#752 – Wodapalooza 2023 Indy Event 2

Sevan Matossian (00:00):

Uh, bam. We’re live. Uh, guys, I am sorry about that delay. Uh, we had a little, uh, confusion

Mattew Souza (00:10):

Viewer. Good one.

Sevan Matossian (00:13):

We, we had a little confusion here what we could, uh, could and couldn’t do in terms of streaming, but we’re all cleared to go. Uh, event number two has, uh, begun. Uh, I do believe Taylor Self will be joining us within the next three minutes. Right now it’s just me and Caleb. And then we got, uh, uh, Suza over here, uh, holding the camera. Oh, wow. Look at that. So let me check the audio on this again.

Caleb Beaver (00:43):

It’s like a whole lounge.

Sevan Matossian (00:45):

What you’re looking at is a live interview of Andrew Hiller by, um, Pedro from Coffee Pods and Wads. And these are people like sitting on couches, actually watching the interview live. Is that being broadcast somewhere?

Caleb Beaver (01:00):

I don’t know. Lemme check.

Mattew Souza (01:02):

I don’t think so. There’s just this like, uh, camera here from 1992 set up on a tripod. Oh.

Sevan Matossian (01:12):

Oh. So it’s, it, uh, Peter’s provides the, um, cameras and then they provide the stage and the audio,

Mattew Souza (01:18):

I think so that, that seems to be how it works. Yeah.

Sevan Matossian (01:21):

Is that Scott Lights are there from jail media?

Mattew Souza (01:24):

Yeah. Say with that. Whoa.

Sevan Matossian (01:26):

Hey, what’s up bro?

Mattew Souza (01:29):

Look at Hi.

Sevan Matossian (01:30):

Hey. What’s up? No, we gotta get her incorporated too.

Mattew Souza (01:38):


Caleb Beaver (01:39):

It, I don’t see anything live right now. I just want be recording it for later.

Sevan Matossian (01:42):

Okay. Hey Susan, should we head on over to the, um, venue?

Mattew Souza (01:47):

Yep. And, uh, I’ll head there now.

Sevan Matossian (01:49):

Okay. Hey, um, Caleb, are you watching this on the side here? Does it look like it’s just the first heat?

Caleb Beaver (01:57):

Um, right now looks like the heat, one of event two for the ladies. Um, I think they, they’re probably gonna have free heats just like they did in the last event, like with the, how many lanes they have going.

Sevan Matossian (02:10):

And I just saw the time caps 22 minutes. So maybe we did the right thing by missing the first heat.

Caleb Beaver (02:15):

I, I’d have to agree. Uh, we’re almost 20 minutes in now, so the next heat of starting probably the next five to 10 minutes, um, that way we can get in position and get all the people into the stream.

Sevan Matossian (02:30):

Uh, Taylor, what’s up dude, sorry about the confusion, but we got it all cleared up. Uh, we have the access we need. Uh, now we just need to get Andrew Hiller or second camera over there. Hey, uh, Suza. I wonder if, uh, it looks like SU’s walking up into the bleachers. Uh, Suza. I wonder if we could get a cat to help us with this.

Caleb Beaver (02:49):

Heidi said she’s in the stands too. We might be able to send it over to Heidi.

Sevan Matossian (02:53):

Oh, yeah. I gotta mute myself. I gotta take this call. One second. I apologize.

Taylor Self (03:04):

Can you hear me, Caleb?

Caleb Beaver (03:06):

Yep, I can hear you. Awesome.

Taylor Self (03:08):

I switched my layout, so now I’m in the comfy chair. Dude, I’m in the big old,

Caleb Beaver (03:12):

You really do need to get a office chair, don’t you?

Taylor Self (03:15):

Yeah, they’re like 180 though for a leather one, and Lizzie won’t let me buy a piece of shit.

Caleb Beaver (03:19):

The, uh, the chair that I’m in is a, basically a doctor’s swivel chair that they, they set up in the patient room, so it’s not much better than what you got.

John Young (03:26):

Yeah. All right. Who’s, uh, who’s winning?

Caleb Beaver (03:29):

I think Amy Kringle looks like,

Taylor Self (03:31):

Yeah, Amy Kringle was in the lead when the live stream cut in and

Sevan Matossian (03:35):

They’re just Oh, that’s perfect.


Okay. Sorry for the confusion. John Taylor, Caleb, I, uh, and, and thank you for all three of you, uh, for staying with me here and, uh, Taylor, especially for pushing me to figure out what was going on. Cuz with, uh, if you wouldn’t have done that, I wouldn’t have kept pushing and I think that’s what got us back on, uh, the air. So that’s pretty cool. Uh, so this is gonna be 3 22 minute heats. Uh, we’ve missed the first heat. Um, I think that’s okay. Uh, these are gonna be long, uh, shows. Can we take a look at this, uh, workout?

John Young (04:10):

This is a grueling workout.

Caleb Beaver (04:12):

Lemme pull that up quick.

Taylor Self (04:14):

Yeah, no kidding. Say the least long workout.

Sevan Matossian (04:17):

How come the ropes aren’t blowing around? Just cuz they’re different than the rings. They don’t catch the wind like the rings or you think the wind died down. They’re

Taylor Self (04:23):

Heavier. They’re heavier.

Sevan Matossian (04:24):


John Young (04:28):

This is a workout that I think Taylor would do really well in.

Taylor Self (04:32):

Me too. I think I’ll do really well on every workout.

Sevan Matossian (04:35):

And, and what, and Taylor, um, one day on the ropes I’m noticing is they climb the ropes. There’s a bunch of different markings on ’em.

Taylor Self (04:41):

I’m sure that’s for the divisions. Different divisions.

Sevan Matossian (04:43):

Okay. So they got a black line and then a pink line, and then even a white line and then a blue line, and then another black line. So like basically where you have to touch

Taylor Self (04:53):

Yeah. For, for different divisions I would imagine. Like they have skin.

John Young (04:55):

Let’s go Amy Kringle for the win.

Sevan Matossian (04:59):

She did. Oh yeah.

Taylor Self (05:01):

Did you pick her or something? I

John Young (05:02):

I did pick

Taylor Self (05:03):

Her <laugh>. Wow. Good job.

Sevan Matossian (05:07):

Amy Kringle from the Is man. Uh, okay, so this is a legless rope climb. Oh, okay. This is the one that’s a mirror of itself. Yep. It starts off, uh, really hard and then all the movements are, then there’s a mile run and then all the movements are repeated, um, with a slightly easier rendition of its scaled version. So legless rope climb, and then a weighted gh d uh, sit up with a 20 pound ball and then 30, uh, kettlebell overhead walking lunges. And then 20, uh, dumbbell, kettlebell hang clean and jerks. Then you have the mile run and then it gets easier. Uh, theoretically, uh, only 20 kettlebell thrusters, then 30 dumbbell kettlebell front racks as opposed to the overhead. Then the 40 G h d but not weighted. And then the five rope climb is where you can use your legs. Yep, we got it. Okay, so this is the son of a bitch.

Taylor Self (05:52):

Yeah, it’s a, it’s a long workout. We’ve got a bit of a breaking update on Colton if you want it.

Sevan Matossian (05:57):

Oh yeah, I’d love to have that. I’d love to have

Taylor Self (05:59):

That. He just posted on his, yeah, he posted on his Instagram 30 minutes ago. An autoimmune disorder. Rare.

John Young (06:08):

What is it?

Taylor Self (06:09):

Um, he doesn’t list

Caleb Beaver (06:11):


Taylor Self (06:11):

Yeah, he doesn’t say the diagnosis, but something affecting the nervous system.

John Young (06:20):

I hope it’s not like,

Caleb Beaver (06:23):

So it says be diagnosed with rare autoimmune disorder. It mainly affects the brain eyes and spine. Um, things started a couple weeks ago when I was experiencing some bad migraines and severe eye pain that had lasted for around 10 days. Um, you started going to the doctor when he couldn’t see, which is probably a good idea. Uh, stayed in the hospital for five days, receiving treatment and testing, uh, almost payment free now. Um, he’s gonna need some stronger contact lenses cuz it’s affecting his vision. Um, and then basically just monitoring his symptoms from here on out. Okay. That’s that. How

Sevan Matossian (06:56):

Do, how do you, it

John Young (06:57):

Doesn’t sound like alcs or anything like that, or Als I mean

Taylor Self (07:02):

Alcs, isn’t that like a

Caleb Beaver (07:04):

Als that’s let’s the American League Champion series. Yeah. Hey. Yeah,

John Young (07:07):

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sevan Matossian (07:07):

Yeah. AALS isn’t, isn’t there? Oh, ocular, ocular migraines do, uh, do that. Okay. But, uh, what’s, what’s gonna be the solution for his, uh, autoimmune disease diet change?

Caleb Beaver (07:20):

Mm. I don’t know if it’s gonna be that simple. Sometimes you just have something that like, you can’t auto, I mean auto, it probably doesn’t help that he is putting his body under a significant amount of stress all the time with his work and his, and then training as well. But maybe just some changes in his, in his routine or, um, I, I’m sure once he starts just training full-time and not working on the farm as much, maybe that’ll help.

John Young (07:43):

I don’t know. His immune system is probably pretty darn strong because of where he like his day

Sevan Matossian (07:51):

To day. Yeah. But he’s burning the candle at both ends. I don’t mean he really is, I don’t mean like partying, but the guy fucking is a workaholic and, uh, he’s

Caleb Beaver (07:57):

Up at 4:00 AM moving pigs. That’s no, that shit’s no joke. And then No, for sure. For sure. Five, six hours a day in the evenings. Like you’re, you’re gonna burn yourself out eventually. I love Colton, but maybe he’s just trying to bite his time a little bit.

Sevan Matossian (08:13):

Uh, CrossFit docs will say keto and I, I think you’re right. I think they will, uh, Trish Autoimmune disease are a bitch. Uh, Granada. Hypophysitis.

Caleb Beaver (08:28):


Sevan Matossian (08:29):


Taylor Self (08:30):

Think I got

Sevan Matossian (08:31):

That MRI and spinal test. Me. Uh, yeah. So this, this I guess, uh, Trisha’s uh, giving the same diagnosis or cures Caleb, you basically have to de-stress.

Caleb Beaver (08:43):

Yeah, I think I’ve, I’ve seen that a few times with different athletes. They just put themselves in just a significant amount of stress all the time just with their work. And then obviously their training is

John Young (08:53):

The body reject

Caleb Beaver (08:54):

Themselves pretty arduous. And then it’s just like, dude, you gotta gimme a break.

Sevan Matossian (08:58):

Uh, okay, so, uh, heat one of event two is complete and uh, now, uh, heat two is coming out and uh, looks like can this is it, uh, Emma carries in this heat. Am I seeing this right?

Taylor Self (09:16):

Should be, yeah.

John Young (09:17):

Um, it should be LER Carey, uh, Paulina Carala Al. Yeah. I don’t think em is Emily roll from this one as well?

Sevan Matossian (09:26):

Look like it.

Caleb Beaver (09:27):

Yeah, she’s in Lane 11.

John Young (09:31):

Uh, Emily Rolf will do very good in this workout. She’s probably my picking this heat.

Sevan Matossian (09:39):

I wish I could tell you which lane people were in. Do can you, can you guys tell us who’s in that lane that’s closest to us Right there.

Taylor Self (09:46):


Caleb Beaver (09:47):

Al and then right next to is Freea Moose Burger. And then Julia Cato and then Emily Rolf

Sevan Matossian (09:53):

Got Al just took a huge lead right away. She’s done with the rope climbs. Yeah.

John Young (09:58):

Legless. I mean, I don’t the legless, listen, I don’t think that’s a good idea.

Taylor Self (10:03):

I don’t think she’s gonna pay for it. What is she doing with just her grip? The rest of the workout?

John Young (10:08):

No, I’m not talking about grip. I’m just talking about just lungs.

Taylor Self (10:13):

No, I think if you have the capacity to smash the legless five early on, you have to take it and get, gain an advantage cuz she, if you can, if she can get on the run, I

John Young (10:21):

Guess for the women that that’s a lot more of an advantage than for the men. That’s,

Caleb Beaver (10:25):

I just sent it over to

Taylor Self (10:26):

Her. Okay. I think even in the men’s field, it’ll be a decent advantage for some, there’s not gonna be a lot of guys that can rip off five really, really fast like that. How long did it take her? I guess we’re not seeing,

Caleb Beaver (10:40):


Taylor Self (10:40):

See, five in a minute is good.

Caleb Beaver (10:51):

How hard are these weighted gds? I’ve never done them before

Taylor Self (10:54):

With a 20 and a 14.

John Young (10:56):

Not that

Caleb Beaver (10:56):

Hard. Yeah.

Taylor Self (10:59):

Depends on how good you are at gts. For me. They’re not bad, but they’re not fast with that weight. They’re not as fast 30 tall,

Caleb Beaver (11:06):

Somebody that’s gonna roll it up your stomach or you,

Taylor Self (11:08):

How do you I I always How do you do it? And, and Emma’s not rolling tall at least

John Young (11:12):

36 seconds on Five Rock like this, Taylor. Wow.

Taylor Self (11:15):


Caleb Beaver (11:16):

Are you doing otherwise? Yeah,

Taylor Self (11:17):

So if you don’t roll, you watch ’em at all. She’s just kind of holding it the entire time. It sh it’s nowhere near as efficient. So as soon as you get like to parallel on the way up, it should be touching your like sternum or right in between your nipples and rolling down your legs.

Caleb Beaver (11:33):

Is that just taking the weight off of like away from your body,

Taylor Self (11:36):

Your arms? Yeah. And think about any, like we were talking about with Adam Nier in workouts, efficiency, like any muscles you can turn off and not, you know, demand a lot of oxygen to and contract, you’re gonna be more efficient in the other areas.

Sevan Matossian (11:50):

Uh, why, why isn’t Sarah in this uh, in

John Young (11:53):

This She’s in the third heat.

Sevan Matossian (11:54):


John Young (11:56):

I just think she’s moving too fast. It’s a 20 minute workout, you know, it’s a 20 minute workout every single time. We watch people who win the chippers. They do not come out fast. If she’s coming out blades,

Taylor Self (12:08):

You, you also have to take into it. Well where’s Emma Carey?

John Young (12:12):

She’s in the far far lane.

Taylor Self (12:14):

Five. You can’t see her. I I don’t think she’s coming out that much faster than everyone else. I think she just did her leg list that much faster.

Sevan Matossian (12:20):

Oh look, we got a Heidi cam. Nice. Heidi.

Taylor Self (12:22):

Which I don’t think is a bad idea.

Speaker 6 (12:26):

So six length floor here.

Taylor Self (12:29):

That’s a nightmare.

John Young (12:34):

So Will, I mean we’ll know once they get on the runner kind of where everybody’s at.

Sevan Matossian (12:40):

Oh look. And the names are up top too is I never even noticed that before.

Taylor Self (12:46):

We couldn’t

Caleb Beaver (12:46):

See kinda had that up there, but this is like the, the widest shot we’ve gotten of the

Sevan Matossian (12:52):

Oh, because Heidi’s in the stands so she’s got a higher up shot. Okay. Nice. Okay.

Caleb Beaver (12:58):

Emma’s, that’s a really cool feature that they have is that massive l e d screen just sitting on top of those, um, top of the wall.

Sevan Matossian (13:07):

Yeah. Crazy. Cool.

Caleb Beaver (13:10):

It’s a really nice view.

Sevan Matossian (13:12):

We just need to clip that palm, uh, palm leaf so we can see you in lane one.

Caleb Beaver (13:16):

It looks dead anyway.

John Young (13:18):

No, it’ll be, it’ll be really cool to see, um, Roman and Falkowski go at it because I bet their approaches are very different.

Sevan Matossian (13:27):

Uh, Emma Carey is in Lane five by the way.

John Young (13:32):


Sevan Matossian (13:35):

And she is, uh, in second place, correct?

John Young (13:38):


Taylor Self (13:39):

Looks like Emol is about to be onto the runner. Is it down and back six times or down back?

John Young (13:50):

Uh, one down counts as one.

Taylor Self (13:52):

So they have six rounds of that.

John Young (13:55):

Yeah. Um, I think the runner is the biggest differentiator on this one. On, on this event. Um, if you’re a really, really good runner, I think you have an advantage over every, because all the rest of these movements are doable. They’re just hard and everybody’s fit here. Once you get past the five leg list, there’s nothing that should stop anybody in their tracks. So

Taylor Self (14:15):

It’s without a doubt a run workout. This workout, the swim workout and the Echo Bike finale are all very mono structural base and even potentially the D ball workout with the one K Row, it’s

Caleb Beaver (14:26):

A lot of car. How long do you think this mile run on the assault runner’s gonna be?

Taylor Self (14:31):

Probably seven to eight for most people. Maybe a little faster. The newer runners tick pretty fast.

Caleb Beaver (14:37):

Is that gonna make the thrusters harder,

Taylor Self (14:39):

The run the whole Yeah, absolutely.

Sevan Matossian (14:44):

Really? People, people will be running seven minute miles on the runner in the middle of this event.

John Young (14:49):

Oh yeah, yeah,

Taylor Self (14:50):

For sure. The men. The men for sure. She’s not running a seven minute pace right there. She’s probably closer to an eight and a half, nine maybe, but she just got on. I think what I would expect or what I would do personally as an athlete is you get on in the first 200 meters, you’re kind of shaking it out and then I build my intensity across the run.

Sevan Matossian (15:09):

You can say yous harder than you think the runners harder than real life

Taylor Self (15:12):

Running. No, I think the new runners are easier. Hmm. Or, or at least the same.

Sevan Matossian (15:18):

When you say new, how many? I’m trying to figure out if I have a new one. How new?

Taylor Self (15:22):

Uh, those are AirRunner pros. So those are pretty new within the past couple of years. Like the one we have at the gym is like seven or eight, maybe nine years old and it runs so slow. Like it hurts me to run an eight minute mile on

Sevan Matossian (15:35):

A thing. Hey, do you ever have to, have you ever had to change the belt?

Taylor Self (15:38):

We haven’t ever changed it, which I’m sure is why it’s like, it’s like resistance.

Sevan Matossian (15:47):

Yeah. You feel noticeable difference when you get on another one.

Taylor Self (15:49):

Yeah, without a doubt. Like I go to jr’s gym and his runners are like

Sevan Matossian (15:52):


Taylor Self (15:53):

Yeah. Moving

Sevan Matossian (15:56):

Who? That’s Emily roll.

Taylor Self (15:58):

We did a chipper, we did a chipper at jr’s at Crash last year that started with a mile run and I ran it and like a 5 45 <laugh>.

John Young (16:10):

So Amy Pringles Mile was a, uh, was a 6 55.

Sevan Matossian (16:15):

Oh, how’d you get that point? You you heard them say it?

John Young (16:19):

No, she, uh, on the live stream it showed 1100, 11 50 meters at the five minute mark and then I just do it a 1600 pace.

Sevan Matossian (16:28):

Dang. You’re good. Okay, so we got Emon Lane, uh, 14. We got the will plumber cam, uh, in lane five. Uh, Emma Carey, lane 12, Julia Cato, lane 13 Freya Moose Boo Booger, uh, Emily Rolfe in Lane 11. <laugh> like that <laugh> Booger <laugh>, uh, oh look, they even lay out the workout for you. You see that up there? Wow. Caleb. Wow. Fancy. Yeah, I like that.

John Young (17:02):

You know how, you know how they say you should be a minute faster outside than you are on the runner Taylor.

Taylor Self (17:07):

Yeah. That’s bullshit on New Runners. Do,

John Young (17:09):

Do you think, um, do you think the faster you are the less, the less that applies?

Taylor Self (17:14):

I do. I think the faster you are, I think the more efficient of a runner. You know what I’m saying? The less that applies. Yeah. I think the more efficient of a runner you are, the less that applies. And I think the bigger you are or the longer you are, the less that applies. When you can really reach with your legs and, and have momentum kind of in that curve shape. It just kind of carries energy better than people with shorter legs. It really have a short choppy step. So like when I run on the runner, I just get a nice long stride and it seems to carry over nice and easily. I’m like doing less work than if I were on pavement because I’m not pulling my body, I’m just using the shape of the treadmill and momentum and there’s no hills. And like our gym, our loops, like our running loops, it’s all hill. Every fucking run is a hill.

Caleb Beaver (17:58):

So you’re saying you prefer the longer stride over the short choppy steps instead?

John Young (18:03):

I mean it’s more

Taylor Self (18:04):

Efficient on a, on a runner. Absolutely. And for, for mid-distance running regardless.

John Young (18:10):

I would say running in general. I mean, you watch the marathon runners look at their strides.

Taylor Self (18:14):

Yeah. They, you they, I

Caleb Beaver (18:15):

Know I’ve kinda seen it both ways. I’ve seen people have short choppy steps and I’ve seen people have like super long steps.

Taylor Self (18:20):

Short steps are not good for running people with like, like you look at a lot of athletes with really big legs, especially women, and they run with these like short, choppy steps. It’s just so inefficient. You can see actually down in this shot, the girl with the red shoes, she has a much better stride than all the other athletes

Sevan Matossian (18:37):

Guys. Uh, we uh, now that they have their stream, uh, back up, we’re being asked not to uh, stream their stream. So I’m gonna pull down, uh, thank you so much Heidi for, uh, doing that. The Heidi cam and the Matt Suza camm. If you guys point your cameras elsewhere, we can have your cameras up for interviews or if you want to go down into the, uh, corral. But we have been asked last year, uh, they let us stream it and this year we’re just having a little hiccup in the, in the coms, but I don’t wanna do anything to, uh, hurt the event. We only wanna help the event. And uh, Dylan’s been very, very generous with everything. So, uh, su do you want, can we, can you check in with us really quick so I can just talk to you on the air real quick and maybe, uh, step to a place where it’s a little more quiet. Let me see what’s

John Young (19:22):

Going. Are we allowed to stream their stream?

Sevan Matossian (19:25):

I don’t, I don’t

John Young (19:26):

Put their stream on

Sevan Matossian (19:27):

Here. No, I don’t think we’re allowed to do that

Taylor Self (19:30):

Either, so we’re not allowed to. Wait, I’m confused. Are we allowed to watch what Suza has on screen?

Sevan Matossian (19:35):

No. No. Uh, no. We, we, we can’t stream. I think basically what they’ve done is they’ve played this, they’ve paid this enormous amount of money for the stream and they wanna make sure that all the traffic goes to their channel. I’m just making that up. I don’t know. I don’t know that for a fact. Oh, their stream is down again.

John Young (19:50):

So when their stream goes down, are we allowed to stream our stream

Sevan Matossian (19:54):

<laugh>? So I guess that was kind of the, uh, the thought and I had misunderstood that if their stream was down, we were given clearance to, to go back up. But that, but it’s okay either way. Let me, let me check in with Susie here really quick and see if we can get confused. I, I’ll talk to you guys off the air a little bit’s. Not that it’s a worries secret. Let me see what’s going here. Um, Suza.

Mattew Souza (20:13):


Sevan Matossian (20:15):

Um, can, can we see the corral area where the athletes are currently, um, being corralled before they come out?

Mattew Souza (20:22):

Yeah. Let me get, I gotta make my way around on the side, the venue. Take me a second, but I’m go

Sevan Matossian (20:27):

Down. Okay. It looks like they have an insane crowd there for a Thursday.

Mattew Souza (20:34):


Sevan Matossian (20:35):


Mattew Souza (20:36):

Yep. Oh, excuse me. Yeah, it’s tight. It’s already hard to get around

Sevan Matossian (20:44):

And it’s not even Saturday night.

Mattew Souza (20:46):

It’s not even Saturday night. No place is gonna be packed tomorrow and Saturday.

Sevan Matossian (20:51):

So that’s a vendor village you’re walking through. Yep. I saw a little Yeti booth.

Mattew Souza (20:55):

Yeah. Just to give you guys a scope. So right over there was, uh, a podcast. This is, uh, Bayside there, the entrance. Okay. And then we’re swinging around, bend the village on that side and then we’ll walk through here. We’ll make way around Gabe.

Sevan Matossian (21:11):

Paper Street

Mattew Souza (21:12):

Paper. Sweet Coffee.

Sevan Matossian (21:15):

Uh, born primitive, generous enough to give us some pants. Hello,

Caleb Beaver (21:21):

Kevin Scott

Sevan Matossian (21:26):

Pan. Look, he ran, he ran from Suza. He’s like,

Mattew Souza (21:29):

He he spotted me and he dipped quick.

Sevan Matossian (21:31):

Yeah, he did.

Mattew Souza (21:32):

He’s like, nope. Let’s see. Really Big Sierra.

Sevan Matossian (21:42):

That’s the main sponsor.

Mattew Souza (21:44):

Yep. So, and the,

Sevan Matossian (21:45):

This is how far you have to go to get to the corral. You gotta walk around this far.

Mattew Souza (21:49):

Yeah, all the way through here.

Sevan Matossian (21:52):

Even though it’s just right adjacent. You have to take this circuitous route because of your act. Limited access?

Mattew Souza (21:58):

No, no, no, because the runners are actually blocking the competition floor. So last time I was able to just kind of hurry across, but um, the runners are pulled all the way up, said there’s no space anymore.

Sevan Matossian (22:09):

Oh wow. Okay.

Mattew Souza (22:12):

Damn. They got a whole boot. Look at that.

Speaker 7 (22:15):


Sevan Matossian (22:15):

That’s the oversized shirt company.

Mattew Souza (22:17):

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yep. Now we popped out on the other side here. Oh, excuse me. So you could see this side here.

Sevan Matossian (22:32):

Okay. Wow. The bleachers are massive.

Mattew Souza (22:35):

Yeah. See they could squeeze in.

Sevan Matossian (22:40):

So that checkpoint right there. Did you need id to get through there? What’s that checkpoint for?

Mattew Souza (22:45):

If you do the rule, what? You just follow really closely behind the other person. No, I’m just kidding. Yeah, it’s a checkpoint. But

Sevan Matossian (22:50):

We have but no one’s guarding anything. Like those guys just slipped through that crack.

Mattew Souza (23:04):

So we could stay on this side.

Speaker 7 (23:07):


Mattew Souza (23:09):

Extremely. But we can stay here. It’s

Sevan Matossian (23:12):

Ok. Can get it in there a little bit. I’m not worried about getting in there a little bit. I’m not, don’t you don’t have to worry about that. I’m just talking about like, we just can’t be streaming it and commenting anymore.

Mattew Souza (23:20):


Sevan Matossian (23:22):

Okay. So where’s the corral? Where are the athletes warming up?

Mattew Souza (23:25):

That’s a great question. I thought they were back on this side, but they might be an athlete one up there. Yeah. Which is even further. Let’s go sleep around every day.

Caleb Beaver (23:34):

That’s on top of the hill. Just like probably 200 yards away from

Mattew Souza (23:39):


Sevan Matossian (23:41):

Okay. And then’s the last minute they walk ’em over.

John Young (23:44):

Yeah. Pretty much, much start. It’s basically straight ahead where Susan’s looking.

Mattew Souza (23:50):

Yeah. Let’s see if we can just call the path back. It’s very similar to the setup last year, but a little bit different.

Sevan Matossian (23:58):

Uh, we could commentate their live stream on another tab. Do do you guys have the ability to, uh, have, uh, windows open?

Taylor Self (24:06):

I’ve got it open on another screen for me and it looks like Ettal is still in first place. Emma Carey’s in second. Emma Rolf, Emily Roth. Yeah.

John Young (24:13):

The run, they don’t, they don’t put the leaders in the run. Yeah, every you, you don’t, you never know Amy Kringle, they didn’t show in first place until she finished.

Sevan Matossian (24:20):

Okay. So I got Rolf in first place. Oh

Taylor Self (24:23):

Wow. How, uh, what’s the time on the clock?

Sevan Matossian (24:26):


Taylor Self (24:27):

Oh, I am behind Whoopsies

Sevan Matossian (24:30):

And uh, Emma Carey’s in second and it’s neck and neck. Oh. And Emma Carey’s taking the lead even though they have em. Emily Rolfe in the lead. It’s really Emma Carey’s in the lead. Yep.

John Young (24:40):

I think she just took over the lead.

Taylor Self (24:41):

Yeah. Emma Carey’s first in the lunge.

Sevan Matossian (24:44):

Wow. Holy shit. Will this be back to back winds for em? Carey

Taylor Self (24:50):

On the we we’ve got another heat. But she’s good at this kind of workout.

John Young (24:55):

Amy Gringle was not, was not, uh, keeping on lunging. She dropped after every single one.

Sevan Matossian (25:03):

Oh yeah. And Emily Rolf is setting it down too. And EmCare is not.

Taylor Self (25:08):

You just have so much turnaround and, but look at the difference in how Emma, Emily Rolf is holding the kettlebells and how Carrie is Carrie’s got the kettlebells resting on in the back rack almost. And Emma Rolf is actually has her elbows up and the bells are being supported by kind of the musculature of her shoulder. She’s not resting it on her body. She’s, she’s actively like holding the kettlebells up Perez. Em, Carey has ’em rested and that’s why she’s able to lunch so quick. I wonder if there was a clear standard on that. There

John Young (25:34):

Was, there was uh, people were getting no rep for doing that and they had to come to here and hold it like that. And so right now em Carey’s getting away with this because Hmm. I saw multiple girls getting no rep for holding it. How you’re supposed to, like that’s how you’re

Sevan Matossian (25:49):

Supposed to climb. Yeah. Cuz she’s not holding it in the front

Taylor Self (25:52):

Rack. No, she was in the back rack. There are a lot of,

Sevan Matossian (25:55):

Is there a bad, I’ve never even heard of the back rack. No, it’s

John Young (25:57):

The kettle. Its not best arrests. Right, right here.

Taylor Self (26:00):

Yeah. The kettlebells are welders. The kettlebells are essentially in

John Young (26:03):

Like right there

Taylor Self (26:04):

Supported by your traps and you have the bells like the handles of the kettle bells. Um, in like a neutral manner.

Sevan Matossian (26:12):

For what? For a back rack?

Taylor Self (26:14):

Yeah. Yeah. Well you would still call it a front rack lunge or it’s not really a back rack, but I call it a back rack because it’s resting on your back. A a true, a true kettlebell front rack is in front of your body. Elbow. Elbow fucking tight.

Sevan Matossian (26:24):

Okay, so this girl was doing it too. Who they just show on the screen. I don’t know. Emma Tall was doing it too. She had the kettle bells. Yeah. I’ve never, and

John Young (26:30):

It’s much, much harder to do. Much easier if you try to do, or like I’m saying in front, it’s way, way, way harder.

Taylor Self (26:35):

Way harder. And it a

John Young (26:37):

Massive seventies like that, it’s almost impossible.

Taylor Self (26:39):

Yeah. So the, the problem with this is, oh,

Sevan Matossian (26:41):

They’re all doing it. They’re all doing it. They

Taylor Self (26:44):

Switched. It looks like Emily Ross judges judge was the only one that was enforcing it, which is unfortunate because that is just a massive, it’s just a massive miscommunication, which to be honest, kind of historic here, but

Sevan Matossian (26:57):

Uh, it’s too damn easy. 1999. Thank you all of you on the ground and commentating. Have the phone playing in my pocket while at work. Whoa. Been waiting on this and y’all are making it possible. Big thanks. Hey, thank you and

Taylor Self (27:09):

Thanks for Emma. Carries already done with her PhDs. Wow.

Caleb Beaver (27:14):

Holy crap.

Taylor Self (27:15):

She is annihilating this workout

Sevan Matossian (27:19):

And so this is it for her. She’s just doing the, uh,

Taylor Self (27:21):

I broke climbs and she’s

Caleb Beaver (27:23):

Struggling with these rope climbs. Yeah.

Sevan Matossian (27:25):

Is it four or five?

Taylor Self (27:27):


Caleb Beaver (27:27):

I think it’s five

Taylor Self (27:28):

With struggling.

John Young (27:30):

But, um, go Emma, Emily, Rolf, Emma, Carey, Emma to all are all in position to beat the time to beat.

Sevan Matossian (27:40):

Oh shit. Emily Rolf caught up,

Taylor Self (27:42):

I think might pass her on the rope. Climbs She’s getting up

Caleb Beaver (27:45):


Taylor Self (27:45):

Than Yeah. And she’s not having any issues fumbling but

Sevan Matossian (27:48):

Two down the she’s one ahead.

Taylor Self (27:52):

No, Emily Rolf has got one or two done. She’s

Caleb Beaver (27:55):

Got one

Taylor Self (27:56):

Done. Ah, okay. And

Sevan Matossian (27:57):


John Young (27:57):

Stopped. Here is one whole rope climb ahead.

Caleb Beaver (28:00):

She doesn’t chalk up. She might catch up.

John Young (28:02):

Emma. Emma’s going right into it.

Sevan Matossian (28:06):

Hey, did you see Emma jump on the rope? She jumped like a half an inch off the ground. Yeah, I know it was <laugh>. That was crazy. Hey, but

Taylor Self (28:13):

Vertical, I don’t think, I don’t think Emma’s gonna relinquish the lead. I think she’s got it. Yeah.

Sevan Matossian (28:19):

Yeah. Emma carries attacking for sure. Oh yeah, like that. She didn’t even jump that time. Oh man, she is hurting. Good honor.

Caleb Beaver (28:27):

Started doing was he was, he just wouldn’t jump at the rope. He just, I mean basically just spikes your heart rate and you just started reaching as high as he could and pulling

Sevan Matossian (28:35):

Off, Hey, that’s it. She just comes down. She doesn’t run

Taylor Self (28:38):

Across the, the finish line. They, they took that out because of safety for this event.

Sevan Matossian (28:42):

What do you mean for safety?

Taylor Self (28:44):

All the equipment in the way for that chipper. They

John Young (28:47):

Wouldn’t fall and run to

Taylor Self (28:48):

The finish line. Yeah. Kettlebells, GTS runners is just a lot going on. So for the athletes benefit. I’m, I I like that. And to be honest, I don’t think any of the athletes care one way or another. It’s just a matter of the spectator, which is important. But I

Sevan Matossian (29:01):

Hey, how do you know then? How do you know when they’re done? When they touch the top, they,

Taylor Self (29:05):

They touch the white line. Yeah. They’re judged. Stops, hits the stopwatch.

Sevan Matossian (29:08):

Alright. Right. Alright. I’m getting a little bit of zelo games. Not that it’s a dig, but this is Waap Palooza. I’m getting a little bit of Zelo games.

Taylor Self (29:15):

Well, they’re doing a lot with this event. It’s hard to, it’s hard to have, uh, yeah. I all your cake and eat it too.

Sevan Matossian (29:21):

All right. No, I do it often.

Taylor Self (29:23):


Sevan Matossian (29:24):

Do <laugh>? Yeah. Yeah. What

Taylor Self (29:25):

Do you do? Just

Sevan Matossian (29:27):

Just get it all and just sit down and just eat it all. I just ate a bucket of cottage cheese while, while we were dealing with the politics of having the stream on.

Taylor Self (29:34):

You’re disgusting. A bucket of cottage cheese. I actually love cottage cheese.

Sevan Matossian (29:39):

I squid a little honey in it. Do

Taylor Self (29:40):

Do you put any like fruit in

Sevan Matossian (29:42):

It? Honey, I just put a little honey in it. Went to town. Hmm?

Taylor Self (29:45):

I had a chicken case. Atilla.

Sevan Matossian (29:49):

Boy, this camera man is, I would be canceled for that shot up in there. Yeah. I would’ve com been completely canceled for that. Hey, someone has to be choosing that angle from the booth too.

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