760 – Wodapalooza 2023 Team Day 2 Event 4

Sevan Matossian (00:00):

God, I hate that phrase. Let’s go. Bam, <laugh> more live. Welcome back to the final day of something. Uh, I want to thank, uh, everyone at Waap Puso who’s given us, uh, crazy access, been crazy plight to us. Gito, Dylan, uh, sh sh sh, Shayna, Shauna, uh, Karina. Sasha. Sasha. Sasha, uh, Sasha has been absolutely, uh, spectacular with tolerating me, uh, not being able to remember her name. It’s cuz I don’t talk to her, but I, but I do talk to Dylan and, um, Guido. I mean, I’d rather fuck up Sasha’s name than I used to call Guido. Guido. I bet that pissed him off. No, he’s heard that his whole life. <laugh> dude. I

JR Howell (00:45):


Sevan Matossian (00:46):

<laugh>, it’s probably true. When, when, when you give someone money, you start to own them. When you give someone, uh, access to something that, um, allows them to make money, you start to own them. And you have to understand that everyone has a price. Just like, like, you know what I mean? Like, uh, um, like the guys who nailed Jesus on the cross, they had to nail them on a circle for 50 cent. They’d just changed the shape of the thing. It like anyone can fucking be bought. You go to a fucking hotel and you check in and you hand every person. You, you, you bring $400 with you and you and the first 20 people you see, you give $20 bills. Your stay at that hotel totally changes over the next week. You have to understand that every single fucking person can be bought. When I say something on this show and someone who’s running Waap Puja calls me and says, please don’t say that anymore. I stop saying that. You know why? Because we make $400 in donations on this show a day. And that’s how I fucking put food on my table. Everyone can be bought


Everyone, and it’s okay. Don’t judge them for it. It’s your fault. You’re pissed off and you’re angry cuz you didn’t pick up on it cuz you’re stupid.

JR Howell (02:03):

What are you guys just talking about? Why I’m sponsored by Monster

Sevan Matossian (02:06):

<laugh>. I’d fucking chug, I’d chugged the fucking c e o of monster’s cock to pay my fucking mortgage right after I put down two energy drinks. Listen, zero

JR Howell (02:17):

Sugar, zero sugars, man. Come on.

Sevan Matossian (02:20):

Everyone can be bought. Don’t forget it. And people are so cheap. You can buy anyone. I’m unviable for sense. You’re right. For sense. For 20 bucks, I’m SMTP would turn into just all torque tank pushes. You have to understand that. And it’s your fault for believing it. Not the people who can be, uh, bought. Being upset that people can be bought is like being upset that the sun comes up in the morning. You are not taking personal responsibility and accountability for being aware of what’s going on around you. Everyone can be bought. Now here’s the thing. Imagine a company that owns everything that you hear, everything that you see,


And you know this, this company owns everything you hear and everything you see. They own it. They control everything you own and everything you see. Now, look at, now look at, there’s already fucking a denier and there’s already a denier. There’s already a fucking denier. I can give you one. I can Cole. Um, you need 20 bucks to buy medicine for your mom, uh, before, uh, before she’s gonna die. And I tell you, if you don’t suck my cock, I’m not giving you that 20 bucks. Let me tell you, buddy, you take down some of that life force in two seconds. Don’t lie to yourself, buddy. Yeah, I know. You’re there are lots of deniers. Yeah. Yeah. Seven. Woke up and chose violence. Remember, it’s your fault if you believe it, it is a given. It’s not, don’t feel bad about it. Don’t feel bad about it. Take responsibility and just know, just wake up, stop fighting the truth and wake up and just know that, that we can all be bought and, and then, and then, and then adjust accordingly.

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Good morning, America has brought to you by Pfizer. Pfizer, c b s Help watch, sponsored by Pfizer Anderson, Cooper 360, brought to you by Pfizer, ABC News, Nightline brought to you by Pfizer, making a difference. Brought to you by Pfizer. CNN tonight brought to you by Pfizer. Early start, brought to you by Pfizer. Friday night on Aaron Burnett out front, brought to you by Pfizer this week with George Stephanopoulos is brought to you by Pfizer. Today’s countdown to the royal wedding is brought to you by Pfizer. And now a CBS Sports update brought to you by Pfizer. Meet the press data download, brought to you by Pfizer. This portion of CBSs this morning, sponsored by Pfizer on how to find the hidden sugars in the American Family Diet, sponsored by Pfizer,

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Bill Gates, advice on how to combat mistrust and science. A 60 minutes overtime com sponsored by Pfizer,

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You really need to get

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Vaccinated. You know, COVID vaccines are now available for children five years and older. And the more people who get them, the better we’re gonna be able to help stop the spread of covid.

Speaker 3 (05:46):


Sevan Matossian (05:46):

To the Savan podcast, brought to you by Paper Streete Coffee. My favorite coffee that I chug every morning. First thing when I wake up after I answer a few, uh, dms. Thank you for joining us. Uh, the only show on the internet that can’t be bought unless you gimme five bucks. I’ll say whatever you want in the comments. Cole Solomon, how does your programming compare to H W P O? I’m genuine gen, little bit genuinely curious. Can

Taylor Self (06:15):

I spend two minutes and answer that?

Sevan Matossian (06:16):

Of course, buddy. Of course. We’re, it’s all sorts of public service announcements today.

Taylor Self (06:20):

Dope. So first off, Cole, if you go to our website, you get a seven day free trial so you can check it out. I’d say the biggest difference, um, to the 60 track is that there is way more similarities between my program and the core methodology of CrossFit. And H W P O H W P O has a lot of good fitness and a lot of redundant progressions that you will see fitness with, but it’s nowhere near as varied as S M T P. We still have structured strength progressions and skill progressions. Um, but the variance is amazing. And that’s why, you know, most of us started CrossFit because we got tired of the global jam and doing the same thing every day and not seeing the results we wanted and, and getting bored and not having fun. And SMTP 60 is a lot of fun.


You get a ton of variance. The workouts are amazing, so you can try that. The compete track is different and a similar sense in that 99% of athletes that are competing do not need 12 weeks of the same rowing progression or 12 weeks of a squat cycle. No one here in this chat is fit enough to where they can take 12 weeks off of something else to dedicate it to just rowing or to dedicate it to just squatting. Meaning if an athlete is on the bubble for semi-finals and they have a big deficiency in the rowing, but they’re also not that great at muscle ups or gymnastics, they spend that 12 weeks just rowing and that time they spent just rowing isn’t addressing their gymnastics deficiencies. They’re gonna get that much worse at gymnastics. And now they’ve got two holes. So most athletes can’t afford to dedicate so much time to one thing. They have to stay true to the core methodology of CrossFit and that is variance. Um, and my program does that better than anyone else with structured lifting progressions. Um, so if you check it out, just hit the trial. See for yourself, it’s the shit

Sevan Matossian (08:21):

Are are there any rumors to, uh, this being true, that actually you just, you are a subscriber to H wpo and you basically, um, just, uh, copied their programming identically except you’ve just pulled out the, uh, tread climber since they don’t sponsor you?

Taylor Self (08:36):

I pulled out the Tread climber and the weekly sandbag Echo bike workout.

Sevan Matossian (08:41):


Taylor Self (08:42):

I’ve only, I’ve, I’ve only ever seen, truth be told, I’ve only ever seen a handful of H W P O workouts and I don’t think they’re even flagship or pro workouts. They were workouts written specifically for Jason, um, just training with him. So I have never, I have never seen any H W P O stuff. I follow what, what I follow and choose to look@mostcloselyis.com jr stuff. Um, when I first got into CrossFit, I looked at a lot of misfit, but the guy who was programming for them doesn’t work with Misfit anymore. Uh, I think he’s,

Sevan Matossian (09:16):

Who is that? Who is that? Believe

Taylor Self (09:18):

His name is Seth. Seth write some, yeah, he writes some elegant stuff. He, he’s, he’s a good program designer. Um, otherwise people don’t really put out a lot of content anymore on their workouts. I mean, I watched a ton of the behind the scenes stuff. I I used to follow like those CrossFit workouts with James and Rich working out all the time. Like that

Sevan Matossian (09:38):

Stuff is, you’ve gone way over your two minutes. You’ve gone way

Taylor Self (09:40):

Over your, okay, last thing. Somebody asked about a hat. There’s only fucking 20 of these bitches right now.

Sevan Matossian (09:45):

I have one.

Taylor Self (09:46):

And if you, yeah, well, Chevon has the other batch of 20. If you want one of these motherfuckers.

Sevan Matossian (09:51):

Hey, they’re nice too. I don’t even, I stopped wearing hats too years ago. And actually I wear that, uh, when I’m out in the yard and shit. I actually look kind of cool in it. I look like Tom sek put that shit

Taylor Self (09:59):

On. Send me a, send me a DM on Instagram and they’re 25 bucks and I’ll get you one. I’ll

Caleb Beaver (10:03):

Send you one Is a snapback or is it a Velcro?

Taylor Self (10:06):

Snapback baby.

Sevan Matossian (10:08):


Taylor Self (10:09):

Yeah. What the fuck? He’s too tactical. Let

Sevan Matossian (10:12):

Me see yours. Are there really no, uh, Velcro’s not tactical. Tactical guys don’t want ve Or

Caleb Beaver (10:17):

Is there one of these you should start with using these A

Sevan Matossian (10:19):

Buckle back. Hey, that’s the old man. When I started accepting the buckle, I knew I was old. I got some buckles. Now I’m like, God, you’re

Taylor Self (10:25):

The new dude. Buckle back is the new, uh, is the new hipster shit. The new young kid. It is. They let the little thing, they like, they connect it to where like the little thing hangs over the side. Like, like that. You can see the little tag when you’re wearing. It’s,

Sevan Matossian (10:39):

Oh, I just feel like an old guy. I just feel like I’m a hundred.

Taylor Self (10:43):

What setting do you go on on your hat? My friend Jake goes on the one dot, his head is so fucking big.

Sevan Matossian (10:49):

<laugh>. Yeah, I go as big. I just started the biggest and work my way in. Uh, I, on on another note, uh, I wanna show you, uh, I found the two hottest girls in the world on, uh, Brian Spin’s, um, Instagram account. Uh, I, I apologize to JR Jrr thinks his wife is the hottest girl in the world. So this is, these are two of the three hottest girls in the world besides Jr’s wife. Uh, can you pull up this Instagram account? This one girl, I, I can’t believe I’ve never seen this girl before. And, and I, I was showing, uh, Caleb this this morning and he’s like, Hey dude, that’s the way all the girls are over there, Invictus. But there’s this girl there. Uh, Laura Staal Wood and this other girl Emily something

Caleb Beaver (11:28):


Sevan Matossian (11:28):

Man, I swear to God’s they need to be the next Charlie’s angels. Here’s what’s crazy about this girl. Uh, Staal wood. This girl looks like she probably looks like not this girl. I mean, this girl’s hot as shit too. But look at this other girl. This other girl looks like she looks like this when she falls outta bed in the morning. Like if you go to her Instagram account, that’s just like a, that’s just like a girl that’s just like a, like she’s a 10. Like no matter when you wake her up, that girl’s don’t get me me wrong. That girl’s smoking dude. Yeah, that girl on the left there. She’s ridiculous. Anyway, someone get her autograph at, uh, waap Polooza. These girls are nuts. Oh yeah, yeah. Pull up that picture. This is, I’m, I’m getting a membership in Invictus. Look at this. This is nuts. That’s Devin Kim on the left, and that’s definitely a wife. I don’t know which one in the middle. Britney and those other three chicks like are, God, it’s nuts. So it must be nuts working out there. Anyway, that, uh, I saw that, uh, Brian spin once again killing it. Um, I know right? Like jiggy Josh, right? It’s it’s crazy. Yeah. And she’s, yeah, probably a couple of those girls are moms. Yeah,

Taylor Self (12:35):

Emily is a mom

Sevan Matossian (12:36):

For sure. These girls are not, but I just can’t believe that, that, I wanna know, I wanna ask that STK girl if she really just looks like that all the time. Like she doesn’t got nothing done to her. She doesn’t look like she’s been genetically modified or she just like Taylor, Taylor just looks like that when he wakes up in the morning. JR does not, is not always that handsome. He has to part his hair to the side and he has to do some stuff. He coughs a little bit. I guarantee you JR wears lotion on his JR you wear lotion on your face, don’t you? What

Taylor Self (13:05):

Does Quiff

Sevan Matossian (13:06):

<laugh>, uh, you’re you’re muted. You’re muted.

JR Howell (13:09):

I very oily skin. I do not wear any kinda of lotion.

Sevan Matossian (13:12):

Wow. I thought, I thought for sure you were the guy. Like my dad wakes up in the morning and puts like a.here, dot here, dot here and then rubs it all. You don’t do that.

JR Howell (13:20):

No. No way. Angela, to answer your question. Uh, no. It, I’m not sponsoring their team. But Jason trains like exclusively at crash. So he registered their team and just put their gym was CrossFit crash. No, no sponsorship. God,

Sevan Matossian (13:34):

I love Jason. He’s a good dude. That’s it’s integrity. Integrity. Okay. Uh, today, uh, let’s bring up the leaderboards, you guys, uh, and I know we’re 14 minutes in and we haven’t talked. One reason why they’re true reason you guys are here. Stahl Woods’s from New Zealand. Wow. And I don’t think they’re notorious for having hot people. Are they, they’re usually all fucked up looking like too much. Too much inbreeding. Uh uh Okay. Um, we got, uh, <laugh> <laugh> Facts. It’s a show of facts. Uh, you are here because we are on day two of Waap Polooza 2023. Uh, this is has been an amazing event. Uh, there’s very few events, if any, that I’ve kind of wished that maybe I was there so I could have seen this. If you have a front row seat here, you get to see some of the greatest movers the sport has ever seen. A move you get to see their bodies twist and turn. You get to ooh and awe and you get to see some outstanding performances. Uh, in first place is team, uh, b p N. Well, do we wanna go through, do you wanna name who, who knows like these five teams here? Who can tell us all the people who are on these teams?

Taylor Self (14:44):

Team BPN is Laura Horvath, Gabby Mag, Jamie Simmons, the daughter’s feet. M o b is Annie Katrin and Mall O’Brien. All American girls are Brooke Wells, Amanda Barnhardt. And the third athlete is Chris O’Connell. Humble Killers is, uh, yep. Alex Kaza. Carrie Pierce, Ariel Lowen go. What girls? Drawing a blank. There we go. Jackie Daws, Fromm Solas daughter and Emma McQuaid.

Sevan Matossian (15:16):

Look at, that’s like all I’d say, like the only like borderline non superstar in the pact. I mean, maybe she’s a superstar. In, in, in, in someone else’s mind is like sola but so’s climbing in there. In my mind, I’ve seen her so much this weekend. These are like, yeah, let’s just throw soul in there. So like today you get your black belt. You are, you are officially one of the queens of uh, CrossFit. What an incredible event. Very close. So this is, this is the point spread 360, 3 55, 3 37, 3 30 and 3 0 5. Uh, with there are how many workouts left Jr?

JR Howell (15:54):

Four scores, right?

Taylor Self (15:55):

Four scores, yeah. Four

Sevan Matossian (15:56):

Scores. Okay. 400 points. No one ever answers that question. How many workouts are left when I ask it in regards to this event? Because there is some interesting scoring, uh, going on. Some of the events have two scores. Uh, some events have uh, two scores that are a hundred. Some events have two scores that are 200. So I think that’s, uh, better. When they say 400 points left. Are all of these people in contention, like not only, uh, mathematically, but are they all good enough to win Taylor?

Taylor Self (16:24):

I think team b p n and the daughters are good enough to win. I think potentially the athletes on all American girls are good enough to win. But man, it’s tough with this field. I I don’t think anyone’s going to beat team B P N or the daughters. I think it’s between them two for the first spot.

Sevan Matossian (16:45):

Uh, barbell spin chimes in uh, hearing that the final men’s and women’s heat for all events will go back to back today. What? And and what does that mean Jr when he says the the events are gonna go back to back, haven’t they been going back to back, uh, already?

JR Howell (17:00):

No, he’s saying I think that they’ll do like heats one through three of let’s just say the males and then they’ll, he’ll they’ll save the last heat of males and then they’ll go heats 1, 2, 3 of females and then go back. So kinda like the regionals used to do for the last

Sevan Matossian (17:15):

Workout. Okay, so so the the two as go

JR Howell (17:18):

First. I mean I think that’s, I think that’s what

Sevan Matossian (17:19):

He means. So normally they, they separate, they partition the events by men and women, but now they’re gonna start partitioning, partitioning them between ass and good.

JR Howell (17:27):

I think it’s just saving the final heats to go back to back.

Sevan Matossian (17:30):

Yeah, that’s what I

JR Howell (17:30):

Saying because that’s probably where everyone wants to. There you go. Or so fe so females first and then they’ll go all male and then the last female

Sevan Matossian (17:37):

Cool. And this doesn’t even really matter, right? Because there’s gonna be a cut right after this first event. Isn’t there?

JR Howell (17:44):

Is the cut after the first one or after the second? I

Taylor Self (17:47):

Think the cuts after the second of the day.

Sevan Matossian (17:50):

You guys like to say after 200 points are allocated, uh, then there’ll be a cut, correct?

JR Howell (17:56):

Well the first workout’s just the lift I believe.

Taylor Self (18:00):

And the workout after that is

JR Howell (18:02):

Kitchen sink.

Taylor Self (18:04):


Sevan Matossian (18:05):

Dude, look at this. You can get your hair cut and you can get shaved there. Is that Bill Grundler?

Caleb Beaver (18:10):

Chase Ingram?

JR Howell (18:11):

No. Chase. Is he cutting off the stash?

Sevan Matossian (18:13):

Oh, let’s go in there. Can we go in there and look at that? What the hell’s going on there? That’s Will’s.

Caleb Beaver (18:17):

Will’s camera.

Taylor Self (18:18):

No, we’ve got, yeah, so

JR Howell (18:21):

It’s gone. Is that Chase?

Will Plumber (18:23):

We got, we got Chase getting his trim right here. Oh

Taylor Self (18:26):

No. Wow. Did he get the mustache shaved off?

Sevan Matossian (18:29):

He does. Is that Sean o’ That looks like Sean O’Malley not Chase Ingram.

Taylor Self (18:37):

So Jr is holding and climbs first or the liftoff?

Caleb Beaver (18:42):

The liftoffs first.

JR Howell (18:44):

Yeah, I have uh, liftoff. I have start time at four.

Taylor Self (18:48):

Yeah sir. So I think Holden climbs is our first event of the day.

JR Howell (18:50):

Okay. So that, that makes sense. I wouldn’t think the first one was

Taylor Self (18:53):

At four. So Holden climbs is one score, then 3 21 liftoff their next score, then they’ll cut. And then kitchen sink is a two-parter and that’s gonna be the last 200 points available. Is kitchen sink. Yes.

Sevan Matossian (19:06):

A dear will plumber, if you can hear me. The trick to holding your phone still is to not try to hold it still. You get it’s a fluid motion. It’s a fluid motion. It’s fluid. Try to hold it still. You get this shit. It’s just fluid. Wow. Look at that media crew there. Uh, chase Ingram, uh, bill Grundler. I think that’s Mike Halpin in the foreground.

Will Plumber (19:31):

Yes, this is Mike.

Caleb Beaver (19:32):

I think Brian’s in there too.

Will Plumber (19:34):

Mike Wave.

Sevan Matossian (19:35):

Hey, uh, Will’s, Will’s phone’s. Got a lot of bass. I’m sorry. What?

Will Plumber (19:39):

Great job.

Sevan Matossian (19:42):

Yeah. Will’s doing an amazing job now holding the

Taylor Self (19:45):

Camera. Mike looks like the most awkward human being

Will Plumber (19:47):

Ever. You want me to tell Nick anything?

Taylor Self (19:55):

There’s snowy.

Sevan Matossian (19:58):

Oh, snowy. Uh, could you return that uh, email I sent you about? Uh oh. Who’s Brian talking to? Who’s that Giant? Is that Don Fall?

Will Plumber (20:07):

No, that’s not Don. I have no idea who that is. It’s the guy from she awards. Sherpa works his shirt company

Sevan Matossian (20:18):

Now. It all makes sense. Everything I’ve heard about him now it all makes sense.

Taylor Self (20:23):

That’s Tan Lacker. Lasker.

Caleb Beaver (20:27):


Sevan Matossian (20:28):

Brian Spin. Oh, he’s taller than I thought.

Taylor Self (20:36):

You know who Brian’s spin looks like?

Sevan Matossian (20:38):


Taylor Self (20:39):

He looks like the guy who does garage gym reviews.

Sevan Matossian (20:43):

Oh, I’ve seen that show, but I can’t mention the guy.

Taylor Self (20:46):

Yeah, he looks like, like Cooper. Do you think, do you think Brian Spin actually does CrossFit?

Sevan Matossian (20:51):

Yeah. Everyone there does

Taylor Self (20:52):

CrossFit. Does he do it in his in his garage or does he go to an affiliate

Sevan Matossian (20:56):

Plumber? Ask Brian Spin if he works out. If he, if he trains, he gets a s SW on. Is that the same question you asked? Does he do CrossFit? Does he work out? Is that same question or no?

Taylor Self (21:06):

Yeah, that’s fine.

Sevan Matossian (21:07):


Caleb Beaver (21:09):

I think he might have walked away.

Will Plumber (21:12):


Sevan Matossian (21:12):

Ask Brian friend. Ask Brian friend of Brian Spin does CrossFit.

Will Plumber (21:16):

I will. He’s uh, with the

Taylor Self (21:19):

Ladies right now in his garage. What kind of, I

Sevan Matossian (21:22):

Knew he worked out. I knew you worked out. How dare how dare Taylor asked that

Caleb Beaver (21:28):

Start following smtp.

Taylor Self (21:30):

He needs to, he needs to give it a trial. Ron.

Sevan Matossian (21:34):

Hey, I’m gonna start judging everyone who walks by if their shirt’s too big or too small.

Taylor Self (21:38):

Dick’s too big or too small.

Sevan Matossian (21:40):

Oh wow. And so Chase is six two and that’s, and he, that Sherpa Works guy is taller than him.

Caleb Beaver (21:46):


Taylor Self (21:47):

Is that Ken from Sherpa Works?

Sevan Matossian (21:52):


Taylor Self (21:56):

Or is that some other Sherpa

Sevan Matossian (21:57):

Works employees? I don’t get this joke, but I want to don fall asking for Apple gift cards from Bill Grundler too. God, I want to get that joke so bad. Uh, Brian Spin does street parking.

Taylor Self (22:08):


Sevan Matossian (22:11):

Man. Uh, street Parking’s getting, uh, in the open mix this year.

Taylor Self (22:15):

Hey, get the fuck outta here with that.

Sevan Matossian (22:17):

With what? Street

Taylor Self (22:18):

Parking. Yeah. Don’t say that name.

Sevan Matossian (22:21):

Okay. Uh, <laugh> back to, uh, back to uh, the leaderboard. Let’s, let’s, let’s look over to the, uh, men’s leaderboard. Great. Great teams over there too, not just in the, um, women’s field. Uh, can, uh, do you wanna go through these five teams also, Taylor?

Taylor Self (22:41):

Yeah, let’s do it. First place. Patrick Vener, Brent Vikki, Jeff Adler, Canadian PB and j The boys. This is gonna be Travis Marinol and Chandler Smith. Team Gowa is gonna be Willy Ez j Crouch Roman Koff, B K g Con Porter and Alec Ben and Dane Smith of CrossFit Krypton, uh, James Sprague, down Pepper, and some other dude

Caleb Beaver (23:17):

That’s the top five.

Sevan Matossian (23:19):

Uh, and and how about, how about in this, uh, Jr how about in this group? Do, do all five of these teams have a chance of uh, winning it or is it a little tighter there? Is it really just between the, the boys and the Canadian pb and j?

JR Howell (23:31):

I don’t know man, the team go wad was so impressive last night on that workout. So if, if they’re able to like get game plans that they can execute and not have to change anything on the fly cuz Jay was talking about how, how tough it would be to change anything on the fly communication wise, I think they could still keep climbing, but also too, let’s see, one of ’em has to do shoulder to overhead. One has to do overhead squat, one has to do front squat. So I could see where all of them would still put up pretty good strength numbers. Whenever there’s a strength test, there’s gonna be some outliers in the bottom that jump up and kind of mess up the leaderboard. So I don’t see any of these top five teams having a really weak athlete that would hold them back, but we’ll see.

Taylor Self (24:17):


JR Howell (24:18):

I think it’s probably still between one, two and three,

Taylor Self (24:21):

I think what’s most likely to happen. Yeah, teams one, two and three are, are in for the top spot. I think King bk and friends are likely to drop a spot or two as the weekend finishes. I think good dudes are pro may potentially have the chance to climb a little bit to fifth or fourth. Um, and I’m not sure about Smith Bros. I think the Smith Bros will have a good showing on the lift. Not sure how they will do on holds and climbs or kitchen sink. We’ll see.

Sevan Matossian (24:49):

And uh, when Taylor mentions a good dude, you can’t see them on the screen now, but they are in sixth.

John Young (24:55):

I think it’s just about a between one and two for the top two spots. I think three through six could all, could all go in different spots. Three through six by the end of the event. I think one and two will separate themselves.

Taylor Self (25:09):

I don’t think Go o’s gonna drop. I think if anything, like JR said they have the potential to climb.

Sevan Matossian (25:13):

Who’s on that team again? The Go Wads team,

Taylor Self (25:15):

Roo, Groff, Willie Georges and Jay Crouch.

Sevan Matossian (25:18):

Yeah. Uh, after we spoke to Jay Crouch yesterday, man, they really do believe in themselves. And then we also heard, uh, it sounds like Roman’s really pushing the team. They wanted to do sets of five on the, uh, muscle ups and Roman was pushing for 10.

Taylor Self (25:32):

Jay Crouch is a really, really, really strong squatter. Uh, Willie George is a good squatter as well. I’d expect Roman goes for the shoulder to overhead and their lifting portion. I think probably Jay Crouch goes with an overhead squat and Willie Georges hits the front squat. Um, we’ll

Sevan Matossian (25:47):

See. Okay, now that Taylor’s mentioned it, let it’s look at the first workout we’re gonna see this morning. It has, yeah,

JR Howell (25:52):

I wanna say, I wanna say in the last few months, Roman posted like a 3 25 for three. Push jerk something

John Young (26:00):

3 35 for five.

Taylor Self (26:02):

That’s insane. Yeah, he start

John Young (26:04):


Sevan Matossian (26:04):

We’re 36 minutes away from, uh, uh,

Taylor Self (26:07):

Holds and climbs.

Sevan Matossian (26:09):

The athletes doing the workout. We are about to go over right now. Uh, as Taylor just said, the name of this workout is holds, holds and climbs. Yep. Holds and climbs

Taylor Self (26:21):

Hose and

Sevan Matossian (26:22):

Climbs, hoes and climbs. All right. Uh, go ahead Taylor.

Taylor Self (26:25):

So at 3 21 go, they’re gonna be two athletes holding an implement, uh, a different implement each. They’re either gonna be holding a pair of kettlebells, the other athlete will either be holding a pair of dumbbells or a barbell. So they have between three implements to choose from. One athlete’s gonna be holding in the farmer’s position, kettlebells, dumbbells, or a barbell, the other athlete, one of those other two implements.

Sevan Matossian (26:48):

What’s the farmer’s position? Just down by your side.

Taylor Self (26:50):

Down by your sides. Yep. Okay. So two athletes are holding and implement. Each one athlete is completing 12 rope climbs in the men’s field. Women will be completing 10 rope climbs as soon as that one athlete completes their 12 rope climbs. And I’m assuming these athletes can switch holding and climbing at any point. So if Roman is working through his 12 rope climbs, he gets six reps in and he wants to switch with another athlete holding the implements, that athlete can go tag in complete the rest of the climbs. After they finish that first set, they’re going to move on to 48 synchro, hand cleans. One athlete will be doing hand cleans with the kettlebells. One athlete will be doing hand cleans with the dumbbells. One athlete will be doing hand cleans with the barbell and the synchronized portion of the rep is gonna be at the rack position with your hips and knees extended elbows in front of your implement.


Um, after they finish that first round, they’ll repeat again in the same sequence, but the synchro movement is going to change shoulder to overhead. This time synchro portion of the rep, again, is going to be hips and knees, extended elbows locked out with their implement overhead and in line with the body for 48 reps. And then finally their last round, another 12 slash 10 rope climbs while two other athletes are holding the implement in the farmer’s position. Once they finish those climbs with the athletes holding, they’ll move on to 48 synchro thrusters. This time all

Sevan Matossian (28:11):

Three, all three of them do the syncro thrusters. All three three of them do the synchro. Correct. Okay. Correct. Here, here’s the part I don’t understand. Um, so if, uh, Jr’s climbing the rope and me and you are holding like whatever we choose, right?

Taylor Self (28:25):


Sevan Matossian (28:26):

And, and, uh, then you have to set your shit down. Yep. Because your grip starts to give way. That means then

Taylor Self (28:34):

All three of us have to move to our weighted implements and perform six front

Sevan Matossian (28:38):

Squats. So JR has to start stop doing the rope climb. Yep. Correct. Wow. What a crazy shit show. This is gonna be, this is gonna be wild. And,

JR Howell (28:44):

And then after we do our front squats, you like, let’s say you chose to hold the dumbbells Yeah. And you were blowing up and you were like, God, I gotta put ’em down. So I, we, we come back together, we do our squats. You could then say, Hey dude, switch ’em. The let me take the kettlebells. You take the barbell. So like, as I understand it, every time there’s a break like that, whether you’re switching from the rope climbs to the 48 or after the 48 and the next person goes to rope climb, you, you can choose to to hold whatever you want at any time.

Taylor Self (29:14):

It would make,

Sevan Matossian (29:15):

Here’s the part I don’t understand. If I, if I’m, if my grip breaks <laugh> and now, and now I have to, I’m punished six front squats. H how I, I can’t, how am I supposed to pick? I didn’t even get any time to rest. How am I supposed to pick it up and hold it while you continue the rope climbs?

Taylor Self (29:32):

That’s the challenge of the workout. And that’s why these guys are in the elite division and you’re on the couch buddy.

Sevan Matossian (29:37):

<laugh>. And then how am I supposed to climb the, the ropes when it’s my turn? If my grip’s already been shot and the fight’s already been taken to, uh, exhaustion, you’d

JR Howell (29:45):

Be, you’d be the first athlete climbing the rope. Let’s

Taylor Self (29:47):

Put it that way. Yep. So yeah, key here is gonna be, you know,

Sevan Matossian (29:51):

So the pussy climbs first. The weakest guy climbs first.

Taylor Self (29:54):

Pussy climbs first. And ideally your athletes that are on the rope climbs the best to need to be com.

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