#847 – Live Call In | Let’s Catch Up

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Ba, I’m, we live.

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Oh, you know what? I’m gonna end up meeting, uh, a button.

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It automatically turns that off. Good morning.

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What is, uh, this

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Is gonna be great if this works. I wonder if I’m gonna get busted eventually for like, some sort of copyright

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Issues for

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Starting every show with the thong song. Yeah. I need to, I need to get that intro so it comes in and then goes out, comes in, and then goes out. Yeah. You remember Johnny, right? Yeah. I saw that on Instagram. Someone playing with, uh, playing that on a violin and some other dude dancing next to it. And I’m like, oh, shit. That’s catchy. That’s catchy. This sign behind me as I was showering today, I, I’m so, I’m so proud of this sign. This sign. Is it, it, it’s, it’s like my gray belt. It, it’s like I graduated. I, I, I, I’m like, I’m like a stray cat. Like you guys own the house and I’m a stray cat. And, and eventually you guys fucking, uh, bought me a collar. You’re like, fuck this dude’s around every day. We’ll buy, we’ll get him a collar. We’ll keep this fucker.


I cannot, I cannot believe I earned this sign. I really cannot. It’s so crazy. Uh, do you leave it on all the time? Yeah. I don’t fuck with it. There’s a remote. It came with this fancy ass remote. Um, and like, I changed the color like 10 times and turned it on and off like a little kid pushing all the buttons. And then that was it. It stopped working. See, like, like, I like, like, uh, come over here, there’s a red, and I should be able to push that red button. And, um, and it should change to red, but it doesn’t, it’s kind of cool. It got stuck on blue. If it would’ve got stuck on red, you guys, all you guys who were trying to save me would be like, Hey, that’s the devil’s color. Or some shit if, just so you know, Al also, I mean, this show, um, change the color. I can’t, I cannot devesh, uh, you earned it. Thank you.


This, uh, this show within 24 hours of, well, immediately, as soon as, as soon as this show is posting in real time to YouTube, as at like every second, it’s posting to YouTube, and by the time I get off every time this show is flagged, and when it’s flagged, it’s demonetized. And then what I do is I put it in a request to, um, have it reviewed a second time, and nine out of 10 times we pass that and it becomes monetized. But that takes 24 hours usually or longer for that to happen. And during that time is when we accumulate the most minutes watched. So, so we don’t make money on it. So, so a show that let’s say would, uh, $50 only ends up making $6. And, um, so when you guys donate money to the show, you, I can’t tell you how much it helps by the way either.


It’s like, it’s crazy. You guys are floating this thing. It’s, it’s, um, it’s so cool. I’m so excited. I even, I even, uh, it, I wanted to make sure I got both those things out, right? I jumped out of the shower wet, left, wet, wet footprints all over my house. I wanted to run and make sure I tell you both those things. We get demonetized takes 24 hours to get remonetize, and I’m so proud of the sign. I’m like, excited. I’m already excited to come in here, but when I come in here and see the sign, I’m like, yeah, I’m shit. I don’t understand how people say, oh, and then of course, this guy, paper Street, without these two people too, this shit gets really, really hard for me without Paper Street Coffee and California hormones without Paper Street Coffee and California hormones.


And they both offer great stuff, right? Paper Street Coffee got a discount when you use the seven code and California Hormones, uh, gets you the free doctor’s consult and the free blood work. If you’re in California, I think you get the free doctor’s consult anywhere in the world. I can’t, I can’t do it. I can’t, I can’t change the, um, I can’t. And I’m so excited about the 80 pound dumbbell. I’m, I’m fu I’m just stoked on all of it. You guys are awesome. Hey, is Jetro in the chat this morning? I don’t see him. Where is he?


It’s crazy. I’m starting to recognize everyone’s names. I don’t recognize your name. Sorry. Marissa Heza. You know what else too? What was crazy is after you guys made that birthday video, sorry, I keep talking about it, but it, it kind of, it, it, it, I I mean, I think about it all the time. Um, uh, last day on the road, I got you. I got you. Um, uh, as, um, as I saw that birthday video, I, I was shocked at the wide variety of people. Just like, like people with nose rings and black people, and the Indian dude in his car, Devesh and just chicks. And it was crazy. It was crazy. And, and just people, like, there were some people like, I wanted to like just hang out with them, like stop the video and be like, Hey, let’s go hang out like that.


The rosy photographer chick. Um, but, uh, afterwards Su says to me, Hey, Seon, look at our fucking d e i council. And I started laughing. I’m like, what do you mean? He goes, that group was so fucking the broad in its spectrum, gay, straight black. I don’t know if I saw any Asian people in there. There’s an Armenian dude in there. It was crazy with no effort, by the way. So one could argue that the effort was to make it so that no one, no to push all those people away. Uh, uh, Jan, I I see you all the time, but I I’ve never dared to say your name. Yaa Yaa Yaa from Russia, Yaa was Smith, Yaa Smith. I have one really hard name and one really easy name. Ms. Smith, I’ve committed myself to a monthly donation. Thank you for the good work.


Oh, thank you. A tithing of sorts, uh, Clyde Media. Thank you for pushing and inspiring all of us to be better. Uh, you’re welcome, dude. Sometimes, sometimes I wish I could be a better role model, not sometimes, often every day. Uh, true. This is, uh, this is, uh, um, this is true. Our mean are technically Asian. That that is <laugh>, that’s actually accurate. Uh, you’re not a good dude. Savon, you’re a great dude. Thank you. Uh, Mr. Kestenbaum, I’m trying to figure out where, where I can put that. I, I’m gonna change some shit in here. I’m inspired by the sign. I’m gonna get, I just need to, I need to invest a couple thousand dollars in another nice camera like this one, and then have some ano a second wide shot and have some shit up that you guys send me.


Uh, David Attaway. I hosted, uh, an L one at my affiliate this weekend. Oh, what affiliate do I know? And let’s just say it was an interesting experience. Would love to pick your brain about it. Yes. Oh, da. Thank you. And thank you for the money. Listen guys, some of you knuckleheads, I’ve given my personal phone number too. Tell me if we guys see Jet Throw in here. By the way, does anyone know where he is at? Um, I don’t give you my personal phone number so you can send me the same shit. You can send me an Instagram, you know what I mean? Like, um, uh, there’s, there’s one person in particular who I probably could say her name, Garrett Clinton. Um, like, like she uses the text perfect. Like she just shares shit with me like a homie would share with me, you know, like takes a picture of like, someone walking on riding a unicycle down the street.


Just send me shit that like, you would send a regular friend. Don’t, do not send me links of shit to go look at. That’s not what I want my text for. Like, you can send me that shit in. Um, um, in Instagram, I, I would, I would kind of want it so that more of you have my phone number so that you guys could text me shit. I mean, like, just like, I don’t know, stuff like, just stuff nor regular stuff, like picture of you and your mom or I don’t know, just stuff that you would send your friends or you’re standing in the store with two different pastas. One made of lentils and one made of garbanzos, and be like, which one would you get? And I’d be like, I don’t know, ask my wife shit like that. You know what I mean?


Yeah. FaceTimed, I, I don’t, uh, I, you know, the only person I used to FaceTime is with my ex-friend, uh, Jason Hopper. I was the only person. Simon Hernandez. Morning. Savon, thanks for all you do. Glad you came on. On my way to Fresno will make dry fun. Oh, say hi to the Armos for me going to Fresno. If you’re driving a truck full of tomatoes, I would be pumped. Oh man. Seven, seven ontology shirts. God, that is disgusting. And I love it. I absolutely love it. Savon will have more social. Well, I mean, you, I already have too many, but I’m pretty guarded, like in my, I’m pretty guarded, you know, a friend of mine told me that I should get out and like start going to these events and like someone even said, Hey, it’s time to do a community event. I’m like, n you. And then, and then, you know, uh, well, what’s his name in here? What’s his name? Keith? No. Was it Keith? Someone suggested I have one of you guys on every month. I’m like, dude, are you crazy?


Uh, Savon. Do you think Matt told Hopper he couldn’t talk to you anymore? I don’t think it was like that. Um, uh, I, I don’t think it was like that. And, um, but I think it was, there was something, I think that these, these guys are torn. I think maybe not openly, but they’re torn. Uh, Savon, shut the fuck up. Ce I emailed you about a community video and I, and video I did. And you didn’t give a shit? No, actually, I watched it and I thought it was a pile of shit, and I decided not to show it, which is even worse than sending me something good that I didn’t show. Now what? Now what Clive and what happened to your hair? Didn’t you have crazy, beautiful red hair?


Uh, Nike probably told him not to come on the show. I, I mean, once again, I don’t think Nike told them that. But they’re, um, you know, now you’re getting close. Now you’re getting close. Now you’re getting close, which is interesting when you see the people who will come on, right? And that’s what’s made me starting realizing people who have values. Values. People who have values. Spencer Davis, 2399. Best bang for your buck would be to paint the wall. Dark, gray. Charcoal would help diffuse and diffuse, help diffuse angles and push you forward in the frame and make you look younger, for sure. 50 at least. <laugh>.


Dude, I moved those cards from over there to over here, and I hung that sign up myself. And I put in a camera. A camera. How much can I do? Um, okay, should we start with something fun? You wanna start with Black History Month? Here we go. Black History Month. And then I’m gonna tell you something, something I’m gonna show you something that someone wrote on my Instagram saying that I’m defending white people. You’re outta your mind. If you think I’m defending white people, I am not defending white people. I’m only defending one group of people. Kids. I’m not defending men. Yeah, O’Keefe got O’Keefe will come on here. I think Oe, I haven’t asked him to come on here in a long time, but he homie ain’t he? O’Keefe not scared. Also, I think he’s trying to keep the peace. They’re not dumb. Everyone knows that If the further you are from me, the more likely it is, I’m able to accidentally talk shit about you.


And so you keep me close, and then I probably won’t talk shit about you. You say one thing nice about me and I’ll fucking my, I have such a monstrosity of an ego and I’m so easily manipulated. I’ll be your friend for, that’ll buy you like three months. I mean, look at Don came on here and I’m in love with him. Adrian can do no wrong. Adrian walks on water. I know Blaspheme. Where’s Jetro? Is he in here? Uh, Lori, I haven’t seen your name before either. L Lori Roan, uh, ster and I are canceling cable because all we need is you and Hiller. Well, thank you. That’s awesome. Exactly. Trish, what’s a white person? Okay, here we go.

Speaker 3 (13:20):

Check History Month comes to an end. Here’s your friendly reminder that the first 23 black members of Congress were all Republicans. No, it’s true. That’s odd. I don’t think I remember hearing that part of black history at all in the last month as Black History Month comes to an end, here’s your friendly reminder that the first 23 black members of Congress were all Republicans. No, it’s true. That’s odd. I don’t think I remember hearing that

Sevan Matossian (13:45):

Crazy, right? Crazy, crazy Saban. It’s not about Democrats and Republicans. Okay, fine. I’m I’m fine with that, but I’m just telling you, I’m just telling you, don’t forget, in 1860 when the first Republican president was elected Abraham Lincoln, not a single Republican owned a slave. All 4 million slaves were owned by Democrats. Uh, can can we get grundler to come on more? Yeah, he’s cool, right? Yeah, he’s cool. That, that’s a, that’s a, um, I don’t know why I don’t have him on more. That’s a huge miss. That’s just, uh, not thinking. The thing is, is I was actually thinking about this too. Uh, there’s people, you guys want to come on the show that I don’t want to come on the show. I just don’t enjoy it. It’s not that I, I don’t like them. I just, I’m not, there’s some people that I just, I’m not enjoying.


Grundler is one of those people, like I truly enjoy having on the show. He’s just fucking easy and fun. Like, like Josh. It’s just, um, it’s just, I just gremlin’s cool as shit. I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going on. Why I don’t, I don’t get ’em in the, um, in the rotation more. Okay, I’m gonna show you this. Um, I’m gonna show you this, uh, clip right here. My Instagram is like huge. I’m afraid to make it small again and then lose that option. So I dunno if you guys saw this. I, I posted this the other day, and it’s just this lady saying that she’s going to the Oscars and she hopes everyone black wins. And then she says again later, Hey, I hope everyone, um, she, 10 years later, they interview again the Oscars, and she says, I hope everyone black wins. And then the commentator, this guy, I’ll show it to you. This guy real Jason then says something from everybody

Speaker 4 (15:38):

Black. I am betting I’m black tonight.

Speaker 5 (15:43):

Five years ago here at the Emmy’s, you told us that you were rooting for everybody black tonight. Isae, who are you rooting for?

Speaker 4 (15:50):

Everybody black. Nothing has changed. <laugh>. It will never change.

Speaker 6 (15:55):

This stuff is

Sevan Matossian (15:56):

Funny. And I wanna say this part of me, like, I, I don’t care. I think it’s actually funny. It’s cool. I could go, I, I would, if I went and saw the Armenian soccer team play against any other team in the country, I would vote for the Armenians because they’re Armenian. Like, like I p that part I get, I don’t mean to be like a party pooper, but, but I think that with the, with the skin color thing, we might be past that. It, it, I think it is, uh, being racist to help cure racism. So, so anyway, listen to what this guy says.

Speaker 6 (16:27):

It’s funny. Racism is funny. It, it’s, it’s, I I get it. We, we’ve, we’ve turned this into a little running joke, a little inside joke. We have the power, we have all the leverage. We now get to be racist idiots.

Sevan Matossian (16:41):

So now he’s basically saying, because, because of, uh, the irony is because of the, the, the paleface people, the white-skinned liberals, now they’ve given carte blanche to people with melanated skin to rob stores, um, cross the border at will. And to be racist openly, it’s like, it’s just bizarre what happened. And this guy is saying, Hey, just because they’ve given us this right to act like fucking complete fucking idiots, don’t do it. Don’t fucking do it. And then, um, and then, and then this guy writes this to me, this Plange 11, 1 11 guy. Do you think she hates white people or is just annoyed that of the 368 Academy awards in history given out for acting a whopping 21 of them have gone to black people and almost half of those came post 2010. Thank God we have sev here to defend the plight of d White man.


First of all, that’s, um, uh, Dwight Man is, um, that’s a cultural appropriation. That’s a, a black hood vernacular, Dwight man. So you’re a piece of shit for that. You can’t do both, dude. Right? I’m pretty sure this is sarcasm, right? Like he’s saying, Hey asshole, it’s fair because so many fucking white people have won. Is that what he’s saying? You’re fucking cr you’re fucking crazy if you think I’m defending white people. That’s not what, I’m not showing this. No one’s defending white people. You’re saying that because you’re a fucking racist to your core. Cuz that’s the way you see the world. You can’t get up just a little bit higher, just a little bit higher and see a different perspective. Has nothing to do with, uh, defending the white person. This guy says it great right here. I ironically, I found this, I found this, uh, 15 minutes after I saw that post. I li I, I live in a perfect world of synchronicity or, or the algorithm has completely figured me out. Uh, here we go. This is for, for you Plan one 11. This is for you to fucking understand. Here we go.

Speaker 7 (18:35):

We’d like more diversity in the workplace. And how can we do that? Easy with equity. What exactly is equity? It’s like equality, but with like equal outcome. And then how can you force an outcome by deciding who gets tired and who doesn’t? So you have to discriminate against an entire race. Yeah. So you’re fighting discrimination with discrimination. Oh, straight white man. Ah,

Sevan Matossian (19:02):

See, there it is. That’s Jason plans right there. <laugh>, you’re trying to say something big picture to him, but they just can’t, they’re like snails just stuck on the ground.

Speaker 7 (19:15):

Ah, you can just insult entire groups of people and, and you are the compassionate one. Yes. And I knew how this conversation would go. A forced outcome, huh? So it was an equitable conversation. Isn’t that a good thing? Not if the outcome hurts me. Yeah, exactly.

Sevan Matossian (19:34):

It’s amazing. Good job. This dude’s great. This dude, uh, what was that guy’s name? Tyler or something or another. There you go. There you go. Jason, I just got you a free, um, uh, I honestly don’t want black people to go down the path of racism so their, their kids have to pay for it a hundred years from now.


It’s a, it’s a, we, we live in a fun, we’re, we’re having fun. And listen, you ding dongs that live in other countries who are like, oh my God, it’s so bad in America, dude, you, you’re fucking outta your mind. I’m telling you. Any one of you who’s trapped on one of those fucked up islands, Australia, the uk, Ireland can’t. Well, Canada’s not an island, but let’s just say Canada, you have no idea how much better it is here. I spent many, many, many a day in your land. It’s still better here. I didn’t spend too much time in Australia.


But don’t get it twisted. Don’t be confused. We’ve still got, we got so much fucking room and good land and good people. It’s crazy. Just this show just happens to focus on the semi retarded <laugh>. Uh, it looks like you guys remember the, um, I guess Trump banged, uh, a prostitute. Um, um, I don’t know a real name, but they call her Stormy Daniels. And then I guess he paid her some money to not talk about how he banged her and now the New York City. Um, and I guess I’m not sure what’s going on. I’m not sure if it’s illegal. I didn’t know it was illegal to pay someone to not talk about you having sex with them. Like, I couldn’t like find someone in my life and be like, Hey, I’m gonna give you money to, um, not talk about the time we had sex.


I don’t know what happened or, or maybe he gave that money and then didn’t put it on his taxes. But either way, the moral of the story is, is don’t bang ho she ended up paying him 300,000. Oh yeah. Right? Did she end up paying him ba I I, yeah. So she lost, right? She sued him and then he countersued and he won. Is that what happened? Oh, okay. Here we go. It’s illegal how they reimbursed the attorney. They qualified it as a business expense, right? Okay. <laugh>. That’s awesome. So he banked some chick. It would be horrible if it came out cuz she was a prostitute and he paid her. And then, um, and then he used it as a business. It’s kind of a business expense.


Oh, okay. Wow, you’re good. Which is a misdemeanor for miscategorizing your taxes and then if you lie about it, it becomes a felony. Okay. Very well said. Okay. So he, so he banged a hoe and he was trying to hide it. Oh, porn star. My bad. Well, if she’s a legit porn star and he banged her, then it, you can fuck. If you’re a porn star, you just can’t fuck if you’re for money, you just can’t fuck if you’re a prostitute for money. I think those are the details in the occupation Anyway, but it was before he was president and it’s called statute of limitations too long ago. That too, I went to, um, I went to Amsterdam. I’ve told you guys this story before with a buddy and I thought when we got there we were just gonna just go into the red light district and just, just fuck like rabbits.


And I couldn’t do it. And he thought, he’s told me the whole time he didn’t wanna do it. But then we got there and he wanted to do it and I didn’t want to do it and we didn’t do it. And he was so cool. He’s like, dude, I’ll go in there with you. Don’t be scared. It wasn’t that I was scared, it’s that you get close to them and they’re real people and I’m like, oh, I don’t wanna, I don’t wanna pay someone to have sex with a real person. Something seemed, something seemed kind of fucked up about it. It was like someone, I started thinking that it was someone’s mom and sister and daughter. I didn’t do it, but it’s kind of trippy if those of you’ve never seen that kind of, it’s just, it’s street blocks with actual windows. And then there’s girls in there now they probably have dudes in there too. Anyway, this guy kind of explains the Trump thing. What’s his name? Yoder Yoder Esquire. Okay, here, let’s listen to what he says.

Speaker 8 (24:00):

All right guys, real quick, just wanna set the record straight on a couple things with the Trump indictment. The whole thing is stemming from that alleged 130 grand. Stormy Daniels was paid back in 2016. The first charge we’re claiming he’s gonna get hit with is the falsification of business records based on some phony 50 k a month retainer that he had Cohen on. And the purpose of that was to be able to get a benefit on his taxes, which again, 50 grand a month isn’t really gonna make a difference for Trump. It’s also based on Cohen’s statements. And Cohen has already lied to Congress. So that’s going to be evidence that can be used to impeach Cohen’s credibility. So that ca that charge really carries no weight. Second charge, likewise, is claiming that the reason that Cohen paid her the 130 grand was because it was directly intended to benefit Trump’s campaign.


Now first they had to prove that the Sikh actually happened. Second of all, they would have to be able to prove the motive and they just spent over seven years calling him a narcissistic asshole. So proving that he did it for his campaign as opposed to just his own reputation is gonna be damn near impossible, especially with Cohen as a star witness. So keeping all that in mind, going back also to the lawsuit that disgraced piece of shit lawyer Michael Avanti filed, who I trolled a couple months ago, you can scroll back and find that he filed a defamation action in New York. Got his ass whooped because he didn’t even allege defamation in the complaint. He cited protected opinion First Amendment speech that Trump called some sketch a con job. And apparently that somehow rose the level of def defamation. I don’t know, it’s protected opinions pretty clear to me if that got thrown out, stormy Daniels owed Trump 300 grand in an attorney fees.

Sevan Matossian (25:32):

Oh, that’s the 300 grand that you were talking about. Who told me that? Was that Zeta Ms. Smith? Yeah. Okay. I don’t know who this guy is. This is just some guy Yen Zita I just found on Instagram. Who’s explaining the Trump thing.

Speaker 8 (25:45):

The whole goal of this is to suppress people from contributing and donating to his campaign. That’s the only way they’re gonna win. If people are afraid that they’re donating to someone who may not be able to run money is tight, they don’t want to be loose with their funds and the media’s likely going to paint any large donors as facilitating or contributing to a criminal enterprise, even though it’s absolute bullshit. So the whole thing is smoke and mirrors. Again, not much to be worried about, but let ’em play their game.

Sevan Matossian (26:13):

Okay, so that’s the Trump thing. I guess he thinks he’s actually gonna be arrested. This is all they have on Trump. All the witch hunts yet nothing on Joe and Hunter. I know. Crazy. Or the Clintons. I was fucking nuts. I I have to guess, I I have to guess that, uh, uh, uh, some bidens are gonna get arrested sooner or later. It’s gotta happen. I mean it’s the, it’s, it truly is the craziest shit metal. Joe, my wife who is Paleface, is in a grad program at H B C U, uh, Harvard Business, something. Some of the other girls in the program who are El Nero openly state how they hate white people and blame everything on institutional racism. Yeah, that it’s crazy, that school, Harvard business, whatever, wherever the fuck you’re at over there, if it’s, if it is Harvard is a complete shithole. You should see anyone with a degree from Harvard and just think that they’re a fucking lectures shithole. They’re, it is a complete, it is apl. You could learn, just go on YouTube and watch YouTube videos on any subject you want and you’ll be smarter than you are those who graduate from Harvard. It is a, it is a pathetic institution. Just call me Yani. That could be a shirt too.


If anyone doesn’t wanna just take my word for it. Go look up stem cell research and fraud and type in Harvard just, and that’ll get you started, started. It is a pathetic or look up anything about critical race theory or look about the, um, the Harvard professor who promotes the use of heroin. It is fucking crazy town. Banana pan over there. Uh, Sean Lenderman. They’re indict. Yeah. God, you guys are getting more you guys. I love how concise you’re making this. So you, so they are indicting Trump because he didn’t pay taxes on the hush money and was written off as a business expense. Yeah. And then I think one more thing GNI said is that he was then lied about it and so they can up the, um, uh, they can up it Elise, uh, Bowen historically black colleges and universities. I’m not sure what you’re referencing. Great skin. My god.


I know. I wanna hear more about the Epstein Island stuff. I mean, not the details of what happened there so much, but I just wanna hear about who went there. Just like leak some of that shit out slowly. Oh, oh, gotcha. I H B C U historically black call. Oh, okay. Okay. Gotcha. Thank you. Okay. Historically, damn, these acronyms pathetic, empathetic. Um, the heroin guy teaches at Columbia. It’s a black dude, right? Matt? Matt, are you sure? Are you sure? Don’t make me look it up. Don’t ruin my story either. Anyway, so I I I kinda like that, that that made, I like that dude’s analysis. It’s a strategy to um, get him not to, uh, so people won’t donate money to his shit. Oh, I should have the phone number up. What’s going on here? I’m all by myself today. Hey, you guys have no idea how good Caleb is. Is Jethro in here yet? Is Jethro’s birthday? I just wanna wish him a happy birthday. You know, I could call him. I have his phone number. Want me to do that? Um, let me see. Uh,

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