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Oh, just like that. Bam. I’m sitting here trying to make this show start, but it’s already started. Bam. Good morning, Scott Nigo. Hi. Good morning. Changing the profile pick regularly to confuse me, but at least keeping it consistent and the same new genre. Devon, play the Eazy song. Nobody move, nobody get hurt. Who’s good? What if I did have access? What if I had Caleb this morning to help me? Oh my goodness. That would be

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Maybe that’s why I like the, um, the Frisbee shows cuz I have Caleb. Maybe that’s why


I didn’t even think about that. It is so great having Caleb. It is so great. I can’t tell you. He he kills it. He kills it. I take Caleb over money. Cameron, good morning. I think I just started following you Cameron last night, but that was cool. That, um, that video you sent me. I, I remember that scene. I was it, what movie was that from? Like Predator was Arnold Schwarzenegger and Carl Weathers when they gripped up. That was cool. Spiegel. One of the best affiliate shirts I got was from CrossFit. Crazy and Menominee Menominee, uh, Wisconsin. All right, fine. Travis Loving my black and gold. C o Yeah, that one’s cool. My kid wants this one. Travis, the American Flag one. It’s funny, they’re obsessed with the CEO shirts. They’re so big on them and I like my kids to look tight though, and they look sloppy in ’em.


So I always like, I always make ’em take ’em off after, uh, a little while. Um, uh, geez, Louise heavy if you paid, uh, my mortgage, I’d worked behind the scenes for you. Yeah, there you go. I don’t even know if you’re capable, dude. I don’t even know if you’re capable. The the level at which Caleb’s at is, it’s crazy. It, it’s so, um, even yesterday during the Frisbee show, I mean, he’s, there’s like little nuances that I catch him doing that are just, that are so awesome. I, um, the first time I wore these glasses, Greg told me I look like the, uh, s Syrian ambassador to the United States. I was thinking, I betcha that dude doesn’t get a lot of girls, but maybe he does. Menominee. What do you mean Menominee? Chevy’s trying to say mano mano leading cause of death.


Do you guys know what it is? Leading cause of death, leading cause of death in the world? It’s very easy leading cause of death. No one ever says it. No one ever says it, but it’s like so obvious. I dunno if I can do your accent leading cause of death. Cardiac, not, not even close. Not even, not even close leading cause of death. I appreciate the guest though. At least someone’s listening. Covid, of course. No. Oh my goodness. Mike’s getting close. The point of this question isn’t, um, isn’t the answer. The point of this question is just how people, how people think.


You’re getting so close. You’re now, you are getting very, very close. The point isn’t the answer. The point is how people think that. And, and then on top of that, I’d like to take it even one level. People don’t even know how they think. And then once you know how you think, you can kind of tinker with it, right? You can be like, okay, I can think like that in order to solve this. But most people just think just one way and they don’t even know how they think. They’re just sleeping zombies. The number one cause of death is being born. If you were not born, you would not die.


I don’t even know if cause is the right word. I’m, I’m willing to tell you that I don’t, I don’t know if cause is the right word. There you go. Slater. Slater’s. Like, yeah, I told you, I told you. Yes, a hundred percent no second place. Impossible to refute. Not a lot of things are true in life, but boy, that one, we’re getting close to something. We are getting close, but we, um, and, and, and we wanna save lives at any, at any cost, right? We’re willing to kill. We’ve already shown as humans, we’re willing to kill, uh, a hundred to save 99, but we are not willing to not be born in order to that, that that pushes us too far. Right?


But most people, most people don’t, don’t even know that that’s how they’re thinking. They don’t, they don’t even know how they think. There’s not like they, they don’t even, they don’t even know how they think. I give, I’ll give you kind of another weird one. Um, cancer. So a lot of people here are probably ki kind of stuck in the middle because we’re a big, uh, uh, personal accountability, right? And personal responsibility group. That’s, that’s us. Se dislikes me. That is not true. That is not true at all. Matter of fact, I enjoy looking at your, uh, picture. You’re a, a fine mix of nerd and flat bill gangster that I appreciate. You were like that kid at school. I couldn’t figure out, uh, who would wear the, uh, both, both, uh, straps on your backpack. It wasn’t cool, but for some reason you could pull it off and I’d be like, damn, wish I could do that.


That looks so much more comfortable. That’s what now, now you know what I really think about? You we’re the big personal accountability and personal responsibility group, right? It’s all under our control and we should be doing the best to take care of ourselves. And then there’s this other group of people that think, um, that there’s a cure for cancer. Some of you probably think, oh, maybe there is a cure for cancer, but it doesn’t make any sense. We should be able to distinguish the two ways of thinking. It doesn’t mean you can’t have both ways. You can think both ways and they can be contradictory in your head. Don’t be afraid of that. You’re not a hypocrite for that. You’re not a hypocrite for thinking that there’s a cure. But then also realizing that there is no cure.


It’s, it’s not something you need to do to get rid of cancer. It’s something you need to stop doing. Cure implies that there’s something you need to do. We know, we know that we’re fully responsible by our choices, our lifestyle choices. How much can we move and what we, what, what this, what our, our our hand puts into our mouth. There’s another great one there. You would never cut your hand off to avoid getting cancer. My hand keeps putting these donuts in my mouth and keeps putting this 40 into my mouth. And so I’m gonna cut my hand off.


That would be a kind of thinking, right? That’s a kind, that would be a kind of thinking. And you, and, and, and then, and then there’s the outsourcing of it. Well, they’ll, they’ll give me radiation. There’s nothing I can do about it. They’ll gimme radiation and chemicals and I’ll just do my best. Any of us gets type two diabetes and we’re like, shit, we’re gonna stop eating Snicker bars. I’m, I’m introducing a lot of ideas here, by the way, it is not the topics of discussion. It is not sugar or diabetes or cancer that I’m talking about at all today. Think of it more as like cause and effect. We’re talking about how people think cause and effect correlation versus cause what you can know. What we’re really trying to do, are we really trying to save people’s lives? The ultimate way to save everyone’s life was, would be to just not be born then when no one has to die. But then you wouldn’t be alive. So, so we accept that, you know what the leading cause of death is for chil. This is from Google. I don’t know if it’s true. It doesn’t matter if it’s true. It’s just, just the, the, just an example. The leading cause of death for children and young people be between the age of five and 29 years old. Do you know what that is?


Worldwide? Close. Great guess. Fucking great guest drowning. Great guess between the age of five and 29 years old, leading cause of death. I think under five it is drowning. Jeff. I think I remember seeing that somewhere now. Shootings, no, not, not even close. Uh, car accidents between the age of five and 29. Leading, leading in cause of death. Car accidents. Yeah. And, and, and you’re right. I don’t even know if that’s true. You’re probably right. It is probably hunger, starvation, great guesses. Who knows? I’m just telling you what Google told me between five and 29 years old. By the way, if you took put in leading cause all they want to take you is to gun shit. People must be looking up a lot of gun shit right now. Leading cause of death for, uh, ages between five and 29 years old. Uh, car accidents.


Why not get rid of cars? Let’s just get rid of cars. That’s, that’s a way of thinking, right? Bear with me. Bear with me. There’s some other, let me propose some other things before we get rid of cars, right? Uh, uh, the leading co the, the, the cause of those accidents according to the, to Google, the main causes are speeding. A drinking of being tired and texting. I mean, I mean, three of those, we could stop right away. We, we could stop speeding. We could limit the speed of cars overnight, right? We could do that. That’s not a problem. We can get rid of alcohol so no one can be drunk and we can, and we can get rid of cell phones so no one can text. I mean, there’s ways to fix all of this stuff, but on the other side of saving everyone’s life, we have to not be born. Do you see the scale there? So if no one’s born, then no one dies. But the cost is that no one gets to be alive. So there’s a scale.


We put masks on children in the United States and on everyone around them without ever thinking about what the cost was. No, no one did. No one, no one figured out what the cost was. No one figured out what the cost was. No one. I mean, some of us knew. Some of us were like, are you fucking kidding me? I’m not putting a mask on my kid. My wife was even smarter, right? My wife was even smarter than me. She said, uh, um, uh, she said, uh, um, I’m not, I’m not even gonna wear a ma. I’m not even let my kids be around anyone who’s wearing a mask. I’m trying to find the clip. It’s fucking freaky. I’m not even gonna let anyone, um, I’m not even gonna let anyone around be around my kids wearing a mask. And she ended up being right. Because when you put a mask, when you cover someone’s face around a kid, they stop learning. They lose 50% of their ability to learn. Basically. They’re reading lips. They need to see the expressions on the person’s face.


Uh, the this is here, here’s some crazy talk. Listen to this crazy talk. I think that the cat thing, I don’t know, the car thing is kind of debunked because cars were invented to move people. The presupposition that the origin and that the invention is relevant to the critical thinking. Uh, the vaccine was invented to save people too. I mean, it, it’s just, it. This is just, this is what you have to be worried about. This is John Stewart talk. Do not let this enter your brain. Accidents happen. That’s God right there. That’s the problem, by the way, with you. People that believe in God, you gotta all, you gotta have, you can th they, they can use that on you at all times. Accidents happen. You know, that’s God, right?


And then, and then doubles down on the bad thinking. Guns are invented to kill people. It irrelevant. What if we went, all you have to do is what if we went back and we’re like, Hey, uh, uh, Mr. Car inventor. What was the real reason you invented them? Well, to get pussy. And, and that’s the real reason why guns were invented. Guns weren’t invented to kill people. They were invented to get pussy. That’s why everything was invented. If you don’t know that, then you don’t understand shit. I can’t explain anything to you. Just 12 daily doses, dude, easy buddy.


Don’t make it so easy for me. Cars were invented to move people. <laugh>, uh, guns were invented to, uh, actually to just, uh, get birds. And, and not to kill them, but just to mame them. That’s why they used a, uh, a, a a So don’t, don’t, and that’s the problem. To get to the solution, we’re gonna need, like people who can think, uh, clearly, cuz we’re never gonna get to the solution, but we just, what we’re trying to do is mitigate the damage we do. I wonder why masks were invented. I don’t really care, by the way. That was, uh, facetious. We’re trying to mitigate the damage.


And so, so we had some people that were really emotional that thought it was really important to save people who are over 80 years old and we fucked the whole generation. I’m, I’m trying to find this clip. I, um, it’s this. Oh, here it is. Here it is. I ask you this. What do you think the implications are of having the dumbest group of people ever on the planet right now? What do you think the implications are of, of, of lowest reading scores and lowest math scores? You think that this, this is gonna help driving on the streets. Do you think, you think, you think this is going to, uh, adversely affect drinking and driving in car accidents, the leading cause of death? 5 29. You think this is adversely gonna affect gun violence? You think this is adversely gonna affect cardiac, uh, disease? You think this is ad adversely affect obesity? Dude, you think education’s gonna adver? What do you think would be more potent, uh, to, um, uh, stop, uh, gun violence than car accidents? To teach people about drinking or teach or, or take ar off the street, automatic rifles or to have smart kids? I wanna double down on smart kids.


I wanna double down on smart kids. That’s a cool picture, Bruce. I wanna double down on smart kids. I wanna double down on smart kids.

Speaker 3 (16:01):

We all knew that the pandemic was going to affect education, but how bad is it?

Speaker 4 (16:05):

We’ve got the data now and things are bad. They’re actually worse than most of us thought. In fact, I would tell you that we have an education crisis right now. The

Speaker 3 (16:17):

Actual numbers vary by community. But according to a nationwide test, given to fourth and eighth graders, reading skills dropped to the lowest point in 30 years. And in math, nearly 40% of eighth graders couldn’t understand basic concepts. The worst performance since testing began back in 69.

Speaker 4 (16:37):

This is not just poor kids, uh, who were living in the urban centers. It’s all over America. There has been a dramatic reduction in e L A and in math scores. This goes along with the loss of students in school. Oh,

Sevan Matossian (16:50):

I wanna stop

Speaker 4 (16:52):

That right there happening. And the behavioral

Sevan Matossian (16:53):

Problem, he, he said, this goes along with the loss of students in school. Those, I would, I would argue that those loss of students in school are actually the ones that can read the kids that aren’t going to school. The vast majority, the 2 million that dropped out in the last two years, I don’t worry about those kids. Mommy and daddy got those. Don’t worry about those. Mr. Npr, I wonder, I wonder if school was invented. I wonder, I wonder if school was invented to stop gun violence. No, but guess what it does? I wonder if school was invented to stop drunk driving. No, but guess what it does? I wonder if school was invented to stop, uh, men from beating women. No, but guess what It does? It mitigates all those things. Listen to this. Listen to this. Th God, I love you. This. We have, we are so lucky to have this.


You get to see it in real time. People, guns were invented to kill people. Not true. They were invented to get pussy. I already told you that. You can’t refute that. That’s what they do. But, but cars kill people. And they weren’t invented to kill people. You’re making the presupposition because they kill people. That’s what they were invented to do. The vaccine wasn’t made to kill people. Or, or was it, maybe you’re onto something. Are you saying they aren’t? I’m a hundred percent am I saying they aren’t what? That they weren’t invented to kill animals.


And, and, and what is the, what does the origin of it have anything to do with it? The origin of why it was invented. Maybe you, and once again, you’re not looking at the other side of the scale. How many, how many lives has it saved? How many tyrants has it saved? It protected people from, there’s no other side to it. The mask was invented to protect people. That law was put in place to protect people from covid. It’s made a hundred million kids retarded. Dude, do you see that? It’s the third time I busted up your argument.


Yeah, maybe. Uh, this is great. So don’t sell them to people th to to people that want to kill people. Uh, question number seven. Uh, are you interested in killing people? We don’t even try to do that. Fair enough, fair enough. I’ll give you that. I I don’t know if that’s true or not. I don’t, I don’t know if we, I don’t know if we do. I gue I guess because look at Hunter Biden. We knew he was a drug addict and I, and, and, and, and he lied on his, uh, on his application for his gun. And he still got one. So maybe you’re onto something there. Something’s weird. Something’s weird. You’re onto something there. I’ll meet you there. Can we do that? Can we not talk about why they were invented?


Another thing I was tripping on is do, do you guys know anyone who is a, uh, um, a Democrat who turned Republican and then vice versa? Do you know one who’s a Republican who turned Democrat? Do you know anyone who is a Democrat who just turned libertarian? Do you know? And his Democrat who just became apolitical? Do you know anyone? Uh, I don’t know a single person who went from a Republican to Democrat. And then here’s another thing. Do you know anyone who went from, uh, uh, being against guns to being pro-gun? Okay. And then, and then the other way, do you know anyone who was, uh, anti-gun or who was pro-gun who went anti-gun? I have never met anyone. Yeah, I only know Democrat to Republican. Me too. And I don’t know anyone who went from, uh, a pro gun to anti-gun. I don’t know anyone either. It’s not an argument for it being the better way to go. Maybe people are just getting dumber. I’m just saying. I’m just saying. I’d like to, I’d like to know how many people, um, uh, it, what, well, I’d like to know, I was looking into the KKK night.


What a fucking fascinating organization. Did you know, did you know that in, in more than half the states in the United States, the KKK killed more white people than black people? I had no fucking idea. Makes me really not like him. Now, uh, caller. Hi, Mr. Bill.

Speaker 5 (21:10):

Yeah, I I think I texted you this, uh, research that came out on the statistics about the rate of patriotism, religion, having children in community involvement since 1998. In 1998, 60% of Americans thought having children was a very important value. Today it’s 30%. 70 of Americans in 1998 thought patriotism was a very important value. And now it’s 38% religion. 62%. 19 98, 30 9% of Americans think it’s important. And then also the, the, uh, KFF health system tracker just came out. Seven, uh, the US life expectancy is now 76 years old. Compare comparable European countries, many of which, many of which have universal healthcare government run healthcare 82 and a half years.

Sevan Matossian (22:09):

Oh, I liked how you slipped that in there. That’s bullshit. But go on. Not your numbers, but just how you slip that in there,

Speaker 5 (22:16):

<laugh>. I, and so, I mean, I think you’re getting at the, the crucial question of our age, which is the, like the coming, the coming chaos. And I think the shooter in Nashville was just the taste of what’s to come. I don’t think you should,

Sevan Matossian (22:32):

I don’t think the shooter in Nashville is anything, um, special. This is happening just every day, right? By special, I mean unique, right? Like people are trying to make it into a big deal. It’s like, dude, like there’s tons of crazies. Like we have crazies. We have crazies.

Speaker 5 (22:44):

But you should look at the what the left ascribe to the right. So what, what do they say about republicans in Tennessee? They’re committing a genocide against trans people. You should always look at that as, um, them looking at a mirror of what they want to do to the people who are opposed to the trans ideology.

Sevan Matossian (23:07):

Well, I give you a hundred percent there. You shouldn’t socialists and Democrats will stack bodies like Cordwood. They have no fucking value for life. Their whole thing is kill anyone who doesn’t agree with them. I, if, if that’s what you’re saying. I agree. I’ve never said that on the air, but they are a scary fucking group of people.

Speaker 5 (23:25):

They project.

Sevan Matossian (23:26):

Yeah. They are a scary fucking group of people. For sure. For

Speaker 5 (23:30):

Sure. The only thing history,

Sevan Matossian (23:31):

History shows that by the way, and did, we’re not Bill and I aren’t here just like postulating, these motherfuckers will fucking kill you if you don’t believe in their inclusion.

Speaker 5 (23:42):

I mean, think, think of World War ii, think of after World War ii. Yeah. The, the or, and after World War i, 3 million ethnic Germans were killed after each of those war wars as supposed, you know, justice or retribution. Um, I mean this could, this hopefully doesn’t get that scary. But, you know, um, it, it kind of goes back to the, the question you’re bringing up about, about guns because, you know, we’re, we’re kinda on the precipice where tensions are so, so high. I

Sevan Matossian (24:14):

Was trying not to make it about guns. I I, I I blew that. Everyone just knew what I was doing. I wasn’t even slick about that.

Speaker 5 (24:21):

Yeah. But I mean, now the point is like there are no, there’re no longer mediating institutions or beliefs that we can rely on to navigate tensions so that like the Tinder box is set for a flame.

Sevan Matossian (24:34):

Why is that? What was that thing you said? Why is it Tinder blocks set? Because what? Because we’re not what saying?

Speaker 5 (24:39):

Because, because like the survey I talked about, no longer do people think patriotism or religion Right. Or or having a family is important to them. Yeah. We’re becoming an increasingly individualistic society. Yeah. Without anything beyond ourselves that unite us. Yeah. And so that’s, that, that’s why it’s never too much to talk about the, the tensions or the risk of, of, you know, kinds of violence that we haven’t seen before because we haven’t seen these kinds of social conditions before.

Sevan Matossian (25:10):

Well, thank you. Thanks having Yep. Thank you always. You’re always welcome to call Mr. Bill. Do you think that, um, you think that, um,


There was, there was this, there was this thing that Greg used to say, Greg Glassman used to say at the CrossFit level one s about how, um, CrossFit was this, uh, methodology that allowed your, uh, your, your, your human genome, your DNA to express itself in its fullest. And some of the ideas that he, one, because of the movement, but two, because of the diet you would eat in that zone diet and you admit it would keep your hormone levels just level. And he felt like disease came from fucking hormone levels that did this. And, uh, he didn’t feel that way. He, he, uh, he studied it and came up to that conclusion. And then, and then he felt like the CrossFit, the movement also allowed the, with the constantly varied functional movement that you were sort of replicating something that happened in real life.


And therefore there was this combination of nutrition and movement that allowed you to express, do we, do we all kind of agree on that idea? That there is an expression? And then he would say, yo, so if you’re a girl and you get huge thighs, or if you’re a dude and you get a big ass waist, like, hey, that’s just the way it, what you were, you were supposed to don’t fight it, but you had to work really hard to see that full expression, right? To see that fucking rich froning. You had to work really hard. You had to be disciplined with the diet and the, uh, and the movement, right?


We all kind of agree on that. And then there’s things in history that have, that have, uh, um, in the clinical sense, not in the playful sense, uh, have, have retarded that. So for example, uh, shoes, right? Uh, Joe Westerland, uh, one of the great coaches on planet earth today out of, uh, Omaha, uh, was sharing with me one time that he felt ankle flexion is what led to a lot of the, and I’m sorry Joe, if I’m fucking this up. The spirit of it’s right that, uh, that ankle flexion, people wearing shoes are not having good ankle flexion. What led to knee injury, which led to hip injury, which led to back injury. That basically there was a chain of chain of there was an effect from the extremities heading towards the core of the body. Because we do things to sort of retard our natural, um, oh, you want me to add some other people in there?


Okay. Uh, uh, BIA the express. Yeah. Uh, Danny Spiegel great example, right? What a fucking in insane fucking expression. How cool is that? I don’t know who John Perra is. Uh, KPA. Yeah. What a fucking savage, what a crazy expression, right? Um, of, of, of what CrossFit can do. So, so, so we agree with that. And as we do things, we, we, we retard this, this process as we, we’ve added things to it that maybe should have been used sparingly, but are used like every day, right? So shoes would be cool, like on a, on a day that it’s frozen or if you’re going to battle shit like that, right?


Oh, look, listen, Kevin, don’t get crazy. Don’t get fucking crazy and start trying to talk sensitive. The gun. Listen, the gun issue is a non-issue. Zero compared to fentanyl. Zero. Dealing with the gun issue is like dealing with the poli the, the gun issue to help America is like dealing with, um, uh, uh, um, uh, the police to help racism. It’s idiocy it complete fucking idiocy. You The fentanyl problem is, would be the, the, the, if we could stop fentanyl, if we could close our border, if we took care of our, of our country like that, um, the, the ch the the, the, the amount of benefits that would come with would be nuts. Dude, I bet you shootings would drop in half.


It’d be crazy, crazy. Don’t start talking real talk. Look at it. Even his name is the real Kevin trying to talk sense into someone. Easy buddy. This is, that’s my job. You guys just act crazy in the comments. Don’t start trying to talk fucking smart like me. So, so you have, so there’s things you have to do. If you don’t, if you don’t, there’s 10,000 step thing. Like if you’re not walking every day, your body’s not doing what it was supposed to do. There’s, there’s just this shit your body’s supposed to do if you’re looking at your phone. Do you think there’s ever a time in humanity when our eyes were, or in the, in the previous, you know, the, the expression of how we’re supposed to express ourselves, our dna n our, our, our, our, these great fucking godly gifts we re received at these bodies. There was, there was ever a time when we looked like this for six hours a day? No, we’re looking that way. Do you think.

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