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Sevan Matossian (00:23):

I haven’t seen these glasses in forever. I haven’t seen these glasses in forever. When the music plays. Can I talk over, can you guys hear me talking over it? I have to have my mouth like this close, right?


Do, do any of you ever suspect? I’m just not gonna show up that you’re gonna be here. It’s gonna be like 7 0 1, 7 0 2 and he is gonna be like, Hey, he didn’t show up. Have I ever not shown up? SevOne is never late, nor is he early. He rec I arrives per precisely when he means to. Wow. My mouth isn’t, uh, I should have warmed it up. I should have done my, uh, my exercises. My wife’s father, uh, gave me a bunch of exercises to do with my mouth before I come on. I think I’ve only done them like twice, but they’re good. Every time I do them. I’m happy I do them. That was weird. I, I was thinking this. Um, I, I am late. Occasionally I’m late, uh, one or two minutes late.


It’s usually something weird happens. It’s usually something weird happens. Like, uh, the power went out before and I get in here and it’s like, oh shit, nothing’s on. Cuz I always leave everything on. So then everything needs to be rebooted. But a as I’ve spoken about before, every morning my life is like my, I wake up at six and then I know I’m supposed to be at 6 0 3 and then 6 0 5 and six 12. I, I just, I, I know where I’m, where all the way up until the minute the show starts. I’ve done it so many times now. I know if I’m like a minute behind somewhere, I’m like, Ooh, I don’t really have enough time to put that mud in my hair today. I guess we’ll skip that. Or, ooh, I’d rather look for more content for the Live Collins Show and fool around on my computer. Then, I don’t know, drink an extra cup of coffee. So it’s like that. Oh, no. Oh no. How come my live Colin notes aren’t, aren’t right? That’s not good.


I have no, I’ve no, I’ve, I’ve not mastered this. Doesn’t this seem to be a reoccurring theme? Oh my goodness. Oh, uh, oh. No. There, they’re there. They’re there. They’re here We go. Start off with this. Hey, I really liked the guy yesterday. I really, really liked, uh, Ute yesterday. I’m gonna tell you, I wasn’t, um, uh, particularly nice to him. I dunno if any of you noticed that. Uh, he, I almost felt like I was hazing him a bit. Um, my wife was crazy impressed. My wife was crazy impressed by hazing. I mean, there were topics that could have been, I’ll just tell you, um, go the topic about, uh, kids crawling and walking and carrying and scooting. He, he, he doesn’t even flinch. These are highly emotionally charged topics. Highly.


And, uh, he was un flinching. The same with the vax conversation. Unflinching tells his story doesn’t show, um, a shit on him with love. I, ah, I don’t wanna say a shit on him. Justin, uh, making an astute observation. The vests are making a comeback. I don’t know. I have a lot of them. Um, yeah, he, he, those are, those are when, when you bring up, uh, every day in my life, I have a conversation with someone where I see them, uh, getting their emotion is blocking themselves from inhibiting, damaging, interfering, what the word, what is the word I say? Their emotions are interfering. I’m go with interfering, interfering their ability to, uh, do the conversation. And, uh, he, he didn’t allow that to happen. I think there’s a word for it. Like equanimity or economists. Is, is that the word? Does anyone know? There’s some, yeah. And usually when people do that, um, stuff where they’re, they’re like, when we were talking about that overhead squat thing, and he said, I would’ve approached it like this. I’d been like, fuck you, you’re pussy footing around. Just tell him how it is. But he actually wasn’t, he, there’s a level I, I don’t know. I appreciated his sincerity and clarity of thought. It was, it was pretty awesome.


Uh, Sean past PTE Pastist, I spelled his name wrong. Pte, uh, Robert Cowen. Good morning, Sev. Good morning, Robert. Considering one of your boys will become a pro tennis player, will you get tennis players on the show to interview? I would. You know, we had, um, we had, I was in communication, direct communication with, uh, Serena Williams coach, what’s that guy’s name? And then it just fell through the cracks. I’m gonna ramp up having tons of guests on again very soon here. I become even more, uh, I become less, less flexible when I, when I, when I, when I start seeing guests on my schedule, I start, um, I’m very, I lose all flexibility in my schedule. I become extremely 10 intense around my schedule and making sure I’m prepared for guests. So it was kind of a nice break for me to, um, to not have guests, uh, Jeffrey Birchfield equanimity, look at he’s doing, uh, Caleb’s job, mental calmness, composure and evenness of temper, especially in a difficult situation. Yeah, equ. Yeah, I think that’s it. I thought it was, was gonna sound a little bit deeper. Yeah. This guy, this guy Patrick, uh, Monahan or something? Or is that how you spell it? Paulina?


Yeah. I would love to. I don’t think, uh, I don’t man tennis, I guess all professional sports, they reach a point where it’s just too hard. Where, where it just becomes dangerous. You, you, you’re, you’re, you’re flirting with the margins of, um, of the, of Des I don’t know if I wanna put my kids through that. I don’t know if, I guess it’s not up to me. I guess they’ll do whatever they’re gonna do, but, um, I don’t think, and, and, and, and they’re, uh, they’re, uh, they have a handicap. I know you’re not supposed to say it, but it’s true. They’re, they’re, they’re not gonna be tall. I don’t think they’re gonna be tall unless some weird happens. Yeah. See, there you go.


But I guess it doesn’t mean, um, I guess it doesn’t mean, uh, they couldn’t do it. I mean, shit. Mugsy Bogues, Clive, uh, Savon, did you see the body-worn, uh, footage from Nashville? Disappointing that the cops were all male <laugh> Ah, very disappointing that the cops were all male. Very, I would’ve liked to have seen some tranny on tranny shooting too. It would’ve been cool if they had a tranny in the department. I didn’t even think about that. That’s awesome. Would’ve been cool if a black guy would’ve shot a white woman. That’s what the headline could have been. Black man shoots white woman <laugh> so absurd. Oh God, we live with fucking Warrens. I it’s okay. I don’t mean that in an offensive way. They truly, people are, truly are stupid. Someone actually said in the comments on YouTube, you know, that lady holding the weight over her head.


Someone actually said in the YouTube comments, Hey, quit bitching. You could slip and fall on a banana peel and die. Like there’s some, uh, correlation or comparison or simile or metaphor to purposely holding 35 pounds over your head with a baby strapped to you over your baby’s head and putting your baby at risk under the guise of working out that, that somehow is, um, uh, could be equated to slipping in on a banana peel and dying. It’s like, and I’m just like, wow. We, we really do not live with smart people. Like, but what it exposes is how they think that you’re drawing. Well, I could die tomorrow, so today I’m gonna do a bunch of fentanyl. Like what?


I could die tomorrow. So you know what I’m gonna do? I’m gonna take a mortgage out on my house and spend all that money on Coke Horrors. What? That’s your processing chip. I I don’t wanna live on a planet with those people. Of course, yes, of course. A hundred percent trans people, uh, are three to six times more likely to be on the autism spectrum than normal people. Cambridge say. Yeah, of course. Right? I mean, of course, of course, of course. It, it, it, there is no doubt I set it on here over a year ago that, uh, being a trainee is a mental illness. I don’t mean that in like, in any negative way at all. Zero negativity around that. Even if you’re the healthiest trainee of all time. If you have a man’s body but you think you’re a woman or you want a woman’s body, that’s a mental illness.


It goes back to just accept a healthy person is just accepting shit. Healthy person is very, very accepting of situations of reality. They’re not fighting with reality. The more you fight with reality, the the more mentally ill you’re gonna be. It’s a pretty simple equation, but that one’s just huge. Yeah, of course you have a huge men mental illness. And imagine the assholes around you that help you like perpetuate your mental illness. These are fucked up people. I can’t wait. I wish I could be around in 200 years when they read about these people. Wait a second, you’re telling me a three-year-old told you that they were transgender, that they were really a, how did they learn what the word transgender meant? You’re telling me your three-year-old daughter knew she was a boy and they took her to the doctor and they started giving her drugs to transformer? Uhhuh <affirmative>.


Whew. This is a, uh, uh, uh, direct message I received on Instagram this morning. I run an army recruit recruiting station the other day, a graduate from the best high school in my area came into my office to take a practice entrance exam. So this, this guy works in a recruiting office and someone came in cuz they wanted to join the military after this person failed. Uh, the exam, the recruiter in the office was helping with some basic math. And the kid asked the recruiter, how do you know that one fourth is 25%? This is a kid who graduated from the premier high school in his area. The recruiter said, uh, use this similarly. You know, like a quarter is, uh, one fourth of a dollar 25 cents is one fourth of a dollar. The kid said, well sure, but how am I supposed to know? One quarter means 25% of something.


Those numbers just don’t make sense. Close quote, the recruiter then explained, you know, one 10th is 10%, two tenths is 20%, and and so on and so on. The kid graduated from high school. By the way, they never unfucked the kid. They said they were the kid left and the kid kids still didn’t understand. And this person continues to write to me, Hey, I wish I could tell you this is an isolated incident, but it’s not. This is the, uh, this is the norm. I don’t have particularly smart kids. They’re just normal kids. My kids are so normal.


The, the, they receive a, the only thing that maybe is outside of normal as they receive a lot of attention from their parents. My kids don’t even go to school. My six-year-old knows all that. My six-year-old knows that 10% is a dime of a dollar. It’s unreal. Unreal. You it it’s not just that. Um, it’s not just that the kids don’t know that. It’s that they will be unable to think clearly and the richness and depth of their life will be severely limited because their perspective is so narrow. We know all those people that, that another, another, um, caricature of, uh, mental illness is they see the world like this. People, those people see the world through the straw. They can’t, they can’t go big picture at all, right?


Get rid of guns. Child killing, stop me, take all guns off planet earth. Two years later, Pfizer’s making everyone in the country grab their ankle, take an injection and stayed locked up for two months cuz we don’t have guns. That person never even considered that cuz they looked through the world through a straw. Like, oh, oh, I see, okay, I see. Ah, yes, remove that. They, they can’t even see. It’s like, it’s like, um, uh, it’s like ne being in summertime and not having any understanding that sooner or later winter’s coming or being in winter and thinking it’s like a bad acid trip being that dumb. You just think it’s never gonna be over. That’s the only thing you see. So you get people who just can’t think clearly. And those, that’s our cohort, those are our colleagues. Those are the people that vote. I hear Dwayne, I kind of hear what you’re saying. The Army has no prep camp you can take before bootcamp to try to help with this. It’s how, how did you graduate from high school not knowing that 25% of a hundred is 25. How did you not know that? How how could that be? It’s not even math at that point. There’s just a certain comprehension, logic, understanding. Minimal visualization. Minimal.


Yeah, that’s fair. Kids are nervous at the recruiting office. I I remember in the second grade, I misspelled wood. Would you like to come to the beach with me? And I spelled a w o o d. Oh my goodness. Sticks haunts me to this day. Frank, Frank Jonas. It’s almost like you sit there. I i I am sitting and you think people are saying get rid of all guns and they aren’t. They’re actually saying just stop selling them demonst monsters.


Is that what they’re saying, Frank? Or are they saying you can’t have certain kinds of guns, you can’t have these guns today and then tomorrow you can’t have those guns and then you can’t have those bullets. And are they doing it because there’s any solution there, Frank? Do they care? We, we, we all, we all know where the real killing’s happening. We know it has nothing to do with these, uh, shootings in the schools and and whatnot. We all know that. Everyone knows it’s happening in Baltimore, Chicago, Philadelphia with handguns, and that the guns that are doing the majority of the killing have nothing fucking to do with these guns that they’re trying to get rid of or put laws on.


That’s what it comes down to. And at the end of the day, Frank, I think I, I suspect maybe you’re onto something. I think they really are trying to get rid of all guns. I think they are. Do you want me to play that clip by Trudeau where they got rid of You can’t buy handguns in Canada. Well, uh, I think we un someone, someone, uh, kicked off 12 doses, but, uh, brought ’em back. I, I’m, I’m, I hear you Frank. I’m open to the discussion. Uh, just tell me what they’re actually trying to do because my, my perspective on it is, is that it’s all just a distraction. Someone can go, look, I did a piece on it once. You can go back to 1952. It was some crazy number. Like 52% of the schools in the United States taught shooting. Kids were bringing 20 twos to school and there wasn’t a single shooting. No kid ever got shot that year. And yet, you know, 2 million kids brought guns to school that year legally.


And so and so to be continuously, there’s so much evidence that it’s not the guns endless. And on top of that, on top of that, I just need to know what’s gonna, what the byproduct is gonna be of your law. I know what they want the byproduct to be. I know they wanted to put mask on people and stop covid. I know they wanted to give the injections and stop people, but it, but it didn’t work. It did everything worse. It made everything worse. The outcome was atrocious. I just, I don’t trust, uh, simple-minded people. I don’t trust people who see the world like this.


And hey, you just have to start applying that logic to other stuff. How can 12,000 people die every year falling down the stairs and, and there isn’t a huge campaign to stop to end stairs. It would be so easy to do something to the pornography industry. It it isn’t, I’m not suggesting they do either. I’m just saying there’d be so, there’s so many things that could be done. How can Google restrict my ability to, uh, say anything the word injection. But on Snapchat, 13 year olds can get drugs in cock I and I and I know that there, I I only use that as not that two wrongs make a right, but that I don’t, I don’t trust the, the method that they want people to say stuff. Like you’re saying, oh, here we go again, sev on, we need to have a sev eastes by the fireside where you bring some of us on and get the real stories of your followers Like that. They like that they have, uh, okay.


Uh, Frank Jonas, uh, does mental illness only occur in the us? Cuz if the gun problem is actually just mental illness, it ain’t happening anywhere else. I don’t even understand that question. Sorry. I mean, is does mental illness only occur in the us No. Look at the Netherlands. Look, look, look at the whole country’s Europe. Look at the city of London as one giant brewing pot of fucking insanity. Look at Toronto, Montreal. Because if the gun problem is actually just mental illness. No, the, oh, it ain’t happening anywhere else. What’s not happening anywhere else? The gun problem is actually just mental illness. Oh, you’re saying that other places where they have guns, I, I don’t, I’m not sure exactly what you’re saying. I’m not sure what you’re saying. You’re saying let’s get rid of the guns and don’t worry about the mentally ill people. They at least then they won’t be killing each other. Is that, is that, is that what you’re saying? Uh, if you’re gonna blame mental illness on school shootings, I’m not blaming hun. I’m not blaming you’re blaming guns on school shootings. I’m not blaming It only happens in this country.


I hear you. I hear you. You’re saying where in Canada they don’t have that because they don’t, they they allow guns in Canada. What else, what else don’t they have in other countries that we have? What have you, what else don’t they have? Freedom. A wide swath of nationalities and ethnicities. Yeah, maybe you’re right. Maybe it’s, may, may. Maybe it’s too easy to, uh, maybe it’s too easy to get a gun. I’m blaming school shootings on the ease of fucked up person to legally buy a weapon. Fair. But I think we can clearly say that that person who recently was involved in that Nashville shooting was not a, uh, sane person. Correct. They had the shoes. I mean, shit. How could anyone, how could anyone do that and be sane? Right?


I was watching the TikTok debate yesterday. Republicans and Democrats wanted to get rid of TikTok and ran. Paul spoke up. I was like, yo, yo, wait a second here. It’s pretty cool. It was, it was, it was pretty cool to hear. Uh, Rand Paul talk, man, he can think clearly. And I, and I went into it being like, dude, what is Rand Paul doing? We gotta get, dude, like, yeah, let’s get rid of this shit. But after listening to him, I was like, yo, he’s got got some great points. He’s got some great points. Uh, uh, what did he say? Um, he talked about freedom of speech, of course. And he talked about how he was censored by, uh, YouTube and by Twitter and that, uh, he didn’t appreciate that. And that, um, TikTok is not allowed in China. And so we’re no different than the Chinese if we ban TikTok and do we want to be like the Chinese?


He also mentioned that there’s 150 million people in the United States using TikTok, which is crazy to me. I wonder if that’s really true. That’s nuts. That’s half the population. And you have to think right away, if we have 350 million people in this country, um, let’s just take off a hundred million for whatever reason, they’re kids or they’re immigrants or they don’t speak English or they don’t have access to phones or whatever, let’s just take off a hundred million. So that’s 250 million. I’ll be generous. 300 million people who are capable of using TikTok. You’re telling me half those people use TikTok? That is nuts to me.


That is absolutely nuts. Crazy. Anyway, he he basically says that. He says, yeah, we’re being just like them. There’s gotta be a different solution. He said that it’s, um, one of the arguments for banning TikTok was that it’s owned by the Chinese ran. Paul says it’s not owned by the Chinese. Some Chinese have ownership in it, but the majority of it is not owned by Chinese. Uh, he had some other point. Oh, he said one of the arguments for getting ready to TikTok is that it’s tracking all of, all of the people, the users of it. I dunno why anyone would use it. I, I don’t know. I don’t understand why people are using it. I, I don’t even have that app on my phone. I don’t you, how would you have time for TikTok? I guess maybe if you just do TikTok, I dunno how you would’ve time for TikTok and Instagram. I guess there’s people who have TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and then of course there’s Reddit and YouTube.


I decided that, um, in my mind that Reddit is, if Reddit, Reddit is the lowest form of social media. Reddit’s, where Reddit’s, like for people who go to carnivals, you know those traveling carnivals where there’s like thir 30 or 40 or 50 or 60 year old men there and, and, and they’re trying to give meth to have sex with local 14 year old girls. That’s what I think of Reddit. Shitty rides, shitty flat beer. Everything about it is just shitty. It’s like, it’s, it’s por the poorest of the, it’s if, if Disneyland is where you go to eat and pretend to like rides carnivals or where you, uh, I don’t know, try to have sex with underage people and do meth. I just, that’s what I think of Reddit. Just, just, just the worst people. When I picture someone commenting on Reddit, and I’m, I’m sure I’m wrong, but, but I enjoy indulging it. When I picture someone commenting on Reddit, I imagine them sitting downstairs in their parents’ basement with four 15 inch TVs, the cheapest ones that they game on. And like six bowls of hat, half eaten cereal sitting around. That’s kind of how I picture it in Tanu.


Uh, TikTok provides infinite 10 to 30 seconds of dopamine. There’s no need for thought and it just provides entertainment. SF star nugs, you should get in on the No. Open. Is that the thing? Um, Hillary’s doing? I know, I am actually, I I spoke to him yesterday for like 20 minutes about it. I was thinking that, um, we were brainstorming an idea of doing a show and then using all the donations from that show as the prize money for it. Ah, Devesh Maharaj. So you’re saying Reddit is the social media equivalent of San Francisco? Yeah. Pro, yeah, probably something like that.


I’m sure there are some great things do, uh, depends on which subreddit. There are some great subreddits with amazing actor information and quality discussions. Yeah, I hear you. I I’m sure. I’m sure. I’m sure. It’s, it’s probably the thing is, is it’s probably like 50% valuable, you know what I mean? Like, you’re editing and you, you’re stuck and your, your computer’s having some issues or you can’t figure out why the, that that, that thing that seals your car window when you roll your window up and your 19, uh, 94 Toyota Sienna. Why it all the, the window always hits it and, and sucks it in. And you gotta go on there and you find some guy who solve solved the problem with the Q-tips in a Vaseline. Yeah, I’m sure it’s got tons of stuff like that. Tons. Uh, Mark Higgins, I listened to all the shows, but never get the chance to listen live and contribute to the show. You’re all good dudes. Except Dan Bailey. Thanks Mark. That’s cool. Isab, uh, you’re in cuz you’re in Europe.


There you go. Uh, Reddit helped me overcome my fear of steroids. Asteroids. Oh, asteroids. Okay. Oh, you went on there and you’re like, okay, the planet’s not gonna get hit by asteroids. That might be mental illness right there. That’s totally out of your control. That’s the bigger picture you see there it is. That’s a great example. Sorry to use this ex use, use the example Alison. If you have a fear of asteroids, the, the thing isn’t that you have a fear of asteroids. That’s not, that’s not, that’s the small picture. What’s the big picture? What’s the big picture that you have? Thoughts that you let run away and control you? Because if it’s not tomorrow, it’s gonna be ladders, right? Or crosswalks or, I told someone, uh, savanna’s getting, uh, magno. I, I told someone to eat a dick yesterday. I maybe I’ll pull up the, um, the clip. Uh, you can say the same for TikTok, to be honest, between the ocean of VAD content, there’s some good info. It just takes discerning audience. Uh, Frank, all social media is successful unless you’re using it for work or activities. Yeah. Word. I agree. I really enjoyed, um, my time on, uh, Instagram. So

Sevan Matossian (29:41):

What am I, what am I, what am I gonna do? Okay, here we go. Uh,

Sevan Matossian (29:48):

This, this clip is called liberal therapy.

Speaker 3 (29:50):

Burning down a black neighborhood would be frowned upon, but if you just say you’re protesting Donald Trump, it’s okay. I mean, I could literally show up and start torching local businesses in.

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