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Let’s see if we get this music right today, an hour early. You guys like the hour early? Anyone have any idea? Why did hour early

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Such an amazing guess.

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Sevan Matossian (00:26):

Let’s see if the music actually fades out on its own.

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Sevan Matossian (00:32):

Gonna do it. Is it gonna start up again in a loop? Here we go.


It’s gone. It worked. I just had to click the D Loop button. All right. That’ll be part of my new morning routine, cuz the default is that it loops all the music on this software. So I just gotta go in, hit the button so it doesn’t, uh, loop it. Uh, Stephen Flores. Yes. Now they’re 6:00 AM Show another one. Do I do these very often? Christine Young? 6:00 AM Okay. I on Thursdays, um, often I have an hour drive over the hill. I told myself I’d never do this, but I’ve been doing it for more than a year now. Um, because there’s a professional skateboarder there that I take my kids to on Thursdays.


And so I think his name’s Josh Belo, B a l o u g H. He’s a pretty big YouTube channel. And we go to the Sunnyvale Skate Park and just like the town says Sunny Vale, it is crazy. Sunny, holy shit. It says I’m having an internet connection issue. Am I breaking up to you guys? Anyway? So I figured if I, if I, if I start at seven, then I have to leave at eight 30. And that only gives me an hour and a half. And that’s fine. But I was like, if, uh, what if I start an hour early and if I still only need an hour and a half, I can get off. But if I need more, then I can keep going. So more sev on more often. Oh, thank you. Don’t you’ll get sick of me. T3, gang, gang. Oh, that’s, um, don’t tell me, don’t tell me.


That’s not Mason Mitchell. That’s Tom. I recognize he, he changed his name, but not his, uh, profile. Pick Gabe Mold Donato. Did I say it right? Paper Streete Coffee. Uh, get your paper street coffee now. I think we have a banner for it. Let’s see. That’s California Hormones. That’s the SevOne podcast. That’s Deer Bill and Katie, that’s Dear Sarah Cox, where’s the, uh, oh, there it is. Here we go. Paper streete coffee. P A P E R S T coffee.com. Use code Sevan. Hey, how cool is that? Yesterday that, um, you know what’s interesting is, uh, uh, someone called me the other day and they said they, they were asking me about California hormones and it was a family member, and I don’t remember exactly how they worded it, but they had questions about my relationship with California hormones. Like maybe, like, it somehow didn’t, um, fit with, with, with my, um, I dunno what the word is.


I don’t wanna say brand, but anyway, or maybe they called me two days ago and said that. And so yesterday when that firefighter called and, uh, and, and told the story about his, his, uh, relationship with California hormones and his journey with California hormones and going down there and meeting them and the blood work and all that, it was, uh, it was stoked. It was like, it, it, it, um, it validated me the same way when you guys bought me this sign, it validated me. I think I’ve, I’ve talked to my wife about that every night now about how cool it is that you guys got me this sign that I earned it. How did the Daniel Brandon show go yesterday?


Uh, I think that that is, um, uh, called, uh, uh, being facetious, fa facetious. Facetious. I dunno how to spell that there. It’s facetious. A treating serious issue with deliberately inappropriate hu humor being flippant. Um, it’s kind of, kind of, uh, face, oh, tongue in cheek. Maybe that was tongue in cheek. Um, uh, in an ironic, flippant, insincere way. Yes. Yes. You’re being flippant with me. Flippant. Yes. You’re being flippant. Are you Mr. David? Oh, she had something pop up. Hey, I like it when she cancels. I’m stressed out. I’m stressed out. Thinking of her coming on and just having to be on. It’s kind of like I, and you know what I mean? Like, I’m a monkey that juggles and eats peanuts at the same time. And when Danielle Brandon’s on, I have to also do it like with my gut sucked in. You know what I mean? And, uh, I’m glad I’m most excited to do, uh, the real reason why I want, I wanna have her wrong. Cause I wanna hear about quarterfinals. I wanna hear about her life. I wanna poke and prodder about her relationship with Matt Torres. Of course, I wanna just look at her. Um, all those things. But then I also want to, like, I wonder if we really can do the toe sponsor, the toe sponsorship, the tow spacer. Uh, um, I really wanna do that toe spacer contest with her.


You get to Yeah. I thought the show was tonight. Yeah. Well, I mean, we, I spoke to her yesterday. She was in her car for three hours. She ended up going somewhere. I dunno if it’s my place to say where. And, um, she ended up going somewhere and then, and then she was stuck in the car. No one ever owes me an apology either. The, the, I feel like the show’s gotten. So it does not matter to me if a guest doesn’t show anymore. For some reason. I j I don’t know. I like being alone with you guys. I like this time. Um, someone sent me this last night while I was sleeping, and this is a story that you guys, this story has been all over the internet. Everywhere. Everywhere, everywhere. Everyone’s heard this a million times now. It’s like, okay, so what old news?


Duh. It’s gotten to the point. The first time you hear it, you’re like, that’s cute. And now it’s like, God, I’m so much so over it. But I don’t know if I’ve ever played it on this show. And, um, after I, I, I watched this version and this, I, uh, soon as I saw this video, a question popped up in my head. And, uh, and, and when I was done with watching this video, the question was still in my head. And, uh, and we never got an answer to it, but I’m wondering if it’s the same question that pops up in your head. So go ahead. Uh, I’m gonna hit play here on this, and then we’ll listen to this together. As soon as I start watching this video, within the first three seconds, this question pops in my head. And then when it’s over, that’s all I’m thinking about. I don’t even hear, well, I don’t want to give too much away. Here we go.

Speaker 3 (07:17):

Tell you the story of the Chinese farmer tell me. There’s a farmer and he lives with his son, and they have one horse. And the horse runs away, and everyone from the town comes by that night. And they said the horse ran away. And they say, oh, no, what terrible news. He said, I don’t know. It’s good news or bad news, we don’t know yet. And the next day, the horse came back with two other horses, and everyone from the town came by and they said, well, great news. Now you have three horses. And he said, well, I don’t know if it’s good news or bad news, <laugh>. And then the next day, the son went out and trained one of the new horses and fell and broke his back. And everyone from the town came by and said, oh no, what terrible news. He said, I don’t know if it’s good or bad news.


And the next day, the constable from the military came by and said, we’re taking all bodied young men to join the military. And he, he said, my son that’s broken back, he can’t go to the army. And then everyone from the town came by that night and they said, oh, what? Good news, your son didn’t have to go to the army. Stop it. I can’t handle this. Good news, bad news. I don’t know. We’ll see. And the idea of this is that it could go on and on and on and on. So the idea of missing a green, that’s true.

Sevan Matossian (08:24):

Now he takes it to a really weird place. Basically n now, oh, now Trish is with me. Here we go. Trish, when you microdose with the hinge date on the first date, what’s a hinge date? A hinge date. This is like free reading a philosophy to a wet rag. That chick doesn’t even look real. Right? Hold up. What time is it? Okay, here, let’s keep going. Now he kind of ruins the story.

Speaker 3 (08:50):

Or here on, I don’t know, 16 at Augusta. If you’re Tiger Woods, that could be good news because that could be a defining moment when the ball lands on the green and rests on the lip with the Nike logo perfectly showing and then falls in. That’s where I go with this idea of wishing things were different. If you subscribe to the idea of the Chinese farmer of good news, bad news, who knows? You cannot believe that there even is bad news. I gotta tell you the story of the Chinese farmer.

Sevan Matossian (09:15):

Tell me. Okay. So after you watch all of that, yeah, there you go. <laugh>, Danielle, Brandon, I don’t know if it’s good news or bad news. Definitely bad news. Definitely bad news. Um, oh, Trish, they’re so coked out now you’re, you’re kind of going where I went with it. What is she doing with her pinky there? I have a pinky knife. I have a pinky nail like that. Look at her eyes. What amazing eyeballs. I just, I was just wondering the whole time, does he bang her? Like is that, is that, um, yeah. Wow. Amazing story. <laugh>, I think he kinda ruined that story, but all, that’s all I was thinking the whole time. Like, is he sleeping with her? Is that guy, is that guy trying to sleep with her? Is that like, what, what’s the deal here? What’s going on? What’s going on? Who’s care? Who’s care? Josh Saunders. Good morning, Samine. Good morning, Trish. Good morning. Oh, where’s my call number? Here we go. Here we go. From your favorite, uh, from your favorite, uh, ex-president. Here we go. Uhoh. Remember when President Trump warned of Germany’s dependence on Russia? And the Germans laughed

Speaker 4 (10:57):

In September when he went to the UN and said something about Germany that was so detached from reality. Even the German delegation couldn’t help but laugh at him. Jeremy,

Sevan Matossian (11:08):

What happened to Saturday Night Live? Did they, were they always horrible? They they used to be funny, right? It’s not, I didn’t change. They changed, right? They suck now. I mean, they always kind of sucked. Like half the skits were bad. I feel like it wasn’t like the Chappelle show where everything was good.

Speaker 5 (11:28):

Germany will become totally dependent on Russian energy if it does not immediately change course. <laugh>,

Speaker 6 (11:39):

One of the most affected countries was Germany. The country’s heavily dependent on the

Speaker 7 (11:44):

Fuel. The newspaper here is calling it a disaster for German diplomacy at the

Speaker 5 (11:48):

EU course race will have to admit this. Donald Trump was right and they left. They lefted on the truck. Oh, he’s so funny. So funny. But now they’re saying the truck was right. Oh, I told you. So <laugh>

Sevan Matossian (12:02):

Trump did it again. Who is this guy? Is this guy’s name? Seth? What’s this guy’s name? Seth Sandberg. Seth Green. Seth. What’s the fuck is this guy’s name right here? Man, I never watched that show ever, ever, ever. There was only one, there was only one skit that, uh, someone showed me once that like, that I ever thought was funny. I always was. People would just show me skits. That show was out before YouTube was out. It had no competition. Right now there’s like three year old kids throwing balls at their dad’s crotch that are funnier than any of the shit on here. But there was this one skit that Janet Jackson, Janet Jackson did, where she went to, uh, like an Italian winemaker or something. It was a cork soakers bit. And every time someone said Cork soaker, it sounded like cocksucker. Have I swore at all the show besides that? That was within context. Have I said in the f words? Seth Meyers? Yeah. He’s horrible. He is horrible. Yeah, that guy is, that is not, um, that is not uh, uh, Austin Hartman. Does anybody watch TV at at all anymore?


You mean where her top fell off? Where Justin? I don’t know. Even that I didn’t enjoy. I don’t like chaos. It used to be good for a while. I’ve been woke for a while now. Wa was it good before though? I don’t know. I nev I never enjoyed it. It felt like, felt cheap and sloppy and didn’t seem creative to me. And I feel like the good comedians always leave. Well, we’re gonna cruise today. We are cruising. I like this. Uh, next thing I’m about to show you for a couple reasons. One, because I don’t agree with what he says, but I agree with what the spirit he says. I don’t like the examples this guy gives. And that’s the important thing. Um, I think that’s sometimes why I don’t p people. Uh, I, myself and other people don’t, um, see eye to eye on things because they’re looking at the, um, specifics.


And to me, the specifics don’t like matter so much all the time. I’m able to, if someone’s like, uh, I drank orange juice, and then later on someone will be like, that guy lied. He was drinking a grapefruit juice. Like, I, I would never go to that guy. Lied. I don’t, I would never e it. It’s, it’s, so whether he knew it or didn’t knew it, or if it was truly or not true, doesn’t matter. I would just be like, no, he, he was drinking a citrus juice. Like I would go big, big picture. I don’t care if you told me some guy says my fe fry was $320,000 and someone goes, you know, he’s lying. It was hundred $99,000. I I don’t, I don’t, I don’t do that normally I don’t care about because the, the specifics there don’t matter. Um, now if, if for, uh, for, if someone’s like, yeah, he has blood clotting and it’s because, uh, his cholesterol clotted his arteries and it’s cuz his cholesterol’s too high and not, and then it does matter to me because then they’re suggesting that the clotting occurred.


The catalyst for the clotting occurred from what was inside going on inside the artery. When I believe it’s from what happens outside. We’ve talked about this. I believe it’s the vaso vasorum. I believe it’s that, that when the outside of the artery isn’t getting fed blood through those little tiny, tiny veins called vaso vasorum, and the red blood cells can’t come down and feed and feed the outside of the artery. The artery dies from the outside and then the clotting occurs on the inside. And then the nuance matters. Then the details matter. Because if you send the rep repair crew to the inside of the artery when the damage is happening from the outside, cuz you eat too much sugar and the cells lose their motility and they can’t get down their motility, their mobility, their sort of their squishiness, and they can’t get down there and feed the edge of the arterial wall. That’s important.


You don’t need, you don’t need cholesterol medicine. You need to stop eating sugar. That was good, right? That’s pretty deep into the weeds. I’m, I’m up for the challenge. I’m up for the challenge. I’m up for the challenge. What did he say? [inaudible] You said edge? Yeah. Okay. Uh, so, so this guy’s gonna talk about fatherhood and um, we’ll get through this here a little bit, a little, little piece by piece. The, um, he’s talking about the difference between having two mothers as opposed to having a father and a mother. Um, and it’s, um, yeah, okay, here we go. Ah, Kayla would never screw that up three times in a row.

Speaker 8 (17:01):

Mothering has become a real mystery. Ask the average person, what is a father? They have no clue. When a father wants to be hands on, involved in the family domesticated, he becomes a second mother. He competes with the mother. I’ll diaper the baby. I’ll

Sevan Matossian (17:19):

See. I, um, th this is the examples he gives. I’ll diaper the baby. I love diapering my babies. But, but, but I’ll go big picture on it. I, I, I think him and I agree, it’s just the examples he gives. It’s the intent within di diapering the baby. And I love doing the laundry even though, you know, I did the laundry in my relationship with my wife for 15 years and, uh, maybe more 20 years. And recently she’s like, put the kibosh down, not letting me do the laundry anymore. <affirmative>. Can you imagine if I would’ve said that the other way around? I’m not letting my wife do the laundry anymore. People would be like, oh my God, you, you, you can’t control your wife like that. But no one will ever say that the other way. But, but my wife does. She’s intimidated me. She’s raised, gotten a little tense with her voice, raised her voice above just like the speaking level and told me not to do the laundry anymore. It’s called a relationship. It’s called how animals Communicate. It’s totally fine. I’m happy. I’m happy to see her passion. I’m happy to see her passion, her conviction of stopping me from doing the laundry. She doesn’t, she thinks that I, I do great laundry.


Well, she doesn’t like the soap that I, the soaps that I choose, and I think she’s right. But here we go,

Speaker 8 (18:37):

Feed the baby. I’ll make dinner, I’ll do the laundry, I’ll drive them to school. You’re not being a father, you’re just being another mother

Sevan Matossian (18:45):

Now, right there. I’m like, fuck you dude. I changed the diapers. I drive them to school. Um, well, you know what I mean? I drive them to skate. I love all that shit. Right? So he gives these examples. Ah, there you go. Intent. Stephen Flores intent. Yes. Oh no, you’re talking about Danny Spiegel. I don’t even know what you’re talking about. But I don’t think she ever would try to cheat on purpose. I don’t think she’s, I don’t think any of those dudes do that. But, but, um, but yeah, it’s the intent. It’s the intent. Who the fuck is this guy? I, who knows, just fodder for conversation. It’s the intent behind doing the laundry, driving them. But, but he kind of gets to that in a second. And that’s the problem. The simpletons of the world. I, I know that’s an asshole way to put it. The simpletons of the world will listen to what he says and they’ll get confused. This is why we have words like gender. Cuz people get confused. They’ll start calling these gender roles doing, you can be manly as fucking do the wash and drive your kids and you can be an amazing father and do all that. You just said, fuck. That’s one. Darn it.

Speaker 8 (19:52):

And then people say, so what’s a father nobody knows is a father. Only the guy who takes you to the baseball game teaches you how to play football, teach you how to ride a bicycle. Well that doesn’t start, at least, you know, for the first couple of years of life, you’ve got nothing to contribute.

Sevan Matossian (20:08):

Yeah, you do. You kind of do have nothing to contribute. In the beginning, I didn’t contribute. I mean, I was just present, which is cool. I mean, you contribute. I mean, you don’t contribute any superficial stuff, really. Not too much.

Speaker 8 (20:25):

You need to learn

Sevan Matossian (20:25):

What, because they’re eating. They’re just on the boot. By the way, yesterday my wife corrected me. I said something, uh, obvious how long he breastfed for. And I said, 16 months. And my wife’s like, you always say that on your show. It was 23 months. I was like, wow. 23 months.

Speaker 8 (20:40):

Fathering is, and it’s not our fault. Our father’s didn’t father very well.

Sevan Matossian (20:45):

Not true. He said, it’s not your fault If you don’t know what a father is, never give away your power. Take responsibility. It’s all your fault. It’s all your fault. Someone hits you in their car when you’re driving down the street and you’re in your car and you say it’s their fault. It’s their fault for insurance reasons. But at the end of the day, it’s your fault. You chose to be there. You got a driver’s license, you bought a car. Don’t you believe in extreme ownership?

Speaker 8 (21:15):

We don’t know what it is. It was never defined. But one quick definition would be a mother is like a coach.

Sevan Matossian (21:22):

I like this. Here we go. Here we go.

Speaker 8 (21:24):

Preparing you for an Olympic event. She’s in there with you trying to get you perfect in your performance. Her father is like the judge at the Olympic event. When you think you’re ready, show off your stuff. And if your father approves, you’re in. If your father is a little disappointed, go back to the drawing board. But you don’t need two coaches. That’s confusing. And you don’t need two judges. That’s <laugh>.

Sevan Matossian (21:51):

Yeah. You don’t need two judges. You don’t need two judges. You don’t need two judges. Never compete with your wife for your kids’. Love. Let them celebrate their, their love for their mom. Celebrate the fact that they love their mom more than you celebrate that. They don’t need two judges. But I’m definitely my kids’ judge. And not only do they judge them, but I I judge them harshly and I allow them to enjoy the judgment and have fun with the judgment. And you know what I’ve noticed they’ve started doing it to me too. And it’s so fun. I’m not bad. I’m disappointed. I’m just disappointed. Yeah. Yeah. And, and I, and I reward them. And it’s what I’ve said before, reward, just worry about rewarding your kids for the good stuff they do. And just go, stoic is all. Get out for the stuff that you don’t like they do that they do. Just stoic. You don’t even need to say bad or no. Or stop. They’re searching for your approval. They’re searching for your judgment.


Use that judgment wisely. Use it wisely. You use it to steer them. To steer them. Yes. Yes. Mother is nurturing a father of soul. Don’t ever feel like you have to compete with your wife for your kids’. Love. It’s totally healthy and normal. My kids will say to me all the time, will you sleep with me? I’m like, sure. My mom’s like, I’ll do it. And they’ll be, oh, we’re gonna sleep with mom. And I’ll be like, okay. And they’re like, we’re sorry. I’m like, dude, are you kidding me? They’re sleep with mom than me too.


Occasionally someone will throw me a bone and want to sit next to me at dinner. It’s perfectly, absolutely, uh, absolutely normal. It’s great. Let them, let them, uh, let them have their mom for nurturing and they’ll still come, they still come to me. They want to do the big boy stuff. They want to feel the judgment. They want to get the, the celebration of my judgment. It’s a funny story. It probably doesn’t translate too well. We were playing cards yesterday and I just, I just, I I could just see them wanting to compete with me and wanting them to, to, to win, to beat me.


Yes. You wanna talk about my glasses? I’m just going through all my glasses. I just have tons of glasses. So I’m just going through them all. Doug Richie. I’m a lifetime listener. Are you in Europe, Doug? I started early today. My mom, uh, my dad was an academic who was far more of an emotional nurturer than most dads. Yeah. I can be pretty emotional. Uh, my mom used to jab me in the ham with a fork at the dinner table if I held my fork on. Yeah, that sounds about right. I’m not letting them win until they, until they actually win. It’s funny, my, the, I I, um, the kid’s tennis instructor and I have had some back and forth about that cuz he’s had some issues with his dad as a kid. His dad beaten him up too much on the tennis court. And, um, I’ve definitely, uh, put it to Avi a few times where, where he’s cried. Definitely. Yes. But the other day, I, I, I was deadlifting and I just deadlifted 2 95 just kind of on accident. And I really mean that. It was kind of just on accent. But I was kind of proud and I was like, wow, that’s pretty crazy. But this lady, I’m 51, 51 at 80 years old Miss Nora Deadlifted, 310 pounds. I mean, how, how,


This is nuts, right? Look at her shoes, look at that grip. Everything about her. I’m just loving it.

Speaker 9 (26:07):

Come on

Sevan Matossian (26:13):

Her eye. Contact with the crowd. Bonkers. Bonkers. Um, uh, chip, uh, fillers. Chip fillers. Chip filler. Is that your real name? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Uh, I never let my kids win or beat me in anything. It belittles the achievement son is now a D one wrestler and can beat me easy. That’s awesome. Three 10 for Ms. Nora. Look at this. The, oh, you can’t see. There’s a comment. She goes to my church. Mr. Hartman.

Speaker 10 (27:02):

Mr. Sian, how are you?

Sevan Matossian (27:04):

I’m good. I’m having fun.

Speaker 10 (27:06):

Good, good. Good morning. Good to see. Early.

Sevan Matossian (27:08):

I’m a little nervous, like I could crash. Do you know what I mean? Like, I got up at two early, I I’m gonna, I’m a little anxious about it. An hour. Like I got up at 4 59. That’s weird. You, I never like seen the clock say four

Speaker 10 (27:24):

Nap. Ooh. But yeah, so I’m just sitting in front of my office staring at, uh, the front door. Not one o clock in yet. So I figured I’d call in and go over my, uh, l one course I took last weekend. Like we said, we’re gonna

Sevan Matossian (27:42):

What? You took your what? Oh, oh, oh. You took your L one last week? Yeah. Tell me, tell me how was it? How was it?

Speaker 10 (27:47):

Yeah, it was incredible. The only, I can’t even say I have anything negative to say about it. Like the only suggestion I can make about it is that like, it’s probably just cause the seminar staff was so good at what they’re doing. Like they never said like, may, may, maybe once or twice they said like, Hey, flip the page 79, we’re gonna go over this article, this lecture or whatever. That’s like the only place I can find to make suggestion. Everything else was awesome.

Sevan Matossian (28:11):

Why? What did they do? I don’t So you went to your CrossFit level one on, uh, March 18th and 19th in what city?

Speaker 10 (28:17):

In Avita, Florida at, uh, CrossFit A Vito.

Sevan Matossian (28:20):

And, and who were the instructors?

Speaker 10 (28:22):

Um, it was Melissa Reed, Rena Butcher and Andy Hen.

Sevan Matossian (28:27):

Oh. Oh, who was the floor master there? Melissa Reed. Who? Uh, I don’t even know who those girls are.

Speaker 10 (28:34):

I think it was Melissa. She was running a show for the most part.

Sevan Matossian (28:37):

I have no idea who that was. Was she nice?

Speaker 10 (28:40):

Oh, she was super sweet. She was almost like too polished.

Sevan Matossian (28:43):


Speaker 10 (28:43):

Um, like, she seemed like a little corporatey, but she was awesome. Like the words that were coming outta her mouth were incredible. But like Andy a lot, I don’t know if familiar with them,

Sevan Matossian (28:53):

Bro. Bro, you, that’s, you just nailed it. That’s how astute you are. You have two people who are just absolutely new. I think. I’ve never heard of those people. Melissa Reed, who is the other one?

Speaker 10 (29:05):

Uh, Ranna Butcher. She’s super new. She’s only been on seminar staff for a year, maybe two years.

Sevan Matossian (29:10):

Okay. And a and, and a and a young lady named Ranna Butcher. And then you got one of the oldest seminar staff around ever former N f NFL football player. Oh yeah. Andy hen just, I mean, yeah, he doesn’t need to be polished or corporate. He’s the shit. He sleeps and breathes that shit. That’s, um, that’s Taylor Selfs mentor.

Speaker 10 (29:30):

Oh, is it? Yeah, he’s from, he owns, uh, Charlotte. Super cool dude.

Sevan Matossian (29:34):

Dude, that, that dude has probab, that dude probably has Greg Glassman’s number on his phone. I mean, that guy is, that guy is old school. Old school. Don’t. How, how did he look? He had a heart attack like a few, couple months ago. A year ago. How did he look?

Speaker 10 (29:50):

I he looked awesome.

Sevan Matossian (29:52):

Good. That makes, he

Speaker 10 (29:52):

Looked great. He was, and he was his.

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