#336 – Liver King

Sevan Matossian (00:00):


Brian Johnson (00:00):


Sevan Matossian (00:02):

What’s up?

Brian Johnson (00:04):

What up primals?

Sevan Matossian (00:06):

The man formally known as Brian Johnson was eaten and all that is remaining of him is delivery king.

Brian Johnson (00:14):

You know the story, man,

Sevan Matossian (00:16):

How’d he taste? How’d he taste? Was he yummy?

Brian Johnson (00:18):

He tasted, uh, better than yummy. Have you ever had a king?

Sevan Matossian (00:22):

I have not. I have not. I’m just sampling Queens in this lifetime, but I’ll come back in another lifetime and sample it king.

Brian Johnson (00:29):

Yes. Well, everybody has that barbarian inside of him and you gotta fucking eat that. Barbarian has to eat that old person, you know, so that you can become that evolutionary hunter so that you can, you know, uh, uh, go on on that trajectory that everybody’s, you know, has to go on that path. You have to go on that path before you become a king. So if you haven’t and I think maybe you have salon, maybe you just gotta think about it.

Sevan Matossian (00:50):

When I, I know I was, it was just a, um, a, a play on sexual talk. I just love the sexual talk. Just excites me. I’m like a sixth grader at heart. Oh, I know. I, when I look at you, what I see, I see a world full of mirrors. I don’t believe, I think Chevon’s just a signifier for this body that my ego tries to hold down as a real person. And it’s a whole fucking lifetime of that ad nauseum. And so I think we’re just mirrors here and that’s why I think we’re all important role models. And when I see you, you set me free. You tell me your being me, that it’s okay to grow my beard long. It’s okay to walk around with my shirt off. It’s okay to let my, my DNA express itself. I, I, I learned the, I learned the, um, the fitness philosophy methodology from CrossFit and from you, I’m learning the actual personification of it.

Sevan Matossian (01:42):

This is like the once you do get like that, it’s okay. You can be humble and still walk upright. You can be humble and be a king. It’s just, it’s crazy what you’re doing. You’re setting people free. And when I see people attack you and, and, and, and anyone in your space, who’s like setting their spirit free through their body. Um, I get it. I, it they’re, they they’re scared. They, they, but, but you’ll get there. You, you will get there. I think attacking is like the natural thing to do, because you’re, it is scary. What Brian’s doing is, is it scary to tell me Mr. Liver king? Is it scary taking whatever step you took? You couldn’t have been born like this. There must have been like some crazy shit you went through to get here. I,

Brian Johnson (02:24):

Oh, there’s a lot of crazy shit. And that crazy shit continues. And you know, what I would say really is, um, there’s all these social norms, right? There’s, there’s all these things that you sort of grow up being taught or fed and like, why are we supposed to wear a shirt? Why are we supposed to trim our beard? You know, I, I gotta ask that question the other day. Like, what’s the deal with beard? And I’m like, what’s the deal with my beard? What’s the deal with you? Another man paying another man to buy his disposable razor blades to buy his after shave. I’m like, oh, this guy got you. And, and what is this for? So you can look less like a man, you know? So like when people are like

Sevan Matossian (03:02):

Connect women who are less into men, I

Brian Johnson (03:04):

Don’t get this thing. Right. I don’t get this thing. Or people are like, Hey, why do you refer to yourself in the third person? Well, why the fuck do you refer to yourself in the first person? I mean, it it’s, it’s wild to me, how people have just like SED it themselves enough to accept whatever it is that the social norms are, is the way that they should be. And, uh, and you know, the other day, uh, I, I was talking to Paul about this, you know, like the whole, uh,

Sevan Matossian (03:29):

Uh, Dr. Paul Saldino. That’s awesome, dude. Yep. Yep. Okay.

Brian Johnson (03:32):

On board MD and, um, and the whole, Hey, we should work smarter. Not harder. Like, dude, whoever the said that they got you real good. Cause now you’re not doing shit, right? You’re the guy who thinks that they can buy their status at the mall and that, and you go home and you sit on the couch and you go drive your car and you never really earn anything cuz you think you’re working smarter. But man, if you never really worked hard, if you never really went through those crazy time, um, there’s not a requirement for hard work today. So if your parents don’t teach and preach and model that to you, or if it’s not self imposed, that other part of you, that barbarian part of you who says I don’t give a fuck what everybody else is doing. You know, if you never free that barbarian inside of you, if you never let that barbarian get out of its cage and eat the old being the old fucking Brian Johnson, you know, then you’re relegated to a life of what’s already sort of been decided for you. You’re gonna go stand in lines. I went to an airport. Um,

Sevan Matossian (04:32):

I’m sorry. I said, I just said, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. By the way, before we go any further, this is Matthew Sue, the owner of CrossFit, liver war, more wearing the beautiful red ancestral supplement shirts. He’s the producer of the show. Okay, go on.

Brian Johnson (04:47):

So this is the craziest thing, Matthew real quick. Are you eating liver? Not yet. Fuck. Then I’m just gonna call you a brother. You’re not a primal. Yes. Yes. So we got some work to do the stack over here though. Put the, that shit down the fucking hatch right now, man. Let let’s settle it that way. I can be on the podcast with two badass fucking primals going out and creating the future together. So this is appeal.

Sevan Matossian (05:11):

Hey, but he is eating raw meat. Just so you know, we, we did get on the raw meat thing. We started with the ground beef and we have dabbled. We take the ancestral supplements every day. We’re we’re in the cult brother. We’re we’re we’re we’re just fucking, we’re so pumped to know you. We’re so pumped. Yes. We feel this energy.

Brian Johnson (05:27):

So here’s the deal. Yes. So you’re officially did any go? Yes, here it is. You’re a fucking primal. This is it. So we are at the airport and there’s a lot, there’s a long line coming outta man’s bathroom. And it’s like, how often do you see that? And so everyone’s just getting in line and this just happens in life, right? I mean, everybody just gets in line, just falls in line. And uh, and they put on their shirt and they put on their sunscreen and they put on whatever, you know, the, the, the, the popular advice is, and then they continue to live a life that fucking sucks. And they never really wake up and they never really ask questions. So I told my kids, we’re gonna go to the front of this fucking line and figure out what’s going on. At least we’re gonna ask ’em questions. We go to the front of the fucking line. And it turns out that the guys in the very front are waiting for a stall and the urinals are empty and everybody’s still fucking piling up in line. So I yell back, you know, I’m like, Hey guys, these fucking UALS are empty. I’m gonna take my boys in here. We’re gonna take a piss. And, and then you guys might wanna follow

Sevan Matossian (06:24):

Leadership. That’s deal.

Brian Johnson (06:25):

This is just, what can people just accept? Let’s just get in line. So I would say along the way, yeah, there’s been a whole lot of crazy shit that’s been happening. Um, but we’ve seen a whole lot of incredible benefit. And when you see that kind of change in the world, you know, you gotta figure out all the ways to amplify this. And this is why we’re doing this today. Right? We got to get this message out. And at the end of the day, the ownership is on you. Are you gonna take massive action? Because most people’s lives. You’re gonna hear me say this over and over today, most people’s lives fucking suck. They’re going to a job that they hate. They’re coming home to a life they don’t love. Then they’re taking medication to feel better, to feel happy and to get hard. And, and they’re sedated just enough to get through the week. And then they do it all over again on Monday. And the thing is, there’s a simple, elegant solution to living a fucking kick ass, God worth living life. That’s full of excitement and full of adventure and full of joy. You know, the reason that we’re here and it’s too, too short, man. So this is, this is why I’m like, you know, what did I want to go on this on your, I didn’t really wanna do any of this.

Sevan Matossian (07:26):

No, no. I know

Brian Johnson (07:27):

You’ve been asking me to go on a podcast for

Sevan Matossian (07:30):

A year over a year.

Brian Johnson (07:32):

And, uh, and you probably don’t know this, but I told liver queen, I’m never fucking going on this podcast, cuz I’m never going on a podcast period. But I really feel like it’s an obligation. It’s a responsibility in life. We know what the path is to a better kick ass fucking life. And it’s not getting in line. It’s, it’s doing these things that stretch us, it’s sharing this message and, and, and hopefully motivating and creating enough momentum and people’s lives to become primal. And so then they can touch the shoulder of the person next to ’em and they can do the same.

Sevan Matossian (08:01):

Um, I that’s awesome, man. You opened up so many doors here. I, when I was a young man, um, I was probably 22 years old. I went to, uh, this ball in San Francisco, it’s called the erotic exotic ball. It used to be called the hookers ball and it was run by prostitutes and they would do this ball and raise money and give it to the orphans. Right. And then by the time I got in my twenties, it was just a fucking raging party. Right. And, and that community knows how to fucking party the, the gay community’s gone through, like when they party, they fucking rage. So I go to this, this party and there’s two huge lines coming out the bathroom, like, you know, it’s gonna be an hour each and I’ve been I’m 22 and I’m just drunk as fuck. And there’s a huge silver trash can, you know, like one of the big, huge, like ones you just see, like at the fair or something, I walk right over to it, pull my caul balls out. I’m only five, five, get ’em up over the edge. And I, and I pee in the can before I’m done, I’m surrounded shoulder to shoulder by other dudes. I come back 20 minutes later and it’s 50 gallons of piss to the top. And I’m like leadership,

Sevan Matossian (09:04):

Fucking a leadership. I, yeah, this

Brian Johnson (09:08):

Is what an evolutionary hunter does. You leave the comfort of the cave for a better life, for excitement, for adventure, for a better life. And this is what you did. You invented a fucking bathroom.

Sevan Matossian (09:21):

So I could get back to hit on girls sooner. Exactly

Brian Johnson (09:23):

This, and, and this is what we’re programmed to do, right? Like to be healthy enough to procreate. And this is what you did. You, you, you had to figure out a way to get back to do that. So you could pass on your jeans or get better at experiencing things to get better at passing on the jeans. But you know, I, I get people who say all the time, oh, um, you know, pissing in a bathroom or pissing in a tub. They’re not actually saying this. Literally. That’s not very ancestral wearing a, hat’s not ancestral. Uh, doing a podcast is not ancestral flying on a private jet is not very ancestral. And what I always say back is these same up primal primal back in the day, would’ve said, oh, using a rock to open up a cranium. That’s not very primal using a BI facial blade.

Brian Johnson (10:04):

That’s not very prim using fire. That’s not very primal. We have a technology story across time. And the real evolutionary hunter pisses in a fucking can when there’s a an hour line. So you can get back to, to your real business. Right. I love it. Yeah. So right. All, all these people, they say stupid shit like that. I’m like, yeah, I’ll say stupid shit all you want, but you go out and do it. And, and you see what it feels like when you let that bar buried out of you and you really free yourself. This is the life worth living.

Sevan Matossian (10:35):

And you say, so that I really,

Brian Johnson (10:37):

Really, really,

Sevan Matossian (10:37):

Really like, you’re going to suffer one way or another. You’re gonna suffer one way or another. Can, can you go into that for me? Uh, you touched on it when you talked about medications and coming home and watching Netflix as opposed to doing the suffering that we do.

Brian Johnson (10:53):

Yeah. So it really is Deline delineated either by like active suffering or passive suffering. And I would say most of the world is just passively suffering. Right? They’ve accepted this life. That, that they feel that they’re just, um, I don’t, I don’t wanna say given, but it’s like, you know, if, if you really work for it, if you go into the gym, if you suffer, if you struggle, if you go through the pain, you earn anything and everything on the other side of that active suffering is real. Relaxation is real. Peace of mind is real. Vacation is real. Godammit this fucking tastes good. This looks good. This feels good. Shit. Everything’s good. Cuz you really earned it. That active suffering allows you to really and love that, that sort of life that’s on the other side of it. And, and then, so the alternative to that is when you don’t earn anything, when you don’t actively suffer, you’re still suffering.

Brian Johnson (11:48):

This is what I alluded to earlier. Most people’s lives suck, you know, talk to your neighbors, talk to your friends, talk to you, just talk to people. And there’s hundreds of thousands of anecdotes out there if not millions, but at least hundreds of thousands that I’ve been in contact with my life sucks. I have depression. I have anxiety. I really want kids. And I can’t have kids. I have these autoimmune conditions. I have low energy. I have low libi. I have low ambition in low ambition in life. How horrible to be relegated to a life like that. And so we know this right? That if people, people, most people are suffering are struggling and they’re passively going through these motions. And there’s not much they’re doing about it. They’re looking for quick fixes. They looking for these solutions because we’re taught or told, Hey, let’s go get in line.

Brian Johnson (12:37):

AKA, let’s go to our doctor. Let’s go take a pill. You know, let’s go do this thing and let let’s go. See if we can be sedated just enough. Right? So that we can come back and do it again. So you can actively suffer by, by putting forth the effort by enduring some fucking pain, suffer some struggle and really earning it. I make my kids earn everything. If they get on the electronics for 40 minutes a day, they earn that shit. A lot of people are like, oh, you’re liver king. I bet you don’t let you. I let ’em earn it. You know, if they earn it, they can do it. And so we’re either actively earning it, actively suffering or we’re passively one way or another, you are gonna suffer. So why not use to suffer in a way that you be that, that you can create a life that’s goddamn worth living?

Brian Johnson (13:20):

So this is what I talk about. When, when, when I’m start talking about, Hey, you’re gonna suffer one way or another, get your ass in the gym. This is the easiest way to shift your state of being is to work hard in the gym. Because after that, you really know what it feels like to relax. Because guess what? Before that you were already relaxing, you were, you were already not doing shit. And so you don’t even know what, what that demarcation point looks like because you never really changed anything. So I don’t know if that answers your question.

Sevan Matossian (13:49):

Yeah, it does. Uh, uh, uh, a kind of a real world example of that too. Uh, give you two, they say, pay, pay your money, your 150 bucks to go to the gym or save that money, cuz you’re gonna need it to go to the hospital in 10 years. So do you wanna pay now or do you wanna pay later? Do you wanna suffer later suffer now in the gym, work hard and then, and then you don’t have to go to the doctor in 10 years. Um, another thing is

Brian Johnson (14:11):

You’re gonna be suffering every fucking day leading up to that point, right? You, I mean the, the, the suffer, the passive suffering is exponentially greater and, and you know, there’s no major peaks and valleys. These are like valleys that are just slowly getting bigger. You know? So the difference between actively suffering and passively suffering, uh, it’s drastic it’s night and day, you know? So get out there, we we’re wired to work. You know, we’re wired to do these things. And as evidenced by, you know, the, the feel good neurotransmitters that we get, the rewards that we get afterwards, you know, like this, this is the whole evolution of dopamine. Endorphins is to reward certain behavior. You get out there and fucking work and you feel amazing, right? We get rewarded for that. That active suffering produces a life. You stack a life and in a week, your life is pretty, it’s better in a month. It’s way better in a year. You know, you, you can become anything you want. So it’s a different life.

Sevan Matossian (15:08):

Greg Glassman used to say, um, that it, if you start CrossFit, three, things are gonna happen to you. You’re either gonna, your relationship’s either gonna get better or you’re gonna get out of it. You’re gonna, um, you’re going to, uh, get a raise or you’re gonna get a new job. And what was the third thing? It was something along that line too. I forget there was a, do you remember what it was? Suza? There’s a third thing, but basically once you start changing your life, everything around, you will start to change. I even just now, before this podcast started, I told myself, okay, you get, you get to interview the liver king today. And I feel this way about all my guests. What are you gonna do to make sure that it’s a great interview? And so my wife’s like, Hey, you’re 50 years. I turned 50 today. She’s like, why don’t you go out there and do 50 burpees as fast as you can before the podcast? I said, excellent. But really I was inside like, fuck, It was a fucking queen assign. I’ve never done 50 burs as fast as I can. I’ve done a hundred as fast as I can, but you can kind of hide in there 50. You can’t kind, you can’t hide. There’s no like, okay, I’m resting. So I went out in the garage, rode that assault bike for 10 minutes, uh, reviewed my notes and then got out there. And I, I did a 50 buries and 1 57 took a cold shower and bam, here I am for

Brian Johnson (16:12):

You. That’s a great time.

Sevan Matossian (16:14):

And I earned it. You know what I mean? Like, like you’re saying, like, I feel like I earned it to be here with you and Susan now. It’s like, yeah,

Brian Johnson (16:20):

You know, this, this is the approach that I have with almost everything that I do. There was a time I was going on a hunting trip with one of my sons and, uh, I wanted a piece of gum and I told him, Hey, I’m gonna just talk you through everything that I think about because, you know, by default we just, we just do stuff. You know, we don’t explain everything we do, we just do stuff. And so when I’m on vacation or I’m connecting with just one, one of my guys, I explain everything to him. And so, um, I say, Hey, I really want this piece of gum, but I’m not gonna have this piece of gum. You know, I’m, I’m gonna wait 15 minutes before I eat this a piece of go. And he is like, why, why are you gonna do this? And I said, well, this is how I do everything.

Brian Johnson (16:58):

You know, you’re gonna earn it. You know, if you just go ahead and, and, and I’m gonna do, uh, I made a story about this, um, doing a workout in the car, you know, you can do ISO isometric holds, you know, and you can start sweating. And I’m getting a pump in my biceps, in my, and I’m like, I earned that piece of fucking gum and, and, and you know, how it tastes better. Every th tastes better, man, would you earn it? Life is just better when you earn it. And, and do I, you know what, I’m absolutely I’m obsessive about this. You know, I, I’m sure that I’ve taken myself to depth. I don’t recover nearly enough. Um, but it it’s the way that I’m wired. And, and so I hear a few people, um, criticize, you know, that liver king way, Hey, aren’t you over training?

Brian Johnson (17:39):

What kind of message are you sending? You know what I’m really worried about? I’m, I’m worried about, you know, these people that are passively suffering that aren’t doing shit. Do I give a shit about the less than 1%, like me that are over training and I’m gonna encourage them to over training, you know, over training. I’m, I’m not worried about the liver Kings. These guys will figure it out. I’m worried about the rest of the world that don’t earn shit. Yeah. So you can, you can take this as far as you want, you know, and, and it’s a great thing if, if we’re out and about somewhere, uh, and we’re going to a meal, let’s say we’re going liver. Queen’s parents’ house. Um, if we’re over there, I’ll either do a workout right here at my house. Or if we get there, I’m gonna do a work. I’m either gonna do burpees. I’m gonna do a few max, separate pushups. I’m doing something before I eat and it, and everything tastes better. And you’re in a better mood. Everything’s better, man. When you earn it,

Sevan Matossian (18:25):

Do you know the raw meat guy he’s on Instagram. He had really, really bad skin for 15 years. He had acne. That was so bad. He’s a kid. Uh, maybe he’s not a, how old is that guy? Suza. Will you bring up his Instagram? Yeah, I bring it up. His face was covered with acne. Um, uh, I’m pretty sure he learned it from you. He got turned on. He started eating raw meat and within a week, 15 years of acne gone, he said that he couldn’t wear a t-shirt for more, more than two months before he had to throw it away. This guy, do you know this guy?

Brian Johnson (18:53):


Sevan Matossian (18:54):

Okay. So I had him on the podcast and it was on a Monday morning and I never eat on, on, um, on Sundays. I, um, I, I stopped eating Saturday night and I don’t eat again until Monday morning. Well, when he was on the show, um, was the first time I ever just opened up a pound of raw meat and ate it raw. And it’s exactly what you said. It tasted so good because I hadn’t eaten in 36 hours. And I would recommend anyone to take that wisdom, uh, that liver king just gave us if you want to try a new food and, and in the past you hadn’t liked it, whether it be liver, grape fruit, I don’t care what it is fast, fast for 24 to 30, let your pallet really, really need something. And, uh, do you ever, do you ever do that? Do you ever notice that what I’m saying is that along the same lines as you’re thinking, this

Brian Johnson (19:39):

Is life? Yeah. You know, the same goes when we,

Sevan Matossian (19:42):

I probably eat a snail after 48 hours. Oh, that’s a great snail.

Brian Johnson (19:45):

When people have never really worked, how does vacation feel for them,

Sevan Matossian (19:50):


Brian Johnson (19:51):

When you’ve always stuffed your, your mouth with the foods that you’ve wanted, how, how do you think that next meal really tastes and makes them feel? You know? So, um, every once in a while, when, when I’m talking to my kids and, and they’re feeling, um, like they’re overworked or they’re overdoing things, they’re not really enjoying something. I either remind them of the vacation coming up and how, how much they’re gonna love that vacation, or I’ll, I’ll remind them, Hey, what if we did another fasting, mimicking diet right now? Just remember what that’s like. And, and how does it feel when you have your next bite after that? So this advice is not just for food. This advice is really for everything in life.

Sevan Matossian (20:27):

Um, we had a Patrick be David on he’s a businessman in, in, in insurance and guru got like 20,000 agents, 150 offices, big time guy. Right. And he was talking to us about being a young man. And this was, I was, I thought this was so amazing. He told himself he was in his twenties that he wasn’t gonna allow himself to have sex until he made a million dollars. So he stopped having sex and it took him 17 months,

Brian Johnson (20:55):

17 months to make a million dollars.

Sevan Matossian (20:56):


Brian Johnson (20:58):


Sevan Matossian (21:00):

Go ahead. But, but I just like the motivat, I like the motivational factor for that. It’s like the gum thing, right? Like, well, I’m gonna have a piece of gum. Uh, and so the reward would be a 15, you’d be a 15 workout for a piece of gum, but to, to be with a woman, you gotta make a million bucks. And I just, I love this kind of experimentation with life to put the brain under that much stress to really earn the reward. And, and there really, maybe there is no greater reward and we have as humans than the union with the opposite sex. I mean, it’s, it’s fuck. It’s so cool. I mean, it would be horrible if we were like amebas and we just split,

Brian Johnson (21:36):

You know, I, the thing is there there’s a lot that goes hand in hand there. Right. Um, when I was with the messai, we were asking them, uh, I, I asked this gentleman, um, uh, me MEbA if, uh, if he had a wife and he said, no, not yet. And I said, how Cub it’s because he doesn’t have enough cows. And so to, to pay the, do he needs to, to make the equivalent of a million dollars to get a wife, to, to have, you know, the, those, those cows so that he can also procreate with her. So this is some right, that, that transcends time, that transcends cultures wow. That we need to be worthy. Right? Like we need to have resources, we need to have status. We need to say, um, that, that we have value to. And so, you know, the, I love that he did that, everything on the other side of earning it, man, exponentially better, you amplify everything.

Sevan Matossian (22:27):

Um, so I, I was in Africa, in, um, in a, um, in, in Kenya, in between I’ve been all over Africa, but there was this village I was in, in between Mumbasa, which is on the coast and Nairobi. So Nairobi is the capital of Kenya Mumbasa is on the, um, Eastern seaboard. And there was this, a town there in the middle called Moi, I think M Moi and then inland there, there was this, there was this tribe, right. They had, it was like, it was like probably similar to your experience. They have no objects, right? They have like, no, like their, their bowls are made of wood. They live in Tepe and mud huts and all that shit. Anyway. So I was there filming this documentary and, um, this, uh, there, there was a father there. He, uh, there was a grandfather there and he was 80 years old and he had five grandkids and his daughter had died and they were five grandkids from five different fathers. And now he’s taking care of them from like three years old, to like 12 years old. So I was there filming with them for two weeks and I bought him goats. I can’t remember if it was four or six goats. When I came back a year later, he had a wife and I said, how did you get the wife? And it was what you said. He said, I bought him the goats and the wife showed up. I was like, holy shit. I mean, that wasn’t even my intention.

Brian Johnson (23:47):

This is it. This is the Dory. This is how it’s done, you know, one way or another, you know, you, you you’re gonna work for it. You’re gonna earn it. You know, I, I don’t know if he really built that status on his own. It seems like you helped him out with it. Right,

Sevan Matossian (23:59):


Brian Johnson (24:00):

But everybody can, can, you know, take a helping hand. He bitter transform and become that person that would’ve built that status on his own, you know? Yeah. Um, but, but yeah, that’s an incredible thing. This still happens, you know? And when he told me that I was like, oh shit. Like,

Sevan Matossian (24:14):

Did you hook him up with a cow? What

Brian Johnson (24:16):

I said is I go, how the fuck you gonna go get some cows? How you gonna go get your five or seven cows? And he said, some excuses, some bullshit, you know? And, and I said, what you need to do is you need to go fucking kick someone’s ass and go take their fucking cows. Cuz this is also the way that it’s been in the past. Right? The easiest thing to get something that you want is you go to the neighboring tribe and you impose your force. So will, and you take that shit. And he just thought it was hilarious. You know, he’s, he’s really laughing, you know, mucking it up. And I’m like, at some point you gotta do something, you know, you can’t just wait for or dad to give you seven cows. What if you got gives you seven cows, you gotta start figuring out how are you gonna go get those cows?

Brian Johnson (24:52):

So, no, I’m, I’m not about to give this guy seven cows, you know, again, cuz at the end of the day, you know, it, it sort of says the, the worth and value and the status that you have as a man, I get, go give this guy seven cows and now they’re, they’re done with those CA now the wife is thinking who the fuck is this guy that I thought was worthy of, of possessing seven cows. So this, this is not something that I would contribute. Uh, I think it’s great that you did this Tovan and you helped this guy get married. This is not a limit.

Sevan Matossian (25:19):

I corrupted him. He was 82 was crazy. Hey, he was he um, the one object that I did see had is he had a raise blade and he kept it in this, um, in this skin of this animal. And I remember he would cut his own nails and all his kids’ nails with this razor blade and it was hair, it was hairball. It was hairball. Um, Brian, these, um, the, the organ, the organ pills, what I’ve done is I’ve taken them all out of these bottles here and I’ve put them all in one glass, giant jar. And I shook them all up and I take between six and 12 every single day. But I’m just curious, how are those made? How, how, and, and how, how actually you and I met is like when I, so Paul, so Bernardino introduced me to the carnivore diet basically.

Sevan Matossian (26:01):

And then I used that to kick my last bit of sugar addiction. I really not, I don’t even know if its addiction, but I didn’t want to eat any added sugar refined carbo hydrates anymore. So I found this thing, Paul Saladino and basically he said, um, you could just eat meat and, and, and you should eat Oregon meat. So I just did that for a month. And I started feeling a little weird. Something was off. Like my heart felt a little weird. My, my fingers started feeling weird. And that’s when I, he pointed me to heart and soil to ancestral supplements. And basically literally within hours, that shit went away. It was, it was, I’ve never had a supplement affect me like that. You know what I mean? It was like, it was, it felt like I took a drug, but it’s prob and um, so I’ve, I’ve just been sticking to it.

Sevan Matossian (26:39):

And then I would always make these jokes on my Instagram here. I am taking dead animals in a pill. And, uh, and then that’s how I met some of your people. We started, they started like teasing me on Instagram. I teas ’em back and we became friends. And, and then I wanted to have you on the podcast, not because of this, but because of the incredible story of how you helped your kids, which hopefully we can get into, but how do they get the, um, how do they get the like dead animal parts in those capsules?

Brian Johnson (27:04):

Yeah. It’s not rocket science, you know, it it’s, uh,

Sevan Matossian (27:07):

I help me out

Brian Johnson (27:09):

With the animals are slaughtering, you know, and all the organs are collected to specification. And, and so, um, once that’s that’s happened, uh, then we go to, uh, freeze drive facility. Uh, we MI everything, we grind everything, everything is, uh, gently freeze. So I don’t know how interrupt,

Sevan Matossian (27:24):

What does that mean? Freeze dried. What is that? I don’t even know what that means.

Brian Johnson (27:27):

Yeah. I, I would say Google that ship because for me to try and explain that technical process. Okay. Um, what, what we’re really doing is taking the moisture out of it to get to a water activity level of 2% or less. And so if you can get to that sort of water activity level, you know, there’s multiple ways of drying things. You can either use heat, uh, or this sort of vacuum sublimation, where you’re taking the moisture out. But anyway, you look at it, you’re trying to get all, all the moisture out so that you can turn it into a powder. And so that the microbial load is virtually non-existent. And so then you can get it into a capsule and then you can get people to not have to taste it. And then people can let it change their lives. Because, you know, we’ve evolved with organs, glands, and organs since the inception, you know, and, and you could make the argument that the first organs we ever consumed that made us who we are today is the brain and the bone marrow right before we could go out and do our things as, as predators, you know, we were scavengers and we would wait for the predators to go and do their things.

Brian Johnson (28:20):

And when they would leave the kills, oftentimes all you had were the skeletal remains, but you could take a cranium. You could take a long shaft bone that had Maryland in it. You could break that shit open with a rock, or you could smash those, you know, together on the rock and you could access the brand. You could access the bone marrow. And then the cranial vault starts to explode. And then we start to learn how to make other weapons. And we learn how to, how, how to hunt. And we learn how to then take preferential, uh, uh, access us of the animal, but we’ve always had organs, right? We’ve always PRI in, in modern day, primitive culture tribes, this is what they go for first. Nobody’s going for the muscle meat. First. Everybody’s going for the organs first. And a lot of times then you’re full and you’re not even eating the muscle meat.

Brian Johnson (29:00):

This is going to the dogs, or this is going for something else. So it’s just really important that this a nourishment that we evolved with over millions of years to become the apex predators that we are today, yet, it’s been missing from the diet for decades. If not hundreds of years, we’ve been favoring. This tender fall off the bone muscle meat. That’s, it’s not nutrient void, but if you compare it to organs that are completely a rich of nutrients and peptides, this is why this has to be in the diet. This is why this is one of the nine ancestral tenants. The second tenant is eat. And if you let liver in your life, you, uh, you, you said that it helped you with, uh, you were having some issues and it helped you with the, the sweet, the sweets.

Sevan Matossian (29:45):

No, basically I, I, I got on, I went onto the carnivore diet so that I could feel like I could eat as much as I wanted and that, that I could leverage that to not eat sugar. So I did that and I I’m assuming I went into ketosis. I started craving fat, like.

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