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Me and the me and the boys are like, we’re gelling me and, uh, Brian and, um, Jr. I mean, Brian and I have been doing a lot of shows together. I’m like, zero Humili hu humility about it. I’m like so proud of this,

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Relationship. I’ve, um,


I’m so proud of this relationship I have with him. It’s, uh, just cultivating it, moving it along, Lear learning to work together. Same with the Calebs. It sucks that, uh, I hope I can figure this thing out. I hope, I hope that like somewhere, like just a shitload of money lands on us and I can figure this thing out. Cuz me and Caleb were starting to really cruise too. I haven’t noticed just with him on the show yesterday already, the show’s better. Caleb just knows when to pull shit up. He’s paying attention. I hate it when I have to be like, oh, hey, we need to pull. I shouldn’t say I hate it. I don’t mind, but I prefer, I prefer, yeah, that’s much better, much more, uh, genuine. I prefer that. I don’t have to be like, Hey, can you pull up a map? Can you do this? We’re talking about the leaderboard and it’s in the wrong spot. And, and the, and the person running the back end has to really pay attention to that. And, uh, if I say something and, and Caleb looks up a word, I just, it’s, um, I don’t realize, uh, I, it’s not that I didn’t realize how important it was to the show. I, I really did. But when it’s gone, it really hits home. Just hits me like a truck.


Uh, Stephen Flores, good morning. I imagine se opening up the show with the thong song and au Audrey shaking it Totally fair. Let’s your imagination run wild. Do you think there are any wise, um, politicians, do you think everyone wants to have wisdom? Do you think people wanna be wise? Do you think that, do you think that, um, there’s this, uh, there’s these, the, I guess there’s a definition d different, there’s a distinction between the definition of wise. Why all of a sudden twitch? Why all of a sudden twitch? Hi, good morning. Wet and mouth. SA sounds, there’s a difference in the definition of wise versus the, um, characteristics. Wow. Audrey has a slamming body.


Yeah, it’s safe to say that she’s on, she’s stuck on an island somewhere. What ocean is that out there by Australia? Is that the Indian ocean? What are they surrounded by down there? Why do they call it down there? Why can’t it be up there? Is it really down? Do we have a down, there’s a di difference between the definition of wise and the characteristics of being wise much easier to, uh, talk about the, uh, characteristics of being wise. I, I had characteristics of being wise from a very, very, very, very, very young age. There’s a practicality to being wise.


A lot of smart people don’t wanna be wise because it, it appears you’re stupid because there is a, um, there’s an admittance. Uh, the, the entryway into being wise is to, uh, that you don’t know anything. You can’t believe anything to just to just to get to you see the gate of wisdom and then to walk in. You have to not know anything. And you are not, uh, you are not doing that. If you have pride, you are not, you are not, you are not taking it there. When I was, when I was young, if I was riding my bike, even to this day, but one of the, one of the characteristics of my, of, of that, that I had of, of humility or wisdom was I, I would be the kind of person who would be, if I was riding a bike and I were to crash, uh, nine outta 10 people wouldn’t have, have wanted anyone to, uh, see. A matter of fact, I can’t think of anyone who wanted to see who would want their crash to be witnessed, but not me. I thought it was a waste if I crashed on my bike and no one saw it. I was very disappointed.


Very disappointed. Like, wow, that happened and no one got to enjoy that. Yeah, I was, I I I was trying to figure out if I’ve, if I’ve, I’m trying to think if I’ve ever seen one wise. I’m trying to think of if I’ve seen anything wise come out of a politician’s mouth.


Hmm. I see people do things all the time on the internet or on Instagram. That doesn’t appear to be wise all the time. It’s weird. It, it’s, it’s weird. It, it, it, it’s almost in, um, it’s embarrassing. I, I, I get, I get, I don’t get it why people aren’t embarrassed. If, if, if there’s only one thing to be embarrassed about, I would feel like it’s to, uh, do things that aren’t wise characteristics of, of, of wisdom are much easier to point at than to define it. There was this, when, when I think of wise, I, and this is just my memory of it, I’m sure someone will slap me around in the comments, but I guess, uh, I guess Jesus told the homies, told the apostles, Hey, when they come to persecute you don’t prepare your defense.


Let the wisdom of God speak through you. It’s kind of, that’s kind of, uh, that’s one. I think that’s one of the characteristics of being wise. You, you, you stay in the, in the presence. You don’t argue with reality. The preparation is about, uh, often is just about being present, you know? Um, another characteristic of wise is not to put distance between you and something not to look at the sunset and to come at it, fall out of your mouth. Boy, that’s beautiful. Or to look at a flower and be like, boy, that’s beautiful. And now all of a sudden you have distance between you, you and the object.


That’s a tough one for people to, that’s a tough one for people to accept. But, but they can’t accept it. Cuz there’s, there’s, there’s, there’s no wisdom there. They, they, there’s no, they haven’t even, they haven’t even grasped that, that experience yet you could, another characteristic of wisdom is that you’re, that you’re, um, that you have an incredible sense of humor. An incredible sense of humor. But people who have incredible sense of humor aren’t wise. That, that it doesn’t work that way. Uh, wisdom does not always show up from someone in a suit with brilliant talking points. I’ve never seen wisdom. I, i tell me one time, you’ve seen wisdom from someone, uh, uh, in a suit. I’ve never seen that. I’ve ne I’ve never ever seen that outlaw hate speech. Pedophilia is bad. N none of that’s not, none of that is wisdom. That’s that. There’s no wisdom there that’s standing up against evil. So evil gets bigger. That’s not wisdom.


That is, that is, that is, uh, there’s no, there’s no wisdom. That’s not the wisdom I’m talking about. Uh, uh, Philip Kelly, Jordan Peterson wears the suit all the time. Very good point. Wash your penis. Uh, the act of washing your penis might, uh, portray, uh, I don’t know if that’s wisdom. I appreciate the, the attempt that is de that is not wisdom. No. And, and once again, there you go. Uh, childlike, but not wise, but a wise person is childlike. So another great, uh, example, uh, de definitely not wise people who say stuff like this, it was embarrassing. Uh, wise, people are not that, that is, uh, words like bored and embarrassing. Uh, signified definitely not wise. Doesn’t mean, I mean, you don’t know. The person could be acting. They still could be wise, but this is like deuce chills when Greg would give, be giving a lecture with his hat on backwards.


This is the, um, this is the, uh, famous saying that’s used wrong so many times. I can’t believe how many times the saying is wrong. But this is, I’m pointing at the moon and you’re staring at my hand, meaning you’re, you’re, he’s, he’s looking at Greg while the, the, the message is, uh, is coming out. You’re being distracted. You’re looking at the wrong thing. Bizarre to me that, that you gotta, whatever that is, you should drop that. It will never be wise with that. It will never, ever, that’s a, that’s a, um, shaving your back on your bed not wise.


That’s, I don’t know. Maybe Savon don’t fall for the troll. How can I stand for the troll? It’s the, they’re great examples though. This, this, this wi this wisdom thing. Another, another characteristic of, of wise people is, is they always have space. They always can create space between themselves and thoughts. They can create space between them themselves and thoughts. And when they don’t and they’re reacting, it’s almost like they’re having the out of body experience. They’re, it’s like they become the watcher, the observer. I thought the show yesterday morning was out of control. I was so happy with it. My wife did tell me that there were a lot of f-bombs in it. She said, wow, you really, you went from trying not to say it, to just off the deep end. The wise, wise, people are not willing to follow the crowd. I, I don’t know, I don’t know if that’s a characteristic. Is that, I don’t know. I don’t know if that’s a characteristic. I I don’t, I don’t think that’s a so much potty mouth yesterday. It was. It’s what I don’t, you know, I don’t even notice. I don’t even,


A wise person does not argue with reality. I’ll tell you. That does not argue with reality. That is a very, very, very strong characteristic. A wise person does not argue with reality. And as you get wiser and you start seeing yourself do that, it’s amazing. And that’s where the funny shit comes in. That’s where life gets starts to get really funny. That’s the horse story. Remember the horse story we showed yesterday and all I was wondering if that guy’s banged that chick. The wise person does not get swept away and angry when they walk out to their car and it’s, and, and the battery is, uh, not working and they can’t get to their next appointment, which is where they were supposed to get their job, where they were supposed to make money to put food on their plate for their kids. They may see some anger. They may experience some anger, but they do not get angry. That is not how the world works for them.


Wise people are happy cuz they don’t argue with reality wise. People can take sh the wise people are on the search for wisdom. You tell an old person, you tell an old person, Hey, you’re getting too old. You probably shouldn’t drive. You don’t see so good at night. And they get upset. Not wise, not wise at all. You see someone not enjoying getting old, not wise. Why would you not wanna be wise? It’s, it’s, it’s where happiness and fun. It’s where they reside. It’s easy to fake being wise sometimes, especially if you have a lot of money as you cultivate Wi wise, people usually want to be alone. When you taste, when you taste a a, a wisdom, you know that. It’s your reaction to other people that pulls you from it. There’s no lick marks on the penis. This room does get warm though, in the summer. It can. And I, and I, I left it. I’m, I’m wondering if it if it’s gonna melt. It’s just back there. You see it? That there it is. There’s a picture of my wife. You could barely see that it got pushed over for the chocolate dong. I wonder why they didn’t use white chocolate. I wonder if you could have got that in white chocolate.


It’s so easy. You, you know, where I see the least amount of wisdom for myself is, um, oh, is when I want to comment on, um, on Instagram or on YouTube or when I want to respond to things.


Why wise people don’t, uh, don’t respond to things in their head and then say them out loud. That’s not a characteristic of someone who’s wise. Do you wanna see an example of that? I’ll show you. I got a good one here. It’s funny too. Let me see if I can find it here. This is the wise people do not do this, but this is the vast majority of people. This is what goes on on social media. This is, this is, and and unfortunately, this is a problem with, um, well, let me see, uh, let me see. Oh, here it is. 5 25


Someone. I’ll give you a one quick example and then I’m gonna show you this one extended. That’s a funny, someone cuts you off and you flip ’em, someone cuts you off and you get angry, and then you react to that anger and then you flip them off. Because inherently what they did, cutting you off is nothing bad. But if you’re not wise, it all happens so fast that you react to yourself and now you’re fucking, your, your psycho. You’re talking to yourself, you’re talking to yourself. Someone cuts you off, you flipped them off, and now you’re talking to yourself. Do you guys get that? Because you reacted to something and then you are then res having a physical response to that reaction. You’re now talking to yourself. Go to that post that Elizabeth Awa made. It is, it is a, it is a shit show of examples of craziness, people reacting to themselves.


What’s crazy too is when you react to yourself and then the outcome is to blame someone else for your reaction. You’re now flipping them off because of your reaction. You’re now blaming them. You’re blaming someone that you don’t feel comfortable in a gym. So you had a reaction when you went into a gym and then instead of taking responsibility for it, you’re now blaming them based on your reaction. It’s like your voice inside you being like, you’re a bitch. And then you look at someone and be like, what’d you say? What the fuck did you say? I mean, like, come on. It’s, it’s crazy Town banana pants wise is when past and current knowledge intertwined. Stephen Flores, I’m not really on my, uh, my hand isn’t doing what my, what my brain wants it to do right now. You could have a hand in brain that are totally disconnected and be the wisest man on earth, by the way,


Uh, Spiegel, uh, yes, I’ve been out spreading my love and compassion. Yeah, wisdom has a huge, uh, compassion piece for yourself. Not don’t worry about others. Huge compassion piece. Um, for yourself. Do you ever look in the mirror and hate yourself? No, I cannot say that that’s ever happened. When I look in the mirror, it’s like, should I put goo in my hair? Because Heidi, whenever I put goo in my hair, Heidi’s like, he looks hot or no goo. That is the question. Okay, so here, here it is. This is, um, this is being, uh, trapped in your head. Here we go.

Speaker 3 (18:55):

Can I get you a drink?

Speaker 4 (18:57):

Wow, I’ve never heard that one before. Really? Blow me away with your creativity. Well, I, well, I, uh, your recovery’s even better. Do you even care at all who I am? I mean, I, I could be the antichrist or have the intelligence of a thermos, but unfortunately those are not the matters of the male penis ponders. So please tell me, why’d you walk all the way over here to ask to get me a drink?

Speaker 3 (19:26):

Well, because I’m the bartender. Hi, can I get you a drink?

Sevan Matossian (19:32):

He’s the bartender. That’s funny, right? And who is that? Man? They made her look good. He, what do you think about this guy’s hair?

Speaker 4 (19:44):

Wow. I’ve never heard that one before. Really blown me away with you.

Sevan Matossian (19:49):

She’s got small features, right? That’s a tiny head. Don’t get me wrong. Some of the tiny head can be hot. I don’t want anyone getting it like twisted. That’s the other thing. They can’t see. Um, they can’t see, uh, uh, wise people don’t do that either. That’s a component of wisdom. If I were to say, uh, um, and you see people react like that all the time, man. Big heads are hot then people think small heads, uh, are, are unattractive. Or if I’m like a women’s, a woman’s place is in the home, uh, people who aren’t wise would be like, does that mean a man’s place is not in the home? No, no one said that man’s place can be in the home too. Like there is a, they just live in a world where it’s either this or that. No relativity, no context. It, it’s just dumb world. And, and I get it.


Everyone’s guilty of that for on a, on a practicality from a, from a practicality point. Like, um, Haley, uh, where’s my wallet? Oh, it’s on the counter. That’s up high. Okay? And now I have to assume it’s the one that’s up high. And I know it’s up there. I’m not like, well, that’s relative to low. It’s not like that. But if you can, um, uh, create space. I don’t know if those are big boobs, Philip, but you create space that just might be a special bra, but you create space and you, and you, you see things for what they are.


Your creativity. Where were we? Oh, his hair. What about that hair? Oh, I, well, I, uh, it’s like they don’t even, they didn’t even try. It’s just like, Hey, there you go. Just some hair. He’s like stuck between long and short. Someone. Oh, is that the name of the movie? Heartbreakers? Oh shit. Am I in trouble for playing that? Hmm. This is a phrase I don’t use. What’s the point? This is a phrase I don’t use. So this chick’s trapped in her head because he comes over there and she thinks she knows what’s going on. That’s, uh, that’s, that’s 99% of social media. And then when people say that, say, respond to other things, they’re, and they’re really responding to something in their head. Um, they, people just drift further and further apart and the conversation just gets further and further away. It is the source of all relationship issues.


Se has so many pet peeves. What’s a, what’s a pet peeve? Like, I don’t know what it, tell me what a pet peeve is. Oh, I know. I don’t like sticky stuff on counters. I do not like sticky stuff on counters. It’s definitely a pet peeve. Ooi slow motion today. How about yesterday? Didn’t you guys watch the show last night? At the end? Uh, Zach, uh, Zach and and his roommate came on. Chris, I knew if I brought them on that Brian would leave. That’s not why. That’s not why I brought them on. Uh, back to VAX talk. If the world went full sev on and didn’t vax their kids, where would humanity be in 50 years? Almost eradicated. Diseases would be rampant. Isn’t that why doctors push vax at birth Yay or nay? Love you either way.


Almost eradicated diseases. You probably don’t know this. 12 daily doses of stuff, but did you know, I know you’re gonna read into this. Watch, watch this. Did you know that the reason why some of those, all of those things like polio are still alive today, is because of the vaccine. You know that they’re kept alive by the vaccine, right? No one on either side of the argument is, is debating that the polio vaccine is what keeps polio around. You know that, right? You know, in 1952 that, uh, polio plummeted before the vaccine came out in 1955. You must know that. Uh, by the way, thank you for the money. You must know that the vaccine was recalled immediately. The one that sulk invented was recalled cuz it was killing kids. And it caused polio cases to skyrocket.


You must know that. Um, uh, back to pesticide spray, what would the world, uh, what if the world went full chevon and people didn’t spray arsenic and lead on fruits and vegetables? Where would the humanity be in 50 years? How would farmers survive without sugar? Isn’t that why at least you used the word, right? Isn’t that why doctors, no, doctors push vax at birth because they, they believe probably some of the shit that you believe because you would rather, uh, spend, you’re not willing to spend 30 minutes, I’m guessing, I’m guessing, unless you’re just teeing me up and throwing me outta hoops. Cuz you’re, you’d ra you, you, you would rather do other things than spend 30 minutes looking up, uh, the, the numbers, the simple numbers, and start with maybe polio and measles. Alyssa Royce wise, no, not wise. And thank you for the money. I can’t tell you. That’s, that’s a nice donation. Now. You too, Philip. Thank you. Alyssa Royce is not wise. Uh, Philip, I can’t believe you’re up. So early. 6 26 in the morning, you just wanted to hear the Thm thong song.


12 Daily Doses. How many, um, uh, COVID shots did you get? I’m curious where you’re at. Oh, maybe you got some boosters. Oh my goodness. Read about the te the tetanus shot. That one’s crazy. That one is, look at the numbers for tetanus for deaths, uh, and injuries from the vaccine versus deaths and injuries from, uh, actual tetanus in the United States. You know why? They still have polio, uh, in countries like India. Do you know? Why have you looked that up? Doses? Cuz they still use fucking d d t on everything doses. Why don’t I want you to, uh, scour the wet web and show me 10 people, uh, who died? Who? Healthy people who died from um, COVID. Wow, it’s too hard. Five. Show me five cuz I know two of the people you’re gonna grab right away. So show me five and then show me a thousand people. No. And then show me. You can find a thousand people who died from the Covid injection before you can find five healthy people who die, who, uh, died from Covid.


I, I know that that doesn’t prove anything. I know it’s just a correlate. There’s no proof that cigarette smoke kills anyone either. There’s just really strong correlates. Crazy, right? This Alyssa Royce lady, uh, she was at a gym called like Rocket CrossFit or something, I can’t remember. And I, when I worked at CrossFit Inc. Uh, and it’s the one that, uh, they, their, I think her, I actually think her one of her lovers owned it or something. Cause I think she was into some weird sex shit. I, I dunno if it’s weird, but just not traditional sex shit, man, woman’s shit. I think I, I remember someone telling me that she was into like polygamy or something. I can’t remember the details, but, um, and, and she liked to write about it and talk about it. And so, um, she was friends with, uh, a guy who worked at CrossFit, one of the executives there.


And I met her at a, at a, at a CrossFit gym in, or, or at a party after we, Greg spoke at a CrossFit gym in Seattle or Portland, one of the woke cities. And she had all the signs of, you know, uh, mental illness, like the weird shit they do with their hair and the way they dress and just all those signifiers that show, you know what I mean? Just like a gang member would have MS 13 or something tattooed and a teardrop. She had that kind of stuff, but for mental illness, uh, spoke too loud, spoke stood too close to you when she talked, um, total know-it-all. And I was told that, and I know those are just subjective, my opinions, but I was told that I had to hire her to work and write an article, article for CrossFit. And I was like, okay. And I didn’t want to do it, but I spoke to the, um, uh, editor-in-chief, Mike Workington over at CrossFit Inc. And as I recall, we paid her some money to write a piece and she never turned it in. Then some time went by and the new ceo, who’s a total fucking douchebag, um, uh, I, I guess in a conversation with her, he may have said to her, you’re the mortal compass of CrossFit or something.


And, and we were forced to hire her again.

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