#552 – Shaun Zimmer

Sevan Matossian (00:00):

And wild and bam we’re live. Mr. Zimmer.

Shaun Zimmer (00:04):

Good morning,

Sevan Matossian (00:05):

Dude. Were you in a tussle

Shaun Zimmer (00:08):

<laugh> once upon a time, a few times. <laugh>

Sevan Matossian (00:12):

I’m uh, is that I, I was, do you have a black guy? I can ki,

Shaun Zimmer (00:16):

Oh, that’s a, uh, that’s a scar from, oh, geez. I don’t even know. 15 years ago, a beer bottle, a little, uh, tussle many, many years ago left a pretty good, uh, pretty good markup in my face. So

Sevan Matossian (00:30):

Shit, I’ve watched so many videos of using that weird that I’ve never noticed that before.

Shaun Zimmer (00:34):

<laugh> you know what it, uh, it seems in the summertime when I get more sun it’s, uh, it’s shining true.

Sevan Matossian (00:41):

Oh, you’re trying to show off, like you got sun up there in Winnipeg right now.

Shaun Zimmer (00:45):

<laugh> we had a couple days before the soul gets back here. <laugh>

Sevan Matossian (00:50):

Dude, I, um, I, I had a coworker live up there and um, we had a meeting in California and I’m like, Hey dude, I’m so sorry. Its short notice. Can you come down tomorrow? I’d love to see you. He goes, yeah, no problem. And I go, dude, I go, wow. That was so easy. I thought you were gonna push back. He’s like dude, go to type in Winnipeg and look at the temperature. <laugh> it was, it was like negative 24. Is that real there?

Shaun Zimmer (01:16):

Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. He gets uh, yeah. And uh, Celsius against him about minus 50 with the, uh, windshield. So I can’t remember what that is in Fahrenheit that it’s uh, yeah, it’s real cold. The wind is what gets us here.

Sevan Matossian (01:31):

I, I is that um, uh, is that, is that this is gonna sound so naive, but is that real? That like you can go outside and take a bucket of water and throw it in the air and it freezes before it hits the ground.

Shaun Zimmer (01:42):

Yeah. If you take, uh, hot water. Yeah, because the vapor yeah, if you take hot water, boiling water and throw it in the air it’ll freeze before it hits the ground.

Sevan Matossian (01:50):

Oh. As opposed to cold water won’t

Shaun Zimmer (01:52):

Yeah. Yeah. I don’t think cold water will. No, no it won’t. No.

Sevan Matossian (01:56):

Uh, how, how about when? So if you peed as it just hit the ground and turn to ice,

Shaun Zimmer (02:00):

<laugh> no,

Sevan Matossian (02:02):

Cause that comes out at, I think your pee comes out at your body temp, right? Not enough idea

Shaun Zimmer (02:07):

Enough. No. Cause the P doesn’t freeze. No

Sevan Matossian (02:11):

Savage. Um, how did you end up in Winnipeg? What’s your family’s history that you ended up there?

Shaun Zimmer (02:18):

Oh, well I actually, I was born and raised in, uh, small town outside of Ottawa, capital Canada. Um, and my family, uh, German roots. Um, they’ve been in, they’ve been in Canada for a few generations now, but I ended up in Winnipeg because I, uh, I got too much trouble in Ontario, so I got the boot to follow my dad, uh, over here when I was 17 years old. So been, uh, brave in the cold since then.

Sevan Matossian (02:50):

I, I, I, I heard you say that. Did they did, uh, about, um, getting in too much trouble? Did, did they actually give you an option? Like the, the legal systems, like, like, Hey, if you, it sounds like fucking, uh, California in 1860, listen, Billy,

Shaun Zimmer (03:03):

If you, yeah, it wasn’t. Yeah. It not so much the legal system so much, uh, much more the detective that took my case. I was, uh, yeah, 17 at the time I was stealing a bunch of cars and on the run from the police for a while, finally got caught. And uh, you know, when I look back on it, I see the hand of God with this one. It was, uh, a detective took my case, brought me outta the cell, took me around. I showed him where I had a bunch of cars dumped all over. He got to know me for a day and, uh, spoke to my old man who had moved to Winnipeg a few years prior that I didn’t talk to anymore. He called him up and made arrangements, I guess, you know, Hey, I got your kid here. This is what happened. They, they talked out and then he presented me a, a plane ticket. He’s like, I got a ticket for you to move within 48 hours. And uh, if you do that and leave everything behind here, you’ll leave this behind as well. And you’ll be off, uh, you know, second chance I believe was second chances. So that’s what was presented to me. So within a two day period, I was up and gone to Winnipeg. <laugh>

Sevan Matossian (04:08):

How long did it take before you earned Winnipeg before you stole a car?

Shaun Zimmer (04:13):

Uh, I didn’t steal a car again at Winnipeg. Um,

Sevan Matossian (04:15):

So that was it. That was that you’ve took that moment and were like, okay, I get it.

Shaun Zimmer (04:20):

No, not, not quite, no, I

Sevan Matossian (04:23):


Shaun Zimmer (04:24):

No, I was

Sevan Matossian (04:24):

Still, I was still an idiot. You started stealing planes. You started stealing planes

Shaun Zimmer (04:28):

<laugh> yeah, no, I still got in lots of trouble. I got booted at my dad’s house, uh, within a year and then was on the streets and went up big for a couple years until, you know, well, I guess actually a year. And then I smartened up, um, you know, just before turning 19 is when I started, uh, I, I, uh, spent a short visit in a, uh, in a detention center for a few months and, uh, after that didn’t want to go back. So that’s when I started smartening up, um, just before turning 19, I started, uh, landscaping company. Um, and then I just poured everything into that work and built that business, you know, and still made a few fuck ups along the way, but nothing that nearly as bad as when I was, uh, a young, young buck,

Sevan Matossian (05:16):

The title of the podcast I put, um, you obviously caught my attention because you were standing up, God, it standing up, it seems such a weird thing to just say, you want to just go outside, but you weren’t, you weren’t gonna accept the fact of, Hey, stay inside and you can’t have friends over to get your, you get your swell on.

Shaun Zimmer (05:34):

Yeah, yeah. That’s that’s when you first came across. What, what, uh, what we were doing here.

Sevan Matossian (05:39):

Yeah. And I, I wonder if, um, I have, I have, I’ve been in a similar boat to you. I have three little kids. I have, uh, 2, 2, 5 year olds and a seven year old. And I think that if I was 20, I would be like, man, these are great days. Like civilization’s gonna collapse, I’m gonna fucking party. But now that I have a kid, I can’t really, I have a totally different perspective. Like I can’t tolerate that.

Shaun Zimmer (06:05):

Yeah. Yeah. That’s exactly what it is. Right. It’s the attack on the kids too. Uh, so many ways that we see that’s uh, yeah, that’s where I feel obligated to stand up. I, uh, <laugh>, you know, before, uh, as he said, Stanley up seemed so weird just for, you know, what really we had to do. But, uh, before that I was happy being by myself, included in my home. Uh <laugh> you know, I was working on so many things, um, didn’t really care for, uh, needing to be out in, in what most people are attracted to in today’s society. Um, but when they, when they announced, yeah, you couldn’t have more than one person over, uh, even in your yard. I knew everything was bullshit from the beginning when they started coming out with all of this. But when they said that, I said enough enough, this has gone way too far.

Shaun Zimmer (06:53):

People were actually listening. Cause I didn’t think people were gonna listen at the, at the beginning and then realizing how many were and uh, you know, the mental health issues that were coming in the collateral damage with all those measures that people were getting behind, how much fear was getting inside their head and that damage as like, I need to, I need to do something. So the home I’m at right now, I have a, a large, well, fairly large sized city lot, right on one of the busiest streets in the city actually coming right into the city from, uh, North Dakota side here. And I said, all right, you know, I used to do fitness classes. I moved out of it for a couple years, but I have this big yard. People have no place to go for their fitness right now. And they need somebody to see that’s Hey, I, um, F you, you can still have people over.

Shaun Zimmer (07:37):

I’m not listening to this bullshit. So that’s exactly what I did. I got on my social media and said, Hey, bootcamp, starting it up free for everybody four days a week, come on down. And that’s where it all started. Um, in terms of, you know, taking a stand against, uh, this totalitarian as I’m coming in right now that we, we see on all fronts. So, um, right here in Winnipeg, what we needed to do to just show people, Hey, you can, you can push back and say, no. Right. And, uh, and still enjoy a normal life. Uh, as long as you don’t want that fear inside and let a bully boss you around

Sevan Matossian (08:08):

And the numbers got crazy.

Shaun Zimmer (08:10):

Yeah. It got, yeah. Yeah. We, we picked up pretty quick here for sure. Um, yeah. It’s, uh, it

Sevan Matossian (08:15):

Transpired 1002, 2000 a month, right. At, at its peak.

Shaun Zimmer (08:20):

Yeah, yeah, yeah. A few thousand a month, which was, which was nice to see. Uh, we did, uh, you know, I, I moved it in, involved it into doing, uh, junior Patriots, kids, kids, boot camps, uh, martial arts classes. Then we started doing the, uh, biweekly freedom fires where we just had a massive bash here, uh, which was great. Um, that, that was really good because that helped a lot of people, you know, cause the police would come here and try to shut me down because the, the restrictions and regulations, and I would just give ’em a big few, you know, that’s not happening. I’m, I’m sick of this shit. And people saw that and they got inspired. Right. And, uh, they’re able to connect with more like-minded people. Not, not, uh, completely think they’re so crazy considering the relations they’re having with their peers at work and family that are pushing them out and, you know, authorizing them and calling ’em conspiracy theorists for having, uh, any questions raised. So it’s, uh, it was a good place for, you know, those people to connect and, and, uh, engage a sense of normalcy. At least to some degree

Sevan Matossian (09:15):

We’re, we’re such a fragile, uh, creature. I was actually shocked at how many people and, and how many people continue to reach out. And you probably got this too. Thanks for speaking up. I feel like I was going, like, everyone’s trying to make me feel like I was the crazy one. Yeah. And these are just people who just want to go to work and just not take an injection. Mm-hmm <affirmative> like, it’s like outta a movie. Right. I mean, can’t you see that in a movie, like everyone at works, getting the injection and I’m not, and now I’m crazy. I’m like, wow, wait man, that some people are in some tough spots,

Shaun Zimmer (09:48):

Tough spots. Yeah. And I’m sure you’ve heard of, you know, so many, uh, individual cases that really moved you. And that’s what opportunity that kept me going and made me, you know, be like, all right, we’re gonna do this now. We’re gonna do that. Now when I was hearing people’s stories and, uh, with that said, you know, just using the space to, to speak up and give people, uh, a voice where they like, oh, I’m not alone. And that’s one thing I look back on as a, as a win for sure. When I first started standing up and speaking about what was going on, because I made some mistakes, I fell into the trap of, of divide and conquer. You know, I, I got angry. I, I was out there yelling at people, um, in a way on my videos, you know, it was such aggression to stop enabling it.

Shaun Zimmer (10:28):

And the going along to come to, to make it happen right. To get along and, and, and continuing to grow. It was something I was so furious about and it, it didn’t help those people. They saw me speaking like that and, and, and just got up on edge. Right. And it didn’t really sync with them, but at the same time, it did give all those people sitting around and specifically women, we were seeing more women share their voice than anything, them sitting and waiting for a man to start speaking up, being so, so few out there, it definitely helped them. Um, and so I look at, you know, there’s a positive with it, with that. People needed to hear, uh, what was going on that they’re not alone. Uh, seeing people take a stand, but at the same time, I see that aggression, uh, you know, was a, was a play into the whole bigger picture right now on, on what they’re trying to do and divide. So I try to come at it in a different angle now, um, which is, you know, <laugh>, it can be challenging to see the least as I’m, I’m sure you’re aware.

Sevan Matossian (11:22):

That’s why I titled this. That’s exactly what you just shared. Why I, a couple days ago, I changed the title of this podcast to the evolution of a freedom fighter, because something has happened to you in the last, uh, two years.

Shaun Zimmer (11:36):

Yeah. Oh yeah. Big time. Big changes spiritually. Yeah. Yeah. I would, I was pinpointed right as spiritually, uh, massive changes where, you know, I, I had had my eye open, we’ll say and, uh, showing really how we’re all one here and just the, the connected, the consciousness and, and what we’re doing here and how everybody has their own journey. Um, and there’s kind of a play to play out and to respect as much as you can, the re the journey on the other side for people, because this is all I look at as a spiritual awakening right now. And, uh, you can’t, you can’t have that birth, let’s call it that we’re, we’re seeing without the other side. And without those people that are playing the other side to have it all come together, right. That polarization. So that allowed me to really let go of a lot of anger inside, um, you know, holding a lot of resentment, especially to, you know, the male figures in my life as I’m the only family member.

Shaun Zimmer (12:30):

Um, I’m pretty well at the time. Uh, and my friends circled the only one who had the views that I had let alone the voice and the stance that I was taking right. At a time when nobody was standing, other than, you know, we saw Ian Smith all over the place in the states and, and a few individuals, but Canada was just crickets. So, um, it definitely received a lot, a lot of hate, uh, taking that stand, which if you don’t process it right. Can, uh, can sit and build up, right. Just like a volcano it’s gonna wanna blow up. Um, and, and it definitely did with me a few times, you know, it got me into a bit of trouble last year. Actually, we can even get into that. Um, and, uh, so having that experience and allowing me to let go and forgive and focus more on unconditional love for the human human race and, and mother earth has changed the game for me,

Sevan Matossian (13:22):

It it’s kind of, you went, I, I don’t know if this is gonna resonate with you cuz you’re cuz of your, you know, your Canadian, but you kind of went from Malcolm X to Martin Luther king. Yeah. Malcolm X was a, a, a great man and, and his attitude is by any means necessary. Yeah. Yeah. He Al he also did something really incredible that I don’t think enough people realized the value of wallet. Malcolm was in jail. He, he, um, copied, he opened up a dictionary and he taught himself every single word in there. And he hand wrote out a dictionary and became a ma and became a master of the English language.

Shaun Zimmer (13:56):

Yeah. I didn’t know that.

Sevan Matossian (13:57):

And when you mastered the English language or any language, uh, you’re fucking, you know, level 10 sourcer or whatever, I’m just thinking of that. But whatever you wanna call it, you now are conducting reality. And that when I hear you talk, you you’ve changed your, through you, you, you acquired, you cultivated some awareness, you acquired, uh, a larger scope, a bigger picture of what’s going on here. And then from there you changed your perception of reality based on being able to see more. And then now are taking action based on that larger perception. And, and, and the, the keywords are that, that were all one that basically beating down your enemy is like cutting off your element of like cutting off your own arm.

Shaun Zimmer (14:42):

Precisely. Yeah.

Sevan Matossian (14:43):

Okay. Wait, wait, wait, wait, what am I doing? I need that. That’s not, that’s not the way to get rid of that. Mosquito bite is chop off the arm.

Shaun Zimmer (14:49):

Yeah, yeah, exactly. Yeah. And what, you know, what you’re putting out there is coming right back at you, so that yeah. Completely changed. The perspective completely changed my approach. Um, I still find my old programming coming in and, uh, and, and wanting to, you know, speak up with aggression a little bit more sometimes. Um, and that’s where I do my best to just give some thought process to you before I’m getting out, sharing any message a little bit more so than I used to, because that evolution right now is integrating, uh, within my whole being my consciousness. Right. We’re seeing it in a lot of people, um, putting down the anger and, and, and just opening up their, their sleeve, let’s say putting their heart right on their sleeve, more so than they’re used to. And, uh, and just sharing that light that we all have inside.

Sevan Matossian (15:31):

We, we have this place in, in California. I dunno if you guys have it in Canada, it’s called Costco. It’s like a giant. Yeah. Okay. So I hadn’t been in a Costco in 25 years. I just shop at like a store. That’s just, you know, they have the vegetables in the boxes down the street for me, I stopped shopping in like real stores, like two years ago, you know, um, when they started making you wear masks in there. And, um, I went to Costco yesterday with my dad. Uh, he wanted to buy a giant bottle of Titos as a gift for someone big, old fucking gown. So I went there and I couldn’t fucking believe what I saw. Uh, it was like, it was like when I went to Disneyland, six months ago, I saw, um, hundreds of people who were more than a hundred pounds overweight wearing masks, double masks, standing in front of bags that said vegetarian meatballs and listening, being going, oh, don’t those look good through their mask?

Sevan Matossian (16:23):

You know? And the first five items are like Sapp hour oil, canola, oil, corn, high, fr those corn syrup. And I’m thinking I’m tripping. And my dad looks at me, my 82 year old dad looks at me. He goes, and I’m like wide eyed. Like, you know what I mean? Like I just saw lizard in the yard for the first time as a four year old kid. My dad’s like, wow. Someone, he goes, look like you. Haven’t like, you look like a little kid. I’m like, I can’t fucking believe what I’m looking at. I cannot fucking believe that someone is trading, wearing a mask to eat vegetarian fucking meatballs in a plastic bag. Um, on the most superficial level, how do I not get mad when I see someone where I’m at the beach and I see someone with a double mask and I see their two year old, five year old and seven year old also mask, I’m carrying a six bags of Doritos down to the beach. What do I, where do I need to grow spiritually to not let that because you know, the voice starts up in my head. God, you’re fucking stupid. Yeah. And you’re fucking sending the wrong signal to the fucking world. How do I, where do I help help me, Mr. Zimmer? How do I trans make that love?

Shaun Zimmer (17:34):

Yeah. And that’s, that’s definitely one of the biggest challenges. Um, it’s really tough, especially when we look at the example that’s being led in front of children. Um, the reminder for me that I’ll, I’ll take mentally thinking upon, without that ridiculousness, the rest of the world, wouldn’t be waking up as they are and connecting more spiritually coming to this evolution where the Mecal and inherit the earth, where I, I think everything will crumble and we will have everyone rise up. But with out that other side of it, we’re not gonna get there. So I just remind myself, Hey, that right there, I’m looking at like, fuck, I wanna just say, this person is such an idiot. What do you do? And take that fucking thing off, especially in front of the kids. Right? But that has this place right now that needs to be here because these people beside me and that couple walking over there, and that one kid outta that group has gone through so much conscious awareness of what’s happening.

Shaun Zimmer (18:31):

Seen enough, where now they’re looking at that and they’re like, holy fuck, this is stupid, but they’ve lost their fucking mind. I have to go, actually, I’m not going to the cabin this fucking weekend. I need to meet up with these people, jump on this podcast or start doing this project to get the fucking word out, like alarm more people, educate more people. Right. So it inspires other people. It helps other people along their, their awakening, if you want call it in, in simple terms, um, to, to get to that point where they’re taking the necessary action steps to put a stop to what’s going on right now. And, you know, obviously the mass and all that stuff is, is just a, a smoke and mirror is just a, a little thing to, to, uh, keep so many of us who are conscious to it distracted when we don’t look at the bigger attack. Right. Um, we just,

Sevan Matossian (19:17):

What is, what is that, what is that, what is that bigger attack? What do you mean?

Shaun Zimmer (19:22):

Uh, I would say, uh, taking over your soul, honestly, having a, having a society, that’s just, just program completely. Um, <laugh> in a, you know, a one world government coming where everybody is, uh, giving up their freedom so much, uh, in based

Sevan Matossian (19:40):

That Charles what’s the guy’s name? Uh, the, the Schwab, no, not Charles Schwab. What’s the guy’s name.

Shaun Zimmer (19:45):

Oh yeah. What is, uh, Schwab? Uh,

Sevan Matossian (19:48):

So you mean like that guy’s yeah, that guy’s plan that, should I just keep hearing over and over all over Instagram?

Shaun Zimmer (19:54):

Yeah. Pretty well. I see, uh, you know, they’re already, they’re already planting the seed for a social credit system here, your credit score, um, in Canada, which so it’s, it’s that, you know, take four steps forward and then three steps back, uh, once get, get kind of too much pushback and then come back at it, right. Just little by little, but they’re going for the entire thing, just to have everything completely controlled and, and your right’s given away and people, people coming into a society where they think that’s normal, um, you know, a little bit by little bit where they get used to it and conditioned to it, and then are fed the bullshit that, uh, everything’s collapsing or you’re having this, this, uh, pan experience in because of, uh, the race war or the, the war with, uh, what’s going on with the kids, like all this stuff in between the people, right.

Shaun Zimmer (20:39):

Bringing the people against the people while they just sit back and, and spread disease and, and, uh, more control over us, uh, taking away our rights more and more left right center. We’re seeing in Canada, us at a fast pace giving that right up. So that’s, uh, yeah, we’ll see where we’ll see where we are in years to come from here. Even, uh, you know, everything being pushed on the states, how many people aren’t, uh, waking up to cause we’re, so we’re so glued. We’ve been sold this fucking life, you know, looking at the world on our phone while we’re missing, actually being in it and, uh, and connect to with mother earth and remembering our roots and stay having that intuition speak loudly with a good connection that can warn us of all the bullshit that’s actually happening instead of being so glued to a, uh, <laugh>, uh, a fake life we’ll call that people have been, uh, so attracted to,

Sevan Matossian (21:26):

Uh, Jeremy Nielsen does this guy’s balls hang past the knees, asking for a friend, dude needs to narrate some audio books. Well, thank you, Jeremy, for the, uh, added value to the podcast,

Shaun Zimmer (21:39):

I actually do have a bunch of stuff I’m narrating right now on my app. That’s being launched through

Sevan Matossian (21:44):

Oh, good. This is a, this is a great, uh, great group of people in here. Um, that, that guy, so, so that guy, you think that there, that there’s, do you think that as that way, the, so you think that there’s, there are sentient beings, other human beings who this thing is playing out to their plan that there’s like, okay, this week let’s do, let’s set up the George Floyd thing and fucking create some chaos over here. Let’s do this over here. Uh, start up with some sexualizing children over here. Let’s do this thing over here. Um, you think that that’s part of let’s change the price of gas that there is, there is some master puppeteer, that’s got like a heartbeat like me and you.

Shaun Zimmer (22:27):

Absolutely. Yeah.

Sevan Matossian (22:29):

Wow. Wow. That would be, I just can’t believe that there’s a human being who’s smart enough and coordinated enough to do that and connected enough,

Shaun Zimmer (22:36):

Right? Yeah. Well, when you got, uh, most of the money in the world, right.

Shaun Zimmer (22:41):

Dollars and power speak, right. So when you have just that much, that much leverage, um, and been doing it for that long it’s, uh, yeah. It’s not something I put over my head at all anymore. I remember, you know, two years ago when I first started waking up to just how much was going on, I, I definitely was a lot more skeptical of that possibility, but now there’s no doubt about it. And when you look at the individuals, uh, you know, do a little bit of knocking on the, on the channels that aren’t censored for, for documentaries, I’ve been put out there over the last few decades and, and you see these guys talking about things where it’s all played out, you know, these, these VI, the documentaries, they put out a decade ago where every step has been here and they spoke about ’em before it was even, you know, known to the public at all.

Shaun Zimmer (23:25):

And now, yeah, everything, they said, the, the, the conditioning, the, the way they’re trying to justify everything, why they’re doing everything, what they’re doing, uh, to our skies, what they’re doing with, uh, you know, third world countries, the, the medications pharmaceuticals they’re pushing there, the test trials, the depopulation, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s all over the fucking place now. Um, all you gotta do is just sit there and be open to it and do a little bit of research one day. And if you’re actually, you know, levelheaded and not fear based inside where you’re so conditioned to think that you need to be saved by these people, and they’re helping you, you’ll, you’ll see it right away. But unfortunately, uh, that’s not where most people are. Right. They’ve the condition in the programming is <laugh>, they’ve executed quite well. It’s uh, so that’s, you know, letting go of that, understanding that, uh, goes back to your question, right?

Shaun Zimmer (24:12):

Like they did a good job of scar people and programming them. Um, so we need to, we need to, you know, that’s where I take, uh, you know, I spiritually, I speak out of the, outside the box when people maybe see me going to a, a Christian Church, they, they think I, I line up completely with Christian values based on what most believe in the church. Um, and talk about Jesus Christ. And I say, well, most definitely. I say, you know, Jesus Christ. And maybe if you wanna call that himself, his spirit, the consciousness as my savior, because he taught me unconditional forgiveness, unconditional love. And that lesson right there saved me to being the man. I need to be to, you know, live fully in this life, be without going crazy, looking at these guys, getting behind all this shit. And, uh, and the nonsense that we see in front of us. So it’s, uh, kind of part of that evolution that we’re speaking about playing out, uh, that I see and, you know, the people around me feel it. And it’s, uh, I can tell you, the tension has been a lot less this year compared to, uh, last year, which has been nice, despite things still going to the shits, uh, when we look over in the news and what’s going on.

Sevan Matossian (25:16):

Yeah. That is cool. You mean, you personally, just because of the changes you’ve made

Shaun Zimmer (25:20):

Me personally and everybody around me. Yeah. The group that I’m around. Yeah. Yeah. We can see that, that, that, that, that evolution from last year. Yeah. Just a lot less anger and a lot more, a lot more hope. And, uh, and just,

Sevan Matossian (25:34):

You know, I have crazy hope. I, you, you wrote something on your Instagram about believing I have CRA I, I, not only do I have hope, I just believe in my fellow man so much,

Shaun Zimmer (25:43):

So, so do I, I

Sevan Matossian (25:45):

Think we’re so fucking capable and so strong.

Shaun Zimmer (25:47):

Yeah. I don’t, I don’t, uh, you know, I don’t take it off the table that we’re gonna see some very hard times and, you know, right. What could happen, bloodshed, maybe you never know. Well, we’re see some bloodshed. So, um, but I, I have crazy, as you said, uh, hope belief, faith in our, in, in my fellow man. And, uh, yeah, that, that intuition, uh, you know, connection inside that speaks up, um, to enough people and they stand together, it’s gonna be something beautiful. Right. And, uh, as we know in business and our, our physical, uh, activities, whatever it might be, the, the best view comes from the hardest climb. So as we get over this hill, it’s gonna be something fucking beautiful.

Sevan Matossian (26:27):

If, if so, so I’ll give an example there. Uh, when there were some riots in South Africa, fuck probably every day. But I remember, uh, six months ago, I forget. And they were burning that fucker down. Uh, I, I forget maybe it was Johannesburg. I can’t remember. And there were videos that would show neighborhoods who’ve gotten together and they had parked their cars, parked at all the entrances of the neighborhoods and they had guns and they were keeping the riots out. Right. So, um, you, I, I’m trying to picture what this looks like. So like this person wrote, uh, here, Tyler Collins wrote Rothchild, don’t have the world’s wealth, multiple families run it. So in a way, what, what these people, there’s just, there’s a handful of people who live on a different, in a different stratosphere of wealth and like anyone who’s trying to protect their neighborhood and wealth, there’s, let’s say there’s 10 families around the world.

Sevan Matossian (27:16):

You think that they get together, uh, once a year they talk, or there is some formality of like, Hey, um, we need to make sure that, that this happens, this happens, and this happens so we can keep our wealth, you wanna keep your oil, wealth, you wanna keep your pharmaceutical wealth, you wanna keep your entertainment, wealth or whatever. And you think that somehow they get together, like these leaders in this neighborhood to protect their, their, their goods and their interests. And then also on top of that, you think that like they have kids. And when they’re like, okay, Johnny’s seven honey. I’m gonna take him out in the fucking jet. And I’m gonna start explaining to ’em how the fucking Rothchild empire works. It’s like that

Shaun Zimmer (27:56):

<laugh> yeah. That’s a, that’s a good way to put it. Yeah. I would, I would say something like that. Not far off from, from the feeling I get what I believe most definitely. Yeah. There’s a handful or

Sevan Matossian (28:07):

So it’s normal human behavior, but just on a really high level.

Shaun Zimmer (28:10):

Yeah. Yeah. And it’s, uh, yeah. It’s been a, a play they’ve been, uh, yeah, exactly. Yeah. Been playing out for quite some time,

Sevan Matossian (28:17):

Like me, and you would do it if you were my neighbor. And, and there was a neighbor across the street, and we knew that there was a pack of coyotes coming in tonight. Maybe we would stay up all night and, and to keep ’em off our chickens and cows it’s like that. But these people have a lot. Yeah. Yeah. They’re just, they’re just regular humans, just regular douche bags, like the rest of us, but they just have a shitload of resources. Mm-hmm

Shaun Zimmer (28:37):

<affirmative> yeah. Power, power corrupts. Right. How many people have you seen that get to that certain stage of power and it corrupts. So that’s, uh, you know, and that’s where I don’t even sit anymore. Um, thinking too much on what this fucking guy’s doing, what that guy’s doing, what’s going on is got to a point of driving me crazy and making it pretty tough for me to come outta that place a level, if we were talking about, so now I focus on, well, what can I change? What can I do? Well, I can start governing myself, making myself more self sustainable, my family, my property, and inspiring other people to do that as well, inspiring other people to raise their consciousness, raise their vibration, to connect closer with God, to understand the bigger picture, more and what their purpose is and how to spiritually align themselves. So they can go through this path that they have in front of them without, um, succumbing to the anger are coming to the fear and, and executing on, you know, one being for fucking human beings, not human beings. You know, we’re always so focused on the next fucking thing or stuck in our past. So getting to that point of being, and living and experiencing this world while as well, lifting others up and helping them raise their vibration, their consciousness and connect closer with God and their, our plan altogether. Right.

Sevan Matossian (29:50):

And, and do you think that maybe, uh, God has given me everything I’ve asked for once I’ve shown him I’m ready.

Shaun Zimmer (29:55):

Yeah. The good and the bad. I always say with that one, the good and the bad <laugh>.

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