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I think I might have figured this light out.

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Nope. At least got stuck on a good color. Athena’s been, uh,

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Helping me, uh,

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Troubleshoot that. Good morning, Elizabeth. Good morning, Ronnie. Good morning, Chris. Good morning. Matt Morrison. Good morning. Matt wants to talk about Snuffaluffagus this morning. Judy Reed. Good morning. Paul. Paul Scanlan.


Oh, no, you didn’t. It’s in a loop. I, I got the button that, oh, it’s loop. All right, we’ll try again. I’m warming up to the intro. Uh, Mr. Hardell, G t d e, Fran. Good morning. Plan B. Hey, um, I unplugged it, uh, three times, uh, for 10 seconds, but I was kind of rushed. I’ll try it again after the show. I was kind of just doing it here as I got ready. Wow, these glasses give you a full-blown, um, reflection of the screen. Probably won’t be wearing these again. These are, uh, ray band’s prescription. All my glasses are prescription, and they, and they, uh, they get darker when I go outside, but they’re kind of like darker on the top and then later on the bottom, not to the extreme that these, these bad boys are, you see these bad, remember these bad boys?


I put a shitload of goo in my hair before you guys start telling me how good my hair looks. I got this shit called mud. I had stopped using it for a while, and then I used it like once or twice last week. And people said, like, it just takes one person the comments to be like, oh, you’re having a good hair day. And then boom, I’m back on the goo. I hadn’t used it probably in five or six months. Pauly in a good morning, Brandon Waddell. Good morning. How crazy do you guys want to get today, Jim? Good morning, Trish. Good morning. It’s so crazy that someone has to be like, fuck that. I’m not watching this show anymore.


You know what’s crazy is, uh, I showed that, I showed that video of those girls with the fake boobs, and they kind of danced in unison, and they bounced their boobs right to left. And like you would think that would be like an onslaught. Then all of a sudden, people would start sending me all sorts of cool, like Corey, Corey choreographed boob dancing. No, but I showed the guy with the Shlong bands bouncing around in his pants, the hog, the guy with the hog and the, and the boxer shorts, the stripper dude. And you guys all of a sudden just think like, that’s my, my thing. And my inbox is just full of Dons and um, and boxer shorts. Which is funny because, uh, uh, David Weed, you know, our homeboy David in the comments, he’s always telling me that I’m gay, but I I think it’s the audience is gay.


I’m gay Christians. That’s who I attract. White people, except I just, I just have to accept it. Uhoh. That makes me a little nervous. Why are my notes open here? I was tripping a little bit this morning in the shower. Um, I told myself I wasn’t gonna talk about it, but of course I am. Um, I was tripping in the shower. I was, uh, just, I became a little self-conscious isn’t isn’t the right word, but I started thinking about people that I, uh, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome to the Homo podcast. Thank you. And here to host the King Homo Savon Matossian. And then, and then I need, uh, wait. Uh, I need, um, uh, hold on. Let me see if I can, where is it? God, I miss Caleb. Caleb was here last night for the golf show. Wasn’t that nice? Uh, I don’t even know where to do it. There should be like a, a button here that’s like people cheering. It’s under brand and streamy yard.


How come you guys haven’t coming out by the thousands and just being like, oh my God. Sev, I’ll run the backend for you for life. I’ll quit my day job and I’ll live in a cardboard box and just help you with the show for free. Nobody, nobody. I know why you guys did that cuz you guys want me to learn how to do it myself. You want me to become an independent man? Oh, I got this porn hub thing. This, I don’t even know what this is daring. Thank you Caleb, for leaving that back. I got, uh, the thong song, but I want it to be like, where is that? There’s no, right now, Susan’s listening. He’s like, you dip shit. The audio dude, people clapping is in the blah, blah, blah.

Speaker 3 (05:17):

Listen, listen, listen and listen. You listen, listen,

Sevan Matossian (05:22):

Listen. Oh, I have a drum roll. And welcome to the Saev podcast, hosted by the king Homo Savan Maos, and then some music crowd.


I was thinking, um, I wonder if there’s people I know from like my previous lives, um, who listen to the show. Like, I wonder if, uh, whenever I mention Harem, if like five girls in the audience are like, oh yeah, I was in this harem. Not that they, not that when you’re in the harem, you don’t know you’re in the harem. Uh, maybe you do, I don’t know, maybe you do. Or, or, or I have friends I went to high school with and or college with and they’re like, oh my God, I remember when he was a libtard. What happened to Savon? He’s turned into a total white right wing conspiracy nut. Holy shit.


Uh, drum roll right into welcome everyone. Right into crickets. I couldn’t even find the crickets. Ronnie. Ronnie. Um, my wife’s name is Linda. I play that all the time. Thong song gets me going. Yeah, it’s good, right? The, the kind of the violin, uh, iteration of it kind of classes it up a little bit, dresses it up. It’s not just underwear that rides in people’s butts. I never understood thongs. They gross me out. Do you know why they gross me out? Cuz all I think about is that piece of material that’s sitting up against the cheerio. That’s all I think about. Like, I don’t enjoy, I’m not like, oh, look at that butt. I’m just like, holy fuck. There’s a piece of material there that just rests on the anus. That’s, it’s a problem with I’m, I’m a tormented soul. Tormented soul.


So, um, lots of, uh, boxer shorts, dons hogs flopping around, um, uh, not a lot of boobs. And although the, those giant and, and then I showed the giant boobs yesterday and you know, the people are like, gross, which sh shows just how broken some of you are. And, uh, yeah, yeah, thongs are the best. Uh, Bob, Hey, Savon, thinking of getting into drugs, any advice on where to start? Totally, totally, totally, totally. I, uh, recommend finding a course. I don’t know what course you would do. I really don’t know what course you would do because these, these, uh, vipasana practitioners have fucking lost their way vipasana, the pasana practitioners, I’m not sure they lost their way, but you want to find a non-denominational place where you can go and sit and not make eye contact or talk to anyone for, uh, 10 days. That would be ideal with a, a semis restricted caloric intake.


Uh, before you do any drugs, before you do anything stupid, like get a tattoo, just any of that shit, you should do a, uh, a 10 day, uh, retreat, no eye contact, no talking for 10 days restricted caloric diet. And, um, that, that would be my my suggestion for anyone who wants to get into drugs. If you really, you really want to flex the awareness muscle to, to fucking rocket ship levels, um, you just wanna just know stuff that no one else knows. I mean, it’s so easy. You, you know, I’ve talked about that thing. I could pull it up for you guys. Um, I’ve talked about that kind of, that pyramid that quickly gets to the tip with juggling, right? There’s like 400,000 people in the United States that can juggle three balls, right? And then there’s like 200,000 that can juggle. It just gets cut in half when you go to four balls and then you go to five balls and then you go to six balls and then, and then it’s just quickly, it’s just like, you know, you get to like nine balls, it’s like a hundred fucking people out of 330 million.


And then you get to 13, 14, 15 balls and it’s just one person. And that’s what it’s like, uh, cultivating, uh, awareness. If you go out into the deep end, which you can go out so fucking quickly if you have a place where you can just, um, just be no eye contact. The reason why I can’t do eye contact in talking is because we’re just all mirrors of each other. So anytime you see, basically what happens is I like to use that ouspensky model that I’ve talked about. You have this, you have things inside of you that need reflection to exist inside of you. So like, I’m hungry. You need to see food. I’m angry. You need to see someone outside to be angry about that. I mean, that’s the, that’s the whole thing about racism. That’s why it’s so odd that, that, that, and that’s the problem. Once you start seeing how the mind works, you start realizing that all those people are demanding all those people playing the victim. They’re demanding someone reflect back to them, victim.


They’re just looking. And, uh, but, but don’t go out onto the deep end by yourself without drugs for 10 days. Fuck, fuck the drugs. Try that. Balls are definitely gay balls. Oh, juggling balls. Yeah. I’ve been able to juggle too. I can barely juggle two. I’m a three ball kind of guy. Me too. I’m totally a three ball. I’ve never even tried four balls, never even tried. My sister called me last night and she was laughing. She said the Frisbee show was good. And I, I think, I can’t tell, right? I mean, and she goes, but dude, what the fuck do you know about Frisbee? You sit back there and talk like, you know, shit, some of you don’t know this. Maybe some of you do know this. I think I should probably make a video from my Instagram. The best sport I’ve ever been at is Frisbee.


I don’t even know if I’d call it a sport, but I have Frisbees all over my house, but not the kind of Frisbees that those guys play with. Like, if you come to my house, you will see a Frisbee. And it’s always been like that. And it’s been like that since I’ve been 25 years old. And then Trey away in my house, there’s always one in the back of the car. And I, and I, and I just use those ultimate Frisbee discs and I can fucking throw a Frisbee like no fucking other. And a very, uh, and I’ve played, I don’t know, uh, 200 days in a year, uh, six years, uh, six times 212. I I’ve played 1200, six hour days of Frisbee. Yeah, exactly. I dunno if California guys, but I, that’s exactly what I did. I just smoked weed and played Frisbee all fucking day at the beach. I wouldn’t say it was Fri fris Frisbee, hippie hippie Frisbee. I don’t know. I kind of went, uh, yeah. And I had the dog. The dog. Nope. Fuck off Justin.


No hacky sack. So, um, yeah, we would have a blast. So fun. So fun. I used to get a, uh, you know, they had forties, you remember forties. But, um, a Miller Light made a 32 screw top. And I would get a 32 a Miller Light. And I’d fucking, a couple of those. I’d usually bring like enough so that I could share. I’d usually try to find at least one girl to sh on the beach to share with. And I’d, I’d cut the lime and I’d squeeze my lime into my Miller Light. Not even a Corona Jay Hartel, I’d fuck some sack up in high school. <laugh>, uh, uh, I dunno if we even had cameras back then. I, I’ll post a picture of, uh, there’s a picture Bruce Wayne used of me, like at 30, uh, on a, um, maybe 35 on a, on a thumbnail. I’m wearing a, a Warrior’s jersey, like a sleeveless Warrior’s jersey.


So there’s that. A bunch of people sent me Downs Syndrome stuff. They wanted to talk about Don’s syndrome. And I, and I was like, I’m ki I don’t know if I should bring that subject up cuz that subject quickly, if, if you wanna talk, you know, the whole execution of babies, right? That’s that abortion thing. Killing babies. That thing, um, you kill babies because like, you don’t want a girl, so you kill, kill a baby cuz you don’t want someone Down syndrome. Like that whole thing. Like what’s the reason you justify executing baby cuz you were raped? Um, cuz you can’t afford it. Um, cuz white people just want, you know, anyway, I don’t, I I don’t know that that subject with the Down Syndrome one can get pretty crazy pretty quick.


You, you know, what they’re doing in El Salvador, God, like, I don’t wanna sound like a fucking Nazi, but what they’re doing in El Salvador is they’re rounding up these people because you can’t, a society like that is just horrible, right? Where you just have dudes fucking shitloads of dudes with guns and knives and tattoos just running the society on fear. That’s just horrible. And so they’re rounding all those dudes up because those dudes can’t successfully run a society. They’ll take us back to the fucking stone ages. So, so you, you also can’t have a, you can’t have a society that’s 50% people with Down syndrome. You cannot, that that society will collapse on itself.


Yeah. It’s not, by the way, I’m not, by no means am I suggesting that El Salvadorians are bad people. They just got that they had that runaway crime problem. There may, maybe they are bad people. Maybe they’re, maybe they, their culture just breeds violence. I don’t know. I have no idea. Um, uh, down syndrome people are the most affectionate humans. Love hugs. I I mean, I, I, uh, I, yeah, also ran, I, I lived, I lived with two people with Down Syndrome for five years. I, I, I, I, I don’t know. Anyway, I don’t think this morning’s that morning to have that conversation, but, um, okay, here we go. You wanna talk about climate change instead? We don’t do enough, uh, climate change. Uh, the Mexicans hate Down syndrome people because they feel like they give them a bad rap. Oh, uh, you mean El Salvadorians? Sorry, lemme rephrase that. Trish. Uh, the Mexicans hate, uh, the El Salvadorians cuz they feel like they give them a bad, bad rap. Listen, no, Americans can’t tell the difference between anyone south of, uh, San Diego. You’re all Mexicans to us, just all Mexicans. It’s like Middle Easterners. No one in the United States can affect fuck, if you’re Iraqi, or sorry, Iraqi or Iranian or Armenian or Lebanese or Israeli. Yeah, Israeli too. Uh, you’re just all fucking Middle Eastern Arabs to Americans. Thank you. I speak on behalf of all the people of the, uh, United States of America.


Yeah. I posted a bunch of the, uh, ra the Savon. Did you like the rabbit drawing to Oh yeah, that was good. I think maybe I posted that. That was crazy. That was good. The titties that turn in in the giant bush that turn into a rabbit. That was crazy. That was good. Thank you. Yeah, the drawing class I think went, uh, swimmingly well. Yeah, some of you, you know what’s funny is most of you just included the, the paper and this, and, and the only person who included themselves in the picture is a girl sent one in and she’s pretty, but none of the, none of the ugly dudes did that. Like the dudes just show the paper that they’re drawing on. But one attractive girl sent, like, it’s, you can see the paper and her, I’m like, yep, makes sense. And I ain’t hate either. I’m like that. That’s smart. Like all of a sudden her drawing got better.


You’re not fucking, what the fuck? Just like, sev doesn’t care that I’m not Indian. What are you then? Devesh maharaj the hammer. What? What are you, you’re not Mexican? Oh, Pakistani, Pakistani, Bangladeshi. You’re Bangladesh guy. What the fuck is Devesh? Anyone know? Don’t ruin it for me. Please don’t tell me you live in la I so picture you living like in Mumbai. Please don’t fucking ruin you for me. Um, uh, uh, Melissa Odie are those who want to use their brain and educate themselves. Know the difference between those countries or, or Melissa, those who want to continue to, uh, divide the human population up into little fragments so that they can use a more, uh, discrimination racism. And there’s another one, there’s another fancy word, uh, Savon. I sent you, uh, my video. I sent you my video. Oh, of you drawing. Did I post it? I posted like six or seven. I can’t remember. Um, I can’t remember.


Jason Miller. Here we go. I don’t wanna do this conversation. Here we go. That’s the sticky part. Se evolution, natural selection, weed stuff out. Societal human humans tend to try to save everyone. Here we go. Here we, okay, here’s Devesh. I’m from the Caribbean. I’m as Indian as an African American, as Africans African. Oh, the car. Oh, you’re from, oh, so you, but, but, but your people are from India, but you live on some island out there. Or do you live like in Aruba or something? God damn it that just, you confused me more. That’s a good question. Uh, you know, my twins didn’t go out in public until they were, uh, three months old.


My twins literally just ate, just slept and drank milk for three months. I’m not, there’s no exaggeration there. Maybe my wife will correct me, but I don’t think so. If she does correct me, I will. Um, I’ll let her know. I don’t know the answer to that. I, I, um, with Avia, I wanna say like after a week, after a week after having her, she, she stayed in the house for like a week and then she went outside and we went for a walk and she started bleeding. So then I think she stayed home for like another month. We didn’t do any of that stuff. My wife doesn’t get like cabin fever and shit. Like none of that stuff. My wife has no like, um, uh, she doesn’t need anything <laugh>. Like you could just turn the pow I could turn the power off when I left, left the house.


And the only reason why she knows cuz maybe cuz we have a well in the water wouldn’t work. Like she doesn’t need shit. I call my wife Nala. There’s zero nag in her. Nothing. There’s no, I mean, since we had the kids, maybe she has a couple pathologies that service to the top. She just like worrywart shit. But like, I’m glad she has, it’s just mom’s shit. I think so. So it’s like she just sat in the house with the kids forever. I mean, literally three months. I re my wife did not come out of the house for fucking three months. I’m not even joking. I bought a fucking car that minivan and pulled it up to the front of the house, like at the two month mark. And my wife didn’t even come outside to look at it. She just opened the front door and looked at it. She’s like, that’s nice. Hailey’s. Like, that’s nice. And for my wife that’s pretty excited too.


Um, yeah, Allison said she’s uh, uh, what did Allison say? She’s so easy and calming to be around. Yeah, very calming. It’s very calming being around her. You’re from Ira, Israel. Israel, Felix Chumski. Israeli men are wild. They’re a handful. That’s a fucking macho culture. Uh, yes. Uh, Devesh. Maharaj. Yes. My people are Indian. We got brought to the islands to work during slavery days. They can’t find any black people. Uh, okay though. They look close. Get ’em. What island? Can you tell me what island you’re on? You guys know about Haiti? Haiti was the only, uh, Haiti’s, uh, shares an island with the Dominican Republic. That island, I don’t know what the island’s called, but it’s cut in half. And one half is the country of Haiti and one half is the, uh, yeah, sorry. But the baby thing, I don’t know. I don’t think it hurts to wait three weeks.


Um, but we didn’t do any of that stuff where we were worried about our baby either. Like, you didn’t have to wash your hands, you could be sick. Like we didn’t do any, we didn’t do any of that stuff. We did. No, uh, we don’t do any, um, germ prevention. Zero. Um, I’d be way more afraid of like black mold before I was afraid of like any, uh, uh, there’s pictures on my Instagram of my kids on all four on the sidewalk in front of a coffee shop. And that’s not an isolated incident. That was every day. I mean, they were in some disgusting places and I didn’t give a shit. Um, so that island, that Dominican Republic, uh, that Dominican Republic, that Haiti, that’s an island that’s, I dunno what the island called, but it’s split in half. And they, and there’s two countries on it. And that Haitian, those Haitian people are the only successful group of slaves to revolt and win. I dunno if I’m saying it right, I’m probably not doing it justice. But basically, and, and, and that, and I think that’s how we got the western half of the United States. If I’m not, uh, mistaken, I think what happened is the French were afraid they were gonna lose that island. And, and they, and they needed to, they needed mu to generate currency and money to fight that war. And I think that’s what the Louisiana purchase was.


So I think, uh, was it Lincoln? Some president fucking bought that half of the United States from the French gave ’em all that money and then, then they used that money to try to beat down the fucking Haitian slaves. And they, they still lost. Oh my god, that sounds crazy. Alaska’s last frontier homestead. Hi, Slon. Hey, nice house. I think I want to hear that story. That sounds crazy. The island of arugula. Aruba. Aruba asking Americans about geographies is a fucking joke. Jefferson, Jefferson bought the, that Jefferson did the Louisiana purchase. All right. Thomas Jefferson. Trish, that’s fine. I knew we’d get to it. Uh, look at Dakota Miller. Wow. Look at you. Uh, yes. America doubled. Uh, because some slaves whooped a French <laugh>. Uh, yeah. Um, here we go. Just throw this in the blender of fucking crazy. Just more crazy climate change shit like, like no one knows what the fuck’s going on.


Listen carefully to this guy. Listen, uh, this is a project knowledge. We’ve been warming now since about 1850. Why choose that point? Physicist brain cat? Because it’s the lowest point. We’re at one degree above the coldest. It’s been in the last 10,000 years and two degrees cooler than the hottest. It’s been the wrap your head around that fucking statement. You have to, uh, you have to start, uh, we have to start remembering that. Uh, uh, and, and I learned this from Greg at the Broken Science Conference. We don’t care too much. Give 10%. We have 10% interest in the four out of five dentists that recommend Dentine. The one we’re really curious about is that fifth one. Hey, uh, excuse me. Uh, Mr. Fifth. Uh, yes. [inaudible] I am Dr. Fifth. Uh, why, why didn’t you recommend Dentine? Uh, because, uh, all the evidence shows that chewing gum on a regular basis fucks up your jaw, your teeth, and your digestive tract. Oh. And uh, why did those other four recommend it? Uh, cuz they got paid. Oh, okay. Well, thank you.


We need, we need those, uh, data points. Okay, here we go. Okay, Casey, you don’t know how happy I am that I see you in here. Crazy. That Louisiana purchase was like as much as a used 2008 Honda Civic with 200,000 miles. We gotta know, we gotta know about the, we need to know this fucking story. You guys up here. This like, what the fuck is going on here? This dude really just lives about out in a cabin in Alaska. I haven’t, uh, I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t read Winston. What’s the guy’s name? Winston Price. But, but I think that’s one of those books that if you read his book on dentistry, your whole shit comes apart. Like if you want to be instantly red pilled,

Speaker 4 (27:22):

We’ve been warming now for the last sort of 150 years or so, give or take, uh, since about 1850. There’s something interesting about that, that period, isn’t it? Tell us, tell us about that. Because it, why do they choose that point? Well,

Sevan Matossian (27:38):

Why did they choose 1850 as the starting point to talk about the earth warming? I wanna know how that dude chose that shirt. You’re telling me that fucking guy went to his closet? That guy, that old guy on the right and he is like, yep, this is the shirt I’m gonna wear today. Or has he just not taken that off in five years? His whole posture’s fucked up. CrossFit. He needs CrossFit.

Speaker 4 (28:00):

Well, oh, that’s because it’s the lowest point. We are at one degree above the coldest it’s been in the last 10,000 years. Which just, let’s just repeat that. I mean, that’s remarkable. And the other remarkable thing is it’s two degrees cooler than the warmest it’s been in the last eight, 10,000 years, which is the Egyptian and the Menino period. So this is really important folks, because this is data and uh, that, uh, essentially, uh, the I pcc they always talk about that we are, uh, one degree higher than, than the pre industrialization period that 150 years ago. But what you are saying, Brian, is that was the lowest point in the last 10,000 years. Correct. So, so in a sense, that’s why we shouldn’t be panicking and that it’s been much warmer in, in two or three previous periods. Yes. And in the last Interglacial, which was 130,000 years ago, when the country is much, pretty much where it is now, about 50 degrees north from the equator, there were Hippo Eye and Elephants on the banks of the River Thames. That that would be quite a sign now, wouldn’t it? People would and and it’s well known. This is natural history and it’s, it was six degrees warmer than it is now. And there were humans wandering around the place, presumably hunt, gathering happily. Um, we’re a tropical species. And

Sevan Matossian (29:14):

Wait, we’re a tropical species. Devesh is living in the right spot. Uh, Stephan bring the last survivor to the podcast. What last survivor? What are you talking about? Who, what? Yeah. Old man. Zero fucks given. I know I’m headed that way. I feel it. It’s cool. It’s really cool. It starts with, um, uh, those hats. When I go to the beach, I wear those. I wear like a, a sombrero. Oh, I love a new collar. Call her. Hi.

Speaker 5 (29:52):

Hey. Hey Chevon. Alaska’s last frontier homestead.

Sevan Matossian (29:56):

Hey, what’s up dude? You’re in Alaska.

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