#705 – Where do the reparations begin? Live Call In Show

Sevan Matossian (00:00):

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I don’t know how George Floyd’s parents feel, probably devastated. Their son got caught up in drugs and violence. He heard a lot of innocent people. He did a home invasion, put a gun to a pregnant woman’s stomach. He drove around on the streets where little boys and girls in this country play high on drugs. He’s been accused often of, you know, being involved with counterfeiting money. He was, did a lot of pornography. You can go to YouTube and watch it. And it’s sad that he died cuz he is someone’s son. It’s sad that he lived that life. No one wants to be a drug addict. It sucks. Just like no one wants to get arrested and taken away, uh, by the Russians, regardless of what you did, you don’t want that to happen to your daughter.


But those are not national heroes I’m describing to you. Those are just people. Those are just souls. I know a lot of you are Christians out there. I know a lot of you, uh, believe love is the way and those are just people who, who, who, who went down a wrong path and couldn’t pull out. But they’re not American heroes. They’re not heroes of the planet. They’re not role models. They’re people who live the life who their circumstances probably heard a lot of people around them. And I’m really happy for Britney’s family that they got her back exceedingly happy. But I wanted, I do wanna show you a real American hero. I don’t even know who this is. Never met her before. Don’t know shit about her. Her name is Anne Marie Fuse and you’re looking at her right there. A n n m a r e e f e u s s. If you wanna show your support for this country, if you wanna show a real American hero, you wanna show someone who’s done something amazing, go over to this lady’s Instagram account and say something positive about her. I talk a lot about how great dads are and how important it is to have a good dad. This lady right here that you’re looking at, look at her, look at her. A muscle up.


I betcha she’s doing this for herself. She’s making herself fit so she’s not a drag on the rest of the world. So she’s an inspiration to other people. She’s taking care of herself. But this is why she’s a hero. I’m gonna show you right here. Not cuz she pushes a shitty torque tank. Everyone, no one’s perfect, but because she’s a mom. I came across this account today, this morning. This is someone’s mom. This is higher level hero shit. Those two kids are so proud and what their mom is doing is going to change their life forever. They’re going to remember their mom as someone who took control of her own life, who made her life better. Don’t even know who she is. I just know, I can just tell.


That’s gotta be her dad there, right? That can’t be her husband. He can’t be, he can’t be, he can’t be that lucky. Two kids, lady who works her butt off shows up at competitions and gets at it. I think she was at the legends comp. I just ran across her account because I’ve been fooling around so much with the legends, looking at Jason and Jamie’s accounts. And so the search gave me this lady. But this is someone who’s really contributing to America. This is someone who deserves a statue in Central Park. This is, this is what makes me happy. This is what should make all of us happy. This is someone who’s a high level contributor to society. And she’s not. She’s not playing basketball. All she’s doing is taking care of herself and being a good role model for her kids. I wanted to share that with you guys this morning. You wanna do something really cool today? You want to feel better about yourself? Go over to her account, it’s a n n m a r e e 1 0 0 8 and tell her thank you for her contribution to the role model that she is for everyone around her, her husband, her kids, and everyone. What a cool lady. And she’s hot. It’s a’s a just a plus. It’s always nice. Maybe she wasn’t hot before she did CrossFit. I don’t know. Anyway, okay.


Good morning.

Jamie Latimer (08:25):

Good morning.

Sevan Matossian (08:27):

Hi guys.

Jamie Latimer (08:28):

Hey man.

Sevan Matossian (08:29):

Jason, Jamie’s trying to steal the, uh, steal the show from you

Jamie Latimer (08:33):


Sevan Matossian (08:33):

He’s trying to steal the show from you. Look at this, the second place you’re a boss. I was stoked. Are you Jamie?

Jamie Latimer (08:43):

Um, I’m really happy.

Sevan Matossian (08:45):

Are you like beside yourself?

Jamie Latimer (08:48):

Yeah, I totally shocked myself. Yeah.

Sevan Matossian (08:51):

Um, you went into, um, day, uh, you went to yesterday when we talked to you, you were in third place and Jason was in second place. And, um, basically you were starting to feel the pressure, I think we could say yesterday from your interview. Um, and and how many competitions have you done?

Jamie Latimer (09:10):

Um, let’s see. I don’t know, like six. I did Granite Games in 2019. I’ve done Master Fitness Collective twice. Legends now twice. Um, and I’ve done a lot of local comps, so I guess a lot, but nothing big, like five big ones.

Sevan Matossian (09:28):

Uh, congratulations, Amy from Allison. Yeah. Crazy. And and this was, you would say this is some of the highest level competition you’ve ever gone against?

Jamie Latimer (09:36):

I would say so. I mean, last year was really strong competition too. But yeah, I would say it’s probably the strongest.

Sevan Matossian (09:44):

And, um, you went in and there were two events yesterday, correct?

Jamie Latimer (09:48):

Yeah. A back to back two parter.

Sevan Matossian (09:50):

And you were, um, and you were, how many points behind second place? 30

Jamie Latimer (09:56):

I think like 42, 42

Sevan Matossian (09:59):

Points. Who’s counting?

Jamie Latimer (10:02):

I wasn’t, I didn’t, I I just, like I told you, I just didn’t wanna implode and not get third. So that’s all I was worried about, like finish the workout and stay in third.

Sevan Matossian (10:10):

And, and, and what place were you in after you did the first workout yesterday? The second last workout?

Jamie Latimer (10:16):

I was 12 points out of second.

Sevan Matossian (10:19):

Wow. And then, and then how many points did you beat, um, the second place lady by in the final workout? Do you know?

Jamie Latimer (10:26):

I think 10 or beat her in the, I don’t, I’m not sure. But I, I think the final stadiums was, I was 10 points above, so 20, about 20 points in the final workout.

Sevan Matossian (10:37):

Crazy. Did you see her during the comp, like in that final heat? Did you know where she was?

Jamie Latimer (10:43):

Um, not, not really. Although I, I think I knew I was like in like top two or three of that heat. Um, so I felt like I was, and I love handstand pushups. Like that wasn’t the one I was that nervous about. It was the front spot.

Sevan Matossian (11:01):

How, how old are you?

Jamie Latimer (11:02):


Sevan Matossian (11:04):

So you’re in the 35 to 39 category. You’re the old lady in the bunch. Um, Jason, should she have been watching her? Are you like Jamie, you should have been watching her. Tell her Jason Cross let the CrossFit games jam. Yes. Give her some advice. Absolutely. <laugh>. Absolutely.

Jason Grubb (11:22):

Yeah. Nice job. I mean, 39 when I’m 49. If I can get, uh, if I can hang in there with these guys, I’ll be absolutely ecstatic. So that’s just amazing.

Sevan Matossian (11:33):

Yeah. Uh, con congratulations. Um, what’s next for you, Jamie? What do you do next? Will you immediately just start, is the open next for you?

Jamie Latimer (11:42):

Yeah, I mean, I had kinda told myself that I was gonna spend this year trying to get stronger. I’m strength is like my biggest weakness, like, especially like the snatch. Um, and I really feel like, I mean, going into this, I was like, I don’t really have a whole a shot and I don’t have a shot at the games this year, so I was gonna spend this year getting strong so that when I’m 40 I can try, try to really make a run of it. But I don’t know. Yeah, I’ll just, we’ll, let’s go through the open, like normal, see how it goes.

Sevan Matossian (12:11):

Awesome. Uh, uh, but games, aspirations.

Jamie Latimer (12:15):

Yeah. Yeah.

Sevan Matossian (12:17):

Like real, like serious. Like, you’re gonna go, this is it.

Jason Grubb (12:21):


Sevan Matossian (12:22):

You’re awesome. Uh, Jason, how did you finish?

Jason Grubb (12:27):

I won first place.

Sevan Matossian (12:30):

How, how close was it?

Jason Grubb (12:32):

It was really close. Um, you know, Jason, uh, the other Jason, he was, uh, four points ahead of me going into the last two events. Uh, and I, I had to beat him in both events, just the way the points were. Let, let’s say I win event one and then he wins event two, he wins. Uh, so I needed, I I really just needed to beat him in both or just win both events. Uh, which I did. I I won both events. Um, you know, there was a, there was a point in there as I was, uh, jumping into the, the far muscles and the front squats. I saw him cycle front squats during warmup. And I realized I can’t beat that. And I was nervous. I, I can’t beat that. Uh, so my strategy, my focus was really fast. Transitions running from the bar to bar muscles and, and not taking any breaks.


Just an absolute all out effort. Um, and I knew I could do that. It just made, I might catch on fire. Like I may actually implode at some point. Um, but at a certain point, um, he realized on the front squats, I got him, I got him. And so I got through that first one and I thought he might be fast on, uh, on the sandbags and Annie Sakamoto in the commentary or um, in a livestream thought the same thing. They thought, you know, even if I win the first one, uh, the other Jason could catch me on those sandbags and if he beats me, he wins. Um, so I tore it up. Um, I went, uh, all out on that thing. Um, on the second set of handstand pushups, he broke. Uh, and I, that was it. I actually, so I was running to the sandbag at that point.


Um, I was, I was smiling at my cheering section just in front of me cuz I knew like, that’s it. I’ve got, I’ve got it. Uh, and that’s a, that’s a damn good feeling, Savan when, when it, it hits like, okay, I’m in the middle of this thing. It’s, it’s pure chaos around you. But like, I’ve got, I got this. All I have to do is pick the sandbag up a bunch of times and not let him catch me. Um, it was battle. It was it’s absolute battle. Like primal. Um, my body was able to do things that, um, or I was able to recruit more from my body than I could ever have imagined in eight minutes without feeling a thing. I mean, almost blackout. Like I, I remember gasping for oxygen, but I don’t remember feeling anything like feeling Wow.

Sevan Matossian (14:54):


Jason Grubb (14:54):

You know? Yeah.

Sevan Matossian (14:57):

Um, so you, so basically you knew you were gonna have to flirt with disaster. You were like, okay, I’m just gonna, I’m not gonna, although you did have a strategy, your tr strategy was to let try. It was okay if the wheels came off the bus, I can go home knowing I gave it my all. It’s kind of a weird strategy, right?

Jason Grubb (15:12):

<laugh>. It is. It is a weird strategy. And it’s, it’s so fast. It’s such a short max effort. And it was if, uh, I’m gonna ride the lightning, I’m gonna ride right on that line. And if I, if I fall off my mistake, but I’m not. And for me, if I, if I just imploded, I was almost guaranteed second place. So, uh, it was sell out or, or take second and and fall off and take second. That’s okay. Um, so I took the sell it route and um, man, it was, it was nice. The feeling, the feeling of winning that having been. So for me, you know, this is, this doesn’t matter in the whole scheme of the world in any way whatsoever. But for four days I can, I can be nervous, I can be stressed. Um, you know, my garment tracks my like stress level.


It was through the roof for four days. Beyond anything beyond the games actually. Uh, because this was just so tight and, uh, my competition was so relentless that, um, on the last day as I was driving, uh, to mayhem, I remember just thinking to myself, I was trying to, trying to get my head in the right place cuz I was, I was pretty nervous in the morning. Cause I’m going to win. I’m, I’m going to mayhem to seal this deal. And, uh, I was just dead focused and, uh, my body did what it needed to do. And I’m so sore today. I can’t tell you. Um, I actually came to mayhem this morning to help, uh, unpack and they’re putting the gym back together just so that I could move, uh, and get some, get some blood flow, you know? So I actually feel much better now than I did two hours ago.

Sevan Matossian (16:48):

This guy, um, Jason, Luke, Luke Onan. Yeah, Luke Onan, luon, Luke Onan, Luke Onan, Jason Lu, Onan, luon Luon. Are you, um, are you pretty stoked he was there? Like would you Yeah. Like in hindsight are, you’re like, what, I’m glad I went into the last day and second place this like, it it was, it was kind of like getting another free kind of experience Yeah. To test yourself, right? Like, he puts you in a place that you didn’t wanna be, that you can’t get in training and you got to like, have to deal with that

Jason Grubb (17:20):

Very much. Very much. I, I, I could not go into the last day, which I’m used to going into a last day for a final victory lap. Um, I’ve done that a few times at the games and at Legends where by the last day I just wake up. I’m, I have a nice breakfast. Um, it’s nice and easy cuz I, I don’t have pressure. Um, and he applied max pressure. Um, so having him here was great. I thought my competitors were, you know, Mike Kern and Vlad, that’s who I was competing at with at the games. This was, was all that. Uh, but Jason, uh, came and just, just circumvented those guys, uh, came at it full force. He had some of the workouts were, uh, definitely favored. A very fast athlete. Um, a lot of short workouts, uh, super high intensity. And he is just unbeatable in a couple of those events.


Um, so to have that pressure to experience that, I mean, it just, it adds another rep of experience, um, to my resume, which I really appreciate. Um, I appreciate more having won it. Uh, I don’t know, I don’t know how I would feel if I was sitting here in sec, you know, having gotten second place, I’d have a different demeanor, a different feel. I’d be trying to learn from it and keep a positive attitude, but I would’ve been pretty disappointed, um, in myself, you know, just reevaluating, uh, the, what is it, the Monday morning, uh, coach or whatever they call that work, just thinking, what could I have done? What could I have done? Um, what mistakes did I make in my training? I would’ve overdone all of that. Um, now I’m just gonna take some of the experience of like, oh, what was that like to have someone that I couldn’t catch? I’ve gotta process that in my head for when it comes to the open quarters semis and the games this year. Cuz that’s just gonna happen more and more as I age up in this age group. So, yes, to answer your question, good reps got done this weekend in that fashion, the mental fashion.

Sevan Matossian (19:05):

Yeah. Good training for you, Jamie. I’m guessing when you go into the final day and third place you, I’m guessing, and tell me if I’m wrong, you can’t help, but, um, instead of being focused on winning you, it creeps in that like, oh shit, I don’t wanna fall the fourth. And

Jamie Latimer (19:20):

So ab that’s yeah.

Sevan Matossian (19:23):

Um, how, how, how surprised are not surprised? Maybe the word is proud. How proud are you of yourself that not only did you not fall the fourth, but you were able to even push further and get in a second. What are some of the things people are saying around you? Do people around you believe in you more than you believe in yourself? You’re so soft spoken.

Jamie Latimer (19:42):

Yeah, yeah. I, I don’t know. I I don’t know if it’s cause I mostly have to train by myself and you just, you just always question like, yeah, of course people in my gym are like, you’re so fit. You’re the fittest person. I know. Well yeah, I, and you don’t, you don’t know how fit these people are. And like, I, like I do cuz I, and especially like, I’ve gone to the, I went to the games with gym, my 65 year old athlete. So like, I’m constantly seeing these like top, top level athletes. So it’s like, you just don’t know, you don’t know your fitness until you get to like be on the floor with some of these people. So yeah, I, I definitely shocked myself. Um, I know I’m good at CrossFit and so like, I just, it was really, it was a really good week weekend to test, um, some of my strengths with some of my weaknesses. And cuz almost every workout was paired with both. And so I, I didn’t have a finish lower than seventh, so I feel like I’m fairly well rounded. I mean, if we would’ve seen a one rep max pop up, I probably would’ve gotten like 25th. So thank goodness <laugh>. Um, but I’m, I guess, I mean, I’m, I guess I’m more well-rounded than I thought.

Sevan Matossian (20:59):

Um, do you leverage that uncertainty? Do, do you think it’s good for you or do you think that it would be better if you switch your mindset? Meaning, you know, uh, um, maybe you used that sort of, that, uh, insecurities not the perfect word, but do you think you leveraged that to, um, be better and to try harder? Or do you think it would be better if you went in thinking, Hey, I’m gonna kill all these women?

Jamie Latimer (21:24):

Yeah, I don’t know if it would be great if I went in confident. Um, so I feel like I, with the rope climb one, I felt pretty confident in that workout. Um, and I think I over pasted the rope climbs, so that’s where, yeah, I think that’s at, I mean, and I lost that by two elbows. Um, and I went unbroken for over a minute in the last, I mean, I threw like, I don’t know if you wa ended up watching that one, but like I was gaining at the end, if it would’ve been 10 seconds longer, I probably would’ve caught her in the end. Um, but so I don’t know. I just think I overpay. I think I, I think when I’m confident, same with the total bar workout, um, was confident in that workout and I told them, I was like, I’m sick of like having to push to past like a hundred percent. Like I just want a, I want one that’s good for me that I can just coast in. And that one I did like my husband’s on the video, like, you gotta run to the transitions. Like, and I’m like, nah, I’m just walking between transitions, staying calm. Um, so it’s probably better when I’m unsure of myself and make myself get even more outta my comfort zone.

Sevan Matossian (22:33):

Um, uh, Jason, for those of us who don’t know, like myself, how is is Master’s programming? Is there anything different about it than regular programming other than reps and weight? Or is there other things that the programmers need to be, uh, cognizant of?

Jason Grubb (22:49):

That’s a good question. Um, so it is reps and weight, uh, overall volume. Uh, so yes, reps and weight and rounds. So think of that as well in, in that volume. Um, you know, an appropriate amount of volume for a master’s athlete is gonna be less than your 25 year old athletes. And I’ve, I’ve really noticed that having spent a couple of months here at Mayhem training with 20 year old games athletes, we have similar programming. My, my reps and my volume is a little less than theirs. And the temptation for me is to just, if I’m working out with them, I’ll just do what they’re doing. And I’ve done that a few times and I’ve discovered it’s not better. And I know this, I know it’s not better, but I’m like, ah, I’ll be fine. No, it’s, it’s, the volume is, is intense. But what I think programmers don’t, um, take into account for masters athletes, and I think it becomes more and more and more important into our late thirties, forties and fifties, is the elements of recovery.


Um, the emphasis of mobility and warmup and, and how important that is. We all know that, but it’s not, it’s not programmed generally. It’s not programmed like, okay, tonight, you know, let’s do a recovery hot therapy in some form or fashion. Um, you know, or I, I, I think what I pay attention to the, the most, in addition to what’s on the list of things I need to accomplish today is how, how to take care of my body so that I can continue at as much volume as I should be doing as a master, no more than that. But even with that volume, it’s a lot of volume. So I have nutrition, sleep recovery are huge elements for me. And when I calculate, you know, how much time do I spend training, I include, you know, the, the 40 minutes, uh, a day I spend on recovery, um, the 30 minutes a day I spend on a first warmup, um, before I start warming up with the workout. Does that make sense? Yes. Those

Sevan Matossian (24:40):

Are, those

Jason Grubb (24:41):

Are huge, huge factors. Right? What

Sevan Matossian (24:43):

About, what about, what about movements? Um, uh, Jamie and Jason, I, um, you know, there was that event in the games that one year where the masters athletes were blowing their bicep tendons because the bar was too thick. They were using that axle bar. But I always wonder about stuff like, as you get older, um, I, I don’t know, I’m just making this up like ring dips, uh, um, are, are there certain movements too that like significantly become difficult, more difficult as you become older? Like running may not be one of them, right? But there might be some sort of movements in some, in some, uh, you know, that those are some pretty crazy ranges of motion ring dips where you, where you can get really low or muscle ups. Is there anything like that, any movements that you have to be like, okay, I need to make sure I double down on the warmup for these movements?

Jason Grubb (25:27):

Yes. I’ll just, I’ll jump in there. Yes, absolutely. Um, you know, a a any, any kind of Olympic lifting or high skill, high skill gymnastics or anything, anything we’ve gotta spend a very decent amount, uh, making sure we’re really warm for. But, but no in particular heavy lifting. Um, high skill, I, um, you know, high skill movements and, and Olympic lifting. But I also think, uh, that no, we should be able to do any of the movements well into our sixties. You know, maybe 65 plus they’re doing burpee bar mus, I don’t know. Or burpee pull ups do bar mus. But I don’t know, Jamie, I’ll let you chime in for sure and I’ll stop. But I wanna see us doing all the movements at appropriate weights. But as far as skills and invest, I want us to see us be doing that well into our sixties.

Sevan Matossian (26:13):

This my can Sam walk at 65, 65 this spin up?

Jason Grubb (26:17):

Absolutely. Absolutely. I think I want,

Sevan Matossian (26:20):

Yeah, you’re a good dude. Yeah. No one can say different. If you think that, you know, Ja, Jamie, any, any, where are you compared to what Jason’s saying here?

Jamie Latimer (26:28):

I I, so I think,

Sevan Matossian (26:30):

By the way, you’re a young, you’re a young girl compared to Jason, so

Jamie Latimer (26:33):

I know, I think I’m tw I think I’m 22 all the time. So <laugh>, um, I think currently they like, I think there’s kind of of no business for them to be like 65 plus to be programming handstand walk or muscle ups or pistols. But I do think in the next probably five years, so like the 60 year olds now when they get to be 65, I do think some of those people will maintain those skills that they have. But I think they need, I, uh, over, I don’t know, like right now when they program it, I just shake my head and I’m like, this isn’t, this isn’t highlighting their fitness. They don’t, half of them look silly out there. Um, and I’d say that I, I have a 66 year old that went to the games and I, there’s just times where I’m like, I don’t, I don’t think that was an appropriate programming piece, but

Sevan Matossian (27:22):

So so you’re saying the opposite way of kind of the way my question was biased is that maybe we should take it easier. What you’re saying is, is like, hey, just because they can’t, you don’t have to dumb it down. There’s other ways you can change the program besides dumbing it down, you’re saying that it, it, it feels almost like dumbed down. Like, hey, if they can’t do a hundred pistols in a row, still give them some pistols. Let them showcase, uh, their skills.

Jamie Latimer (27:48):

So yeah, I mean, I feel like it sucks for someone like hip and steel who has certain movements, has the skill, um, when they do, when they, there’s like a master’s fitness collective, they have the option to bear crawl or handstand walk. And I think if somebody has the skill then, and if they choose to do it, they should be rewarded for that. Wait a second.

Sevan Matossian (28:09):

You’re saying they, someone competes someone doing bear crawl competes against someone who does handstand walk. That’s fucking insane. That’s a completely, that’s

Jamie Latimer (28:18):

Insane. Agreed. Yeah. And of course the bear crawler is gonna win. So I think the only way to progress the sport is to, if you wanna push those people to start earning those movements Yeah. Is to reward like automatically if you, if you handstand walk and you get the distance, that was the requirement. Like, if you only get five feet, then you didn’t meet it that you just took a risk that you didn’t make. But if you can walk the whole 25 feet, even if that’s 5, 5, 5 foot increments, um, I think you should beat the person who beer crawled that’s gonna push the people to keep learning those skills and maintain ’em through their sixties so that when they get 65, they, they have them. So that’s how I feel.

Sevan Matossian (28:56):

And you could fix the programming. Let’s say you wanted handstand walks in there, but you knew only half the field could do it. So what you could do is, is you could put, you know, three rope climbs, 50 cows on the echo bike and then, um, max handstand walk for the remaining remaining minute. And then, and then the winners determined there. Everyone gets to work out, but some people are just screwed. Yeah. And instead of making them do it unbroken, you could just have the judge there so people who could only walk five feet at a time, you could just keep putting them back, you know, five feet instead of 25 feet. Yeah. It seems, I I, I totally agree with you. There seems a way to do it. That’s what you said to me is just crazy. That doesn’t even make any sense to have people competing again. I mean, even if you could do handstand walk, why would you

Jamie Latimer (29:32):

If you could do that crop? Agreed. Well, people chose to because they wanna show that skill, but they finished lower and I was like, that’s silly.

Sevan Matossian (29:38):

Yeah. That doesn’t make that, at that point you’re not doing the competition. Now you’re at the Special Olympics. And that’s not a dig. It just is <laugh> just is.

Jason Grubb (29:50):

Well, well I think that idea about doing, um, more high skill movements, it’s Jamie, I like your point that right now, 65 year olds.

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