#513 – Fantasy CrossFit Games Draft

Brian Friend (00:00):

How he

Sevan Matossian (00:01):

Bailed out. Did he really don’t anyone say

Taylor Self (00:05):

What I was gonna say now? <laugh> why’d you make us live, dude,

Sevan Matossian (00:08):

Don’t get us twit. Don’t say anything stupid. That takes us, gets us all canceled.

Tyler Watkins (00:13):

I’ll shut up. Then I need to hide this somehow.

Sevan Matossian (00:18):

So what is going on here is Tyler Watkins has created a very, uh, has created something that makes even, uh, myself interested in, uh, CrossFit competitions. Uh, I’ve always been interested in the people, but, uh, during semi-finals, um, he invited me to be a part of this, I guess it’s called the fantasy league. I’ve never done anything like that. I guess it’s popular in other sports and I, I kind of participated, but I didn’t, but I was on the text thread and I got to see the guys play throughout the semi-finals and I started feeling left out. I was like, oh shit, this does look really fun. And so they organized it again, uh, for the CrossFit games and this time I’m definitely gonna take it more seriously, even if you don’t wanna win, uh, it you’re, you’re just totally engaged in it. You have a horse in the race and it makes everything better and you get a better depth of knowledge. The only way I can really think of it is,

Sevan Matossian (01:07):

Uh, it’s an example. I always use all the time. But if you go to the Louv and you look at the Mona Lisa, you might have no interest in it. You get there and it’s only this big and you’re like, what the hell? This painting’s dumb. But then when you find out the guy who painted it was blind, he only had one testicle and he painted it with his hand behind his back. Then all of a sudden you’re like, okay, this shit’s cool. And so what this game does is it brings, uh, brings out the nuances, brings out the depth of the athletes you have to get invested. And so here we are. Mr. Watkins. Thank you, Florida. Yeah,

Tyler Watkins (01:34):

Man. Thanks for letting me, uh, debut it on the show. So for everybody listening, I’ll, um, I’ll, I’ll share a link at the end, so everyone can go create their own league. You all can, uh, follow along, uh, and I’ll share an Instagram where you can get further instructions. But besides that, um, Brian, do you wanna break down how we’re playing the game?

Brian Friend (01:57):

Well, I, I, I think that we clarified it the other day, but, um, my understanding is we’re gonna do all the men first and then all the women. Yeah, just to, for simplicity’s sake, uh, for our people falling along and for Sevan primarily <laugh> yeah, there are eight of us. So there will be a five round draft. Uh, the first four picks are your play. Like those are your male players that you’re, that you can use for the weekend. The fifth round pick is an alternate that you can only use if one of the players above has to is forced to withdraw from the competition. Yep. What do we agree on is the minimum number of, or minimum and maximum number of plays?

Tyler Watkins (02:38):

Minimum number of plays two maximum number of places four. So that’s how many times you can replay an athlete, um, for anyone at home who hasn’t played, which is everyone, um, we’ll put in one male and one female for each event, you get their points after you’ve played them four times, they’re burnt. You can’t play ’em anymore. Um, highest points at the end of the weekend wins. So there’s a lot of strategy that goes into it. Does your athlete withdraw, uh, does your athlete survive a cut? You know, you think an athlete athlete might do well on a certain event and they might not. So there’s a lot of skill involved.

Sevan Matossian (03:13):

So BA so basically if event, event number one will happen, let’s say it’s just a swim event. And I get to go, I get to pick and I have, uh, be lucky enough to have, uh Janowski and Tia. I pick, I have to pick one male, one female. I picked the two of them, and now they’ve each done one event. They have to do at least one more, but they can’t do more than four. Absolutely. And, and how many athletes do I have altogether? I have two female. How many? Four female and four male, five I five,

Tyler Watkins (03:39):

The last two male or the last two, one male, one female are reserve reserve picks. If you have an athlete withdraw, you get access to them. If they do not withdraw, you do not get access to

Sevan Matossian (03:49):

Them. Okay. So Brian said four males, but it’s four males and four females. Did I miss that? Okay. Yeah. Okay. We’re just,

Brian Friend (03:55):

We’re gonna, we’re gonna pick all the men first and then we’ll do all the women just to make.

Sevan Matossian (03:59):

Okay. What if at the end of the games? Uh, one of my, one of my, a, uh, athletes, um, fails drug test. Do I get, is that a bonus? Do I get what’s behind door number two? Or is that fucked? I’m fucked. Like, how is that?

Tyler Watkins (04:13):

Yeah, that’s why I’m gonna withhold all the money until we definitely do all that.

Sevan Matossian (04:17):

That’s bullshit. So it’s bad if your athlete pops it’s bad.

Tyler Watkins (04:21):

<laugh> yeah. You owe me a bunch. Yeah. If your athlete pops, you get the man.

Sevan Matossian (04:25):

Oh my goodness. Uh, for those of you who don’t know who everyone who is here on the show, we have, uh, Taylor self. He is a, uh, CrossFit games athlete. He has, uh, a great programming service and he’s a trainer, uh, somewhere on the east coast with a bunch of other great trainers. We have Brian friend who works the morning, chocolate Toson podcast, talking lead fitness. Anyone who will fucking have him, he is going to be at the, uh, CrossFit games, um, feeding them information that he says is his, but he really gets from the bald guy at the bottom with the giant beard named Chad Schrader, who is the giant, most giant brain on the planet. And we all, um, live off of it, but we never get to see him. And he was kind enough to bless us in the center square. We have Jr Howell who owns the finest CrossFit affiliate on the east coast. Fuck you, if you don’t like that. And, uh, he is, um, riding on the coat tails of, uh, Jason Hopper and Taylor self. And he’s kind of slipped in with his two great athletes. Then on the bottom, we have the most controversial man and all of CrossFit, Mr. Hiller fit, who has identity Christ fit with, uh, Batman. And then we have, unfortunately the hardest working person in all of the real media space, Lauren, Felicia kil from the morning C of their shoes. Okay.

Tyler Watkins (05:30):

<laugh> the greatest addition to the show.

Sevan Matossian (05:32):

And I’m the biggest door greatest, but I have the swimming pool. So all the cool kids come to my house. All right, I’ll take it. <laugh>

Tyler Watkins (05:40):

Bam. Good job.

Sevan Matossian (05:41):

We’re live. Thank you.

Tyler Watkins (05:44):

We’re okay. We’re ready to start drafting. Yep, please. Okay. Let’s see.

Sevan Matossian (05:53):

In anyone who pricks pick pricks, anyone who picks free a moose Bruger I hate you

Taylor Self (05:58):

<laugh> have you guys ever seen those? Like those dilapidated buildings that say like arcade skill games, you guys have those where you’re from. JRR do you have those in South Carolina? No.

Sevan Matossian (06:09):


Taylor Self (06:10):

We have these, these things in North Carolina. They’re like, you go there to die and you never escape, but they are these like blacked out like gambling, arcade places. And this is what you play when you go in one of those places.

Sevan Matossian (06:22):

Oh, really?

Brian Friend (06:24):

I is

Sevan Matossian (06:24):

That it? Can you win money in there?

Taylor Self (06:26):

Yeah, dude, you can lose a lot that’s for

Sevan Matossian (06:29):


Tyler Watkins (06:30):


Brian Friend (06:30):

Oh. Did you just randomize it?

Tyler Watkins (06:31):

Yes. All right. So the, the, uh,

Brian Friend (06:35):

And then I’ve got, and then I’ve got something for you.

Tyler Watkins (06:37):

All right. The athlete order is Chad Hiller, Hal selfs, Brian, me Lauren. Oh, and Susan’s in there. Uh, Lauren Lauren ends it.

Taylor Self (06:52):

Who, where was I saving the best

Sevan Matossian (06:54):

Last? Oh, talk about what ladies first. I mean,

Brian Friend (06:58):

Tyler, is that the updated order in the spreadsheet?

Sevan Matossian (07:01):


Tyler Watkins (07:01):

No. I’m gonna update it. Give one second.

Sevan Matossian (07:03):

Hey, could I, could I, could I fix my, uh, the rumors that I’m a, a misogynist if I switch places with Lauren? No, thank you. Hiller. All right. Fuck it. She’s at the end,

Tyler Watkins (07:18):

So, okay. What do you got?

Brian Friend (07:20):

Who’s drafting fourth and fifth

JR Howell (07:23):

Taylor and someone else.

Tyler Watkins (07:25):

Let’s see. You

Sevan Matossian (07:26):

Almost got it. I’m after Howell. I think that’s all that matters.

JR Howell (07:30):

I’m third. I thought Taylor was after me.

Sevan Matossian (07:33):

Okay. And I’m not after you.

Tyler Watkins (07:35):

Oh, it’s updated. Chad Hiller. Hal self Savan friend Watkins. Kil.

Taylor Self (07:41):

How the fuck does Chad get first pick

Sevan Matossian (07:44):

<laugh> I know. Wait, wait, wait. The

Brian Friend (07:47):

Universe first. The person who dress first for the men will draft last for the women.

Lauren Khalil (07:51):

Oh, last fucking. Oh, that means

Tyler Watkins (07:54):

I he’s got the best place.

Brian Friend (07:56):

It’ll make sense on the spreadsheet. Exactly. Cuz when we get to Lauren’s last pic, she’ll be forced to take the last guy and then she’ll get the first pick for the women and we’ll just keep going.

Tyler Watkins (08:04):


Chad Schroeder (08:05):

It it’s snake draft.

Tyler Watkins (08:06):

Snake draft.

Sevan Matossian (08:07):

Okay. What’s that mean? Chad?

Tyler Watkins (08:10):

Back up.

Chad Schroeder (08:12):

So Lauren will get eight then she’ll get the ninth pick and then we’ll work back up. Yeah. Okay. So yeah.

Tyler Watkins (08:20):

All right, Chad, here you go. Oh yeah. We’re going one minute shot clock. We’re gonna try to stick to that.

Sevan Matossian (08:24):

Yep. This is

Tyler Watkins (08:24):

In the background. He’ll mute you if you’re, if you’re done. Ah,

Taylor Self (08:28):


Tyler Watkins (08:28):

Fuck you up.

Chad Schroeder (08:29):

So you want us to just want, say it and then just not put it in a spreadsheet? Yeah. Okay.

Sevan Matossian (08:35):

Hey, I just say, I just say that if you, if you take more than a minute, you just get, uh, like some guy like we, uh, en Rico like

Brian Friend (08:41):


Sevan Matossian (08:42):

Burger. Moose. Yeah. You get Enrico, Zon and Fran moose. Berger.

Chad Schroeder (08:47):

I will that with Mr. FKI.

Tyler Watkins (08:51):


Sevan Matossian (08:51):

See a pick and you’ll be taking them off as you say him. So I mm-hmm

Tyler Watkins (08:54):

They’ll they’ll come off.

Sevan Matossian (08:55):

Okay. Awesome.

Tyler Watkins (08:59):

Hiller’s up?

Andrew Hiller (09:00):

Gee, please.

Tyler Watkins (09:02):

Gee. Oh my

Brian Friend (09:02):


Tyler Watkins (09:07):


Brian Friend (09:08):


Taylor Self (09:11):

Justin Madera.

Tyler Watkins (09:15):

Wow. And you guys are moving

Sevan Matossian (09:17):

Sax and pan. Oh wait is my turn. Yes. Yes.

Tyler Watkins (09:21):


Sevan Matossian (09:21):

Uh, sax and pan

Brian Friend (09:27):


Tyler Watkins (09:32):

Oh shit. I forgot. We were doing old men first.

Brian Friend (09:34):

Uh, I’ll take Roman. Oh, what’s a hit pick. Oh God.

Tyler Watkins (09:44):

Let’s see. I’m gonna go with Ricky.

Brian Friend (09:51):

Oh damn.

Sevan Matossian (09:53):

He really belongs on my team.

Brian Friend (09:55):


Tyler Watkins (09:58):

Lauren double pick

Sevan Matossian (10:01):

Jeff Adler

Brian Friend (10:04):


Sevan Matossian (10:05):

BKG oh,

Brian Friend (10:06):

Solid turnaround picks right there. Oh

Tyler Watkins (10:09):

Mm-hmm <affirmative> yeah.

Sevan Matossian (10:09):


Tyler Watkins (10:12):

I’m gonna go with bizarre.

Sevan Matossian (10:19):

Nice. Who’s turn

Tyler Watkins (10:29):

Man. The shot it’s uh, Brian, the shot clock makes everybody a little more focused. So usually a lot more shit talk going on than this.

Mattew Souza (10:36):

Yeah. You don’t even get mute. You just get dropped off. If you don’t do it in a minute. You’re

Sevan Matossian (10:39):

Just fucking done.

Brian Friend (10:40):


Taylor Self (10:40):

Yeah. Brian sucks.

Sevan Matossian (10:42):

I know. Brian’s gonna pick. Brian’s gonna pick Janowski hurry

Taylor Self (10:45):

Up, Brian.

Brian Friend (10:46):

I am gonna pick

Mattew Souza (10:47):

Yanaki you 20 seconds. Brian. 20 seconds.

Sevan Matossian (10:51):

Who turn

Tyler Watkins (10:53):


Sevan Matossian (10:54):


Taylor Self (10:59):

I’m gonna pick GME

Brian Friend (11:02):

B. Jason,

Sevan Matossian (11:11):

Jason got, got to go home with daddy. Jason got to go home with daddy.

Taylor Self (11:18):

That’s too perfect.

Andrew Hiller (11:19):

Noah. OLT in the winner of the 20, 22 cross games.

Sevan Matossian (11:22):

Yeah. Most popular. He is the most popular male CrossFitter and all CrossFit right on, on the roster.

Tyler Watkins (11:29):


Sevan Matossian (11:31):

He is. Let me tell you something. He didn’t pay for any of those followers. Looks like a fucking ninja turtle. He

Tyler Watkins (11:41):

See now Chad makes me not feel so bad about taking my time.

Brian Friend (11:44):

Well, you took my pick. Damn. <laugh> go with um,

Chad Schroeder (11:53):


Sevan Matossian (11:56):

Oh, it’s so easy.

Brian Friend (12:00):


Taylor Self (12:00):

Us. 30 seconds Chad. <laugh>

Chad Schroeder (12:04):


Taylor Self (12:04):

Should be a 32nd

Sevan Matossian (12:06):

Shot. Chad don’t pick Dolan pepper, whatever you do that. One’s mine. Craig,

Chad Schroeder (12:16):

I’ll go with

Tyler Watkins (12:20):

Uh, oh,

Chad Schroeder (12:21):

Willie, George.

Sevan Matossian (12:21):

Oh, I know who I’m picking

Taylor Self (12:23):

George Travis mayor.

Sevan Matossian (12:25):

No about want you’re though. I know who I want. I who the last two guys

Chad Schroeder (12:32):

And then

Brian Friend (12:34):


Chad Schroeder (12:35):


Sevan Matossian (12:37):

Wait. We should be dragon. Who’s ever turned. It is to the top. Whose turn is it?

Tyler Watkins (12:41):


Chad Schroeder (12:42):

Yeah. I got the snake end. So ah,

Taylor Self (12:45):

That chalk clock is definitely over by now. I Don

Tyler Watkins (12:49):

It’s the second. It’s the second

Taylor Self (12:51):

Say within the mini. Come on.

Brian Friend (12:53):


Chad Schroeder (12:55):


Sevan Matossian (12:56):

Who goes after Chad

Brian Friend (12:59):


Tyler Watkins (12:59):


Chad Schroeder (13:01):


Sevan Matossian (13:02):

Oops, sorry

Taylor Self (13:02):

I say that. Okay. 3, 2, 1, go,

Chad Schroeder (13:05):

Go with, uh, Corona.

Sevan Matossian (13:09):

You guys know who to pick? Be smart people. Hiller. You know who to pick

Brian Friend (13:15):


Andrew Hiller (13:16):

He’s uh, Willie. George is off the board.

Tyler Watkins (13:18):

Yeah. Yep.

Andrew Hiller (13:19):

I’ll take Travis. Mayor

Sevan Matossian (13:21):

Damnit. There’s a dude. There’s a dude. There’s a game. Future games. Champ on there guys. Future games, champ sitting on there.

Andrew Hiller (13:29):

Tune Magda. We know

Sevan Matossian (13:31):

Him. Two him two. What

Taylor Self (13:33):

The fuck up with him too.

Sevan Matossian (13:36):

Did you see that? Tudor? Magna. James spray.

Chad Schroeder (13:40):

Oh, did. Yeah.

Sevan Matossian (13:41):

Holy shit. Tudor. Magna looks like a little bite, like a little Oreo cookie in there.

Chad Schroeder (13:46):

<laugh> Zeer

Tyler Watkins (13:48):


Sevan Matossian (13:48):

Come on guys. Whose turn is it?

Taylor Self (13:53):

My turn? Mmm.

Brian Friend (14:02):

Oh no.

Sevan Matossian (14:02):

Taylor self thinking. 20 seconds deems coming

Taylor Self (14:06):

Off his head. I have 20 seconds left or 20 seconds in nobody know.

Sevan Matossian (14:12):

Ask your girlfriend, ask your girlfriend.

Taylor Self (14:15):

I usually don’t even get that high. Um, I’m gonna go with Andre. Juday

Sevan Matossian (14:21):

My turn.

Tyler Watkins (14:22):

Yeah, man.

Sevan Matossian (14:23):

Jay crouch.

Brian Friend (14:25):


Sevan Matossian (14:25):

Fuck. Yes. Yes. Boss move guys.

Tyler Watkins (14:33):

So for everybody’s listening to home. Whenever I release the app, um, this will, you can do this inside the app. You get with your friends and you all pick and you can plug it in. Check that way. It’s just easier on the sheet visually right now.

Sevan Matossian (14:45):

And would the app say when I got Jay crouch and none of you guys did, would it be like dangs you demand? Yeah. Good

Tyler Watkins (14:51):


Brian Friend (14:53):

Who said

Brian Friend (14:54):

I’ll take that

Sevan Matossian (14:55):


Brian Friend (14:56):

That’s a good thing.

Tyler Watkins (15:01):

I’m gonna go with the little train that keeps on going will Moez.

Sevan Matossian (15:08):

Oh, nice.

Brian Friend (15:09):

Dang it.

Sevan Matossian (15:12):

That has been

Tyler Watkins (15:14):

<laugh>. Whoa, damn Barb.

Brian Friend (15:17):

I’m just trying to add some spice of this bad

Sevan Matossian (15:19):

Boy. That’s will we really like you? But fuck off you suck.

Tyler Watkins (15:23):

<laugh> he blocked me on Instagram.

Sevan Matossian (15:25):

Oh, did he? Who did, who did, is that true? Will

Tyler Watkins (15:29):

Will more red.

Sevan Matossian (15:31):

Oh my goodness.

Brian Friend (15:32):


Tyler Watkins (15:32):

That’s a bad look for an athlete that does that IMO.

Sevan Matossian (15:37):

Hey, Katherine hasn’t even blocked me.

Brian Friend (15:39):

<laugh> okay. Let’s go with Alex. Vio

Tyler Watkins (15:45):


Sevan Matossian (15:46):

Good one. Oh, so she gets two picks now. Yeah.

Brian Friend (15:50):

And Sam quant.

Sevan Matossian (15:54):

And so, so the people at the ends they’re done in two picks, huh?

Brian Friend (15:57):

Well, this is the last round of your actual roster. The last round is your alternate in case one of your top four is eliminated. So you wanna, you know, you might have made little thought into this one relative to the other guys you have on your team.

Tyler Watkins (16:08):


Brian Friend (16:09):

Oh, you tell me that

Sevan Matossian (16:10):

After I pick

Brian Friend (16:11):

Your team’s great. You

Tyler Watkins (16:12):

Still got

Brian Friend (16:13):


Sevan Matossian (16:14):

Brian. I put thought into all of mine. Look at Brian, talking down to us and shit.

Brian Friend (16:19):

Seven’s going for, he’s trying to pick as many guys away less than one 90 as possible.

Sevan Matossian (16:22):


Tyler Watkins (16:24):

I’m gonna go with Paulson

Brian Friend (16:30):


Tyler Watkins (16:30):

Yeah. I know you all make fun of my picks every freaking time.

Brian Friend (16:36):

I’ll take tu

Tyler Watkins (16:42):

Step on.

Sevan Matossian (16:44):

Oh, do I go with Baen brown? Cuz he is a great dude. Nick Matthews. Cuz he fucking, probably conceal carries or Spencer pan cuz fucking night. It would be cool to have both brothers

Brian Friend (16:59):


Tyler Watkins (17:00):

There is a little bit that hurts in this. Feel bad that Saxon got drafted so early. Spencer’s still on the, oh,

Sevan Matossian (17:08):

I really like the, I really like the thought of Nick. Nick, Matthew, that guy probably carries a gun. Right? He can. He’s the only athlete to brought him and Willie. Ah, no Willie’s from France. If Willie was an American, he’d packed too.

Brian Friend (17:21):


Sevan Matossian (17:21):

Fuck. I’m gonna with Spencer,

Tyler Watkins (17:24):


Sevan Matossian (17:26):

God, you guys are so lucky. Spencer, Jay, Colton and Sachs. That means you guys get to come on the Seon podcast all week. Every time you look at your phone, there’s me a text message from me.

Tyler Watkins (17:35):

Taylor said, Taylor said he wants, uh, Baden. Are we sure about this?

Sevan Matossian (17:42):

<laugh> yeah. He just, where is he? What happened to him? He’s taking a piss.

Tyler Watkins (17:46):

He says computer’s messing up. Mm-hmm <affirmative>

Sevan Matossian (17:49):

His computer. What state does he live in?

JR Howell (17:51):

North Carolina.

Sevan Matossian (17:53):

Computer. His IBM his think pad.

Tyler Watkins (18:00):

J R U up

JR Howell (18:03):

Uh, Seon. Just take Tudor.

Sevan Matossian (18:07):

No, uh, tutor.

Brian Friend (18:09):

Spencer and Baen brown were the last three.

Sevan Matossian (18:12):

I took Spencer.

JR Howell (18:13):

I see it. All right. Um,

Sevan Matossian (18:20):

I hope some athletes are watching him like yeah. Thank God Seon got yeah.

Tyler Watkins (18:24):

Jason, Jason Hopper gets the, the celebrity pick. You can do it in the comments, uh, for Jr on the last round.

Sevan Matossian (18:31):

Hey you guys think of the, think of this. If you got picked by Hiller, like you’ve car B launched only quarter squat. You know you can get zero, no reps. It’s just bro reps the whole week from, from Hiller. Give

JR Howell (18:42):

Me half a line.

Sevan Matossian (18:44):

Oh, I thought for sure, Brian get stuck with him for talking about him so much. Brian’s gonna get Arthur though. Seminar. I guarantee it.

Tyler Watkins (18:52):


Sevan Matossian (18:53):

Whatever. Mr. Siberia.

Andrew Hiller (18:57):


Tyler Watkins (18:58):


Sevan Matossian (19:00):

Mayhem athlete. Right?

Tyler Watkins (19:02):

Damn this gonna man. Chad’s got a good spot. This might be a little bit better of a spot.

Sevan Matossian (19:09):

How do we know whose turn it is?

Tyler Watkins (19:11):

It’s up on the sheet.

Brian Friend (19:13):


Sevan Matossian (19:14):

Oh, alright

Tyler Watkins (19:18):

Guys. We’re flying.

Sevan Matossian (19:21):

I love it.

Brian Friend (19:26):

22nd, Chad. <laugh>

Andrew Hiller (19:29):

Do you actually have a shock clock going?

Chad Schroeder (19:33):

I’ll do VES.

Tyler Watkins (19:42):


Chad Schroeder (19:42):

Then um, the backup I’ll do Matthew.

Sevan Matossian (19:48):

Oh, nice.

Tyler Watkins (19:50):

Fill. I don’t know how he knows.

Sevan Matossian (19:57):

Hey Brian, why did Matthew get paid?

Andrew Hiller (19:59):

Is, is Nick Matthew available?

Tyler Watkins (20:01):

Nope. Distracted. I just

Sevan Matossian (20:02):

Got him. He got taken like your virginity boy.

Tyler Watkins (20:05):

You got Raquel may

Sevan Matossian (20:07):

Late, but good.

Tyler Watkins (20:08):

Spencer Cole, gray, sheer shaver. Uh Zoni clay and Henry and Moritz five big.

Sevan Matossian (20:19):

Oh no. What if I get Zoni and I have to like talk to him and apologize for talking shit to him.

Andrew Hiller (20:24):

Oh me please.

Tyler Watkins (20:37):

GRE shaver,

Brian Friend (20:39):

Gray shaver,

Tyler Watkins (20:40):

Gray shaver.

Sevan Matossian (20:41):

Just call him Cole.

Tyler Watkins (20:44):

I, I talked to Tommy yesterday and I think he was screwing with me. I think he, he pronounced GRE shaver,

Sevan Matossian (20:49):

GRE shaver.

Brian Friend (20:54):


Tyler Watkins (20:54):

Me Zoni Zoni Heyler who we got.

Taylor Self (21:01):

I’m gonna pick Cole gray shaver.

Sevan Matossian (21:04):

This pick doesn’t even matter. Right? I’m picking the dude who fucked up my boy. Uh, Joyal Austin, Spencer asshole.

Brian Friend (21:12):


Brian Friend (21:20):

I’ll take Morritz

Tyler Watkins (21:22):

Moritz. I’m going with Menzo.

Brian Friend (21:27):


Tyler Watkins (21:29):

Lauren. I got you. No worries.

Sevan Matossian (21:30):

I’d like who said, who pick? Oh, you

Lauren Khalil (21:32):


Sevan Matossian (21:33):

Who, who, who picked semen off? I like how they threw a Z in there. Cements off just cuz it just, just, who was that? Was that was that Watkins? Just throw the Z in there. Sounds

Tyler Watkins (21:43):

Rush off Seman

Sevan Matossian (21:44):

Off. Not cements off.

Tyler Watkins (21:48):

I’m making it Pete PG 13 up in here, cements off

Sevan Matossian (21:52):

Cements off.

Tyler Watkins (21:53):

We like our Russians with Z and

Sevan Matossian (21:54):

The names. Uh, I, I got a question who, uh, Brian, in your opinion, who, um, the Matthew pick seemed really late to me who is in there at the end there, that was like, oh shit, I can’t believe he’s in there.

Brian Friend (22:05):

Well, there’s uh, not too many people. I mean, I think the teams are pretty well balanced when I look at them. And if you’re looking at the bottom, like the last eight picks, you know, I guess you’re maybe looking for a guy like, um, an Augustine reque may or uh, you know, he’s really the one that stands out that like, could do great if there was a really body, weight, specific high ref workout. But

Tyler Watkins (22:28):

Lauren is that who you wanted to just went in? Film it

Lauren Khalil (22:31):

<laugh> it’s okay. Just speaking for me before I can even have my turn.

Tyler Watkins (22:36):

It is your turn

Lauren Khalil (22:37):

<laugh> yes. That’s why’d pick. Okay.

Sevan Matossian (22:40):

Before we go into the women, I have a, a question cause we have tons of time, right? We’re killing. Yeah. We’re we’re we’re really

Tyler Watkins (22:45):

Killing on

Sevan Matossian (22:45):

Time, Lauren. So every time, um, I have, uh, I’ve had Kotler on or um, uh, Danielle, Brandon there’s like before they come on, there’s just shit. I mean, obviously there’s shit ton of rumors and there’s tons of people in the DMS and there’s tons of comments going between all the people in text messages. And then we get on there to interview them and we kind of have to play stupid. Um, or, or, or is that just me? Do you struggle with that? Not struggle with that sometimes, but it’s weird, right? Like people are telling you shit and they’re like, Hey, I know this, this and this. And why didn’t you say this? And you’re like, motherfucker, I can’t just come out and say that you don’t know anything. Yeah. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Lauren Khalil (23:23):

I think that everybody on this call always has a little bit of Intel because we’re always talking to people in the space and you always hear maybe rumors or maybe what you think is fact. And there’s ways to ask certain questions. And there’s other topics that maybe you don’t wanna be the one to open. Those can cans of worms

Sevan Matossian (23:41):

And, and, and I wanna have access to, um, Danielle and Kotler and Adrian throughout the week. I don’t want to like throw him some zinger like Adrian. Is that true that you robbed the bank when you were 12 and did it’s a year and a half in jail. Like I don’t wanna bring that shit up.

Brian Friend (23:54):


Sevan Matossian (23:56):

Right. Like just kind of play nice to him. No preserve the relationship.

Brian Friend (24:02):

No burn the boat.

Sevan Matossian (24:03):

All right, fine. You burn the boat. You burn the boat, Lauren like fuck them. Like I’m going hard.

Lauren Khalil (24:09):

I am not a pod stir.

Sevan Matossian (24:11):

Yeah, me neither. Good. <laugh> although I am wearing the coffee wa and pods, I’m wearing the coffee wa and pods pod shirt, because I want everyone to think I’m Peter. Cuz my pick sucks so bad. I don’t want anyone attributing it to me.

Taylor Self (24:23):

Not, not a pot stir.

Sevan Matossian (24:25):

Yeah. Not a pot. Oh, that’s a good show.

Lauren Khalil (24:27):

Only in some situations,

Sevan Matossian (24:28):

Not a pot stir <laugh>

Brian Friend (24:31):

You pick suck seven. There’s just, it’s a not, not as diverse of a team as some other teams are.

Sevan Matossian (24:38):

Dude, I got Colton. Mertons how I mean. And that is diverse as

Brian Friend (24:42):

The most diverse.

Lauren Khalil (24:42):

Who do you think has the most diverse team? Brian?

Brian Friend (24:46):

I guess. Well, balanced might be a better way to yeah, let’s go. Let’s go over. Who, who, whose team is balanced? Well,

Andrew Hiller (24:54):

Whoa, whoa, whoa. Why are there females

Sevan Matossian (24:56):

Taken? Hey here’s here’s the, here’s the, here’s the thing. Here’s the thing. Let’s let’s let’s be honest. Let’s be honest. Um, my, my guy that you’re my guy who some of you might think is my weakest guy. Um, Colton Mertons the truth is, is that he might be there’s if I plug him in the right events, he’s the, he could be one of the most powerful pieces on the board.

Brian Friend (25:16):

That’s the potentially

Taylor Self (25:17):

Potentially there’s

Sevan Matossian (25:19):

The potential. That’s what, that’s what I mean. There’s people on here that you guys have that might finish higher, that aren’t gonna fucking win events, but you

Brian Friend (25:25):

Best seven. What was his best finish last year? Any event?

Sevan Matossian (25:28):

I have no idea.

Brian Friend (25:29):


Sevan Matossian (25:31):


Taylor Self (25:31):

At yeah. At the games.

Sevan Matossian (25:32):

It’s Hey, he’s a different man. What was his best finish at the semifinals first <laugh>

Brian Friend (25:38):

We’ll see. But for the second round pick, I think it was a little early.

Sevan Matossian (25:42):

No, that’s what you think. See that. And, and Lauren see that like I like, I need Colton, so I gotta pick him a little early. I gotta take one for the team. Pick him a little early that’s P that’s politics people.

Taylor Self (25:54):

So Brian, who’s got a, who’s got the most balanced team.

Brian Friend (25:58):

Uh, Hiller does <laugh> thanks

Sevan Matossian (26:02):

Hiller. You can’t say that about yourself. Can you,

Andrew Hiller (26:05):

Do you not think you do?

Sevan Matossian (26:07):

No, I don’t have a balance team. My team’s a mess. I got Spencer and Colton.

Brian Friend (26:11):

I really my, yeah, I won’t. Well, I like, uh, Lauren’s team a lot. I like Chad’s team and I like, um, I think you went too early with B self Taylor to Taylor picked Gion a little early. I like Jr. Seen a lot too.

Sevan Matossian (26:30):

I have the shortest dude, Colton Mertons I? The biggest outlier I have the most nervous dude out of the whole fucking batch. Jay crouch. I have uh, um, uh, Spencer pan. He’s riding in his brother’s coattails. I have one good guy, Saxon. That’s it.

Tyler Watkins (26:47):

See, I see hopper and Cole. Saer doing about the same, like the events. They’re both gonna be good at. They like, they’re both gonna be good at the same events.

Taylor Self (26:56):

I don’t

Brian Friend (26:57):


Taylor Self (26:58):

Okay. All right.

Sevan Matossian (26:59):

Who did you say? Hopper and who

Tyler Watkins (27:02):

Sayer and ser hopper, but like hopper. I, okay. I’m just gonna speak straight. Hopper’s gonna do better than ser in those events, but it’s the same events that they’re both gonna do well in

Brian Friend (27:12):

No ser can shine on some other stuff that, uh, that Jason probably won’t do as well on, um, some more, you know, as we’ve seen in the past with Cole, he’s got some like tenacity and some kind of, uh, athletic, enduring style events. Mm-hmm <affirmative>, film’s great because you know, he’s very versatile have a lot of top five finishes. So if you plug Jason and Cole to the right events and Henry K line, I got a little bit of a different skill than these guys. I like JS team.

Taylor Self (27:39):

And you can play each athlete up to four times.

Brian Friend (27:43):

You just gotta make sure to, you know, you gotta make sure that you have a guy that you can, you know, you want to be confident. You can play everyone that you picked twice.

Andrew Hiller (27:50):

I think Taylor is the worst team.

Taylor Self (27:52):

<laugh> fuck you. Fuck.

Sevan Matossian (27:59):

Hey, he does. He has the best guy and the worst guys. You’re right. I agree. Who,

Taylor Self (28:02):

Who are the worst guys? Fuck you are

Sevan Matossian (28:04):

On too. All the dude with the, all the, all the foreigners, all the foreigners <laugh> GMI, Andre and Baney. And you got Justin made you putting your, the whole team. Justin Madera has to carry your whole Fu

Taylor Self (28:18):

According to

Brian Friend (28:19):

Madera falling the for pick.

Sevan Matossian (28:21):

The only reason that I was trying to make sense of that. I think the only reason why is because someone thinks that maybe they can’t, um, he’s not gonna have enough, uh, first place finishes or I’m playing with a bunch of fucking Wacka doodles

Taylor Self (28:32):

While I that’s the former

Sevan Matossian (28:34):

<laugh> the,

Tyler Watkins (28:35):

At the end of the weekend, we should come back and see if this, okay, Em’s not gonna be that or geeses not gonna be that high, but the draft order, I’d not gonna be in first. Gee’s not gonna be in second. So that’s gonna be useless. Maybe it’ll be closer for the win.

Taylor Self (28:51):

Yeah, no.

JR Howell (28:52):

Yeah. But to an extent you have to pick for specialty. I mean, Taylor picked Brianon for one reason.

Taylor Self (28:57):


Brian Friend (28:57):

And that’ll be for two reasons.

Sevan Matossian (28:59):

What, what is what?

Taylor Self (29:01):

Cause there’s gonna be two swim events, according to all the people who know the workouts already.

Sevan Matossian (29:05):

<laugh> no shit. Yeah. Look,

Taylor Self (29:07):

Brian laughing. He knows

Sevan Matossian (29:08):

Same with

Taylor Self (29:09):

Lauren Khalil. She knows

Sevan Matossian (29:11):

<laugh> so people in here know the workouts already.

Taylor Self (29:13):

Yeah. It’s fucking, they’re cheating. <laugh>

Sevan Matossian (29:17):

I don’t think it’s Hiller

Tyler Watkins (29:18):

Knows them.

Taylor Self (29:19):


Sevan Matossian (29:19):

Hey, Hiller Heller Hiller knows them a bad pass. Just gives us an opportunity for a great catch. That’s what I always say in Frisbee. So if they know them and we beat them

Taylor Self (29:29):

In Frisbee,

Andrew Hiller (29:31):

Are we doing like an open humiliation sort of deal for last place,

Taylor Self (29:34):

Dude? Yes. I, deal’s not gonna do it

Sevan Matossian (29:41):

Fucking last. No. Hey Kyle, <laugh> Kyle. If I lose, Kyle’s doing it for me. Uh, okay. Down and milk an hour to the loser. Uh, Lauren, uh, Kail went last and she.

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