#307 – Live Call In Show

Sevan Matossian: (00:01)
Bam we’re live. That is a dog pumping a leg. I should, I should have, I should this picture. I should have fixed it a little bit. I should have, you know, a picture I’m talking about Susan.

Matthew Souza: (00:11)
Yeah. Is that the one that’s on the YouTube?

Sevan Matossian: (00:14)
The placeholder. Are you at home? Yeah.

Matthew Souza: (00:16)

Sevan Matossian: (00:16)
Oh, looks a little different. Sounds a little different

Matthew Souza: (00:20)
It bad.

Sevan Matossian: (00:21)
Um, I think bad’s a little, I think bad’s a little, a little harsh. I don’t think that’s necessary.

Matthew Souza: (00:27)
Is it this gain function?

Sevan Matossian: (00:30)
I don’t know if, uh, I haven’t taken a phone call since I got this, my phone situation. It’s funny. I plugged in a new phone and it’s like asking me if I wanna be part of the COVID exposure program. I don’t know if that, uh, no, it’s nothing like that. It’s nothing. Maybe I think that you’re, you’re pretty good. Let me see. It’s asking for my, I probably should have done this before. Oh no. It’s asked me instead of apple pay. I don’t need that to do this show, right?

Matthew Souza: (00:56)

Sevan Matossian: (00:58)
Uh, let’s see if someone’s gonna call in.

Matthew Souza: (01:00)
Well, I hope hopefully all our problems will be solved tomorrow because, uh, that, that fine new computer should be arriving.

Sevan Matossian: (01:06)
Oh yeah. Congratulations.

Matthew Souza: (01:08)
And this one’s given me a ton of issues.

Sevan Matossian: (01:11)
Congratulations. Well, you look good.

Matthew Souza: (01:13)
Well, thank you. That, that vest is nice.

Sevan Matossian: (01:16)
Thanks. Look it.

Matthew Souza: (01:19)
Oh, dang dude. You been bench pressing.

Sevan Matossian: (01:23)
I have. And um, you know, I had two days ago, I just ate basically just steak or ground beef all day. I had, uh, I gave, let myself use many avocados as I wanted. I think I had three or four. I had a clam shell of greens, which are just spinach and arugula and a pound of ground beef. Then today I’m in my fast, my 36 hour fast. And then tomorrow I’m gonna nude in another pound of just ground beef with as many avocados and clamshells as I want, I know where is the S on the shirt man? Something doesn’t something doesn’t feel right. We’re here. This is the show Seon podcast.

Matthew Souza: (01:54)
Oh, okay. Superman. Got it. This is it. What’s wrong.

Sevan Matossian: (01:57)
I don’t know. Seon. You got that hair on point. Ah. You wanna talk about my hair real quick? If someone calls in and I don’t answer say something, cause I don’t know if this phone or this working. Um, so basically I don’t look anything like this, like, like Susie came to my house. Oh look it. What’s up, baby. Okay. Thank you. Hey, did I send you the notes, Caleb? No. Oh, me. Did I send ’em to you? SU?

Matthew Souza: (02:22)
Yeah, I got ’em. Oh Caleb. You should, you should have your name’s on. Yeah. Email here. Sorry.

Sevan Matossian: (02:29)
My bad, your bad. Um, um, Caleb with the nice features, my mom told me that Caleb has nice features.

Matthew Souza: (02:36)
Caleb does have nice features.

Sevan Matossian: (02:38)
Um, so I don’t look anything like this. Like when you come to my house, I don’t. When you visited me a couple days ago, I don’t look like this in person. Do I?

Matthew Souza: (02:47)
I, I dunno what that means.

Sevan Matossian: (02:49)
I mean, you look like you, like, I wake up, like I have like so much clay in my hair and I just took a shaver and shaved here and I shaved my neck. Oh, okay. And I’m dressed all nice. Like when you come to my house, I’m like in pajamas. And my, and I got like a JRO I’m just like wild. Right? The kids are running around. I mean, I’m not like this. This is like, I’m this is, this isn’t fake me. This is just podcast me.

Matthew Souza: (03:12)
You’re just put together. That’s all up that.

Sevan Matossian: (03:14)
Yeah. Like if you saw like, God forbid, anyone who watches a show, see, uh, although it does happen every, every couple weeks, one person will see me at the beach where I go and I’ll be like, oh. How did they even recognize me? And I always have, and I, I usually wear big sunglasses to cover my face when I’m out. And I should stop doing that. I think it’s bad for my eyes.

Matthew Souza: (03:37)
I don’t know. I think you’re too hard in to self you look good all the time.

Sevan Matossian: (03:40)
Thank you. Well, I’m about, I think I’m about to get lean and mean. I think like I’m gonna go into a lean phase for like a week.

Matthew Souza: (03:46)
Yeah. That raw meat.

Sevan Matossian: (03:49)
Yeah. I think that’s gonna be, uh, dude, did you see

Matthew Souza: (03:52)

Sevan Matossian: (03:53)
Did you see the, oh yeah. You told me the liver king getting off the jet from Africa. Oh my God. He, he is something else. He is something I wanna talk to. I used to wanna get him on the podcast and I still do, but um, I’d like to get his mom on the podcast or his dad. So this is the, uh, this is the man, Matt and Josh used to hate this. If you wanna know why Matt and Josh left me, even though they didn’t leave me. But if you like to spin that narrative, um, yeah. Uh, this is why they left me. Cause I do stuff like this. This is what I use in my hair. That’s that’s it right there, clay. And I scrape that clean. Like I have like three, three, now that should be away, but I’m just wiping them. You know what I mean? Just like I can get a little more, this is what I use and I never, but I, I just started again about a month ago using it because I’m basically not gonna cut my hair for like a year. And really, uh, I, I mean, I, I that’s the goal. I wanna let my hair get long and my beard get all crazy long. Oh

Sevan Matossian: (05:03)
The guests will respect me more.

Matthew Souza: (05:07)
Is that what it is? Is that, that’s what that’ll mean.

Sevan Matossian: (05:10)
Caleb, do you, do you have a, a cell phone nearby? Yes. Could you call? Sure. Just, just let’s just see what happens if you call to call in number work

Matthew Souza: (05:20)
Act like you’s someone else though. So we have a caller

Sevan Matossian: (05:22)
Dude. Did, did you guys see the Caleb? You were, were you Caleb? Were you on the Hans Kim episode with me? No. Will was, oh yeah. Here we go. Okay. Well, it’s working. Thank

Matthew Souza: (05:33)
You. Was that the same ring tone? It always was.

Sevan Matossian: (05:36)
Oh no. Cuz it’s a new phone.

Matthew Souza: (05:38)
I like that ring tone better scare me. Whatever was it? Yeah, that one scare me. Maybe it’s just because I always got nervous when someone called,

Sevan Matossian: (05:48)
Um, I was told Han’s Han’s Kim is uh, really autistic

Matthew Souza: (05:54)
By who?

Sevan Matossian: (05:56)
Oh, by, by some but people in my DMS are like, Hey Jack, ask that guy’s was autistic. Hello, caller, Phoenix. How can I help you? Uhoh wait, wait, wait, I can’t hear you. Are you talking? Wait a minute. Oh, are you talking caller?

Speaker 3: (06:13)
I am.

Sevan Matossian: (06:14)
Ah, yes, there you are. Hi.

Speaker 3: (06:16)
Hey, how are you? Savan um,

Sevan Matossian: (06:18)
Put together halfass show with, with full as you probably you’re a full caller, but I’m, there’s a halfass show. So one and a half asses.

Speaker 3: (06:30)
Um, I, uh, think on earlier show talking about, uh, the CrossFit journal and what happened to it. And, uh, it was an interesting explanation. And then I watched this, uh, show on the ho institution, uh, earlier this weekend and they were talking about alternative media, uh, sub podcasts and so forth. Do you think there’s a place for an alternative CrossFit journal? Like maybe it doesn’t have the name, but everybody knows that’s what it is.

Sevan Matossian: (07:02)
Uh, um, we would have to define what the CrossFit journal is. First of all, it’s, it’s kind of like, it’s like CrossFit health. I think a lot of people think that they know what CrossFit health is, but they don’t know what CrossFit health is. The people who are running it don’t even know what CrossFit health is. CrossFit health was founded. I mean, I’m not even trying to be mean. I’m just telling the truth. Um, CrossFit health is, was founded by Greg Glassman and run by a lady named Karin Thompson. And it was about the ills of modern medicine, basically showing like, like, you know, statins were the number one selling drug in the world. And he would bring up scientists after scientists who would be like, how the are people using this? And we would, they would talk about the, the fallacy behind cholesterol and all of this, right? Like real science. Right. Not, not. And so the journal was kind of like that, right? It’s Greg Glassman telling you to squat below parallel while the rest of the, while the NSCA and the rest of the world are whoever is saying no, don’t squat below parallel. Right? So

Sevan Matossian: (07:56)
Is there a space for truth tellers? I mean, yeah, dude, the hardest thing is, is no one wants to do it until you’re canceled. Once you’re canceled, it’s good to go. And even then people are scared, like, like, but, but um, once you’re next time step on, on buttons is vest. He should have the CEO. I know. I know. Um, yeah. So I think that’s the issue with the journal. It’s, it’s really bizarre that the journal hasn’t been pulled forward. Here’s the thing I was thinking about it today. They have the lady Erin who’s running, she’s the, they call her chief marketing officer and we would’ve never had marketing at CrossFit before because Greg didn’t believe in selling anything to anyone. He just believed in adding value to stuff. So we called it the media team. She and she was brought in by Eric Rosa. So I’m assuming Eric Rosa was supposed to train her and get it up to speed on what the company is.

Sevan Matossian: (08:46)
Well, not only did he probably not have enough time to get her up to speed. I’m guessing I’m guessing is that now? And he didn’t even know what CrossFit is. You remember? This is the guy when I left the company, he text me and said, thank you for everything you’ve done for the games that that’s like, I, I, I would guess like, I would like if Josh bridge just said that to me, I’m like, yeah, cool, no problem. Thanks bro. Like I get it right. That’s where I saw him on the field play. But no one who has even the tiniest bit of notion of what CrossFit is, would that to me, they would be like, holy, thank you for the, all the movement videos and being the PRI primary source of videos from CrossFit from 2007 to 2010, non-game related. I mean, so they don’t they’re, I, I don’t, they don’t even know what they’re sitting on.

Sevan Matossian: (09:31)
The treasure trove like those he did. They don’t even know that. Um, Greg, like people still, I mean, 90% of CrossFiters don’t know, and I guess they don’t, I guess you can drive a car and not really know the true value of the combustion engine and what’s going on in there, but 90% of, but it is important. Someone knows it is important. Someone knows, right? Like the CEO of like engineering at Ford has to know that. But, but, um, or the head of the engineering team, but um, the, if Greg wouldn’t have defined fitness, I, there would, there would be no like this thing wouldn’t be so profound and people don’t get that. Like it’s a tiny little spark that’s causing the whole explosion for the Ferrari to go 210 miles an hour. my arms look good today. I’m telling you, dude, I’m about to, I know I’m telling you, I’m about to get something I’ll juice up and nowhere,

Speaker 3: (10:18)

Sevan Matossian: (10:19)
What do you think? What do you think? What do you think? I, I need to ask more questions. This is a podcast I’m supposed to ask questions. What do you think? My friend,

Speaker 3: (10:25)
I mean the process really, you know, an idea it’s like, how do you, and we kind of detach from, you know, the, the word or the, the brand or the logo a little bit. You just say, it’s the idea of functional fitness. We have a definition, the 10 general physical skills, and we have this, all of this knowledge and this really good idea that was, you know, initially started by that content on the old website and the journal and so forth. Like how do you like get that back out again? Cause it seems to me cross, it is like you said, sort of just becoming the games in the open, but really it was this whole other thing about health and fitness. And how do you get that idea back on track? Is there a different route? Like can somebody else do it?

Sevan Matossian: (11:11)
The thing is, here’s what here’s, what’s interesting though. Right? Right. What was your name?

Speaker 3: (11:16)

Sevan Matossian: (11:16)
Greg here’s. What’s interesting. It still is that we’re just confused. It’s like just it’s it’s like looking at just a huge pair of beautiful and not reading that it’s really just a gelatinous sack of fat with blood and veins and arteries and in them. You know what I mean? Like we’re so confused. We’re so confused. Like, um, the, the, the, all that stuff is still on the inside. The, the, the, I mean, that’s all the affiliates that’s, what’s so crazy. And even, I mean the only surviving media, oh, I don’t know if this is true, I’m gonna say it. And then someone can tell me to go myself. The only surviving media, that’s not games related around CrossFit, Inc. Is this, this show right here, exterior. And in the side, I don’t know what what’s left. There’s some DEI media, maybe CrossFit training that, that, that, that, um, Instagram account, that’s a fascinating story.

Sevan Matossian: (12:20)
You might be interested in when, when the CEO was hired was, uh, brought in the, the one that came before Dave, the one that came before Greg and Dave, the one that was eventually fired, um, sorry, Logan. I don’t mean to ruin tit for you. I mean there’s, but they’re just, they are what they are. And um, that guy, oh, I forget where I was even going with this. What were we say? What were we talking about? The thing. I can turn off these comments. Oh, surviving media. So, so, so that guy told us, um, to turn off all our social media accounts told us to turn off Facebook told us to turn off Instagram. Now, imagine that. And, and just so you know, the implications of that when we turn them off revenue drop basically 30% overnight, overnight for all of CrossFiting.

Sevan Matossian: (13:08)
So to give you an idea, you guys, of how that, why you think that might work, if there are a billion users on Instagram, I want you to do the math. If 1% of 1% of 1% of 1% were to accidentally stumble upon the training page and buy a, um, seminar. I mean, it, it, when you have a billion, it can just be a few five a day, right. 20 a day. And, and, and so, um, so, so they, they, they, they, they turn all that off and, and we’re. And, and then now I just don’t think anyone’s no one there’s no, there’s no proof of what CrossFit is except in the affiliates. And that’s a huge amount of proof, but coming out of HQ or coming out of the external media sphere, who is it? Right. You have Craig grit, you making amazing content, not, uh, core content.

Sevan Matossian: (13:59)
It’s, it’s, uh, how cool he is. We have the buttery bros doing it. There’s some mixture of core content in there, but it’s mostly just like, it’s it, it’s fun. Get to know people kind of Peewee Playhouse. Um, we have Nate and, um, uh, uh, uh, oh, Ezekiel, the guy in, what the is that? Guy’s name weeks and weeks. Wheats weeks like Wheaties weeks, weeks, weeks. Um, they’re, they’re kind of like more like, uh, up to news, like, like reporting on like, Hey, today, Dave Castro broke his toe and the games is being moved a week later because of a storm cloud that’s coming. You know what I mean? They’re like, kind of like the TMZ. UFC’s got a lot of that. I like that. Um,

Speaker 3: (14:41)
Mayhem has got a little bit too, right?

Sevan Matossian: (14:42)
Yeah. Mayhem has all that stuff. Jerking off. Froning I’m all about jerking off. Froning giving a Han’s job, um, loving on loving on the, the Froning empire. Wondering you’re like watching those video scenes, you can’t see OWS in the background yet, but, but no, one’s doing uhoh. This is interesting. Oh no, this is Kristoff. I thought maybe it was Laura Horvath’s brother, but it’s he’s, he’s not in Mallorca or my, my, my, or wherever. Oh my God. Anyway, so I, there isn’t no, no one even knows what, what CrossFit is anymore. It’s it’s all just lost in the it’s lost.

Speaker 3: (15:19)
But I think I remember too, when you got a level one, they would give you like a year subscription. Yes, sir. And yeah. Yeah. So

Sevan Matossian: (15:29)
They all CrossFit Inc. Has do it’s so easy. All they have to do is bring the journal back up to the front ditch, that DEI tab or whatever, that virtue signaling that you’re trying to do. Put, put the journal up there. If you want it to just be pictures of all the people working out or Asian and black and brown fine. I’m I’m okay with that. I don’t care. Or, or fat people or chicks or whatever. Anything besides white. Dude’s cool. Let’s do it. And bring the journal up and everything you publish, put in there and give a little bit of budget to it. What I would recommend is with the money that you’ve saved from firing Rosa, what, and I recommend, and, and this will change the entire landscape for every single affiliate. It’s so easy to do. It costs $10,000 to make an insane transformation story.

Sevan Matossian: (16:12)
So you hire someone like, um, what’s the guy’s name? There’s a guy named torn out there who used to work for CrossFit, amazing guy, Emmy winner. You pay him $10,000 or like Michael Dalton. You pay him $10,000. And they go somewhere and they find a fat black guy who’s, um, blind who’s, uh, went, started CrossFit a year ago, and now he’s lost 60 pounds and he’s getting laid and he is going to his L one. And you release one of those every single week for 52 weeks here. Yeah. That guy, that guy’s a beast. And you release one of those man, what a talent, that guy would make his own equipment when it was needed. Anyway. Um,

Sevan Matossian: (16:51)
And you just release one of those week, 52 weeks so year, and you just hammer it. Sometimes it’s a, it’s a, it’s a Los Angeles Lakers cheerleader who uses it to stay fit. But you just show these transformation that were, or no, no, her husband, it’s a LA Lakers cheerleader. Her husband died and she uses CrossFit for community support. Right. And you, you just tell one of these stories every single week. And what you’re doing now is you’re giving all the affiliates, the only real thing they want from HQ, they don’t want you to up the brand by like having the CEO say he’s mentally ill. They don’t, they don’t. And, and then they want content.

Speaker 3: (17:24)

Sevan Matossian: (17:27)
That’s it. I mean, and, and then publish it in the journal that comes out every week and we’re all excited and happy. And then have some videos with like, like Lisa, Ray, teaching someone, the squad. I don’t even know if she still works across it, but if she does have her do it, she’s great. Or, or Michelle Motz or someone.

Speaker 3: (17:42)
Yeah. No, I, I, I like a, yeah, totally agree. It’s like, how do get him to do it? And

Sevan Matossian: (17:47)
It’s so easy. I would, if they hired me back for 50 grand a year, I’d run that for them. I’d run.

Matthew Souza: (17:53)
I dunno what we’re waiting for.

Sevan Matossian: (17:54)
I’d run that for it’s so easy. I mean, I told Greg this, I told, um, uh, when Dave was CEO, Dave started letting me fired up, but he is only CEO for like two months. And I got like six projects in the, in the, in the making and the dude. And, but we take that that’s, that’s the key to take, go over. You show kids in the what’s that flaws. What are the kids living in Brazil? Flavas you show kids in Brazil doing it. You show kids in Ethiopia doing it. You show special ops doing it. You show the Taliban doing it. You show Russian troops, invading Ukraine, doing it. You just show their stories. Like you show all the stories you show my mom doing it.

Speaker 4: (18:30)
Tell Taliban can’t even use ellipticals correctly. What makes you think they can do CrossFit?

Sevan Matossian: (18:34)
OK. OK. Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. Look at, look at, Caleb’s never just put himself on the show. You talk about the Taliban and the air force guy just flies in trigger.

Matthew Souza: (18:44)
It’s triggered.

Sevan Matossian: (18:45)
And yeah. Trigger. Caleb got

Speaker 4: (18:47)
Triggered. Terrorism is not a joke.

Sevan Matossian: (18:52)
So I guess everything else. So I, they gotta bring the journal back. How are they gonna do it? What’s it gonna look like? I don’t know. Will they do it? They don’t even know what they have yet. They, they gotta just give ’em another five years to figure out what they have.

Matthew Souza: (19:04)
They’re not gonna do it. They’re gonna sell shoes. So they’re gonna turn into commodities. CrossFit, jump ropes, CrossFit t-shirt CrossFit shoes, CrossFit, sunglasses, CrossFit, sunscreen, CrossFit, backpacks,

Sevan Matossian: (19:14)
CrossFit. Greg told us that it would basically, Greg told us at one point it would never. Wow. Caller, do you mind if I, I let you go, wanna get this call from New Zealand?

Speaker 5: (19:24)
Absolutely. Thanks.

Sevan Matossian: (19:25)
Yvan yeah. Thank you.

Matthew Souza: (19:28)
I you’re so polite with the callers.

Sevan Matossian: (19:30)
Thank you. Hello. How are you? What time is it?

Speaker 5: (19:34)
Uh, Hey, how you going? It is 3:20 PM at the moment. Okay.

Sevan Matossian: (19:39)
On, on what day?

Speaker 5: (19:42)
Uh, Monday 20. 1st of February. How you going?

Sevan Matossian: (19:45)
Good. Hey, could there be a 21st of February? Yep. Could there be a, a wave so big that it just takes out your whole country?

Speaker 5: (19:55)
Yep. Uh, probably, probably.

Sevan Matossian: (20:00)
What’s the highest point on this Zealand. What’s the highest point? Like if there was a tsunami, how, where, where could you? What’s the highest point?

Speaker 5: (20:06)
Hey, we’ve got Mount cook, which is, let’s have a look 12,000 feet. You’re good. Yeah. We’re good. Um, good to be on the show. Just wanna say, love this show, love everything you’re doing. It’s awesome. Um, keep it up.

Sevan Matossian: (20:25)
Thank you.

Speaker 5: (20:26)
But I wanted to drop, make this maybe news. This may not. I’m trying keep up a little bit, but they’re some, um, Australian athletes and um, they mentioned to me that they are not allowed like last year they, they were allowed to for the semi final stage, they’re allowed to go to like, didn’t have to come for yes. But, um, now the rumor is that they sounds like CrossFit has told them this year. They have to travel back to Australia. Uh, I’d like to hear your thoughts. Um, yeah.

Sevan Matossian: (20:58)
Um, boy here. Here’s the reason why I don’t, I, I would need to know more. This is a really just off the cus. I don’t think anyone should have to travel anywhere outside of the United States because to come here, you have to be vaccinated if you’re a foreigner. So if you are, he basically what CrossFit is doing is that they’re forcing any athletes who wanna compete to get vaccinated. Now you could say, well, that’s not their fault. That’s the, that’s the country’s fault. Let’s not even say vaccinated to take a drug injection of an untested drug. That’s new on the market, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. You, you know, my stick. Okay. So yeah. Yeah. So, so why should they have to do that to compete? Well, those are the rules. Nothing’s fair. off. Stay in your own country if you don’t like it. But what if you’re here already? What if Tia has been here the whole time? If she doesn’t wanna get the injection, what if her coaching team doesn’t wanna get the injection and they’re making her go home and then come back here? I don’t know. I think it’s. If, if I, I, I, I think it’s, um, I think it’s completely insane. I, I, I like, uh, I, I’m a huge fan of what Jovi, uh, Jovi is that his name? Jovi, Nova Jovi tennis player. I’m a huge, like good job. Good job.

Speaker 5: (22:06)
Yeah. That was a big banner in the works. Definitely. Yeah.

Sevan Matossian: (22:08)
Yeah. And you know what? that guy. Is it Ralph Nader, Ralph Nadal. And, and, and, and is that who ended up going there and winning?

Speaker 5: (22:18)
Ah, I dunno.

Sevan Matossian: (22:19)
Well, whoever went there and ended up winning to Australian, he’s a. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart, like that is not standing. He’s a. He really is. You, you gotta stand by your guy, you gotta stand. You guys, people have to stand together. People have to, people have to stand together. Yeah.

Speaker 5: (22:38)
Um, another, another question. What do

Sevan Matossian: (22:41)
You think about it? What do you think about it? What do you think about it?

Speaker 5: (22:45)
Oh, I dunno. I think it’s, I think it’s pretty crazy for some of these athletes who have moved to America, kinda Canada, that kinda area they training all year. And then what they had to fly back across the world, um, to compete at. I dunno, it’s a massive expense. Like when, when there was rumors that Tia had to do it last year, it was like, well, she was kinda explaining, especially about quarantine as well, but like, um, it’s a massive ask, but, um, and everyone said, oh, she can fingers. And there’s yeah. There’s a lot of, lot of logistics going on the quarantine insane

Sevan Matossian: (23:19)
Too. The quarantine’s in insane in Australia, you fly into one town you’re quarantine for two weeks, then you gotta drive to your town. You’re quarantine for two weeks.

Speaker 5: (23:27)

Sevan Matossian: (23:27)
Someone should be.

Speaker 5: (23:28)
Yeah. Um, no, well, there was a big up, well, it was a bit of a last year because, and I’m in New Zealand. So New Zealand athlete, I was wondering what was gonna work to get over to Australia, be able to compete at pro. Um, but it managed to work. Like it worked out great. We all got the air and it all, all went fine. Um, I shoot, uh, CrossFit media stuff with, uh, my mate Callum and we called the crispy do, um, uh, we were thinking about being called the Mar, but we, but, um, and we traveled, we, um, we’ve shot behind the scenes that we shot scenes, which is so much fun, but definitely inspired by, um, you at first I thought, who, can you swear on the show? I

Sevan Matossian: (24:13)
Dunno. Yes, you may. You may only you though. Just

Speaker 5: (24:16)
Who the. I thought, I thought, who the, this guy asking questions found, and I watching and was you. And I thought, who is this guy? And, and obviously I grew to love what you’re doing. I kinda realized that you were you’re probing them, them the superficial. And you were like, I dunno, just throwing a stand out there for these athletes. So, um, when we went over to Australia, we were allowed back backstage and I was like, how, like, what do we ask these athletes? Um, but I don’t, obviously we didn’t wanna like, just try and be you, but it’s like, yeah. So what, what goes through your mind when you’re backstage and you’re talking to athlete little before workout, like, um, is there something that’s off limit or are you like, Hey, I’m just gonna see what comes out or what’s your mindset there? I’d love to, I roasted by car SA who

Sevan Matossian: (25:09)
You got roasted by car Saunders.

Speaker 5: (25:12)
Yeah. Yeah. She got me. Good. Yeah. Yeah. Tell me, tell me, I can give the full story on that. Okay. Um,

Sevan Matossian: (25:18)
Can you make it quick? Hey, I wanna show car. I wanna, before you talk about car Saunders, I wanna show her really quick, quick, just really quick. Um, do you see that those two clips? Uh, thank you, Caleb. He gave me, he gave me the, uh, I, I, I would like to know what Brian friend thinks about this. This chick is out of control. This let’s a Carl Saunder’s body for a second. Are you kidding? Me? And here she’s like yelling at someone looking her traps. I’m telling you she’s this she’s someone’s in trouble this year. I, I wanna move her back up in the rankings, click this other, click this other one where she’s pulling a boat with her kid. She looks fit. Feel free. Toggle this out of her body. Everyone who’s watching this. If you don’t like good bodies, look away. If you’re offended by the female form. Holy.

Speaker 5: (26:09)

Sevan Matossian: (26:09)
That’s mama. Look at her. Look at that jaw. She’s there to eat. Uh, don’t scroll. Don’t be crass, Caleb and scroll down to her vagina and just her and cut off her head. That’s not cool at all. Come on, man. What to eat? Some sort of scumbag, uh, I mean, look at this body. Holy. It’s nuts. Yeah. She’s she? That looks like she’s in it to win it.

Speaker 6: (26:30)
Yeah, she looks good.

Sevan Matossian: (26:31)
She’s real fit. I’m a little concerned that she doesn’t have her thumb wrapped around that. Uh, the front of the boat in that like a little more of a hook grip. She don’t

Speaker 6: (26:38)
Get hook grip in that

Sevan Matossian: (26:39)
Boat. I guess she doesn’t need it. You know, she’s strong enough, four look at even her boats about to bite her. Look at the teeth on her boat. Even her boat’s not around. Okay, go ahead. Now you can bad mouth her. What do you wanna say about it?

Speaker 5: (26:52)
So we, we were, uh, the girls about to go on the final heat, um, in one of the events I, the middle day. And I was standing there in the little, like, as they were about, I know before they go out, they waiting for the next heat that was going. I, people maybe having a chat, trying confidence up. I knew some of the athletes and I didn’t know others. And I, I just said, oh, Ellie, uh, how are you feeling? And then Kara, this is on our behind the scenes, by the way, just kinda stopped me and was like, don’t you ever ask an that? And she kinda goes on, explain like, really? Like you don’t. So, um, she, she’s not gonna get a real answer because she’s not gonna say that she’s tired right now. Right before she goes out in front of all like the rest of the heat. So you’re not gonna get the true answer. Like, don’t try, like before a workout. So off, I, it just rocked the whole day. I was like, wow, I don’t even know people. I was just like, I know

Sevan Matossian: (28:07)
That feeling.

Sevan Matossian: (28:09)
Okay. Uh, for those of you who don’t speak New Zealand, I have to really concentrate to understand this. Um, this gentleman said that he was, uh, like some sort of starting line or no, don’t be sorry. It’s a beautiful accent. The Corr started, uh, the, uh, he was at the corral and Ellie turn was there, who, uh, we tried to interview and, uh, Ellie Turner and car SAS was there and this gentleman was doing it behind the scenes. And he asked Ellie Turner. So how are you feeling or something generic like that to break, break the ice and car Saunders put a whooping on him. And he had his confidence broken. I wanna tell you every, oh man, I don’t think I’ve ever told this story. There there’s one year I was doing behind the scenes. I was so scared to talk to the girls.

Sevan Matossian: (28:48)
I had my wife do it. I gave my wife camera. I’m not even you. Like the women are so weird. They are, I don’t even, I don’t even get them they’re so not all of ’em, you know, there’s Sarah Sigma’s daughter. There’s um, who’s the girl from England we had on the show. She’s um, Sam Briggs, um, you, you know, there’s Daniel brand and there’s girls that like, there’s a Karin David’s donor. God, that hurts my soul to say that they’re great. They are so good. And with the camera, they’re so real. They’ll give it to you. Um, but, but man, it’s hard. I I’m that I don’t, it’s like when I start these podcasts, I’m so insecure for the first like 10 seconds. And if some, if like some guests were to just to blast me in that first 10 seconds, like Carra blasted, you had, I’d probably just hit the button, hang a button and run, run inside, hide, hide behind the toilet.

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