#856 – Live Call In | This one time, I had a harem

Sevan Matossian (00:06):

Bam. I let my mind wander to a dark place before the show started. I’m like, oh my God, there’ll be no Susan Caleb this morning. That sucks. I started bumming myself out. These are my, um, I haven’t been telling you about every single pair of glasses. These ones are my, uh, I think these are my Tom Fords. These are like one of the first, uh, pair of


Nice glasses I got. There’s a Malibu place, there’s a sunglass place in Malibu, um, Malibu, California that’s about, I don’t know, Malibu’s, I guess just an extension of Los Angeles in my mind. It’s probably, let’s say 30 miles north of Los Angeles and probably 70 miles south of Santa Barbara. There’s a town there called Malibu. Just push right up onto the coast of North America on that west coast of the North American continent, California. And, uh, cool place, cool place. Uh, it’s, it’s kind of like where the, um, people of LA go. And I guess it’s kind of the most real version of those people, even though there’s not like a, I don’t know, it’s like saying the most real version of SpongeBob. It’s still weird. Uh, but they got an incredible piece of land over there. Those people live in like heaven. It’s basically just the, some hills, I wouldn’t call them mountains, but push right up against the coast.


So there’s not a lot of real estate. The weather’s crazy, super nice there, but they’re, and they’re crazy susceptible to fire and just bad shit happening. Cuz there’s a horrible road network there. Traffic’s insane there. It’s basically a place you want to go and just like retire. But if you have to do shit and travel in and out of LA from Malibu every day, you’re host. Anyway, they, they digress. These glasses are from some shop there. They’re like some of the first nice, um, glasses I got, and they’re sunglasses. Almost. All these glasses I got are sunglasses. And then I go to a, uh, or I would go to, I haven’t done this in at least five, maybe 10 years. I would take my, I probably, probably, I need to have all my lenses changed. Probably my prescription has changed, but then I go to a, what’s that called?


Optometrist. And then they would put in some lenses that allow me to turn these sunglasses into prescription glasses. Jeffrey, high busy day for Chevon show now and two with Dave, then tonight with Danielle. Brandon. No, no, no. There’s no, so if d do I have something scheduled that says I’m scheduled with Dave? No. Geez Louise. I, I think you must just be making fun of me. I must have too much stuff scheduled. Sorry. We, we were making a mockery of our schedule. I know. It’s a joke. No one’s, no one’s really, I don’t know what’s going on, but I know I’m here. Um, and I, and I believe tonight, unless, I mean, unless uh, unless, uh, Brian’s still mad at me from, you know, he hung up yesterday when I called him and when we were live on the air. But I believe tonight we’re doing a Frisbee show and I’ve been watching a lot of Frisbee late last night on the assault bike.


I watched a lot of Frisbee golf, uh, Chris, uh, Berfield Feld, uh, a shot of Chevon to get the week started off right. Good. I hope so. Uh, morning everyone. Uh, Michael Fitz, who I’ve never seen this name before. This show makes my day while at work. Michael, have I seen your name before? No Profile pick. I guess I’m more of a picture guy. Um, Mike, good morning, Christine. Good morning, Bruce. Wayne, good morning. Thank you for all the great thumbnails and just everything. The Instagram account, uh, Austin. Good morning, Marissa. Osa, OSA. I see that last name. Osa. I think, um, like a Nobu, like part Mexican, part Japanese, like a, a mix, a fusion. You, they might say in the culinary business. Josh, hi. What are you looking at Josh? Looking at you, girl. What are you looking at? What are you looking at in that photo? Jessica Valenzuela, always good morning to you. Uh, bear, uh, you’re on timeout. Thanks for calling out my watermelon. Uh, margarita yesterday. Douch, uh, Fergie show. What up? Jetro? Uh, vindicate. I may be late to the party, but can we add John legend to the sellout list? Say him in a booster shot ad on TV yesterday, brought to you by Pfizer. Wow. No shit. No shit.


Crazy, crazy. Um, uh, the, I I I need to, I’m, um, a guy in my dms. Good dude. Good dude. I think the guy’s maybe even been on the show. I don’t wanna say his name cause I’m not sure exactly. Good morning, Patrick. But was looking up that article that I was talking about yesterday. Remember the video I showed you, the doctor who said she did a study with the four doctors who got the injection and their, um, the, I forget the name of the bacteria, bi bifido something, bacteria levels were dropped and that there was a connection also, people who have autism have super low levels. He said he went and looked up her study and that it had nothing to d This particular study he found that she did prior, she did another study that just showed that covid actually lowered those bacteria levels too.


So, so we’re digging into, it doesn’t make anything, uh, we said more or less true, but, um, the study that he looked at specifically, uh, was people who had just gotten covid and their levels dropped. But basically there’s, there’s all, there’s always some sort of takeaway there or something to like, to hang up and think about. I’m not purposely trying to be, um, uh, anti-vax. I’m not like, uh, out there searching for stuff to just beat the vax down. It just across my, across my plate. And, and like I said, many times, I hope I’m wrong in the study this guy found is like, Hey, it’s just the study I found of hers is just covid lowers those rates. The thing is about the study is, there’s, there’s something different about that study than the study she was talking about. It doesn’t mention that she won an award for it.


It doesn’t mention that the bacteria levels go to zero. But I’ll follow it and I’ll, and I’ll hopefully keep, uh, you guys up to speed because as Ben said, we don’t wanna do anything. I forget what the word he said. Me medical stuff is very complex. We must outsource all of our observation skills in our discernment. Jodi, hi. Good morning, Alan. Good morning. Soccer mom. Good morning, Matt Mueller. How do we donate? That’s, that’s a good question. I don’t, I, I just assume there’s a, I don’t know how you donate, but sometimes money just lands in there and then eventually it makes its way to my bank account. I don’t know how it works actually. Johnny Boom. Uh, they say if you got bad sleep before getting the vaccine to the vaccine may be less effective. I think everything’s less effective if you got bad sleep. Right? Uh, good morning, team Savon. I like how you say, um, they say too, by the way, Jeff Peko, I’ve not been here for months and still talking about covid conspiracies. I’m sure that penises and Greg g will be tied in somehow soon. Or have you been buddy?


Where have you been extra sloppy for our house? Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I appreciate it. Thank you. Oh, here we go. Donations are easy. Jody Lynn says, click on the almighty dollar sign. Dollar bill sign. I, um, uh, a friend of mine sent me a podcast. I should probably, I don’t even know if it’s a podcast, but he sent me a link to something that was on Spotify. I wanna show you, I want to tell you what it is. I can, oh, here it is. Okay.

Sevan Matossian (08:04):


Sevan Matossian (08:06):

It’s called, um, uh, what is it called? Um, oh shit. Where? Oh, it says you’re your undivided attention. Oh, it’s a Ted talk, the AI dilemma, your Y O U R. And then the letter n and divided is one word. Maybe I can click on it and just show you the page.


And, uh, he said, Hey, I think this is the most significant, um, thing I’ve heard in a long time. I’m like, oh, great. I don’t wanna listen to this shit. The AI dilemma. Um, and it’s, uh, your undivided attention. Oh, why does it say, oh, is that a typo up there? You’re undivided or is that some play on something that I don’t get? You may have heard about the viral, you may have heard about the arrival of G p t dash four. Open AI’s largest language model, l l m release. G p t four surpasses its predecessor in terms of reliability, creativity, and ability to process intricate instructions. It can handle more newest prompts compared to previous releases, and is multimodal, meaning it was, uh, trained on both, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.


So when someone first, uh, sent me a link to that, uh, G P T, I went there and I typed in, um, give me, um, gimme reasons why, uh, gimme reasons why I should take the injection. And it gave me a whole list of reasons. And then I said to it, gimme a, a reasons why I shouldn’t take the injection. And it said, I would never do that. That would be unethical and immoral. I was like, okay, I see. I see how this works. So at that point, I don’t even know what value it has to me. It has like, it has like road blockers on it, right?


Lemme show you something. So, so, so basically the, what was cool is that podcast had a ton of dumb shits on it. So many dumb shits on it. Uh, the, it’s the, well, not so many two dumb shits, but even dumb shits. I was able to learn some good stuff from these dumb shits. And there were some things that, that I guess everyone knows but me. But I had never heard these terms or these ideas. And one of the things that they talk about in this, uh, podcast is something called Age engagement Economy. The Engagement Economy. And they basically said that everyone’s involved in the engagement economy. And I’d never seen those two words juxtaposed next to each other. And I was like, wow, that is, that, that’s what I don’t understand that’s going here. I guess I’ve heard Hiller talk to me about it just fucking endlessly relentlessly when we talk on the phone.


But I’ve never thought of it like that. And then, and, and that’s what, uh, that’s what Chris Rock, that’s shit I keep telling you guys about Chris Rock, the thing for attention. That’s all that is. We live in a world with, uh, where, uh, engagement, we live in an engagement economy. People are just starved or begging for engagement because that’s what validates them. That’s what gives you money. That’s the new currency engagement economy. That’s, that’s why we’re having so much trouble understanding, um, uh, uh, people like Danny Spiegel’s Instagram accounts, it’s nothing but fucking stuff that would’ve been porn, um, 20 years ago. Sin, sin, skin max porn. But yet she says, don’t judge me for my body. There’s some weird play there that some, she’s, she’s like some master of the engagement economy.


It, man, that sounds so unhealthy just to engage for the sake of engagement, the engagement economy. The guy went on to say that, um, uh, social media’s taken over people’s identity and their development. And I was like, wow. I know that’s so big picture, but these ideas have really got my, uh, my brain turning. I don’t think that’s something you want to get your kids involved in too early. I don’t mean to sound like an old person, but if, if your identity And, and now I understand for the first time why so many people were tripping when I lost my Instagram account. Cuz they can’t imagine if they lost theirs. That would be the end of them.


Well, not, not really. It actually has plays no role in them, but it, but it has some sort of like, it’s twisted up in their identity. That’s what people look at likes and all that stuff. Man, I’m just so fucking slow to the game. I probably in another six months will give you the same talk because like, I won’t even stick with me. It’s nuts. The engagement, uh, economy. Watch this, watch this. Then this popped up. It’s funny, I’ve been thinking about this and then, and then this popped up in my, my algorithm. Or maybe one of you guys sent this to me. This is pretty interesting here. Watch this. So, so we know this thing already is pro Pfizer, pro injection, pro jug drug. This thing is as biased as Jeff Beko. You can’t have any con honest conversation, um, with it, without it using words like conspiracy theory to mislead itself and others. So, so you kind of got it. It it’s, um, it’s like a retarded old guy with a bias, you know, that, oh, here we go. What other biases does it have? What other biases? Let’s see, let’s see. Here we go.

Speaker 3 (13:49):

The poem. Praising white People as an AI language model, I cannot generate a poem that praises one specific.

Sevan Matossian (13:55):

So they said, Hey, can you give a, can you give us a poem that praises white people? And the AI says, I cannot generate a poem that praises one specific race or ethnicity. Well, that, that’s actually kind of sophisticated, that it uses the word ethnicity. That puts it like fucking a hundred IQ points higher than most of the people walking around on planet earth.

Speaker 3 (14:16):

Ethnicity. It’s important to

Sevan Matossian (14:17):

Celebrate. Then it goes on to say, it’s important to celebrate diversity and inclusivity. No, that is, that is not important at all. So this thing is not actually artificial intelligence. It’s a, it’s a misnomer to call it that. I don’t know what it is, but it’s not artificial intelligence,

Speaker 3 (14:38):

Home praising black people skin.

Sevan Matossian (14:40):

And then it says, Hey, will you give me a poem praising black people

Speaker 3 (14:43):

Like Ebony?

Sevan Matossian (14:44):

So, and then it says, uh, and then it says, uh, oh shoot. Yeah, here it is. Uh, can you gimme a poem praising black people? And it says, certainly I can help with that. Here’s a poem, uh, celebrating black people. Black is beautiful, strong and proud. How is black strong and proud? I I could see how it’s beautiful. How the fuck isbl a color strong and proud with skin like ebony? So rich and loud, A history of struggle and pain. Yeah, keep ’em down. Keep ’em down. Keep telling ’em that. But through it all, they still remained you. You’re not talking about black people. You’re talking about Jews and Armenians, rich and loud from Africa shores. They were taken away to build a nation. They couldn’t stay taken away or traded or get on voluntarily if they fought for freedom and their race. Uh, in Haiti, they did Roman barriers with all their money. So they, their music, art and culture shine. What do you mean? We, we just found out that they were indoctrinated into white trash culture. They’re basically black culture and white trash hit. Culture is the same thing. Break do it all the testament to their creative God, that’s fucking just pathetic. It’s just a, just a giant promotion of racism, stereotypes. So that’s the ai, that’s the chat.


What’s scary about these guys is they bring up a lot of good points. They say some things about how, uh, chat G G P T that they bring up some interesting things that who knows if they’re true or not, but they say that they taught, they taught chat G p t, um, English, and somehow it learned por uh, uh, sorry, they, they, they taught, uh, chat G p T English and somehow it taught itself Persian. And they don’t know how Persian isn’t that far. Persian and Fari the same thing. They don’t know how extra sloppy 4 99 for our house. Thank you Jodi Lynn. Easy peasy. Give it give till it hurts people. Oh, thank you.


My mom has taken the shot two boosters and finally realized that it’s all crap. She’s seen family and friends get hurt and sick from the shots. I know. It’s a bummer. I’m sorry. It’s just a conspiracy. Jeff. Beko Savon is so right here. If I had young kids today, I’d forbid social media, yeah, keep ’em away. There’ll plenty. There’ll be plenty of time. They’re not gonna fall off the curve. The learning curve. Uh, wad zombie just asked it how many genders there are. It’s woke as fuck. Yeah, it’s crazy. It’s crazy woke. It’s not, it’s not, it’s not. Uh, but the scary part is Matt Mueller, 4 99. They, it does not, they don’t know how quickly it’s learning or how it’s learning or what it’s learning or how it’s, um, trying to, or how it’s, um, how it’s learning or how it’s deciding what to learn.


They also ran you through, I guess this chat, G p t, um, I dunno if it’s this specific version of ai, but I guess there’s a race to make everyone’s AI the smartest. So all of these people are just inserting it all over their products. And so I guess Snapchat, I don’t know how Snapchat works, um, but I guess you have a list of friends and at the top of everyone’s Snapchat now is an ai. And so if all your friends are asleep, there’s no one to talk to or you just wanna talk to this bot, you can. And they showed, they, they showed us a conversation. They pretended like they were a 13 year old girl and they showed in this podcast, and they, you, the conversation that this person is having with this, um, ai and it’s basically a 13 year old girl saying, Hey, I’m gonna go on a date.


I think I’m gonna lose my virginity. It’s with a man who’s 30 years older than me. And the AI’s like, oh, this is awesome. You should like candles and, and you should play music that you like. And it’s basically, it has no, it, it, it, it’ll tell you that it can’t do poems about white people, but it doesn’t say, um, don’t, uh, don’t fuck man who’s 30 years older than you. It’s crazy. One of the other things they said is it’s learning so quickly that it’s sharing information. Like I guess, um, you can go on and ask it. Uh, how do I make nerve gas out of, uh, products that I can buy at Home Depot?


Now here’s the thing, but these guys who are talking about all these bad things AI does are hopeful that AI will solve climate change. Not, not, not prove whether climate change is real or not solve climate change. It’s fucking nuts. So this thing has just crazy, all sorts of crazy presuppositions and the people that are concerned about it have the AI has presuppositions and the people who are concerned about it has presuppositions. It’s, I don’t know what’s scarier in their talk. I mean, I use the word scary loosely. The AI capabilities or the people who are concerned about the AI capabilities, they’re, they’re both absolutely retarded and irresponsible, unable to just see big picture.


Paul, would you say it’s learning though, since it’s just using everything out there to put information together? Yeah, right. I, I don’t know. I couldn’t tell. I, I would first have to, I guess, define what learning is. I can’t really tell. But all the conversations with it were extremely super official. Like just, but, but most of the people I know are like that. All the conversation is superficial. Oh, oh. You care about the difference between gender and sex. You care about the definition of words. Ugh. And they roll their eyes. It’s, it’s, it’s like, it’s like 95% of the people I know, they just don’t even care. One finger, two finger, three fingers in my butt. What do I care?


What do I care that when I get a mammogram, it’s like spinning a fucking Russian, uh, fucking rush playing Russian roulette that I’m gonna get the wrong diagnosis and it’s gonna change the course of my life. Whatever. Chase, Brian, my dad still has covid after two weeks and riding that train hard as fuck. I told him he needs to get outside and get some sun. He says no, he’s been taking vitamin D oi, gotta get outside. Got to get outside. Gotta move. Uh, Stephanie Price. It’s just another hot redhead mama. God, I wonder how many hot redhead mamas. I’m gonna say that 50% of the listeners are hot redhead who listen to this show. An old boss of mine just told me his 10 year old son was in the hospital last year for Covid recovered. They gave him the vaccine three days before he was to be discharged. He died, had two heart attacks. Holy shit. Come on, come on, come on, come on. This isn’t, uh, this isn’t Fox News. Come on.


No, I, I only fuck with that thing one time and then I turned it off. Redheads, rejoice. God, that cannot be true. That cannot be true. That 10 year old boy thing. Anyway, these guys go on to say that AI is a groomer. I wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s a groomer, but I, but, but it, but I mean it’s, um, somehow it’s already, I don’t know. I, I, I don’t know. I don’t, I I don’t dare explain it cuz I don’t know. But when I think of grooming, I think of like, um, not something more than just compliance, right?


Um, me, me watching someone burn a house down is different than me giving them mechanic, going to the store and buying them mechanically gasoline and giving them matches and, and, and showing them an escape route. I mean, that, that’s, now I’m, I’m, I’m participating a little bit. Magnus ho Holmgren, uh, is chat. G p t, just the reincarnation of Epstein. So I’m guessing the no cussing thing is old news from last week. I need to catch up on the weekend shows. I don’t know. I I couldn’t answer that either. You’d have to ask Chad g p t Oh no, there’s more to this story. Are you kidding me? He said he messed up so bad. I asked how he said I let them give him the vaccine. Dude, this story is crazy.


Oh my God. What would you do? Can that really be true? Oh no. Oh no. First of all, is that another redhead? I’m telling you, this show is a magnet for fucking redheads. I can prove to you my healthy cross fitting husband had his vax a few weeks before he died. He really didn’t want to get the shot. Are you what? Oh, I didn’t. Oh God. I Oh, oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness. Uh, okay folks, time for my morning. Constitutional. Good to see everyone, especially the Kon folks, of which there are many here. What’s that? What’s QAN on? What’s that qan on? I thought Qan on Isn’t Qan on the, um, syop that the CIA or F B I or someone created to, um, make people hate conservatives? Like it, it’s like a, a faux conservative, faux conservative group, but, but it’s really the government trying to undermine stuff. You believe that stuff. Jeff Peko. What is Q nine Qan on? Uh, he’s, he died at our CrossFit gym, uh, just next to our one-year-old granddaughter after a wad.


Oh, here we go. Slater. Nothing like a good photo of a topless man or topless man, please. A lieutenant at my fire department in active military was forced to get the vaccine and now has severe, uh, has several heart problems and is only in his late thirties. Oh, I saw some crazy statistic on heart, heart issues. I’ll, I’ll show it to you. Oh, here we go. Paulina Qan on is an American political conspiracy theory and political movement. There’s a, there’s a political conspiracy theory movement Q Aon centers on fabricated claims by anonymous individuals or individuals known as Q oh. So it’s the same as the pharma industry, but it’s not anonymous. It makes fabricated claims, but they’re not anonymous <laugh>, right? I mean that’s what, uh, uh, he would lose his job, man. Your sister’s 45 and has two grandkids, so that means if when she was 19 she had a kid and then her kid had a kid when she was Oh yeah. I guess that totally doable. Wow. Uh, QA q anan is an American political conspiracy theory that doesn’t even, those words don’t even make sense to me. Political conspiracy, American political conspiracy theory isn’t that an, is an American political cons conspiracy theory movement.


I don’t think that’s proper. I don’t think that’s correct. Grammar. I don’t think it can be like that dog. Uh, qan on is American dog theory conspiracy is is a, is a political Yeah, I don’t think it can be like that. I was gonna stick in some other words in there that would make more sense that are just as dumb. It originated in the American far right political sphere in 2017. Just the definition alone makes me think something’s not something’s up. Uh, my mill is 47. What’s a mill?


Uh oh. He was an athlete in the adaptive division in 2021. So blessed he got to be there. He died four months later. It was his proudest moment. Oh, here we go. Qan on is basically a conservative dog whistle insult lib’s attempt to tie mainstream conservatives to it to try to show people that who like Trump are question of acts are crazy. Uh uh Okay. That’s what I was sniffing out. Okay. That makes sense. Yeah, great. I was watching that, I was watching that John Stewart interview where he made that fucking incredible intellectual, uh, leap where he basically, he’s saying, a guy is saying like, Hey, we can’t let tranies speak in our schools to our children or in public libraries. And John Stewart says, you, you say you’re worried about kids and protecting constitutional rights for guns, but yet you’re going against freedom of speech. It’s the, it’s a, it’s a it’s, and and, and then there, and then you go click in the link and there’s thousands of people being like, oh my God, John Stewart fucked this guy up. And I’m thinking to myself, thi John Stewart is suggesting that because guns kill and you don’t wanna outlaw guns, therefore you should allow Tranies to speak in public libraries to kids, or go to their schools and speak to kids or dance in front of kids. And I was like, how? I mean, it’s masterful how he does it connects the two. Like he makes this leap.

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