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Uncovered. Why did it take me so long to uncover this all starting to make sense? So slow. You guys probably already uncovered

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I didn’t, I didn’t get it. I didn’t get it. I didn’t get it. I’m waking up slow. I didn’t get it. Good morning, Mr. Harle Tether, Mr. Travis from vindicate at your CEO shirts. Now, hey, uh, can people get, um, those cups? So many people are asking me about the, uh,


There’s my CEO cup there it is a left-handed CEO O cup. Oh God, that’s good. Oh my goodness. God, it’s the best coffee. Oh my goodness. We’re gonna start strong this morning. Strong this morning, man. I am on this text thread with 11 of my closest friends, guys that I would love to sauna with naked. Hello, Gabe. She had dumps like a truck, truck, truck. Uh, I’m on this thread with, uh, 11 of my, uh, closest, uh, colleagues. Yeah, I shouldn’t call them friends, colleagues, better colleagues. And, um, it’s pretty funny cuz uh, Mr. Spin posted this, it, it, it’s a, it’s a perfect, perfect, uh, museum, museum quality specimen of what woke is the shit that I’m seeing, uh, a around this topic that we were talking about this morning. It’s the ambiguity. It’s people, it’s, it’s, it’s kind of, it’s the only thing that I don’t like about social media, it’s just the fact that people, um, th this, this other friend of mine, well, I, let’s go back to the Elizabeth Akin Wally Post.


There’s 500 comments of just ambi ambiguity. People, you know, people melanated people saying that they don’t feel comfortable going into gyms. And it’s like, now it’s like 700 posts. And it’s like, dude, can just one of you explain why? Is it because you walked in and you saw a KKK mask hanging on the wall? Like, can you just say something we can talk about? It’s just all ambiguity. It’s all victim. And when you’re ambiguous like that, what you do is you push people into their head. And so this other friend of mine, Jared Gray, the guy who, um, uh, runs XOs games, he did that. And I, I like Jared a lot. I don’t mean to pick on him, but there’s a comment, there’s a picture that Brian spin used of an athlete, Danny Spiegel. And he wrote, come on guys. Couldn’t you pick a better picture? And like, dude, no one has any idea what you’re talking about.


I can’t stand any of that stuff. Just say what you mean. You, that’s all passive aggressive woke pussy bullshit. I hate that stuff. Just say what you mean. And so we had this debate, which I, which I really enjoyed this. I enjoyed debating. It was fun. Some people were suggesting they were a hundred percent sure that they didn’t, that they didn’t like the picture. Um, that, that Jared was complaining that he didn’t like the picture because it was unflattering of Danny. And then the other half were a hundred percent certain that it was because they didn’t like Danny being used as the picture for the title of the article. Tell you the truth, I don’t even remember what the title of the article was. It was something about, um, penalties being assessed for the CrossFit games. But either way, it’s fucking, none of that’s necessary. If people just know how to talk, I’m hungry and I would like to consume some protein, probably in the animal, uh, form. Uh, ideally not ones that fly. Um, I like bovine. Do you have cow in the house? I would like a cooked medium. Thank you.


God damn. We live with just woke douche bags. It’s incredible. A Klaus Schwab said, do you remember this line? Klaus Schwab said, you’ll live with nothing. You’ll own nothing. You’ll own nothing. And you’ll love it. Do you remember that? You’ll own nothing and you’ll love it. Do you guys remember that? You’ll own Well. Oh, who said what? We’ll get to it. Trust me. I’ll land the plane, baby. I will come back and I will get even more specific. I will not be guilty of my, of my own accusations. You’ll own nothing and you’ll love it. Do you know who owned nothing? And they loved it. The slaves, the slaves own nothing. And they loved it. And do you know who said that? You know who said that? Solomon Weathersby, a Democrat born in 1801, died in, uh, uh, 1954.


He was US Senator from 1847 to 1853. Guess what? Guess what? Political party he represented the Democrats. I want you to listen to this very carefully. I call upon the opponents of slavery of sl I call. This is a quote I call upon the opponents of slavery, the Republican abolitionists of the North, to prove that the white laborers are as happy and as content and as comfortable as the slaves of the South. Did you know that the preeminent argument, the preeminent argument from the south to keep slaves, was that the black people were too stupid and too incompetent to take care of themselves. And that it was the North, the Republicans who showed no compassion and no love to the melanated people cuz they wanted to set them free. And they knew that that would kill them. Like, like, like, like, you know, like if you, if you catch a lizard and you keep it in captivity for three years and then you let it go, you’re, you’re bad because it’s gonna kill itself like that, that that whale free, uh, Willie, they let it go and then it ended up dying.


Now think about that. The Democrats believed back then, they believed back then you’ll own nothing and you’ll love it. And they believed that the slaves lived a better life than the white Northerners who were free. And they believed that the blacks were too stupid, too incompetent, too naive. They believed they were a lesser creature. And so that’s why they had to keep them. And not only that, they accused, they accused the north, the abolitionists who wanted to set them free Lincoln’s posse. You guys are evil, evil people. And they used those words. They said they were godless and evil because of how they wanted to treat the black people. Dude, that’s exactly what the Democrats are preaching today. All those funny videos we see of those kids walking around uc, Berkeley being like, oh, those black people, they, they, they can’t afford internet. They can’t, uh, register to vote. It’s it’s exact. It’s, it is the exact same thing. And yet they point at the Republicans as being evil cuz they don’t want to take care of the dumb blacks. Their words, not mine.


Unfucking believable as you scratch the surface. But but it goes, it gets even crazier. The plan was not the, the plan of the south was to enslave whites too, being one of the catalysts for the war. I I had no fucking idea. Yeah, there was a whole class of white people. If you had a certain job that you too would be enslaved. That was the plan for the south. It actually had nothing to do with skin color. And the south to slaves do not suffer. One-tenth of the evils endured by the white laborers at the north. Poverty is unknown to the southern slave. Yeah, none of the slaves were poor. <laugh>. This fucking argument is crazy. This is, this is the same argument they use today. Do you see that? And what’s crazy is that they have melanated people arguing for their own, um, uh, slavery. They want, they like, Hey, uh, you really want back on the plantation.


It’s nuts. Poverty’s unknown to the southern slaves. As soon as the master of the slaves becomes too poor to provide for them, he sells them to others who can take care of them. This is from the US Senator, uh, Solomon Weathersby Downs. I know it’s not fun talking about this. Trust me, I don’t want to talk about it. I had to drink two shots of espresso. I’m like, all right, just get this out. Se let people know this sir is one of the excellences of the systems of slavery. And this is the superior condition of the southern slave over the northern white laborer. And then the article goes on. This is from, uh, some, uh, magazine back then called the Democratic Now. And, and, and b, basically, I dunno if it was a magazine, some rag, I dunno, dunno if they called it magazines back then. Uh, the Democrats said that they had to take care of the slaves because they were unable to take care of themselves. And that’s how they justified slavery. Dude, that is exactly what’s going on now. It is unbelievable. Doug, Richie. And they don’t even see it. People don’t even see it under it. It’s always been a fan. I grew up like that. I resent this comment. You need clown. Yay on the show. Like, I’m crazy like him.


I’m just putting on all my different glasses. I’m like, I’m just, every day I’ve been switching, um, glasses. Look, you guys wanna see the box of chocolate that, uh, Hillary got me. This came in the mail from Andrew Hiller. It’s called the Don the Don. I’ll show you. You wanna see it? What’s in your, do you wanna see the chocolate? Let me finish this and then I’ll show you the chocolate. Here, here, here. You’re gonna love this. God, it’s tough. It’s tough to be melanated in the States, but not for the reasons why people say you’re gonna fucking trip when you hear this. The Democrats also wanted to sterilize all the Native Americans to help them with their poverty problem.


Dude, they didn’t hide this. This was the argument that they used on the people. This was like a legitimate argument. Uh, you, uh, yes, you people over there, um, all the, all, all the people who build houses, you guys are too dumb. We’re gonna enslave you. Don’t worry. Your life will be better. And you, the Indians, they sterilize like 75% of the fucking Native Americans in the United States to help them with their poverty problem. Dude, that’s the exact thing the Democrats say about melanated people in this country. Now, we will fucking give you abortions by the way, they were sterilizing people up until the late seventies. If you start reading that shit, you will freak out. And there were a lot of Republicans involved in that too, by the way. That was some bipartisan shit. That was some cr that was some crazy shit. I dug up last night.


That shit started actually making me feel uncomfortable. But, but at the, the turn of the century, around the 19 hundreds, they were sterilizing fucking shitloads of fucking Native Americans. And they were doing that to help ’em with the poverty problem. That’s the exact same thing. You hear up being, growing up as a Democrat, you have to allow the blacks to, uh, to abort their babies because they, they, it’s, it’s too hard. Those babies will then grow up poor. Like, there’s something wrong with growing up poor. There’s nothing wrong with growing, growing up, poor, nothing at all. It’s actually cool. Those kids are free. What’s not cool is go growing up with parents who fucking beat each other or who get a divorce or who are addicted to fentanyl. That part sucks.


No, I cannot, I cannot sos how is the inner city freedom going for black Americans? Can you point to a metric family or life where they’re better off during slavery? No, I cannot. I don’t even know. No, I cannot. But you know, what I can’t point at is that they can walk out of there. I can point out that any, any fucking 16 year old boy can fucking get up and start walking the United States of America and earn a living. Anyone? Dude, I, I had no fucking skills and I picked myself up from the fucking bootstraps. Is that, is that a term? And I made it The door’s wide open. The door is wide open.


There was no way, by the way, the articles went off to say there was no way off the slave plantation. Basically it was legal to beat someone. Now, now you now what’s cool now is you can walk off the, uh, plantation savon. What if it’s their choice? Yeah. I mean, we would, we could. Yeah. Do it is their choice. Well, the illusion, it is their choice. They’re asleep. They’ve been tricked. It is their choice. I, I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m with you buddy. I’m with you. Yep. This guy gets it. No way, man. It’s the modern day plantation. Free fruit drugs and guns, prison bars of a different kind. Yep. Bingo. The thing is, is you can walk off. They don’t know, man. Then why don’t they, I don’t know who you are, but I’m enjoying the conversation. Thank you.


All of it. All of it is all the, everything is this, this is it. It’s the exact same playbook. I realize. Holy shit, nothing’s changed. They’re still with the, the Democrats have always been sterilizing. Um, uh, people. They’ve always used the guys that you’re evil if you don’t take care of the dumb fucks. So they kill your babies and they wanna enslave you. It’s just a mindset. It’s a, it’s a group of people. Hey, I used to be over there and you have to know this, that I didn’t know that. And I don’t think, I don’t think, I don’t think like my parents know, I don’t think any of us know.


Like, we just hear the argument and don’t think about it. I did see the movie Uncle Tom incredible. I didn’t see part two. We just don’t think we, we actually Oh, oh yeah, yeah, for sure. Uh, affirmative action. Yeah, of course we should let in, um, a one Chinese guy, three black guys and seven Mexicans. Oh, I had that ratio wrong. Zero Chinese guys. Uh, three Mexicans and seven black guys. Yeah, yeah, yeah. And it should be free for them. Like, you believe that you’re not like, wait a second, that means harder working. People don’t get in, which means that the economy doesn’t flourish. Cuz those people lose opportunities, which then trickles down to people in the ghetto and they get less shit. I mean, they don’t explain it. There’s nothing that’s free. Someone does have to pay the teachers. N no, just a bunch of jack asses or just a bunch of jack asses on that side. We can’t think, don’t get me wrong, there’s the fucking morons on the right. Too equally dumb


And un unfortunately, you guys aren’t even like this. But 90% of the time they start being dumb. Soon as they mention the word God, ah, 95% they get intellectually lazy. I cannot believe that. What I’m seeing in 1907, Indiana enacted America’s first compulsory eugenic sterilization law with 15 other states enacting similar laws during the following two decades. That was to help people. It’s this is on, this is Unfucking real. And, and for all you fucking morons out there that want reparations, these fuckers were coming after white people too. They didn’t give a fuck. They didn’t care. They didn’t care about your skin color. They were doing god’s work and enslaving you, making enslaving you making your life better.


Gimme a break on the equivocation. Uhoh. What’s that mean? Equivocation. Standby. Standby. I think, I think we looked this word up. Uh, I think we looked this word up the other day. Mean like something like equal right. Equivocation, uh, ambiguous language to conceal the truth, to avoid committing, uh, oneself to Yeah. Yeah. God. Yeah. What he means is gimme a break on using that God term. Yeah. Yeah. I agree with you. I agree. Yeah, because it’s just so fucking ambiguous. To be fair, the Federal Reserve just printed about 300 billion and gave it to the failing banks. Well, that’s good.


Oh, wow. Wow. Uh, Jake, ah, man, our phones are our prison guards. Uh, Kazak, uh, Kazak. If they’re stupid enough to gimme reparations, who am I to refuse? I ain’t hating. I ain’t Hayden I ain’t hating man. Oh man. Exact same fucking shtick that they used back then. You’ll have nothing and you’ll own it. And don’t worry that Republicans are such evil assholes. They don’t realize that you’re better being slaves. They think that you can live out on your own. Don’t worry, Blackie, we got you. That’s the Democrats line. And you know what? Next, don’t worry A shit bag White trash America. We’ll, we’ll help you too. Fucking redneck pieces of shit. Love Andrew Jackson. Fucking unbelievable. It’s unfucking believable.


It’s, it’s, it’s, and you know what, you know what my sister told me the other day? She says it’s just pride. It’s just pride. She said, the reason why people can’t accept the stuff you’re saying about polio or, you know, just the things that like people do for fucking the last, you know, 60 years of their life. You’re 65 and you realize that the polio vaccine was a complete disaster and never worked and has spread more polio than it saved. That it’s just pride. It just sucks. And that shit’s everywhere. That shit is everywhere. I knew, I knew the first time I saw a microwave that it was fucking wrong. And yet, and yet, yet here we are. Like, did you think that when you went to the gas station and that you got a cup and you put hot coffee in it, you weren’t drinking some of the shit coming off of that cup?


I knew that when I was fucking 10 years old when I’d see my parents hold the styrofoam cup. I knew that the first time I held fucking hot chocolate in a paper cup. I knew I had my own observation and discernment skills. I knew I’ve known forever that you shouldn’t, and I don’t even know if this is true, but I’ve known forever that you shouldn’t be fucking cooking in anything unless it’s fucking glass or steel. Cuz everything else is fucking going into your food. Oh, but Savon, that’s silicone. That’s a, uh, that, that, that is glass. I I don’t give a fuck. Nothing bends in folds like that. That’s not fucking off gassing in heat or, or, or breaking down. I just know. I don’t know how I know. Amanda, thank you for the $800. This morning show is definitely fucking worth it.


Good morning, Sean. Hi, Mr. Alaska. Nice, nice to meeting you yesterday. Good morning. Jesus Louise. Uh, dick. But, uh, been very consistent with the profile picture. It’s pride, but also most libs have entire friend family networks that would cast them if they even dared a question. They very well said, uh, dick butter saying, uh, they would have a whole ca uh, they would be cast out from their family and friends if they dare question shit. Yeah. This book kind of goes into this, this other book I’m reading. The Big lie goes into that too, about how you’re just ridiculed if you question that shit.


Jason, good morning. I’m not a big L f g fan. You know that. I never have been for some reason. I, I I feel like it’s just too commercial. I’m okay with it though. Don’t, don’t get me. I’m not judging you. It’s my own. I’m not. Like, if you’re gonna win the games. Dear, dear Justin Maderas. Dear Justin Maderas, I think you should come up with a tagline that you say, did, did someone clip this? And, and send this br Bruce Wayne, this is it. This is genius. Dear Justin Maderas, when you win the games this year, come up with your own tagline. That’s not let’s fucking go. Now, br you utilize the games, Justin, this year to come up with a line that you’re gonna be able to put on shirts and trademark. That’s your line that you can use for the next three years. I mean, uh, second event at the Crosser Games. Justin, Mary DARS crosses line. He throws his hands up in there. Justin is the winner. And then Justin, I just want you to look up the camera and be like, I fucked your mom. I guarantee you, you say that at the end of every, uh, maybe something less crass that your mom would be more proud of, but make it strong.


And, um, and that will be, I dunno about mullet power. I like, let’s I fucked your mom better. Um, yeah, I don’t think, I think both of ’em need a lot of work. But, uh, and, and then run with it. I loved your mom. Yo, there we go. There we go. Who’s your daddy? That’s a little old. That’s a little eighties. That’s a little eighties. Just in time. It’s a little little cliche, but we’re getting there. We’re getting there. Fgb, uh, fj. Fuck Justin boy. FJ free. Justin boy Free. I don’t know what that one is. Fj B Oh fuck. Joe Biden. Oh, got it, got it, got it.


I’m hard. Yeah, that could be it. I’m hard. I hope, uh, Shannon isn’t listening. I know this is too early for her. She’s west coast. She’s sleeping. She’s West Coast. West Coast. We’ll come up with something good before Justin’s mom comes on and she can pass the message to him. Sh the guy, my germ already, uh, my guy Brian Folkman, a guy at my gym has a shirt that says, your mom’s favorite. Wow. Wow. Oh shit. Oh shit. Hey, we’re getting close. I’m getting laid tonight. And then he points at Ellie. That is good. Steven Flores.


That was, that was a great line. Do you guys remember the Conor McGregor thing? A red Panny night? Do you remember that? For those of you who don’t know, Conor McGregor’s, this huge MMA fighter and, uh, anyone who fights him gets a big payday. So he used to say in the press conferences, Hey, you should be thanking me. He would say this to the other fighters because now that you’re fighting me, uh, tonight is red panty night at your house. Meaning that your wife’s gonna be so proud of you for all the money you made, that she’s gonna wear some Victoria’s Secret shit. Like lingerie. Like I, I’m the one who gets you laid. You get to fight me.


I know 90% of you are like, sev. You don’t need to fucking explain that. Yeah, I do. Cuz I always pretend like I’m talking to my mom, like my mom’s listening and she has no idea what red panty night is. So I have to explain it to her. See, and maybe even old fuckers like Jeffrey don’t know. Sev, I heard Danielle needs help with her new coffee machine. Can you help her out? Oh yeah. She didn’t show last night. Hey, let me tell you something. She texts me and anytime she texts me, I’m like, I don’t give a fuck if you show up or not. You got my digits.


Alright. Oh, that’s a good one for Justin. I’m now c e o Fuck Savon. Yeah. If you could work my name into his celebration. Justin. Um, thank you. Thank you Mr. Butter. I I needed an explanation also. I thought it was a period thing. Oh, you didn’t know either. Good. Yeah. Red paning night. Yeah. I’m such a badass that when you fight me, your wife fucks you. Cuz I, cuz I make it rain money and your, and your wife’s bank account. That’s the, that’s the whole red paning night thing. You’re screwed when people question you on your ambiguity, you’re screwed. Always take a deep breath and ask those people. You’re screwed because you out yourself. You’re screwed because when someone asks you about your ambiguity, nine outta 10 times, your explanation is gonna show that, oh fuck, it’s on me. Give an example. We were doing these phone calls with, uh, with Greg Glassman and, and, and affiliates.


And we would do 10 or 15 affiliates at a time and we would do them every morning. It was during Floyd 19 and there was this fucking bitch. And I used that in the most meanest term ever. There’s this fucking bitch who was on the fucking affiliate call. She was some affiliate owner, a fucking worthless human being, a shit rag of a fucking human being. And we knew she was recording the call. Everyone was texting to texting on the back end. This bitch thinks she’s recording us and we don’t know. And she starts questioning Greg about Floyd 19. And Greg goes, I don’t fucking mourn me and my staff. And no one I know is mourning the death of George Floyd.


What does that mean? Mourning? I wanna make sure I got this right. Morning. Morning. Oh, this is gonna be tough one to look up cause it’s gonna have so many definitions. Um, uh, what is the real definition of mourning? Oh, oh, I spelled it wrong. That’s right. Uh, they sound ex uh, they’re homophones. They sound exactly the same, but they’re spelled different. No, thank you. Uh, expression of sorrow. Oh, lemme look up sorrow. Sorrow, uh, sorrow. Uh, a feeling of deep distress caused by loss or disappointment. No, I had no, I had no feeling of distress or loss or disappointment.


Can you imagine how fucking desperate you are to make a statement as an organization or a group if you have to use the George Floyd incident to drive your point home? Meaning that he was a guy driving around town high on fentanyl, high on meth, drunk, put a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach in a home invasion. It was the third time he had been pulled over. Third time he had been caught. Third time he had had, he’d swallowed the fentanyl they have on video. You can see it all. And you have to rally around him. And so this fucking bitch fucking says to Greg, uh, um, she, she, she, she basically says something along the lines of calling him, God, I wish she would release the tape.


Fuck, I wish she would release the tape. She basically ended up forwarding it to like one of those shit rags like the Huffington Post. And she said something in there. And I didn’t talk in these meetings too much. I stayed quiet. I just, I just sat there and watched and I, I, you know, I laughed when it was appropriate to laugh and I just stared at the people. Like I No, it wasn’t that rocket bitch. It wasn’t that fucking duplicitous fucking Nazi. Nope. Wasn’t her, uh, uh, Arisa Arisa Royce or whatever fucking sex addict? No, not her. Uh, who was it? It was um, I can’t remember her name. I remember exactly. She was in a bedroom when we were doing the call in a video and her room was a mess and her kid was fucking running around everywhere and her fucking beta bitch husband was in the back. And I could just tell, you know, it was just that scene.


Like he had probably just pulled up his pants cuz he’d been taking it in the dumper from her. I said it. Yeah. We are fucking cussing this morning. Oh, rocket. Shake my head. Yeah. Just a fucking deplorable human being in the words of Ms. Clinton and what I mean, deplorable. Let me not be ambiguous. Someone that fucking puts other people down to catapult herself. O obviously mentally ill. The second you meet her, obviously you’re like, oh shit, this is a charity case. You know, when you’re, when you’re doing charity, when you talk to someone. And, uh, so, so this lady records the call and she says something about, uh, Floyd 19, uh, being racist or more, not Morning. George Floyd is racist to Greg. And I ask her, can you tell me why that’s racist? And she won’t answer. And so I said again, and I, like I said, I didn’t talk very much. Can you tell me why that’s racist? And she doesn’t want to answer. She doesn’t want to answer. Just like those people on Aen, Wally’s fucking stupid ass IG Post. Don’t want to answer.

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