#789 – CrossFit Affiliate Series | Javier Jaime Part 2

Sevan Matossian (00:00):

Uh, the sponsors are, I think we did a whole show this morning. We, we, uh, live calling show. We didn’t mention California Hormones, but they’re the sponsor. But we had Philip Kelly on, but we didn’t tell people to go to California Hormones. <laugh>,

Matthew Souza (00:16):

Not explicitly, but we had the banner. You talked about it. People knew it was coming from, from them working with them.

Sevan Matossian (00:21):

Yeah. Oh yeah. Sorry. Moony. Bam. We’re live. I, I just think that, um, it’s just our sponsors are so crazy. We never have to like plug, plug plug them. Like no one, like Sarah never calls, or Gabe never calls and is like, Hey, you didn’t do this or you didn’t do that. And the thing is, is that we had a guy on who’s, uh, telling his story of his journey with California hormones and, uh, we never mentioned, and California Hormones is paying for it. And we didn’t mention, um, their sponsorship. I just think that that, and, and, and I never get a call from Sarah or anyone over there on her team who’s like, Hey, dip shit. You’re not feeling your end of the bargain.

Matthew Souza (00:56):

Yeah, you did you see my like posture there? I was even like, like cowering, like feeling like <laugh>. We should have done that cuz they’re so awesome to

Sevan Matossian (01:03):

Us. Oh, hey. And, and, um, uh, they don’t even ask us to do those follow ups, like by, for anyone who’s wondering. Like we, they don’t tell us, Hey, we have to do a show with Philip Kelly. We did. We, we just decided, Hey, let’s follow up with these guys and maybe Phillip’s gonna say it’s horrible and ruin the whole sponsorship order. <laugh>. Javier. What’s up dude?

Javier Jaime (01:19):

Hey, how are y’all?

Sevan Matossian (01:21):

Good. It would be like if we sent Javier, um, uh, paper Street Coffee and he’s like, this tastes like shit. <laugh>. Like, oops.

Matthew Souza (01:28):

Well, that would never happen. I never happen.

Sevan Matossian (01:31):

Well, I have to get you some Javier Paper Street coffee. I should try it. And, and a c I’m gonna, we’re gonna send you some

Javier Jaime (01:36):

I was about to say, it looks like I need a c e o shirt

Sevan Matossian (01:38):

There. Yeah, you definitely. What size are you?

Javier Jaime (01:40):


Sevan Matossian (01:41):

Large. Okay. I’ll send you a, I’ll send you a text. Uh, go ahead.

Javier Jaime (01:45):

No, I just said extra medium.

Sevan Matossian (01:47):

Okay, perfect.

Matthew Souza (01:48):

Medium. Hey, real quick, before we start soccer, mom was super nice and sent me a pair of like her husband’s unused, uh, uh, nano twos and

Sevan Matossian (01:57):

I, are

Matthew Souza (01:57):

You kidding me? No. And I got ’em like a week or two at the gym and I like set them aside and I just kept forgetting to make like a poster or anything about it. And I saw that she was in the comments earlier. I don’t know if she’s still here a lot, but talking Mom, thank you so much. I super appreciate

Sevan Matossian (02:08):

It. What size were they?

Matthew Souza (02:10):

My size, size nine.

Sevan Matossian (02:12):

That’s crazy.

Matthew Souza (02:13):

Yeah. She messaged the, uh, podcast Instagram, and I happened to see it when I was in Waap Polo pu putting something to it. And I was like, yeah, I wear those. She’s like, all right, awesome. So she sent ’em over.

Sevan Matossian (02:21):

Thank you. You can start wearing your noble now. Just kidding. Here. This is a picture of her and Stacy Tova, right?

Matthew Souza (02:31):

Yeah. That looks like it. Is it?

Sevan Matossian (02:33):

Yeah. Yeah.

Matthew Souza (02:34):

It’s cool. Yeah, yeah, yeah. For

Sevan Matossian (02:35):

Sure. I’m a huge fan of Stacy Tova. As you guys know, we have our Twisted Story together. Do you know our Twisted story? Mine and Stacy Tova. Javier?

Javier Jaime (02:45):

I don’t, no.

Sevan Matossian (02:46):

Basically I did a, I did a podcast with her with the CrossFit podcast, and we started talking about the birth control she was on and how it affected her performance at the games. And basically how she wouldn’t, she wished she wouldn’t have taken it.

Javier Jaime (02:58):

Oh, yeah.

Sevan Matossian (02:59):

And how the other athletes were telling her like, yeah, when we got off this, this birth control, which is ba birth control is just a fancy word for hormones. Right? Right. These kind of hormones, uh, we got stronger. And then the New York Times when they were attacking Greg, they made sure to put a paragraph in there about me about how I was creepy and talked to girl about their mens and their birth control. And, and the the funny thing is, is I never went back and watched it cause I was afraid of what that the New York Times might be telling the truth and that I might have been creepy about it. And then flash forward two years and Andrew Hiller did a piece defending me, and he showed that clip and I was as if I was creepy. I, that’s as gentlemanly as I can be. I mean, I was so sincere and gentlemanly and I was wearing a clean shirt and a, Hey,

Matthew Souza (03:42):

One thing is she, she posted it and defended you course herself. That’s a big thing of like, way before Hillary made the video, she posted something and she was like, this is why there’s a stigma around talking about this because of things like this. It’s like, this isn’t good. So she did that as well, too.

Javier Jaime (03:57):

Well, I, I listened to your podcast with Elliot, uh, who Holsey I how you say that Elliot

Sevan Matossian (04:04):

Well is along. Oh, hol the guy who had the, the one of the first guys to have like a million, um, subscribers on YouTube. The black guy. Yeah.

Javier Jaime (04:11):

Yeah. He had some socks on birth control.

Sevan Matossian (04:13):

Yeah. Oh, I mean, shit loaded. Who did? Who just talked about it with us in extensively? I think Sarah Sigmund’s daughter or someone brought in.

Matthew Souza (04:19):

Sarah did. Yeah.

Sevan Matossian (04:20):


Matthew Souza (04:21):

Like she, she, yeah,

Sevan Matossian (04:22):

She went in. If you’re a female athlete, you should not be taking that stuff, that’s for sure. I don’t think

Matthew Souza (04:27):

Or timing it. Right.

Sevan Matossian (04:28):

<laugh>? Yeah. I don’t know. I don’t think you should be messing with your hormones. Uh, if you, if you’re a profe, if you plan on be being a professional athlete that I don’t think you should mess with your hormones, period. Isn’t that, isn’t that the kind of the foundation of the zone diet not to mess with your hormones? Go ahead, Javier. You were gonna say something?

Javier Jaime (04:45):

No, you’re talking wrong guy about that.

Sevan Matossian (04:46):

I don’t know. Oh,

Javier Jaime (04:47):

Okay. But you know, I

Sevan Matossian (04:48):

Mean, <laugh>

Javier Jaime (04:50):

Like, you know, you’re in the fitness industry and you’re working with men and women. I mean, this stuff comes up. I can’t tell you how many times, you know, you, you have people talk to you about that. Like, I mean, what, what are you supposed to do? Like, I’m sorry, I’m a guy I can’t talk to you about, you know?

Sevan Matossian (05:03):

Right. Your menes.

Javier Jaime (05:04):

Yeah. Yeah. Right.

Sevan Matossian (05:05):

Um, uh, uh, and, and, and it also is, uh, relative to, uh, relevant to, uh, obviously pregnant women and their, their flexibility issues and all the chemicals that their bodies produce during, uh, their pregnancy to prepare their whole pelvic region, you know, and their stomach and all that shit to prepare to, uh, give birth to a a baby. But that’s what Sarah was saying. Sarah was saying that, um, she was drawing a correlation between her injury and her menes and basically saying that I think it was during her menes, she was either more or less flexible. And, uh, she thinks that there could be a serious relationship there that needs to be looked at. That women need to be like their training, especially their peak top end training to their menes. And Right. Then my mom texts me. Stop talking about Menes. No, no, no. Did she really ask? No, no, no. She would never do that. She’s speaking like three

Matthew Souza (05:54):

Dudes on here. Talk. Dude,

Sevan Matossian (05:55):

I grew up with my mom and my sister. I was a, I was a pro from, I was desensitized. I was a pro at a young age.

Javier Jaime (06:00):

Yeah. I’ll get outta whiteboard. We can like, you know, talk, talk, talk through it, diagram it out.

Sevan Matossian (06:06):

Uh, Katie, uh, very grateful for part two. Yeah, me too. This is gonna be cool. Oh,

Javier Jaime (06:10):


Sevan Matossian (06:11):

Katie, for you, Katie, um, for those of you who didn’t see part one, uh, this will definitely be good enough. You don’t need to see part one. You should go back and see part one. But this will, this will be good enough to be a standalone for you too. We have Javier, Jaime, he is the owner of, uh, CrossFit otl. Although that may be not true. He may, we’re gonna find out for that for sure today because what it sounds like is that drama, this gym is part of his kids’, uh, continued education. Yeah. That, um, you know, we had that guy, Matthew, uh, uh, Boudreaux on here, who, uh, runs the acting academies. He owns three schools. And basically the premise of those schools is that the kids run the schools, they hire the teachers, they do the cooking for the food, they run the finances. They’re part of their education is running the school. And it sounds like that is something that, uh, uh, you did. So, um, I wanna go back a little bit, Javier and ask, like, um, you, you had started by saying basically you didn’t, um, home, and then we’ll get to how that got integrated into the CrossFit gym. Yeah. You didn’t, um, you didn’t think you were gonna homeschool your kids and your kids weren’t homeschooled. And you have three kids, right?

Javier Jaime (07:17):

No, no, we have two.

Sevan Matossian (07:18):

Two, two. Okay. Yeah. One, one boy and one girl. Okay.

Javier Jaime (07:20):

Yeah. Yeah, that’s right.

Sevan Matossian (07:22):

Uh, hopefully, so No, no homeschooling for you. You were gonna do just public education.

Javier Jaime (07:26):

Well, well, we, we were gonna do, um, and education. How’s that? Private. Okay. Private school is the, the choice we took, uh, early, early on in my career, I was doing security sales. I was selling like video cameras and access control systems into school districts. Okay. And, uh, you know, sometimes you get a peek behind the curtain at what goes on in those places and you’re like, ah, I don’t know about that. You know? And so I was, I was doing security systems for a really, uh, large and very, you know, well off school district in town. And I was visiting with a security director and he was telling me all these things that were going on in this very exclusive school district. And I’m like, oh my gosh. You know, it’s like, it doesn’t really matter, you know, which, which one you’re in. There’s always things like that. But yeah, we had decided to go private school after we had contemplated homeschool. We did the private school for three years with my daughter, one year with my son. And then we decided to homeschool at that point. So it was, uh, third grade for my, for my daughter in kindergarten, first grade officially for my son.

Sevan Matossian (08:26):

Uh, and neither you or your wife had been homeschooled.

Javier Jaime (08:28):

That’s right. Both of us went to public schools and universities. Yeah.

Sevan Matossian (08:33):

Uh, Elizabeth, uh, Michael Beyond the pill. I think she’s recommending that Beyond the pill. I don’t Jolene Brighton. All right. Put that on the, if that author’s still alive, I’ll read that book. Cause I only read books where I could potentially have the author on my show. Thank you,

Javier Jaime (08:48):


Sevan Matossian (08:50):

I’m gonna write that name down though, cuz that would be awesome to bring in an expert. Jolene Bright. There you go. Look at you. Oh yeah, she looks like she’s still alive. Oh,

Javier Jaime (08:59):

Okay. Okay. This is about the, the the menstrual thing.

Sevan Matossian (09:01):

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Sorry, we can’t stand subject here. And so the kids,

Javier Jaime (09:06):

I didn’t know if it was like the red pill, you know, like you, I didn’t know.

Sevan Matossian (09:09):

Yeah, I saw that at first too. Yes. Yes. The red pill. Um, okay, so, uh, so, so then you put, and, and neither you or your wife had been homeschooled, um, were you scared? Like, when my wife talked about homeschooling, I’m like, are you kidding me? We’re like, I’m a moron. I wanted to be like, we’re maybe I even said we’re both morons. I don’t think she liked that part.

Javier Jaime (09:27):

Yeah, well, you know, yes, there was always doubt. Like there was, there’s doubt all the way till like the last minute. I mean, I’d say, you know, when you put your education, the kids’ education in the hands of the school district or the private school, you’re like, they haven’t figured out. They know what to do. This is the path. People follow this path. And if they go down this path, then they go from here, then they go to college and they interview, and then they get outta college, they go interview for a job with somebody, they get a career and they move on. And when you homeschool, you’re got like, how much of that am I aba? Am I abandoning that? Am I doing the, you know, am I doing the right thing? Am I equipped? Do I have the temperament? Do I have the knowledge, the experience? Do we have the tools, the resources? You know, anybody who homeschools their, their kids for even one year would question all those things much less, you know, the majority of their education.

Sevan Matossian (10:14):

And for your parents wasn’t like the, the the, at least for me, my parents, the, the push was always stay in school, go to college. That was like the crown jewel.

Javier Jaime (10:23):

Well, I’m the first college graduate, like on my side of the family. And that was the message from my dad. My dad was like, you know what? I don’t want you, uh, I don’t want you using your hands the way I have to, to make a living. You know, my dad was an auto mechanic while he was alive. And he’s like, I don’t want you to have to do this. You know, I want, you know, use your brain. Go get an education. This is something we didn’t have. Go get an edu. They didn’t really know what that meant though. Like, it wasn’t like, Hey, go do this and follow this career path and you go work for this company. They’re like, no, go get an education and get a job that you don’t have to work. You know, this hard labor that I have to, and so that I took to heart.


I’m like, okay, I’m, first of all my dad was telling me. And then the other was, I’m kind of growing up around people who are struggling to make band ends meet. I’m growing around family who is, you know, who are chronically sick and ill and alcoholics and things like that. And those are all things I’m like, okay, I’m gonna get away from that. Like, my dad’s telling me, go do this. So, so I, yeah, I took the path of going and getting my, my college degree, getting a job with a corporation. I’ve been there 23 years at the same company.

Sevan Matossian (11:28):

Uh, Ken Walters, uh, this is our in-house detective. Uh, Javier has one heck of a Lincoln profile, uh, just an awesome, just as awesome in his day job as it sounds. He is at his CrossFit drain

Javier Jaime (11:39):

<laugh>. Oh, hey, thank you.

Sevan Matossian (11:41):

Our research assistant <laugh> says the 82 year old guy with his shirt off that still looks like he’s hard as a rock.

Javier Jaime (11:46):

He looks Jack. Yeah.

Sevan Matossian (11:47):

Yeah, he is. I don’t, and he’s nowhere near 82. That’s me just fucking with him. <laugh>. I

Matthew Souza (11:52):

Was thinking about it when you asked him if he was scared about doing homeschool. And I brought up that statistic real quick at the top of Google about how it, uh, grew exponentially tripled in the last, you know, 20 20, 20 21, 20 22, and uh, grew two to 8% each year. So it’s growing.

Javier Jaime (12:08):

Yeah. Right. So when we started, I mean, there’s plenty of people in Texas that are homeschooling, right? So it’s not like this totally new concept, especially in Texas or

Sevan Matossian (12:17):

Even tons of Christian fanatics doing it. Of course, yes, yes.

Javier Jaime (12:20):

Absolutely. Of course fanatics. Uh, and, uh, but we definitely, you know, early on for us it was, you know, we, we tell people, oh, we, you know, people always ask, so where do your kids go to school? Where do your kids go to school? We’re like, oh, they homeschooled. Like, oh, how do they get, how do they get socialized?

Sevan Matossian (12:34):

How do they get their protein? Yeah. Take a

Matthew Souza (12:36):

Step back.

Sevan Matossian (12:36):

<laugh>. Yeah. Protein. Yeah. It’s how do they get, it’s, it’s how do they get socialized? That’s right away. That part cracks me up going,

Javier Jaime (12:42):

Yes, that’s part, how do they get? So I’m like, well, alright, there’s plenty of answers for that sort of thing, but, you know, how do they get socialized? What about sports? What about this, what about that? You know? And, and I think they’re all legitimate questions cuz they were the kind of things that I didn’t understand either. But then after a while you almost kind of get a little tired of an answering them because you almost feel like they’re not a, it’s not about like sincerity. Like how do you do it? It’s almost like a, you know, like, wait a minute, are you kinda questioning my, you know, my choice, my parenting, but

Sevan Matossian (13:06):

That is what a hundred percent what they’re doing because that’s what we were doing. Right? Like that’s crazy. Yeah.

Javier Jaime (13:11):

Yeah. Hey, it’s less crazy though.

Sevan Matossian (13:14):

Yeah. Well, uh, the thing is too is I, I can’t remember if Jeremy Kennick shared this with me or some, some homeschooling person, but they were like, I read on their Instagram, uh, look how you turned out. You don’t think you could do a better job at educating your kids than the education you got. And then I was like, oh yeah, I think I’m an idiot that’s not resourceful enough or capable of homeschooling my kids, and yet that’s what I’m left with after going to public school. Got it. Like that. At that point when I saw that, I was like, oh yeah, I can do a way better job in the aggregate, or at least take my kids to places where they’ll have the opportunity to, to get a better, uh, opportunity. Right?

Javier Jaime (13:51):

Yeah. And we even had over, over time, you know, we kind of had a change of what we expected. I think at first we saying, okay, we’re homeschooling the kids for whatever the reasons were. Right. Adult, whatever time. Educating, being close to them, staying close, you know, the idea of say, you know, protection from a mindset or a, you know, uh, you almost think of like right now I see so much in social media. People are like, take your kids outta school. Like homeschool ’em because of all of the, the pressure that the, that the, the schools are under to have, you know, certain types of curriculum and messaging and things that, you know, they’re being exposed to in library time and such. And you know, but back then we were just like, okay, I think this is the right thing for us. And now if we’ve, as we’ve gone further into it, you know, I get it still doesn’t get any easier every year. Cuz you still have to motivate kids, right? Like, hey, do your work, do yourself. Um, my son’s probably listening upstairs, right? Knowing he has some stuff he has to do by tomorrow morning. You know, <laugh>, right, Nick? Yeah.

Matthew Souza (14:48):

Subtle hint. Yeah.

Javier Jaime (14:49):

<laugh>. Yeah, he’s up there. Watch, probably chime in right in the second.

Sevan Matossian (14:52):

Hey. Um, but, but the thing is, I at least, I don’t know about, uh, the level your kids are at, but like, I don’t even know what grade my kids are in. I’m gonna say first grade and third grade, or kindergarten, second grade, something like that. My wife does it all. Well, but, but it’s not regular sc you don’t, the the part that was scary is I thought it had to be like regular school, and it’s not regular school at all. Right. It’s like it’s, I’m, I’m not, I’m not trying to, I thought homeschool was, you just replicate what they do in the public school. It’s uh, it’s not like that at all besides the reading and math. It’s, it’s, um, at, at least for us, it’s nothing like that

Javier Jaime (15:29):

Across the board. It’s across the board. So, I mean, you know, we see some programs that like our college prep, homeschool programs and so it looks a lot like a regular

Sevan Matossian (15:36):

School. Oh, okay. I haven’t got there

Javier Jaime (15:38):

Yet, but it’s not, and then there’s other people that, you know, just, they don’t do anything, but they keep their kids at home. Our kids are part of a, of a community. They made up once a week with other people that are also doing the homeschool and they visit once with a tutor. The, the homeschool parents are still responsible for all aspects of the education, but they go to this community because it’s, you know, it’s helpful for the people who are doing this together. I said this, it still isn’t easy. Right. It’s still a challenge. And so when you have, um, you know, so for example, so

Sevan Matossian (16:05):

Myself, when you say it isn’t easy, isn’t easy for you or isn’t easy for the kids,

Javier Jaime (16:10):

I, I think no, I think it’s, well, you know, we threaten the kids with like, putting them in school like we used to. Like, we’re gonna put you in school. They’re like, no. You know, so

Sevan Matossian (16:18):

<laugh>. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whenever I drive by a school, I go see those kids. They go the one behind the fence. I go, yeah, the kids behind the fence, you wanna do that? They’re like, Uhuh. I’m like, all right, be good. I do that too. Yep.

Javier Jaime (16:27):

Well, you know, I mean you’re, the reason why you’re choosing homeschool is you want to the best for your kid and you think that that’s it. Right? Right. Right. And so while you’re in the midst of,

Sevan Matossian (16:36):

Well, and, and I don’t trust these other motherfuckers to, excuse me, sorry, I don’t trust, sorry. Uh, uh, Nicholas, sorry. Uh, I don’t trust these other people, these other humans, um, to have the capacity to manage a classroom full of 30 kids and possibly to the blue hairs to teach them something weird. Right.

Javier Jaime (16:52):

Well the furies to, you know, have

Sevan Matossian (16:54):

Yes. I, I have, I have concerns. I mean, when they, when I see the flags outside the school, I start to question what they’re teaching there.

Javier Jaime (17:02):

Sure. Yeah. Well, I mean, and right, and, and choosing the best for them, I say, well that’s probably not the best for them. So like here, you know, so then while you’re going through the process, I mean just like they aren’t necessarily interested in doing homework and a public school or a private school for, you know, they’re gonna also, you still have to go through the same motivational challenges and get them on task and do, you know, doing things. It’s, it’s not like it’s the magic answer, right? It’s not like the magic pill that says, okay, cool by homeschool my kids, they’ll love it the whole time and they’ll do everything that they’re asked. But I will say that they do work a lot more independently. Like they do a great job and especially if they’re doing things, um, you know, if there’s a good definition and structure about what’s expected of them, then you’ll find that they take a lot more initiative at certain times of the day.


Like get things done. Like there’ll be times until that, you know, my, both my kids would get up first thing in the morning, knock out as much school as they could, right. Thinking they’re getting away with something so that later on in the day they would’ve free time. But the reality is they kind of just, were setting good practice of getting up first thing in the morning and knocking things out that were, you know, that were really not something they wanna do. Then they spend the rest of their day doing, you know, something else. You know, not

Sevan Matossian (18:07):

Always. And what’s crazy is that’s learning. That’s the part, that’s the part that’s trippy, right? So you’re, my kids get up, they go get their backpacks that are hanging in the entryway. They bring ’em to the, to the bar in the kitchen that’s, they do their, their work there for an hour, put that away, eat breakfast. And then it’s, and it’s then the rest of the day is learning. But it’s just like, it’s, it’s, it’s just learning because cuz they’re not in front of a TV and because they’re, you know, not in front of an iPad and they’re not in front of a screen and they’re not, you know, I’m screwing off, you know, at school. It’s crazy. They don’t have to worry. It’s just a day full of learning whatever, you know, that may be going to the beach, going to the museum, taking uh, tennis classes, uh, watching their dad, you know, uh, fight with other drivers in the traffic jam. It’s just like <laugh> the whole thing is an education. Right.

Javier Jaime (18:53):

That must be you. Cuz that wasn’t me. Yeah.

Sevan Matossian (18:55):

Right. Right. That not me either. Other, other homeschooling

Javier Jaime (18:57):

Players? Well, you know, they, they, they created a lot of time in the productive part of the, the latter part of the day that they took on other tasks and other roles. So both of them paid for their first vehicles on their own through Wow. The jobs that they had. But they were able to create money and wages for themselves while other kids would’ve been at school. Right. So they get their school done in the morning, they get up, do their job. My my daughter was a nanny for, uh, for a family, a another homeschool family. And she helped watch the kids and all the money that she earned bought her her first car before

Sevan Matossian (19:26):

She How old was she when she started that? Javier sh

Javier Jaime (19:28):

Sh probably about the same time that she was doing the, uh, the, the kids thing. Maybe 14, 13 people.

Sevan Matossian (19:33):

Wow. Okay. Okay. Yeah.

Javier Jaime (19:34):

So she would, so she’d go over to this family’s house. They had like five kids and so she’d help watch them. Um, also another very like CrossFit centric household too. Really, really cool family. And so she watched their kids and she was around, you know, and they had a couple more kids. So she was around for all that, you know, their next kid’s being born. And so they paid her, she used that money and she bought her first car. She was 16.

Sevan Matossian (19:55):

So basically three years of savings. Yeah. And then she was able to buy her car. Yeah.

Javier Jaime (20:01):

Well she was also making some money from her, her job at as the CrossFit kids assistant. Right. So she was getting wages from that too.

Sevan Matossian (20:08):

Oh, was your gym open at that point? No,

Javier Jaime (20:09):

No, no. This was the other gym. The gym we were at. Oh.

Sevan Matossian (20:11):


Javier Jaime (20:12):

Yeah. She, she, that’s where she was kind of like apprenticing and she was like assisting another lady who was the CrossFit kids coach. It was a big class. So she was assisting that CrossFit kids class because it was, you know, it was, it was a bigger class. So she was there. So she was learning all of the, you know, how to give kids the instruction on how to do squats and lifts and all that good stuff. Which is, I, it was almost better to have to teach kids. Cuz when you, when you make it so simple, then you have to go teach an adult. Like the more complicated you make it, the harder it is. So it’s a good skill.

Sevan Matossian (20:41):

How old’s your daughter

Javier Jaime (20:41):

Now? Well now she’s 20.

Sevan Matossian (20:43):

Does she ever talk about wanting kids?

Javier Jaime (20:46):

Oh yeah. She wants kids and wants kids and she wants to stay home. That, that is, that is one of the primary reasons why when we had a conversation about the career path that she would take. And having been in working for, you know, a, a corporation for 20 years, and I’ve been around plenty of professional people and, and even this is the situation, my wife, my wife was also professional, you know, working in healthcare environment. She was the vice president of human resources before she stayed home with the kids. And we remember that, that moment where we had to make a decision, do I want my wife’s income to continue for the household? And she was making good money. She was the v she was like a VP of hr. Right. Or

Sevan Matossian (21:24):

What a disgusting job though. But go on.

Javier Jaime (21:27):

Well she, yeah, she, she said she couldn’t do it anymore. Like, especially in the hot hospitals. Um, but

Sevan Matossian (21:31):

I would love to talk to your wife about hr. HR is a disgusting, disgusting place to work. It is. Anyone who works in hr, you’re a miserable fucking creature, guys. Sorry. I whoa, I agree. Oh, that’s bad. It’s bad. And your fucking hub of tattle tales and abuse and you’re, you, it’s gross. I, I’m pissed at hr. I hate hr. So

Javier Jaime (21:52):

No, we just, we just peeled off the cab there, man. Now. Yeah, sorry.

Sevan Matossian (21:55):


Javier Jaime (21:55):

Sorry. No, that’s ok. I mean,

Sevan Matossian (21:56):

Nothing against your wife. Nothing against your wife. I’m glad she got out. No,

Javier Jaime (21:58):

Well she started as a recruiter and then she, but she was making good money before we had the kids. And we had the kids is like, she didn’t

Sevan Matossian (22:05):

Want I like that. I like a woman who makes a lot of money. Good.

Javier Jaime (22:07):

Yeah. Yeah. Well it, she, she, she was, and then she stopped cuz she decided to stay home with the kids. Right. So, so that was a bit, that was a major decision that we had to make. And it’s a decision I’ve had to see a lot of other people make, or we’ve seen a lot of other people. And I know that the idea of staying home with your kids and nevermind homeschool, but like, you know, being a stay-at-home mom or homeschooling, we had that conversation about like, which path after this homeschool curriculum for my daughter, what she was gonna do. And, and we, she knows she wants to have children. She loves kids. That’s why she loves doing the CrossFit kids class. That’s why she loves, uh, and that’s why she nad for a family that had so many kids. So she loves them. I know that she wants to have kids.


And I said, well, we can, you can choose this path of going to school and getting a degree and going in and get in a corporate job. And then the idea that you make enough money that you’ll be able to help support your family. But then when you have a kid, you’re gonna have to decide, are you gonna go back? Are you gonna stay home? And, and the decision that we made, I, and we talked about it on the last call, was that she’s, she had developed all of this knowledge from one being that CrossFit kid’s assistant coach, the other, because we had adopted this lifestyle dating back to when we started CrossFit about, you know, health, wellness, nutrition, you know, fitness. Eliminating all of this trash. She had done that senior paper I told you about where, you know, she was really talking about all the corruptness that led to the way that, you know, the sugar industry had kind of fooled us all.

Sevan Matossian (23:26):

Oh. Someone asked me for a copy of that paper by the way. Oh, we

Javier Jaime (23:29):

Gotta go wait to go find it.

Sevan Matossian (23:31):

Yeah. And I thought they were crazy. They were like, Hey, can you ask Javier for a copy of that paper? I wanna see it. And I’m like, I’m not asking them that, but here I am asking. You just did. Alright. Alright here. I, alright.

Javier Jaime (23:40):

Uh, right. Yeah. So, so the decision was, okay, you, you can go do something. Like we just had this talk even earlier today. We were having this conversation with, with her and, and you know, we were kind of re restating and reiterating our point was that if she already has this, this capability to bring value to people through her own skillset, through her own knowledge, through her own capabilities and being able to coach people, coach ’em through health and wellness. She also has her PNL one, right. Her pn, um, what’s that called? Precision Nutrition. Right. So she got that too, right? So she got that also when she was 17. So I said, okay, so you, you’ve got the ability to market yourself and to sell services to people will find valuable. So, and you don’t have to do that in a corporation. So you, you can do that independent. She doesn’t even need a CrossFit gym. Right. She could just be a trainer. But we decided that the, i the idea of opening the gym, first of all it had been a dream for us. It was something because we loved CrossFit, but we also knew that what would be just as important as her having those skills. There you go. The PN was, is

Sevan Matossian (24:47):

This a, is this, is this in the CrossFit family, these people,

Javier Jaime (24:50):

You know, it, at one point it was like a parallel thing. That’s how we found out about,

Sevan Matossian (24:55):

It’s the owner of the company. Do you know

Javier Jaime (24:57):

God? Great question. I don’t know. I’ve seen a lot of CrossFit athletes that have, that have got the pn,

Sevan Matossian (25:05):

Um, oh, Dr. John, uh, Bardi and Phil Cario got Cario joined together on two. Inspiring. Okay. Alright. I’ll check it out later. Okay.

Javier Jaime (25:15):

It’s a lot nutrition, but it’s also a lot coaching. Okay. It’s a lot, you know, it’s a lot coaching. Um,

Sevan Matossian (25:21):

Meaning how to help people eat better without like, the same way you would help people like squat better. It’s like CrossFit.

Javier Jaime (25:26):

Yeah. What great. I mean you have all this great knowledge, you still have to get people to be able to understand and comprehend it. And you have to understand personalities and psyche and all of that kind of stuff. Right. Because you can’t just,

Sevan Matossian (25:35):

Who’s a better coach? Your, your daughter or your son. No one’s listening just between me and you.

Javier Jaime (25:40):

<laugh>, she’s great with the kids. He’s more technical. He’s kind of like me, right? So he’s more technical. She’s good with the kids.

Sevan Matossian (25:47):

Sorry Nicholas. She’s better. Hey, um, he

Javier Jaime (25:50):

<laugh>, but he also got his, he also got his, uh, his L one when he turned 17. Also

Sevan Matossian (25:55):

This, I, I bet you, I I, I wonder what you think about this. I wanna ask you this, then we’ll go back to your story and then we’ll come back to what I’m asking. You don’t, so don’t, but I wonder these, these social skills your kids are building are gonna be a rare commodity I think in two years because like now <laugh> and even, even in 30 years, and man, like you and I grew up in a, in an era where like your personality gets you to the 51 yard line for sure. And they told us it was gonna be college, but it’s really who you know and your personality. I wonder if it’s gonna become even more valuable or if it’s gonna become unnecessary. But just imagine, I can’t think of better training to deal with people than what your two kids have gone through. But anyway, go. So go back to, uh, what were we talking about before? Let’s go back to that. I don’t want to throw you

Javier Jaime (26:41):

Off. You were trying to, you were trying to make me pick between daughter and my son when

Sevan Matossian (26:43):

It comes to Oh yeah. But right before that, even before that,

Javier Jaime (26:47):

Uh, oh well, well just, okay. The idea that it wasn’t just about like, say having that knowledge and being able to work it, but the, I I think you mentioned, I’m not sure the guy you were talking about before, but of owning and operating a business, right. Being able to start one. It’s not like I had a successful gym that was 10 years old and they were growing up into it and they were just going to adopt it. Like, we’re literally starting it together. So it’s not like we’re immediately profitable that we immediately have all of the answers and we have all the process ironed out. That’s, that’s why I decided to, to use Two Brain cuz I said, well, I, I don’t really know what I’m doing when it comes to starting CrossFit Gym. So is there something that will help me in making the right decisions and giving me a feedback about like, am I doing the right thing?


Am I marketing the right way? Am I setting up the right system, setting up the right pricing? And so I, I decided, you know what, if I’m gonna invest in the gym, I need to also invest in its success. And I decided to sign up for the Two Brain program. And I, and I use that as well to say like, that’s, there’s so much, there’s so much content that they have, they make available to their members. And like any single template of anything you could imagine, it’s kind of like having a franchise without them making you do anything. Right. Like you can pick anything you want out of their library, like use it, it’s yours.

Sevan Matossian (27:57):

Right. How old’s Nicholas?

Javier Jaime (27:59):

He’s 17, he’s not yet 18. He’s

Sevan Matossian (28:01):

Gonna, are they both still in the house?

Javier Jaime (28:03):

Yeah, they are right now. Yeah.

Sevan Matossian (28:05):

Yes. Would you ever kick your kids out or would you let ’em live there forever?

Javier Jaime (28:08):

Well, no, they need to get out at some point. <laugh> They do by kicking out. But yeah, no, I mean, I, I encourage them to get to, to make, I mean, the whole goal is freedom. Right. I want them to be free. Right. That’s it. And so, you know, you’re not gonna be free in here cause I’m gonna tell ’em when to go to sleep and, you know, so they’re gonna Oh, right,

Sevan Matossian (28:22):

Right. And what about leave and come back? Can they do that

Javier Jaime (28:27):

Under the right circumstances? Yeah, sure. Yeah.

Sevan Matossian (28:31):

Like if they leave and get addicted to drugs and then they get, uh, uh, uh, then they go through rehab and they’re better and they need to get back on their feet. They could come home. Well

Javier Jaime (28:38):

Dream, but Okay. <laugh>,

Sevan Matossian (28:39):

I’m, you weren’t gonna offer something up. So I had to come up with, I’m just

Javier Jaime (28:45):

Fun, man. Yeah, of course, of course. I would accept them, man. You know, they’re my kids. I love ’em. You know, but, but it’s tough love. Right. You know, it’s, it’s been that way the whole time.

Sevan Matossian (28:53):

Yeah. I’m trying to also justify my existence. I was like getting ki I was in and out of the house for a long time and my, my mom always welcoming back. But then I would always get, I would get, get booted out again. But then I would come, I would come back. Well,

Javier Jaime (29:05):

My mom is listening, so I think my mom’s listening. She, she signed up for this. Um, she

Sevan Matossian (29:08):

Probably Did she kick you out?

Javier Jaime (29:10):

No. Oh no. I mean, I left when I was 18 to go to school. I moved to another city. I came back for one summer, then I never moved back in. I was, you know,

Sevan Matossian (29:17):

Oh, that’s a, that’s wow.

Javier Jaime (29:18):

Normal and that, don’t people do that? I don’t know. That’s what I did. You know.

Sevan Matossian (29:22):

I fuck. I don’t want my kids ever to leave <laugh> I that

Javier Jaime (29:24):

I don’t care. That’s

Sevan Matossian (29:25):

Where you’re

Javier Jaime (29:25):

Going with it. Well, I mean,

Sevan Matossian (29:27):

I think what if they move out of the state? We’ll get back to Two Brain and how you bought the gym. But let’s go here for a second. What if they move outta stated? I’d be

Javier Jaime (29:34):

Sad. Yeah. Yeah. I’d be really sad. I I, I wouldn’t wanna see that. But I mean, obviously we can’t help them. I think that was one of the other things too. I think one of the other is like when you go through college and you come out and it’s like, kind of like a lottery pick. Like I interviewed with a couple companies when I graduated and I had the option to move to two cities that I didn’t, I wouldn’t have picked for myself, right? Mm-hmm. <affirmative>, you know, I mean, I probably could have kept looking, but I had two nice offers outta college and one of ’em was to move to Pennsylvania.

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