dad. Mom and dad. You need mom and dad. Mental health. I can’t use, I don’t know if I can use mental health anymore as a, as a term that means anything. Okay, here we go. Now listen, I’ve told you about this forever.

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Friends went through a breakup

Sevan Matossian (22:45):

And sh what is this? The, the chat is filled with hot ass. That’s awesome. That would make me feel, I would feel stoked on that. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you. Uh, don’t block 12 daily doses. He’s a cash cow for seven. Now someone with a fucking good head on their shoulders. Thank you, Trish, the end of the day. Thank you, Trish. Okay, here we go. Now listen to this lady.


The fuck asymmetrical haircut. Lisa. Yeah. David Weed just straight to the heart of this shoe. Women aren’t funny. Hey, God, you’re so fucking 1980s. How is that even a conversation anymore? Listen, asymmetrical haircut means mental illness. That’s it. That’s it, you guys. We can’t ban people unless they’re like soliciting children. We can’t ban people. We don’t. Freedom of speech, freedom of speech. This is the, this is the channel of tolerance. We can’t ban people, even if they like took something from like me. I don’t wanna ban anyone. I don’t want anyone reporting my show either.


Yeah. Blue hair, all that stuff. Yeah. Blue hair, weird haircuts, nose rings, all that shit. Just like something happened to you. I mean, I, I, I’ve tight, unfortunately. I mean, look at, uh, I don’t want to use her as an example, but you guys know I’ve used her an ex ex as an example. Be before. Look at her hair now and then look at her hair 10 years ago. She’s hotter now and she don’t got that fucking fucked up haircut. And she’s cooler now. Way cooler. There you go. Now, you know. And it’s not just me. Everyone knows. So don’t think I’m all fringe and crazy. All the athletes, almost all the CrossFit athletes have mental illness. Yes, that’s correct. No, I don’t know. I don’t know if Danielle does. Danielle’s a different breed. Danielle’s still young and rebellious and hot. And we, we, let’s not, let’s not jump to conclusions. Outlier. Outlier.


But I, but yeah, okay. I don’t, mental illness meant handful. That girl’s probably a handful. Speaking of handfuls, guess who’s coming on tomorrow? Rich is coming on tomorrow. Not that he’s a handful, but cool Shit. And to make another run at Danielle. Danielle has Lima. What’s Lima? Oh, there we go. I like this. Danielle is a saint. Yes. There we go. Oh shit. Here we go. Here we go. Uh, I had an, I hadn’t. Oh, wow. Is that that crib? Kavas guy’s wife? Is this Susan? That guy’s wife. Holy shit. I had an asymmetrical hair. Hair. I hadn’t, I had an asymmetrical haircut in the eighties and I thought I was cool.


You’re cool Now, if that’s really you, uh, chevon. Do you think Daniel Brandon is going to age well? Uh, as in looks, it depends on if she marries someone rich or not. And if she has kids, if she, oh, here we go. Here we go. Sarah and I have some unfinished business or laziness in my case. I don’t like to spend time on my hair as asymmetrical hair. You don’t have to spend time on I, someone could just say, your hair’s parted. Maybe I have a mental illness. Cuz I, um, I don’t like ace. It’s the things that aren’t symmetrical. Okay, well, there you go. At least I feel, I feel somewhat vindicated, somewhat.


Had my eye removed. What’s this? Here we go. This is always fun. I don’t do a lot of memes, but I think I have a few Today, at the age of five, I identified as a pirate. My parents took me to the children’s hospital. My eye was removed for the patch. One leg was amputated below the knee for my peg leg. My hand was removed for the hook. My pronouns are pee and irate. Ah, I guess, I guess the only thing, yeah, I guess a pirate’s real, I guess a pirate’s real. It’s a, it’s a signifier for a lifestyle, right? You’re on a boat and you steal shit. Like they have pirates off the coast of Somalia. They don’t look like that. Those are black pirates.


It’s a little bit different if you, if you think you’re a dude or a girl, but you’re the opposite. Had my eye removed, man. Raising the kids is important. I am by far, uh, from perfect. And I, and I’m not saying that like to be humble. I really wish I was perfect, but fuck, I’m a goddamn expert, man. I’m an expert. I w I wish, I wish, I wish a p child expert in expert in podcast could be crazy popular. They’re just, I just don’t think they are. I give you another tidbit. This one’s hard to remember. Very difficult to remember. But this is, this is for, uh, this is for people who have really young kids. Under three. Under three. You ready? Here it is. And, and you’re gonna know this, but this, you always have to be reminded of this ripe of.

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