#363 – Email Of The Day is Coming

Sevan Matossian (00:00):

Man, What is wrong with me? I’m so sensitive. I’m so sensitive. Why, why am I such a sensitive little man? Why am my son since? Hey Susan, what’s up, dude?

Mattew Ouza (00:25):

Good morning.

Sevan Matossian (00:27):

Good. Good.

Mattew Ouza (00:28):

Are you just saying that? Cuz you know, I just woke up about

Sevan Matossian (00:33):

No I no, but I, I was um,

Mattew Ouza (00:36):

I’m tan now.

Sevan Matossian (00:38):

Let’s see.

Sevan Matossian (00:39):

Oh yeah. It’s nice. I work. Yeah. That’s nice. Wow. You did get tan. I, I wore a collard shirt this morning. I wanted to like be a little more, um, I don’t know, have my shit together. And then I saw my wife pull this shirt out of the wash. Can you believe I only have one of these. I am getting col Mert shirt. Yeah. I’m sending one to, um, don’t tell, um, Hiller, cuz he was criticizing Christian for it, but I’m sending one to Taylor. Um, and uh, Uh, Colton I’d send one to hopper too, but I think like he he’s own, he’s a own man by the, uh, by the, that approved by the organization. I think he’s a Nike athlete. Um, uh, the, and, and Nike, isn’t an thats fires. Um, treats people based on the color of their skin, whose genitalia they want in your mouth and stuff. All, all the hatred stuff that, um, is not good for society. I’m, I’m hating on hopper for, uh, being with them. They’re uh, you know, whatever you do, you Number 40 return is the movement of the Dow. Yielding is the way of the Dow. All things are born of being, being is born of non being step podcast, sponsored athletes. I don’t know about sponsored athletes. No, I’m keeping most of the money myself. I just think it would be cool. I just I’m honored to, they would wear this shirt. I’m keeping the money myself though. I’m not sure if I ever get like money, it’s gonna go to, um, like, uh, will and Caleb and Matt

Mattew Ouza (02:19):

In that order.

Sevan Matossian (02:25):

I’m a, uh, Oh, I’m so excited guys. We, uh, we’re gonna start a, um, we got, we got a sponsor. I’ll tell you more about it later, but we’re going to, um, our sponsors basically and will, and Caleb and Matt don’t get any of this money. We’re gonna use this sponsorship money to start an email of the day and it is gonna be cool. So basically

Mattew Ouza (02:46):

To go sign up right now.

Sevan Matossian (02:49):

Yeah. So you go to that funny picture of me and then you can type in your email. I pushing this shit outta this, but basically we’re doing an email of the day. Like the email of the day I started when I was at CrossFit and I basically the, um, uh, LA Franco morning chalk up, started with like an email of the day. Right. And I wanted to buy that. And then Greg and I met LA Franco and we were like, this guy’s no. Um, so then, uh, we started our own and it was amazing. And then it got taken over by the new CEO and Greg and they, they both, they ruined it, ruined it, but it was great. I think we had like 400,000 subscribers or something. It was dope, but we’re gonna start one. Uh, and I think you guys will be stoked, Travis. I, you know what happened is we were going down this road anytime. Like someone starts asking me too many questions in my DMS. I have to look away because I get overwhelmed. Or like if someone sends me a video in my DMS that link to YouTube, I get overwhelmed because I’m not in my, I don’t use my phone like that. I just use it to kind of, um, is the sponsor a Hotmail?

Sevan Matossian (03:53):

I can’t believe will knows who Hotmail is. Um, this morning, this morning, I’m a, I’m a little embarrassed, uh, to start the show like this, uh, only because it’s like being at my own birthday party and eating the biggest piece of cake and then going back for seconds,

Mattew Ouza (04:09):

It’s nothing wrong with that.

Sevan Matossian (04:09):

So if you, if you say that again, there’s nothing wrong with that. Uh, there was, there was an AR, there was an article put out by, um, the games team celebrating the, uh, women who work at and they were, they in the article, they were talking, um, they were talking about 13 of the, uh, 17 women or 13 of the 17 people on the games. Media team are women. There’s so much to say here. First of all, um, man, this is hard to say,

Sevan Matossian (04:41):

If I was an affiliate, I would stop the, an affiliate. I would no longer me personally ever give another cent to CrossFit, HQ, never, ever, ever, ever. I wouldn’t sign up for the open again. I would, um, I would stop. You are now by just by how you can see the CrossFit games is, is treating, um, things. You, you have to stop. You I’d have to stop. You don’t have to stop. You can do what you want. There was a statement that said, um, I cannot even believe they say this about a competition. You could not say this about anything. You could not. Let me ask, let, let Matt, could you run an affiliate the way CrossFit HQ runs? Um, honestly, tell me no. Could you run? Not

Mattew Ouza (05:21):

Even anybody in charge who’s in charge,

Sevan Matossian (05:24):

Could, could, could you run an, your affiliate by saying stuff to the members like, well, we’re pretty certain we didn’t charge your credit card this month. It’s unlikely. It’s unlikely that, and I don’t even care about the games. You have to understand. Like, I don’t care. I, I, I I’m in the Bo I don’t care if, as long as Justin Maderas is in there and, and I’m gonna get to see, go against no Olson. I’m good. Like, I know that like, for me, that’s enough, but if I’m one of the people, but if I didn’t pay 20 bucks to be a part of that, that, that complete train wreck, you have to go see that video that Andrew Hiller made. It’s nuts. He, you can even tell it’s taken a little bit of the wind out of his sail. Like he doesn’t even wanna be doing it. It’s it’s the one. Um, he made a rich PHY one. It’s the one right before that one. I don’t know. I don’t know what’s going on over there, but it’s not just it’s everything. It it’s the, it’s the endless, it’s the endless lies misdirection, um, uh, gibberish. Um,

Sevan Matossian (06:28):

Yes, Dave did is doing more for the affiliates than CrossFit. Of course, of course, dropping into gyms. Of course, of course, I’ll pat myself on the back for that too. I’m doing for the L one, um, sales than anyone, uh, on their entire 17 person, uh, media team or whatever they call that thing. We, would’ve never made a video about the women on our, on our, um, team. And you have to remember the very first person who started the media team was a woman. And I, um, we would’ve never have done that because we would’ve used those resources to make a video supporting affiliates. Imagine this is gonna be a CRAs example, but imagine getting into bed with your mate, and instead of them loving on you, they just went into the side of the bed and jerked off. That’s what HQ did with that video. They are the most selfish, confe use organization that’s ever been on planet. That’s like, um, It’s mind boggling to me. You’re making a video. Why didn’t you use that money to make a video about some woman who’s doing something great in the community. And don’t even mention that it’s because she’s a woman. You betray yourself every time you do that is a woman on that team that I used to work very closely with her name’s Lilian Fuentez.

Sevan Matossian (07:52):

She sent me a DM on Instagram That I, I might screw this story up. Anyone can ask her. I, I, I, I, I, I should call her sometime and find out if this is exactly the story, but she, but she DMed me on Instagram. She said, Hey, I, I want to help with the regionals. I was in Southern California. I said, okay, what do you got? She goes, I got a camera. I said, all right, come down. And me and her and my 14 year old nephew and my buddy, who’s the captain of the Santa Maria fire department. That might, that might not be true, but close enough, Asian glow, this Asian guy who called himself Asian glow. Cause when he drank, he glowed, I’d ask him, why is your name Asian glow? He goes, cause when I drink alcohol, I started to glow. I was like, oh,

Sevan Matossian (08:44):

My wife, Hailey, that rag tag crew, we would film the behind the scenes that year. And those videos became am the most viewed by minutes videos in the history CrossFit Inc by minutes by minutes. And that sort of became a, I thought I was gonna still be doing it today, to be honest. And I did that. I don’t know for five years, but Lillian just came on board and all she, she didn’t know what the hell she was doing. And as I, as I got to know her more and I flew her out every region, I would keep dragging her along. She had no experience, but she’d be there at seven in the morning when I told her to get there. And she would be the last one to leave with me at, at, at nine o’clock at night. And if you ask her, did I ever refer to her as, and, and I think she’s Mexican or native American, she’s something and she’s a preacher’s daughter. And if you ask her, was there anyone you ever saw who worked harder at CrossFit HQ than someone she’d be like? No. Was there anyone who gave you opportunity at CrossFit HQ then Sovan? No.

Sevan Matossian (09:46):

Did you ever see him do anything inappropriate or make anyone feel awkward? No. The only criticism she might have is she might, she might say I was very CRAs, very CRAs. As you guys know, my mom doesn’t like that. And I actually tried to be less crass because I knew she was preacher’s daughter. And she lived at home with her parents and I think,

Sevan Matossian (10:11):

And I think it’s fast and, and now she’s, she’s amazing. Her work’s amazing, but she cut her teeth. Just me just dragging her from regional to regional, to regional. She was all man, that girl could grind, never complained. She’ll tell you. I treated every one equal the 14 year old boy, her, everyone one time. I think I went out to dinner and um, I, I was hanging out with her. We were finishing up and I said, um, Hey, I’m going to dinner with Greg and Dave. You want to come? And she goes, yeah, of course. And she’s but, but my, my, I think her cousin or her friend, someone was visiting and I’m like, I bring them too. I went out to dinner.

Sevan Matossian (10:56):

The irony is that I’m criticizing them for jerking off as I sit up here in, in jerk, off in front of you. But I, I never, I never thought I, I almost feel like she’s being diminished, being lumped up by with, with you women. She’s not she’s she transcends women. She’s a, she’s a person of the highest caliber entrepreneur. Go-getter she dove into the deep end. She won’t tell you that there’s anyone who didn’t push her harder or was more generous to her than me. I, I, I mean, I’m making that up. So I I’d love for her to like come out and make a video and be like, nah, he’s a fucking asshole. He’s lying.

Mattew Ouza (11:35):


Sevan Matossian (11:35):

Keep his hands off. Me. You guys are nuts over there. You guys are bat shit crazy. If I am an affiliate, I don’t give you guys another fucking dime. I de affiliate tomorrow.

Sevan Matossian (11:58):

What year was the behind the scenes with? It was all of them all she started with I, she was in all she, once she came, I mean, she became an invaluable part of my team. She just, she, she was just a walk on with no experience, had a old ass Sony camera and just started grinding. I think the second year she was there, I was like, Hey, I’m gonna get you the very best. Um, uh, I don’t even think she’d ever edited. And I bought her the very best apple laptop money could buy. It’s probably like six or $7,000. And within six months she was cranking out videos. Like no tomorrow. Yeah. Sorry. Sorry. Yeah. Sorry. Sorry, Alan. You’re right. It, it it’s crazy town, banana pants over there. All that, that team was so in love with each other. The 14 year old boy, my nephew, Lillian, Chad Renstrom, Gary Roberts. We were crazy. We were wild. We grinded, we got to the games a week early 7:00 AM to mid night. 5:00 AM. Really? Cuz that’s when Dave would want to meet No one ever complained. Everyone treated everyone like, like, like they were equals These other people in this space. These other podcasters, these, uh, Tommy and Shawn’s this, uh, Woodland thinks it’s. It’s okay to go on the meme. Guy’s uh, Instagram accountant and say something about a tin, foil hat. He think he thinks that’s cute.

Mattew Ouza (13:32):

The sponsor recommendation.

Mattew Ouza (13:34):

Oh yeah.

Sevan Matossian (13:35):

It is actually, it’s actually pretty good. It’s pretty fun. I, I appreciate it. Maybe I’ll go easy. I was at the beach yesterday. Uh, Susan, I had a meeting. I, I need a lot of Roman meetings. So do Susan, we need a lot of

Mattew Ouza (13:54):


Mattew Ouza (13:57):

Or creative juices get flowy.

Sevan Matossian (14:00):

No, no, no one believes that Tommy and Shawn are doing their podcast and the whoop studios like Shawn says, hi, I’m in, from, in the whoop studios, fly from the whoop studios from the beginning to the end. It’s all just fucking bullshit. Just like ESPN. It’s just play time. It’s just, it’s just props and um, Shean uh, and smoke and mirrors and um, and uh, facades and the people who sponsor all of these people. You, people like rogue or the whoopers or the, just all the others. What’s funny is, is that you guys all watch this show and yet, and, and, and, and yet no one wants to get on. No one wants to get on, cuz you’re scared, but this show would actually move the needle. If I wore the whoop, it would sell a lot more whoops than if fucking, um, uh, Shawn or Tommy did. And I would be honest about it. I’d be honest about it. From the beginning to the end, It wouldn’t be from whoop studio. It’d be from Chevon’s fucking, um, office where he has a bunch of shit. He can’t get rid of cuz he is attached to it.

Mattew Ouza (15:06):

Your whoop box would be right there next to that bag of weed.

Sevan Matossian (15:10):

I never told Brian to say that this is a, the most amazing brush ever. He could have said, Hey, we have those at our gym and they suck. I don’t care. But he did say that

Sevan Matossian (15:28):

No one who no, no one. Who’s watching all. And I apologize for Tommy and shine for picking on you guys. I, I don’t even mean it to pick on just as like, as an example or whoop or rogue. It just it’s just, and, and I don’t care that you guys don’t sponsor me. I’m I’m just embarrassed for, for all of you guys. Everyone knows where the real shit is. You guys are not the real shit cross from H two doing an article J jerking off on the women of CrossFit. Instead of making a video that supports a woman in affiliate is not the real deal. It’s not, it’s not, it’s not how you, it’s not how you, it’s not how enlightened people operate,

Mattew Ouza (16:02):

Who comes up with those ideas. We don’t even know whose idea is it

Sevan Matossian (16:09):

The real tinfoil hat? Is that, say that again, Susan?

Mattew Ouza (16:12):

I just, I just dunno how the Peck order goes. You know, like who’s in charge. It’s

Sevan Matossian (16:15):

Cause they have 16 year olds. They have, Hey and Emily, that girl, Emily Herns, I’d like to hear your story about how you made it to the top. I just told you how Lilian fun did hers. How did you get to the top? Who did you work under? What did you do? Uh, gimme the details. I’m call in to put up our call-in number, but write an article that one I’d like to know. I’d like to know how Emily Herns made it to the top. How did you do it? Who did you know? Who did you work with? Tell me

Mattew Ouza (16:45):

Maybe she

Sevan Matossian (16:45):

Posted lots of people. Lots and lots of people have stories. I’d love to hear your story. Emily Herns of how you made it to the top.

Sevan Matossian (16:59):

You own an affiliate. And the head of the marketing department at CrossFit HQ is a lady who come from ways. Ways is an app in Silicon valley that, um, like teaches you how to like take shortcuts to, to get to where you want to go in case there’s traffic. Right? It picks the, the route. That’s the fastest, I guess I don’t use the app. I think, uh, Google does it now. Also. I think they have that. I think I, I think everyone has it. Now, would you rather have her running the media department or would you rather have me? I would say that I’ve made more movies in films for CrossFit HQ than the entire, about girls, about women, about people with vaginas than the entire media team there combined take all the videos that those great women have made about women. And I’ll put them up against my library of that. I’ve made about women in CrossFit. Who do you, think’s made more. I wanna take all the videos you’ve made and we’ll let the de council pick the categories, the racist and sexist and homophobic categories that you guys live and die by that you purvey that you out well, that you picked the categories, gay people who made more the current team, all combined or Seon black people or the current team. Um, uh, uh, did Seon make more about black athletes or did the current team combined? I’ll go get all of them combined.

Sevan Matossian (18:25):

Why would you want the ways lady to be your CMO? Why wouldn’t they choose me? I bet you had. I bet. Not now, but I bet you, I would’ve done it for half the price of her. It’s crazy. Right? It’s crazy. And you pay your affiliate fees to them. I’ve been to a hundred L one S I’m I’m I’m, I’m being very conservative. I’ve been to a hundred level ones. Would you have the preacher or the pastor of your church have read the Bible 100 times or come from ways It’s it’s the exact same thing. How many people in the DEI council have lived in Africa or lived in San Francisco? I’d like to know. I’d like to know I, to, to, to claim that you know anything about black skinned people and have never lived in Africa it’s to claim that you know about birds and this includes black people. Yes. I’m talking to you that it’s to claim that you know birds, but you’ve only seen OSS penguins because the black culture in the United States is nothing like the black culture in Africa, zero, Except that they’re people that they have and that they have melanated skin. Guess who’s lived in Africa for months and months and been all over Africa. I’ll I’ll do the media team and the di council I’ll run both. Let’s do who’s been to more gay pride parades anyone on the, on the, um, on the D I counselor me.

Sevan Matossian (20:08):

I’m waiting. Who’s been to more love parades. Who’s been to more bars on Polk street. Who’s been to more gay clubs on the sunset. You guys are tools. You don’t, you you’re a facade. Everything I’ve been telling you is a facade stop giving it’s time. I can’t do it anymore. I can’t. I can’t be like, oh yeah. There’s hope there’s there’s hope, but it’s not with them. I dunno if Hope’s the right word. They, you don’t even need hope. Everything’s great. You’re amazing. They’re lying to you. And they’re hiring more people. My mom does CF. She’s 79. My mom does CrossFit and she’s 79. How many people over there have moms over there that are doing CrossFit are 79. I also have kids, two kids that are five and seven that are doing CrossFit. I walk the walk. Okay. I’m waiting me. Or who do you want as your CEO over there? Yeah. Why am I even talking? They didn’t don’t even have a CEO over there. I can be chief marketing officer. I’ll run the DEI council and I’ll be CEO. And the truth is as good as I am. And as true as I am, I’m still not even as good as Nicole carro. I’m not,

Sevan Matossian (21:31):

I hide you on this microphone. She speaks in front of thousands. Not had a problem for her. I told my wife last night, as I was, as I was re rehearsing this, walking around the house, I was rehearsing it. I said, I care more about the average CrossFitter than fucking anyone on the planet. And she goes, you can’t say that you don’t know everyone on the planet. Okay. All right, fine. I won’t say it, But anyone who knows me, whether it be the people, anyone who knows me, anyone who, who works with me knows that. That’s that, that, that I’m, I’m just like crazy passionate. I’m crazy kind. I crazy believe in people.

Sevan Matossian (22:22):

Stop giving your money to those people, man. It’s done. Stop. Take your L one. Get out, change the name of your gym. It’s a joke. Someone else starts something else up. Maybe this email of the day I’m starting up is gonna start turning into something who knows, but it’s time. It’s it’s it’s it. They there’s, it would be easy to find a C it would be so easy to just to make Nicole Carroll CEO. It would be so easy to find someone who’s better than everyone there. Who’s doing stuff they’re fooling around. I mean, that, that games thing that they did is so indicative of the douche bag going on there. And then, and then, and then this, this note that comes out from the games that they’re pretty certain, what was the exact word I have it quoted somewhere. You just have to watch the Hiller video. You can’t say, um, sir, we think we, you don’t go to the mechanic and they give you your car back and they go, we’re pretty sure that, um, we got your car fixed pretty, Matt, Susan cannot say that to his affiliate, to his affiliate. We’re pretty sure the back squats safe. Go ahead and get some out. Some reps out. You can’t do that.

Sevan Matossian (23:21):

You can’t run a business like the, that. Do you know why it sucked working for, um, Greg and Dave and Nicole? Cuz they were perfectionists. Yeah. This thing, this, that was hilarious. Wasn’t it? That was hilarious.

Sevan Matossian (23:42):

What they’re doing though. Now, if they hang in there long, what they’re doing is, is they’re attracting more like-minded people. So what they’re doing is, is they’re attracting more superficial people who can’t get into the weeds. People who can’t say, Hey, um, uh, if you only know blacks in the United States, it’s like only knowing, um, Osages in penguins. If you don’t, if you don’t know blacks in Africa, that’s how different the cultures are. Like they don’t, they are gonna just keep attracting more and more. Narrowminded people, it’s a mess. It’s a mess. So it’s so it’s uh, I was gonna be like, it’s so sad. It’s not, I’m not really sad about it though. That would be disingenuous. I’m actually excited about it. I’m passionate about it because it gave me something to talk about this morning. I went, well, what I saw thought I saw tDCS name in it. T’s last stop on his business trip is at seven. No, I went to Dave’s house the other day though, I went to Dave’s house the other day. I took my kids over there. I barely saw Dave. We swam in this pool.

Mattew Ouza (24:57):

You gotta go to your

Sevan Matossian (24:58):

Baller. Friend’s houses.

Mattew Ouza (25:03):

I wonder what the board meeting board meetings are like there at CrossFit home office Depot. What do you think they talk about? What metrics are they looking at?

Sevan Matossian (25:19):

They’re so confused, dude. They’re so, and, and

Sevan Matossian (25:23):

There was a, um, there was a yeah. Yeah. I agree. Yes. Yes. I, I totally agree. I agree with you, Corey, Tommy and Shawn, Chuck cars would also be acceptable for sure. For sure. Chuck could. The thing is, is that there’s people over there who know so much, like Chuck could run the media team too. He could run training team. He could be CEO. He could probably, he could, he with the, um, you know, six month course, he could probably be CFO. He could be operations officer. He could learn all that. Yeah. There’s some, uh, incredibly smart, uh, people there who are tuned in who are at the, their mature shit now who’ve seen it all.

Mattew Ouza (26:06):


Sevan Matossian (26:10):

I wanna hear that song again. I came I’m so tempted.

Mattew Ouza (26:14):

It’d be, if you play it now, it’d be harder to cut out after our

Mattew Ouza (26:17):


Mattew Ouza (26:17):

Copyright strike.

Sevan Matossian (26:18):

Thank you.

Mattew Ouza (26:20):

Although I liked it. I liked the, uh, start with a song, you know?

Sevan Matossian (26:24):


Mattew Ouza (26:25):

What boring podcast.

Mattew Ouza (26:30):


Mattew Ouza (26:32):

Lots of people ask what I would do about my affiliate. And the funny thing is, is like we stuck around for another year to see what was gonna happen. And ever since then it was like, it’s like, you know, when you’re out at the card table and you’ve already started to lose money, but in the back of your mind, you’re like, hold on. Let’s not walk away. Let me just pull out another a hundred bucks. Right, right. Start getting it back together. And then you make two bets and then that’s gone. And you’re like, shit, we should’ve walked away. We had the chance. Right? Like the interesting thing is like, it still has brand power. Right? So this was a discussion that we were having with our, with the coaches when we were actually considering not re affiliating. And we said, well, let’s look at the Google searches.

Mattew Ouza (27:08):

Cause if you go to Google’s like, I think it’s Google’s trends dot coms or Google’s backlash trend. You could search locally in your area, what people are searching for. And we typed in CrossFit a little more CrossFit gyms, gyms near me and saw the different searches that pertained in the area. There were still a high enough search with people typing in CrossFit near me that we didn’t want to give up the market share to the other CrossFit gyms because some of those people have no idea what CrossFit’s about, but they just hear it for whatever around friends, family. And so then they just type it in. And so the question then becomes though, as an affiliate owner, is, is how, how much longer would that brand power allow? And is it even gonna be worth paying for it? Because at one point like Biram yoga and all those other things like Pilates, like you had to pay some sort of licensing fee.

Mattew Ouza (27:52):

And then as the company stopped, protecting those names, pretty much anybody can do it. And we can be a Biram yoga. We could offer Pilates and we don’t have to pay anybody. So if you’re having a hard time, really keeping the corral around people using the name and not paying for it, at some point, it goes away in every gym, including a 24 hour fitness style could offer a CrossFit space and legally they can’t do anything about it. Once that happens, the whole thing falls apart. So I wonder how they’re protecting that and what their plans are to keep, keep that in power, if there’s any at all.

Sevan Matossian (28:28):

That’s a great question. That was, that was, that was, that was a huge, uh, a point for, uh, Greg, by the way. And all of us over there at all times to make sure that like, Hey, we were keeping our buy on the ball with the trademark, you know, um, uh, Watkin says, first of all, someone up here says, does Dave smoke? We with you? I don’t think Dave’s ever done any drugs. To be honest, zero. I don’t think he smoked weed, shoot nicotine. Any of that? Um, I do not smoke weed. I haven’t smoked weed in 20 years.

Mattew Ouza (28:54):

It just cracks me up. You could tell because that bag is the same size. Every show

Sevan Matossian (29:00):

I’m gonna bring in another bag, I’m gonna start taking a Nu out and throwing it in the yard. I do like the smell of it though. I don’t smoke weed. I don’t do any of this stuff. I’m pretty, that’s

Mattew Ouza (29:08):

Gotta be super dry. Could you just squish it it’ll turn into dust now or what?

Sevan Matossian (29:11):

No, not that, not that bad, but, but it’s getting close.

Mattew Ouza (29:15):

Put a little lettuce in there.

Sevan Matossian (29:16):

I, I told you, I tried to give it to a delivery guy that bag to a delivery guy. Right. Who helped me carry the, uh, salt runner in the house. Yeah. And he is like, dude, what if I get caught? I’m like, what if,

Sevan Matossian (29:26):

Um, I, yeah, don’t do smoke weed. Um, there’s this, uh, uh, uh, Jason Watkins. Fire’s the CEO, no replacement. You know, what that makes me think of is when, uh, Greg and the CEO at the time turned off, uh, Facebook and, um, Instagram on CrossFit, Inc. And our revenue dropped 30% in one day. It’s like going out to sea and sinking your boat and not ha and not having a plan B it’s like, wait a minute old move. It’s it’s just such idiocy. No, no. Chevon people fire their CEOs all the time. It’s not a big deal, but, and their brand ambassador and the guy who runs the.

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