#714 – Live Call In | Where’s Alex Stein?

Sevan Matossian (00:01):

I was, bam. We’re live. Good morning, chase. Jamie, Corey, St. Spiegel. Kyle, good morning. I was, uh, I was watching, um, Nate, uh, uh, Caleb. Hi. Good morning. Uh, I, I was watching, um, yesterday’s, or no, yesterday after the show, I was, uh, cruising around on YouTube and I was going to different people’s accounts. And I noticed, uh, um, Nate Edwardson made a post saying he’s taking three weeks off, that this is the slow time of year for CrossFit. And he said he was gonna focus on his other channel more. And I’m like, I wonder what his other channel is. And, uh, I found it. And it’s a golf channel and he is murdering it. I think it’s Nate Edwardson YouTube. He is absolutely killing it. He only has like 15 videos up. He, it looks like he just started it. But dude, he is killing it. And so no matter what you think of Nate, you get to see what work ethic habits practice turned into. He honed this skill and this presentation and these speaking abilities and these editing, editing abilities. And he did it in the CrossFit community. And he is jumped over to golf and he is slain. So hats off to Mr. Nate Edwardson for, uh, doing it. Fuck <inaudible> for him.


Uh, this morning. Alex Stein is coming on. I think he says he is. I dunno why certain guests. I just think maybe they’ll, um, nohow. I guess maybe once you, once you do a show with me in a car, I’m always suspect of you, Jim. Good morning, Audrey. Good morning. I think it’s Audrey. I started following her. Uh, uh, Jeffrey Birchfield. Kat, good morning. Looking forward to having you on the show. Christine Young, Ken Walters, miss Michelle, uh, God, I hope he’s not driving. I don’t like the driving thing for some reason. Although yesterday’s went, uh, pretty well, uh, with, uh, nickel in the, uh, car. I thought yesterday’s podcast was very interesting. I thought it was a, I thought it was a, uh, at around the 20 minute mark, he went through some sort of transformation and realized that this was gonna be a real conversation and real talk. And the whole podcast just took, like, just got elevated. It’s cool cause I think people on the show Yeah, you saw that too.

Caleb Beaver (02:38):

Yeah, I noticed it too. Cause I think I came in like 10 minutes later or something, and then I was like, Ooh, this could be tight. And then like, literally 10 minutes later, he was telling stories about riding his bike down Santa Cruz and shit like that. It was really cool.

Sevan Matossian (02:57):

P people come on the show. I, I mean, I’m just making this up, this narrative. I don’t know if it’s true, but I think people come on the show and they have this expectation that it’s just gonna be like a normal podcast. And it is a normal podcast. It’s just that there’s so many people out there who don’t get past, I guess, the veneer of themselves. And so then the guests can’t get past their own veneer. I don’t know. It, it doesn’t happen every time. It happens a lot on this show. I think. Uh, Tyler, get the soft white underbelly guy sometime he reminds me of you. I’m not sure who that is. Send me a dm.


Uh, why is there a 2022 US election banner on this video? Uh, do you know what he’s talking about? Um, I, I wanna show you this video of, uh, Mr. Stein made. We’ll play, we’ll play, uh, it, it’s with a guy who, uh, was scheduled to come on the show a couple times, but for some reason it keeps falling through. It’s so hard scheduling with someone when they’ll only communicate with me on Instagram and, and this guy, uh, Bryson won’t let it go to email or text. And so the, the scheduling is so difficult to do with them. Okay, let’s check this out. This is a video Alex Stein was in recently. Bryce and Gray.

Speaker 3 (04:20):


Sevan Matossian (04:20):


Speaker 3 (04:21):

Hey. Somebody gotta do it.

Sevan Matossian (04:23):

Somebody gotta do it.

Speaker 3 (04:29):

Hey, Bryce and Gray, Alex Stein stylists, Hey, hey. Ooh, ooh. I got everybody mad ain’t fed. They got y’all kids watching drag and the lights triple us while them kids give them cash. Teachers tell ’em they can change class. Ooh, I got everybody mad ain’t fed. They got y’all kids watching drag and the lights trip us while them kids give them cash. Teacher tell ’em they can change their this in class. They say, why you burning a pride flag in your video? Iry Gray. I’m not lare Andy Mini. That’s not a’s just the truth. What you tripping for? I’m preach the Bible. That’s what I beginning for. We tell about them slippery slopes now. Even Disney. Hey, speech to tell them the truth. But they gonna listen though. Have you ever read Roman sw? What about the in though? Talking about living. Let live y’all. Let him minute go.


This is Karl. Righteous judgment. What type of parent let the son dress like a woman? I used to think y’all was Spider-Man. I wasn’t. Y’all think it helped him a lot, but a dozen. Hey, it’s gonna, it wasn’t until he fight back. G yo people know it. Train is now. I don’t like that. His kids lost on the wild p get on the right track. Proverb 1715. Go recite that. Ooh, I got everybody mad. Wow, y’all aint fed up. They got y’all kids watching drag and their lights strippers while them kids give them cash. Teachers tell ’em they can change genders in class. Ooh, I got everybody mad. Wow, y’all aint fed up. They got y’all kids watching drag and their lights strippers while them kids give them cash. Teachers tell ’em, make a change. This in class. Yo Bryce Gray. Where they gonna turn every kid gay?


What’s wrong with the people today? And you know, uh, homie don’t play and I’m not going gay. I don’t care what the media say. I’m so sick of the dancing. No, y’all better not be present of a song in front of kid and his mom. You know that it’s so wrong. That kid should be playing donkey call. Not looking at a man in a thong. Y’all, this is so sick. Didn’t know y’all. You know, this is the truth. What a spit up in the bull. I’m proud. No. And you know, I grind is Shine Bryce and Gray ain’t going win. Gay. Not tomorrow, not today. And a homie don’t play. We will call you out. And you know, I scream at Shout and you know, I got that clown. I’m a pimp. Honorable. And I can see it from outer space. Don’t do a drag race. Youre a big disgrace. Stop. All right. Now before I have a cow, you making me super sick. You know, you bet. To quit. Quit

Sevan Matossian (07:15):

Puja and Gray. Alex Stein. I think it’s Alex Stein’s first rap video. Although I wouldn’t bet my life on it. Pimp on a blame. Uh, the the line in there that I’m proud that I know is when he said, I’m not lere, but I’m Christian. Um, I I’ve lara’s a rapper. The only time I’ve ever heard that music play is when I visited, uh, mayhem, uh, a few times. That’s what the, that was the rap music. It’s kind of like, it’s clean, uh, Christian rap music. So, um, yes, Bruce Wayne. Oh, oh, really? I don’t know. I I liked it. I I’d warm up to that. I played that vi No Caleb,

Caleb Beaver (07:58):

Uh, Bryson’s Bryson’s part was really good.

Sevan Matossian (08:02):

I’d play that in the garage while I warm up. What? I I play that. Why, why is, um, uh, aine rapping with his eyes closed?

Caleb Beaver (08:13):

I feel like he’s just always, when he smiles, his eyes are always closed.

Sevan Matossian (08:17):

My name’s Siba Matian. I got a big nose in. It’s really good. Smelling something. Oh shit. They’re still listening. Wow. Yeah.

Caleb Beaver (08:26):

Thank, okay. That’s

Sevan Matossian (08:27):

Good. Thank you. Thank you. I learned from Eminem. You can make any words rhyme that you want. Uh, I got Victor. I got Tom McDonald vibes too. There you go. Man. Tom McDonald is getting at it. He is getting at it. Okay. Um, I don’t know if you guys have been following Alex. Is Alex come? Maybe I should ask Alex if he’s coming. Should I just call him? I feel like it’s that kind of situation. Let’s just, let’s just call him. Uh oh. No, I, shit. I FaceTimed him. Um, go over here. Alex Stein. Can you guys hear it when I do this? When I just hold my phone up?

Caleb Beaver (09:14):


Sevan Matossian (09:23):

Alex. Hi. Good morning. I’m here with Caleb.

Speaker 4 (09:31):

Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message system.

Sevan Matossian (09:36):

Well, shit. Hey, you know what that means? If we, if we reschedule ’em, that just means that you guys have to, um, that means you guys just have to, uh, listen to that rap video again. What do you guys think of the thumbnails I’ve been doing? Huh? Huh? Pretty slick. I’m like learning pretty nice.

Caleb Beaver (09:58):

I like the dumpster fire

Sevan Matossian (09:59):

Today. I’m learning some shit. Hey, we double scheduled today. You put it up on the calendar and I put it up on the, um, calendar Savon. I wish, I wish SevOne would adopt me. I wish I had a tent in the back. You could live in

Caleb Beaver (10:15):

Slip under the fruit trees.

Sevan Matossian (10:18):

Yeah, you could, you could do that. It’s my dog poops in the backyard. I’m pretty, um, as you guys know, I’m pretty fastidious about, uh, picking it up. Caleb, I’m sending you another email. Guess what it is?

Caleb Beaver (10:33):

Um, live calling notes.

Sevan Matossian (10:35):

Damn. You fucking good. You good to scare the shit outta me people. Do you understand that? Say that again. Caleb.

Caleb Beaver (10:45):

Heidi has a tent, so she’s good.

Sevan Matossian (10:47):

Oh, alright. Yeah, bring it. Heidi has a kid too, right? Mike? That’s awesome. You would add value to this house. Kids add value. Uh, live call in, um, what’s today? December 21st? December 21. Yeah. This used to scare me if a guest didn’t show up. I, I was actually, I’m getting ready to go on a podcast, uh, with another person and I don’t, I don’t really like to do that. But I’ve been on this guy’s podcast before and he is a great host. Well, he kind of makes me, this guy actually makes me nervous cuz he doesn’t talk enough. So he gets me to talk a lot.

Caleb Beaver (11:27):

Mm-hmm. <affirmative>.

Sevan Matossian (11:28):

It’s the coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee. Uh, pods and wads with Pedro.

Caleb Beaver (11:34):

Oh, Pedro.

Sevan Matossian (11:35):

But I asked him why he doesn’t go live and he said, uh, just freaks him out a little bit. And I remember that at, at first when he said that, I was like, no, I shouldn’t freak you out. But I remember that, uh, I really wanna hear Andy and, uh, Sev and Andy Fra. Yeah, that would be cool. I’ve reached out to him so many times.


Mr. Rhodes, I’m already one of Chevon’s dependents, uh, rewatch behind the scenes. 2016 games. How was that? The Young Seon. Uh, okay. If you should, should we? We’ll do, um, all my friends down below you see a banner for vindicate vn dk eight.com to get all your, uh, Savon podcast gear. I honestly don’t understand how I’m not filthy rich, cuz I really do think these shirts are so cool. All my, all the events I go to, all my kids events that I go to all throughout the week, all the classes. Everyone just thinks this is my uniform. And I guess it is.

Caleb Beaver (12:36):

That’s all I wear. I’m

Sevan Matossian (12:37):

Addicted. I’m addicted to this show. I hope you’re talking about this show. That’s all you wear too.

Caleb Beaver (12:42):


Sevan Matossian (12:43):

<affirmative>, how many do you have? A lot. How many shirts do you have of this?

Caleb Beaver (12:46):

I probably have like five CEO

Sevan Matossian (12:50):

Shirts. Oh, good. That makes me happy. Um, and I, uh, so, and, and the other thing is, is you could go to, um, I don’t know how long this is gonna last, but you can go to, um, Gabe’s Coffee Shop paper, Streete Coffee. Don’t spell out street and use the code word Seon. And uh, you know, I don’t think there is a code for the shirts. The shirts we try to gouge as much. There

Caleb Beaver (13:16):

Is. There is a code.

Sevan Matossian (13:17):

Oh, well there shouldn’t be. We should just be gouging. You shirts are too cool. And, and this, this thing has a, like a cool texture. I I I I really, but it’s not like stiff. Um, and, uh, so, so you can go over to Paper Streete Coffee. P a p E r S T coffee.com and you can get, I think it was 15% still, which is crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, uh, great supporter. Um, oh, you know, what, are you following that FTX thing?

Caleb Beaver (13:50):

The crypto like downfall?

Sevan Matossian (13:53):


Caleb Beaver (13:53):

Yeah. A little bit. Not super in depth.

Sevan Matossian (13:56):

Yesterday I watched a commercial that Shaquille O’Neal did for ftx where he is like, we’re making Bitcoin accessible for everyone. We’re making cryptocurrency accessible for everyone, and I’m all in. And so now they’re thinking about like, um, you know, drawing him up on charges and the Clintons and a bunch of other people who may have been like supporting ftx. The list of stars that supported it are crazy. And Shaq’s saying, Shaq’s saying, um, no, no, no. They just paid me to say that stuff. They just paid me to say that stuff. They got into it with one of my friends the other day and he goes, you do that, you’d say anything for money too. No, actually, I, I wouldn’t you guys know exactly how I stand on Paper Street Coffee, the clothing and my, uh, ultimate sponsor, uh, uh, California hormones. I’m not, I’m not all in with California hormones.


I’m not, I’m not taking, I I’m completely honest with what I, what I say about them. Yeah, but I agree. Dave, weed crypto is de is dead by Lego. It’s probably smart. I don’t know where Lego’s at now, but fuck what in a powerful company they are. They’ve reinvented themselves a couple times and killed it. And, um, why is it okay for Shaquille O’Neal who stands for nothing to lie to you? And yet you still watch the N B A, but you’re upset at the Liver King because he stands for something that saved his kids’ lives. But he also did steroids.


I think anyone who watches the N B A who thinks that, uh, that has issues with the liver king needs to rethink themselves. I don’t know how you guys sleep at night with those inconsistencies going on in your head. How do you, you know what that does? That fractures your personality. It makes it so you can’t go deep. You’re not being honest with yourself. You’re not, you’re not fuck being honest with other people. Just be honest with yourself. Like, like the abortion thing. I’m com be very honest. I’m pro-choice, but yet it’s killing babies. It’s absolutely fucking insane. But I cope with it. I deal with it. I saw a clip of a really young savon and an even younger Rory. I, I, I think in my mind I could make myself young again, just shave off the beard. Should I just shave it all off so you guys can see what I look like?

Caleb Beaver (16:17):

It would look weird and throw us back to like a year ago on the show,

Sevan Matossian (16:20):

Comb my hair to the side. Put my vest back on. I still have all my vests. Corey. Good morning.

Alex Stein (16:24):

Morning. How

Sevan Matossian (16:25):

Are you? Good. Uh, I appreciate and, and I know we don’t pay you much, but I appreciate you calling in, um, every single day.

Alex Stein (16:32):

Um, that’s what it’s called, right? A live call in show. Yeah. So we’re supposed to call in,

Sevan Matossian (16:36):

Right? I wanna be completely transparent. We pay Corey $5, uh, um, for every show he calls in. That’s more than Caleb makes. Um,

Alex Stein (16:45):

And it comes in on, on a donkey.

Sevan Matossian (16:47):

But Caleb is part of an equity program. Yes.

Alex Stein (16:50):

Yeah. So, um, I you’re talking about the ftx, right? And why we’re so stupid. Um, how we can’t see, it’s almost like a double ent. We, we let the liver king get away with this until we find out he’s on steroids. But as soon as somebody talks about ftx, we let them slide cuz they’re rich and famous.

Sevan Matossian (17:12):

I I don’t know why we let them slide. And he lied. He’s not all in now. He’s like, no, no, I don’t, I’m not involved with them. They paid me to say that shit. Meaning you could just pay those people to say anything. The worst is, the worst is the rock. The worst is the rock. The liver king is re talking about organs. The rock is selling you tequila, energy drinks and ice cream during the pandemic.

Caleb Beaver (17:34):

It’s not even good. Te

Sevan Matossian (17:35):

What’d you say, Kayla?

Caleb Beaver (17:37):

It’s not even good

Sevan Matossian (17:38):

Tequila. It’s not even good tequila. It’s a fucking nuts. And, and he

Alex Stein (17:43):

Looks like,

Sevan Matossian (17:44):

And he looks like the people who should be least drinking it. Those melanated folks, he’s half Samoan, half melanated.

Alex Stein (17:52):

And let’s not mention that he’s up also.

Sevan Matossian (17:55):

Yeah, he is really cool. But

Alex Stein (17:58):

Here’s, here’s my stance, what I wanted to say. Remember I called him like two, well, probably six months ago now. And I told you my daughter was forced to wear a mask and you were saying to the audience that any parent who made their child put a mask on was fucking stupid.

Sevan Matossian (18:15):

Yeah. Yeah. I got some, I probably, I got some heat from. Yeah. But I was pretty harsh about it. I, I felt almost bad for it. Cause I got some heat from some family friends.

Alex Stein (18:24):

And that’s when I called in and I I told you, I was like, look, I, I didn’t wanna put, I, I refused to wear a mask at ECU the entire time. And I was waiting for my time to be canceled somebody to take a picture. They never did. But I never put a mask on

Sevan Matossian (18:38):

Ecu. That’s the college you teach at.

Alex Stein (18:40):

Yeah. Okay. And I didn’t wanna put a mask on my child. And I, I basically cued out the principal at her Montessori school,

Sevan Matossian (18:48):


Alex Stein (18:49):

And I, I felt almost forced. I know I wasn’t forced, but my daughter, when I told her he, she couldn’t go to school for a week, cried saying that she had so much fun at school. Right. And, um, please take me back. And the only way she could go back was wear a mask.

Sevan Matossian (19:05):


Alex Stein (19:06):

But my point is, I think we have to give some of these listeners in, you know, some of the people time to wake up. We, we, we tune into you because we’re trying to get some, some advice to gain our new narrative. But not all of us are at a point where we already see things clearly.

Sevan Matossian (19:25):

So you’re saying my approach should, I should try not to alienate people. Don’t just, um,

Alex Stein (19:30):

No. I, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t think you have to change your approach. And, and I don’t wanna tell you, I’m not here to tell you what to do, but I maybe think give a little bit of grace that we are here to try to wake up, um, as, as best as we possibly can. And I think a little bit within our own time. But yeah. Don’t, don’t alienate us, but at the same time be, be you. That’s why we’re here. Fair. Um, but we just need a little bit of time to wake up and we’re trying the best that we can, I think.

Sevan Matossian (19:58):

Fair. I love the civility in your, in your thinking.

Alex Stein (20:02):

Well, it’s, it’s, it boggles me. I went to see my parents this weekend and my dad’s 63 years old and he was in the military we already know for 30 years. And I was telling him, you know, I don’t eat seed oils anymore. I don’t eat sugar anymore. Um, I got my CrossFit level one. I don’t drink alcohol. I don’t smoke. I do a lot of things to be proactive and I wasn’t gonna let anybody stick a needle in my body or in my child’s body because I see things more clearly. And my dad at 63 said, yeah, but I don’t feel I had the choice. And I was at, um, I was at risk because of my, you know, my previous lifestyle and of my age. And it got me to realize not everybody’s gonna wake up.

Sevan Matossian (20:52):

Right. Right, right, right.

Alex Stein (20:53):

He kinda scared me. My dad, my dad scared me. Cause even he doesn’t see things clearly, unfortunately. It’s just, we’re trying.

Sevan Matossian (21:03):

I, uh, I, uh, I, I saw this thing yesterday. I I’ve been watching a lot of, um, homeschooling people on Instagram. And basically I, I really do believe, I mean, the way our school system is set up, I’m starting to believe that that really was the indoctrination camp that you’re just told, believe this, say this, think like this, remember this. And so we are, we start to learn. It’s like if all you ever played was checkers and then now someone’s trying to teach you how to play chess and just you mm-hmm. <affirmative>, you’re struggling. Oh, let’s go to something We all know the pull, pull up. People struggle to understand the value of keeping pullups when they first come in. I’d say 99% of us CrossFitters thought the keeping pull up was completely ridiculous because we just can’t make that shift. We’ve somehow put it into our identity and our belief systems that it has to be this slow, strict pool and they don’t see the value in, in, in, in the variance.


And, and I mean, you guys saw, I had that guy Nick Gulu on the show, and he talked about the importance of being a critical thinker. And six years ago when, um, he was, uh, struggling with the media, he talked about how shitty the media is, and yet he was hook, line and sinker. He’s hooked line and sinker with Biden and taken, you know, the, the five boosters. And so that’s even become an automated thing for people to say, I do critical thinking. I don’t even think people know what that means. Critical thinking. Is there, can I see the definition of that, Caleb? But I appreciate your, I appreciate your, um, your re reminding me that, hey, it’s a, it’s, it’s a process to wake up. The hardest part about waking up is, is, is I’m letting go of who you, who you thought you were.


That’s all it is. Yeah. That’s all. I mean, at least for me, and I think it’s like that for everyone. I think all of our brains are kind of the same. It’s really hard realizing that it would be like critical thinking, the objective analysis and evaluation of an issue in order to form a judgment. Um, the problem is, is those people may maybe critical thinking’s not a good word. The problem is, is people aren’t, they don’t have the tools to ask how to critically think. If you don’t have metrics or measurements or understand the true definition of words, I think people are using their analysis, but they’re, but they’re not using it with information that’s, um, the lowest common denominator that’s not grounded. Like, like listen to this one. It’s, uh, this one, the, the leading cause of death for kids is, uh, gun violence.


Now ki kids dying from guns. That’s the leading cause of death I read the other day, but, but actually it’s not the leading cause of death for kids in the United States is being born. And then the second leading cause of death for kids dying in the United States is abortion. And furthermore, if you were to, let’s say you were to stop all gun violence, right? Uh, well, heart disease and type two diabetes deaths would skyrocket. They would go up because those people would then die from those things. And so you have to think, what is the lo getting rid of guns does nothing. It, it, it just, it it does nothing. If, if you really are sincere about fixing the problem of people dying prematurely, what would be a better choice of trying to figure out a way to, uh, make it so that couples stay married longer, incentivize that, figure out how, what, what we could do to support that. Then we could reduce all the metrics of kids dying early heart disease type two diabetes myocarditis. It’s funny that I say that. Uh, gun, uh, everything you would, you would reduce everything. Abortion, death, all that shit would, could go down. But no one, no one really wants to think and they don’t have the skills to, to even think like that to scratch a deep,

Alex Stein (24:40):

But it, it says, it says taking an objective look, but you’re taking an objective look from your current

Sevan Matossian (24:47):

Stance. Yeah. You have. Yeah. And, and to re and to change that stance, you have to contextualize and use relativity. Yeah. And use relativity and make sure you understand what words mean.

Alex Stein (24:56):

Yeah. And no one wants to do

Sevan Matossian (24:57):

That. No, not, not at all. That’s crazy. Not at

Alex Stein (25:01):

All. Unless, unless we wake up, which we’re trying to do.

Sevan Matossian (25:03):

Yeah. Which means that you have to forget who you are. You have to ch you, you have to change. You are just your perception. You’re, you are just your perception of the world. By that I mean your perception skills. And so the, that’s really hard to let go because, because it’s a little death, right, Corey? It’s a little death. Yeah. And death is scary.

Alex Stein (25:23):

Well, it’s like admitting the first step to, you know, an alcoholic is admitting that you actually have a problem.

Sevan Matossian (25:30):


Alex Stein (25:31):

No, no, no one wants to admit that they’re at fault or they’re not thinking clearly. Right. Like you say, you’re killing a little bit of yourself and that’s one of the hardest things to do. Go look at yourself in the mirror and say, I have a problem. No one wants to do that.

Sevan Matossian (25:43):


Alex Stein (25:44):

But those who do are, are better off for sure.

Sevan Matossian (25:47):

And, and the people around you want, they have to change if you change. And so even though they might not be bad people, they don’t want you to change, they don’t want their fat friend to lose weight. They don’t want their alcoholic friend to get sober.

Alex Stein (26:03):

All right. Well, uh, you got another call and show on Saturday, so I’ll call in then. Beaver, thanks for your service, Devon. Yep. Keep talk

Sevan Matossian (26:10):

To you later. Keep making that money. Okay. Talking

Alex Stein (26:12):

To you, Corey. Bye.

Sevan Matossian (26:18):

I think it’s, that’s, that’s why it’s so hard also for soldiers four years in the military and we, we had Don on the show, eminently capable fucking human being. Right? Super intelligent, super fit, super good looking marine recon. And but then you get out and you’re like, fuck, what can I do?

Caleb Beaver (26:37):

Yeah. You’re so used to like a certain vocabulary of things or like a certain set of skills that only the military allows you to use. That when you look at it, when you look at jobs on the outside, it’s very difficult to translate essentially the language to a job somewhere else. So a lot of people have difficulty getting out of the military and just being out of the military and they just end up going back into contracting or something like that. And they just continue to be under that umbrella of leadership essentially.

Sevan Matossian (27:11):

I, I, I’m reading Craig Harrison’s book. Um, God, I can’t wait to get him on. You guys have to read that. You guys will love that book. It’s called Longest Shot by Craig Harrison. I highly recommend the audio book. It’s read so well and different characters get different voices and uh, he, he’s a sniper. And the entrepreneurial skills that a sniper must have are nuts. I didn’t realize that they had so much. Um, le uh, I’m not sure what the word is. Leniency

Caleb Beaver (27:45):

Latitude. They’re able to make more decisions on the Yeah. Like they’re, yeah, they’re individually out there by themselves. They can make the decision. They don’t have to usually. I mean, I don’t know too much about it. They don’t,

Sevan Matossian (27:56):

He makes, he makes crazy decisions. He makes crazy decisions. Yeah. He makes all sorts of fucking decisions when he is out there. Decent, decentralized.

Caleb Beaver (28:04):

That’s the word. He’s decentralized.

Sevan Matossian (28:06):

Okay. Yeah, it’s, it’s, it’s, um, autonomy that’s Oh, the longest kill. Yeah. Yeah, yeah. Oh my goodness. You guys, this book, this book is so amazing. You will be so happy if you listen to, well, I dunno if happy’s the right word, but you will be intrigued. I I have 56 minutes left in it and I so don’t wanna finish it.

Caleb Beaver (28:28):

Is that good? Huh?

Sevan Matossian (28:29):

Oh my goodness. It’s so good. And it starts off with him as a kid and it’s just, it’s just, it’s so cliche. I don’t mean that in a negative way, but you know, the fucked up parents fucked up upbringing

Caleb Beaver (28:44):

That’s next on my list right now. I’m, I’m reading, uh, it’s called Fighter Pilot by Robin Olds. He’s like the OG fighter pilot.

Sevan Matossian (28:54):

Fighter pilot.

Caleb Beaver (28:56):

Yeah. It’s pretty good. But

Sevan Matossian (28:57):

Is he still alive?

Caleb Beaver (28:59):

Um, I don’t think so. He was like World War ii, uh, era into Vietnam. He died in 2007.

Sevan Matossian (29:09):

Okay. Then I’m, uh, man, I re I I really, I just wanna read books of people alive so that I can get them on this show.

Caleb Beaver (29:16):


Sevan Matossian (29:18):

Okay. I was chat, I dunno who I was chatting with the other day. But everything I do, like, I, I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t sit down and watch a sport unless it was somehow gonna help. This sh everything has to have synergy in my life. Everyth, everything has to have synergy. I, I read this article when I was a kid. It was in Smithsonian and it was at a, uh, about a professor at Harvard who was an en entomologist. He studied insects and he was also into a marathon running. And he was also an artist. And he had this cabin out in the woods, I think it was in Maine somewhere. And all he would, he had one pot that he cooked in and ate out of. And he kept his life so simple and he would go up to this cabin and he had a little.

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